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Dragon Ball: Episode of Bardock

Dragon Ball: Episode of Bardock

Dragon Ball: Episode of Bardockドラゴンボール エピソード オブ バーダックDoragon Bōru: Episōdo obu Bādakku

Genre Shōnen, Action, Adventure, Fantasy, Science Fiction, Bangsian Fantasy

Manga Series: Dragon Ball: Episode of Bardock

Authored by

Naho Ooishi



Serialized in


Original run

June 21, &#; August 21,

Dragon Ball: Episode of Bardock (ドラゴンボール エピソード オブ バーダック,Doragon Bōru: Episōdo obu Bādakku) is a three-chapter manga created by Naho Ooishi, and that was adapted into an anime. It is based on the video game Dragon Ball Heroes, and features a scenario taking place after the events of the TV special Dragon Ball Z: Bardock - The Father of Goku, in which Bardock survives the destruction of Planet Vegeta and is sent into the past, combating Frieza's ancestor Chilled, and turning into a Super Saiyan.

According to it's author, Episode of Bardock is a what-if scenario,[1] however it has been included as part of the overall timeline a few times.[2][3]

It later received an OVA adaptation.


The first chapter was published on June 21, , in V-Jump, the second chapter was published on July 22, , and the final chapter was published on August 21, Chapters of Episode of Bardock were later also published in the summer edition of Saikyō Jump. On November 21, , it was announced in V-Jump that the three-part manga would be given an anime adaptation as part of the Dragon Ball SSSS project. This anime adaptation debuted at Jump Festa in December , was streamed online for a short period of time, and was featured on a bonus DVD packed with the March issue of Saikyō Jump. The three chapters are reprinted in the April issue of V-Jump along with two brand new page entries, and collected into a single "Super Kanzenban" volume offered with the Saikyō Jump issue in February

Story arcs

  1. Chilled Saga (chapter 1 - 3)


Timeline placement

Episode of Bardock is shown to be a sequel to Bardock - The Father of Goku, as the opening part of the animation is Frieza destroying Planet Vegeta with his Supernova and Bardock trying to stop him. Bardock is then sent far back in time, to before the Saiyans had arrived on Planet Vegeta, and the rest of the animation takes place at this point in time.

The sections occurring in the past happen before the Saiyans arrived on Planet Plant, at some point around Before Age.[4]


  • Bardock vs. Frieza
  • Bardock vs. Tobi and Cabira
  • Bardock vs. Chilled's soldiers
  • Bardock (Base/Super Saiyan) vs. Chilled


  • This is the only manga/anime in the series in which Goku does not appear, although he does appear on the poster.
  • In one of the promotional posters, Bardock's tail as Super Saiyan changes its color but in the OVA, the tail remains in its natural color.
  • Bardock's former teammates make cameo appearances in both the anime and manga of the Episode of Bardock when Bardock thinks about when he found their dead corpses though curiously in the manga version of this cameo, Tora's corpse is not seen.



Episode of Bardock manga cover


Episode of Bardock timeline


Chilled, the main antagonist, in V-Jump


Frieza with Zarbon and Dodoria


Bardock with Berry


Bardock attacks one of Chilled's soldiers


Chilled preparing for battle


Bardock angrily transforms into a Super Saiyan


Super Saiyan Bardock

Bardock Saiyan

Bardock after defeating Chilled


Bardock victorious

Ending in the manga

Original manga ending


Reedition manga ending


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OtapediaEpisode of Bardock (OVA) - Dragon Ball

Based on the popular video game Dragon Ball Heroes, Dragon Ball: Episode of Bardock is a three-chapter manga written by Naho Ooishi. The manga was also animated and broadcast online later appearing as a bonus DVD for the March issue of Saikyo Jump.

Episode of Bardock is a ‘what if’ sequel to Bardock: The Father of Goku, a TV special that aired in the early 90’s that features the origin story of Goku and how his planet and his father, Bardock, was killed by Frieza. In Episode of Bardock, the story continues with Bardock surviving and entering a time slip instead of dying from Frieza’s attack.


