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Underground Survival

Download Underground Survival for Minecraft 1.8.3

Map Info:

You start in a shelter, deep below the ground. You find a chest with some basic supplies to get you going.

There is no getting out of the cave - but inside it you will find everything you need to survive. The map offers many challenges. You will eventually find caves and dungeons within the map, where you can find valuable loot. The loot is not unguarded, however, so keep your guard up!

There are achievements within the map, some of which are essential for your survival. Don't worry - even if it's underground, you still can find (and also grow) wood, and other crops.

This map supports multiplayer. However, make sure you enable command blocks in the server properties!

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Published 2.03.2015 by SparxyF

Sours: https://mapcraft.me/survival-maps/underground-survival

[Top 15] Minecraft Best Survival Maps

Minecraft has always been fantastic as a sandbox game that you do whatever you want with. But, there are also some amazing survival maps made by the community that offers many unique and fun challenges. This article will take you through the 15 best Minecraft survival maps for you to test your mettle!

15. Rublocks Cube Survival

Inspired by the classic Rubick’s Cube toy,  this survival map’s goal is to collect 27 different blocks from the 27 different rooms in the cube and place them all in the center of the cube

What’s Great About Rublocks Cube Survival:

This map is super dynamic and unique, with each and every room being completely different from the last

This map also gives a great challenge, with every room offering bigger and bigger challenges and hazards than the one before it

Download Rublocks Cube Survival: https://www.minecraftmaps.com/survival-maps/rubloks-cube-survival

14. Frost Breath

Frost Breath is a map that takes place after your plane has crashed in a desolate snow biome, and your goal is to find the necessary tools and clothes to survive

What’s Great About Frost Breath:

An extremely unique setting filled with interesting and mysterious structures and a very interesting underlying storyline

Plenty of objectives and goals, like finding warm clothes, sources of food and water, and building a snowman

Download Frost Breath Here: https://www.minecraftmaps.com/survival-maps/frost-breath

13. Planet Impossible 

Planet Impossible is a sci-fi themed adventure that takes place after your spaceship has crash-landed on a mysterious and possibly inhabited planet

What’s Great About Planet Impossible:

Extremely unique setting with plenty of things to investigate and explore

Tons of quests and missions to do, like exploring abandoned spaceships, finding aliens, and taming dinosaurs

Download Planet Impossible Here: https://www.minecraftmaps.com/survival-maps/planet-impossible

12. The Lost Island

Lost Island is a classic castaway themed map, where you must survive a shipwreck using what you find on a single island

What’s Great About The Lost Island:

Plenty of opportunities to explore the island and find a ton of fun stuff that has been put in by the map creator

Challenging dungeons have also been placed around the island that hold both monster spawners and chests filled with loot

Download The Lost Island Here: https://www.minecraftmaps.com/survival-maps/the-lost-island

11. 4 Pillar Survival

4 Pillar Survival is similar to the well known Sky Block survival map, except this one has the twist of having you gather your resources through large pillars in the sky

What’s Great About 4 Pillar Survival:

Eliminates some of the more frustrating aspects of Sky Block by giving you more resources to bridge with early on

Also has the potential for the player to travel to the Nether or End for a full survival experience

Download 4 Pillar Survival Here: https://www.minecraftmaps.com/survival-maps/4-pillar-survival

10. Containment Survival 

Containment Survival is a post-apocalyptic survival map that has you fight a myriad of bosses and dungeons to escape and earn your freedom

What’s Great About Containment Survival:

A really cool leveling system that will progress as you make your way through the map

Multiple boss fights that are fun, challenging, and interactive

Download Containment Survival: https://www.minecraftmaps.com/survival-maps/containment-survival-2\

9. The Contract 

This is a great map for fans of horror, with plenty of jumpscares and dark secrets to uncover

What’s Great About The Contract:

The settings add in some really great ambiance and atmosphere to better emphasize the story and horror

Some really great secrets and easter eggs that add some nice replayability

Download The Contract Here: https://www.minecraftmaps.com/horror-maps/the-contract

8. Phobos - Apocalyptic Survival

Phobos is another apocalypse-themed map, however, this one revolves more so around exploration as you make your way through an eerie and abandoned world

What’s Great About Phobos - Apocalyptic Survival:

