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Getting paid is one of the things that employees look forward to. Whoever is in charge of the payroll must ensure that miscalculations should be kept to a minimum as employees, as well as the government, will seldom tolerate such errors and mistakes.

A lot of things happen when it comes to payroll processing, which is why constant updates are a must to ensure accuracy and proper compliance with certain legislation. Keeping a record or a payroll register template is highly recommended when it comes to payroll to ensure that you have a complete list of employees currently employed for a specific pay period. This will help you monitor the hourly wage or salaries that should be given to each employee.

If you are in need of tips and a quick guide regarding payroll and the processes involved with it, keep reading this article. We have also included a couple of free payroll samples that can help you make your own payroll template.

Basic Payroll Templates

Sample Payroll Timesheet Template

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What Is Payroll?

When you hear the word payroll, you will probably relate it to work-related operations pertaining to calculating the salaries of the employees and the corresponding taxes to be deducted from the salary of each employee.

Payroll refers to the list of the employees in your company alongside the corresponding information that they have, the amount you pay every pay period or even the process of calculating and distributing the salary of each employee.

What Is Included in Payroll?

A payroll spreadsheet is composed of a few sections that would help to determine if the computations are correct and if they are going to the right person. In this section, we will give you a quick breakdown of what is usually included in a payroll.

Employee Information

When a company decides to hire an employee, collecting his/her basic information is one of the first things that is done. This is usually done through the Form W This form will collect the following information:

  • employee name;
  • address;
  • Social Security number (SSN); and
  • information that will help to determine the tax exemptions that the employee might be entitled to.

The information mentioned above is the basic information that you will need in order to properly process employee payroll.

Want to make sure you have everything you need from a newly hired employee? Check out ournew hire checklist samples and templatesto help you track the requirements accomplished by the new employee.

Number of Hours Worked

More often than not, companies will usually keep track of the number of hours that an employee has worked for in order to accurately compute for compensation. This is true for employees who are being compensated on an hourly basis.

For these cases, you can opt to take a look at our employee timesheet calculator templatesin order to help you with the calculation of your employee&#;s hourly wages.

Leaves and Absences

All of your employees are entitled to paid leaves whether it be sick leaves, vacation leaves, maternity leaves, paternity leaves, and the like. You have to make sure that you are able to properly track the leaves that each of your employees takes. This goes the same for authorized and unauthorized absences that they have made.

For these cases, you can review the company policies you have regarding leaves and absences.

Salaries, Wages, and Overtime Pay

What is the difference between salary and wage?

Salary refers to the fixed amount that a company pays an employee. This is often a yearly salary that is divided into the number of pay periods that your company has within the year.

Wage, on the other hand, refers to the pay you give your employees based on the number of hours that your employee has worked. A specific rate is set for an hour worked by an employee.

Now that you know the difference between the two, make sure that you correctly compute the salary or wage of your employee.

Overtime refers to the excess hours worked by an employee beyond the required number of hours for a specific period of time. Now, when it comes to giving overtime, make sure that you know the company policies regarding giving it or if your company gives any overtime at all.


If you give your employees benefits, this should also be included in the payroll. This would include the following:

  • education assistance,
  • insurance,
  • retirement plans, and
  • discounts.


Deductions in payroll refer to the amount of money that is taken away from the total salary/wage that an employee gets. Deductions include the following:

  • Payroll Taxes. Payroll taxes vary for every employee depending on the exemptions and amount of salary/wage that an employee gets. If you need more tips regarding payroll tax, you can take a look at Employer Responsibilities for Payroll Taxes.So what are considered to be payroll taxes?
    • Federal Income Tax
    • State Income Tax
    • Local Income Tax
    • Federal Unemployment Tax
    • State Unemployment Tax
    • Medicare Tax
    • Social Security Tax
  • Garnishment. Garnishment refers to a court-ordered deduction that is used to pay an overdue debt incurred by an employee. Overdue debt can be in the form of unpaid taxes, loans, and overdue child support. You will be notified via a legal letter if there is a need to deduct a garnishment from an employee&#;s salary/wage.

