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As a traveling CAN, you get to work in many different settings than a CNA who works at one job site. But is it worth it to work CNA jobs that require travel? How much is the travel CNA salary? Let’s find out.

What Does a Traveling CNA Do?

Traveling CNAs are nurse assistances that work at multiple locations and in many different settings. Unlike CNA’s that are employed by just one location, traveling CNA’s get to interact with many other people, many different patients, and will have the opportunity to make a difference in many different people’s lives.
The duties of a traveling CNA are very similar to what an everyday nurse assistant does. The only difference is that traveling CNA’s work at different locations. Typically, CNA’s will do the following tasks:

  • Turning or moving patients.
  • Gathering medical supplies for nurses and doctors.
  • Documenting patient information.
  • Stocking supplies.
  • Cleaning rooms and beds.
  • Checking vitals.

While these are just some of the typical responsibilities of a CNA, the exact role will depend on where the CNA works and their setting. This is one great perk of being a healthcare traveler. When you work traveling CNA jobs, you’ll get to experience many different departments and many additional responsibilities. So if your goal is to become a traveling nurse, being a traveling CNA first will give you an added edge over other people who have the same idea.

How much does traveling CNA make?

Because traveling CNAs have to work in multiple locations and the job requires traveling, they often get a higher salary and make more money than CNA’s who work at one job site. A good travel nursing company knows that traveling is not ideal for everyone, which is why they compensate at a much higher price for those who choose traveling CNA jobs.
In many cases, employers will pay more income to compensate for the traveling, mileage if the CNA has traveled to multiple locations and may even be compensated for their time in the car. Of course, the level of compensation will depend on the agency, so those looking into becoming a traveling CNA should check out multiple agencies to see which ones offer the best CNA jobs.

While many CNAs are just starting will make between $10 and $11 per hour, A travel CNA salary usually starts between $13 and $15 per hour for a 40-hour workweek. These starting wages do not consider any potential overtime that the CNA may work.

As far as salary traveling, CNA usually takes between $25,000 and $30,000 per year. If you work for a traveling agency, your yearly salary could potentially go higher than that. ZipRecruiter is seeing traveling CNA wages as high as $1192.00 for just one week of work. While the national average is right around $650 per week, many states, such as California, see much higher traveling CNA wages.

However, the salary you make as a traveling CNA will also depend on many different factors such as certifications, experience, and overtime hours that the CNA works. Further, traveling CNAs and nurse assistants often have to work holidays, which are usually compensated at a higher rate than the average workday.

Is Being a Travel CNA Worth It?

There are many benefits to being a traveling CNA, such as:
• Better salary.
• Flexibility over your schedule.
• Options for different specialties and apartments.
• Flexibility and contract length.
• Expanding your competence with different experiences.
• Traveling and getting to see different parts of the world.

In some cases, traveling CNAs can make almost double what other CNA positions make. This is because traveling CNAs are often compensated well and may get additional benefits that are not usually offered to typical CNA positions.

Additionally, if your overall goal is to become a traveling nurse, starting as a travel CNA is a great way to get the experience you need to become a travel nurse and explore the world. More often than not, registered nurses need to start as CNAs to get the necessary experience and to be eligible to get their nursing licenses.
Further, you’ll get a ton of different experiences as you work as a CNA that travels. Not only will you get to see numerous departments, but you’ll also get to see what nursing looks like in many different settings. This can give you an incredible edge over others who want to get into travel nursing because you have already experienced what it’s like to adapt to different nursing situations.

As a travel CNA, you got to experience parts of the world or the United States that you usually wouldn’t get a chance to visit. Because you’re compensated for all of your travel, you can travel to different locations and work other places without having to risk your life savings.
So, being a traveling CNA can be worth it if you are interested in travel nursing jobs and would like to experience the pay benefits. That being said, start looking for travel CNA jobs and see if this career is right for you.

TLC Nursing is a great place to start your career. They will work with any experience, skill and can work with your availability. The staff is knowledgeable, communicative, and very friendly. Be sure to check them out.

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What is a traveling CNA?

traveling nurse suitcase

A certified nursing assistant, or CNA, is someone who provides direct care to patients under the careful supervision of a nurse. A traveling CNA is an individual who goes to the home of a patient to offer this care. Typically, a traveling CNA will work for an agency that specializes in home health care. While many of the duties and responsibilities of a regular CNA and a traveling CNA are the same, a traveling CNA also has the ability to provide care from one healthcare setting to another. A traveling CNA may be responsible for:

  • Assisting clients in exercise and mobility practices.
  • Hygiene care.
  • Measuring vital signs such as temperature, pulse, and blood pressure.
  • Administering medications.
  • Monitoring nutritional requirements.
  • Preparing meals
  • Listening and talking to the patients.
  • Recording any changes in medical condition.
  • Recording intake and output data.
  • Communicating with the nurse and/or doctor and family.

