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HolyHigh VV1 Bluetooth Earbuds Sports Wireless Earbuds with Mic 20Hours Playtime Bluetooth 5.0 Ture Wireless Earphones Headphones IPX5 Sweatproof Stereo Sound Bluetooth Earphones for All Mobile with Charging Case

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Connects quickly with the phone.

Posted by a reviewer on Amazon

Eyarburd is vary nice but charging case diffective pice iwant case reples please

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Holy high vv1 bluetooth is good for sound,bass is good,but bluetooth connectivity have some problems it loses connection several times,but if you want to buy it just for listening music it is very good, overall performance of the product is okay as compare to price wise.

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Good but sometimes noise coming

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General point to note for any earbuds: make sure to use a correct size ear piece, otherwise there is a chance of it just falling off of ear.

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But is very good with tabs , mobile phones.

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After long taught i brought this itemthere are many earpods or earbuds available in market.

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Choosing a affordable n good quality will be always a challengethis product may seem to be local, but far better for this pricegood bluetooth connectivity , distance range maybe 10mi did not tested in rain r sweat.

Sours: https://www.fakespot.com/product/holyhigh-vv1-bluetooth-earbuds-sports-wireless-earbuds-with-mic-20hours-playtime-bluetooth-5-0-ture-wireless-earphones-headphones-ipx5-sweatproof-stereo-sound-bluetooth-earphones-for-all-mobile-with-charging-case

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REVIEW – My quest for the perfect earbuds continues! The HolyHigh Waterproof Sports Wireless earbuds might be the coolest looking earbuds I’ve seen to date, and provide some of the latest tech. But how do they play in day-to-day use? To the review!

What is it?

They’re wireless stereo earbuds that come with a portable charging case. You can also use the charging case to power up other devices.

What’s in the box?

Your package comes with an impressive array of kit. You’ll get a portable charging case, a USB-to-micro-USB charging cable, a pack of replacement earbud sleeves (with different sizes), and a travel bag to carry everything in. Plus the earbuds, of course.

Hardware specs

  • Bluetooth 5.0 compatibility
  • CVC 8.0 noise cancellation technology
  • 3 hours of play time on the earbuds before recharge
  • Charging case support 60 hours of recharge time with 3000 mAh
  • Charging case can also be used as a portable battery for other devices
  • Earbuds are water resistant

Design and features

If you’re looking for that futuristic vibe in your gear, the HolyHigh earbuds have you covered. All black and contoured, with little red LED bands that light up with different functions. They remind me of the Cylons from Battlestar Galactica, without all of that nasty “annihilate the humans” vibe.

Your little cyber friends take their rest in an equally sleek multifunctional case that’s one of the highlights of this package. The case has a built-in 3000 mAh battery for constant charging while the earbuds are docked. The blue LEDs in the case indicate the battery level.

It looks cool, right? All black and smoked plastic.

A standard micro-USB port is used to charge the unit when the internal battery runs low (cable included).

But here’s a little extra bit of utility for ya: there’s a full-sized USB port on the opposite end that you can use to charge other items. With a rating of 3000 mAh it won’t get you super far (one full charge on an iPhone 6 plus, for example), but it will save you having to carry an extra portable battery in a pinch.

Speaking of charging, the earbuds will go for 3-4 hours on a single charge playing music and they can be used individually (maybe… see below). HolyHigh claims that you’ll get 120 hours of total listening time from a full charge on the case… but that’s if you use only one earbud at a time. 60 hours of stereo sound on one charge of the case is still pretty great, though.

You’ll also get a bag of extra earbud sleeves in different sizes, with an extra pair of the medium sleeves that come on the buds. I tend to need the smaller sizes, so this addition is greatly appreciated.

A nice, durable travel bag is also included to keep your kit together including your cable.

One last note on the features. HolyHigh states that these earbuds are “waterproof,” but I can find anything in the documentation that gives an IP water resistance rating. The externals seems to be tightly sealed, and I have had no issues with sweaty gym work. Given that there is nothing in the docs supporting this, however, I would not necessarily take that “waterproof” statement at face value.


The HolyHigh Waterproof Sports Earbuds don’t have a power button. They turn off when docked, and turn on when pulled out of the case. The contoured design is excellent for a snug fit, even with my smallish ears.

Connecting the earbuds is also a straightforward affair. The left earbud is the controlling element in this case, and goes into search mode as soon as you pull them from the case. A voice indicator tells you when the pairing is complete, and then each earbud will indicate that it is connected. You can also pair both buds, and they’ll show up in your bluetooth pairing at T8-L (left bud) and T8-R (right bud) if you plan to use them individually. You can also pair to two different devices and set up one as the primary device for pairing when you pull the earbuds out of their case.

So far so good, right? Well… all this flexibility does bring some issues when it comes to performance as we’ll see in a moment.


