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We are often told that clothes make the person, but we often forget that shoes make the outfit. From catwalk high fashion to effortless casual, shoes complete the look. With so many wonderful and diverse options available from Macy's Ross Park Mall in Pittsburgh, PA, we can make the look your look. Whenever you shop for new shoes to add to your wardrobe - shop the selection of women’s, men’s, and kids’ shoes at Macy's Ross Park Mall at Ross Park Mall, where you can find the perfect shoes for all of your dressing occasions.
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    From animal patterned wedges to peep toe pumps, it is important to choose the shoe that complements your feminine tastes, as well as your lifestyle. Discover a trendy selection of shoes for women and find ones that fit your lifestyle.

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Running shoe tech: The Emperor&#;s clothes, and the issues for the integrity of running

Like this:


It&#;s been so long since I wrote anything here, I fear I&#;ve forgotten how. All I&#;ve written in the last few months is academic analysis of concussion data for scientific journals, so here&#;s hoping this doesn&#;t come out that way. But here goes&#;

The failure to regulate &#;super shoes&#; hurts running. It undermines one of the sport&#;s most valuable qualities, namely that the outcome, the title, the victory, goes to the athlete whose physiology is optimized through training and genetics, then enabled by tactics, to cross the finish line first.

We celebrate human victories born of VO2max, running economy, thresholds, neuromuscular efficiency and effectiveness. We hail records and PBs as breakthroughs made by the athlete, and celebrate champions as superior to their peers because of these human qualities. In the vacuum created by absent leadership and regulation, shoes have changed that. It&#;s why, when we recorded a podcast analysing the Nike Vaporfly shoes, we said that they &#;broke running&#;.

Last week, or indeed, over the last four years, the authorities have had the chance to &#;fix&#; this. They chose not to, and instead, through a combination of passive governance, inaction and weak action (motivated by who-knows-what), they effectively codified shoe tech into a policy that will continue to distort running. It will continue to change the relationship between input and output, separate the sport into haves and have nots, and ultimately force it to be recalibrated and understood in a very different way from what it is now.

This is an article explaining why I think this.


From first principles: the fundamental premise of sport &#; meaning in results

First, let&#;s try to disassemble the whole thing into its smallest principle. And if you don&#;t agree with these principles, and land on a different outcome, at least we&#;ll know why. You can also save time reading the rest of this article!

As I see it, sport has value because the results have a meaning that we create and accept using sometimes arbitrary lines or classifications. This is why, at the very highest &#;strategic&#; level, men and women compete in separate categories &#; it ensures that the outcome of any sport is determined by the things that society, generally, has determined are meaningful. Mixing men and women destroys the meaning of women&#;s results because they&#;d be determined by factors other than those we deem to be important.

For the same reason, age classifications exist &#; there is no meaning in sporting results when a 25 year old beats a 16 year old in just about all sports (with a few exceptions). We have weight classifications to ensure that combat sports retain their meaning and integrity for a 63kg fighter who does not have to go up against a 91kg fighter. The Paralympics tries their best to ensure &#;meaning&#; of results for athletes with different degrees of the same disability by creating numerous classifications. This should be obvious to anyone.

In principle, then, one of the fundamental roles of any sports governing body is to defend these lines, however arbitrary they may appear to be. Why have a line at 63kg separating featherweights from lightweights in Olympic boxing? Why a cut-off of 18 years between junior and senior? Indeed, even sex boundaries between male and female are being challenged as arbitrary (wrongly, in my opinion, but there you go). But you need these lines, or the meaning of sport is undermined. Salary caps, by the way, try to achieve the same thing.

The same is true for doping vs anti-doping, by the way. Anti-doping creates lines that are meant to assure us that results are not determined by pharmacologists and doctors, or by which athlete is the best responder to EPO, or who is the athlete most willing to take risks, have the most money etc.

But, why a line at some pain-kilers, but not others? Altitude tents, but not EPO? Cortisone, allowed out of competition, but not in, despite evidence that it&#;s effective no matter when it&#;s used.

Point is, for the integrity of sport, these lines must not only be drawn, they must also exist in the right place, and then be enforced, to ensure that meaning exists in the results of the sport.

That meaning, in turn, is decided upon within each sport. So the result of a Formula 1 race, or season, has a different underlying meaning to that of a tennis tournament, or a marathon. This should, again, be accepted by all, I&#;d think. We celebrate a unit of driver-car (or is it car-driver?) or motorbike-rider in some sports, knowing that the equipment makes a bigger difference to the outcome than the pure ability of the driver. But because they work as a unit in an understood way, it&#;s accepted. Those who follow sports understand this.


The principle of equipment-determined results and the first problem for running

Now let&#;s apply this &#;sports results must have meaning&#; philosophy to equipment. Different sports decide on different &#;lines&#; that create boundaries on what equipment is allowed and disallowed. But, and I can&#;t make this point strongly enough, they all regulate their equipment. I cannot think of a single sport that does not impose some regulation on the equipment used.

Boxing? Glove weights are regulated depending on fighter weight.

Tennis? Balls and racket size and hitting area are regulated. Hockey? Length and width limits are specified.

High jump? Yep, the thickness of the sole is regulated, this after a Russian jumper used a shoe with a thickness of 40mm, so effective that it allowed him to “emerge from mediocrity like a chorus girl hopping out of a paper cake” (as quoted in Sean Ingle&#;s good article on the shoe wars). In response, back in a time when authorities clearly had some courage and a moral compass, a limit of 13mm was introduced, problem solved. High jump results are thus determined by something other than a shoe.

Swimming? Who can forget what happened between and when the absence of regulations led to a clearance sale on world records, a near clean sweep of Beijing medals for one company, and the subsequent absurdity of it. In response, rules were created limiting the type of material used and the length.

In all these instances, the regulation imposes limits that are meant to ensure that the results have a desired meaning. That is, they want the outcome, their champions, to be recognized for displaying attributes that they believe are meaningful. If we did not believe that biological sex should be regulated, we&#;d have a &#;human race&#; rather than a men&#;s race and a women&#;s race. If we did not believe that skill execution should be &#;constrained&#; by tennis rackets, we&#;d have no limits on head size.

Running? No regulations (until now). Despite the awareness that it was possible to change the sport using the shoe, no policy existed. A vacuum. Into which Nike stepped, with development beginning on a shoe in , first producing the Vaporfly that powered Kipchoge to within sight of a 2-hour marathon, then helping to break just about every city marathon record, dozens of world records at distances ranging from 10km to marathon, and possibly hundreds of other course and national records.

I would argue that this disrupted the meaning of running. It broke the principle. The premise is that running, &#;natural&#; as it is, should not be decided by who wears the best shoe, but by who has the optimal combination of physiology, psychology and tactics. We read famous scientific papers describing the physiology of elite marathon runners, the VO2max, the economy, the lactate threshold. We hold those attributes up as essential, and then celebrate the best runners as manifestations of them.

Even the mid- or back-of-the-pack runner celebrates a PB as their breakthrough &#; they&#;ve changed themselves. And even though most won&#;t necessarily know that they&#;ve improved their VO2max by say 4 ml/kg/min, or that their COT has dropped from ml/kg/km to ml/kg/km, it&#;s their breakthrough. Human.

It&#;s much the same for many sports. I don&#;t want a five-set final at the Australian Open thinking &#;Shit, I wonder if this result would be different if Thiem and Djokovic could swap tennis rackets? If only my guy had a different sponsor&#;. Nor do I wish to watch swimming wondering whether the guy in Lane 4 might actually be a better swimmer than the guy in Lane 5, but with a swimsuit that is 3% worse.

If this happens, the meaning of that sport is undermined. But this is the situation that has developed in running, now facilitated by the regulatory equivalent of the Emperor&#;s clothes, is that we have to watch running events not just wondering, but KNOWING, that if the runners could swap shoes, the outcome would certainly change.

The point is this, and I&#;ll return to this again &#; when the difference made by technology is larger than the normal difference between athletes, then the integrity of the result is changed. If that tech is unevenly distributed, with differences in access to it, then it becomes unfair. In the spirit of the piss-taking that shoes and running have become, I&#;ll call this &#;Ross&#; rule&#;.

But if this rule is met, the meaning of running changes, and the outcome is no longer about the physiology but about the shoe.

That&#;s what began in , accelerated in and , and is now set to continue. And this not simply about Nike getting a jump on its competitors, it&#;s about the fundamental fabric of running, and even if every shoe company is able to match the Vaporfly effect, the sport will not return to a position of integrity, because the &#;shoe wars&#; will change the meaning. I want to try to explain briefly why.


Responders, non-responders and the problem with &#;equality&#;

The main problem with the regulation is that it cannot possibly achieve parity between athletes while still allowing the sport to keep its meaning, as described above. Why? Because the tech, as powerful as it is, will create a gap between responders and non-responders that is larger than the normal difference between athletes. As a result, the &#;best case scenario&#; you can think of will still see shoe tech decide the outcome.

When the first batch of lab tests on the Vaporfly came out, there were some striking observations. The first was the average effect: 3% to 4% less oxygen used at the same speed, which translates into an estimated 2% to % performance benefit for the elite marathon runner. That&#;s the source of the titles, the records, the initial wave of controversy.

But second, and now more important than the first, nobody found &#;negative responders&#; among the semi-elite runners tested. The four studies I saw all showed the change in running economy for every participant tested. I recall one athlete who had zero response, everyone else saw a benefit (a reduction in O2). A study has since come out showing negative responders, which makes the points below even stronger.

The range of these responders was striking. The first paper had a spread between 2% and 6%, with an average of 4%. The second was similar, though they found a 0%, and then up to 6% (see the figure below, from Hunter et al). The outcome you see here is not perfectly understood. The consistent theme of thee studies is that rear-foot strikers get larger benefits than forefoot strikers, and this study also showed that those with shorter ground contact times get a larger positive benefit (not surprising).

But, that finding has not been replicated in other studies, and some studies even disagree on the global kinematic changes that occur when wearing the shoe, even though they all agree on the size of the benefit. So the jury is out as to who responds and who does not, but it&#;s clear that the spread is large, and it&#;ll get larger as the average benefit increases.

This creates a major problem for result integrity. In this study, for instance, there are runners, five in total, who get more than 4% benefit, and there are 7 who got less than 2%. A similar spread was subsequently confirmed in a third study, and if responses are normally distributed, it means that you&#;re going to see a pretty large gap between the best and worst responders.

The same shoe, then, spreads runners out by about 6%. And that was the first version of the shoe. It should be relatively obvious to you that if the later iterations are better, then the upper limit will increase, possibly to 8%, maybe some even get 10%. Even if the bottom remains at 0%, the range of benefit is thus stretching out, with performance implications that shouldn&#;t be ignored.

What this means, on this the 6th February , given the flaccid shoe regulations announced last week, is that in a group of runners who are similar in every measurable physiological sense, and for the sake of example, have performances that differ by 2% when wearing the &#;old shoes&#;, the result when they all wear the very same shoe is that you&#;ll see a spreading out based on who is lucky enough to respond well to the tech and who is not. The worst of them, 2% behind the best, could suddenly be 4% ahead of that best runner, if they happen to get the right combination of responses.

Therefore, even if you want to be eternally optimistic, and assume that the likes of Saucony, Brooks, New Balance, asics and adidas are able to bridge the gap to the Vaporflys, you still won&#;t be able to say that running rewards the best runner, because you now have to factor in another factor that makes one runner &#;better&#; than another, namely their response to the external factor of a shoe.

This is not unlike the situation that developed in cycling, peaking during the time when EPO use was rampant and unregulated. In that sport, one of the key determinants of success became the cyclist&#;s response to the drug. Some got more, some less. It changes talent ID, because the addition of this external factor overrides the normal difference made by the things that cycling deemed meaningful to its result.

Now we&#;ll see the same with shoes. Eventually, if you follow this to its logical conclusion, it means that the runners who emerge from the pack at a young age will be those who are responsive to the shoe. Those who do not simply won&#;t win. The benefit of being a &#;6 percenter&#; is so large compared to being a &#;2 percenter&#; that the poor 2 percenter would need to be 3 to 4 minutes faster just to be level.

Now think about what this means for the pathway that produces runners. Trace it back to high schools, into colleges, via scholarships and contracts, and financial viability. The most accessible sport in the world changes.

It means, ultimately, that the primary determinant of success, the key predictor, is whether a runner responds or not to an object they can lace onto their feet within seconds of starting the race. That, to me, is not the meaning of running, and so I return to the above principle and conclude that shoes will determine the result even if parity is achieved in terms of average benefit between Company A and B.

The bottom line is that the range of responses to the equipment are larger than the difference between athletes, and hence, the integrity of the result is diminished (as per Ross&#; rule). And, I can&#;t stress this enough, so I&#;m typing it again, this is true EVEN IF every shoe company gets to the same point of average overall benefit.

Your response to this may well be &#;so what&#;? The result is determined by who responds anyway. Who responds to training, mostly? A genetic lottery of sorts, that means that to be elite you need the right genes that optimize your hardware, combined with the genes that optimize that hardware in response to the stress of training. Yes, sure, I appreciate that, but now you can add an object, purchased at the store for $, laced on the feet, that skews the things that have always given running its meaning.

Some may get that. Some may not. Some will be lucky enough to land up in the shoe that gives them 6%, meaning they finish a marathon 3 min faster than the poor sucker who gets the shoe that gives them 1% to 2%, but is actually a better runner (as we understand it in the time BVF (before Vaporfly). A new element in the mix exists, but it&#;s not innate, or earned, but rather bought, and through luck and access, will sort the running populations.


Problem 2: Can the other companies respond?

More briefly, a few other issues with the Emperor&#;s clothes shoe regulation. First, the notion that other companies will respond remains to be proven. If you&#;re optimistic, I reckon you&#;d say that within a year, maybe two, shoe companies will achieve a degree of parity.

I certainly hope so. At least it sorts out the issue of &#;haves&#; vs &#;have nots&#; that have tarnished running for the last three years. I&#;d still argue that the issue persists, but it will be smaller in scale.

The question is whether they will? Patents, cost and access to materials that will allow this stand in the way. I know that some companies have been innovating in ways that would allow them to steer clear of Nike patents on the curve of the plate. They have developed other ways to engineer more &#;spring&#; and propulsion. Those ways are now illegal, because the policy dictates that it is so. I&#;d argue this is ultimately a good thing, but it does formalize an existing advantage behind patent barriers.

Effectively, this squeezes the range of innovation in a way that means that a plate must do the job, but now you&#;ll hit up against patents. I know that one company is using two plates, but they&#;re on the same plane rather than staggered (and so thus legal). Another brand has a plate spanning three quarters of the shoe, rather than its full length. Patent side-step.

The problem is this &#; will these &#;side-steps&#; allow the same effect, or was there a &#;best way&#; to achieve performance enhancement, now inaccessible? For all I know, there is an even better way, and Brooks or Saucony or adidas will find it, and then this conversation can begin anew, but with a different front runner, and a marathon record of

On the other hand, if the full length plate with that curve is the best way, combined perhaps with the air pods now present in the latest Alphafly Next%*, then the sport will continue to split into the privileged vs the unfortunate, which ultimately undermines the commercial model that sustains it.