The story picks up where Bardock: Father of Goku ends, with Bardock, the rest of the Saiyans, and Planet Vegeta all being destroyed by Frieza. Bardock launches an attack on Frieza, who is outside sitting in his floating pod above his spaceship with Dodoria and Zarbon. Amid a conversation about how the three dislike Saiyans and how working with them is undesirable, Frieza fires a giant death ball at the Saiyan army and the planet. Bardock retaliates with an energy ball, but it is futile. The death ball hits and everyone seems to perish.

Suddenly, Bardock wakes up. He is surprised to see his surroundings look familiar, but is being treated by two unknown aliens. One is Ipana and the other is his son Berry. He hears that the name of the planet he is on is Planet Plant, the former name of Planet Vegeta. Bardock beings to wonder where he is, or rather, when he is.

Two soldiers arrive in a spaceship and begin to invade Planet Plant. Bardock confronts them and kills one with a kick to the face. The other tries to attack Bardock, but gets blown away with an energy blast instead. The residents of the planet come to thank him, but Bardock leaves and finds refuge in a cave nearby. Berry comes to Bardock’s cave to provide him food for saving their planet. Bardock initially refuses the offerings, but after some time, begins to accept them and even starts opening up to the young Berry. Elsewhere in space, Chilled, the leader of a band of space pirates, remarks on the absence of his warriors he sent to Planet Plant and sets off to find them. Chilled arrives on Planet Plant and, impersonating galactic patrol, heads off to engage the residents.

They lie to the residents of the planet, telling them that they are after two criminals who steal resources from planets. They are then told that the two criminals have already been taken care of and, in turn, ask that they be taken to the person responsible for a reward. Berry notices that Chilled has blood on his arm (from killing one of his henchmen earlier) and heads to Bardock's cave to inform the solitary Saiyan. Meanwhile, Chilled and his men begin to threaten the residents of Planet Plant. Berry pleads with Bardock to come and help and, remembering his own friends’ demise in the lead up to Planet Vegeta’s destruction, he agrees.

Bardock saves Ipana and the others from the space pirates. He then sees Chilled and mistakes him for Frieza and furiously rushes him with a heavy punch. Chilled isn’t beaten so easily and counterattacks with kicks. Bardock is then overpowered by Chilled with seemingly no chance of victory.

Bardock is losing against the powerful Chilled when they launch a devastating energy attack, only for Berry to jump in the way. Berry is gravely injured and, unable to forgive what Frieza did to his planet and race and what Chilled has done to his new ally Berry, Bardock is overcome with rage. He smashes his head and slams his fist on the ground in frustration. Remembering all of his friends’ painful deaths and envisioning Chilled as Frieza while hearing Chilled’s laugh forces Bardock over the edge. Electricity flashes around him and his aura turns yellow as he achieves Super Saiyan. Bardock begins dominating Chilled easily, throwing him by his tail and horns as Chilled is helpless to resist. Completely at a loss as to how someone could be more powerful than he is, Chilled resorts to a powerful Death Ball. Bardock, however, fires his own energy attack and repels the space pirate’s Death Ball without too much difficulty. Putting all of his energy into it, Bardock gives one last big push that cancels Chilled’s Death Ball and sends Chilled flying into space as the beam slowly dissipates above the planet. The residents of Planet Plant hail Bardock for saving them from the evil Chilled as Bardock smiles and gives them a thumbs up.

Chilled, unconscious and drifting through space, barely holds onto life and is found by his henchmen and put on immediate life support. As he regains consciousness, he recounts the story of what happened to him and his men on Planet Plant. He tells the story of the golden Saiyan warrior, thus starting the legend of the Super Saiyan, creating the foundation of Frieza’s fear of Saiyans and ultimately causing the demise of Planet Vegeta and the Saiyan race, leading Goku to be sent to Earth.


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Anime / Dragon Ball – Episode of Bardock


Dragon Ball: Episode of Bardock is a short story written and illustrated by Naho Oishi, later adapted into an OVA by Toei Animation based on the Dragon Ball franchise. It is a sequel to Dragon Ball Z: Bardock &#; The Father of Goku, based on the What If? scenarios of Dragon Ball Heroes.