Need a guide regarding taxes? Check out Payroll Tax Basics for Small Businessto give you a good guide on how you can compute for taxes especially if you are just starting out.

Net and Gross Pay

In the payslip template, you will typically see that net pay and gross pay is reflected. Gross pay refers to the total pay sans the deductions while net pay refers to the employee&#;s take-home pay after all of the deductions has been made.

Running a Payroll

There are four ways on how you can run and compute payroll: manual payroll computations, outsourcing a payroll accountant, using Excel, and using a payroll software.

  • Manual payroll computation. Manually computing for a payroll has its risks such as inaccurate computations and other errors regarding payroll, but it would be good to do so especially if you are just starting out. It is also very time-consuming.
  • Outsourcing a payroll accountant. There are definitely benefits of outsourcing payroll. It can help you free up some of your time and make use of it for other areas of your operations. However, it might not be very economical for your company especially if your company is on a tight budget.
  • Using Excel. Making use of Excel or other similar applications to compute your employees&#; payroll can help to ensure that you are able to accurately compute each of your employees&#; pay especially if you are planning on doing it yourself. You can make use of the payroll samples and templatesthat we have uploaded to this very article. If you want to make your own payroll template, you can check out our article about creating payroll in Excel using simple tips.
  • Using a payroll software. There are a ton of payroll software available for download. The convenience of making use of a payroll software is the fact that it can automatically compute the pay of all your employees with just a few inputs and clicks.

There is no right or wrong way of processing payroll. It all depends on what you prefer or what is more convenient to use in your company. Whether you have been doing this for a long time or if you are new to the whole payroll process, you have to make sure that you understand the aspects and needs of your business.

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Processing Payroll

Processing your employee&#;s payroll may seem difficult at first but with constant practice, you will surely get the hang of it in no time. If this is your first time trying to process payroll or if you have been out of practice for quite some time, we are here to help. We will share with you a few tips on how to do payroll taxes and process payroll yourself.

Collecting Information

This step is crucial and should be one of your top priorities when it comes to hiring new employees. One of the first things you ask an employee to do would be to fill out a W-4 form. This form will help you make all the accurate calculations regarding federal taxes and exemptions.

The W-4 form can help you determine what current filing status of an employee is and what allowances they can claim. Taxes can be greatly affected depending on the marital status of an employee. With regards to allowances that they can claim, the more the dependents they have, the more allowances they can. Plus, if the employee&#;s spouse is currently unemployed, another set of allowances will be given. The more the allowances an employee has, the more federal taxes are withheld from his/her gross pay.

Payroll Information

When it comes to processing payroll, the more updated the employee database you have, the easier it will be to accurately calculate the pay of your employees. You can maintain a simple employee record to ensure that the current employees of the company are all accounted for. Through this record, you can also monitor the current salary or the hourly wage of an employee, plus keep a record of the number of hours an employee has worked. Time cards will also be a good means of keeping track of your employees&#; time in and time out.

Calculating Pay

Once you have reached the cut off of a pay period, it is time for you to start computing for the pay you owe your employees. Determine if the employees are paid on a fixed salary basis or on an hourly basis.

  • For computing on a fixed salary basis, check what is the annual salary of the employee and determine how many payroll periods you have for a year. The annual salary of the employee will be divided with the number of payroll periods your company has and the result would be the pay you will be giving to the employee for the current payroll period.
  • For computing on an hourly basis, take note of the hourly rate and the number of hours worked by the employee for the current pay period. Multiply both and the result would be what you owe the employee for the current pay period. Take note of the overtime rendered by the employee as well and multiply it by the overtime rate your company has set.

Determine Withholding Amount

This is the reason why it is important to let the employee fill out a W-4 form in the first place. You would also need to make sure that the information provided by the employee to you is accurate as you will be the one to submit the taxes to the IRS in behalf of your employees. You can read up on our Payroll Tips from a Tax Professionalto gain better insight on how you can ensure that you are calculating payroll taxes correctly and accurately.

Other Deductions

You will also need to determine what are the other deductions that you would need to take away from the employees&#; gross pay. This would include

  • Medicare,
  • Social Security, and
  • other taxes.