* An outrageously ludicrous shoe, by the way, and very, very fast, from what I&#;ve heard from a few sources. It is a slight modification on the joke of a shoe that I suspect could have powered Kipchoge to a sub in Vienna last year, so &#;easy&#; was that performance. But, appropriately, it was released less than a week after the Regulations were announced, because it makes such a mockery of them. It has a 40mm stack height, a remarkable co-incidence given the regulation limit, and really just so lucky for Nike that they just happened to hit the mark only a few days after we knew what would be allowed. Add some air pods (see pic above) near the front to concentrate force to the plate to enhance energy return and propulsion more, and they seem to have thickened the forefoot to aid rule compliance. It makes me suspect, not that I didn&#;t already, that the regulations are compliant with their shoes, rather than the other way around)

In any event, one of the intriguing questions that has been created by the Regulation is whether others can match the Nike. Best case is yes, and quickly, which means the only issues that would remain are:

a) cost of the shoe &#; some exceptional &#;candidate athletes&#; may never even reach the shop window because they can&#;t afford to optimise their performance. This is something that is true of say, sailing or horse-riding, much less so in running;

b) the afore-mentioned issue of response vs non-response, even in runners all wearing the same equipment. But then, if you accept this &#;new normal&#;, just include it in your mix of factors required for running success. Maybe some of those who&#;ve been gaslighting this conversation from the start can team up to write a paper or magazine article on the characteristics of world-class runners and establish this as Talent ID priority number 1. Here, I&#;ll even write your main finding for you free of charge:

&#;The key attribute of world class runners is that their Oxygen Cost of Transport (COT) is reduced by 6% or more when they lace up a pair of high stack height shoes with carbon plates. This response, shown by studies to exist in 10% of elite runners, negates the need for a VO2max or running economy in the 95th percentile, and is a characteristic of every Olympic medal winner tested in the last two decades&#;.

Worst-case is that companies never bridge the gap. Patents and cost of innovation are beyond them, since they may not have the financial clout to compete in the lab and in the courtroom. That would create for running a situation like that which exists for motorsports. The wealthy succeed, the middle class fall away, the bottom class never even starts.

I suspect the answer will be somewhere in the middle. I think companies will make inroads, perhaps not complete, but enough to make it appear like the brand of shoe is not deciding the result. That would achieve a degree of stability.

When this happens, I don&#;t know. Not in Too soon. Perhaps , more likely You may as well accept that the medals in Tokyo are going to be determined more by shoes than by physiology, and that what you&#;re watching would indeed be different in they swapped equipment. Beyond that, who knows?


Problem 3: Implementation

The next issue is implementation. Once you draw the lines, even if you assume they&#;re in the correct place, you need to enforce them. I don&#;t know how this is done. You need more than an x-ray because carbon is radiolucent, and so it&#;s MRI or physical inspection.

But given what the policy will allow vs disallow, things like overlapping or stacked plate arrangments, you&#;d need to cut the shoe up, or run it through an MRI and is that going to happen.

Even stack height, whose limit has been set at 40mm, is not as simple to measure as you may think. One of a handful of really stupid things in those regulations is the failure to set stack height limits based on the size of the shoe. The Regulation allows minor variations in height due to size, but not clearly stated, and so shoe companies will just mislabel the shoe as larger than it is, which will then necessitate that the size of the shoe and its height be assessed either at the start or finish.

But if it&#;s the start, it has to be right there, because you&#;d need to ensure that the athlete doesn&#;t change after measurement, so you need &#;watchers&#;. That deals with the outside, the inside remains hidden until you get the MRI or its simpler cousin, a hacksaw and an honest pair of eyes.

Even then, given how the IAAF failed totally to enforce its regulation on prototypes, and the various conflicts and bumbling implementation we&#;ve seen on doping enforcement, hands up if you truly trust a shoe inspection to be trustworthy? Not for me, no.

So I have grave concerns over the integrity of the process by which the rules are enforced. Given what we know about the lengths to which companies and teams go to cheat, it&#;s inevitable that someone will try to bypass the rules, adding 1 to 3mm here and there, finding another % to 1%. We also allow modification of the shoes on the grounds of medical need. So basically, we need TUEs for shoes. Hilarious. And what happens when that system is manipulated because a medical modification also achieves a performance boost? (this is inevitable)

And to think, it could have been so much simpler &#; just set that stack height limit so low that the space in which an engineer could work is massively constrained, and you&#;d to worry about one variable only. Plus, it might have been actually been effective.


Problem 4: The prototype issue

Next, the issue of prototypes. First, it&#;s funny that so many people are complimentary about their ban on prototypes. How easily we forget that the only regulation that existed for the last few years was that the shoe had to be available to all. OK, it was incredibly vague, specified nothing, and was not fit for purpose, so when they announced that it would now have a four-month exclusion period and had to be sold online or in stores, it seems like progress.

But the funny thing is that in announcing that, all they really did was dress an old rule up in some new clothes and then sell it as new. And many fell for it. In effect, they were reminding themselves with their own non-compliance with the one rule that existed. A cynic may wonder why this time around will be different?

The issue that remains, of course, is what it means to be sold? If pairs are made available between now and Tokyo, but sold out in three days, and not replaced for months, does that constitute &#;sold&#;. If they sell 50 pairs direct to consumer, and no more, is that reasonable?

Here too, an example of how they might have done it differently &#; just limit the stack height to say, 20mm, and then let people innovate. Who cares if they innovate with prototypes into a space that is too small to achieve meaningful performance gains? Remember, the whole point about stack height is that it provides the &#;scaffold&#; for the addition of plates and other gadgets, the subsequent curvature of the plate to create propulsion and energy advantages (briefly, curving the plate means no loss of energy at the MTP, but also no increase in energy cost at the ankle, as happens if the plate is straight), and also provides a thickness of cushion that aids propulsion.

Had they made the limit 20mm, or the equivalent of lightweight racers for the last three decades, these issues would be greatly diminished, to the point, I&#;d suggest, where the difference made by tech is smaller than the difference between runners. Ergo, as per Ross&#; rule, there&#;d be no problem.


Problem 5: The process, and a better way

Next, the process. Let me offer the way I would have done it.

I&#;d have formed a committee of internal World Athletics people and consultants, because after all, they must be accountable for the outcome. It would consist of technical staff, legal staff, athletes (not linked in any way at all to Nike), and physiologists/biomechanists. Not World Athletics employees, per se, but people whose names they want associated with an important policy or regulation.

Then, given the huge potential for conflicts, knowing how pervasive Nike&#;s funding of the sport has been for decades, the disclosure of who these people are and what links they have, is a prerequisite for the process to have credibility. That&#;s not to say that commercial links automatically kill the process, but it needs to be stated. Conflicts of interest can be insidious, indirect, distant even, but just put them out there, and accept that some will dismiss anything, but at least you&#;ve been transparent.

Next, and here&#;s the way to transparency, make the process fully accessible to everyone. Not before it happens, because otherwise you run the risk of poisoning the well before you begin. But I&#;ll tell you what I would have done:

I&#;d have identified five or six domains that would impact on the viability and validity of any rule. They would be:

  • Physiology &#; how much advantage do the shoes provide, and what does it mean for performance?
  • Biomechanics &#; mechanisms, engineering principles, future iterations, predictions etc
  • Legal &#; patent and commercial law aspects
  • Commercial &#; implications for the business model of sport, including sponsorships of athletes and events, and contract issues related to commercial agreements
  • Ethics &#; what are the ethics of accepting tech, including elements such as fairness, cost barriers, access etc?
  • Athletes &#; the roleplayer who is ultimately affected

Then, what I&#;d do is invite global input. Form the committee or policy group and then invite the whole world to submit their proposals and insights in those domains. Ask the experts around the globe to submit brief ( words, maybe) proposals describing the key issues and implications within their domain. Collect and store them all.

Based on these submissions, identify three or four experts in each domain, making sure that you always have a pro vs con, a person arguing for and against the rule scenarios that you know exist. Invite these people to a two or three day meeting at which you hear them present, in detail, their arguments. Have discussions after each presentation, so that your legal experts can comment on the biomechanics, and the biomechanists can add their insights to the commercial issues or physiology considerations. Record everything. Heck, livestream the thing &#; what have you got to hide, right? It&#;s not a super sensitivity issue, and even if things come up like some company&#;s declining sales, you can let those presenters request a &#;blackout&#; for that session.

These people could even be industry insiders, like Nike and adidas and asics, who get to lobby briefly for their position, and athletes from both sides. Others must be outsiders, no skin in the game. Objective people who call it as it is, not as they need it to be. The key is that you get people representing both sides of the issue, three to four per domain, and then hear their full arguments.

Once completed, every single submission is made public for the whole world to see. If a physiologist has explained key concerns and principles of performance, and the ethics experts have backed that up with their ethical POV, then let the world see this, and evaluate it themselves. Make this available, either as videos of the presentations and discussions, or written submissions, so that there is maximal transparency.

Then make your decision. Transparent, open, consultative, evidence-based, and considering all factors. Earth-shattering stuff, no?

But no, this being sports governance, it&#;s happened in secret, with a summary given in the regulation, the usual vacuous nonsense written by a PR person and put into the mouth of the president. Plus, it reached a totally wrong position, but maybe that&#;s just me.

I alluded to this above. In my opinion, the stack height limit at 40mm is way too high. Twice as high, perhaps. I would have gathered evidence on the stack heights of all the racing flats used to win marathons from about to the present day, and set the stack height limit at the median or mean of that group of shoes. This would probably land close to 20mm.

I believe this would be a significant first step in removing the advantage, because the 20mm &#;space&#; afforded is not large enough to allow the &#;play&#; we are seeing in shoes now. That space, as mentioned, is the scaffold in which innovation can occur, and it&#;s so large that clever engineers can do too much to enhance performance without the capacity to regulate. They can curve the plate, they can build up the foam cushioning, they can add the air-pods and other devices, some unknown. Cut that to 20mm, and the problem does not go away entirely, but it is constrained to the point where it becomes a lot more difficult to engineer an advantage that is greater than the difference between athletes.

Plus, it&#;s easier to regulate in the short term. Perhaps future innovation would overcome this limit, achieving the same gains seen in a 40mm space, because of new materials. But again, the scale of the improvement would be much more difficult to attain. And it could be addressed at the time, perhaps by assessing the components in that space somehow.

But 40mm? That&#;s what affords the companies the chance to go crazy like we&#;ll see with this new Alphafly Next%, and also creates the patent issues I mentioned above, the responder vs non-responder separation, and generally does not resolve the problem, but compounds it.

In conclusion, weak, vacuous leadership allowed a vacuum to develop. Nike made an amazing shoe to fill it, sneaking it into the Olympic Games in (and the US trials before that). At that point, authorities should have intervened, because for all the gaslighting going on in the media explaining away how they couldn&#;t act, that Nike just played by the rules, did what others had done, at that point, they could well have done something in response to a recognized issue.

By the time the research started to support the obvious, they could have acted again. But no, nothing. Not even the implementation of their own policy, despite being aware of the concerns of athletes like the courageous Kara Goucher.

So we saw Next%, then phase 3, and the sub-2 hour effect, an engineering venture disguised to look like a sports science breakthrough. Now we have &#;action&#;. But, in the words of Sebastian Coe, &#;we don&#;t believe we can rule out shoes that have been generally available for a considerable period of time&#;. And so they didn&#;t.

What Coe conveniently omits is that the only reason those shoes were &#;available for a considerable period of time&#; is because you didn&#;t act when you could have, and should have. You allowed a problem to develop under your noses, and then, pressed into action, did nothing, but pretend that you did, by solving a future problem while leaving the existing one alone. You played a role, possibly more active than will ever be admitted, in the creation of the problem, and now want to play it as though you&#;ve only just arrived to courageously fix the problem in a diplomatic way, respecting the &#;complexity of the situation and the market&#;. You don&#;t get to play that card when you&#;re responsible for the market in the first place, through inaction borne of who-knows-what or a screwed up moral compass. It&#;s absurd.

Not only that, but they added a mass of uncertainty to the already non-existent integrity of the outcome, because the policy doesn&#;t do anything like enough to ensure that tech doesn&#;t have a bigger effect than physiology on the outcome. So now there can be neither confidence in the process, nor the result. It&#;s a step backwards, plus it was done in a way that looks more like the regs fit the market, and not the market to fit the regulations.

All in all, it&#;s sad for running. Among the great appeals of this sport were its simplicity, its accessibility, and the opportunity it gave to celebrate its history, records, breakthroughs. Even PBs outside the spotlight, to the slower mortals among us had meaning because they meant that &#;I have improved&#;, not &#;I am the same runner with a 2% faster time thanks to my purchase last week&#;.

And while on this subject of breakthroughs and records, please let&#;s not say stupid things like &#;We should just run barefoot&#;, or the common gaslighting method used by many that innovation has always been part of the sport, and the shoes were way better than Jim Peters and Roger Bannister&#;s shoes in the s. Yes, but if you&#;re daft enough to actually entertain the debate about whether Kipchoge is a better runner than Jim Peters, great, but find someone equally daft who&#;ll have that one. I&#;d need ten beers for it to even seem worthwhile. Nobody cares. We get it, we expect innovation over many generations.

But what we don&#;t want is the sudden change of performance at a scale that renders &#;within race&#; and &#;between immediate generations&#; comparisons utterly invalid. I think it&#;s a sad loss for the sport, for example, that we cannot truly evaluate Kipchoge in the context of his own peers, many of whom did not have access to the shoes he will. That of his is impossible to assess relative to the generation immediately before him, and even to some with him. We know he&#;s the greatest because of the wins, going undefeated since his debut. But even there, might some wins have been losses without the advantage?

Then Bekele got with 2 seconds of him, but he had the Next%, Kipchoge only the 4%. That too is a comparison we can&#;t make. What a pity, the loss of ability to actually interpret performance because the gains were too large, too fast, too unevenly distributed, thanks to non-existent regulation.

Running was a sport where a limit was set at physiology, not revolutionary equipment. Incremental gains in performance happened thanks to equipment, certainly, but it was spread equally and small enough that it was not decisive. It&#;s different now, and the the distortion of “input vs output”, the resultant loss of integrity, and the necessary recalibration hurts the sport massively, in my opinion.

The end. Until the marathon goes under and then , which is going to happen really soon. Not to mention track records. So on we go. A bad taste with every great propelled performance.


Disclaimer/conflict of interest statement: Since , adidas SA has sponsored a local road race called Two Oceans, and I wrote training programmes for the public for that event on their behalf. I also provided running training and physiology advice to clubs and at workshops sponsored by adidas SA. I had no involvement with the global parent company on shoe development or sales, and at my request, a contract clause that stipulated that I did not comment on or promote their shoes. If that leads you to dismiss the above arguments, that&#;s your prerogative, though I&#;d argue that the criticism here is not of Nike, who in fact are acknowledged for making an amazing shoe, but of the policy that allowed it. Your call on interpretation.


World of Barefoot




Last year I developed a strange sporting skillset.

I became quite good at carrying very heavy things for very long distances, all to raise money for some truly deserving charities and causes. This all began in January when I ran a marathon ( miles) around Silverstone race circuit whilst pulling a 1,kg car. Next — with the help of the Royal Marines — I covered 1, miles in a month carrying a 50kg marine backpack. Then to finish the year I ran an Olympic-distance triathlon whilst carrying a lbs tree (in what the media called, “The World’s First Tree-athlon.”)

But a common theme among all of the above was that I chose to do it whilst wearing minimalist running shoes in the form of my favorite pair of Vivobarefoot Primus Trail shoes.

Allow me to explain why…

It was 10 years ago now that I was lucky enough to live and learn from the great San Bushmen of Namibia. Leaving the School of Sport and Exercise Science at Loughborough University, I left my home comforts (protein shakes and sports equipment) to hunt miles a day wearing nothing but a bow and arrow, loincloth, sandals and a smile.

A month passed and after many miles I began to understand how forgotten foot physiology could help me cover more than a marathon a day on very little food and water. Essentially, barefoot biomechanics was improving my running technique and efficiency to such an extent I was evolving into something that resembled a (semi) good endurance athlete in as little as 30 days.


Running is a skill.

This sounds odd I know, but it's a movement pattern so more efficiency means more speed and less energy spent. Something that would prove invaluable on the sun-drenched planes of Namibia in 39 °C and where food is scarce. But this is something my mentors had perfected down to an art form as their ability to track and hunt animals into exhaustion had become legendary.

How? Well (to reiterate) running efficiency and technique. They would glide across the sand with impeccable forefoot striking, leaning forward and without wasting any energy.

