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Sunday Morning (George Weasley)

Pairing: George Weasley x reader (y/n)

Prompt: George and Y/n have been dating for sometime now but hardly anyone in Hogwarts knows much about the couple. Everyone loves to make assumptions and imagine what it’s like but only the two of them truly know how wonderful it is. 

Disclaimer: if you consider making out and kissing light smut, then this would be light smut lol also I will be posting more Tuesday from previous request !!

Warning: implied smut, mainly fluffy

Word Count: 4.9k


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No student in their right mind enjoyed waking up before noon on a Sunday morning at Hogwarts. Saturdays were reserved for Quidditch matches, late night parties, trouble, and day trips to Hogsmeade. Sundays were reserved for recovery. And this morning was no different.

A handful of students were scattered about the Great Hall munching on the delicious food before them. Despite the colorful and bright breakfast lining the tables, the mood was dull and tiresome. Small whispers were heard as well as the pages of a book being turned, otherwise, it was quiet. The Gryffindor table was bare- well almost.

Each table had at least seven students or more but at the Gryffindor table, there were only two.  The previous night had brought a never ending line of drinks and laughter. The Gryffindor common room was still buzzing even after the sun had risen. A nail-biting match between Gryffindor and Slytherin had taken place Saturday night. The tension was thick but the win tasted oh so sweet. Everyone was running on a high after the game. As a result of their victory, the fourth-year students and up decided to have a ‘little’ celebration. It could be assumed nearly no one went to bed the night fully sober, not even Hermione Granger. Fred Weasley had coaxed her into trying his beer after spending three hours following her around and pestering her with amusement. The same two Gryffindor’s sitting closely to each other at breakfast were the same two students who turned in for the night at 9pm and fell asleep in a sober state.

George Weasley and Y/n Y/l/n had been a couple for about a year and a half and seemed to only grow more infatuated with each other as the time swayed on. They were a more reserved couple, which surprised most. Fred and George had a large reputation at Hogwarts. Every student, as well as professor, knew their name. Even the ghosts and portraits would greet them by name!

The twins were outgoing, popular, chatty, and loud. They walked the castle with confidence like the prankster kings they are. That didn’t mean they weren’t two totally different people.

Fred took the lead in most situations and George followed after him with explanation. Fred acted on impulse and George put a bit more thought behind decisions. George was also more sympathetic than his twin. It was in these differences and more that Y/n fell for George and why they connected so perfectly. She was similar to him; outgoing, but still solemn and secretive. Happy and bubbly, thoughtful and caring.

When word spread about Y/n and George dating, everyone expected the two of them to be showing off their relationship with fireworks, bright lights, and confetti. Though the pair walked calmly into their class, holding hands and giggling to themselves as they whispered. They didn’t feel the need to show anything off to anyone or prove a single thing. Besides, Y/n didn’t want the whole school knowing her personal business. It felt a little more personal when they saved it for behind closed doors. 

This doesn’t mean George wasn’t affectionate with Y/n in public. He always had his hand on her, typically laced within her own. He’d walk with her to every class, leaving her with kiss on both cheeks, her forehead, then lips. He’d flirt with her in class through notes and tease her endlessly. Everyone knew they were a couple deeply in love, they just didn’t know as much as they wanted. Gossip was the devil’s music and almost every student had their radio volumes on high. But George and Y/n refused to give them anything to talk about. It was admirable in the way. Their love was crystal clear, everyone could see that, but there was so much more beneath the surface their eyes were blocked from, and the couple loved that.

George and Y/n spent Saturday night in George’s dorm room, having their own little party. They mingled and socialized with their friends for a good two hours before sneaking away to the boy’s dormitory tower. Y/n managed to swipe a large carton of pumpkin juice to share then chased behind George. A smile kissed her lips when she noticed her boyfriend was having the same ideas as her. In his hands was a stack of cookies, and a bag of crisps.

“Great minds think alike.” He smirked and reached his hand out, eager for her touch again. She accepted the offer and delicately tugged on his hand. George glanced back, curious at her gesture. A gleeful flash crossed her sharp features. Y/n grabbed a fistful of George’s black robes and slammed his body towards her. George gasped slightly at the movement, clutching the food in his arms as to keep himself from dropping them.