You would need to take a look and compute the taxes and other deduction from each employee individually as each employee has different deductions.

What Is the Importance of Payroll?

You may not think much of it but you or payroll coordinator is more than just a person who calculates the pay that each of your employees gets. As a matter of fact, payroll plays an important role in an organization. Through payroll, you can monitor and protect your company&#;s reputation by making sure that your company abides by policies and rules set out by different legislation. Payroll should never be overlooked as it affects many aspects of a company.

So what makes a payroll important? Check this out.

Boosting Employee Morale

Employees want assurance and they also want stability. With payroll, you can help assure employees that they will be paid regularly in a consistent manner. If you ensure timely and regular paydays, you avoid your employees from questioning the credibility and stability of your company. If your employees feel secure with their pay, you will avoid risking low productivity, nonperformance of employees, and unhealthy organizational environment. Remember, your employees are the backbone of your company. If you gain their trust, they will surely give you their % in terms of performance and doing what is required of them.

The Total Compensation Package

The payroll of an employee is more than just the numbers that he/she will be seeing in his payslip. Instead, it is more of the other things that come with it such as health care, insurance, and other benefits. If you are giving your employees the benefits that they deserve, they will feel happier and more secure in your company. Bonuses will also help to improve the performance of an employee as it will be something that they can look forward to and strive to achieve.

Maintaining Good Company Reputation

Your company does not have obligations toward your employees alone but it also has an obligation to the state by ensuring that the company is complying with tax obligations and legislation with regards to employment. By doing so, you will be able to uphold a name of being a reliable and stable company. With this being said, you are sure to become a sought-after company and be able to determine which talents are a good fit for your company.

Proper Allocation of Resources

Accuracy and precision when it comes to payroll is most certainly a must. With this being said, a company or business must be able to choose the correct mode of calculating their payroll. As mentioned in the earlier part of this article, there are four modes that you can choose from, and among the four, the most efficient would be to make use of a software and to make use of blank spreadsheet samples dedicated for payroll.

In the long run, making use of a payroll software or Excel can help you save money, which can eventually help you with the expansion of your company. Not only do these help you save on your finances but of your time as well. With more time, you will be able to help employees focus more on certain aspects of the business that needs more attention.

Useful Tips for Payroll Processing

Before we end, we would like to give you a couple of tips that would help you to efficiently process payroll.

  • Keep employee records updated. Take note of the new hires, the ones who recently quit their job, and an increase in wages or salary. This would also include any changes in filing status, address, benefits, and deductions.
  • Make payroll ahead of time. Once the pay period cutoff is already up, process payroll immediately before payday arrives. This way, you have enough time to make corrections regarding any discrepancies and miscalculations.
  • Be transparent with timekeeping. Your employees need to know that you have kept a record of their timekeeping. Showing them your records can help them check if there are any discrepancies regarding your record and their record, and make the necessary changes and edits.

We hope that these tips we have shared will help you make processing of payroll easier.


As a new employer, I set out to create a Payroll Calculator but in the process learned that there were too many laws and regulations associated with payroll to risk using a spreadsheet for calculating payroll. I did create a Paycheck Calculator to estimate tax withholdings and calculate net take home pay. But, instead of integrating that into a general payroll calculator spreadsheet, I have an accountant process my payroll and I use a Payroll Register spreadsheet like the one below to keep a record of employee information, payroll payments, and hours worked. See below for more info.



This Employee Payroll Register spreadsheet was designed for small businesses that choose to use an accountant or online payroll service (like or I've kept this spreadsheet fairly basic, so depending on your business and policies, you may find that you need to add more columns.

The Employee Payroll Information worksheet is where you would record information like name, ID, address, sex, occupation, hire date, salary or wage basis, exempt status, federal allowances, and other information about current deduction and contribution elections.

The Payroll Register worksheet is where you can keep track of the summary of hours worked, payment dates, federal and state tax withholdings, FICA taxes, and other deductions.

Depending on how you are keeping your records, you may want to add information to the payroll register, or remove it.