At the start of my African adventure I was so often found metres behind. Quite possibly the worst San Bushmen in history, my 5-ft-9, kg, hobbit-sized frame was left to drag itself around Namibia displaying the worst running form ever to grace the African plains. But after months of suffering blisters and a bruised ego things got better. Much better.

I began to forefoot strike. I began leaning into each stride. My footprints no longer resembled that of a baby elephant and for a brief moment I looked like a semi-competent San Bushmen. Why? Because barefoot running had given me a heightened sense of what my feet and legs were doing. I could feel every grain of sand between my toes and every painful stone as I accidentally slipped back into heel striking.

This is an idea supported by research from the Department of Human Evolutionary Biology at Harvard University who found, “A barefoot running style provides increased proprioception and foot strength.” Proprioception just means the body's ability to sense movement within joints and joint position and since running barefoot improves this ability, it can greatly help ensure you’re forefoot striking.

Looking back over my travel diary, here are 3 key lessons I took from Namibia


Very few people know the feet are one of the most nerve-rich parts of your body.

They come loaded with , - , receptors that collect information and provide valuable biofeedback to the brain to make sure you’re moving how you’re designed to. How is my technique looking? What’s the pace like? How’s my stride length? Is the ground stable or uneven? And thousands of other factors. 

Lesson number one from my African adventure: minimalist shoes can help you feel your feet again.


Imagine if you put your leg in a cast for 6 months and didn’t use it. What do you think would happen? Yes, the muscles would shrink and shrivel and with it so would your strength and functionality. This is all because of something called muscular atrophy and it basically means if we don’t use our muscles they waste away.

Well our feet come loaded with tiny muscles, tendons and a natural arch that acts like a spring when we run. When they’re firing and functioning they quite literally put a spring in our step. But what do you think happens when we wrap our feet in big, clumsy shoes? Yes, you guessed it, your feet experience this same form of atrophy.

This is why — when studying “intrinsic foot muscle strength” — scientists from the Shanghai University of Sport found running barefoot or in minimalist shoes, “Makes greater use of the spring-like function of the longitudinal arch and intrinsic muscle… thereby strengthening the foot.”

Lesson number two from my African adventure: minimalist shoes can train tendons to rediscover a “spring in your step”.


Even the most experienced long-distance runners can become cursed by a poor pacing strategy. Start fast during a marathon and you’ll likely finish slow (if at all). But the beauty of running barefoot is you have your own in-built pacing system. Don’t believe me? Try an hour of sprint training on gravel and I guarantee those ,+ receptors in your feet will be crying out for you to slow down and obey the speed limit.

Lesson number three from my African adventure: minimalist shoes teach you to have your own internal pacemaker.

Years later and I was faced with the challenge to run a marathon pulling a car.

Which is why I decided to incorporate the same lessons I learnt in Africa. Employing that same awareness and proprioception that many people are missing when they’ve only ever run with standard shoes, I laced up my Vivobarefoot Primus Trail shoes (thankfully had a good supply of food and snacks), stepped foot onto Silverstone’s iconic race circuit and attached car to my back.

My next blog post explores what I learnt during the next miles.

Ross Edgley is an athlete adventurer, chief sports scientist at THE PROTEIN WORKS™ and considered one of the world’s most travelled fitness experts. For more fitness inspiration from Ross, check out his website and sign up to his (free) training and diet newsletter.


At track ross shoes

Ross Returns and Refunds

Please find details regarding the return and refund policies for Ross below. We encourage you to leave a comment regarding your experience requesting a return or refund from Ross so others can benefit from what you learned.

Ross Return Policy

Consumers who purchase merchandise at Ross stores will have to hold onto their receipts if they think they may have reason to request a refund. The refund verification system used by this retailer requires that the receipt number be entered into it, and consumers must also provide a valid picture ID at time of refund. The refund verification system will accept a limited amount of refunds for merchandise that is not accompanied by a receipt, but those refunds will only be issued in the form of store credit. The same thing applies to items that have a receipt that is older than 30 days. Items that have been used, worn, washed or damaged in any way will not be eligible for a refund or an exchange. If items have been paid for with a check, Ross requires that the consumer wait five days for the check to clear before a refund will be issued.

See what others are saying about Ross returns, refunds and exchanges

Posted by Ty1

I actually am a retail associate at Ross. Yes you can return items without a receipt aslong as your not an associate. Associates returns must be done with a receipt. You dont need a tag either but you will need your Id for all returns. Remember any broken or damaged items can't be returned. We do have a 30 day limit but i harldy ever seen that policy enforced at my location. So just keep these things in mind. Hope this helped

Posted by Dianne Short

I was given a in store credit, my balance was $ I spent that leaves my balance at I didn't get my card or my change back? I don't care about the $ necessarily, however if it was much more than that I probably would. does Ross not give change back on vouchers?

Posted by Dawnzie

Question: I bought items from Ross the other day and when I got home I noticed there was a tag missing on a item but it was on the receipt. I need to return some of these items and this is one of them. Will Ross refund my money for this without the tag and it on the receipt?

Posted by Ross does not return

First time I go to Ross and they say they can give me a credit with something I bought 3 months ago, with a receipt, if no receipt than they give you a credit, only at Flagler Ross has that ever happened to me, thank god I never come here

Posted by Wlc

I had same issue returning an item. I bought jeans for $30 and returned after 30 days without a receipt. I knew I would only get store credit. I had all tags on the pants I was told without a receipt I get back. I requested a manager and he was the manager. I then asked where does it say to the customer that if you return without a receipt and all tags on item that you get whatever the system says you get? He stated on the back of the receipt. Well I found another receipt and read it 3 times. It states no such thing. I have spent a lot of money in Ross and in different states. NEVER WILL ENTER THE STORE AGAIN

Posted by Thuy V

I had tried to return an item without a receipt, with the tag and everything still intact, but the employee said I'd only get $ back and it's within their policy. What does that mean, is it true, and what can I do?

Posted by Anonymous

Do you need to return at the Ross you purchased at or can return at different Ross?

Posted by Loyalcustomergone

I purchased over $ dollars work of shoes and other merchandise on 10/23/ I tried to returned the items on 11/23/20, because myself nor my daughter could wear them. Tags still attached. But before i tried to returned them she wanted me to purchase my other items first. Which i spent $+. As the cashier rang my items she asked if i wanted them wrapped(picture frames) about I replied yes, she immediately caught an attitude!! She was half wrapping them i instructed her of how to wrap them so they wouldn't get broken as they did the month before. She got even ruder and mad. Another associate came over to assist her. The 2nd associate told the first one to leave and she took over. The associate that came over to help was rude as well. I tried to hold a conversation and she got ruder. She was sighing and making faces etc. She then put ALL of the merchandise in ONE big bag!! Picture frames, shoes, etc. Bag was extremely heavy. When it was time to do my return she told me she couldn't return it. I ask her why, she caught a bigger attitude and called for another employee(Manager) to come over. The cashier ask her to explain why i couldn't return. (Mgr was rude & had attuitde as well. She said its over 30 days. I said please explain to me how you count your 30days. She explained that October has 31 days. I said ok, but your not going to refund me over 1 day. She replied the system wont let her. I know that was not true. Its called override etc. At that time i told her i was going to return everything that i had just purchased. Manager and associate both said "do what you gotta do." At this point im upset and decided to leave the store. I would like my refund for the first $+ and i will be returning everything i purchased yesterday. I will never shop in this store again. I spend a lot of money in this store to receive attitude, disrespect and rudeness. At the end of the day the Manager nor her team cared. Wrong move. I will be notifying all Social Media of the stores attitude etc

Posted by Amanda

I purchased five pair of shoes from Ross exactly 1 month ago and went to return the sandals which were very uncomfortable when I tried them at home and looked defective. I had the receipt as well but the store manager said that I cannot return them as they are worn. I told her that I did nor wear them and tried it at home and they are very uncomfortable shoes. She was extremely rude and argued that I wore them. I picked exactly the same pair of shoe from the store and asked her to show me the difference between these 2 shoes. She was extremely rude and I left store in extreme disappointment.

Posted by Moonsgoodvibes

I returned a few outfits that didn't fit my daughter and have waited for over 30 days and still haven't received a refund. I contacted the store I purchased the items and who gave me the refund and they advised they could not help me that I would have to contact the corporate office. I can't get ahold of anyone. Who do I contact about this issue.?

Posted by Xenia

Spring Hill Florida, I just left Ross trying to make a return of a water kettle, not a sand kettle not an air kettle or a dirt kettle A water kettle.

The supervisor as well as the lady at the returns desk told me that I couldn't return it because it was "used", the kettle is defective because once you put water in it and put it on the fire it started to rust on the inside it is defective, they just kept telling me no they're not returning it because it's used and that was that. I'm returning all of the clothes I have in my closet with Ross tags and I'm done with this store.
If I need anything Related to housewares I will shop at bed bath and beyond I Macy's

Posted by Skydiver

Just went to make a return at the Ross Store in Placerville, CA and the management there was really rude and said that even with a receipt they did not take back anything after 30 days. What is going on. I have returned items before, with the receipts, and have had no problems. I was really disappointed in the managements way of rudely handling this.

Posted by Agbg

Why is it if you purchase items using a debit card you cannot get cash back on returns? It takes days for my bank to refund the money. Most stores give cash back if a debit card was used.

Posted by [email&#;protected]

I have purchased a pair of white boots from Ross's. They were not work an unknown to me, I just read on line what I am suppose to do with the return. It says nothing seven days. I had no idea about this policy bc I have not returned anything as I can recall about to Ross's before. I have been holding to these with receipt waiting for them in Dubois PA to open back up. I have these and receipt also like I mentioned. I am not "computer literate" so if I don't do this correctly please direct me on what to do. Thank you.

Posted by me#too

I bought a bra that was defected had tags still on & receipt.. Management didn't care rudely told me that No bras can be returned..I tried to show her it was damaged but she wasn't interested. I tried to explain that it is against the law in ohio to sell defected items. Plan on reporting Roses to consumers board. Just BAD business !

Posted by CatDiva65

I bought a pair of sandals and they seemed to fit fine but the security tag was on so I couldn't actually walk to check the fit. When I got home I put them on and walked from my bedroom to kitchen, about 30 feet, and they were very uncomfortable for walking so I planned on returning them. It was about a week later before I could go to exchange/return them but found out that stores were closed due to the Covid pandemic. Am I going to be able to return or exchange them if it's more than 30 days due to temporary store closures?

Posted by Me

How we we get a refund if the stores are closed due to COVID19

Posted by Anonymous

Went to ross in indianapolis southern plaza bought a kitchen set had my granddaughter with me so tried to take care out to load it and you cant so I decided to take it back to get my money back which I paid cash for and they said they needed my I d for what called customer service they said they dont pay people to bring carts in to pull up to the door to get your stuff which is a fire lane but they will hire a security guard to stand outside watching people come in instead of watching for theft makes no sense to me

Posted by Sad panda

I have been really upset with Ross I bought a pair of boots and I had them for 2 day and they broke and I went to take them back and they will not do anything for me because I don't have a receipt or the tags the receipt I didn't t receive by the cashier and the tags got thrown away the day before trash day and no way of getting it so Iooks like I'm sol I just don't understand why they can't t look up by the card like Burlington does I got the worst customer service ever I talk to corporate as was well and they said it was denied if they decided to denied they must have a different way to help I just don't understand I was super nice I always am m just getting to the point where Im tired of getting walk on Im just really up set I usually spend a pretty penny in Ross I always spend around $ every time I go I'm like why can't you just let me exchange that's all I wanted

Posted by Dee

Was returning items to Ross in Midlothian, TX, that I purchased last week. Had my receipt and tags on my unworn merchandise. Gave the cashier, Kimberly, who was also the front end supervisor,my receipt. She took one look at it (it was slightly faded) and proceeded loudly to give me a lesson on what I should have done to the receipt. She said I should have taken a picture of it because if she can't pull up my info, she cannot return my merchandise, even though she could see the date and merchandise information. The bar code for scanning the receipt is what was fading. I said Ross policy requires me to have my receipt and tags so someone was going to refund me.(she has not even tried yet). She then asked me if I understood what she was saying ( as if I was stupid). She then tried to enter the number and gave me grief as to what was on the receipt. Another cashier came up and handled the long line. She then asked for my receipt. It took her two minutes to get my receipt number. She made up in customer service what this manager did not have. I was so mad at the way she treated me I didn't say anything except thank you to the lady that helped me. No customer should be treated in this manner. This lady needs some training on how to treat customers.

Posted by Upset person

I was given 2 Dr Brown pink bottle sets for my baby shower this past weekend. They were bought at Ross, when I went to return them they said I couldn't return them without a receipt. I said other stores let you do this especially when its a gift. They said no, unless I have a store receipt or proof that they were bought there at the store. A way would be to look at the surveillance cameras she said!

Posted by Ttwinsupra

I tried to return shirt my mom got me she for sure paid $12 for it the tag was still there when I went to return they offered me $ yes no joke 16cents!! Are you kidding me??? No way you ever sold this shirt for 16 cents! What a scam horrible service. Ross is horrible seriously there prices aren't even good anymore you seriously get a better deal at the sale racks at a department store like Macy's or the Nike store. Much better deals there. Ross=overpriced, 2nds, horrible service and dirty unorganized stores never again. What a RIP off

Posted by MakeEnough-NoNeed2Steal

Bought a shirt I didnt realized was stained. The cashier demanded the tag that came on it and didnt even look at my recite. Then proceeded to literally inspect the tshirt flipping it in and out looking for somthing? I dont know, she asked if I tried to wash it and I replied yes she then smiled and gave me the bad news, stating why did you wash it if you knew it was stained, which I did not until after the wash. She tricked me, after making feel very uncomfortable not believe that I bought a $ t shirt. Tags only need to be on swimwear not t shirts. She never looked at my recite. Ross has very well trained minimum wage robots. That Ross had some cool shirt and was looking forward to making more purchases unfortunately my first and last $60 purchase at Ross will be my last.

Posted by Y

Ridiculous. I bought something from Ross and it didn't fit unfortunately, I had a family emergency and had to leave town for about 2 and a half weeks. When I returned, I immediately went to return with my receipt. They said I was over by 5 days and did not want to refund. Are you kidding me. 5 days and I had a receipt. Tell you what Ross, you can keep you your disorganized stores, mediocre personnel, and merchandise. Other stores with very competitive prices that don't give you a hassle for 5 days.

Posted by Dee

I been buying tennis shoes from Ross for about 9 years I never had to take anything back. I'm without a car so I go thru shoes fast. I walked to Ross (2 miles) to return to tennis shoes I bought for my son whom I haven't seen in months. The shoes were 1/2 size too small and they would not take them back with receipt2 days later or allow me to exchange them. I walked back home with shoes no one can wear amd out of $ It was like I walked 2 miles just to give them $ I'm done. I will never shop there again nor recommend them to anyone base on there return policy. I couldn't afford to buy anther pair. I'm so hurt and sad by this!

Posted by Silves

Could not return summer items given as gift. Did not want give to know.
Although I saw the shorts, mine came up as clearance to Now, I have never seen a pair of women's short that cheap. My capris did not show in the system. No receipt as they were gifts. Yet, all tags on items and they had no damage. I should have been allowed to exchange at face value.

Posted by Disgusted

Went to return a pair of shoes without a receipt. They asked for my DL and then told me the refund would be store credit without the receipt. I said no problem. Then they they tell me that they can't give me the full price of $ that I paid because the shoes were now marked down. Ok, i get that hovever, as I proceed to shop I find the same exact shoes with the $ tag on them. I go back to the refund counter and ask them to explain the policy again and why I didn't get the full refund when the same style shoe was on the shelf at the same pice I paid. They said my shoes were part of a different shipment and were now marked down. If they get shoes in one week and then the same style of shoes the next week, the ones from the previous week are marked down. I called BS and made them hive me the full refund. They made a point to tell me this was a one time thing they would do for me and next time I need to hold onto my receipt. I go back to shopping and when I check out, it's with one of the people that helped with my return. She finished my purchase and hands me the receipt and says, next time make sure you hold onto it. I dealt with three employees, one of which was the manager. All rude!

