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coming home outfits for twins
Coming Home Outfits for Twins
How to Choose Baby Coming Home Outfits for Twins
shopping for coming home outfits for twins

So you’re new parents and you just found out you’re having twins. Congrats! Now it’s time to start thinking about your new arrivals’ special outfit for the big day, and how to best coordinate their outfits with each other. Here are some things that will help you choose the perfect baby coming home outfits for twins that will suit both babies and give them the perfect outfit when they first come home from the hospital. After all, there’s no such thing as too many cute outfits!

Dressing for the Weather & Warmth

When you’re shopping for baby coming home outfits for twins, pay special attention to the weather. If you’re about to enter a chilly season when your twins will be born, plan accordingly with an outfit for winter weather. Your twins will each be coming home in an infant car seat, and you don’t want bulky fabrics under their harnesses, which is a safety hazard. Opt for thin, tight layers for their coming home hospital outfits and plan to put blankets over the harnesses to keep baby warm. If there will be warmer weather when they come home from the hospital, look for lightweight clothing in breathable materials, such as organic cotton and percent cotton.

newborn twin boys laying on a bed with hats on

Check if your coming home outfits already have built-in mittens. Many newborn outfits have an extra layer of fabric around the wrist that you can flip over to cover their little hands. If your outfits have built-in mittens then you don’t need to buy matching mittens for the outfit. The mittens will come in handy for warmth and also avoid your babies from scratching themselves with their tiny razor-sharp fingernails.

Twin Baby Going-Home Outfit Sizing

When your twins are ready to come home they will be teeny tiny! We highly recommend choosing coming home outfits for your twins that are Newborn sizes. Avoid months size and months size clothing because that will probably be too big on them. Most twins come home from the hospital weighing 4 – 7 lbs and size months is really for babies that are 9 lbs and up. It doesn’t seem like it would be that much difference in size, but when the babies are that tiny, even a few pounds makes a huge difference. You don’t want them to be swimming in their clothes for those memorable leaving the hospital photos. Preemie size clothes will probably be a little too tight when they are ready for discharge, so stick with newborn size.

parents of twins with their twins in car seats in the background between them

Keep it Simple with Coming Home Outfits for Newborns

When shopping for a baby’s coming-home outfit, the rule of thumb is to keep it simple. Choose outfits that will be easy to get on and off and will make easy access for easy diaper changes. Avoid anything that has too many snaps, belts, accessories, or anything else that will make life more difficult for you, and make it more difficult to fit your babies in their car seats. Your babies going-home outfits don’t need to be the focus of a photo shoot or have a bunch of accessories crammed onto it. The focus should be on your twins themselves.

A cute onesie with pull-down shoulders and a snap crotch or a footie pajama with a two-way zipper are a great choice; they are sweet, cute, comfortable, and practical. Look for soft, cotton fabric with percent spandex and percent organic cotton for stretch and convertible footie bottoms which will keep your baby comfortable. percent cotton fabrics are also really soft and breathable. Add on a pair of legwarmers, leggings, or a pair of pants with an elastic waist to the onesie if it’s chilly out. And don’t forget matching soft booties or socks for your going-home outfit!

Color and Print Choices

Select colors that are easy to pair up. Girl twins will look great in pastels, while boy twins will look great in bolder colors. Boy/girl twin outfits are more of a challenge. You can go for gender neutral options to match your boy/girl twins, but many baby clothing companies, like Gerber, have coordinating colors and patterns between their newborn boy and newborn girl lines that will pair beautifully.

Don’t be afraid of prints because there are some beautiful ones that will look great for baby going-home outfits if you pair them up right! Check out our article on how to mix and match prints for smart results. Animal prints are very cute and so are stripes. Be careful with zebra print though, it can be difficult to match up. A baby coming-home outfit is a great place to add lots of cute sayings. Personalized monogrammed onesies or onesies with special messages that include your twins’ names are really popular. We love twin onesie sets with funny phrases like, “Copy/Paste”, “Wombmates”, “I was planned/I wasn’t”, and “Buy One, Get One Free”. Those make for hilarious photos!

big brother holding newborn twin baby girls

Include Older Siblings

You might want to consider buying a special coming-home outfit for an older sibling too. A cute t-shirt that says “big brother of twins” or “big sister of twins” would be perfect for some shots with your older kids and their new twin siblings.