There may be specific record-keeping requirements that apply to you, so check with your accountant to make sure that you are keeping appropriate records.

"No installation, no macros - just a simple spreadsheet" - by Jon Wittwer

Using the Payroll Register

Recording Daily Hours Worked

In the Payroll Register worksheet, columns E-K (Daily Hours Worked) are hidden by default, because if you are keeping a record of employee timesheets elsewhere, you may not want to duplicate that information in the register.

Recording Regular Pay, O.T. Pay, and Reimbursements

If you want to record payroll payments broken down into regular pay, overtime pay, and reimbursements, you can unhide Columns R-T and then make the Gross Pay column a formula.

I would love to hear your comments. Please contact me if you think this spreadsheet is missing something important.

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Share the Payroll Register Template

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Disclaimer: The information on this page is for illustrative and educational purposes only. Use the payroll template at your own risk. Payroll information should be kept confidential, so make sure that you take appropriate steps to ensure the security of the information that you add to your payroll template.

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21+ Payroll Templates

It is not easy to calculate wages, settling tax withholdings, managing statutory deductions for employee benefits when there are thousands of workers in the company. A payroll template is an automated software that takes care of the payroll calculation for the employees. It is designed to capture all information regarding the work management system.  There are millions of designs with various format options like MS Word, PSD, PDF, and many more.   Choose the one which best suits your purpose.

80+ FREE HR Templates - Download Now Adobe PDF, Microsoft Word (DOC), Microsoft Excel (XLS), Microsoft PowerPoint (PPT), Google Docs, Apple (MAC) Pages, Google Sheets (SPREADSHEETS), Apple (MAC) Keynote, Google Slides

Payroll Budget Template

  • Google Docs
  • Google Sheets
  • MS Excel
  • MS Word
  • Numbers
  • Pages

Size: US, A4


Payroll Money Voucher Template

  • Illustrator
  • MS Word
  • Pages
  • Photoshop
  • Publisher

Size: &#;4 inches with Bleed


Payroll Templates

Are you someone who is holding a position in the HR management? Then, you can make use of Payroll Templates to help you out in preparing the payrolls of your employees. Payroll is the total compensation of a business that employers need to pay to their employees. If you are running a business, you need to prepare a clear and brief payroll for your employees. It can be of many types acoording to your business. It can be weekly, bi-monthly, or monthly payrolls. The payment can be done through cash or direct payment to employees&#; accounts.

Restaurant Payroll Budget Template

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Free Payroll Spreadsheet Template

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Size: A4, US

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Size: A4, US

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Payroll Check Template

As per law, every employer needs to issue a pay slip to its employees that include details like pay period,   taxes and deductions. Payroll check templates will help companies to generate pay slips mentioning all   necessary information.  Select from numerous attractive format template options like MS Word, PSD, PDF and many more. You may also see Payroll Worksheet Templates.

Wells Fargo Bank Payroll Check Template PDF

Payroll Stub Template

Every employer needs to generate pay advice to its employees which gives the monthly details of their   salary. All statutory deductions and important information regarding the pay is mentioned in detail. Payroll stub templates help the companies structure their pay advices.  There are many eye catchy templates available in formats like MS Word, PSD, PDF and many more.

Microsoft Word Paycheck Stub Template Download


Payroll Calendar Template

Administering the date of pay schedules is as important as pay calculations. Payroll calendar template  intimates the manager that its time that employee’s pay needs to be calculated and paid on the due   date.   Pick the template that suits your purpose and your requirement. These templates come with numerous format options like MS Word, PSD, PDF and many more.

Payroll Deduction Form Template

Calculating the gross pay of an employee is a tedious work with all the statutory and non statutory   deductions that needs to be accounted for. Pay deduction form templates are there to calculate after   all the necessary information has been provided.  Save yourself from the torture of calculating physically and get automated pay slips in various formats   like MS Word, PSD, PDF and many more.

Sample Voluntary Payroll Deduction Form PDF Printable

Payroll Check Stub Template

Every employer has their own way of generating pay slips as the information provided varies from  company to company according to their requirement. There are millions of payroll check stub templates available that will help to generate pay slips of your choice.  Pick the best template of your choice that comes in various format options like MS Word, PSD, PDF and   many more. You may also see Payroll Budget Templates.

