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We received a Fin Fun Mermaid Tail in exchange for this post. All opinions and our love of all things Mermaid remain our own.

My days are spent listening to my girls talk about mermaids. Their mystery, their beauty, their legend.

You can make all your mermaid daydreams come true, with Fin Fun’s Custom Tail Creator, the swimmable mermaid tail design you create yourself!

It should be noted that mermaid tails used for swimming should be made from breathable swimsuit fabric that allows air and water to flow right through it.

Also, one of the best designs of the mermaid tail is an opening at the bottom so that legs and feet can be easily accessed in an emergency. The added bonus is that you can actually pop your feet out and walk around after you exit the water.

These are the quality of the Fin Fun Mermaid Tail. It gives me peace of mind knowing that Fin Fun makes safety a priority in their product.

We tried the Fin Fun Custom Tail Creator, and our results were fin-tastic!

It was so easy!

Step One

Step 2

  • After you create your own design on the template, follow the instructions for taking a photo of it.

Step 3

  • Upload the photo of your design to the Fin Fun site.

Step 4

  • Select the option of a monofin, optional.

Step 5

  • Wait for your custom mermaid tail.

My six-year-old niece tried it out.

Here is her mermaid design, next to her custom Fin Fun Mermaid Tail.

fin fun tail creator results

It’s a perfect match.

We wrapped it up for her and presented it to her over Christmas.

fin fun tail creator

She could not wait to try it on.

fun tail creator

The custom fin fun mermaid tail is made of stretchy, breathable swimming suit material. The stitching is consistent, with no missing stitches. It is well constructed and made to endure swimming and play time.

The “fin” part of the tail is open, allowing for a monofin to be inserted inside for swimming. It also serves as an opening for feet–mermaid in the water, human on land!

It was so much fun creating a unique mermaid tail. We are looking forward to the warmer weather to flaunt the Fin Fun Custom Tail and get some swimming in!


I have been promising you details of my FinFun custom mermaid tail for a while now!  Whilst FinFun posted it about it on their blog, I have some extra photos to share! 

Custom Mermaid Tail Design

FinFun kindly designed this custom mermaid tail for the sponsored swim at Arundel Lido.  Their designers worked with me and took inspiration from the castle as well as some of my ideas. 

With this historic castle in mind, Fin Fun’s lead tail designer created a personalized mermaid tail that resembles the medieval elegance the castle is known for. The stone pattern imitates the medieval walls, the stained glass mimics the beautiful cathedral and the lilies sends a gentle nod toward the well-known gardens surrounding the castle.


The Castle

Arundel Castle overlooks Arundel Lido and provides a gorgeous backdrop for swimming.  It is steeped in history.  The scales of the tail look like stones in the castle wall!  However, they retain that ‘mermaid scale’ shape.  

I love that the headstone of the arch says ‘FinFun’, which is a clever way of incorporating the brand into my tail, as well as being quite perfect.  A headstone gives support to the whole arch. FinFun gave me so much support for this event in terms of providing tails for the swimmers, the tail for me and the banner! 

The Castle also inspired the stained glass window design, which just pops when compared with the stonework scales. 

The details

As you might have noticed, FinFun incorporated my 4th generation wedding veil into this custom mermaid tail design.  I love this element so much.  Nikki thought I was going to cry when I noticed it!  [spoiler alert: I didn’t; I was far too stressed about the swim!]

My wedding veil was worn by my great grandmother, my grandmother, my mum and then by me.  It has so much meaning and we all wore it in such different ways. 

Overall look

FinFun paired the custom mermaid tail perfectly with the blue bikini and the details around the heels looked amazing when doing handstands.  

I'm giggling in my custom FinFun mermaid tail and matching bikini whilst floating in the pool at Arundel Lido
custom mermaid tail at Arundel lido with Arundel castle in the background

Whilst out in Las Vegas for some training with FinFun, I couldn’t resist getting photos with another kind of castle – so here it is!  This was taken at Excalibur in Las Vegas.

Custom FinFun mermaid tail at the excalibur castle in Las Vegas

Hands up who wants to see photos of all four generations in the veil??

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See the Magic in Every Day


Follow along with Mermaid Phantom's magical adventures. Expect lots of talk about fairies, mermaiding, nature, creative DIY projects and living a fairytale lifestyle. There will be plenty of pictures, videos, and other fun stuff too! It's a mermaid's life for me!