Dressing Your Twins in Identical Coming Home Outfits

Are you thinking about dressing your twins in identical outfits? Take into consideration that dressing twins identically might make it hard to remember which baby is which in the photos. If you really want to have your identical twins wear the same outfit, maybe dress them each in a different matching hat so it’s easier to tell which baby is which when you’re looking at the photos in 20 years. One tip is to buy two different lovey dolls (for example, one bear and one elephant) and place them in the photos by each twin to help identify your twins in photos.

dad putting newborn twins into car seats in the hospital

Plan A Backup Baby Homecoming Outfit

So you’ve dressed your twins in their coming home outfits, and they look so super cute you just can’t wait to start snapping photos. Then suddenly, one of them starts spitting up, they have puke all over the front of their top, and their outfit is ruined. Don’t panic! Because you were smart and packed a backup coming home outfit in your hospital bag just in case this happened, right? Right! Pack two backup outfits (one per twin) just in case something happens. You’ll start getting used to this as a new mom of twins. Always have a backup plan!

Don’t Stress About a Photo Shoot

Checking out of the hospital can be chaotic. You’re packing up your own luggage, maybe answering a phone call from your mom, signing paperwork from the nurses… it can be a lot! Try your best to get one good photo of you, your partner, and your twins from a nurse before you head out the door. This is the photo you will cherish for the rest of your life. However, your twins will probably be in their car seats already, and their cute coming home outfits will be covered up by the harnesses. And that is OK! Once you get home, you can snap some sweet photos of your twins out of their car seats and in their home for the first time. But truly, if you get home and things are still chaotic, there’s always tomorrow. Don’t stress yourself out about exactly when the photos are taken. Make sure you focus on getting your twins settled into their new home and well-fed before trying to make a photoshoot happen. 

twin parents standing outside the NICU with their twin babies in car seats on the floor

What If My Twins Come Home On Different Days?

A common concern for parents of twins is having their twins in the NICU. But sometimes only one twin is in the NICU, or one twin is discharged from the hospital while the other twin remains in the NICU. This may not even happen to you, so don’t panic. You can still have an awesome coming home moment once BOTH of your twins are finally home at last. It will truly make the moment even sweeter and more memorable because of all that you’ve gone through to get to that homecoming moment. You may even want to have someone from your family come over to take some photos of your whole family so that you can truly enjoy your twins reunion and be in the moment.

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We asked our community to share photos of their twins coming home from the hospital. Here’s a sampling of the photos they donated to help give you some ideas for your own twins homecoming!

Coming Home Outfits for Baby Girl Twins

baby girl twins laying on a bed sleeping
twin baby girls laying in a bassinet in the hospital with bows on their heads
newborn twin girls in a bassinet in the hospital

Coming Home Outfits for Baby Boy Twins

twin boys in identical red and black jammies in their car seats
twin baby boys in matching pajamas with hats
big brother holding newborn twin boys in his lap

Coming Home Outfits for Baby Boy/Girl Twins

newborn boy girl twins in dressy outfits laying on a bed
newborn boy girl twins laying on a bed
newborn boy girl twins laying on a bed
newborn boy girl twins wearing shirts that say ROCK and ROLL
newborn girl boy twins laying on a bed

Whether you’re dressing your twins in identical outfits or not, it’s important to remember that there is no perfect way of photographing them. Try and get one good shot before heading out the door at the hospital so you can cherish a photo from their early days. However, don’t feel pressured if things are still chaotic when you return home after 24 hours postpartum with newborns – they’ll be your priority! Make sure you feed them well and settle them into their new surroundings first before trying to snap some photos.

baby laying on a bed holding mom's hands

This article is brought to you by Gerber Childrenswear. Gerber Childrenswear offers adorable and affordable infant, toddler, and kids apparel to help you dress your twinnies in the cutest outfits ever, starting at just $5! Find the perfect “going home” outfits, stock up on Onesies®, and find super cute sleepwear, everyday outfits, swimwear, and accessories that parents need for baby’s first years and beyond. Sizes range from Preemie to 5T!