Posted by Local

The Ross in Foley Alabama will not take anything back if it has been opened, even if it's NOT used!! The managers in that place have THE WORST attitudes.The return policy does not say it will not take back opened or liquid product.The people in front of me wanted to look at an headset and the lady told them they could not open it and if they did they had to buy it first but if they didn't like it they could NOT return it beauce it had been opened. Needless to say they were pissed.I had a return something I thought was hair spray, it wasn't. Anyway, they told me they could not take back liquids. I had my receipt also! Needless to say I threw it away and wasted my money!
The customer service in this store is so bad and there is usually only one person running a register!! This Ross is in a tourist town and needs to have more register open and now you have all these new stores open around it, you need to step up your game.
I love to shop for my pets and home goods in this store but that maybe the last time I go to this store.
I wish I had gotten the ladies name but they are both managers,one with long brown hair the other with reddish blonde hair.

Posted by Quandry

In San Diego store: I returned pair of silver earrings today and manager said since I "tried them on" they had to be thrown away. He tossed them toward the trash and missed, they bounced off the trash can onto the floor where he left them there. He told me next time to just hold it up to my ear. DUH I told him I did, and it wasn't until I put them on that I realized how bad they looked on me. They were gorgeous and if they looked good "ON" me, I would have kept them. Kinda scary, I will be more cautious about my purchases, if I even purchase from Ross again. BTW, I was purchasing another pair of earrings at this same timebasically an exchange :(

Posted by Cynthia

Ross in Joplin, Missouri has a TERRIBLE and ridiculous return policy that is unnecessary and makes no sense. I bought a blouse with cash. Returned it in bag with all tags and the receipt same day . . . Yet they STILL made me go home for my drivers license before they would let me just exchange it for another size!! At TJ Maxx when you return for another size they just wave you through. You grab what you need and give them the one that didnt fit and you are out the door. No need to present ID or a receipt or sign anything. TJ Maxx has much better stuff yet Ross treats any return like a major, inconvenient production. I am DONE with Ross!

Posted by Anonymous

On the 21st of January I went to return a shirt for dollas to get a store credit as I did not have the receipt. I was told they could not help me as my drivers license was blocked, but to call a number to see if they could do anything for me. The number was to customer service. They also advised me that my drivers license has been blocked do to returns without a receipt. I asked how many I had and what was the dollar amount. I had 3 at that time for a total of dollars. I understand why they have to do this type of thing and keep track of transactions, but feel for the thousands of dollars I spend would surley outway the dollars which reminds you is store credit not a refund in my pocket,so Ross is out absolutely nothing. This should be used for the customers that spend dollars and try to return dollars worth of items with no receipt. Ross system is very detailed,it tells you what you have bought,how much you have spent,how you paid etc. So customers that take advantage or try to beat the system ya stick it to them. My measly dollars,with my 3 non receipt in a year's time apparently is going to bankrupt Ross. So next time when you feel like going to Ross and the doors don't open, wellit is because of my crazy antics trying to put a multi million dollar business in the ground. To Ross managers put your great computer system that you have on all customers to good use and worry or penalize the customers that should be penalized. If it is money your trying to save, you may not want to higher 20 loss prevention employees that just stand up by the door and bulls**t with one another, but only have 2 cashiers helping people with purchases and returns no matter how many people are in line. Just a suggestion to help out. As you know it will only be a matter of time before the whole empire comes falling down because of my great scamming ability to stick Ross with clothes they got back and my store credit of dollars that I have to use in their store. Yes,all that without a receipt, it is just a matter of time. I'm very sorry,so ashamed.

Posted by Debbie

My mom returned a gift without a receipt. It was purchased on 12/24 and returned on 12/ There was no change in price on any of the other like items in the store but they would only refund half the value. Is this a new policy for Ross? If so, I'm done - no more of my business and I'm sure I spend several thousand a year there. By the way, my mom is I feel like they took advantage of her.

Posted by Anonymous

gifts for Christmas often do not come with a receipt. Can exchange or store credit be provided without a reciept?

Posted by Anonymous

Can I return perfumes at Ross if I open and didn't like it?

Posted by Love big and tall large sized sh

To start I love that you all carry size 18,keep pushing those 18s to the Midwest's Chicago store to be exact. My girl bought me some shoes size 16 she thought was "cute" about a week ago in another state, lost the receiptreceipt but still had the tags on them. I took them to the store thinking I could just exchange them and the cashier said we have a new company preturn olicy. We no longer can do exchanges on name brand items. What??? She then tells me to try to sell them on let go. I told her majority of the items you care is name brand though. I saw some 18s I wanted and I could not exchange these nice shoes that could not fit my feet. Ross can you please help me out?

Posted by Anie

Troyes to get a refund for unworn shoes with a tag with no receipt but purchased recently, the price was $, manager told me , the cant issue refund even for credit store, of the item priced more then $ So unprofessional!. Ross store in San Francisco at Lakeshore plaza

Posted by Krystalspets1

I bought a pair of sandals and did not try them on u til I got home. I went back the following day with the receipt. She asked for my ID, she looked nervous and kept saying it was because it was less then 24 hours later. I said ok and handed over. It was credited back to my card. But I thought about the 24 time thing and looked at the receipt it was well over 24 hours. Now I'm angry why did she lie to me.

Posted by Firstcomplaint

Never had an issue with hundreds of products bought at Ross till today.
Wife bought a pair of shoes at Ross over 9 months ago. We were going on a cruise, she went to shoe box- shoe's fake leather was peeling and ungluing. Went to Ross for an exchange. Was told by manager that shoes were off system, as too old and with no receipt( even though it still had Ross tag) - only a cent credit was corporate return policy. This is silly. Quality of shoe was the issue and Ross policy states after 30 days you get a store credit. Shoes fell apart due to glue issue..Ross sells some defective items that have planned obsolescence issues.
If quality of a product is the issue, Ross should honor their exchange policy for a full refund. Pure shenanigans.

Posted by Paty

I'm the shopper who hates to try clothes on in a store. Purchased jeans and a couple of tops from Ross, Lufkin, Texas. Within 2 hours I tried to return the set I didn't like the fit with the receipt and they tell me I need ID. This was a slap in the face as my vehicle was broken in the previous day and my wallet taken. So why do they have this policy? I honestly think they should revise their policy. I don't see what the difference is and what having an ID will prove. Anyway I'll definitely choose a better experience with Burlington next time. I'm done with Ross.

Posted by Return/exchange items with tag b

I would like to know if I could exchange some gifts I got from Ross. They have tags, only thing is they ripped off the part where the price was. Am I able to return/exchange these items?

Posted by Will you ever have size 6 underw

I bought underwear from Ross that turned out to be too big. I unwrapped them and held out a pair and instantly knew they wouldn't fit me. I never put them on. Can I still return them? If I don't have the receipt, can I get store credit?

Posted by LadyJ77

For those of you inquisitive about why they ask for ID, it's because this information guess into a store database as well as a nationwide database that tracks your returns. Companies use this information when issuing store credit cards to access the risk. You can request the information this database has on you just like you would your credit report.

Posted by Anonymous

Went to Ross at the Kendall and US1, Miami, Fl. on 7/8/ location and bought a shirt, went home and tried it and noticed that it was a bit tight. I went to the location immediately (7/8/) between p.m. and P.M., with original receipt in hand. They asked me for identification, I asked why if I had the original receipt and it was purchased about 1hr or so ago. Their explanation was that it was their policy, just like that! (ridiculous & unnecessary).
They told me that I had to wait 48 hours, so that no identification would be asked?
Nonsense!!!!! I am done with Ross

Posted by Tanya

I have always had a pleasant experience at Ross so I keep going back. They answer my questions without attitude and fold my clothes most times without me asking. I've shopped at Ross in Baltimore Maryland and Houston Texas.

Posted by Lee Lee

Apparently they are rude at all the Ross's around the world because I live here in Fort Worth, Texas and I love Ross Dress for Less, but the employee's that work there are horrible and if you say something to management about their attitude their worker they look at you like I don't know why you are telling me because I'm not going to say anything to them so you might as well leave. What everyone needs to do is contact Ross corporate office and let them know about the experience you have had with their stores. They will get the message and trust me things will change. They are not wanting to see a boycott on their stores.

Posted by Ead

I bought a belt in Ross Marylland Ave NV and after I payed, I forgot to bring it and the cashier did not notice it also. So the following day, I tried to retrieved it unfortunate I cannot find my receipt. Is there any other way to get my belt? Ed June 28

Posted by Star

I recently visited a Ross in Deptford NJ. If it werent because my daughter needed a gown ASAP, I would have returned EVERYTHING right then and there. She balles up the gown in the same bag as the shoes. When I mentioned it to the cashier she said, " I dont have time to fold clothes". So I took the gown and and what happens, it was STUCK TO THE SHOE. I told the cashier it better not be damaged BC IT IS A GOWN! Who trained these disrespectful, unproffessional "employees"? I will be returning everything else I bought, I just needed to leave before I lost my temper!!!

Posted by Mando

Really the worst experience ever! employees are super confused, not trained to deal with customers at any level, even a manager doesn't have an explanation for what ever that doesn't make sense! they can just repeat "ask ross top management for an explanation",
When it comes to clothes it's super messy and you can't even get different size for any peace!
Some types of refunds are not accepted!
goodwill is a little bit better.

Posted by Zoe

I would like to know since when Ross doesn't allow to try on bathing suit the manager said you can buy it and if it doesn't fit you can return it!!!! How stupid!waste of time.

Posted by Mona

I have been to Leesburg Ross store several times, first some cashiers are really rude, and they act as if you are taking their time, they forget that if customers do not go to their store they will not have a job, second, I purchased some clothes and I wanted to return one, because I got pregnant and they no longer fit, but the cashier said it would be cents for a $ dress. I have been to Marshals, TJMaxx and all other stores and none have such policy. Ross is the only one which does not return and have rude, disrespectful employees. That is why, I decided not to shop from them.

Posted by LFA

Last friday March 16, I went to return a box that didn't fit, I paid that with my debit card, and was asked to introduce my card in the credit card machine, got a new receipt and everything was ok, however today there's been 5 days from that return and I didn't get my money back, its not even in transit on the bank statement, I just want my money back

Posted by Ur managers need to put a smile

Ok so I am not one to ever leave a bad review on a place cause I know how it feels but I went Into the Ross in spring hill last night and port Richey today and I just have to say that both were Terrible not one person greeted me not one person smiled there was one nice lady with short black hair at the one n port Richey actually apologized for not being able to take back a perfume I literally just bought last night that hasn't even been sprayed and I had the receipt and everything.the manager was very rude and had an attitude like I'm sorry no one likes working but contrary to popular belief ur still it supposed to look like u are completely miserable and hate ur life when ur at work the negative energy makes me never want to go back into those stores. And I'm pretty sure that if it wasn't for everything being so cheap in there that y'all would have no business whatsoever cause no one is pleasant in there at all they its very uncomfortable they make u feel rushed and like ur doing something wrong when u are not. I suggest y'all have a meeting bout being a little more friendly and maybe ppl would want to actually come in there and shop more.maybe y'all wouldn't be so dead in there if ur employees actually greeted u when u walked in the door.

Posted by Bryce Chester

So I brought 3 shirts paid in cash a only a week later I found out it doesn't fit I have the tags and everything on it just lost the receipt I wanna return it Is it possible I could get my money back?

Posted by Anonymous

Yesterday we went to Ross to return woman sport bra that was bought by mistake the day before. Someone put it in our cart while I was in the fitting room and we payed for it. So, in Ross we just came to a cashier and explain what the problem was. We had a receipt, all item's tags and ID. The cashier took the item without any questions and made the return. When we came home the money was already in the card! If you have everything you need for return (receipt, item in perfect condition, all item's tags) - you will have no problems with money return!

Posted by Pup

I bought a ring that said size 7 that's, my girls size in rings and it didn't get her can I return the ring? If so can I get a new ring

Posted by Ms.

I returned 2 gift items to Ross Stonecrest Store on Jan.4th , I did not have the receipts. The manager gave me a store credit for the lowest price item, but the other item I was told would be $ less than the price on the item. I inquired as to why and was told because I did not have the receipt the price of the item were at a lesser price, the price on the item were &

Posted by Disgusted by uneducated nasty pe

I have no problem with Ross other than their policy to rush you out the door. The company gives the Walter treatment "Get Your Sh*t and Get Out!" You do not even have your receipt and they are already screaming "Next!" It's like "Thanks for your money, now f*ck off!"
People will pay more for an item if there is better customer service. Hence the reason why Target is still in businesss across the street from Wal-Mart or Publix across the street from Winn Dixie. Also why Marshall's makes more money than Ross.

I shop at Ross frequently and hope to not jinx myself here, but I never had a problem with returns in Salisbury. Why? I am returning the items with tags still attached, bringing in the receipt, and the original form of payment. You should have no problem if the rreturned item is still new.
If you feel the need to wear the item before returning it, try posting it on Craigslist to see how many people will give you that same amount for it used. NO ONE! If you are debating an item, leave it. If you are looking to wear an item once because your budgeting skills suck, go to Plato's Closet or Good Will. NO Businness Ever should be taking back used items! Nothing is nastier than buying an item you think is new and finding period gunk all on the crotch of the pants when you try putting them on for work the next day.

Posted by Janeal

Went to Ross to return one item, had my receipt. Bought it one day before, the lady said since I didn't have the tags she couldn't return them. Bs all they have to do is put another tag on it!! I have the receipt!!

Posted by literally the rudest I have ever

Just a few days before Christmas I spent $1, in Ross located in Sausalito California. I was in the store for at least 6 hours picking everything out to complete my Christmas shopping. A few days after Christmas I decided to return some things that I had purchased for myself that I decided against. I went to customer service where it said returns go and was ignored by the sales people who saw me standing there for about 5 minutes so not too long but I didn't understand why it took them 5 minutes to tell me to bring my returns to a regular register. I walked over to the counter where a woman named Stacy was working. She was clearly annoyed at me for bringing in returns which I could tell by her immediate hostile order to not touch what was in my bag because she would take
the merchandise out which was fine with me if she hadn't said it in such an angry hostile way. I ignored it and said sure because these are the type of people you can't win with and they clearly DO NOT consider the customer always right. I was just hoping to get through it without her making a scene where there wasn't one(have seen this type before).
So I pulled out my receipt and she began returning until she came to an item with all tickets attached except one and she said
I am not about to look up the items on this long receipt. Come back tomorrow and the manager can do it. Then she proceeded to
slap my items down and push them away so the next customer could be helped. I said what??? you don't want to look up the items one the receipt??? Isn't that your job? She then threw the items at me and knocked over a suitcase I was returning and said
the customer is always unhappy when they don't get their way!
Enough said. This woman will be fired and I will do whatever it takes to make this happen.

Posted by No impressed shopper

My son just bought some Guess men's cologne and opened it in the store. He never left the store with it. He doesn't like the smell so we asked if he could get a refund. The saless person said No they don't refund cologne. I was like wow he never even left the store, but because he opened it its non refundable. This is just not right. I could understand if he had left the store, but he didn't. Now he's out $

Posted by Eniwhoo

Ross is the only store I ever have problems with returns. Why can they not do the same thing as Burlington? They have your receipt in the computer system that is activated by your phone number so if you lose your receipt you give them your phone number and they are able to pull it up. I'm one of those people hold on the receipts forever and of course the ones I always seem to lose or misplace are Ross. I always plan on a store credit when I return items.