Mermaid Phantom

What is the BEST Mermaid Tail for Beginners?

I’ll admit, I’ve only ever swam in one type of fabric mermaid so far in my life… but that is because I’ve had no desire to buy from another fabric mermaid tail manufacturer. Why? Because my Fin Fun Mermaid tails are the BEST fabric mermaid tails for me. When I started out on my journey towards becoming a professional mermaid, I opted to buy a Fin Fun Mermaid Tail as my FIRST mermaid tail. Since then, I have purchased a realistic silicone mermaid tail, but I STILL use my fabric mermaid tails to this very day. Fin Fun tails are (in my mind) the best tails to buy if you are just getting started as a mermaid OR if you are buying a tail for your child. In this blog post, I’ll be telling you WHY I think Fin Fun is the best place to get started with making your mermaid dreams come true!

Below is a video of my FIRST time swimming in a mermaid tail EVER! IT IS SO OLD!!

Fin Fun Mermaid Tails are Safe

If you or your child are new to mermaiding, then the FIRST thing you need to focus on BEFORE you try doing fancy tricks is how to be safe in your mermaid tail. Fin Fun mermaid tails come in two pieces- the tail skin, and the monofin. The monofin is basically a large flipper with two foot pockets. It goes inside of your tail skin and is used to help you propel yourself through the water. While some monofins have tight straps that can be quite uncomfortable, Fin Fun’s monofin is strapless. Instead of using straps to squish your feet in place, this monofin has soft neoprene pockets that you can easily slip your feet into and out of… which is part of what makes this tail maker’s tails so safe! Due to the unique design of Fin Fun’s monofin, taking the monofin off in case of an emergency is quick and easy.

In addition to having a monofin that is easy to get in and out of, Fin Fun tail skins have an opening at the end of the tail that allows water to flow easily through the tail. This eliminates drag while swimming, which makes it easier to swim! There are some mermaid tails out there that do NOT have openings to allow water to flow through… I’ve heard they can be rather difficult to swim in. YIKES!

From my experience swimming in Fin Fun Mermaid tails since 2016, I can say that they are easy to swim in AND have many clever safety features. HOWEVER… you can never be too safe. If you would like more tips on how to be safe as a mermaid, then please click HERE.

Fin Fun Mermaid Tails are Practical

Fin Fun’s tails are made out of swimsuit fabric, so they are stretchy, lightweight and easy to put on and take off. While I do love my silicone mermaid tail, it weighs about 30 lbs, hardly fits into a large suitcase, is not easy to travel with, and is NOT easy to put on. Although I am a professional mermaid and I DO use my silicone mermaid tail for all of my events, I do still enjoy the ease of use that fabric mermaid tails provide for casual outings. When I go out for a leisurely swim in the lake (or a pool), I often take one of my fabric tails with me. Part of this is because of how easy fabric tails are to transport and to get into… that fabric tails are MUCH easier to clean than silicone mermaid tails is also a factor! Hehehe!

Fin Fun Mermaid Tails are Durable

Another great thing about Fin Fun’s tails is that they are relatively durable. And by durable, I mean that they can survive a mostly-blind and very reckless mermaid like me. Now, keep in mind that these tails ARE made out of swimsuit material and WILL stretch, pill and tear overtime… but they hold up pretty well for what they’re made of. My FIRST Fin Fun Tail (a “Jia’s Asian Magenta”) is still in use to this very day. I have worn it for 3 year. And by worn it, I mean I’ve worn it in rough-bottomed pools, in rivers full of sticks (I do not recommend), in lakes full of zebra mussels (which are very sharp) and on dry land. My tail has been through a lot. And sure, it has some holes to show for it (thank you Platte River), but it still fits, it still looks beautiful and I still love wearing it. While fabric tails are the least durable of tail types by nature, I can vouch for Fin Fun and say that their tails can take a beating!