Y/n matched her lips with George, dragging the tall Gryffindor down for a kiss. Bent at the knees, George leaned back so her body could rest against his. Y/n’s grasp remained on his chest but her free hand yanked at the back of his neck, deepening their already heated make out. George allowed his hand to slip down her back, the other still holding their snacks. Resting right at the small of her back, George began to lift his head, a signal for Y/n to pull back. A childlike pout seeped on her face while she let out a huff. She knew they would continue with this in his room but she couldn’t resist the opportunity to get a special sneak peek. A chuckle emanated through the grinning redhead. He was still shocked by her boldness- not that he minded. Not in the slightest. George leaned forward and painted a trail of kisses all across her face, not missing an inch of skin. The young witch retaliated the attack with a jab to his side, then a full-on tickle war. Loudly yelping, George attempted to grab her hands, but she was too quick. This was a typical moment between them, but not when they were somewhat in front of their friends. Not that they were paying any attention at all.

The partygoers seemed far too engaged in the music and talk that they missed the sweet entanglement. What a shame, George thought, it was what they had been waiting for after all. Something to talk about. Although the party was sure to give other chatter and topics for the next week to discuss. Y/n slowly stopped, still buzzing with laughter. George shook his head and leaned into the wall, still trying to recover from his girlfriend’s torturous wrath.  His warm brown eyes were trained on her. They had been together for a while but sometimes, he still thought it was a dream. George left one last kiss to her forehead whispering against her skin, savoring the moment.

“I love you, darling… you’re so beautiful.”

“Stop it Georgie, you’re making me blush.” Y/n squealed as George grabbed at her waist and gave me a small twirl. Her flats landed back on the stone stairs with a clank. Leaning up, Y/n left one last kiss to George’s pink lips.

“That’s kind of the whole point, you’re adorable when your flustered. Now can I have another kiss, darling?”

“You’re going to have to catch me first!” With a quick giggle, Y/n turned on her heel and sprinted up the steps of the boy’s dormitory. The staircase was spiraled making the chase more difficult. Y/n was well aware she wasn’t going to win, but that was part of the fun. George being much taller took two steps at a time with ease, rapidly catching up to the young witch. This was their game, George could easily pull her back and get a kiss himself, but it wouldn’t be as exciting this way.

Y/n stopped at George’s door and looked behind her only to see George nearly towering over her smiling. He unlocked the door and pushed it open for the pair to enter. Luckily, all his roommates were still wrapped up in the party and wouldn’t be up for a few hours. George led Y/n to his bed, snatching back the covers and practically shoving her on the mattress. Y/n’s glamorous laughter filled the emptiness, warming George’s heart.

Pulling his wand out, George muttered a privacy spell, not wanting anymore to hear your sweet noise that would soon be coating the walls. He set his wand on his nightstand then focused back on the girl laying underneath him. She looked so pure, so dreamy just lying there. George moved forward, unable to resist the gravitational pull. This kiss was different than earlier- more serious and compassionate. Y/n wrapped her hands around his face, desperate to have as much contact with George as possible. They spent the rest of the night tangled in his bed sheets and howling with laughter. They watched the stars outside the small dorm window and held each other for the remained of the night. George’s roommates hadn’t even noticed the pair passed out in his bed when they turned in for the night.

Fred walked over, excited to tell his brother about his snog fest with Angelina but stopped short. His twin was sound asleep, arms secured around the smaller frame in front of him. It was a good thing Fred liked Y/n, otherwise he surely would’ve kicked the girl out. Although he didn’t have the heart to do so when he saw the couple. Y/n’s hands clutched her boyfriend’s grip as her head rested against his chest, buried in a deep slumber.

“Oi’ Fred, leave ‘em be. They’re in love.” Lee, still buzzing off the flowing drink, was stumbling to his bed, tearing off his school uniform in the process. The lights were dim and the rising sun began to break through the dorm windows.

Fred walked towards Lee Jordan’s bed and started rummaging through his dresser drawers. He was in search of something, Lee wasn’t even sure. Soon enough Fred came back to his bed and sat down with a camera in his hands. Lifting the lens to his view, Fred snapped a line of photos of the sleeping couple. Lee chuckled with a roll of his eyes. Fred always loved harassing his twin about how in love he was with their friend. Lee and Fred were happy it was Y/n and not some other girl.

