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Welcome to Top StoreWe are Chicagoland's premiere storage facility for hard tops, soft tops, vehicles and tires & wheels. Our goal as a company is to change the way you think about dealing with the automotive industry. With decades of automotive experience, we are well equipped to store, service, enhance and care for your vehicle. We look forward to working with you.Email Us

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    Hard Tops Our hard-top services started Top Store 15 years ago. In the duration we've seen hardtops evolve into retractables, multi-piece and multi-position. Although the advances in hard tops make use quick and easy, but storage of them remains a hassle for many that are short on space and time. Whether it is a Jeep hardtop or a Porsche, Mercedes or BMW hardtop, we have storage racks designed to properly hold the top.

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    Soft Tops We store each soft top in a custom made box that keeps away dust and moisture. Each box is labeled with the clients name and stored off the ground on shelves. Our warehouse is kept at 60 degrees and higher throughout the year. This helps prevent drying out and cracking of plastic windows and soft top material.

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    Vehicle Top Store has elevated auto storage to a top-to-bottom service where you get back exactly what you bring in. We offer a fully secured location, heated 24/7 during cold months. We of course offer pick-up & delivery.

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As Winter approaches...

Everyone is getting ready for cold weather, the holidays and lots of snow. Top Store can make sure that you are ready for the Winter by not only installing your hard top, but also installing your vehicles winter tires. While we have your car in for hard top installation, go ahead and schedule an Uber Detail. Our Uber Detail will restore the showroom look of your automobile and leave your vehicles finish protected for the winter. Top Store is also a full service facility. Our combined 50+ years of auto service expertise coupled with the most current diagnostic methods will ensure your vehicle is repaired properly. We can't wait to see you. Call us today to make an appointment!

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Where and how to store soft top windows?

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The hard plastic pillars running perpendicular to the track/slide/whatchmacallit prevent rolling up side windows. The back window can be rolled after removing the bar.


If you guys are really worried about “sagging,” you would be very unhappy with how your windows look after rolling. (In either case, a couple of hours in the hot so would fix them up, anyway. Why obsess over it? Who cares?)

TL;DR - no, they won’t be making that for the JL.

Weather is AWESOME in my neck of the woods, this weekend. Windows and doors are off at last! My new CMM side mirrors are freakin fantastic. Anyway, I snapped a couple of pictures of windows going in the bag to illustrate where the curl happens (sailcloth edges, not windows - easier to see on a computer). If a guy were really going to lose sleep over sags or wrinkles, he could use the binder clip hack posted earlier.

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Did they ever respond back to you on this storage solution? This would be amazing for the JLU if they can create one. This product looks so useful.
Did they ever respond back to you on this storage solution? This would be amazing for the JLU if they can create one. This product looks so useful.
Sorry, I don’t follow your question. Did who respond to me about what? The post you quoted is about the MOPAR soft top window storage bag, which works for both JL and JLU.
Hey everyone. I’ve got a 2018 JLUR and just swapped out my hard top for the soft top. What is the best way to store the soft top windows in the Jeep when putting down the top? Earlier this week I laid them across the rear seats because they didn’t seem to fit in the trunk. When I went to reinstall them today the plastic rear window had a crease/indentation in it from the seatbelt clip. Just wondering what the best practice is. Thanks!
Soft top storage bag..lay flat.
i was leaning towards the amazon bag solution but am a bit concerned with storage area in the back of the jeep. i could make it work but i think this bag that hangs on the back of the front seats works even better for my needs. the mopar bag just does not impress me.
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Soft Tops - Storage

An average Jeep soft top can last for three to five years especially if you practice good storage habits. As versatile as they may seem, Jeep soft tops aren’t maintenance free. Just Jeeps helps you to take away the stress and worry out of removing your soft top windows and folding the entire soft top; we provide a broad range of soft top storage options as nice days are supposed to be fun, not worrisome. Gone are the days when drivers and Jeep owners used to remove Jeep soft tops and toss them into the backseat, or worse, garage. While the soft top won’t break because it’s ‘soft’, tears, scratches, and broken zippers always wait for those who don’t store their soft tops carefully. Fortunately, Just Jeeps offers you an excellent and an affordable storage option for your soft top. It’s time you take great care of your Jeep’s soft top by getting the best storage option for it.

  1. MasterTop Rear Window Storage Bags for 18+ Jeep Wrangler JL, JLU 1310060JL-
    MasterTop Rear Window Storage Bags for 18+ Jeep Wrangler JL, JLU 1310060JL-

    SKU: MST-1310060JL-

    As low asCA$233.95


    The best thing about owning a Jeep is the ability to remove the windows and soft top which allows you to enjoy the fresh air and experience the outdoors. When planning an adventure with your Jeep Wrangler JL, you will want to bring those removed windows along for the ride. The Soft Window Storage Bag from MasterTop will provide the necessary protection to keep your windows from being scratched or damaged. Separate straps mount the bag vertically to the rear side of the back seat, keeping them... Read MoreLearn More

  2. MasterTop Dual Storage Bag for 07-18+ Jeep Wrangler JK & JL 13100401
    MasterTop Dual Storage Bag for 07-18+ Jeep Wrangler JK & JL 13100401

    SKU: MST-13100401



    Removing your Freedom Panels and installing a fold back soft top option like the MasterTop SkyMaster® for Hard Top or the Bestop® Sunrider for Hardtop is a great way to get that summer open-air experience with the added convenience of a fold back soft top. The only problem is what to do with the Soft top in the winter and the hard freedom panels in the summer. The new MasterTop Dual Storage bag solves this problem with a unique design that accommodates both tops! This unique bag incorporates... Read MoreLearn More

I came across these while at Home Depot, which worked perfectly for storing my soft top in the garage for the winter:

Visit the Home Depot to buy Crown Bolt 50 lb. Gray Steel Heavy-Duty Arm Hanger 18042

I just folded it up real nice like normal while it was on the Jeep, took it off, put some velcro straps around it and the arms, and set it up on the padded arms. Then I'll probably just put the windows under my bed with soft blankets or sheets between them.





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Jeep Wrangler MasterTop Soft Top Protection Window Roll (1987-2018 YJ, TJ,,JK \u0026 JL) Review \u0026 Install

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