Unlike many apocalypse based maps, there are no borders or restrictions, if you choose you are free to leave the city and explore as you please

Adds in a variety of new mechanics such as hypothermia, thirst, and better zombie tracking

Download Phobos - Apocalyptic Survival Here: https://www.minecraftmaps.com/survival-maps/phobos-apocalyptic-survival


ARCTIC places you in a barren tundra after a horrible shipwreck, forcing you to survive on extremely limited resources in an uninhabitable environment

What’s Great About ARCTIC:

Really interesting land and snowscapes that make it a lot of fun to explore the surroundings

Plenty of missions and objectives to complete and NPCs to interact with

Download ARCTIC Here: https://www.minecraftmaps.com/survival-maps/arctic

6. Enlarged Grass Block Survival

Enlarged Grass Block Survival is a sky based survival map that starts you off a giant grass block in the sky, and every other place on the map is also a giant cube

What’s Great About Enlarged Grass Block Survival:

Extremely unique premise not found on any other map with all of the environments taking place on large cubes

Plenty of stuff to do on each of these cubes, including cube versions of the Nether and End as well as various dungeons

Download Enlarged Grass Block Survival Here:



WILD WEST fully delivers on a classic western fantasy, from the look of the map itself to all of the missions and objectives you can do in the map

What’s Great About Wild West: 

A custom texture pack that makes sure the map can fully deliver on that wild west fantasy

A ton of custom missions given to you through all of the townspeople you’ll find

Download WILD WEST Here: https://www.minecraftmaps.com/survival-maps/wild-west

4. Deadly Orbit

Deadly Orbit is an amazing map that takes place in outer space after your space ship has lost power, forcing you to attempt to survive in the vast emptiness of space

What’s Great About Deadly Orbit:

Super impressive production and high-quality animations and events as well as very well done builds

Tons of super cool objectives like trading with survivors, build a water tank, and building a glass dome

3. Stranded Raft

Stranded Map is a great castaway survival map that implements some great new mechanics to increase the challenge of the map

What’s Great About Stranded Raft:

A custom texture pack that really helps to emphasize the atmosphere of being stranded on a deserted island

Tons of challenges that have become really difficult now that you're stranded with limited resources

Download Stranded Raft Here: https://www.minecraftmaps.com/survival-maps/stranded-raft

2. Cube Survival 

Cube Survival requires you to traverse several different enclosed biomes as you work towards your overall of destroying the Book of the Damned in the Nether

What’s Great About Cube Survival:

Has a great feeling of progression as you make your way through progressively more difficult cubes while working towards your overall goal

A large variety of challenges and rewards that can be obtained in each cube

Download Cube Survival Here: https://www.minecraftmaps.com/survival-maps/cube-survival

1. SkyBlock

SkyBlock is the classic and iconic Minecraft survival map, offering one of the most satisfying challenges of building yourself up from practically nothing

What’s Great About SkyBlock:

Makes every little thing a challenge to do and every resources extremely precious, which makes for a fantastic challenge

The feeling of progression you get from building your home from basically nothing is super satisfying

Download SkyBlock: https://www.minecraftmaps.com/survival-maps/skyblock

There are a lot of great Minecraft survival maps to choose from and I hope this article helped you decide which one is best for you

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Sours: https://www.gamersdecide.com/articles/minecraft-best-survival-maps
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MCPE/Bedrock Underground Survival - Download

welcome to the first download for the Underground Survival series, if you're playing on Minecraft Pocket Edition / Bedrock you can download and explore this world for yourself. Underground Survival is a Minecraft Series by ECKOSOLDIER  This is the first download given to players after 10 episodes. There will be more downloads in the future so make sure you save this page. Below is a few screenshots showing what you can find in this world. 