The pictures slowly processed but Fred’s interest had moved on. Lee was already tucked into bed, his eyes closed as his drunk snores shook the room. The alcohol was wearing off and the desire for sleep was settling in. Fred threw on a pair of red pajamas and climbed into bed. He was in another dream land before his head could hit the pillow, which brings us back to breakfast Sunday morning.

Y/n and George enjoyed the lack of life in the dinning hall. They shared a similar group of friends and loved them very much, but it was a special moment when they were able to bask in the light of each other. George’s company was like a never-ending hug. His smile conflicted with the fearless butterflies fluttering in her stomach. No other man had ever had this effect on her. She was weaved into his very soul.

Sitting and chatting amongst themselves, George had an arm thrown loosely around his girlfriend, admiring her morning appearance. Her hair was still messy, needing a brush through. There were tiny lines under her eyes from the lack of sleep she had been getting. George knew she slept best when they shared a bed so he always tried to let her sleep in as late as her vivid mind would allow. For Y/n, sleeping in until 10am on the weekends was considered a treat. She hated feeling as if she has wasted her day away by sleeping. George on the other hand would stay in bed all week long if his professors allowed it.

“Did you hear Lee last night? I heard him trying to get to the bathroom and when he was going for the door, he tripped over Fred’s school bag and took down his nightstand with him! Fred screamed so loud- I can’t believe you didn’t wake up!” Her musical laughter sent tingels through George’s body. It was like a dose of dopamine, his eyes couldn’t resist glancing down at her. George had almost every little centimeter of Y/n’s grinning features memorized in his skull. Although there were pictures to taped to his walls of you so of course that played a role as well. But he often found himself staring at her- sometimes not even noticing the diversion of attention. Most of Snape’s class George spent daydreaming about his future with Y/n. He’d think of their wedding, buying a house together, starting a family, celebrating holidays together, seeking out new adventures and everything in between. He found himself eager to leave Hogwarts for good and move out so you could start that chapter of your life together.

Squeezing Y/n shoulder, George pulled her closer to his side,

“No, I slept like a baby next to you. Can’t believe you’re thinking about other guys while you’re laying in my arms, that’s just heartbreaking-“
“George!” Wide eyed, Y/n smacked her boyfriend’s side. George erupted in a fit of chuckles, rubbing the side of his arm she had attacked.
“I’m only teasin’ you, darling. Wish I would’ve seen that though, I’m sure Fred will give him hell for it.”

“It wasn’t a pleasant sight at all. Poor boy just laid there, didn’t even get up for another few minutes.” Y/n took a bit out of her toast absentmindedly. Her thoughts were still on last night and the tumble her friend had taken. It was pretty funny, but she was too tired to humor the moment. Not to mention the moans of pain Lee let out as he squirmed around on the floor. It was an odd method to rid the pain, not that it seemed to relieve anything.

“Sure it hurt his massive ego more than anything.”

Y/n was about to change the subject when the sound of footsteps made the couple turn. By the entrance of the Great Hall was half the group of Y/n and George’s friends. Fred, Lee, Hermione, Harry and Ron found their way to the pair as they entered for breakfast. Ron was visibly excited at the menu for the day. He plopped himself diagonal from his older brother in front of a mouth water mountain of pancakes swimming in syrup and crisp strips of bacons displayed on top. The ginger wasted no time digging into his meal. Hermione squinted her eyes at him but took the open seat next to him regardless. She was across from Y/n and gave her close friend a sweet smile and ‘good morning’. Harry sat next to Hermione and Lee crossed the table to occupy the spot next to Y/n. She looked at him knowingly and before she could ask how he was feeling, the Chip to George’s Dale greeted them,

“Good morning, love birds! Have we missed out on any adorably puke worthy moments yet?”

“Hello Fred- and everyone else.” Fred swung his leg one at a time over the long bench, shoving himself in-between George and Y/n. This earned a harsh shove from George causing Fred to bump Y/n. Her juice splashed onto the table, wetting the front of her notebook. The girl glared at the twins, annoyed by the shift in company. George muttered an apology while Fred simply shrugged and leaned into her.

“How are you feeling after your little accident last night, Jordan?”

“Oh god,” Lee face palmed immediately while Fred started to laugh at the recollection, “Please don’t tell me you were awake.” He said embarrassed. Y/n nodded and gave him a sympathetic smile.

