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Plate Racks: Not Just for Grandma’s House Anymore

If you think plate racks are old-fashioned and belong only in traditional-style homes, let us serve you up a new idea to ponder. Whether it’s a built-in plate rack designed for a modern kitchen, a hanging plate rack that’s just the right size for a small studio kitchen or an integrated plate rack hidden behind a cabinet door, there’s a bevy of ways to add a plate rack to any style of home. Here are 16 examples of plate racks to get your creative juices flowing.

Built-In Plate Racks

1. Traditional. Many built-in plate racks are constructed as part of a larger cabinet unit. The upper cabinets in this Dublin kitchen designed by the team at Neptune by Global Village feature two rows of plate racks above the sink — a convenient location for storing hand-washed dishes.

2. Modern. Though plate racks might conjure up images of the old-fashioned, let this modern version of a built-in plate rack change your perspective. The custom walnut-and-steel rack was designed by Johnny Grey Studios for a modern London kitchen.

3. Deep-slotted. If you want a low-profile look for your built-in plate rack, this one designed by Charmean Neithart Interiors for a Los Angeles kitchen might inspire you. Located between an upper cabinet and a built-in microwave, its deep slots allow large serving platters as well as dishes to be tucked neatly away yet remain readily accessible.

4. Side wall. This farmhouse kitchen in Atlanta designed by the team at Historical Concepts makes the most of every inch. A narrow wall at the end of the counter features a small built-in plate rack with a distressed beadboard backing.

5. End cap. The end or side of a cabinet is an underused space in most kitchens. The team at Mango Design made the most of this Vancouver, British Columbia, kitchen’s cabinet space by adding an end cap with a plate rail that showcases a collection of glasses and plates.

6. Island. If you’re having trouble finding a spot to add a plate rack in your kitchen, perhaps you should lower your gaze. The base of this kitchen island designed by the team at Howdens Joinery features a built-in plate rack and display shelf.

7. Display rack. A built-in display rack stores plates facing out so you can better see their patterns and prints. This is a great way to display collectible plates that might be used only on special occasions. This built-in display rack was designed by Lee Meier Interiors for a Cleveland kitchen.

8. Hutch. This beautiful piece of furniture adds storage and style to a Connecticut kitchen. The built-in hutch, designed by Crisp Architects, features an integrated plate rack on the lowest open shelf.

Stand-Alone Plate Racks

9. Antique. A mix of materials makes this Colorado kitchen by Dragonfly Designs feel as if it has evolved over time. Different stains and colors for the cabinets, an antique mounted plate rack and open shelves showcasing a collection of new and old serveware create an eclectic space that’s difficult to peg to a particular period.

Studio-size.This small studio apartment in Moscow designed by the team at Studio Bazi features a kitchen behind closet doors. To the right of the sink, a hanging wood-and-metal plate rack provides easily accessible plate storage.

Standing. If you’re looking for an inexpensive way to add a plate rack to your kitchen, take some inspiration from this Los Angeles space designed by Jennifer Grey Interiors Design & Color Specialist. A small metal plate rack stand provides both easy storage and a spot for hand-washed dishes to dry.

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Alternative Styles and Locations for Plate Racks

In front of windows. The designers of this beach-style Miami kitchen ran out of wall space to add a plate rack so they installed two custom plate racks in front of the kitchen windows. Since the racks have no backing, they don’t completely block the views or sunlight.

In-cabinet. If you like the functionality of a plate rack but aren’t a fan of how it looks, adding an integrated plate rack to the interior of a cabinet might be the way to go. The cabinetmakers at Blum SEA designed this cabinet with an integrated plate rack for a Singapore kitchen.

In-drawer. Another idea for those who want a plate rack but don’t want to see it all the time is to add one inside a pullout drawer. This integrated in-drawer plate rack was created by the team at PB Kitchen Design.

Butler’s pantry. Who says plate racks have to be in a kitchen? If you’re lucky enough to have a butler’s pantry in your home, adding a plate rack there might be the way to go. Check out this one built by Windover Construction for a butler’s pantry in Boston.