Swimming in my ANCIENT Fin Fun Tail (Video Below)

Fin Fun Mermaid Tails are Affordable

My silicone mermaid tail cost me nearly $3,000 USD. That is a good chunk of change! Obviously, that tail was well worth the money for me, and I would buy it all over again if life were to rewind itself, but that is a bit out of most people’s price range. Neoprene tails are expensive too, and some can even end up costing $500+ USD. Not the most reasonable for someone who isn’t even sure if they’ll LIKE mermaiding yet. Fin Fun Mermaid Tails (and most fabric mermaid tails) are affordable. These tails WITH the monofin included can cost under $100 USD. That is still an investment, but it is nothing in comparison to a silicone tail or a neoprene tail. Fin Fun tails are some of the most affordable swimmable mermaid tails out there.

Fin Fun Mermaid Tails are Realistic Looking

Okay, so most kids know what a Fin Fun mermaid tail looks like by this point and will explain to the world that you’re a fake mermaid if you’re wearing one, since they recognize the fluke shape. BUT!!! They still look quite realistic. I’ve had people stop me for pictures when I’m in my slightly-holey old fabric tail and I’ve had kids shout “Mom look!! It’s a mermaid! I told you they’re real!” Although the fluke (the fin part of the tail) has a very solid look and DOES have a clearly visible opening at the end of it (for water flow/ inserting your monofin), the tails looks very realistic from afar. Fin Fun has many different colors and designs that have unique and realistic looking scale patterns. Typically, each scale has shading on it to give it the appearance of being a raised scale rather than a flat print. Some of the designs have fins too, which don’t look as realistic as some tails with fins that I’ve seen, but they still do look nice. Overall, Fin Fun’s pre-made designs are as realistic as an inexpensive fabric mermaid tail gets. You’re going to be a beautiful mermaid.

Fin Fun Mermaid Tails can be Custom Made!

One of the coolest things about Fin Fun is that they have something called the “custom tail creator.” This allows you to create your own unique mermaid tail design, upload that design to Fin Fun’s Custom Tail Creator and have your one-of-a-kind design brought to life in the form of a beautiful fabric tail. This is something that my sister chose to do for her tail, and she eventually used this custom tail creator to make a tail for me too. It is an inexpensive way to make sure that your mermaid character (or mersona) really stands out in the mermaid community! I love my sister’s custom-made Fin Fun tail, and I love the one that she designed for me too. (If you would like ME to design one for you, please email me at [email protected] for a quote!)

Ready to Buy a Tail?

If you are ready to buy your first mermaid tail, then please CLICK HERE to visit Fin Fun’s website! Otherwise, you can click on any of the other blog posts below to continue learning more about mermaiding, mermaid life and my adventures as a professional mermaid! ♥

AFFILIATE DISCLAIMER: I am an affiliate of Fin Fun through ShareASale. Some of the links and photos on this website may be affiliate links. If you purchase anything from these links, I may earn a commission. This does NOT cost you anything extra. This is one of the ways that I help support by small business as a professional mermaid while also sharing some of my favorite products with you. Please know that you can rest assured that I only promote products that I know, like and trust.

SIDE NOTE: Fin Fun is NOT sponsoring this post. I came home late from work dreaming of going for a swim. Since it was storming out, I couldn’t swim and opted to write about something mermaid related instead. Simple as that!



Not every mermaid is one and the same. In fact, we’re all 100 percent unique! That’s why Fin Fun is happy to offer custom mermaid tails in any size you may need. All you have to do is provide us with your measurements and we’ll get to work crafting you a totally personalized mermaid tail that fits you like a glove. Choosing a custom-sized tail is the perfect option if you need a size that we don’t offer, like if you want to purchase an infant or plus-sized mermaid tail, or if you simply want a style that you know is tailor-made for your body.


Need more options when it comes to swimmable mermaid tails? At Fin Fun, we understand that every mermaid is unique, inside and out. Now you can dream without limits using our NEW Custom Tail Creator, which allows you to design a one-of-a-kind tail easily through our downloadable templates. Need custom sizing options in your favorite Mermaidens or Sparkle Tails design? No problem! Check out our Custom-Sized Tails to get the exact measurements you need for the perfect fit!

Of all the mermaid tails in the sea, have you found the one that suits your fancy? Fin Fun’s exclusive Custom Tail Creator allows you to create your VERY OWN custom design that we will turn into a real live tail just for you! It’s so easy to do. Just follow our online instructions to get started!


Fun custom tail fin

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Fin Fun Mermaid CUSTOM TAIL Review!

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