There are many benefits of becoming a traveling CNA, but one of the best is the opportunity to explore many areas of the country while working in the field you love.

The training to become a traveling CNA is very similar to the training required to get a typical CNA license. This training includes:

  • Completing a state-approved theory CNA training course. (This can be done in community colleges, high schools, or even online.)
  • Completing in-person clinical requirements. (Usually a minimum of 75 hours)
  • Passing a CNA certification exam

During the CNA training, students will learn about topics such as infection control, documentation, taking vital signs, providing direct patient care, anatomy and physiology, legal/ethical issues, and end-of-life care. Students will also get the opportunity to work directly with patients while under the careful watch and supervision of an instructor and a nurse. 

CNA programs also require a long list of paperwork. This includes:

  • Social security card.
  • Clean background check.
  • Proof of education
  • ID card.

In addition to the typical paperwork required, employers will also require a valid driver’s license and a clean driving record because employees will spend a significant amount of time traveling from home to home. 

The average pay range for a traveling CNA varies greatly. This suggests that the pay can differ based on years of experience and skill levels. In addition, the pay varies immensely depending on where you travel. This also suggests that there may be a vast amount of opportunities for advancement within this career path. 

On average, a traveling CNA makes a significant amount more than a regular CNA. The average annual pay for a traveling certified nursing assistant in the USA is $67,100 a year. Simply stated, this equals out to about $32.26 an hour, which is double what an average CNA makes hourly! 

Furthermore, studies are showing that traveling CNAs can peak as high as $139,000 and as low as $18,000 depending on location, skill level, and experience. 

In addition to a much higher pay rate, being a traveling CNA offers a multitude of financial benefits that aren’t usually found with typical CNA jobs, including:

  • Reimbursements
  • Healthcare benefits
  • Bonuses
  • Daily stipends
  • Tax breaks

Traveling CNA jobs are a growing area in the medical field. The jobs are in high demand and needed all over the U.S. CNA jobs are projected to grow 11% by 2026, and some areas may be in higher demand than others. In addition, due to the high demand, CNAs will have a plethora of opportunities for where they decide to work and the lengths of their contracts. 

The benefits of becoming a traveling CNA are endless. 


The flexibility of this career path is one of the best benefits it offers. The flexibility offers specifications in contract length, specialties, pay rates, and scheduling preferences.

Career growth opportunities

By traveling from place to place, there are plenty of opportunities for career growth. Furthermore, by learning about different positions and gaining training in a variety of work environments, traveling CNAs are able to build unique resumes and excel in professional growth. 

High pay rate

The pay rate for this career choice is very competitive. Traveling CNAs often earn double what an average CNA makes!


These special CNAs have the opportunity for endless amounts of traveling to almost any city in the country. Most traveling CNA positions are short term and use staffing agencies to assist them in finding the best matching jobs for what they may be looking for. As CNAs travel, they are able to find areas that fulfill other needs they have. Traveling also gives CNAs the ability to travel to where they are needed most. 

Unfortunately, all careers have some disadvantages.

Temporary Employee

While being a temporary employee may be a benefit for some, it can also be a disadvantage. This is because it is much easier for employers to terminate the traveling CNA.

Difficult to receive unemployment benefits

Receiving unemployment benefits can be difficult as a traveling CNA. This is because the staffing agency will almost always have more work to offer employees when their contract ends. Unfortunately, this new work may not be in the area that CNAs are interested in. When unemployment benefits are offered, they are often significantly lower than those of a stationary employee. 

No paid time off

It is rare for companies and staffing agencies to offer paid time off. If CNAs are lucky enough to find a company that does provide paid time off, the compensations are usually much lower and harder to qualify for. 

Becoming a traveling CNA is an excellent way to quickly gain medical experience while also seeing the world. This career path offers a wide variety of benefits including a much higher pay rate, flexibility, and the opportunity for career growth in cities all over the country. This could be the best career path for an adventurous CNA who wants to share their skills with people who need them most.

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Travel CNA Salary And Payscale

This article goes into the salary and payscale structure for travelling CNA’s. A travelling CNA generally refers to a CNA who travels to the home of clients (much like a traveling nurse).  Sometimes travelling CNA refers to certified nursing assistants who travel to more than one healthcare facility in their area to provide services.  The duties of a travelling CNA are much like the duties of every other nursing assistant.