If you are new to this series, click here to find out more about it: https://www.youtube.com/playlist?list=PLeAlNu5T8mRNttNmDeTfM2K4ckivSbGw-

Everything below is updated in download 20

This world has even more inside, you'll get all my op armor and more - I hope you enjoy it remember to check out the series to see how the whole building process happened


This download should world for iOS, Android, Windows 10 & Xbox

Click the link below it'll take you to Mediafire, the link is safe

It's a .McWorld so after you click it it'll ask for permission to open in Minecraft

Simply accept and head over to Minecraft

Enjoy,Explore any issues let us know 

Download ep10: https://www.mediafire.com/file/vxxotognxldsct9/Minecraft_Underground_Survival_-_Copy.mcworld/file

Download ep20: https://www.mediafire.com/file/mfk1d9nb6uikwip/Minecraft_Underground_Survival.mcworld/file


Topic starter Posted : 11/12/2019 3:52 pm
Sours: https://www.mcbedrock.com/community/survival-maps/mcpe-bedrock-underground-survival-download/

Underground Survival Map 1.8/1.7.10/1.7.2

Home»Minecraft Maps»Underground Survival Map 1.8/1.7.10/1.7.2

Underground Survival Map Minecraft 1.8/1.7.10/1.7.2

Underground Survival Map for Minecraft Main Features:

  • 1000  by 1000 square underground survival map
  • Massive amount of challenges to add to the survival aspect


Underground Survival Map Screenshots: Underground-Survival-Map-1Underground-Survival-Map-2Underground-Survival-Map-3Underground-Survival-Map-4Underground-Survival-Map-5Underground-Survival-Map-6Underground-Survival-Map-7Underground-Survival-Map

Underground Survival Map for Minecraft Changelog:

  • Updated to work with current Minecraft version
  • Added a SMP version
  • 12 brand new Challenges
  • 10 brand new Multiplayer Challenges
  • Added a new hidden treasure room

Underground Survival Map for Minecraft 1.8, 1.7.10 and 1.7.2 Main Features

  • 1000  by 1000 square underground survival map
  • Massive amount of challenges to add to the survival aspect

How to Install Underground Survival Map for Minecraft:

  1. Go to Start Menu, type in %appdata% and search for .minecraft
  2. Navigate to your “.minecraft” folder and locate Saves
  3. Download the zip file for this map
  4. Unzip the file and place folder into the Saves folder
  5. Run minecraft and choose the downloaded map file and you are ready to play

Download Underground Survival Map:

For 1.7/1.8

Underground Survival Map

Tags Minecraft 1.6.4 MapsMinecraft 1.7.10 MapsMinecraft 1.7.2 MapsMinecraft 1.8 MapsMinecraft MapsMinecraft Survival MapsPad Minecraft

He's working on Minecraft for the past 8 years and wanted to share the news related to this game.

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Sours: https://azminecraft.info/underground-survival-map/

Survival map underground minecraft

Underground 2 Map 1.12.2/1.11.2 for Minecraft

Underground 2 Map 1.12.2/1.11.2 for Minecraft is a survival map created by minecraft-pg5. You wake up and find out that you are staying in a very dark dungeon. You are trying your best to remember what brought you here but you just can’t for some reason. While thinking, you feel hungry and remember that the most important thing is now to survive. Digging throw all the dust and stone, can you find a way to go up the ground once again? This is a 2000 x 2000 blocks big underground survival map for Minecraft. The map is 256 blocks high with a changed placement of resources. Please stay in gamemode 2 and do not cheat as it will ruin your gaming experience. Download the map from the link below and try to challenge yourself.

Underground 2 Map Thumbnail


Underground 2 Map Screenshots 1Underground 2 Map Screenshots 2Underground 2 Map Screenshots 3Underground 2 Map Screenshots 4Underground 2 Map Screenshots 5

Video Review:



  • Please do not play on any other version or it may not work!
  • Do not cheat.
  • You should set Render Distance to 8 or upper.
  • Don’t try to escape the underground with any bugs, tricks or other ways.
  • Don’t build nether portals in the nether to escape the underground.

How to install:

  1. Download the map from the link below.
  2. Extract the file you have just downloaded.
  3. Hold down Windows key, then press R key on the keyboard (or you can click Start, then type Run into search, after that click Run)
  4. Type %appdata% into the Run program, then press Enter.
  5. Open .minecraft folder, then open saves folder.
  6. Drag extracted map folder which you have done in step 2 into saves folder.
  7. Start Minecraft, the map is in Singleplay mode.
  8. Enjoy and play!

Underground 2 Map Download Links:

For Minecraft 1.6.2 to 1.12.2

Download from External Server 1 – Download from External Server 2

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Sours: https://www.9minecraft.net/underground-2-map/
Minecraft: How To Build an Underground Base Tutorial (#16) - 마인크래프트 건축, 지하 생존 기지, 인테리어

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