“I woke up when I heard you talking about the bathroom then I saw you get tangled in Fred’s bag and fall onto the floor. You also knocked over your stand I believe. Then you just laid on the floor and I reckon you were gonna end it all, felt sorry honestly. I would’ve gotten up but I was too tired to help.” This caused the whole table to laugh in unison at her statement. Lee scurried to explain and calm down his friends,

“You would be right- it’s not funny, guys! I was piss ass drunk and couldn’t tell my right foot from my left.” The giggles continued on for a while as Harry and Ron asked Lee to explain. He told the his side of the event, which created ever more rambunctiousness. Hermione was holding to Harry’s shoulder for stability as her body shook with humor.

“Speaking of last night, you two cuties seemed to have a fun time alone!” Fred sounded a bit too happy for either of the couple’s liking.

“What’s that supposed to mean, Fred?”

“Don’t ask-“ Lee was swiftly interrupted by a gleaming Fred.

“Glad you asked!” He cheered. Lifting himself up, Fred reached into the pocket of his robes and retrieved four square slips. He held the small card like squares in one hand and, much to his brother’s disbelief, wrapped his free his arm around Y/n’s shoulders. George’s eye narrowed at this. What was his brother up to? The mischievous smirk returned to Fred’s face as he looked between Y/n and his brother. It was so hard for Fred to get something good to tease George with. He practically gave him nothing!

Fred turned the squares around flashing the contents to the four friends sitting infront of him. Hermione was the first to react, gasping as she took one of the squares from Fred. Her hand was covering her mouth as she awed. Ron looked… disgusted? It was hard to tell. He looked pleased with the food on his plate and in his mouth, but bitter towards Fred’s surprise. Ron waved his hand, signaling to Fred that he didn’t care.

Harry just smiled then glanced up towards George, then over to Y/n. By this point, Y/n had enough of the mixed emotion stares from her friends and yanked Fred’s arm back so she could see what the pictures were of.

Suddenly, the Gryffindor felt her mouth open in shock as she examined the photo. George mirrored her actions and looked at his twin in confusion.

“You creep! We were sleeping.” Y/n screeched at the image clutched between Fred’s fingers. George attempted to snatch the pile from his hands but being twins, Fred saw that one coming. He pulled them back, there was no way Fred would allow George or Y/n not have the pictures that quickly. Lee Jordan had a similar smirk as Fred, it was amusing for a Sunday morning. Saturday hadn’t given much news for the week so of course their friends were bound to fall back on the topic of George and Y/n. Fred had struck gold with this one. It was harmless of course, but it made the couple flustered to deal with the teasing.

“I told him to leave you guys alone, but knowing Fred, this is nothing. Actually quite a cute little moment-“
Hermione interrupted Lee with an excited voice,

“Oh my god, Y/n! This is so adorable. I have to show Ginny!” She flashed a grin to Y/n and exited the hall with a speed walk. Y/n let out a groan. Hermione would show Ginny plus some, Ginny would show Alicia plus some, and so on. She didn’t care so much as she was annoyed to have attention drawn to her relationship with George. It happens to a lot of couples at Hogwarts. It’s a big school, but the students are close. Couples get a little more attention among the students. Watched with more scrutiny by students praying for drama, sadly there was an overcrowding of these students at Hogwarts. Talk spread like wildfires, and in the process, words get manipulated. Rumors ensue and drama explodes. Y/n and George were happy- in love. The last thing they wanted was talk around the castle.

“Girls…” Ron mumbled and shook his head.

“Really, Fred? You know I’m going to make it my goal to get a picture of you snogging Angelina. At least people know I’m dating Y/n, wait until they get ahold of you and Angelina! The gossip! I can already hear it.” George’s threat came with a devilish smirk to his lips. On the other side of Fred, Y/n felt her body calming at George’s words. He was cracking playful taunts and was somehow enjoying the situation.  

“Ah it wasn’t that bad, relax. I’m just giving the people what they want! You two are so secretive- everyone wanted to see more! I mean, you guys are basically the topic of everyone’s discussion lately. It’s sickeningly adorable so chill out. You don’t need to take it that far.”

“For once, he’s right, George.” Y/n squished Fred as she leaned across his body causing him to move back so she could squeeze George’s hand. “I think it’s cute. You look so soft and peaceful when you’re asleep!”