It's revealed that Bardock survived being killed by Frieza and was somehow whisked away to the distant past. There, he finds himself in primitive Planet Plant (future Planet Vegeta), where the locals are being attacked by the forces of Frieza's ancestor, Lord Chilled. Bardock befriends one of the locals, and will defend them out of revenge against Frieza.

The story is mostly known for Bardock obtaining the Super Saiyan transformation.

The special is not considered canonical in any way to the series, being merely a What If? story. Despite this, Bardock's appearance in Dragon Ball Fighter Z takes a lot of cues from this special, and Dragon Ball Xenoverse take a few ideas from this side story. The special was released internationally with the Xbox game Dragon Ball Z: For Kinect.

For the (rather scathing) Dragon Ball Z Abridged version of this OVA, see here.

This work contains examples of:

  • Adaptational Heroism: Bardock was a cold-hearted Saiyan in Father of Goku, whose Establishing Character Moment was destroying a planet alongside his comrades as a giant ape, and having a feud against Frieza was out of revenge for the death of his comrades. By all intents, an Anti-Hero. Here, he protects the locals from Chilled, and even befriends one of them.
  • Adapted Out: Mira and Towa from Dragon Ball Online saved Bardock from being killed off, yet they aren't adapted in this What If? story.
  • Advertised Extra: This is one of the few animated specials where despite appearing on the advertising, Goku doesn't appear at all, not even as a cameo.
  • Alien Blood: The Meatians, and several of Freeza's henchmen have purple blood. This isn't uncommon though, as a lot of aliens and monsters in Dragon Ball have purple blood.
  • Canon Immigrant: The space police mentioned by Chilled's lieutenant would be identified in the Galactic Patrol Prisoner Arc as the Galactic Police Force, a precursor to the Galactic Patrol.
  • Continuity Snarl: The special attempts to be a What If? that explains where the Super Saiyan legend came from. Unfortunately
    • This directly conflicts with the pre-Dragon Ball Super canon of the series, where it was mentioned that the first Super Saiyan became one when transforming into a Great Ape. You could argue Bardock was never the first Super Saiyan in history to begin with, since Episode of Bardock clearly takes place on Planet Plant, before the Saiyans left their home planet Sadala. It certainly makes it easier to just accept it as fanservice and nothing more.
    • Likewise, Chilled tells his men on his dying moments to beware of the golden warrior, which supposedly sparks the legend. Thing is, Vegeta never knew what the Super Saiyan looked like during the Namek Saga, and he even thought he became a Super Saiyan despite never changing his appearance.
  • Forgot About His Powers: Bardock's psychic powers from the last special simply vanished, and are never mentioned.
  • Golden Super Mode: Bardock turns Super Saiyan over his weakness against Chilled. He then proceeds to beat the living crap out of him.
  • Revenge by Proxy: Bardock takes all of his anger on Chilled due to him being like Frieza. Can't blame him, Chilled is basically Frieza, but smaller and wearing a leotard.
  • Remember the New Guy?: Apparently there was a third race of aliens living on the planet Plant.
  • Riddle for the Ages: How Bardock went back in time is anyone's guess. In video games, he was saved by members of the Demon Realm and brainwashed, but that's two different continuities.
  • Space Age Stasis: Whatever time in the past this is set, one Frieza's ancestors has a similar space empire and the Galactic Patrol are implied to exist.
  • Space Police: Chilled pretends to be one to the Meatians.
  • Tranquil Fury: After he transforms into a Super Saiyan, Bardock manages to catch his temper and proceeds to deliberately, calmly, and mercilessly beat Chilled half to death and blast him into orbit. Chilled does not survive the encounter.
  • Unstoppable Rage: Bardock gets pissed after a little native boy on Planet Plant was nearly killed by Chilled. It's this that kickstarts his Super Saiyan transformation.
  • Walking the Earth: After defeating Chilled, Bardock is seen walking through the wasteland.
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Dragon Ball: Episode of Bardock

Dragon Ball: Episode of Bardock (Japanese: ドラゴンボール エピソード オブ バーダック, Hepburn: Doragon Bōru Episōdo obu Bādakku) is a three-chapter Japanese manga series written and illustrated by Naho Ōishi, based on Akira Toriyama's Dragon Ball. It serves as a what-if spin-off sequel to the animated television special Dragon Ball Z: Bardock – The Father of Goku.[1]Bardock survives the destruction of his home planet and the genocide of his entire race, having been sent into the past to a strange planet where he battles Frieza's ancestor, Chilled.

