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BLACKPINK members debut on Weverse and cause confusion among BTS fans, here's why

BLACKPINK fans were excited to learn that Jennie, Lisa, Rosé, and Jisoo have officially joined Weverse on Monday. The platform already hosted K-pop bands BTS, TXT, Hyphen, and SEVENTEEN, among many others, before the all-girl K-pop group joined it.

On the day of their debut, the members released a short video addressing their fans on the platform. Lisa and Jennie also shared a bunch of photos to greet their fans. While the fandom celebrated, users who had not followed BLACKPINK were confused when they received notifications about Lisa and Jennie.

Several Weverse users, many who follow BTS on the platform, took to Twitter and expressed their confusion over the mix-up in notifications. "Actually I'm not hating but the thing is I only following BTS in weverse and I'm getting blackpink notification also is there anything wrong with weverse," a fan tweeted. "I’m confused. Why am I getting notifications from Blackpink on Weverse when I haven’t joined their Weverse??? Is this some type of glitch? I am only on there for BTS," another fan tweeted.

"I have nothing against Blackpink but ARMYs don't get Weverse notification for BTS even if they are subscribed there but getting notification for BP without sub Is this right? It never happened with any other artist who joined Weverse then why is it happening with BP?" another fan asked.

Weverse soon clarified the confusion with a statement. "We are deeply sorry for causing Weverse community notifications error. On August 2, between PM and PM, an error occurred and some Weverse users who allowed the push notifications received notifications from a certain Weverse community that they did not join," the statement read.

"We sincerely apologise for causing inconveniences to our users due to a temporary system error. Weverse immediately took on the task of correcting the system right after the error occurred, and the notifications system is back to normal now. We promise that we continuously correct the technical glitches and internally monitor the system," the team added.

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Meanwhile, BLACKPINK fans -- also known as BLINKS -- have numerous reasons to celebrate. Besides the Weverse debut, the dance practice video of DDU-DU DDU-DU surpassed million views recently. Jisoo also completed 10 years with the K-pop group's label YG Entertainment over the weekend. The group will also mark their fifth debut anniversary this month.

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Close StorySours:
BTS Army and Blinks get into a Twitter feud as Toxic Blackpink fans demean BTS

BTS Army and Blinks get into a Twitter feud as Toxic Blackpink fans demean BTS  |  Photo Credit: Twitter

Key Highlights

  • BTS fans are calling out toxic blinks for offensive terms used against BTS
  • The feud erupted between the two fandoms as a Twitter Space audio leaked online
  • Blackpink fans spoke up against the toxic fans and criticised netizens for involving the girls

Seasoned K-Pop fans are aware of the fact that fanwars are nothing unusual in the K-Pop community. However, things did get a little out of hand last night (June 22) with Twitter erupting into a nasty feud as BTS fans came forward to defend the band against racist and sexual slurs. In fact, Blackpink got involved in the mix because many netizens believed that it was Blackpink fans who were spreading hate against BTS online.

Recently, a group gathered on Twitter Spaces, i.e., a platform where people log in for a live audio conversation. Usually, most of these conversations are around a mutual point of interest and within the K-Pop community, it is a place for fans to discuss their favourites and other K-Pop news.

But the usually positive platform took an unpleasant turn as an alleged group of toxic Blackpink fans started to demean BTS using offensive slurs. The leaked audio was obviously not well received by ARMY and other netizens who did not approve of the racist, sexist and sexual terms that were used against the Korean boy band.

Some of the comments were not just rude but even promoted sexual harassment against the BTS members. BTS fans then started trending #BlackpinkDisband and #BlackpinkFlop to draw the attention of Blinks towards the toxicity of their fandom. Most of the tweets are not directed towards the Blackpink members themselves, but the hashtag was used as a means to call out those alleged Blinks.

Real Blackpink fans did speak up against those toxic fans as the hashtag started trending in several countries and criticized the netizens for involving Blackpink girls in the mess even when they had nothing to do with it.

The BTS Army responded by saying that they do not blame the girls but the vile and xenophobic slurs used against BTS were unacceptable.

They are accusing Blonks (toxic Blackpink fans) of not just mentally harassing the members, but posing a physical threat too. Neither the groups nor their agencies have responded to the controversy, but Army is insisting on legal action to be taken against this defamation. 

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Blackpink VS BTS: Top 10 Pics On Social Media

Unless you have been residing under a rock, there&#;s a chance you might have stumbled across the now growing sensation K-pop band Blackpink and BTS. They have today reached fame to the global scale and have inspired each of their fans with some of the best songs, and their taste in fashion is incredible.

Blackpink VS BTS: Top 10 Pics On Social Media 1

Blackpink VS BTS: Top 10 Pics On Social Media 9

Blackpink girls Lisa, Jennie, Jisoo, and Rosé, have risen to stratospheric fame and collaborated with many iconic artists like Lady Gaga and Selena Gomez. They also have a Netflix documentary specially made on the journey of their career. They have skyrocketed with fame, and there&#;s no harm in saying the girls are ruling the world in heels. Here are a few photographs of the women where we see them slaying as they own it.

Blackpink VS BTS: Top 10 Pics On Social Media 10

Blackpink VS BTS: Top 10 Pics On Social Media 2

BTS is the worldwide popular boy band who has made themselves known not just for their voice but also styles to reckon with. Each member has a unique way of dressing and style oneself, but they make sure to turn each head their way. Each individual has also been offered with ambassadorship by some of the most prominent designers. Let&#;s appreciate each of their styling sense and take a look at these mesmerizing outfits.

Blackpink VS BTS: Top 10 Pics On Social Media 6
Blackpink VS BTS: Top 10 Pics On Social Media 7

Blackpink VS BTS: Top 10 Pics On Social Media 3

Blackpink VS BTS: Top 10 Pics On Social Media 4

Blackpink VS BTS: Top 10 Pics On Social Media 5

Blackpink VS BTS: Top 10 Pics On Social Media 8

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BTS x BLACKPINK • the best photos 2 part • [fmv]

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