Gerber’s commitment to excellence has remained a constant guiding force for over 90 years. Gerber today is as dedicated to the well-being of babies all over the world as it was when it began in , and as it will be in the years to come.

baby lying in a crib looking at mom

Whether you’re looking for twin clothes for boys, twin clothes for girls, twin baby clothes for a boy and girl set, or preemie baby clothes, Gerber Childrenswear has got you covered!

baby wearing pajamas and mom is adjusting his sleeve

Arie Luyendyk Jr. and Wife Lauren Burnham Share First Photos of Twins: 'Never Been Prouder'

Luyendyk family of five!

Proud parents Lauren Burnham Luyendyk and Arie Luyendyk Jr. are giving fans a glimpse of their newborn twins, posting the first photos of their son and daughter.

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On Tuesday, the former Bachelor, 39, shared an intimate image of his wife, 29, in a hospital gown and surgical cap, looking blissful as she held the infants close in her hospital bed.

"Never been prouder of my wife than in this moment. She is the strongest woman I know and I'm lucky to be on this incredible journey with her," Arie wrote on Instagram. "We are proud parents of a healthy boy and girl!"

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In the carousel of images, Arie also shared snaps of Lauren holding their baby girl's hand, their newborn son sleeping peacefully, and the proud dad's hand on their infant daughter.

Lauren Burnham Luyendyk Instagram
Credit: Lauren Burnham Luyendyk Instagram
Credit: Arie Luyendyk Instagram

On her own account, proud mom Lauren also posted the same shot of herself snuggling up with the twins, and another touching photo of the newborns sleeping next to one another, their son seeming to reach for their daughter's hand.

" @luyendyktwins 🤍🙏🏼," she captioned the photos.

Over the weekend, the couple announced on Instagram that they had welcomed their twins. The pair, who wed in January after they met on his season of The Bachelor, also share 2-year-old daughter Alessi.

The former pro race car driver announced the happy news on his Instagram Story Saturday, writing "@luyendyktwins are here! Momma and babies are doing great and everything went smoothly."

"Spending time cherishing these moments, thank you for all the support," he added.

Before her delivery, Arie also praised Lauren for being a "tough woman," writing that "she's having a hard time this go around with nausea."

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Lauren Burnham Luyendyk Instagram
Credit: Lauren Burnham Luyendyk Instagram

Lauren, 29, and Arie, 39, announced in December that they were expecting after revealing in May that she suffered a miscarriage. They shared days after their initial announcement that they were expecting twins and confirmed the following month that they would be having a boy and a girl. 

Speaking with PEOPLE in May, Lauren said she and her husband selected names for their new bundles of joy a "couple of years" ago.

"We've had them picked out for the last couple of years. We came up with Alessi's name. Right after we decided on her name, we actually chose the next two for our boy and our girl," she said. "It just ended up working out where we're now having a boy and a girl. So we're just gonna use both of those names that we loved."

Though the parents have yet to disclose the names of their new additions, there was an oversized "baby L & S" décor sign at a surprise backyard baby shower Arie threw for Lauren back in April.

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Boy + Girl Newborn Twins | Cuyahoga Falls, OH

To start, can we give mom, Julene, a huge round of virtual applause and a million virtual high-fives? This mama; she carried her twins to full-term, WITH a two year old at home!! The twins were brought into this world at exactly 37 weeks gestation and perfectly healthy little babes! At first, only Sawyer spent one day in the NICU and they all got to leave the hospital together. There were other little baby things once they were home, [like jaundice and some belly issues] that took them back to the NICU a few times in their first weeks home, but how awesome is that?!


I got to join the Ambuske’s, in their home, on their first full week at home as a family of five and with the twins at just 16 days new [which is unheard of in twin photography- usually they’re several weeks old]. Jon and Julene have the perfect size family room, with nice big glass doors to let all the light in. That was where their toddler, Jackson, and I got to work setting up my equipment and getting ready for a long day of shooting. Jackson was such a huge helper for me and, at just two and half, was very well spoken and a GREAT listener. He even got his baby and helped me with my test shot. [insert heart eyes for big brother, pictured below, with babydoll, Stella]. After testing, we got to work on our first pose: all the siblings together and it went more than great! Jackson really impressed me!


Once I got all the sibs shots, the rest of the day is sort of hazy, LOL! I spent fiiiive hours in their home, soothing and getting these two babes to sleep, but they just didn’t want to. I got a few shots of them snuggling up together in the heart bowl, but once they woke up, they were UP.


