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Iron Grip “24 Hr” 12.5- 37.5 Lb Dumbbell Set (USED)


New equipment is just like it sounds: brand new equipment shipped to you.


Demo is equipment is just that: equipment with the very lightest usage as a demonstrator model.


Below is our general refurbishing and remanufacturing process for our commercial-grade fitness equipment:

  1. All Overlays Replaced
  2. All Electronic Sensors Replaced
  3. All Wearable Moving Parts Replaced Regardless of Condition
  4. New Running Belt & Motor Drive Belt On Treadmills
  5. Belts Replaced
  6. Decks Replaced
  7. Frames Repainted
  8. Roller Bearings Replaced
  9. Bushings Replaced
  10. Motors Rebuilt
  11. All Grips Replaced
  12. Decals Replaced
  13. Shrouds Replaced if Cracked
  14. All Electronic and Machine Functions tested twice before shipping

Primo Fitness has been refurbishing and remanufacturing used fitness gym equipment for over 20 years. We only used the highest quality replacement parts and our refurbished or remanufactured machines are like new again when they leave our shop. Here is a video about what everyone should know before purchasing refurbished or remanufactured fitness equipment.

Serviced and Cleaned (for indoor bikes only)

  1. We open the machine and break it down
  2. We then search for worn or broken parts
  3. The parts are then replaced
  4. Cosmetic touch up is done
  5. All functions are tested twice

Serviced & Cleaned is great for light commercial or home gyms, with 2 to 3 hrs. of use per day.

We offer a 30 Day Parts warranty on Serviced & Cleaned, after that, if a part does need to be replaced, they are very inexpensive and easy to replace. We are available for phone consultation if you have any questions.



Founded in 1993, Iron Grip Barbell Company is the largest provider of commercial free weight equipment worldwide and the only manufacturer with a complete line of exclusively American-made dumbbells, barbells, weight plates, and Olympic bars. Iron Grip equipment is chosen by premier fitness facilities in over 95 countries, including major health club chains, independent gyms, professional and university athletic training facilities, corporate fitness centers, medical wellness facilities, and police, firefighter, and military fitness facilities worldwide. Iron Grip’s innovative Olympic weight plates feature opposing handgrips and a unique 12-sided “anti-roll” design for improved safety. Their industry-leading dumbbells are constructed with precision-machined handles and heads that are press-fit and then welded for lasting durability. Both plates and dumbbells feature Iron Grip’s heavy-duty urethane coating to protect floors, walls, and equipment. Iron Grip urethane is formulated and blended exclusively in the U.S. and batch-tested for stability and consistency. Iron Grip free weight equipment can be custom engraved with your logo in permanent, vivid colors. The company also offers Group Strength®, a line of equipment for group fitness classes that includes commercial-quality plates with integrated handgrips for superior safety and versatility. To learn more, visit

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Iron Grip Highlights Its New XL Handle Dumbbell at the 2016 Athletic Business Show

Posted:November 22, 2016 in Suppliers

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Iron Grip XL Handle DumbbellIron Grip XL Handle Dumbbell

ORANGE COUNTY, CA – Iron Grip Barbell Company, the industry-leading manufacturer of durable, innovative, American-made free weight equipment, showcased its newest product, the XL Handle Dumbbell at the Athletic Business Show in Orlando. The dumbbell features a substantially thicker handle design, measuring a full 1-3/4 inches in diameter from end to end. The extra-wide handle diameter allows the user to fully engage the muscles in the fingers and hands, increasing grip strength and potentially leading to greater activation of the adjoining muscles in the wrists, forearms, and biceps.

Benefits of a Strong Grip

Improved grip strength can benefit athletes in a variety of sports, ranging from football to basketball to swimming to gymnastics to wrestling. For example, gymnasts rely heavily on hand and forearm strength, which directly relates to mastery of their own bodyweight. A strong grip also supports dexterous throwing, catching, and overall ball handling skills in sports such as baseball, football, and basketball. Ultimately, every push and pull in sports begins with an athlete’s hands, and the stronger their hands are, the stronger the athlete can be.

In a similar way, a stronger grip can also enhance conventional strength training exercises in the gym. During full-body movements such as deadlifts, hands and forearms can often be the weakest link, preventing someone from maximizing larger muscle group development.

One of the added benefits of incorporating XL Handle Dumbbells into a regular training regimen is that workouts can be shorter and more efficient. Hand strength is exercised while working larger muscle groups, thereby reducing the need for a separate grip-training workout and saving time.

While athletes and strength training professionals recognize the unique advantages of training with Iron Grip’s XL Handle dumbbells, everyday gym-goers can also benefit from the XL Handle’s challenging design. Improved grip strength can enhance performance in recreational sports like golf, tennis, rock-climbing, and paddle boarding. Increasingly, serious fitness enthusiasts are relying on their local health clubs to provide cutting-edge equipment that can support more advanced training techniques. But gym members of every age and conditioning level will appreciate how improved grip strength can enhance everyday activities, like carrying a suitcase or even opening a stubborn jar.

Heavy-Duty Construction

The XL Handle Dumbbells share many of the same heavy-duty features that contribute to the longevity and durability of Iron Grip’s existing Urethane Dumbbells. The XL Handle dumbbell’s solid, one-piece construction is achieved by press fitting each handle into precisely drilled and chamfered solid steel heads, and then welding the joints for added stability and strength. The heads are then encapsulated in Iron Grip’s proprietary, American-made urethane, which is specially formulated to resist wear and tear and stay looking new longer. Like all Iron Grip dumbbells, the heads are permanently engraved and filled with high-contrast, easy-to-read weight markings. All of these details combine to ensure Iron Grip dumbbells offer reliable, maintenance-free performance for the life of the product.

Iron Grip’s XL Handle Dumbbells are available now, in sizes ranging from 5─175 pounds. Like all of Iron Grip’s Urethane free weight equipment, the XL Handle Dumbbells are customizable with permanently engraved logos to encourage team pride and aid recruitment, or promote heath club or corporate branding.

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