The manga was serialized in V Jump in three chapters between June 21 and August 21, It was adapted into a short anime film by Toei Animation that premiered on December 17, at Jump Festa The film was released internationally in October , as a subtitled extra to the Xbox video game Dragon Ball Z: For Kinect.

Plot summary[edit]

Bardock, having somehow survived certain death when Frieza obliterated Planet Vegeta, wakes up in a small village house. A purple-colored creature enters the room and introduces himself as Ipana. He tells Bardock that he is on the Planet Plant, which – as the confused Bardock recalls – was the former name of Planet Vegeta before it was annexed by the Saiyans. Suddenly the village comes under attack by henchmen of the space pirate Chilled whom Bardock easily defeats, earning him the gratitude of the villagers. Uninterested in being a hero, he flees to a nearby cave to recover. Ipana's son Berry brings him food and eventually they grow friendly with one another despite Bardock's reluctance.

Chilled learns that his henchmen have been killed and after the villagers fail to find Bardock on Chilled's orders, he and his henchmen start attacking them and destroying the village. Bardock initially refuses to save them but after Berry begs him, he flies to the village and saves Ipana, who was nearly killed by Chilled. Due to the resemblance, Bardock mistakes Chilled for Frieza and attacks him but Chilled proves too powerful. However, after Chilled fires an energy attack at Berry, Bardock becomes enraged and transforms into a Super Saiyan. Chilled attacks Bardock with his energy blasts which have no effect on the Super Saiyan. Chilled launches a final desperate attack in order to destroy the planet, but Bardock's attack overpowers it and sends the mortally wounded Chilled soaring into outer space. The dying Chilled tells his henchmen to warn his family about Super Saiyans.

Centuries later, Chilled's descendent Frieza would destroy Planet Vegeta out of fear that a Super Saiyan of legend would rise to defeat him. Bardock's son, Goku, would assume the Super Saiyan form and defeat Frieza more than twenty years later.


Bardock (バーダック, Bādakku)
Voiced by: Masako Nozawa
The father of Son Goku and Raditz, who was thought to be killed by Freeza.
Berry (ベリー, Berī)
Voiced by: Houko Kuwashima
He is the son of the village doctor Ipana, who treats Bardock.
Ipana (イパナ)
Voiced by: Masashi Ebara
The village doctor, who treats Bardock.
Chilled (チルド, Chirudo)
Voiced by: Ryūsei Nakao
He is an ancestor of Freeza and a space pirate. Toriyama provided the design for Chilled.[2]


Dragon Ball: Episode of Bardock was serialized in V Jump, with the first chapter released on June 21, , the second on July 22 and the third on August [1] On November 21, , it was announced that the manga would be given an anime adaptation by Toei Animation. The short film premiered on December 17–18, at Jump Festa [3]Kazuhiko Torishima, Akira Toriyama's former editor and a former editor-in-chief of both Weekly Shōnen Jump and V Jump, served as producer. The movie later received a coupled home video DVD release with Dragon Ball: Plan to Eradicate the Super Saiyans included in the March issue of the magazine Saikyō Jump, which was released on February 3, [4]

The entire manga was re-printed in the April issue of V Jump, released on February 21, , with a slightly different ending which follows that of the film. The film was included subtitled in the European and North American exclusive Xbox video gameDragon Ball Z: For Kinect, released in October [5] The March issue of Saikyō Jump included a kanzenban version of the reprint of Dragon Ball: Episode of Bardock.[6]

On June 20, , the Episode of Bardock film was released in France on DVD and Blu-Ray as part of the Golden Box Dragon Ball Z steelbook set published by Kazé. The set also contains Dragon Ball: Plan to Eradicate the Super Saiyans, Dragon Ball Z: Battle of Gods, and Dragon Ball Z: Resurrection 'F'.[7]


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