Let’s talk about the sound quality first. The HolyHigh Waterproof Sports Earbuds have clear sound, and excellent noise cancellation. But to my ears the sound quality seems to be inconsistent, sometimes lacking the depth of range. I believe this may be the result of the Bluetooth pairing, as I have had situations where one of the earbuds (the right in particular) kicks out and I’m playing in mono mode on the left earbud until it reconnects. I should note that I see this more on my older iPad than my iPhone XS Max, so this may be the result of older Bluetooth tech in my devices.

The controls can be a bit maddening. Almost the whole external surface of each earbud also acts as the button/tap region for controls using some variation on single tap, double tap, or tap-and-hold to execute functions (playback/pause, answer call, volume, skips, redial last call, etc.). These tap regions are super-sensitive, however, so I find myself triggering an event every time I accidentally come in contact with the surface. Scratch your ear? You’re triggering something. Go to push the earbud back in your ear if it gets loose? Ditto. And because the earbuds have no power function, they are “hot” as soon as you take them out of the case. I’ve accidentally called someone multiple times as I was putting the buds in my ears to start a workout. If you’re doing active stuff, you’ll find this to be very irritating.

The pairing works fine for two devices… unless both are in range. They tend to compete with each other for actions, and I have found myself having to disconnect the earbuds on one device to use the other. Coupled with the sensitive touch issues I’ve had all kinds of interesting conflicts like music playing from my iPad unsolicited when I am trying to use my phone, or calling someone while trying to watch a movie on my iPad. It’s a feature that sounds good in theory, but can be frustrating in practice without some way to manage which device you want to be connected at a given time.

The phone function is about the same as it is with most wireless earbuds… which is not great. You sound like you’re talking through a pillow, and it’s hard to hear you unless you REALLY speak up. Great for emergencies, not so great for normal conversation.

On the plus side, these earbuds are super comfortable and tend to stay locked nicely in your ears in use. I’ve found them to be great for the gym, as long as I am willing to deal with those control/connectivity issues.

What I like

  • Great multipurpose case.
  • Very comfortable to wear.
  • Long battery life for wireless earbuds.

What needs to be improved

  • Sound quality can be inconsistent.
  • Connectivity challenges when using multiple devices.
  • Control management is difficult.
  • Not good for using call functions.

Final thoughts

Despite some of the flaws I’ve noted with the performance, I really do like the HolyHigh Waterproof Sports Earbuds for the gym. They have some quirks, but generally, do a good job of playing clear music and being very comfortable while I’m doing my active things. The charger is great, and the battery life is surprisingly good. But that control setup is something you’ll have to be prepared for if you invest in these earbuds.

Price: $44.95
Where to buy: HolyHigh (use coupon code gadgeteer23 to save $23 – Expires 10/31/19). You can also find the earbuds on Amazon
Source: The sample of this product was provided by HolyHigh.

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With the bewildering number of wireless earbuds on today’s market, it can be tough to make the right decision. How did we get to a place where there are literally thousands of wireless earbud options? The answer is that good wireless audio is a relatively new technology. True Wireless Stereo has only been around since just before the iPhone 7 came out. With the success of that platform and Apple’s AirPods, other manufacturers jumped on the bandwagon. This doesn’t just mean a bunch of new products; it also means new manufacturers. No wonder it can be so tough to find a good pair of buds!

Today, we’ll try to simplify things. We’re about to review two popular over-the-ear wireless earbuds, and see how they compare. First, we’ll be looking at the HolyHigh Wireless Earbuds. These buds are designed for casual, everyday listening, but are also surprisingly durable. Second, we’ll examine the Treblab X3 Pro Wireless Earbuds. These earbuds are designed for exceptional battery life and minimum latency. Which pair is the best? To find out, we’ll have to take a look at all of their features, benefits, and even their drawbacks. Once that’s done, we’ll render our final verdict. Let’s begin!

HolyHigh Wireless Earbuds

HolyHigh Wireless Earbuds

The HolyHigh Wireless Earbuds have an ear hook design, with large plastic hooks to hold them in place. These hooks are slightly flexible to accommodate different ear shapes, but only to a certain extent. This is a great thing for anyone with an active lifestyle, since it keeps you from losing your buds. There are three sets of ear tips included in the kit, in three different sizes. These aren’t needed for security, since the ear hooks hold the buds in place. However, a good fit can help block out outside noise. Take some time to get a snug fit, and you’ll be glad you did. Alternatively, you can keep a looser fit for comfort and situational awareness.

HolyHigh Wireless Earbuds

The HolyHigh earbud housing is available in three different colors: black, white, or pink. The white and pink options have a playful vibe, a far cry from the staid, formal look of most earbuds. All three options have the same control scheme, with a button on the outside of each bud. The buttons are physical, not soft touch, so they require a small amount of pressure to actuate. That said, you don’t have to press absurdly hard, and the tactile feedback was a nice change.