Payroll Register Template

It is a tedious job to physically maintain the entire record of an employee’s salary which includes his   wage, bonus, advances and deductions. It’s time to make your work easier with payroll register template where the software will maintain the register and update it whenever required.  Select from the millions of format that are available like MS Word, PSD, PDF and many more.

Employee Payroll Register Template Example Excel Format

Payroll Schedule Template

There are numerous things that need to be recorded for an employee like start date, end date, payment   frequency, payment day, date rolling and so on. There are payment schedule templates available that   saves you from recording the details physically.  Select a template from a variety of range that is available like Ms Word, PDF and PSD.

Payroll Timesheet Template

There are numerous things that need to be recorded for an employee like start date, end date, payment  frequency, payment day, date rolling and so on. There are payment schedule templates available that   saves you from recording the details physically.  Select a template from a variety of range that is available like Ms Word, PDF and PSD. You may also see Sample HR Payroll Forms.

Free Employee Payroll Time Sheet Template Word Doc

Payroll Invoice Template

Accounting for an employee’s pay and then generating an invoice for it is a part of firm’s enterprise   resource planning. For producing attractive pay slips there are payroll invoice templates available that   incorporate all necessary information.  These designs are available in customized formats like PSD, PDF, MS Word and many more. You may also see Payroll Register Templates.

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Payroll Budget Template

Proper allocation of finances for various departments is required to be done by every firm. One such   department that needs parking of funds is payroll department for which there are payroll budget templates are available.  Pick the best template from the variety of templates provided like PDF, PSD and MS Word. You may also see Payroll Schedule Templates

Employee Payroll Budgeting and Billing Instructions Free

Payroll Checklist Template

Payroll management requires a set of process to be followed which starts from calculating the basic pay   and ends with offsetting all deductions to get the gross pay. Payroll checklist template helps the   management to ensure the work has been performed accordingly.  Get the best template from a variety of formats available like PDF, PSD and MS Word.

Payroll Processing Monthly Checklist Responsibilities

Payroll Statement Template

Payroll management requires a set of process to be followed which starts from calculating the basic pay   and ends with offsetting all deductions to get the gross pay. Payroll checklist template helps the   management to ensure the work has been performed accordingly.  Get the best template from a variety of formats available like PDF, PSD and MS Word.

Payroll & Earning Statement Template Word Format Download

Payroll Reconciliation Template

There are numerous day to day transactions happening in a firm and verifying it with precision is a tough   work. Payroll reconciliation template helps you to check and cross check the accounts without any   mistake using digital software.  Pick any template like PDF, PSD, MS Word and many more that are available.

General Ledger Payroll Reconciliation Template PDF Format

Employee Payroll Template

Payroll which is a slip is given to the employees and is used to record salaries along with bonuses and deductions. Employee payroll template is a simple spreadsheet that serves as a tool for helping employees to track their payroll information.   You can pick any format amongst PDS, PDF, and MS Word according to your convenience.

Payroll Facts

payroll template x

An article from the Workforce Institute last highlighted that payroll errors had affected 54% or approximately 82 million of the workforce in the United States.

Moreover, 40% of the American Payroll Association members said that their payroll systems are fully automated as of

Talking about pay, the salary report from Indeed revealed that only 19% of the Americans are satisfied with the money they earn.


FREE 34+ Printable Payroll Forms in PDF | Excel | MS Word

Payroll Forms are one of the myriad of forms that the Human Resources Department of every organization or company uses. Payroll, as defined by Investopedia, &#;is the sum total of all compensation a business must pay to its employees for a set period of time or on a given date.&#; In other words, payroll comprises the compensation an employee receives per month. Companies have a master list of their employees and how much they pay them, and Payroll Forms come in handy for such functions.

Aside from a company&#;s Human Resources Department, a company&#;s payroll can also be handled by its accounting department, so these forms can also be utilized by them. We have a wide array of forms available for download below.