The four boys watched hesitantly. There were rare instants like these where they got a glimpse into the layers of the couple’s ways. This also means they had a feeling where this was about to turn, and none of them wants to deal with any sappiness before noon. Just as predicted, George slides his hand from Y/n’s up the side of her arm to her neck, where he held a half grip for composure and control. Nudging her forward by the back of her neck, George linked his lips to Y/n and kissed her with his twin still leaning back. This time, Fred did not want to sit in the middle of them. A chorus of protests could be heard as Ron threw a piece of bread at George. Harry stuck his tongue out in an overexaggerated expression of disgust. Hands secured around his face. Lee opened his fingers to peek through waiting for the heated embrace to wrap up.

“Well how could I not when I have the most beautiful girl in the world laying in my arms?” This was their favorite game to play. George would over play his cheesiness until his friends would lose interest and demand the cuteness to stop.

Y/n batted her eyes up at George, bathing in the reactions of her friends. They made her and George uncomfortable more times than she could count so it was self-rewarding to turn the table on them.  

Fred place one hand on Y/n’s shoulder and the other on his twin, shoving them apart in one motion,

“Okay, ew.” A grimace covered Fred’s features. He found himself wished he had stayed in bed instead of coming to breakfast. It was far too early to see this much love. George’s plate was nearly empty, and he was finishing up the last bit of his omelet. His coffee cup was bone dry, having been that way shortly after they sat down. It was no secret he had a bit of an addiction of caffeine. Y/n sipped from a small glass cup. The dark blue liquid was sweet and smooth. Blueberry juice was a rarity she had only stumbled upon at Hogwarts. She could recall the look of cluelessness her muggle cashier had given her when she asked for a gallon from a supermarket near her home.

Y/n chewed on the last piece of her toast while George gave his brother innocent eyes,

“What? I’m just giving the people what they want, what they’ve been dying to talk about! You said it yourself, Freddie.” Fred shot sharp daggers at George for his wit. He knocked him on the side of the head a replied, 

“Okay, I take it back then. I’d rather not know, and you can go be all lovey dovey in private, away from me please!” Lifting his hand, Fred started shooing his hand and motioned towards the staircase outside the large doors.

Harry and Lee paused their side conversation and Ron sat down his fork for a moment. Ron grasps his chin and slides his lips to the side of his mouth, as if deep in contempt. He then remarked,

“Agreed.” Harry and Lee chuckled and shrugged.

More students had started to flow freely into the dining hall. Y/n figured the more Gryffindor’s that swept into the hall, the less occupying the common room.  The gentle brown orbs of George found their way to Y/n’s every few seconds. When their gaze met, her bottom lip drew back as she bit on the skin subconsciously, George noticed this. He shifted forward not realizing he was leaning in towards her. Fred shouted a quick ‘no’ not wanting a repeat of the previous scenario. Y/n made kissy faces at Fred, mocking his displeasure. At the same time George brought his finger up to his twin’s head and delivered a hard flick. Fred reached for the side of his head, glaring at George.

“C’mon, George. I think we have some business to attend to, in private.” Y/n winked at her boyfriend who had a cheeky smile plastered to his lips. George sprung up from his seat and quickly got off the bench and extended his arm. A light tint popped on Y/n’s cheeks as his thoughtfulness. Wrapping her arm around his, she accepted his help and climbed over the seat.

“Couldn’t agree more, love.” George and Y/n started walking away from their friends and heading for the common room. They hadn’t made any plans for the day anyhow so spending it next to the fire or in his room sounded more than appealing. George stopped their pace just as they reached the massive doors of the Great Hall. Bending slightly at the knees, George pressed a feather like kiss to Y/n’s forehead, then on the tip of her nose, earning a wave of giggles from the girl. It was his favorite sound. George attached his arm around hers once again and set back off for their destination. Before they could make it out free, the familiar voice of Fred shouted across the hall,

“You better keep it on your side, George! And not on my bed or I swear to Merlin I will hex both of you!”