Posted by MINLEI

I was just told today by the cashier at Ross that the Reduced items are final sale !!! I am not sure if this is a new policy or that the cashier did not know the return policy which is sad!!

Posted by Anonymous

Went to Ross before work yesterday and I was returning a purse I had bought the day before yesterday I had receipt and paid with card but I had forgotten card in my car the girl helping me didn't want to wait for me to go get my card from my car cause I didn't have it on me and made me get store credit cause I didn't have my debit card during the return. I do not want store credit I want my actual money back! I have the transaction in my bank account and just want my money back! What can I do? To just get my money back?!


WARNING never buy a gift for anyone at Ross -- went to return a bag, forgot the receipt, as I brought it on a credit card only a few weeks ago THEY WILL NOT RETURN, CREDIT OR EVEN OFFERED ME A GIFT CARD

SUGGEST ANYONE BUYING - pay for each item separately and give them the receipt with your gift -- and they may release the cost of ring up items separately is a big drag and cost them money plan to hastag, and warn people -- basically wrote, when most department store it automatically done via our cards

Posted by Sinner with faith

@ get.real
Ross Dress return policies are a little harsh I'll admit but they obviously intend to give security to the business for good reasons. So being that they are a discount store they don't have the luxury to ship the "defected" or "altered" items back to the manufacturer for a replacement/credit etc., Ross bought the product from a store like Macy's or Nordstroms for example as basically a "hand me down" at a good deal but with risks associated because they no longer have the insurance provided from the manufacturers that Macy's/Nordstroms had. That means that once a products tags are removed or a package has been opened, it no longer has the resale potential and the host store like Ross takes ultimately has to take that as a loss, which if repeated obviously would cripple the business. For Ross to thrive and offer deals, we consumers have to be more aware and careful of what we purchase and that we're walking out of the store with what we want.
Now with your situation, I think they were simply just following the stores policy, which really are a fair and simple set of rules that run smoothly as long as the customer fully understands the policy and reasoning behind it. Which means that the stores employees are expected to fully understand the policy, and are responsible for communicating the return policy guidelines before checkout..

You returned your items within a day after you bought it (with a receipt), you were able to return them but they ultimately required you show your ID.. so one of there RULES is "returns within 24 hours require ID" and im sure it states this on the back of the receipt, they do this to protect there investment/company from scammers whose tricks are utilized in the first 24 hours, one example a criminal collects used receipts from the trash in front of the store, Then uses the receipts which form of payment was cash/or debit which limits the uses of the receipt, then he/she simply connects the dots and finds the items in the store, steals them to return at another location or simply walks straight to the customer service to return for cash, or gets karma and only receives store credit..
By requiring people to show there ID only after initial purchase, 30 days or without a receipt, it's clearly intended to keep a log of thieves who consistently make returns(daily/weekly), While deterring thieves from stealing in the future.. It's there rules not the employee singling you out as a criminal.. stores only look at the people's IDentity information after being flagged by the system as suspicious which means if your not a criminal trying to scam them, your ID is stored in a confidential database.. and it's not being sold/transferd to a third party either (which Internet site hosts do as well as your cell phone company like T-Mobile for example and even your Apple iPhone had you sign a terms of agreement/release of info.!?!? Our info isn't that private anymore )
I don't like the idea of my ID info floating around either and I'm with you that it isn't right to demand IDentification when you have the receipt..

Posted by Anonymous

Its the worst store cockrell hill dallas 12/14/17 night the manager is discriminatory person he uuses discriminatory lenguage to persons speaks spanish

Posted by Ruthv

I went to do a return today at ross the system froze after after only doing one return that return I seen on my bank statement asap the item was then refunded and I still haven't seen the return when I looked a return receipt it says voucher issuedwjat does that mean. I paid with my debit card I should have my money asap like the first transaction

Posted by Redsin91

I paid debit and wanted to return an iteam back and i had my receipt but forgot my debit card why cant i get cash back its basically the same thing just on a card i would understand credit but that wasnt the case,Whats the reason?
(Need to change that)

Posted by SimplyEconomics

WOW! Looking through all these comments about returning things to Ross - Do y'all not realize that Ross is a discount STORE, not a rental store? You can't just buy something to use one time and return it later because that's called a rental. If Ross offered clothing rentals you'd have no problem, but it doesn't. A purchase is a purchase! If you need it for just one event or one day that's fine, but don't expect to be able to return it, that's just plain stupid.

Returns at Ross are super easy if you stick to their company policies. I've returned tons of stuff with no issues. From toys to clothes to home goods to electronics. Their policies are clearly stated on the back of their receipts. Basic accounting and household bookkeeping practices suggest you should keep your receipts for all purchases. It's not impractical for Ross to require receipts for certain purchases.

If you want to rent something find a different store to shop at. Ross doesn't offer rentals. When you "rent" items from stores it causes the price of all products to increase in order to cover the loss the store takes on that item. Other stores don't have as much of an issue with rentals - mostly because they charge higher prices. Ross is already so far marked down that it simply can't afford to allow you to "rent" anything. If you don't like it then shop somewhere else.

Posted by Another Ross Employee

I am another Ross employee that explain some issues stated here.
1. if you try to return any item over a year in original condition with tags and receipt, we can take it back. If you do not have the tags, it may be hard for us the verify the item on the receipt. If you try to return it without the receipt, the product will no longer be in our system because the product is too old.
2. If you bought a pair of shoes still in original condition and lost your tag, bring the receipt and try to find a replica of the same shoes( Size does not matter). The reason for this is because sometimes on some products the product description is not always accurate on the product. This is something that the employees in Ross stores have no control over, it is sent to us like that.
3. Credit card/debit card refunds depend on your bank. It can take up to five business days.
4. If you buy an item and want to return that same item in 24 hours, then we are required to ask for I.D. This is not as an insult to anyone, it's just company policy. If you have an issue with this, please return the item(s) after 24 hours and before 30 days and we will not ask you for an I.D (Unless you lose you receipt.)
5. If the dress looks obviously used and worn, we will not take the item back. We WILL take back products that have a manufacturer's defect, OR if an item is in original condition. We can't take back a dress after you've had your fun with it because we can't sell it again. In terms of business, the company would lose money if we operated that way and the company would soon fall. This is why it is recommended that you try on your outfits (or even at home) and bring them back ASAP in original condition with receipt and tags attached in order to get back your original form of payment.
6. ANY item you return, it is important to always keep track of your receipt and the price tag. If you return something without a receipt, it is automatic store credit, Ross employees at the store have no say over this. If you try to return an item without the tag but with a receipt, then we have to check the description. If the description is clear and it's obviously that product, then we will return it. If not, we will need to see a replica of that item from within our store.
7. The lines can be long. If an employee works in customer service and there is only one other cashier, that customer service employee typically goes back and forth between returns and purchases. Some stores are a bit different, but most are pretty fair about it.
8. We do not give you cash back for debit card returns. The exception to this is if you pay with a check. You will get back how you paid for it originally (Given you have the receipt and tags in original condition). We have no say over this process.
9. If you have two cards that are linked to the same account, you can return it using the other card that is linked.
@Deanna James; You have to get it back how you paid for it. You paid using a debit card, so it has to go back onto the debit card. We only offer store credit as a second option for instances like that when customers do not have that first card but they still want to shop, they can use the store credit instead. It is suggested that when you make a return, that you are to bring the original form of payment with you to avoid any hassles.
If you want to give an item as a gift, just cross off the price but leave the rest of the tag there. That way, the tag is still attached and we cannot deny return if it's in original condition.
If you try to return something without the receipt, we will need an I.D. (This is to prevent theft and fraud.) You will also get store credit for what the item is worth currently that day, and not the amount you paid for it. Keeping your receipt secures the amount you will get back even if it's over 30 days. If it's over 30 days, You can get back the full amount of $20 in store credit rather than a marked down price of 4 or 6 dollars in store credit. This is why it is suggested you bring your items back ASAP for a return.
Please keep in mind that all company stores (Such as Ross, Marshall's, TJ MAXX, Walmart) all operate and run differently. It's fine to make a comparison, but expecting Ross to handle things the way TJ MAXX does will not happen. They are separate companies operated by different people with different policies. You will only get angrier if you continue to rely on that.
Store credit never expires, and you can use it at ANY ross, regardless of state.
If you lose your store credit, we cannot give you more store credit to replace what you lost. Outside of our store, it is not our responsibility to ensure you remember to place your store credit somewhere safe.
You can exchange your returns for anything in the store, even if it's not the same type of product. For example, you can exchange a purse you changed your mind on for a pair of shoes and just pay the difference. :)
Don't get mad at Ross employees over the policy. As i've stated before, we don't have control over that, it's a corporate thing. All we can do in store is carry out Ross procedures. Being mean and nasty to Ross employees does not mean you will get what you expect either. Strangely enough, we are humans too that are on your side but are limited by policy.

Happy holidays, I hope this was helpful in answering some questions.

Posted by Emma

I am sorry to say that I have to disagree to this policy. Why can't we return the item after we wear it or better yet what if we only wanted to wear it once for a special occasion and you knew you weren't going to wear it again. So you wash it and find out you can't return it because you wore it then washed it. I think it would be better if we could return the items. What if you actually bought something you liked not knowing what it was untell you took a closer look after wearing it before you threw it in the washer. Maybe it was a shirt or even jeans that was for pregnant people and you want to return it then they say "sorry you can't return this item because you wore it once." Or something like that. I haven't tried to return things I buy because I love my clothes, but what if I made a mistake like that and they said that then whatoh yeah I WASTED MY MONEY AND I COULDNT EVEN RETURN THE STUPID ITEM. I'm just saying that Ross can change their policy and maybe, just maybe I will change my mind about my opinion.

Posted by Just Carge Me Phone

Went to Ross bought a phone charger and broke within 24Hrs then returned it bought another in store plugged it in and that one just didn't work returned it and got my cash and left. 4 trips, a lot of waiting in line. They need some quality control. Disappointed.

Posted by Sabina

I was out of town and found I needed a light sweater to ware to a wedding. It was too cold to wear. The next day tried to return the light sweater.The store said it is against company policy to return a designer sweater. I feel ripped off. This not common practice in all orher department stores. I have been a loyal Ross shopper for a very long time. I spend my hard earned money at Ross and to be treated rudely just because of a $20 sweater put a dislike for the store in McKinney. TX.

Posted by Lisa

My experience at Ross' in Catonsville, MD was terrible. I went in to the store right after work and selected two Bamboo Pillows. I stood on line for 10 minutes (with only two cashiers). It was finally my turn next and up walked another customer who shouted out, "who will be taking me with a return?" The one cashier, said I will take you next. I said what about me? I have been waiting 10 minutes and she just walked in. The people waiting behind me where not happy as well. Once the cashier finished helping the customer she told the lady who wanted to be helped ahead of the line with her return to step up. I felt discriminated against and for good reason that I will not go into here. I put down my purchases and walked out of the store.
I am a working professional and this is not the first time I was treated with disrespect at this Ross'. I will never shop in this store again.
I did call and ask to speak to the Manager and she apologized, but turned around and said it is Ross' policy to take a return in front of any customer. The cashier that was working the return counter was too busy hanging up clothes.
You lost a good paying customer!

Posted by Mn

I had a really bad experience today in Ross on Limestone, Pflugerville ! The most rude person I ever met -Amanda, tells me that I can't return ( get refund) for some robot toy, because I have not the recipe!!!
Up on the toy I had piece of the sticker of Ross but not all the price! The toy was unopened and even after the showing an other exactly the same toy but blue, she didn't accept and didn't refund me! She told me that is manager on duty and the things have to go on her way!!!
This is the most unprofessional and rude person I ever met! Now I know the reason all my neighbors do not want to visit that store! The terrible employee ever!!!!!

Posted by Jake

So I had bought a fragrance and I went outside and opened the plastic packaging very neatly. I took out the cologne and it was so small. I went back inside not even 30minutes later and they said oh you opened the packaging so it's considered altered. Had i known this, i probably wouldnt have opened it. Manager said the employee at check out shouldve told me. If that was the case then i wouldve let it go. Manager could have easily taken it back. Being a manager of a corporate store i would try to help everyone out. Some managers at ross need to be a little more empathetic.

Posted by ninjakelster

I returned 10/11 items only a day after purchase & paid $ cash & $ was store credit. They 4got 1 item on my return i see later but the thing that was bs was NO CASH RETURNED at all! So she said if it goes under $50 then should be fine bc I guess they mail returns over $50 even with receipt? Plus they needed photo id with receipt? That's not ok bc didn't need to buy the items! But neways no cash refunded & back of receipt says Merchandise returned within 30 days eikl be refunded as same way it was purchased! WHAT!!! Ok Ross thanks for stealing my cash & only giving me credit voucher & took my $ item without adding to refund & only thing i kept original purchase was $ so math doesn't even add up to put ALL on voucher!

Posted by Anna

Had an awful experience, bought a nice bag for 70$ what I thought but the bag has scratch's and zippers are bad and now they are refusing to work with me, never had so much issues with as now.

Posted by Ross Employee

As a Ross employee I'll clarify some of these incidents for you.
1: Asking for an ID. Our registers automatically ask us for a form of ID whether it be a passport, ID or DL. Just some form of ID if either of the following occur: you do not have a receipt, you are returning it within 24 hours, or it has been either over the return period of 30+.
2: Price Ticket removal. Once you remove the ticket it IS consider altered unless you purchased it without the tag attached. Once removed it is up to the store's management whether or not they allow you to return the item.
3: Fragrances. Once again once you open the fragrance or perfume it is considered altered. Ross usually takes returns that have no defects and puts them back on the floor. So once it is opened we can't repackage it in its plastic sealing with the price tag on it if you remove it. Consider this when purchasing fragrance.
4: Return of funds back to card: It depends on your bank not our processing when your money returns back to the card it could take from business days depending on your bank of course. Please keep this in mind next time your purchase with your debit or credit card. As well as checks.
Hope this was helpful.

Posted by James B

I just tried to return an item that I was sure I would wear but after I removed the tags in decided not to keep them. I didn't try then on in the store and they were way too big. I brought the shirts back with all of the tags and the original receipt. I was told by wiman in returns that once you remove the tags they cannot take back. This is bs. Shorts weren't worn. I told her to smell them if she thinks im tryng to lie. She says "I know you didn't wear them but that's our policy".

Posted by Anonymous

I think ross is fraud it does not matter when u purchase an item they should give u back u money if the item is not used

Posted by Bob

i have returned items to Ross two days ago and i had to agree to be refunded on my debit card but no has show up yet. It left my account the second i paid but i cant get it back for two days now and i dont know if i ever will. Never EVER pay with card in Ross, take cash to get a cash back. This is a fraud !! If it takes a second to take it should take a second to return.

Posted by Anonymous

I bought my son some clothes for Christmas but he has never wore them at all I didn't realize he out gree the size I live out of town and I had shipped them to him what can I do about returning the items or exchange.

Posted by Tefa71;

I bought a couple of things at Ross one of them was a pair of shorts when I got home I couldn't find them is there a way to get them if I still have the receipt or I just have to accept that I spent $12 and didn't get anything haha?

Posted by MariaG

Hi i have item that i purchase year and all item has a pricr tag but can i still return the items

Posted by SC

I purchased a dress today that I thought was clearance because it said price reduction/reduced price..something along that line. When I finally tried on the dress at home the tag was missing. I also noticed that the dress was damaged under the sleeve, which wasn't noticeable at first glance. Could it be that the cashier removed the tag, making the damaged item a final sale?????!!! Is that how it goes with their damaged items?

Posted by Iris Corado

Ros store is rubbish. Pre a lotions i wanted to debolve and i did not smell them so ugly smell that i smell better without these rubbish.

Posted by Refund??BP

Hi guys..I bought a pair of shoes from Ross and I want to return those but I lost the tag and there is a receipt so will they refund me back with no tag and just a receipt?

