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Beige to Almost Black: How to Pick the Right Brown

I believe homeowners love earthy neutrals for two main reasons: These hues go well with just about any other color, and they have a natural, organic quality that makes them safe. Although some people are moving away from beige and brown paint in favor of gray, these colors are still mainstays for those who love warm neutrals. Earth tones will always have a special place in design because they are constant colors in nature and in our popular culture: lattes, espressos, khakis, chocolate, and even the UPS truck. These hues can be bold or bashful, and they fit easily into our homes. Here are some tips for picking the best brown paint color, from beige to almost black.

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Cool khaki. If you need to cool down a sunny room but also want to keep the space neutral, khaki is a great choice. The cool factor comes from the gray undertones. This hue is also considered a type of griege.

Paint pick: Tapestry Beige OC-32 by Benjamin Moore

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Subtle beige. This beige tint is the quintessential neutral. It goes with everything, and it’s light and airy tone does not close in a space nor does it ever take the attention away from other furnishings. In this space, the red buffet doesn’t have to fight for attention.

Paint pick: Reliable White 6091 by Sherwin-Williams

Golden tan. Neutrals with honey-orange undertones are very popular with homeowners who want to bring out the tones of their hardwood floors and other wood furnishings. Golden tan is very inviting and makes a cozy color choice for a foyer or transitional spaces.

Try a transitional accent bench for a functional foyer

Paint pick: Bagel 6114 by Sherwin-Williams

Putty. Putty is typically a mid-tone beige that has slight green undertones. As shown here on the left wall, this color makes a great, earthy backdrop for colorful artwork.

Paint pick: Urban Putty 7532 by Sherwin-Williams

Taupe. This hue is showing up more often as homeowners look for a neutral that is somewhat different. Taupe is a cool beige but it’s pinkish undertones actually make it appear warm. Just be careful – some lighter tints of taupe will look pink once painted on the wall.

Brighten bathrooms with white bathroom vanities

Paint pick: Threshold Taupe 7501 by Sherwin-Williams

Auburn. Reddish browns have a rustic quality to them because they are associated with clay and terra cotta (which literally means 'baked earth'). Because of the red undertones, this type of brown has an energy that the cooler browns don't have.

Paint pick: Arresting Auburn 6034 by Sherwin-Williams

Chocolate. Warm browns are simply delicious which is why they work so well in the kitchen. They are the color of truffles, chocolate chips and more. It's hard not to feel a bit euphoric when surrounded by this yummy color.

Paint pick: Hasbrouck Brown HC-71 by Benjamin Moore

Espresso. This color is truly a ‘brown’ brown. It’s undertones are hard to detect, so it is a very strong hue that will easily anchor a larger space. Because of it’s solid quality, vibrant accent colors – such as the teal in this room – make a great addition because they complement the richness of the brown.

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Paint pick: Branchport Brown HC-72 by Benjamin Moore

Brown Black. The deepest shades of brown are very close to appearing black, so they are bold yet elegant. This hue represents the richest and most fertile part of the earth which can be very comforting even though it is such a dark hue.

Paint pick: Night Shade 2116-10 by Benjamin Moore

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Rich & Serene | Brown Walls are Back, Baby!

If you’re embracing neutrals this year, we have a suggestion: paint those walls brown! Whether they are dark, light, warm, or cool, you really can’t go wrong. Today, we’re rounding up our favorite brown paint colors plus sharing some inspo from our favorite designers who are leading the charge on this revamped color trend.


Don’t know where to start? Light brown tones are the perfect place! They are basically no commitment and toe the line so closely to taupe that your room won’t feel too dark. For some really gorgeous light brown tones, we were so inspired by the colors Benjamin Moore has to offer! Copley Gray is just dazzling in the way it coats the walls and travels up to the beautifully a-framed ceiling. It’s the perfect paint color for the bedroom.

Benjamin Moore also nailed it with Kingsport Gray. This brownish-gray color from the Historic Color collection pairs beautifully with rustic textures and plenty of plants. The gray tones in this shade work so well with darker feature like rich wood tones, iron, or rustic pottery (hey there, Vintage Pottery collection).

If you are worried about repeating history (aka all those taupe walls circa 2004), keep your color palette neutral with creamy whites and wood tones and avoid red at all costs. Sorry, red lovers.


Are you feeling daring? Are you feeling bold? Are you ready to say yes to chocolate walls? (Are you over these rhetorical questions?) These absolutely beautiful lacquered walls are all drama and no Willy Wonka. The high-gloss color in David Netto’s dining room is none other than Tanner’s Brown by Farrow & Ball and it’s absolutely scrumptious. Need more deep brown paint color inspo? Tarpley Brown by Benjamin Moore is so sophisticated in this blue and brown library.


All sorts of earthy inspiration can be found in cool brown paint colors. Shades like Fairview Taupe by Benjamin Moore are the perfect brown paint color for living rooms because they are subtle in saturation yet rich on the walls. If you’re looking for that perfect, calming color, Weimaraner by Benjamin Moore is it! We can see this beautiful cool brown being the perfect shade for moody kitchen cabinets or in a small space like a bathroom or hallway.

Need a little more convincing? Don’t worry, we have more inspiration for you! We are absolutely obsessed with these rich chocolate walls from William McLure and Matthew Carter. The white accents just pop and the artwork is unmissable! We have to say it… brown might be the perfect dark wall color.

What about brown walls in the bedroom? Warm orange-browns and taupes create such dreamy, relaxed vibes + it is SO easy to style baskets, dried florals, or other natural hues. Steph Gowla's neutral color palette is so charming and that built-in shelf is to die for. Styling can make a world of difference in a space and when paired with a brown paint color, you can’t go wrong.

While it might seem like you just covered tired brown walls with a fresh coat of white paint, don’t shy away from the color trend! Trends are cyclical and always come back in one way or another. We love how brown is returning in this chic, calming way but we want to hear what you think! Let us know in the comments! For more paint inspiration, check out our previous posts below!

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Rich & Serene | Brown Walls are Back, Baby!

If you’re embracing neutrals this year, we have a suggestion: paint those walls brown! Whether they are dark, light, warm, or cool, you really can’t go wrong. Today, we’re rounding up our favorite brown paint colors plus sharing some inspo from our favorite designers who are leading the charge on this new color trend.

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9 Best Brown Paint Colors for Your Bedroom

Often overlooked in interior decor, the color brown isn’t a color that's known to steal the spotlight. But is it boring? Not at all. Brown evokes the color of earth and is incredibly deep and relaxing. The immense depth that brown hues carry helps create a sense of calm that makes it an excellent choice for bedroom walls.

There is a shade of brown for every preference and decorating theme, whether you love the weathered look of country decor or the sleek and clean contemporary vibe of minimalism. But choosing the right shade can be tough. Visit any home improvement center and you'll be overwhelmed by a multitude of available brown paint colors. However, with all of the options available, the right shade is well within reach.

  • Color Family: Browns, neutrals
  • Complementary Colors: Blue
  • Pairs Well With: Varies by shade; can work well with white, black, blue, pink, green, yellow, and more
  • Mood: Cozy and inviting
  • Where to Use: Any room including living rooms and bedrooms

Consider the following inspiring shades of brown paint to add some warmth to your bedroom walls.


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Paint benjamin moore brown

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Best Neutral Paint Colors for Your Home - How to Choose Neutral Paint Colors From Benjamin Moore

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