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Quiz: Which Aphmau Character Are You Actually?

Which Animated Character Are You?

South Park is an amazing animation series that has captured lot of people with their very weird humor and storylines. Do wonder which character from the series you resemble in personality? Wonder no more as this quiz will

Questions: 8  |  Attempts:   |  Last updated: May 31,

  • Sample Question

    What are your grades in school?

Percy Jackson Godly Parent Quiz!

Did you enjoy reading Percy Jackson Greek Parent? Let's find out which Godly Parent matches with your personality. Here is an exciting quiz that will tell which Percy Jackson Godly Parent you are by asking a few simple

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  • Sample Question

    What is your favorite thing to do in the summer?

Is My Oc A Mary Sue? Find Out With This Quiz!

Do you love writing stories and developing OCs? If yes, then this quiz is for you. Just answer a few simple questions, and we will tell you if your OC is a Mary Sue character or not. Are you ready? Let's start exploring

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  • Sample Question

    Is your character involved in some kind of prophecy?

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No. 1/13

Choose your favorite color?

No. 2/13

Which word closely represents your personality?

No. 3/13

Which word closely describes your soulmate?





No. 4/13

What is your current emotion?

No. 5/13

What is your favorite character?



Kawaii Chan


No. 6/13

What is your favorite supporting character?





No. 7/13

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Pick a sword:

Crimson Sword

Emerald Greatsword

Demon Broadsword

Chicken Sword

No. 8/13

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Where would you rather live?

The Nether

The Overworld

Wherever you like

In a small, wooden house

No. 9/13

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Which of Aphmau's series is your favorite?

Minecraft Diaries

War of the Magi

Phoenix Drop Days

All of them!

No. 10/13

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Which one of these would you rather be?

A Shadow Knight

A Guard

A shaman

1, years old

No. 11/13

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Are you

A villain?

A joker?

A goddess?

An annoying chicken?

No. 12/13

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Pick a video:

Who Made The IMPOSSIBLE Base?!


Pixel Painters

A Zane-Chan Nightmare!

No. 13/13

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Which of these people is your best friend?





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Which Aphmau Character Are You?

You&#;re Zane!

You&#;re Garroth&#;s younger brother, and a bit of a shady character. You&#;ve been in Aphmau&#;s videos since the first series, and you&#;re definitely a baddie - but a polite one, at least!

You&#;re Laurence!

You&#;re the sassy Shadow Knight Laurence - you&#;re one of Aphmau&#;s best friends, and are often in the Nether battling monsters. Nice!

You&#;re Aphmau!

You&#;re the main character in every series - and the owner of the whole channel - you&#;re Aphmau! You&#;re loads of fun to hang out with, as well as being a year old Minecraft Goddess. Obviously.

You&#;re Castor the Chicken Shaman!

You&#;re the mysterious king of the chickens, Castor! Not much is known about where you come from - but you&#;re a master of potions and magic, and are famously bossy. Sound like you?

Sours: https://www.beano.com/posts/which-aphmau-character-are-you

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