Some nursing assistants like to work as a travelling CNA.  They have the opportunity to work in more than one setting.  They get to interact with multiple patients and clients.  The day is never likely to get boring.  Some travelling CNAs get to work in more than one location in the same day, which helps the day to go faster.  A travelling CNA has a chance to make a difference in the lives of many people.

A travelling nursing assistant will often make more money than a CNA who works in a single location.  The nursing assistant is compensated for the fact that he or she must travel to more than one place for work during the day or week.  He or she is also paid more income since they need to balance the care of patients in more than one location.

Some travelling nursing care agencies also pay their CNAs some mileage fees to cover the cost of their travels from one location to another.  They might be compensated in some way for the time that they spend traveling to and from the homes of clients each day for work.

On average, a travelling CNA will make $25,000-30,000 per year.  This is about $13-$15 per hour for a 40 hour workweek.  Many nursing assistants who are not travelling CNAs start out making $10 or $11 per hour.  Some nursing assistants will make even more money working for a travelling agency.

A travelling CNAs salary can depend on many factors.  Some travelling agencies pay more than others.  A certified nursing assistant is likely to earn more money with more years of experience.  The number of patients that a travelling nurse sees each day or each week can have an impact on the salary.
It is often possible for a travelling CNA to get in overtime hours.  This is especially true for CNAs with multiple clients (in the home health setting).  If a travelling CNA works overtime, their earning potential increases even more.  The amount will depend on the rate for overtime (whether it is straight time or whether the individual is paid 1 ½ times or more their regular salary.  Individuals who are ill need care 365 days per year.  Travelling nursing assistants often need to work on holidays which can provide the potential to receive additional pay as well.

Some travelling CNA agencies provide benefits for their nursing assistants as part of their salary package.  These benefits might include things like paid time off, life insurance benefits, retirement accounts or even health insurance benefits.  Certified nursing assistants who do not receive these benefits will often earn a little bit of a higher salary to compensate for the fact that they do not receive benefits.


Cna travel jobs

CNA - Accute - Travel

DescriptionTotal Taxable Pay (weekly): $540.0Total Non-taxable Pay (weekly): $0.0Gross Total Pay (weekly): $540.0Shift: 7:00 PM - 7:30 AMLocation: Chicago, ILScheduled Hours : 36

CNA - Accute - Travel

DescriptionCNA - Accute - TravelTotal Taxable Pay (weekly): $600.0Total Non-taxable Pay (weekly): $997.2Gross Total Pay (weekly): $1597.2Shift: Evenings (3p-11:15p)Location: Schenectady, NYScheduled Hours : 40

CNA - Accute - Travel

DescriptionTotal Taxable Pay (weekly): $579.6Total Non-taxable Pay (weekly): $1023.0Gross Total Pay (weekly): $1602.6Shift: Varied 12/hour shiftsLocation: The Dalles, ORScheduled Hours : 36

CNA - Accute - Travel

DescriptionTotal Taxable Pay (weekly): $596.88Total Non-taxable Pay (weekly): $1085.0Gross Total Pay (weekly): $1681.88Shift: 0630-1900Location: Bangor, MEScheduled Hours : 36

CNA - Travel

DescriptionCNA - TravelTotal Taxable Pay (weekly): $111.24Total Non-taxable Pay (weekly): $1057.0Gross Total Pay (weekly): $1168.24Shift: VariableLocation: Bemidji, MNScheduled Hours : 36

CNA - Accute - Travel

DescriptionTotal Taxable Pay (weekly): $181.08Total Non-taxable Pay (weekly): $1057.0Gross Total Pay (weekly): $1238.08Shift: NightsLocation: Muncie, INScheduled Hours : 36

CNA - Accute - Travel

DescriptionTotal Taxable Pay (weekly): $1080.0Total Non-taxable Pay (weekly): $1057.0Gross Total Pay (weekly): $2137.0Shift: Days: 7:00 am - 7:00 pm (12 hrs)Location: Brattleboro, VTScheduled Hours : 36

CNA - Accute - Travel

DescriptionTotal Taxable Pay (weekly): $540.0Total Non-taxable Pay (weekly): $644.4Gross Total Pay (weekly): $1184.4Shift: 2pm - 10pmLocation: Oxford, PAScheduled Hours : 36