Posted by Je

So like I realidad a dress i bought was faulty and I literally haz not worn it or washed it,could I still get store credit

Posted by Nancy

Look people everyone knows you need a receipt to returns things to most stores and that tags should be on them. If you wear something a couple times you shouldn't be able to return them just because you no longer find them appealing. Also who cares if someone knows your divers license number, that os not sensitive information. The comments on here are ridiculous.

Posted by Mrs.Chambers

I went to the Ross in Ocala on the Blvd. Today to get a pair of shoes refunded as well as a mistake the cashier had made by scanning the same item twice. I was told that I wasn't getting any no ey back since it took me a month to notice it. I'm sorry but I have a life that is super crazy and busy it's not my job to put my life on hold to fix their mistakes! I then purchased 2 bottles of cologne for my husband and when I got out to the car my son told me I got the wrong one. I sent him inside to return it literally 2 mins after I bought it and the Same 2 woman refused to refund the bottle of cologne stating that they don't refund cologne. I didn't go inside because I didn't feel like you g to JAIL today I have never been treated so horribly by someone in retail especially when I did nothing wrong except return shoes that didn't fit my niece!!

Posted by Worst customer service

To whom it may concern: I visited the Wynnewood village Ross location today for a return because the store was convenient from my mother's house. However the experience was terrible. They refused to return my item due to the descriptions on receipt and tag not matching. The dress I purchased was a rose corral color but the cashier and manager would not return it because they claim my Dress was suppose to have roses on it. How can a cashier and manager tell me what I purchased. I did not purchase a floral pattern dress. My tag said rose fascia which is a color. The staff really needs more training and proper knowledge on customer service. I will never shop Ross or a dd discount again . They are sisterhood and have terrible service. The sad thing is that they have been my favorite stores but I will not tolerate being treated with disrespect. As I recall all the numerous years I've shopped there they have not compared my tag and size when I make my purchases but yet they are quick to give me a hard time when I wish to return their item. It's my money and I have the right to return which ever item I am not pleased with. If it is such a big conflict why does Ross not correct the tags before selling their products.

Posted by Anonymous

Last Saturday, I went to Ross in Philadelphia (Cedarbrook shopping center) to return a blouse that I brought one day prior. While I waited in line, I listened to a Jamaican woman asking why her New York City ID was not enough to allow the "store manager" to give her a store credit. He said more than once - "What is required is a State or Federal ID and your ID is local". He added that he would accept the ID of her son who was with her. Frustrated, she walked away and I asked her - Do you have the receipt? She answered, "yes", I have the receipt and tags are on the dress. She said that she bought the dress a few months ago for a special occasion and unfortunately, she gained weight and can no longer wear it. She expressed a desire to simply get a credit to buy another dress that would fit. Bothered by the encounter, I searched the internet for a statement of your return policy and saw no requirement for ID, certainly no requirement specifying a federal ID. I shared the information with the woman who went back to the manager who gave her the credit.
During this time of Xenophobia, I felt uneasy by this encounter wondering if ROSS has issued special instructions for dealing with immigrants. I sincerely hope not!

Posted by Glam Mommy

Thought I would add my experience hope it helps because I came to this site also wondering when my return would go back on my card. I made a purchase on 4/18 at Ross with my debit card. Ended up returning 1 of the items yesterday on 4/19 at around 5pm. This morning I checked and nothing in my account, just recently I checked again at 2pm and it shows deposited and available in my account. So for me it did not take long. I assume if a credit card was used maybe it would take longer?

Posted by Rosstroubles64

I returned a pair of shoes I bought with my debit card. It's been 2 business days and still no refund what do I do

Posted by Colin graham

I bought a pair of kd 7 elite shoes by Nike at your butler Pennsylvania store about 2 and a half months ago. I realize that they probably would not be able to be returned because they have been worn but I was wondering if I could at least get store credit because the plastic part on the bottom snapped in half from just normal wear.

Posted by noname

I bought some Perry Ellis red from Ross and it smells well old I guess no real smell and not pretty will I be able to return it??

Posted by Anonymous

In respondo to DeAnna jones I am a ross associate and I can a sure you , you are entitled to a refund on any debit card as long as it it debit id doesnt have to be the same.exact one just side it or insert it and your on your way, some cashier just like to give you a hard time ,

Posted by Anonymous

In regards to Ross asking for your Drivers license number: its not illegal. Lots of stores ask for this and are not required to list it in their refund policy. It's a fairly common practice among large retailers nowadays.

Posted by Kimmy

Today I bought a pretty cheap spring dress at Rosswent home ,which is a mile away tried it on and was too bigso 2 hours later I returned it and the nice Ross Employee asked for my drivers licesnce and it looked like she entered the dl number into the computer ! I felt like this was kind of intrusiveit's just an 11 dollar dress and I had paid with credit card! I asked her why and she and the other employee didnt know why I've never had store ask for my drivers license

Posted by Kristina

Days ago i had 2 returns with reciept and they said i had to slide my card both times so i did . Only once did i sign. But got a recipt 2xs that it was refunded.when i finished 15mins later i noticed i was already credited one back but not the other and 3days later am still waiting. Can i ask why or should i go back and lt the store know.

Posted by Syd

I bought a nice flowy cover and I don't really find it appealing anymore. I've only wore it twice and I cut the tag off. I think I have a receipt. I was wondering if I could take it back without the tag

Posted by Ella

I bought somethung from burke,va that time 02,10,, same day 1 hours later I was returned with my receipt,I was charged with my credit card,today is date 02,13 , suddenly I check my credit card online, they were not refund my many,this is bad experience,I just wanna share with everyone,also workers cashier they were not nice

Posted by 90% of the time it's YOUR fault

I have been shopping at Ross since I was I have made plenty of returns with no issues. I came here to see how long my refund will take to appear on my credit card. I scroll down to read the comments and I've never seen so many idiots who think they are entitled to everything. Boo hoo~! I'm old so they need to listen to me or my child is out of state so they should give me more time. If the tags are off and you don't have your receipt your damn problem. Also, a lot of places ask for ID so that they can keep track of you. For all they know you could be one of those people who just keep buying and then return the next day for the thrill. Don't shop at Ross if you don't like it! BETTER FOR ME! I'll get all the deals. You want cheap stuff but and you call them crooks but in reality its not. If everyone got to return crap they washed or tore the tags off on then they would raise the prices!!!!!
You guys are all so stupid and think you're entitled to everything. You guys need to reevaluate yourselves.

Posted by get.real

I returned a Washable Memory Foam Mattress Pad I bought the day prior to my local Ross store (Seattle, WA ). I paid $ ($ with tax) in cash. Due to reading unfavorable online reviews on Amazon, I decided to return it. It was in new, mint, as-sold-as condition with the receipt. I was not denied the return.

I was asked to give my driver's license to be entered into the computer. Again, the return wasn't denied. I asked the cashier and she said "the machine wanted it." The back of the receipt doesn't disclose this return process either, neither does their website. The cashier didn't know, or wouldn't tell me the reason for entering my private information. If I would have been told of this policy prior to starting the return, I would have kept the item and listed in on eBay, or eventually used it.

I am not a criminal, or terrorist that buys things, changes tags out, switches items, or whatever this is being done for. I don't think this is legal especially when a customer has the receipt and it's returned within 30 days (under 24 hours in my case). Plus, it's an item that would be put back on the shelf and resold.

This is a very questionable practice that unlawfully collects private information on customers. It doesn't provide any useful merchandise return info for Ross either especially when the return wasn't denied and the return instructions were followed. I don't routinely return items either. Instead, I shop enough and keep 95% or more of the things I buy.

I emailed Ross for an explanation, an email, and/or written disclosure on my "return activity report." I will be complaining to the Federal Trade Commission next if I don't get my ridiculous "return activity report".

I have contacted The Retail Equation and they said they don't work for Ross. I am waiting for Ross to return my email about what company does collect this info.

This has been a lesson learned to not shop at stores that are not trustworthy.

For your information, and again:
The Retail Equation isn't the company collecting return activity on customers at the Ross store at , Seattle, WA. I am waiting for Ross to reply back on who is, what it's being used for, and for a copy of my hilarious "return verification" tracking info.

Posted by Customerservice

I went 3 times to Ross to returned hyperdunk nike shoes. One I had the receipt for and the second pair I did not. The first time they told that the manager was in the stores in the mornings. I go in today at the same as yesterday and I was referred to the mgr who I saw there all those 3 days. She can't exchange or give me a voucher for the high end nike shoes they said.A receipt is required if not the value is cents.. Lol.. They had the same shoes for $50, I paid $34 because the tag said ladies shoes. It was a mess. Could not returned them. I bought the $50 dollar shoes to show corporate and she tells me you can't returned the shoes with that receipt.omg I steaming.. But will call someone smart enough to show the nike policy.

Posted by Anonymous

so i had a handbag that I recently bought and they said that they couldnt take it back without a receipt even for store credit and it doesnt say anything on the receipt or website that says that

Posted by Nm

How long does it take for the money to be put back on the card after a refund has been made at Ross?

Posted by Tyler Schmidt

Tjmax will give you cash back even if you buy your items with a debit card, but Ross does not. Makes me wonder why I even still shop there

Posted by Anonymous

I purchased a Calphalon skillet several years ago at a Ross store and need to make a warranty claim through the Calphalon company on the item. I have a piece of the packaging with the Ross price tag still in place, but can't find my original receipt. Do any of the codes on your price tags indicate what year the item may have been in the store for purchase? The warranty is for a full 10 years, but I can't prove the pan isn't "out of warranty" without an approximate date. Can you help?

Posted by Deanna Janes

I'm very unhappy with the return/refund policy. I bought 3 dresses 2 weeks ago. Actually 4 if you count the 1 I bought at Cato which by the way I had no problem getting a cash refund for when I returned it today. However, when I came to your store to return the dresses (that obviously had the tags on them and hadn't been worn accompanied with the receipt ) there was a problem at least for me. The cashier explained that she could not give me cash it would have to go back on the debit card it was purchased with which I did not have as my husband was with me when the purchase was made and he paid for them. As a side note the reason there were a total of 4 dresses purchased that day is my mother in law passed away on December 15 and we bought them so my father in law could decide which one he wanted his wife of 43 years to be buried in. Now I could understand if I bought them yesterday and for whatever reason the charge hadn't cleared the bank or if I had paid by check or credit card but it was paid with a debit card 2 weeks and my only option is to put it back on the card or get a store credit. That is absolutely absurd to me! I will say the cashier was nice and of course asked to speak to the manager and she was as well but explained that there was nothing she could do for me. So at this point I still have the 3 dresses. And it appears I will have to have my husband return the dresses. I'm just hoping that someone can explain this policy to me.

Posted by Ximena Ortiz

I've visited the Ross store on Haskell at Lemmon Ave. in Dallas, TX. And it is by far the most horrible shopping experience I have ever endured. The cashiers are highly disrespectful and forget about them ever saying thank you. They yell at everyone on the line like we are cattle. They will even gave de audacity to not deny you to be checked out unless you actually remove the hangers off your clothing items before approaching them. So if my math is correct I should either get a discount or you should pay me for taking off the hangers. I am pretty sure this is illegal, you can't put your patrons to work when we are there to spend money!

Posted by Anon

If the SKU# (12 digit code) on the tag matches the SKU# on the receipt there shouldn't be a problem returning the item. Sometimes descriptions don't accurately match, why, I don't know but, it has been known to happen. As an associate, I don't always rely on the description but, I ALWAYS rely on the SKU#. If the SKU# on the tag doesn't match the one on the receipt and the description also doesn't match then it's highly likely the tag was switched post purchase. If it was a pre-purchase switch, it wouldn't matter if the mistake was on the stores end or the customers because that SKU# would be the one on the receipt. The one thing I do, that I don't think a lot of employees do, is check the description when it pops up on my screen. I try not to do it with tags that are plastic tagged into clothing because it's impossible for a customer to switch tags like that but, when I have a sticker tag or a reduced tag on an item, I look to see if the description matches, I pay special attention to older looking tags and tags that look like they may have been tampered with. I have caught switches and because I can't physically prove the person standing in front of me was the one who did it, I just let them know that the item is incorrectly priced and I offer to look up the actual price. In cases where jewelry is involved, it's always best to take it back to the store you purchased it at. All Ross locations can accept purchases from other stores as returns but, in instances where there may be a mix up with the tag, it's always best to return it to the store you purchased it at. Every receipt has the employee number belonging to the associate who rang you up, it also has the date, time and which register it was rung up on. That will help if necessary. Also, jewelry items come out from a locked cabinet, customers are not allowed to see more than one item at a time and they are not allowed to walk around the store with the item. If a customer wants to purchase a piece of jewelry or a better brand watch, we give them a number to give to the cashier, we attach a copy of that number to the item and the cashier will get the item when the customer is being rung up. So, it's relatively hard for a customer to do a pre-purchase price tag switch with an associate standing right in front of them. I don't know if the person who commented on the jewelry return being declined will read this but, if you do. Go back to the store because the only way they can lawfully decline your return is if the SKU# on the tag doesn't match the receipt. If you purchased multiple pieces of jewelry, any of them were the same price and you removed the tags, it's possible that you mixed the tags up. If the item you were returning didn't have the tag with it anymore, they can legally decline the return if the description doesn't match because without the tag, the description is all they have to go on. No Ross associate should dismiss you the way you've claimed to be dismissed. It happens more often than not and it's not a good reputation to give a store. We're supposed to give you a reason to come back, not accuse you of something we can't prove you did and then treat you like you don't matter, that's not how it works. Unfortunately, there are associates who mistreat customers, and this return was % mishandled.

Posted by Anonymous

I have been a Ross customer for close to 15 years. I visit A Ross store every week. I have spent thousands of dollars at various Ross stores. This past visit I encountered a rude and non professional employee. I had. Bought a jewelry item and was trying to return it. This particular employee was accusing me of switching the tag. I was appalled!!! She didn't care that there was ta long line of customers waiting to pay. The receipts states a different description than the actually jewelry item. So i was trying to explain to her that this is how I bought the item and it is not my fault that you guys don't tag the items the right way. As I was trying to speak she would not even have the courtesy to hear me out! She just kept interrupting me and would say it doesn't matter!!! After all that has said, My point is, first Ross is not tagging and matching the right items and it is not right for the employees to blame the customers in a very rude and non professional way. I had this kind of incident happen to me two other times at another Ross location. Not with jewelry item but clothing items. I didn't think too much of it but, this las visit I thought I needed to complain . Than you for listening.

Posted by Ashleen

Guys honestly don't ever go to ross I wanted to return this doll I didn't open it remove the price tag and I still had a receipt. When I went in to return it they told me I couldn't return it after 30 days and didn't give me a refund or store credit I bought this yesterday!

Posted by Bdods

Returns at Ross are ridiculous. I have two shirts I received AS GIFTS (so obviously I don't have the receipts) and they don't fit. Tried multiple times to return them for IN STORE CREDIT and no one will accept them. The tags are still on and everything. This is ridiculous. It's not like I'm returning upscale clothing in the first place. I understand not receiving money back, but I can't believe I can't get in store credit. I used to love finding bargains at Ross. I'm now stuck with two things that do not fit and they are just sitting on my shelf collecting dust.

Posted by Nell92

I went in to the Ross in Hemet California today to do a return. I have the receipt and the tags were still attached to the clothes. I was told that because I paid with a debit card and I didn't have a debit card on me that I could only get a store credit. I have never heard of this. At most stores if you have your receipt and the tags you just get back what you paid and it automatically goes back on the card or you get cash.

Posted by Senior Citizen

I purchased one item for approx. $, paid with check. Returned two days later to purchase matching shirt & misc., approx. amount of $, to be paid with check. I waited in excess of 30 minutes, the clerk had difficulty with the check machine; proceeded to tell me she could not process the check. I left the purchase on the counter and it will be a cold day in July before I set foot in any Ross store again. I'd prefer to pay more, shop major dept. store without the unnecessary long wait time and have a store that cares about customer service! By the way, my credit is excellent and I have plenty of funds in the bank. The problem was your store machinery, your inept clerk and by the way, there were customers leaving merchandise and walking out - tired of waiting in line people deep! Crappy store, we don't need these type businesses in our town.