I decided to try to do a few individual shots of them, so, I put them in their swings to get a little more relaxed and restful. After a few minutes, Sawyer was proving to be the sleepier one, so I got him out and all set up, when he proceeded to wake up. Meanwhile, Stella fell into a really nice snooze, so I switched babies, but then Stella started to stir…. haha that’s how the whole day went [and I’m sure how all of their days and nights are for the time being]. They ended up kiiiiilling it though, and I got perfect little poses of them each separate.

…..and we can’t forget my favorite thing: [TWICE] the details!

I had so much fun spending time with these two cuties, catching up with Julene and Jon and getting to know the toddler version of Jackson [I hadn’t seen him since his first birthday session!]. Massive congratulations to The Ambuske Crew, you guys rock!


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Bringing Your Newborn Twins Home From the Hospital

The day has finally arrived! Your twins are here and you’re ready to welcome them into your home and family. During the long months of pregnancy, it may have felt like this moment would never come. A twin or multiple pregnancies can be fraught with anxiety and worries about everything from financial strain to medical complications to telling your twins apart.

Your pregnancy may have been cut short by preterm labor. Or your twins’ homecoming may have been delayed by days or weeks if they required a stay in the hospital or NICU to catch up and overcome problems from early birth.

Hopefully, you’re able to read this article with time to spare and can take heed and implement some of the issues addressed here. If not, that’s OK, too. Take a deep breath and know that it will all be fine. You may need a bit more help from others, but you’ll adjust to life with twins just fine.

Bringing Your Twin Babies Home in the Car

There’s one thing—well, really two things—that you simply must have in order to get those babies home. If you’re bringing your baby twins home in an automobile, you’ll need car seats approved for infants that meet the safety standards of your state. To be specific, you’ll need one for each baby.

It’s recommended that you buy infant car seta new, to ensure that they have not been compromised by improper use or damaged in a previous accident.

They also need to be properly installed in your vehicle. This is not a process to undertake under pressure, with your babies waiting in the elements while you fiddle with the seat belts in the car. If possible, spend some time installing the car seats—according to manufacturer specifications—before it’s time to bring the babies home.

You can even have the seats checked by a specialist to be sure they’re properly installed. Many local fire departments and sheriff's offices offer this service. Visit the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration website to find a specialist close to your home.

How to Use an Infant Car Seat Properly

Get Your Home Ready for Twin Newborns

Speaking of your home, is it ready for babies? Along with those new babies, there is a lot of baby equipment that you’ll need to take care of them. However, you don’t necessarily need all of it right away, and you don’t necessarily need double of everything simply because you have twins. There are lots of things that they can share, or use in stages. Take some time to research before you run out and double up on every purchase.

So what needs to be ready right away?


Well, you’ll need a place for the babies to sleep. That may be a crib, or it may be something more temporary until the babies are ready to sleep in their cribs. Some families use bassinettes, portable cribs, Moses baskets, swings, or infant seats. Eventually, you will likely want to have cribs for the babies, just to ensure that they sleep as safely and comfortably as possible (because when they sleep soundly, you’ll sleep soundly too!)


Highchairs can wait. Your babies won’t be able to sit up in them for several months yet, and they take up a lot of space. In the early days, depending on whether you elect to breastfeed or bottle feed the babies, you may only need a comfortable chair.

How to Bottle Feed Two Babies at the Same Time

Changing Diapers

Other than eating and sleeping, your babies will do a lot of peeing and pooping in the early days. And you’ll spend a lot of time changing diapers. Whether you elect to use cloth or disposable diapers, you’ll need to stock up on diapers and supplies. It can be tricky to judge your babies’ size. If they’re born early, they may spend many months in preemie or infant sizes.

But babies also grow quickly, and they may move up to a larger size diaper sooner than you think. Keep plenty of diapers on hand, but don’t overbuy. Don’t forget about diaper disposal. A diaper container with odor control will keep your home smelling pleasant, but many families find it just as convenient to throw out dirty diapers in plastic bags.

Give some thought to how you’ll live in your home as you care for the babies. Many families find it helpful to set up staging areas throughout the house, rather than staying exclusively in the nursery.

