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Hey guys. Nancy with Red River Farm Supply Just wanted to get on today and talk with Y'all about updated Red Flannel and Exclusive Purina dog food lines. Today we have Jen our local Purina representative with us. She's going to go into detail about the updated products. Also like share and comment for our freebie. We're going to give away a free bag of Purina dog food tomorrow so Jen. Can you tell us a little bit about absolutely So Thanks Nancy for introducing me like she said. My name is Jen Caldwell. I am your local Purina sales specialist I cover North Louisiana Central and South Central Louisiana, working with your local feed stores on your cattle equine pet and show feed today. We wanted to give you a little bit of an update on the current dog food. We have with Exclusive signature and your red Flannel added Comfort care. So we've carried this this feed at the at Red River Farm supply previously, but this is new and updated and so what's different about this dog food. Is we have added comfort care so your Exclusive would be your more premium dog food line. It's got really high quality ingredients. We have everything from performance feed senior diets just adult dog all life stages and puppy, and that would be in your Exclusive signature and so it has comfort care, which is a blend of prebiotics and fiber. And then we have our red Flannel line Red flannels for your hardworking ranch dogs it ranges from crime, which should be high energy canine select. We've got adult. We also have puppy so this would be more of your ranch dog type feed, but it also has the comfort care in there too and the reason we added. Comfort care is we know that is you take your dogs from ranch to ranch or maybe you're doing trials with them. Maybe your dog is just come mingle around with several others, they get stressed. and when you change food diets on them, that's even harder. so we added comfort care just to help support that digestive care in their body. And personally, I feed the prime and I feed the exclusive performance and the difference I've seen on my dog since we added. Comfort care has been just crazy. My lab is on the exclusive performance because he's high energy. He's got more allergies so he does better without the wheat in that diet and then my colleagues are on this product, but they don't stress near as bad now that we have them on that diet. I also noticed that they itch a little bit less and they feel really good, so those have been too. Things I've been really pleased with, but that is what we have with the exclusive in the red Flannel just a little bit of an update. We added a digestive support for them, Alright and also one of the thing that I'm going to ask you to go over with Y'all about our free purchase program for both the Exclusive and Red Flannel lines. Yes. So what's really neat about feeding with us on the red flannel and Exclusive is we want to give back to our customers and give you a little bit of a loyalty program. We offer that on our. Exclusive signature line so any dog foods you buy an exclusive line. We have a buy one. Get one free. We keep track of that here at the store so you don't ever have to wonder what dog food you got last time. all you need to come in whenever you buy your dog food say what what give up? give us your name. We'll look up your card and keep track so that after you buy that eight bag you get your next one free on the red Flannel line. We do the same exact thing. It's just buy ten get one free. so it's a little bit of a thank you for doing business with us and you never have to wonder what type of dog that you have to keep track of it for you. Alright also just don't forget to like share and comment for your choice of free dog food. Purina dog food we'll be giving that away tomorrow. Just get with us about the the loyalty program, we'll be more than glad to to keep track of that for y'all and there's one more thing too. If you are currently feeding another dog food, maybe you're shopping with us here at Red River Farm supply or maybe you're not if you're feeding another competitor and you're interested in trying Exclusive or Red Flannel. We offer free trials so we will give you the feed to try with your dog. You'll work with me and the folks here at Red River. We'll figure out what what feed fits the need for your dogs? We'll get you the feed to try. And then you're already started on the transition. It's a way of us getting to work with you and help earn your business as well.

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At least you can ensure digestive health at mealtime

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Researched by animal scientists, tested by nutritionists, and validated by veterinarians, every product we sell is packed with guaranteed nutrients and Exclusive® Signature Comfort Care digestion support ingredients to ensure your pet — whether it’s a companion or a performer — has every opportunity it needs to live life to the fullest.

Discover Comfort Care


Michael Hayek

We are dedicated to advancing the nutritional science of dog and cat nutrition in order to provide outstanding diets for your four legged family members.

- Michael Hayek, Ph.D.

Director Companion Technical Solutions

Meet our Team
Kemba Marshall

Animal health is the sum total of many parts and one of the most important parts is nutritional intake.

- Kemba Marshall, DVM, DABVP

Director of Veterinary Services

Meet our Team
Michael Schlegel

I can see the nutritional benefits of feeding Exclusive Pet Food in the health and vitality of my own dog.

- Michael Schlegel, Ph.D., PAS, Dipl. ACAS-Nutrition

Sr. Nutritionist, Wildlife & Small Ruminant Technical Solutions

Meet our Team
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After reading the label and seeing the quality ingredients, omega-3 content, and absence of artificial preservatives I tried this brand for my daughter's Corgis. Because we had a little of their previous "Cadillac-brand" still in the bag, my daughter mixed them and the Corgis sorted out the previous brand dropping those kibbles on the floor and only eating the PMI Exclusive! Their vote was clear.

Exclusive® Signature Chicken and Brown Rice Recipe


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The food is moist and clearly full of oils, so no additional fish oil supplements are necessary. It smells like fish and my labs love it. Their coats look and feel like satin. Excellent food!

Infinia® ZenFood® Salmon and Sweet Potato Recipe


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I have been feeding this feed to my Horseback Field Trial dogs, with great success! Their energy and stamina have been awesome. At the end of an hour brace, there is still plenty of drive. The clean up in the kennel is quick and easy. I have fed several different feeds over the years and have found this to be superior.

Red Flannel® Prime Formula


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Been feeding for more than a year. My coon hounds are worked extremely hard in harsh conditions and are always ready go. Skin and coat stay healthy year round.

Canine Advantage Formula


Sours: https://www.exclusivepetfood.com/
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Purina ONE Natural Dry Dog Food, SmartBlend Lamb & Rice Formula - 31.1 lb. Bag

Purina ONE SmartBlend Natural Lamb & Rice Formula adult dry dog foodPurina ONE SmartBlend True Instinct Natural Grain Free Formula With Real Beef adult dry dog foodPurina ONE SmartBlend Digestive Health Formula adult dry dog food Mainline True Instinct Specialized Nutrition About Crunchy bites + tender meaty morsels, Natural nutrition with added vitamins, minerals and nutrients, 0% fillers, 100% nutrition means every ingredient has a purpose Crunchy bites + 2x tender, meaty morsels, No poultry by-product meal, Natural nutrition with added vitamins, minerals and nutrients, 0% fillers, 100% nutrition means every ingredient has a purpose Formulas specifically made for breed size, life stage and other needs, Natural nutrition with added vitamins, minerals and nutrients*, 0% fillers, 100% nutrition means every ingredient has a purpose Ingredient Feature Real poultry or meat #1 ingredient in all dry formulas, Protein-rich wet formulas Real poultry, meat or fish #1 ingredient and 30%+ protein in all dry formulas, High-protein, grain-free wet formulas Real poultry, meat or fish #1 ingredient in all dry formulas, Protein-rich wet formulas Forms Available Dry with tender, meaty morsels, Wet with Tender cuts in Gravy / Classic Ground Dry with tender, meaty morsels, Wet with Tender Cuts in Gravy / Classic Ground Wet with Tender Cuts in Gravy / Classic Ground Varieties Adult, All Breeds Adult, All Breeds, Grain Free Adult, Puppy, Healthy Weight, Large Breed, Large Breed Puppy *Excluding Vibrant Maturity
Sours: https://www.amazon.com/Purina-Smartblend-Natural-Formula-Adult/dp/B009IOCCD2

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