Posted by Anonymous

How long can you hold onto a merchandise return card

Posted by Anonymous

I bought a dress on the 24th of oct have not worn it or taken tags off i cant find my receipt and i paid with credit card can i return it

Posted by Rosebudd

For those wondering why Ross ask for an ID upon returning right after a purchase, it is because the receipt takes 24 hours in order for it to be activated. Ask me why I do not know, that is a corporate question. I am a Ross employee. ROSS policy states we cannot accept any merchandise that has been worn washed or altered. Please do not be upset with the ross employee , we are only following the policy that corporate has stated, as a ross employee we must follow.
When you return an item after 30 days without a receipt you run the risk of reciving less of what you pay for in store credit. That is because Ross does weekly markdowns when an item in the store gets marked down that is the price of the item therefore that is the price you will be refunded without a receipt. Keep in mind.l, by store policy the limit is $50 without a receipt. Lingere must be returned in the exact same conditioned it was purchased as meaning all tags attached along with hanger and must have a receipt. If tags are detached the item will not be accepted.

Ross has a very strict return policy because we are a discounted store, we already offer very low prices. It hurts the store when an item is returned when it is used washed or altered because we end up tossing it since it is un sellable . So please be considerate when it comes to returns or exchanges. Please do not be upset with the ross employee. We are only doing our job, we are here to help you while following our policy.

Posted by Toshiba

How does the store know if something is washed, unless you tell them you washed it? I've never had any problems returning items after I washed them, as long as I had the tags and receipt and returned it within 30 days.

Posted by bmerst

Be sure to check items especially clothing closely before purchasing. I bought two tops made of the same material but didn't not check for problems with them. After I washed them one of them had a small hole in it. I know it was not my washer as this has never happened to me before in the 5 years I've owned it. Because it was washed now I can't return it. Very disappointed and if I buy clothes from them again I will be Much more causious.

Posted by None

Good morning my name is Raymon. Recently i purchuased a pair of wireless bluetooth head phones .I have a recipte and they stopped working .while i was listening to music they cut this point i went to turn them off and they wouldnt turn off ..finally after a 24 hour pirod i pushed button and then they finally turned off..I have to return them Today September 12, ..I have recitpe thank you very muxh.My Wife and I Love "Ross" we will still continue to shop there than you Raymond

Posted by Yosimi Oladimeji

Hi, I bought a pair of Steve Madden sneakers, size 7 but I realized that they were too small for me when I got home to try them on. So I was wondering if I could go back to the Ross I bought it from to exchange it for a bigger size?
Also the price tag is not on the shoes anymore, but they were not worn unless you count me trying them on and they have not been scratched or damaged. So can I exchange it for a size 8 please?

Posted by sara

Can I exchange to items for one item if not used or worn?

Posted by sudha

I had a fantastic experience i had lost my receipt and found it after 40days still Ross gave me full refund great service it great work

Posted by Anonymous

Really first off while buying these $7 shorts last minute I had to wait in line for 20 minutes for a cashier to arrive then I get to my moms and the dang shorts don't fit I quickly try to return them as we were headed to the beach and want a different size I hand it to the lady with the tags and reciept and she says since its the same day they will not allow any returns without an ID EVEN tho it was less then an hour ago and I had the reciept. Assocyou suck

Posted by sick of these ridiculous complai

I have not had any problems returning items at Ross as long as I was within STORE policy. I am sitting here reading some of the most ridiculous complaints from people. If you WASH the article it becomes non-returnable. If the tags are missing and no receipt, NO REFUND. If the product becomes faulty after wearing it then that is your loss. You take a chance every single time you purchase something that it will break or come apart. That is not the department stores responsibility. You are buying at a discount store. Keep that in mind. Suck it up and stop complaining. If you return something bc oh now you realize you have some bill due, and complain that the store doesnt consider your situation, then you SHOULDNT have been shopping in the first place. Every single place that you buy from is in it to make a profit. Regardless of how inexpensive the items may be. Oh and jewelry can NEVER be returned, that is a health hazard.

Posted by Unhappy Lady

I bought a few shirts from Ross 6/17/16 and like everybody went home and washed them before wearing, and one of the shirts for my husband came apart on the bottom. I went to return and they wouldn't let me because it was washed! Who doesn't wash clothes before wearing? Isn't that a way to see and know if they have defaults? So now my husband has this shirt that we have to fork more money out to get fixed.

Posted by Halliecat

Over a 2 day period, I visited 3 different Ross stores in order to purchase four
complete sets of bath towels for a wedding gift. The first purchase, I used a store
credit for $14 and paid the balance of $22 with my Discover card. I purchased
two different colors and would decide later which color to keep.
Next morning, went to 2nd Ross store and found more towels but still not complete sets. Immediately after, visited 3rd Ross store and found the remaining towels to complete the 4 sets. At that same time, I returned the color of towels I would not be keeping. Those were purchased on the very 1st receipt where I used both store credit and Discover card. To my surprise, they gave me store credit!! NO WAY! I complained that it should be a credit to my Discover but they said the computer would not allow it. RIDICULOUS!! That is totally wrong!! They apologized and said that they couldn't do anything about it.
I have been shopping at Ross for decades and consider it my favorite store. Is this
a new policy? I have never had that happen before. In addition, they required me to
show ID when I used the store credit. WHY??? This, too, must be new policy. I would
like a representative from Ross to contact me with an explanation for this idiocy.
Before you know it, I will drop Ross like I did Kohls when they ripped me off after
returning an item where I used Kohls cash. I can just imagine what their excuse
will be: "it's because of dishonest people". Well, I'm not one of them!!! Ok Ross,
you have my email, I'm waiting to hear from you.

Posted by Shopper

I purchased a purse on 5/15/16 and took it home. I eventually decided that I really didn't need the purse so I took it back to a Ross store on 6/16/16 - exactly 30 days after the purchase. I had never removed ANY of the tags from the purse - the manufacture tag and the Ross price tag were still attached. The store would not give me a refund to the card I used for the purchase - only store credit. I was within the 30 day return date, had the original receipt, all the tags were attached. Needless to say, I was very angry. I do a lot of shopping at Rossor at least I used to.

Posted by Pokergal

Will Ross accept the designer tags without the Ross price and barcode on clothes for a return? My grandmother bought Mother's Day gifts for all the mothers in the family. I wrapped the gifts for her and removed the Ross tags with the prices on them. I did leave the designer tags intact. Three of the gifts didn't fit or weren't liked and need to be returned. I have the receipt and it has not been 30 days since the date of purchase. Can my grandmother get her money back?

Posted by lorilorilir

i shop at 3 different Ross stores on a regular basis. I hardly ever bring anything back but when you do - you meet the most nasty side of the cashiers. They seem to find a bad reason. For example. I just finished paying for my merchandise when the cashier forgot to do Senior Day Discount - so they said I needed my drivers license - which I didn't have with me, as I didn't drive - but I just paid for the merchandise 30 seconds before. Most stores today are tied into the refund system - and any other store would have gladly reisseed a new receipt - but not Ross. There must be some sort of demerit system against the employee if they issue a VALID REFUND.

Posted by Kathy

I bought a pair of shoes and I returned it in perfect unused condition after one month. The cashier at ross returned my Item and said that she's going to give me store credit but she only gave me a receipt and no store credit . Can I use my receipt as my store credit ? And if not , what should I do ?

Posted by Ffe

I bought some cologne for my yesterday an my smell it and he didn't so I tried to take it back to they said no I will no longer shop at ross

Posted by Roya

Any feedback from Ross would be greatly appreciated. I'm not a habitual Ross shopper. I have bought pet clothes, but that's it. Last Saturday, my mother asked me to take her to Ross. I wasn't looking, but I stumbled across a beautiful roomy hot pink purse that was both vegan, led-free, and only $! Even though I was a wee bit reluctant, my mother convinced me to buy the purse. She even offered to buy it for me. So I bought it and transferred my belongings from one bag to this one, and once I saw how it laid on my shoulder, I tore of the tag, and threw away the receipt. The one thing I forgot to pull from the purse was its original tag with the designer's name. On Monday, I wore my purse proudly. That afternoon, my cell phone fell out of the zippered pocket. I noticed that the non-functional zipper ~ only there for its visual effect had come undone from the base. I tried pulling it to get the teeth fastened at the base, but it didn't come down. So here I was, with a purse that one side of the pocket exposed with a faulty zipper. Today, I thought, if nothing elsethey could at least grant me a store credit. I printed my bank statement proving that I had purchased the purse on Saturday. It even gave a terminal information. The purse with tax, it was $ I walked over the Ross by my work. As soon as I explained the situation, showed my statement, the Ross bag in which the bag was purchasedthe manager told me that she wouldn't give me a store credit. She suggested to call the store I had purchased my purse from, as they can look up transactions of the day. I called the Ross I had bought the purse from. They too refused to help me! My Godwhat happened to customer service? Since I'm not in the habit of returning things, and didn't have the foresight to keep my receipt, should I get punished?

Posted by Vanessa Gomez

I'm just finished cancer treatment
It has been very difficult with my health issues. Today I return a pair of shoes that I purchased for my 93 yr old mother. I had save my receipt I waited for the longest time on line. When I noticed someone was on a return line. The whole incident was upsetting especially that it was around p all day I could not have anything to eat because of my stomach being so sick. I explained to the person my license even had picture of how little hair I'd have couple months ago because of cancer. I explained i needed my money because how difficult it had been to get to your store and health insurance medication is expensive. Today was exactly a month it read on the receipt I never knew that a receipt was not honored after this time. I tried to find something to buy for the amount of dollars could not find anything. I also explained that I loose these papers easily. So I'm out the total of dollars. I very depressed over this situation, here I have been trying to get a pair shoes. She can't use anything with shoelaces because she forgot how it works, and she does not want to admit it that she has a problem. She is in another state which is harder for also. I have been trying to have her but she trying to sell her home. Stores give you money back if you give original receipt, I cannot understand your policy. I honestly did not know that you did not honor it. I'm at a lost for money.

Posted by Yergarale

Yes the ID is needed for purchases made within 24 hours. I just went through that today with shoes I bought in the A.M and returned in the evening.

Posted by ??? Shopper

I bought a pair of shoes for my son. When I got home, he tried them on and it was too big. I went back within an hour with my receipt to exchange for smaller size because he needed to wear it that night. The cashier was asking for my ID. When I ask why. She said that because I'm returning it in less than 24 hours and the system requires it.

Does anyone know if this is true or had similar experience? I read Ross return policy but didn't find any thing about returning within 24 hours require ID. I didn't even want a refund. I just wanted to exchange for a smaller size.

Posted by Mandy

It's funny a lot of people, don't read the back of the receipt! If you really paid attention to what it says you wouldn't be having to write here. It's called being lazy and entitled. I have never had a problem with my return. I don't bring worn and damage clothing and I always keep my receipt with me. I never had an issue.

Posted by Secret shopper

I shopped at Ross and picked up a couple items. After about an hour, I went back to return one of the items. I handed the cashier my receipt and after requesting my ID, she issued me a merchandise credit. Unfortunately, she didn't say anything and I thought that my card had been refunded. I didn't notice the credit until I had arrived at home.

Posted by Anonymous

Hi I just got the worst shopping experience, manager name Eva, I couldn't returned few prices of jewelry, I got the revive and everything The tag was off, but I having it with me After so much arguments.. End up with the merchandise

Posted by Micheal

My experience for buying at ross wasn't good at all. I bought snow boots that were $ and the second time I wore them they ripped and water got in them. I went back to ross with my receipt they told me I couldn't return it because they have been used. I would never go to ross and I do not recommend it for many different reasons. Ross is a ripoff.

Posted by rpst

I was disappointed when I returned a steelers shirt with all tags on and the orginal receipt that I paid cash for as my son lives out of the state. When this was a duplicate gift it had to be returned. Since I purchased it oct 31 and not nov 1 I was not able to get my cash back and had to get store credit that he cant use. I also will not shop there any longer because they didn't care about the situation and wouldn't bend one day even with him out if state

Posted by Confused

I tried to return a pair of Nike shoes that were purchased for me as a Christmas gift. I didn't have a receipt but was told I couldn't even get store credit without a receipt because they are name brand Is this true?

Posted by Westnds

I purchased a pair of $35 earrings for my seven year-old grand-daughter's Christmas gift on 12/12/ It was a 10kt gold Love-knot design. She opened the gift on Christmas and excitedly asked to try them on. The earring fell off the stud when she picked it up. I returned to the store where I purchased the earrings with the gift receipt and the original receipt in hand and was refused any refund or exchange because I had cut off the bar-code before wrapping the gift. There was no attempt to accommodate me in any way the error was mine because I neglected to read the fifth paragraph on the back of the receipt that states all fine jewelry purchases must have the tag intact for any returns or exchanges. I am now aware of their store policy and their pure neglect in communicating this fact at the time of the gift's purchase. I am also fully resolved to NEVER AGAIN shop at Ross.

Posted by Jelly

I tried to do a gift exchange and was expecting cash like any other store I would do this at cuz honestly I don't like their merchandise at all here and it's very disorganized and messy clothes and other items on the floor everywhere associates are rude and yelled at us when we tried to return items when they said I couldn't return it unless I have the card it was purchesed on with me when all I really needed was the gift receipt and the item with the tag on it witch I had this commercial palms location needs to be shut down or changed because I'm not shopping at Ross ever again because of this. The associate I dealt with was Katie at the commercial palms location off bruse b downs

Posted by Anonymous

I don't know what to do I have to take a shirt back that had a whole it the side and I have no tags or nothing

Posted by Happy12

I bought a pack of hangers there. When I got home and opened them it was to my attention that they were broken! Can I return them? A day hasn't passed by. Even the dollar store has better quality than Ross.

Posted by Really upset in Los Angeles with

I am very disappointed with my experience. We returned a shoe rack that cost $ I noticed the machine did not display the tax return so I asked the cashier and she asked the cashier next to her and said, "it does it automatically." I said, "ok." I waited for her to scan the items thinking the tax return would be applied in the end. After the transaction, I did the math. The subtotal of the items I purchased before the $ return was $ The subtotal on my receipt was $ Therefore, the cashier deducted $ from (For emphasis: = ). (No tax return so far) The tax here is percent. My receipt showed a sales tax of $ ( &#; = ) She had only deducted $ and charged tax like a regular transaction. Still, where is my $ or $ tax return?!?! (&#; = ) It is not so much the tax return I was fighting for, but for the principle. It is unfair to be treated this way and honestly, it does not help that many other customers will judge you for speaking to management in this particular area. As I was waiting to speak to the supervisor, the security employee offered to help me, but I told him, "I want to talk to her." He was nice, but I thought to myself, "since when does security does the supervisor's job?" I tried to explain the math to the cashier (who happened to be the supervisor that answered my question during the transaction), but she did not follow what I was explaining and continued cutting me off. She did not give me a chance to explain the math and that the numbers did not add up. Also, I explained to her that the other Ross stores I have been to for a return in the past have always displayed the tax return as well. She said, "[This] store does not do that." Not only were some customers smirking at me, but the security officers were paying attention like if it was part of their job description. The female security was also smirking which was really rude. Have you ever returned something at Ross before and not received the tax return?

Posted by star57

I never had any problem with returning to Ross store within 30 days with recipes but my purchases never were used if I want to return it. but many times I see people want to return wore, dirty clothes and said it was never used. It's not big deal to keep recipes.

