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There are many different things that can cause engine knocking in your Subaru Forester.  These would include issues with the spark plugs, bad or wrong fuel, carbon deposits, and more.  Driving around with an engine that is knocking loudly can lead to a blown engine in no time.

The problem with engine knocking is that it can be caused by quite a few issues.  This can make a diagnosis difficult.  We&#;ve outlined some of the most common issues that could cause your Forester to knock below.


Engine Knock Causes Subaru Forester

Engine Knocking Causes:  Subaru Forester

It&#;s never good when the engine knocks.  Knowing the cause of the knocking will help you identify what type of repair needs to be done. Knocking can also be caused by low oil.  The FIRST thing that you should do is make sure that you aren&#;t running out of oil.

Before getting into the diagnosis portion, make sure that you do an OBDII scan if the check engine light is on.  This scan data will give you information that can help you pinpoint the problem with your Forester.

You can either purchase a scanner (they are pretty cheap) or you can go to the local parts store.  Most of them provide this service to you at no charge.


Gas:  Octane Issues or Bad Fuel

Sometimes a knocking or ping sound can be caused by something as simple as using the wrong gas.  The octane rating corresponds to the amount of compression that it can take before igniting.  Octane rating matters.  Your engine was designed to use the type of fuel recommended by Subaru.


Spark Plugs

While many modern vehicles can go k miles with no issues at all from their spark plugs, they can still cause problems when they wear out.

Subaru Forester Engine Knocking Diagnosis


When the spark plugs wear out, or foul out, they are going to cause a misfire.  This misfire will throw a code such as P (random cylinder misfire).  This code means that the cylinders are misfiring, but the misfire is occurring randomly in multiply cylinders.  

There are also cylinder specific codes that correspond to which cylinder is misfiring.  They will be PX, where X corresponds to the cylinder that is misfiring.  Examples:  P, P, etc&#;.

Spark plugs are really not expensive to replace.  Depending on the model year and engine combination in your Forester, they can be easy or difficult to get to.  It is worth noting that bad plugs have almost the exact same symptoms as bad coil packs.

This page has an awesome chart that shows exactly what bad plugs look like and plenty of information on what might be causing the problem.


Oil Level/Viscosity

If your Forester is dangerously low on oil (to the point it is almost out) it could start to knock pretty bad.  This sound is the engine starving for oil and wearing itself to death right before your ears.

If the oil has thinned or aged so much that it can no longer lubricate the engine properly, it very well could knock.  Thinning can happen fast if the head gasket has failed and there is coolant getting into the crankcase.  Here are the symptoms of a bad head gasket for the Subaru Forester.


Carbon Buildup

Carbon is a byproduct of the combustion process.  As your Forester&#;s engine ages, carbon deposits can begin to build in the combustion chamber.  In extreme cases, this carbon buildup in the combustion chamber can lead to an increase in the effective compression ratio.  This can and will cause the engine to knock. Modern gasoline has additives that clean these deposits as you go.  But, it is still known to happen.


Conclusion:  Forester Knocking Engine Diagnosis

Good luck diagnosing the knocking sound coming from your engine.  If there is anything that you would like to add, please leave a comment below.  Thank you.

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Engine Knocking Noise Problems of Subaru Forester

1 Engine Knocking Noise problem of the Subaru Forester

Failure Date: 11/02/

My car is burning up oil. I just did an oil change miles ago, and my car started making a knocking noise and driving real funny yesterday. I took the oil when I got home and there wasn't any this is the second time it's happened. There's no leak there's no oil in the water no oil coming out of the exhaust period what is going on.

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2 Engine Knocking Noise problem of the Subaru Forester

Failure Date: 08/29/

1. When start the vehicle cold or warm, the engine is loud and high rpm for 60 seconds. Vehicle shakes 2. After 60 seconds, the rattle/knocking noise from the engine kicks in and stays on. The noise occurs 90% of the number of times starting the vehicle. 3. Huge amount of white smoke from tailpipe when startup the engine. Smoke gradually reduce 4. Rear tail gate does not open when using button on remote, button on the vehicle and button right on the tailgate.

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3 Engine Knocking Noise problem of the Subaru Forester

Failure Date: 03/16/

Oil consumption regular oil changes every 5, miles bought car with just over 22, miles after only 30, miles heard knocking noise checked dip stick no oil know warning signs what so ever I. E. Engine running hot ,no oil light nothing. Ever since takes a quart of oil every 1, miles.

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4 Engine Knocking Noise problem of the Subaru Forester

Failure Date: 12/29/

The contact owns a Subaru Forester. The contact stated that the tire pressure warning indicator illuminated. In addition, the contact noticed an abnormal knocking sound in the engine. During routine inspection, the technician informed the contact that the vehicle experienced excessive oil consumption. The technician added three quarts of oil to the engine. Mid-hudson Subaru ( u. S. 9, wappingers falls, NY) was contacted, but a diagnostic was not performed due to scheduling. The manufacturer was notified of the failure. The failure mileage was approximately 66,

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5 Engine Knocking Noise problem of the Subaru Forester

Failure Date: 09/27/

The contact owns a Subaru Forester. While driving 30 mph, the contact heard a knocking sound coming from the engine and the vehicle ran out of oil. The vehicle was not taken to a dealer or independent mechanic. The vehicle was not diagnosed or repaired. The dealer was not contacted. The manufacturer was made aware of the failure and stated that they could not assist because there was no recall on the issue. The approximate failure mileage was 65,

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6 Engine Knocking Noise problem of the Subaru Forester