Traveling CNA

 ...Job Description Are you a CNA who enjoys providing one-to-one client care?Do you have a reliable, insured vehicle? Would you appreciate a consistent part-time or full-time schedule with guaranteed pay? THEN SEATTLE HOME INSTEAD HAS A JOB FOR YOU! Home Instead, a leading provider of in-home care, is seeking a Certified Nursing Assistant (NA-C) for this unique position. As a Traveling CNA, you will provide one-to-one care for Seattle clients whose regularly scheduled CAREGiver cannot be with them. Whether you choose to work part-time (20 hrs/week) or full-time (40 hrs/week), your income is guaranteed. When not serving clients, you will assist the franchise office in delivering supplies to clients' homes. Benefits: Rate of pay is $20/hour Mileage reimbursement at .65/mile Paid time-off Paid holidays Free unlimited virtual doctor visits Health/vision insurance Free... 

CNA - Accute - Travel

DescriptionTotal Taxable Pay (weekly): $480.0Total Non-taxable Pay (weekly): $685.28Gross Total Pay (weekly): $1165.28Shift: AM Shift M-FLocation: Bishop, CAScheduled Hours : 32

CNA - Travel

DescriptionCNA - TravelTotal Taxable Pay (weekly): $0.0Total Non-taxable Pay (weekly): $1260.0Gross Total Pay (weekly): $1260.0Shift: 12 hour daylight or 12 hour night shiftLocation: Oakdale, PAScheduled Hours : 36

CNA - Travel

DescriptionContract: 20 weeksPay:$1700 / WKLocation: Mandan, NDShift: D/ E/ NRequirements:CNA License in NDMin. 2 years recent experienceBLS

Travel Nursing Job in Caribou, ME - CNA

Travel Nursing Job in Caribou, ME - CNA DETAILS: ~ Location: Caribou, ME ~ Long-Term Care facility ~ Nights (12 Hours) - 7p-7a ~13 weeks REQUIREMENTS: ~ At least 2 years of previous experience desired ~ ASAP start ~ Use your compact state license! Please let me help you with your next travel job for ME. Call, email or TEXT me today! Bobby Lutz Soliant Health (***) ***-**** – Call or TEXT [email protected]

CNA - LTC - Travel

DescriptionCNA - LTC - TravelTotal Taxable Pay (weekly): $576.0Total Non-taxable Pay (weekly): $450.0Gross Total Pay (weekly): $1026.0Location: Sault St. Marie, MIScheduled Hours : 36

CNA - Skilled Nursing - Travel

DescriptionTotal Taxable Pay (weekly): $540.0Total Non-taxable Pay (weekly): $564.03Gross Total Pay (weekly): $1104.03Shift: VariableMust note in comments what shift it will beLocation: Bloomfield, NEScheduled Hours : 36

CNA - Accute - Travel

DescriptionTotal Taxable Pay (weekly): $540.76Total Non-taxable Pay (weekly): $713.0Gross Total Pay (weekly): $1253.76Shift: 2pm - 10pmLocation: Oxford, PAScheduled Hours : 36

CNA - Accute - Travel

DescriptionTotal Taxable Pay (weekly): $175.68Total Non-taxable Pay (weekly): $1190.0Gross Total Pay (weekly): $1365.68Shift: 2pm - 10pmLocation: Bethlehem, PAScheduled Hours : 36

CNA - LTC - Travel

DescriptionCNA - LTC - Immediate start - NightsGross Total Pay (weekly): $1360.6Shift: nights EOW EOHFacility: Bradford County ManorLocation: Troy, PAScheduled Hours : 404 weeks at this assignmentCNA LTC - Nights

CNA - Sitter - Travel

DescriptionTotal Taxable Pay (weekly): $97.92Total Non-taxable Pay (weekly): $1057.0Gross Total Pay (weekly): $1154.92Shift: 12 hr day shift, ability to be placed on call 3 times during 13 week contract if low censusLocation: Fort Bragg, CAScheduled Hours : 32

Travel CNA - Certified Nursing Assistant

 ...Job Details We currently have a client in COOK, MN looking for a CNA! Focus Staff is seeking a traveling Certified Nursing Assistant. who is highly motivated and energetic. Candidates must be willing to support a friendly, positive and professional environment. If you are seeking a CNA position and would like to work with an agency that will listen to your needs and career goals, then Focus Staff is the right place to be. We are proud of our ability to build relationships with all our healthcare professionals, whether you are seeking Travel assignments, PRN work or Permanent Placed positions. We are offering a very competitive package to the right licensed CNA candidate. Most traveling healthcare providers enjoy the flexibility and the capability to travel and work in various settings and work environments. Join our VIP team of Traveling Professionals! We are looking for a qualified... 


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