Dining room. A plate rack in a dining room might make the most sense of all. This rustic dining room in Milwaukee features a vintage wood-and-metal plate rack with a shelf underneath that displays a collection of plates and serveware.

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Kitchen Racks

Buy Racks & Shelves Online:

The way you decorate your room plays a crucial role in deciding the overall theme and vibe of your room. Buying beautiful, expensive, and aesthetically pleasing furniture is not the only way to make your room look good. Something as simple as racks & shelves can be used to enhance the decor of your house. They can truly be a solution to many household issues. If your room is cramped without any additional space, then a corner wall shelf is an ideal solution to arrange your belongings, and make your room appear larger. Apart from providing a simple solution to store your belongings, it also adds character to your room, giving it a more lively appearance. You can set up multiple racks & shelves and display your collection of books, jewellery and other collectables. You can choose from popular brands such as, Royals wood, JVS, Rishikansh, Royal Home Decor, Steel Kitchen Ware, and Rawzz, which provide both aesthetics and utility.

Type of Shelves:

The longer you live in a particular house, the more items you acquire. Big or small, those items need an adequate amount of space to fit in your house. Racks & shelves are a simple and clever way to keep your items in any room of your house. Each room in your house requires certain types of racks & shelves. Shopping online lets you explore different styles of shelves you could incorporate into your home. Let&#;s take a look at the different places in which racks and shelves could be used:

1. The Living Room:

The first room that guests see in your house is the living room. It should be a representation of who you are, and should reflect your personal style and taste. If you&#;re a bibliophile, then wall mounted shelves are a great way to show off your collection. Also, if you&#;re an art aficionado, then you can display your art pieces or unique antique items on wooden racks or wooden shelves. You can also use the shelves to keep the TV remote, your keys, or any other item.

2. The Bedroom:

Why rummage through your closet to find your makeup and cosmetic items, when you can easily keep them on wooden or metal racks. It makes finding and organising them a piece of cake.

3. The Kitchen:

The one room in your house where you always feel you&#;re short on space is the kitchen. From utensils to pans, and knives to forks, there are numerous kitchen & household items that every household needs. Install steel shelves in your kitchen, and forget about a shortage of space. Segregate the items according to their category, or in the order you would be needing them. Apart from providing ease of use, racks & shelves improve the decor of your kitchen.

4.The Bathroom:

Avoid getting your shampoo containers & bottles wet by setting up racks & shelves in your bathroom. You don&#;t have to get your toiletries from the closet anymore, as steel or wooden racks provides you with easy access to all the items you would need while showering.

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A Custom Plate Rack In The Kitchen!

Here’s a good view of the slatted system. Initially, I wanted it to be slatted from a solid piece of wood, but then I shifted to dowels, and I’m really pleased with the adjustment. It’s so much softer and fits the curves of the side profile nicely. I also had the builder add dowels on the backside, too. I thought it would help support the plates, but they don’t need to hook into the backside dowels at all - and admittedly, with the extra support he added in the back, my little salad plates don’t reach the back anyway.

You can see here how versatile this slotted system is because I can move the plates to the top rack, or stack them on the left of the lower shelf, or I could pull them all together. I’m able to move the glasses around and modify the storage as I see fit. I’ve already been making adjustments actually! When I first mounted the plate rack many months ago, I put our wine glasses on the top. But since becoming pregnant, I replaced them with more bowls (you know, for ice cream). One day we can put sippy cups up there, too.

One of my goals with the design was to allow us to air-dry dishware as well. I don’t mean that we would put sopping wet dishes up there to swell the wood and damage the wall, but rather dry items that aren’t quite bone dry. Think a plate that’s still steamy from the dishwasher, or the washed Ziploc bag that seemingly takes 58 hours to completely dry, or the Pyrex lids that have water in the crease after coming out of the wash. I imagined the plate rack as an opportunity to reduce the clutter of drying dishes on the counter. In truth, we haven’t used it for drying any dishes other than the ones that we store there on the daily - just because it’s so full with the mugs, cups, and plates.


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