Failure Date: 01/30/

The contact owns a Subaru Forester. While driving approximately 65 mph and down shifting from fifth to fourth gear, the engine revved very high without warning. The contact stated that the gear was shifted into neutral and the engine made a knocking sound. The vehicle was pulled over to the side of the road. The contact checked the oil, but it was depleted. The dealer diagnosed that the engine failed and recommended replacing the vehicle. The manufacturer was made aware of the failure and stated that the dealer would be contacted. The vehicle was not repaired. The failure mileage was 71,

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7 Engine Knocking Noise problem of the Subaru Forester

Failure Date: 08/17/

I was heading to work on rt 80 w in NJ when my car's engine began to make a knocking sound. It would not accelerate, and the steering wheel became extremely difficult to turn. As soon as possible I got into the right-hand lane and exited rt 80 via exit 34b, rt 15n towards sparta NJ. I knew there was a gas station at the exit and was just barely able to pull in when the car died. At that point the steering wheel wouldn't turn at all and the car died. The aaa driver told me the car had burned through all the oil (he checked the oil tank; it was completely empty. ) I had the car towed to milford PA where my place of business is as I had perishables I had just bought for my cafe with me that needed to be refrigerated. My mechanic said exactly what the tow truck driver had said. The engine blew due to the car burning up all the oil. No warning lights ever came on before the engine died. Since buying this car I have had to replace the catalytic converters twice, both times before the car had reached 50, miles. I have had to have the ignition coil replaced 3 times in under 3 years. The car is a lemon, but no signs were evident until I hit 34, miles or so. It is a miracle that I didn't hit or harm anyone on rt 80 when the engine died, or that I wasn't harmed. Subaru of America is very unhelpful; they keep telling me my car needs to be at a Subaru dealer for them to "open a case", even though I explained I had perishables with me and had to keep them cold. I asked if Subaru would tow the car for me, but they said no, as it has too many miles on it. When I asked them about why the warning lights never came on, I was told that my vehicle is "not equipped" with those lights, even though I know it is as they came on when the catalytic converters melted and the driver's manual for my car instructs the driver as to what to do if the lights come on.

8 Engine Knocking Noise problem of the Subaru Forester

Failure Date: 08/08/

My car is suburu Forester I usually change the oil in the car between miles. On Jan , at mile, amsoil 5 quart synthetic oil was placed at oil change. On Aug 8th at , I went in for oil change and also the car was making knocking sound. The suburu dealer told me engine seized due to lack of oil in the engine. The car was deemed not drivable. There were no evidence of oil leak under the car or around the oil container on the engine, when check by the glassman dealer in southfield michigan. Suburu Forester does not have any engine oil level light. The engine consumes the oil and, the owners should be warned about this. I lost 00 money on the trade in due to the engine condition.

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9 Engine Knocking Noise problem of the Subaru Forester

Failure Date: 09/05/

Engine began making loud knocking sound while driving on interstate. I pulled off and parked and called for tow truck. Dealer service reports the engine needs to be replaced. Vehicle has only 63, miles and gets regular maintenance. Each time I have the oil changed, the engine is a quart low. Dealer says this is normal. This is hard to believe for a modern vehicle with reduced (partial zero) emissions. I check the oil regularly and am shocked that Subaru sells cars with engines that barely live past the mile drive-train warranty. Something is fundamentally defective with the design and manufacture of Subaru's engines if this is how they are engineered to perform. I have been looking online and many other Subaru owners are having similar problems. I am fortunate I was able to pull off the interstate safely. Such a sudden engine failure could very easily have ended in a crash.

10 Engine Knocking Noise problem of the Subaru Forester

Failure Date: 06/10/

Car was brought to dealership on June 3rd for knocking sound,I was told it needed a new engine which was replaced, car picked up June 10 after repair was completed. While driving on June 10th in the evening, the car began to buck and kick and not respond to pushing on gas pedal, at one point started to accelerate and then slowed down, pulled over to the side of the road and noted that black smoke and flames were seen coming out from hood. Car burned significantly while firefighters tried to put it out.

11 Engine Knocking Noise problem of the Subaru Forester

Failure Date: 02/25/

I was driving down the freeway at night when I heard a loud bang noise and looked behind me and saw black smoke and had lost all power, no power steering, no brakes and no lights I had to try to cross 2 lanes of traffic to get my car to the shoulder while it was decelerating. I got the car to the shoulder and noticed smoke coming from the engine compartment, and was worried of a possible fire. I got out and called a tow truck and had it towed. The result was a blown head gasket that had blown the rod through the back pillar and sprayed oil over everything causing the battery to short out which led to the power loss. The whole engine on the car needed to be replaced for the second time. Bought car with a rebuilt engine from same problem at , miles.

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12 Engine Knocking Noise problem of the Subaru Forester

Failure Date: 02/06/

Loud knocking sound noted coming form engine while driving on highway. Pulled off of highway then all the warning lights on dashboard flickered on and engine died. Had to tow to dealer. Informed that a rod had knocked loose related to faulty bearings had to have engine replaced.

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13 Engine Knocking Noise problem of the Subaru Forester

Failure Date: 03/18/

I was driving and suddenly heard a very loud knocking noise. The car started slowing down and then stopped. Smoke was coming out from under the hood. The car was towed to a nearby dealership. They determined that the one of the connecting rods punctured the engine block which caused engine oil to shoot through the hole onto the engine block, melting the wiring, and causing the smoke.

14 Engine Knocking Noise problem of the Subaru Forester

Failure Date: 06/18/

Forester bought in July ' Less than a year and 20, miles, the engine failed. I was driving long distance, and had stopped at a sign when I noticed a load banging noise from hood. As I placed pressure on the accelerator, the car didn't react appropriately - it was slow. The car was towed, and a replacement engine is being installed. I have called Subaru of America for possible buy-back, but no return call. I've read of other similiar cases occurring with the turbo models.

Other Common Engine And Engine Cooling related problems of Subaru Forester


Engine subaru knock forester

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