Posted by DisgustedInAlameda

I called the Ross sure and told them that i had accident washed my 2-week old receipt in the laundry. I explained that i need to exchange for a bigger size Curtains and was told that i can bring it in just fine. I brought them in asked if i can check for the right sizes are available instead of having to do a refund then purchase transactions. i did not have time to stand in line twice. I found the sizes i needed in a different pattern unfortunately. They were much less than the ones I were exchanging which the Associate said it was okay. When she rung the exchange she said that it was worth % LESS what i originally paid. i really did not have time to argue about the whole transaction.
Unfortunate cause i did love the original patterns of the curtains i returned. I decided to go back a couple hours later the repurchase the same curtains if i found them back on the sale floor. I was not able to locate them so decided to check out with the items i had in hand when i saw the curtains in the return rack for restocking. they were priced the the ABSOLUTE full price i originally paid. i wanted these patterns so much i had to buy them. I am disgusted with this absurd practice i plan on writing corporate about this and have taken pictures of the 3 receipts.Other retail stores have added the option to have the receipt emailed to you.this has helped me never loss or accidentally WASH a receipt ever again.

Posted by Annette

I'm trying to return 2 unused items from Ross within the 30 day policy at the store in La Verne where I bought it. They are a costume and wig. I tired on the costume and it didn't fit. Never opened the wig. When I went Monday, the clerk said they don't accept stuff after the holiday. I asked her where it states that anywhere, on my receipt or in the store. She didn't have an answer for me and just said No And there were still costumes on the sale floor. I'm very upset and would like an answer.

Posted by Cheap shopper

I bought table lamp 5 weeks ago and all of sudden the lamp stop working. Suck that I am I week over my stupid 30 days policy!
Now I have to toss this crappy product Ross carried! Throwing $32 dollar for nothing! I should've get lamp at ikea.

Posted by Betsey

I work at ross and it is crazy what people try and get away with. I am a consumer as well but what people must understand is everyone is not honest and unfortunately the honest people have to pay. People sitting here saying I am not going to shop at Ross anymore, REALLY!!!!! ROSS IS AWESOME! However my advice to you as my fellow consumers are as follow:
1) check you stuff out see if there are major flaws
2) keep your receipts have all ross receipts in one place
3)keep the tags if you need to staple them to the receipt
4) stop trippen on stuff and think realistically if you were in the cashiers spot what would you do and remember don't make them try and compromise there jobs for a small $1 savings.
5) Understand that we live in a not so great world and people are scandalous and steal stuff and then try and return it. (these are the people who ruin it for the honest ones.)

I love my job and also remember the attitude you give is what you get backCustomer service it is my job but I am a person who deserves to be respected and if I came to your job acting crazy or heck if you are retired if I came to your home you would hate it if I was rude or disrespectful.
Thank you

Ross employee

Posted by Anonymous

So i actually work for ross & i just have to say following the rules doesn't always work. Customers come to return items that have been used & abused & expect to get their money back- knowing that when they bought the merchandise nothing was wrong with the product, now call corporate by all mean I'm just doing my job & following store policies. But what happenes when your store manager doesn't follow that code? I refuse to get into trouble by not following procedures. Call corporate.

Posted by No longer a Ross shopper

Baught a pair of shoes for my son at a store in El Paso, TX, at Basset Place for the new school year. But then he got accepted at a better school the week before school started where they are required to wear uniforms and either completely all black shoes or completely all white shoes with no other colors at all. And in all the last minute back to school shopping, with so many new items I misplaced my receipt and when I went to exchange the shoes they only wanted to give me half credit. They said the shoes were probably old and out of style but I hadn't baught them that long ago and went to the back n they were still selling the same exact style shoes for the price I originally baught them for. I would shop at Ross for my three children for back to school, birthdays, Christmas and especially tax time. But after this recent experience I will never shop at Ross again.I didn't want my money back, or any kind of store credit. I just wanted to trade the shoes for a pair that was either all black or all white but they refused and said I would have to pay the difference.

Posted by girlpower42

My son bought a pair of shoes at the Decatur store in Ga and worked very hard for the money to buy these shoes. He tried them on in store and liked them but when he wore them outside they were not as comfortable. He only wore them for no more than 5 minutes. H tried to return them with receipt and would not take them back. Their return policies really stink. We were very loyal Ross customers but no more. Have never returned anything and we have shopped there for at least 2 years.


Ross is a store I do not usually go to. The cashier did not give me a receipt and I thought the shoes were just recorded onto the computer. I do not like the shoes, they do not fit; even though it says 51/2. I want to return it, but I do not have the receipt. I did not walk in it and the labels and tags clearly show that it is refundable. I bought that pair of shoes yesterday. This is not a responsible and honest store. The customer service is unbelievably horrible. I am never shopping there again; so why a store credit??????!!

Posted by jjt

While I do agree with the 30 day exchange policy if under 30 days and the merchandise is not worn and tags attached, I think they should at least give a store credit with no receipt. I will not be shopping there in the future, as people mentioned the staff are not courteous and within 30 days, the merchandise is still new for the store.

Posted by Daisy

I love Ross and I hate the customer services at Ross stores. I decorated my whole house from Ross and yes it requires a lot of returns exchanges etcIt is a normal process for over $ on purchases like I made. Some receipts lost and I had to return with my drivers license however they locked my driver license return stating I returned more than 10 times. My items were newly bought with tags or stickers and clearly never used. That's not ok and it made me buy stuff from Kohl's because with Kohl's card they can see my purchases on computer even without receipt I can return. Also managers are never help they are rude and wrong. Aleisha from Houston Bissonet store, made up a price for not priced item and when I said I'm buying way bigger one of the same item for the price that you are trying to charge me that is impossible she said that the big one is priced wrong I laughed and said you have 3 more of the same item on the shelf did all priced wrong? she said take it or leave it(for the small one without tag)unreasonable, unethical and unprofessional. This is just one example.

Posted by Ross did me dirty

Agreed with below comment % they should really
Change their return policy.

Posted by Ross Sucks

Ross return policy sucks! 30 days is too little time. Sales clerks are not friendly and management is generally unhelpful. Be sure you really want what you are buying or you may be stuck with it. With Ross, it's better to really think before you buy.

Posted by Loving Ross Stores!!!!

I am a Ross shopper have been for a long time finding great deals on many items. I was reading some of the other post and just would like to comment on some of them as far as returns. I have worked in the retail industry and know a bit about returns for many stores. Quite a few of them have different policies and it is to the owners discretion to how they accept refunds. When making a purchase it's always wise to inspect the items before you decide to make a purchase. There are instances where some people allow their children to run and play in stores; children break things. There are also instances where a plus sized individual will try on something that is too small for them and destroy the item. This is why it makes since to inspect before you buy. Now there are some stores who will if you still want to make that purchase offer a discount on an item that someone may have messed up. My mother was a seamstress when she purchased clothing that may have had a few buttons missing or the zipper was ripped out of it, those are things that are easily replaceable. Ask for the discount for purchase and a lot of companies will still make that sale. As far as if something getting destroyed in the store and no one being made to be responsible for the payment of that item, stores have the option to sale it as is at a discounted rate or zero it out. So they really don't lose too much revenue when items are torn, broken or destroyed. As far as shopping in Ross, I have never had an issue with a return. Even if I may have been missing either the tags or the receipt the return can be made with one or the other. And either way I am always good with a store credit because I shop there so frequently.

Posted by Suzi

I shop at several Ross stores around my region. I buy at one and return to another without any problems. I always keep my receipt. If I can't make it back within 30 days, they've give me store credit. Once I mislaid the store credit, moved to another state and found it 5 years later. They honored the store credit which was almost $ even though it was a different state and years later. I usually shop Ross's for clothes - they have excellent brands like Calvin Klein, Jones New York, Connected Apparel, Levis, Adidas, Tommy Hilfiger, etc. Because I only buy name brand items, I've never had a problem with the quality of the clothing. I would never expect to wear something, wash it, and then return it to any store and can't believe people would actually expect Ross or any other store to give them a refund for worn/washed items. The store cannot sell the item to anyone else - they lose the money. The only way a store can compensate for losing money like that is to raise the prices. I'd rather Ross keep their price low.

Posted by MaddieC

It's frustrating how you can't return anything unless you still have the receipt I bought a prom dress a few weeks ago that I never ended up wearing, and it still has the tags and everything but I can't return it without the receipt ( which I lost)

Posted by Ross Shopper

I shop at Ross almost twice a week. I buy clothing, houseware, toys, shoes and sometimes I walk out of there with - dollars worth of stuff I really don't need. Clothing I try on at home, as I do not trust the stalls in the store. However, I have never had a problem with returning merchandise at all. I always make sure tags are attached if I changed my mind or if I feel the item does not live up to my expectations. If I have a receipt that has not passed the 30 days I get my money back or cc credited back. If I do not have a receipt I always get store credit if its not over Ross dollar limit. Be a smart shopper when purchasing things from Ross, if its broken take it back immediately, if you have a problem with clothing make sure tags are attached and shoes not worn to get an easy refund. If you wear items don't expect a refund, if housewares are removed from the box don't expect a refund. I once seen a women try to refund a pot and pan set she had used, that was place in a brown boxReally. Ross is a great discount store, be a smart buyer!

Posted by pissedoff

THE WORST, when buying something at Ross, go home to find it broken and not usable and the store will not do anything about it. What a horrible way to do business. I won't but a thing from that ratty store again.

Posted by o revere ave

On Tuesday I purchased apps in merchandise. Did not realize they did not give me my senior discount until next day, I loaded everything in car and went back to same store. They advised that they could not make the adjustment. I asked. - aren't your clerks supposed to ask. Response was yes they should but sorry. Callback tomorrow and speak to someone else. Why would you have a manger in a store that cannot make decisions. Why can't Ross honor a legitimate mistake.
I probably wouldn't make such a fuss if it was a small dollar amount.

I hope that I have a more positive experience tomorrow.

Posted by jim

i barely just bought this mouse for my laptop and as soon as i opened it the mouse didnt work and their policy cant refund me this might be the worst customer policy i have ever seen i hope i can at least get a replacement.

Posted by Rose

Your return policy is the worst. I bought a casual dress for this summer, I got home and went to hang it up in my closet and noticed a HUGE hole in the front of it. I never got to try it on, never got to wear it at all, it still had the original tags on it, and I still had my original receipt. I went to return it 2 days later, and they would not allow me. I was a loyal Ross customer but after this? I don't think so. Your return policy sucks. Gordmans is bigger, has more options, better quality, and a 2 month return policy with or with out tags and a receipt and they allow you to return damaged items. Get it together Ross.

Posted by HaddFamily

I've never had a problem returning things to Ross. I keep all my receipts and take them back within the 30 days allowed. I do a lot of impulse shopping at Ross strictly because if you leave it and go back for it later, it may be gone. I'd rather buy it,think about and decide when not having to rush to a decision. I am aware that I will get a store credit if I don't have a receipt or if the receipt is over 30 days old. I take this into consideration when shopping there. I would always prefer to get a refund but I'm okay with a store credit. I can always find something to buy there. People need to keep in mind that this is a discount store and not all of their products are made as well as others hence the reason for the lower prices. Some things will not hold up like products from other stores but there are some things that are worth buying from there. They have great home decor items like pictures, curtain rods, candles, etc. that hold up fine. It seems to be some of the clothing items are lacking. Probably because they are seconds/not first runs at the factory/imperfect but the household goods seem to always fare well or at least they have for me. While 30 days is a little tight on a return policy I will say I haven't had any problems working within their guidelines. I only hope and pray that my good fortune with the returns at Ross continues. I will keep shopping there.

Posted by Pissed off

I bought cologne here for 44$ and returned it 2days later with no rexcept, unopened. They said they can only give me store credit of 30$ and you look on there shelf and they are still selling it for 40 $. Is this even legal?

Posted by sadie

WORST RETURN POLICY EVER!!! I was a loyal consumer at Ross atleast once, probably twice a week, until now. I tried to return items bought for my daughters room makeover. I had no receipt but they still had the tags on them and were only purchased 2 weeks prior. 5 items, I paid no lower than $25 a piece. When she scanned them, they rang up as cents, , cents, and She said items go on sale every week. ARE YOU SERIOUS??? I have shopped at this store for YEARS, and NOTHING that was $ ever rang up for cents!!!! And just by coincidence, all FIVE things I bought went on sale for less than $???? WHAT A SCAM!!! I will never shop here again.

Posted by Unhappy Customer

I bought 3 clothes in Ross store in Hampton, VA on Nov 29, Next day I returned one clothes of about $ A couple days later I checked my credit card and did not see the credit on my account. They said it took a couple days for the credit to post. Then I was out of country for 3 weeks. I came back and checked my credit card statement and still no credit. I called the store and they said since I did not have my receipt they could not do anything about it, even if I can give the original purchase reference number. I will not buy from Ross any more.


Never Ever Buy Purchase Perfume,they Dont Accept Returns Once You've Removed Plastic..the Scent Doesnt Last For Long, Such A Waste Of Money :(

Posted by Deb in BHC

Return policy just not right!! I had a valid receipt to return paints that I worn once then washed. After washing, the paints unraveled all along the seams, truly defective. Would not refund. I had to argue with store clerk.
I will not be shopping at Ross again. I would rather pay more for a better quality item that would be returnable.

Posted by nomoreross4me

Horrible Return Policy. I Bought 2 Jackets And Returned One Of Them The Same Day. I Had My Receipt And Used Cash. Manager Tells Me I Need My I.d. Really, Like I Didn't Need An I.D. To Purchase!!! Ross Algiers

Posted by bmaguire

UGH! I bought a bottle of mens cologne yesterday. My hubby opened it up today and it smelled OFFlike maybe this bottle was oldwell, guess whatRoss would NOT take it back! After only having it for one dayreally???? Pleasesave yourself a hassle and refuse to shop there!

Posted by taz

I live in show low AZ, I told my cashier I would be wearing a pair of shoe I bought to work to try them out because I have bad feet, asked if I would be able to return if not happy she told not a problem with receipt 90 day no matter if there used, worn or damaged that would return them very miss leading. Ross has the worst return policy I've had to deal with never shop Ross again and will tell friends. Taz

Posted by Miriam

Lately the underpants for women are so low quality, only nylon and polyester and all of them fall down when you wear them .
So bad quality!!!!! It would be better for them no to sale this kind of merchandise. No MORE good quality and forget about cotton ones.

Posted by o von

I bought an $90 purse but was undecided if I was gonna keep it since it was pricey and didn't absolutely love it ..I found a purse I loved bought thinking I'm going to return the Ross purse ..little did I realize about this absurd return policy of only store credit if over 30 days!!!

Posted by notimportant

Worst return policy ever! I am very disappointed in ross and use to be a regular customer. Never again will I go back ever and will make sure to spread the word on this terrible ran store. Don't waste ur time.

Posted by marianne

Because of their poor return policy, I no longer shop at Ross. I purchased a "leather" belt for my son. The belt buckle completely fell apart and couldn't be fixed in less than month. When I went to exchange it was 31 days from purchase date. Ross is about an hour.from where I live which makes it difficult to jump in the car and just go. They did not have another belt to exchange so I wanted.a refund. They refused because the receipt was one day off. I feel they could of made an exception since the product was clearly defective. I understand if I was returning for any other reason, but we are talking about a defective product and one day off. Clearly the message sent is that they don't value they customers.

Posted by bobbiroma

Suddenly the manager, Nada, at Landmark Plaza denies all returns involving packaged goods- no sealed cans of chocolates, for example and all lingerie in addition. this is of course when you have your receiptwhat is Ross's return policy? cause I won't return to this particular store.

Posted by yoba

Warning - do not shop at the Layton Ross store. I tried to return something I had never used with a receipt and because it had been discounted, they would not return it. When I purchased the items I specifically asked about the return policy. I was never told I could not return an item that had been marked down. Manager was very rude and wasn't willing to even discuss it. I took the items to the Farmington store and they returned them no questions asked. Kudos to the staff in Farmington. Layton - you've lost my business.


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