George waved back to him, giving him a thumbs up with a less than confident expression. His hand trailed down from her back to the curve of her ass and started to grab at the skin until she swatted it away, feeling the pairs of eyes glued to them. It was bold, undoubtably hot, but there were far too many students in the hall for Y/n’s liking to continue it there. His touch creates a pit of warmth in the bottom of her stomach. They didn’t show any of this in front of their friends, so it was exciting in a way but worrisome at the same time. Y/n had no intentions of turning a PG-13 situation R in the Great Hall with most of her friends and a bunch of second- and first-year children trying to enjoy breakfast. Didn’t mean she wasn’t feeling a bit frustrated and wanting to throw that feeling back on him. Fred scowled but sat back down. They were twins, he knew George wouldn’t but that didn’t mean he wasn’t annoyed by his mockful antics.

“Not nice, George. You’re so mean to poor Freddie. I think I should go talk to him and make it up to him… for how rude you were.” Her words dripped with witticism and a sweet passion burned in her eyes. George knew that look; he absolutely loved that look.

“No, you’re not making anything up to him. You’re mine, not Fred’s or have you forgotten? Now go up to your dorm room and meet me in mine in twenty.” There was a difference to the twinkle in his eyes. Darker than before, more fired up. Y/n’s hand shook at his words, noticeably flushed and taken aback by his strong words. They had only recent started being intimate a few months ago so they had been finding out new things about each other every day. This, this was definitely new. And Y/n found herself weak at the knees by it.

These moments were not too common, but she loved them. It was fun to see George getting worked up by just her teasing words alone. He shifted as he picked up the pace. The material of his jeans growing constrictive and uncomfortable with every step. Y/n was practically being dragged down the long hall until George came to a halt, then abruptly turned to head back in the direction of the Great Hall. Before walking off completely, he left one last peck to Y/n’s warm cheek, then dart off. 

Lost at his change, Y/n furrowed her brows in question,
“Where are you going?”

George’s body swirled around at her request. He didn’t stop his pace, now walking backwards towards the dining hall. Shoving his thumb to his back, he gestured to their previous spot,

“I’ve gotta tell my roommate not to come back to the dorm for a few hours. We’re going to be quite busy, darling. It seems there’s a lesson that you’ve forgot. I’m going to have to teach you and knowing how stubborn you are, it could take a while.” With a wink he rushed into the hall and disappeared. Y/n didn’t need to be told more. She started walking again- or rather running towards her dorm room to freshen up. Based on his words, she knew it would be one hell of a morning.


Arabella's POV

Transfigurations class was also pretty uneventful. I spent most of it trying to focus but failing. I was mostly just thinking about George, and things about George that I love.

For example, I love Georges smile; it's contagious. I also love his laugh, it is the sweetest laugh you could ever hear. I also love how he can get a little bit quiet sometimes, not often, but on the odd occasion. He's the quieter twin out of the two you see, so sometimes when Fred is on another one of his tangents, instead of joining in, George will voluntarily observe whilst he thinks about whatever is going on in his own head. I could list more but I don't want to sound crazy, I mean were meant to be best friends for Merlin's sake. I shouldn't see him as any thing more.

After class, the twins needed to go pick up some more ingredients for their new sweets they were creating and so they took a quick trip to Diagon Alley. In the meantime, I headed back to the common to find my brother and the others.

I found them sat around the table, Dean and Neville playing chess whilst Hermione, Ron and Harry observed and talked amongst themselves.

"Hi guys" I waved and sat down next to Hermione. I was met with several hi's and hello's.

"Awww Bella, not with your boyfriends for once" Harry sassed.

"Aww, not getting almost killed by a Death Eater for once" I mocked back, causing everyone to laugh- including Harry.

"Where are those two lunatics anyways?" Ron asked.

"Oh they have gone to Diagon Alley for a few bits. They should be back soon."

"Aw, you miss your big brothers Ron?" Hermione giggled.

"Shurrup, 'Mione." He chuckled back.


After a bit of chatting and catching up, me and Hermione sat by ourselves on the sofa infront of the fire, leaving the boys to play cards. I felt like I needed to come clean with my feelings towards George. I was hoping if someone knew my situation, they may be able to give me advice. Now who better to go to for smart advice than Hermione.

"So" Hermione huffed, "Do you want to tell me what that look on your face is about?"

I began to panic, "What look on my face?"

"You know, the 'I have something I need to talk about but I'm scared to say' sort of look" she smirked.

Fuck she was good.

I looked around anxiously, making sure no one would hear me but Hermione. These are the time I wish we shared a dorm, we could have so many more private chats.

"Okay listen 'mione, what I'm about to tell you is something I have never told anyone and I never even realised myself until now but-"

"You like George" she stated.