If your home is multi-level, you may want to establish a place for the babies to sleep on each floor, as well as a changing station, so that you don’t spend all day running up and down the stairs.

Make Sure to Line Up Help

When you’re caring for two babies at the same time, it’s tough to do it alone. There’s two of them, and you’ve only got two hands. Before you bring your babies home, think about what kind of help you’ll want.

Don’t be afraid to ask for help. This is no time to play the martyr and try to shoulder the burden on your own. Almost everyone is thrilled to be helping during this special time of your life, so keep a list of those that offer assistance, and take them up on it.

Be specific in your requests for help. Need meals prepared? Errands to run? Child care for older siblings? Pet care? Or someone to hold one baby while you feed the other one? Say so, according to what works best for your family. In some families, professional help from a lactation consultant, night nurse, or cleaning service is preferable to well-meaning but misguided loved ones.

Help to Consider If You're Having Newborn Twins

Other Things to Consider

Finally, here are some things to consider as you bring your baby twins home from the hospital.

  • Your babies may not come home together. If one has more serious medical complications after birth, the other baby may be ready to leave the hospital alone. This seems traumatic, but in some ways, it can actually be an easier adjustment. Caring for one baby at a time for a few days can give you a chance to catch your breath.
  • Childproofing your home can wait. Your babies won’t be moving and grooving through the rooms of your home for a few months. But don’t wait until it’s too late. You know the old saying, “Better safe than sorry.” Once your babies arrive, you’re busy! Time is scarce, so make a commitment to implement child safety measures before the babies are born, or else in the first few months.
  • If your babies are born prematurely or with special needs, you may be grappling with medical issues in addition to the normal demands of infant care. Work closely with your medical caregivers to learn the proper procedures for feeding, administering medication, or monitoring breathing.
  • Many twin babies are smaller than their singleton counterparts. Don’t be surprised if all those cute little infant outfits that you received as gifts don’t fit right away, even if they’re sized for newborns. Some twins, even if they’re born at the average or week timeframe, are small at birth and may need preemie-sized clothing for a few weeks or months until they grow and catch up.
  • Work toward a schedule. The right schedule is whatever works for you and your babies, but most parents agree that it’s easier to keep both babies on the same schedule so that they eat and sleep at the same time.

Thanks for your feedback!


Hospital pictures twin newborn

See amazing photo of twin sisters who entered the world snuggling together

Multiples like to joke about how one is two or three minutes older. But identical twins Aria and Skylar, who were born to dads Kyran Trodden and Ryan Morgan in November, came into the world at the exact same time.

“They looked like koalas gripping on to one another,” Morgan, 28, told TODAY Parents. “They came out as one.”

Captured on camera, the stunning moment shows the sisters embracing as their surrogate mother delivered them via C-section at a hospital in the United Kingdom.

"It was just amazing," Morgan gushed.

Though the babies were born premature and spent several weeks in the newborn intensive care unit, or NICU, they are now home with their parents.

“Aria and Skylar are very in sync. They make the same unique noises at the same time,” Trodden, 25, revealed. “They also calm each other down. When we put them together, they just sort of mellow.”

Trodden recalled how their favorite NICU nurse would put the girls in the the same incubator when they were crying.

“If changing and feeding them wasn’t enough, she’d bring Aria over to Skylar and they’d just cuddle into each other,” Trodden said. “We’d find them almost on top of each other. I’d be like, ‘Are they comfortable? Can they breathe?’ And the nurse would assure us that’s just how they like to be.”

Trodden and Morgan are relishing every minute with their two babies, who were diagnosed with twin-to-twin transfusion syndrome (TTTS) at 20 weeks gestation. TTTS happens when the blood flows unequally in the womb between twins who share a placenta, depriving one twin of blood. According to the Children’s Hospital of Philadelphia, it happens in about 10% to 15% of monochorionic-diamniotic twin pregnancies.

“It was terrifying. We were at risk of losing one or both,” Morgan said. “We’re just so grateful they’re both here.”

Watch TODAY All Day! Get the best news, information and inspiration from TODAY, all day long.

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Rachel Paula Abrahamson

Rachel Paula Abrahamson is a contributor who writes for the parenting, health and shop verticals. She was previously a senior editor at Us Weekly. Her bylines have appeared in The New York Times, Good Housekeeping, Redbook, and elsewhere. Rachel lives in the Boston area with her husband and their two young daughters. 