Payroll Deduction Forms

Sample Payroll Deduction Form

Uniform Payroll Deduction Form

Employee Payroll Deduction Form

Payroll Remittance Forms

Sample Ira Payroll Remittance Form

Monthly Payroll Remittance Form

Contribution and Loan Repayment Remittance Form

Certified Payroll Forms

Weekly Certified Payroll Report Form

Industry Certified Payroll Form

Public Works Payroll Reporting Form

Payroll Change Forms

Employee Payroll Change Form

Payroll Change Request Form

Payroll/Status Change Form

Direct Deposit Payroll Change Form

Advantages of Using Payroll Forms

It is important for every company to make sure that their employees&#; compensation and benefits are managed well. After all, this is the main reason why employees go to work &#;  to get their paychecks every month, and to sustain their daily needs and maybe that of their family&#;s. Getting their paychecks each month is the main motivation that some employees have, so if there are any miscalculations or errors on their paycheck, these can cause an employee to feel demotivated and undervalued. These mistakes can and should be rectified as soon as possible once brought up by an employee, because untimely rectification of such mistakes can cause dire consequences, such as complaints, increased employee resignation, and maybe even lawsuits. Mistakes and grave errors in payroll can be prevented by the proper utilization of the right Payroll Forms to make sure that everything is in order. Some HR Forms can also be used in the process of ensuring that your employees are satisfied, fulfilled, and productive.

Since payroll can be pretty confusing and tedious, it is important for every company or organization to find new and innovative ways to make it simpler. One way of doing that is utilizing a payroll software that automatically tracks and does the calculations for you. However, as any other technology nowadays, there is a drawback to using a payroll software. A software can be hacked into or compromised since it is a computer database. Also, this kind of extensive software can be pretty expensive since it would have to be maintained and repaired if there are ever any glitches. Although it is very helpful and rather preferable for large corporations, smaller businesses may want to stick with the use of traditional Payroll Forms for the calculation and record-keeping of their employees&#; wages. One may also see our HR Payroll Forms for samples of Payroll Forms used by the Human Resources Department.

The availability of a variety of Employee Payroll Forms allow the users, who would be either the HR personnel or accounting personnel, to use Payroll Forms to cover a myriad of functions related to payroll. As mentioned earlier, payroll can be pretty confusing and tedious, and there are many functions and tasks related to payroll, such as the enrollment of new employees, calculating deductions, remitting benefits and contributions to the proper government agencies, and recording any changes to the employee&#;s information that will affect his compensation. For each of these tasks, there is a specific Payroll Form to be used. These different types of Payroll Forms are properly labelled according to their purpose to allow better organization and access for future reference. A company, especially a large one, simply cannot have unlabeled forms lying around. Everything has to be organized to show professionalism and efficiency.

Aside from these advantages mentioned above, there may be a few more that we have not delved into in this article. But rest assured, the use of Payroll Forms has proven to be very advantageous for employers, no matter the nature of their business.

Employee Payroll Forms

New Employee Payroll Form

Employee Payroll Setup Form

Employee Payroll Deduction Form

Payroll Register Forms

Certified Payroll Registration for Public Work

Payroll Registration Form for Commercial Employers

Payroll and Staff Registration Form

Payroll Direct Deposit Forms

Payroll Direct Deposit Employee Authorization Form

Regular Payroll Direct Deposit Form

Authorization for Direct Deposit of Payroll

HR/Payroll Forms

HR/Payroll Action Form

HR Payroll Personal Profile Form

HR Employment Status Change Form

Payroll Deduction Forms

An employee&#;s gross income is not exactly what he gets each month. This is a known fact. There are various applicable deductions that would have to be taken out from his monthly salary, provided that these deductions are properly calculated and justified. The use of Payroll Deduction Forms can help employers properly document these deductions for the awareness of the employees and for record purposes in case there are complaints raised.