My sentence came to a halt as I stared at her in shock. I couldn't believe she knew what I was going to say. Was it really that obvious?

"How on earth could you have know I was going to say that?"

"It's quite simple really. I sensed it was to do with a boy, hence the private girl chat. I thought of the possibilities of which boy it could be, used my common sense and thought about the chemistry between you and George. You said you have only just realised yourself and it all just added up in my head really." She smirked.

Alright smart arse.

I stared at her unsure of what to say; instead I gave her a desperate sort of look which symbolised how much I needed her help. She giggled in response, before turning to completely face me on the sofa.

"Look, I don't know how George feels about you right now, but I can tell you feel shocked, rather confused and a bit scared about what to do in this situation. But don't panic. I know it can make things tricky with the friendship you have right now but if the feelings you have feel strong and real, then surely he must feel the same. I have seen how he looks at you Arabella he must feel something. Just go with your heart. If your heart is saying you like George... then tell George." She smiled at me reassuringly.

What Hermione was saying was all true, I was scared about what could happen and my feelings did feel very strong. I was just anxious of what the outcome would be if I confessed to George about how I have been feeling. But this chat with Hermione definitely opened my eyes a little bit.

"Thank you Hermione" I smiled, placing my hand on her arm before standing up, "I really appreciate it"

She smiles back as I begin to walk away before turning back to face her.

"Oh and by the way, the whole thing about telling someone how you really feel, maybe you should listen to your own advice" I smirk whilst nodding my head toward Ron.

She followed my gaze as her face turned red from embarrassment. She grabbed a pillow from the sofa to launched at me but I was already round the corner of the stairs. I laughed as I ran away from the speechless Hermione.

Now it was time to decide: do I tell George how I feel or keep it to myself?


I really hope to include the other characters more as the story progresses. Sorry this chapters kinda short.

Also, if you're here for smut, don't worry it's coming soon- be patient ;)

As always, comment and vote! Thanks :)

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Arabella's POV

I woke up to the sound of a crackling fire and mumbled voices which seemed to be coming from other rooms around me. Slowly opening my eyes, I saw I was curled up on the common room sofa with multiple papers and books sprawled out infront and around me. Shit – I must have fallen asleep studying again.

I quickly scraped all of my papers and books into one untidy pile before jumping up and looking at the clock on the wall. It read 7:30; I still had 30 minutes before breakfast started.

I slumped back down onto the sofa, now realising I had some time to organise all of my notes. I begin putting all my papers together when suddenly, the common room door opened- startling me. I yelped slightly, turning my head to see who had cause the disruption of noise.

To my delight, it was my two best friends- Fred and George Weasley.

We first met on our 1st year at Hogwarts, immediately clicking and forming the trio we now have today. The twins have been by my side for 6 years now, bringing us to our 6th year at Hogwarts. Any spare time we have is almost always spent together and we always have the best time; whether it's sat attempting and failing to study, planning and executing pranks or just sat having a laugh and a joke. There was never a dull moment spent with those boys and I was so grateful to have them.

The two twins strode into the common room, trying to contain laughter and carrying boxes of whatever crazy concoction they had made this week. Their laughter quietened to a snigger once they realised I was in the room.

"Morning, love." George smiled, "Fall asleep studying again?"

I lazily smiled and nodded my head, "Of course I did. Where have you to been so early in the morning?"

"Just wanted to test out some fireworks we had made." Fred grinned, "Seen as though the last ones we tried, yano, blew-"

"Blew up in Ron's face, yeah I remember" I laughed. Fred and George both began laughing too, remembering their younger brother covered in gunpowder.

The twins both came and threw themselves on the sofa beside me, George on my left and Fred on my right. "So what's on the agenda for today Arabella Potter?" Fred sighed whilst leaning his head on my shoulder.

Oh, did I forget to mention I was Harry Potter sister? Well I am- his older sister to be precise. However, I'm not really as well-known as he is, him being 'The Chosen One' and everything. I'm kind of left in his shadow a lot of the time because Harry has always outshined me. But I suppose it has never bothered me too much, I much prefer staying on the sidelines than being in the spotlight.

"Well Fred Weasley," I replied, "We have breakfast in about 20 minutes, then we have charms class, followed by-"

"Boring" George huffed, also leaning his head on my shoulder.