-NEWBORN PHOTOGRAPHY VLOG- Twins Newborn Photo Shoot with Hazel \u0026 Willow Full Workflow 双胞胎新生儿摄影全流程

Pete Buttigieg, husband Chasten share adorable picture of newborn twins

By Jami Ganz

New York Daily News|

Sep 04, at PM

The Buttigieg twins have arrived.

Pete Buttigieg took to Twitter Saturday to share a stunning black and white photo of himself and husband Chasten cradling their newborn twins.

“Chasten and I are beyond thankful for all the kind wishes since first sharing the news that we’re becoming parents,” the U.S. Secretary of Transportation, 39, captioned a photo of the couple in a hospital bed, cradling their newborns.

“We are delighted to welcome Penelope Rose and Joseph August Buttigieg to our family,” continued the former presidential candidate.

Buttigieg announced via Twitter in mid-August that “for some time,” he and his husband, who retweeted Saturday’s post, had “wanted to grow our family.”

In this Feb. 10, photo, Pete Buttigieg, right, and his husband Chasten Buttigieg acknowledge the audience at the end of a campaign event in Milford, N.H.

“We’re overjoyed to share that we’ve become parents!” the former mayor of South Bend added at the time. “The process isn’t done yet and we’re thankful for the love, support, and respect for our privacy that has been offered to us. We can’t wait to share more soon.”

As the first openly gay Cabinet member confirmed by the Senate, Buttigieg made history in February when he was sworn into his new position.

The couple has been married since June and in June of this year, Buttigieg celebrated their anniversary tweeting four pictures, captioned: “Three years since @Chasten and I said ‘I do’ and I still can’t believe my good fortune. Happy anniversary, love!”


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twins newborn hospital pictures

Taking these twins newborn hospital pictures today just made me smile. I adore babies and the fact that there were 2 made the ‘job’ that much sweeter. I enjoy the job I have of capturing family memories, be it a family session, newborn studio session or one of my favorites- hospital fresh 48 session its just the perfect job for me. Capturing these twins newborn hospital pictures at Mission Viejo Hospital in Southern Californian was a perfect ending to my Thursday.
child photography orange countytwins newborn hospital picturesfamily photographer Riversidetwin hospital pictures orange countyhospital pictures of twinstwin baby pictures in the hospitalhospital pictures of twinsnewborn twins picturesfamily photography orange countyDuring these hospital fresh 48 sessions I often let the parents snuggle the babies and let them lead the way giving little guidance to the sessions. Its relieving to see the new parents snuggling their babies. Their love is evident in these pictures as you can see. The F. twins newborn hospital pictures are just precious! family photography orange county californiaoc family professional photographersouthern California professional photographersouthern California professional professional photographer Do you recall the first time you dressed your baby and how they moved and squirmed out? I talked daddy through these first few minutes of undressing his baby boy, I hope daddy looks back and recalls this first moment. For me its important to capture the moments as they unwind, crying or not, when daddy looks back at this picture he cannot hear the noise but he can relive the moment in his memory. All babies cry, all babies squirm, its part of the process of ‘being a baby’ right?
professional family photographer Riversideprofessional family photographer near Yorba Lindaorange county kids professional photographerorange county family professional photographerprofessional family photographer orange countytwin baby pictures at hospitaltwin baby pictures at hospital in so-caltwin baby pictures at hospital at Mission Hospitaltwin baby pictures at hospital in Southern California And then this moment happened! Baby Boy just wanted to ‘love’ on his baby sister sucking her arm and snuggling close. I think twins can attest to being so cozy around each-other, they were in close proximity for months so the comfort it here outside the womb. twin baby pictures at hospital at St Josephtwin baby pictures at hospital MVtwin baby pics at hospitaltwin baby pics at hospital in mission viejobaby pictures at hospitalbaby girl pictures at hospitalMission HospitalIf you are an Orange County resident that is pregnant and considering a Hospital Fresh 48 session, please contact us today to discuss or schedule. We accept limited sessions each month to allow for a flexible schedule for clients. I would be honored to chat about your upcoming delivery, hit the contact tab or call

Posted in baby, Fresh 48, Hospital Session, Orange County Photographer, Yorba Linda Photographer


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