There are various deductions taken out from an employee&#;s gross income each month. One of which is tax deductions. Taxes are levied from each employee depending on their gross income or monthly income. There are employees, such as those with children or disabilities, who pay lower amounts of taxes, which is why the department handling payroll would have to have the know-how to properly calculate tax deductions. Other deductions include those that are for benefits and contributions, such as retirement plans, Social Security, labor unions, and others. There are also other deductions, such as deductions for employee uniforms, that would have to be signed and acknowledged by employees who will be deducted from. These deductions would have to be properly outlined to employees, if they do not already know about them, to avoid confusion and complaints.

Payroll Remittance Forms

In line with the use of Payroll Deduction Forms, a company&#;s payroll department also uses Payroll Remittance Forms. After the deductions have been taken out from an employee&#;s gross income, it is also the responsibility of the payroll department to remit those amounts to the corresponding government agency so that the employees can avail of their benefits in the future. There are certain benefits and contributions that are shared between the employer and the employee, such as Social Security Administration contributions, and in these cases, it is important for the payroll department to know what percentage both parties will be contributing. Ensuring that the contributions of each employee are properly remitted would also ensure that the company is not violating any labor laws.

Certified Payroll Forms

Another kind of Payroll Form is a Certified Payroll Form. This type of Payroll Form is filed on a weekly basis for payroll reports for contractors who work on public or government-funded projects. There are different types of Certified Payroll Forms for each state, depending on the laws that are imposed on that state. What makes this kind of payroll form certified is that a Statement of Compliance is attached along with it. This is signed by a company owner or payroll personnel. This certifies the accuracy and truthfulness of the information on the Certified Payroll Form, and any willful falsification thereof is a civil or criminal offense.

Payroll Tax Forms

Sample Federal Tax Form

Employer Withholding Exemption Certificate

Annual Payroll Tax Return Form

Payroll Advance Forms

Payroll Advance Request Form

Payroll Advance Request Form Sample

Wage Advance and Authorization  Payroll Deduction Form

Payroll Remittance Forms

Employer Remittance Report Form

Monthly Payroll Remittance Summary Form

Employer Payment Remittance Advice Form

Basic Employee Payroll Form

Employee Payroll Reduction Form

Payroll Change Forms

Every bit of employee information that an employee keeps is crucial for the entire stay of that employee in the company. Whenever there are changes to this information, the employee has the responsibility to notify his or her employer so that outdated information can be updated. There are various changes to an employee&#;s information that can affect the monthly salary he or she receives. The constant update of such information is crucial since it affects the employee&#;s compensation. The use of Payroll Change Forms can help streamline this process to make it easier and simpler. There are various changes that could occur during an employee&#;s stay in a company that could have effects on payroll, such as:

  • New Job Title: Whether it is a promotion or demotion, once the job title of the employee changes, a Payroll Change Form would have to be filled out to notify the payroll department.
  • New Department: This is when an employee is transferred to a different project or department. Since this information is stated on an employee&#;s payslip, the payroll department has to change it.
  • Wage Increase: There are various reasons for an employee to accept a wage increase. It could be a merit for exceeding the expectations of his employer, or a merit for many years of service and contributions in the company. As much as there are wage increases, there are also instances wherein business owners would need to cut the pay of their employees, such as in the case of a financial crisis in the company, wherein some employers or business owners would prefer to cut the pay of their employees rather than lay them off.
  • Direct Deposit Change: Whenever there are any changes to direct deposit payments of an employee, such as a change of bank account or a direct deposit cancellation, the payroll department has to be notified. For this, certain Payroll Direct Deposit Forms may be utilized.
  • Termination: Whenever an employee resigns, gets laid off, or gets terminated, the payroll department should be notified of the last date the employee reported for work, so that his final pay can be calculated duly and properly.

Payroll Direct Deposit Forms

Direct deposit is when the amount or money is deposited directly into the person or employee&#;s bank or credit union account, hence the nomenclature of the process. There are employers who prefer to pay their employers through direct deposit rather than the traditional paychecks. The proper processing of such a payment method would require the proper use of Payroll Direct Deposit Forms.

There are various benefits to direct deposit, which is why more and more employers are considering and using it. For one, it saves time and money for having to print out and write checks. Setting up direct deposit for employees also allows for them to get their salaries on time.


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