"Let me finish!" I laughed, "Followed by potions class, and then we have lunch, then transfigurations class and then we have free time to do whatever it is you two desire."

"Wicked" They both replied in unison.

I tapped both of their legs, indicating I was getting up which made them remove their heads from my shoulders. I grabbed my books and my glasses which were perched on the side table.

"I'm just going to put these away and get changed ready for breakfast, wait for me?"

"We'll be here" George winked, which caused me to smile and quickly turn away in fear of my glowing red cheeks being visible.

I hurried up the stairs, feeling embarrassed of my rosy cheeks on display. I don't know why George had the ability to make me shy, we had been friends for six years now. Whenever Fred has ever had a joke or a harmless flirt I have always been able to throw it right back at him with no problem. But whenever George were to do the same, I would find myself trying to conceal my flushed face and attempt to behave the same as I would with Fred. I tend the hide my shyness pretty well though, as neither of them have ever noticed anything.

Once in my dorm room, I was met with the eyes of Angelina Johnson and Katie Bell. They were my dorm roommates and my friends, although I didn't spend as much time with them as I did the twins as well as my brother and his friends.

"Morning" They both chimed. I smiled back and replied with a quiet good morning before walking over to my bed and placing my books at the end of it. I then quickly took off my pajama bottoms and sweatshirt, leaving me in a black bra and underwear.

"Where were you last night Bella? Do anything crazy?" Katie asked.

"If you call dozing off surrounded by mountains of work crazy, then yeah I had a wild night" I laughed.

"So you weren't with Fred and George?"

"No not last night. I know that's shocking considering were practically joint at the hip"

I had by this point buttoned up my blouse and put on my skirt which stopped at the middle of my thighs. I then pulled up my knee high socks and then grabbed my tie from my pillow, wrapping it around my neck.

"Do you think Fred will come find me for a chat soon Arabella?" Angelina questioned, hope in her eyes.

"I'm sure he will soon Ang." I smile. I try not to let my doubt show on my face but the truth was I wasn't sure how Fred felt about Angelina. He took her to the Yule Ball last year and they went out a couple of times after that but then things just kind of fizzled out. It was only the start of this new year that Fred may potentially be showing interest again, to Angelina's delight. She always wants me to give her the gossip about Fred but I try and keep the gossip to a minimum- they are my best friends after all.

Once I had finished my tie, grabbed my books for class and put on my robe, I said goodbye to the girls and hurried back downstairs. The boys were right where I left them, sat on the sofa pinching each other on the arm to see how could hurt the other one more. I chuckled whilst walking down the dorm stairs and towards the sofa.

The common room was now a bit busier, with a dozen or so people separated into smaller groups, getting ready to go to the Great Hall for breakfast.

The two boys stood up on my arrival, both of them smiling down at me. I was only around 5 foot 5 you see, meaning their heights of 6 foot 3 gave us a bit of a height difference.

"Ready now Belle?" Fred asked.

"Mhm, I'm ready."

Fred led the way as I fumbled with the heavy books in my hands.

"Here" George said, leaning over and grabbing the books from my hands, "Let me carry these love, don't want you dropping them."

"Thank you George" I grinned up at him. George had always been slightly more of a gentleman than Fred (even though Fred was still always very caring and lovely).

As we walked down the hall, greeting people as we went, I couldn't help but glance up at George whilst he effortlessly carried my books in his left hand. As he grinned at people passing by, cheerily saying good morning and making jokes, I watched in awe.

I think I have always had a little crush on George. I thought it was just a baby crush I had on the both of them from when I first met them, but I soon realised by our third year that there was something about George in particular that attracted me to him. Fred has always been like a brother to me, whereas I could never see George that way as hard as I tried. I suppose I just have always felt something a bit more towards him.

With us now sat at the tables in the Great Hall, surrounded by Harry, Ron, Hermione and other Gryffindors, I pushed the thoughts about George to the back of my mind- like I always did. Nothing ever could happen between me and George, it would ruin the whole dynamic between our friendship. Besides, I don't think he would feel the same about me anyways.

But imagine if he did.


So that was the first chapter of this story! What did you all think?

This story wont necessarily be a slow burn but we will have to wait and see.

Remember to comment andvote! Thank you!

P.S sorry if there are any mistakes, let me know if there are :)


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