These earbuds have a water resistance rating of IPX7. This means they’re rated for full submersion at at least one meter for at least 30 minutes. We wouldn’t tempt fate by taking them swimming or anything like that. But if you want to wear your earbuds in the shower, you’re good to go.

Like most wireless earbuds, the HolyHigh buds come with a charging case. The case has a clamshell-style lid, which is spring-loaded to stay shut unless it’s intentionally opened. It’s constructed from matte plastic, with a finish that matches whatever color buds you bought. On the front, you’ll find a small cutout for lifting the lid with your thumb or forefinger.

Underneath, there’s a single LED that illuminates when the case is plugged in. Keep in mind that because of the ear hooks, these earbuds have a wide profile. As a result, the case is a bit big, and you may want to carry it in a bag instead of in your pocket.

HolyHigh Wireless Earbuds

Battery and Connectivity

Each HolyHigh wireless earbud has an internal battery that supports five hours of playtime. This is a manufacturer’s rating, which assumes you’re listening at about half volume. If you prefer much louder volumes, you can expect proportionately shorter battery life. Regardless, you’ve got more than enough juice for most purposes, and the buds will fully charge in about 90 minutes.
The charging case carries 600mAh of electricity, enough to recharge both earbuds six full times. As a result, you have a total battery life of up to 35 hours. The case will also recharge in about 90 minutes when it’s plugged into an appropriate USB port. Plug in once a week, and you’ll have more playtime than you know what to do with.

HolyHigh Wireless Earbuds

The HolyHigh Wireless Earbuds connect via Bluetooth 5.0. This is a newer version of Bluetooth, which replaced the older Bluetooth 4.2 protocol. Bluetooth 5.0 supports higher-bitrate audio, lower latency, and a more stable connection. You can expect fewer dropped calls than you’d get from older earbuds. Moreover, the HolyHigh earbuds can connect in either stereo or mono mode. Stereo mode will be what you use for music, but mono mode is great for hands-free calling. It’s also useful if you’re walking at night, or in another situation where you want to hear your surroundings.

Sound Quality

The HolyHigh Wireless Earbuds offer reasonably good audio quality across the spectrum. The first thing you’ll notice is that there’s a wide soundstage. In everyday terms, this means that there’s plenty of space in the mix between different instruments. The wide soundstage comes along with a flat, even EQ. All frequencies are present, from the bass to the highs. And because of the wide soundstage, the mids don’t get crowded or muddy, even in a busy mix. This is particularly noticeable in vocal-heavy genres, where middle frequencies are essential.

HolyHigh Wireless Earbuds

With all of that being said, you might be disappointed if you were looking for powerful bass. This is common on earbuds, particularly if you’re not willing to spend a small fortune. In general, you’ll get much better bass quality from a set of full-sized, over-the-ear headphones.

Call quality on the HolyHigh buds is reasonable. There’s no noise cancellation software, but the mics are pretty clear as things stand. You might have trouble in a noisy environment or on a windy day. But for the most part, you won’t have any issues with hands-free calling.

Treblab X3 Pro

Treblab X3 Pro Wireless Earbuds

The Treblab X3 Pro Wireless Earbuds have a similar ear hook-style design to the HolyHigh buds. This comes with the same attendant costs and benefits. On the one hand, the fit is very secure, and is virtually impossible to lose. On the other hand, it can be uncomfortable if you have sensitive ears. IN that case, you might prefer a set of Treblab in-ear earbuds instead. Also like the HolyHigh buds, the X3 Pro kit includes three different sets of ear tips.

The X3 Pro buds come with a submersion-proof IPX7 water-resistance rating, as well as easy-to-use control buttons. With two buttons on each earbud, you get more controls, including access to your voice assistant.

Treblab X3 Pro

The case has a clamshell-style design, with an understated matte black shell that matches the earbuds. Under the lip, you’ll see a row of four LED lights. These let you know the current battery status, and they light up when earbuds are inserted. Otherwise, they remain powered off to save power. The back of the case has a small USB Type-C port for charging, and a charging cord is included in the package.

Battery and Connectivity

Perhaps the X3 Pro’s best feature is its impressive battery life. Each earbud will work for up to nine hours on a single charge. Even at maximum volume, you’re still looking at industry-leading performance. Not only that, but the charging case carries enough juice for four additional charges. This extends the overall battery life to up to 45 hours. You can literally listen to music all weekend, even while you sleep. That said, charging time is a bit longer to support these large batteries. Fully charging either the earbuds or the case takes about two hours.

The X3 Pro uses the same Bluetooth 5.0 protocol to connect to your phone or MP3 player. However, it only supports stereo mode. You can’t pair a single earbud individually.

Treblab X3 Pro

Sound Quality

For the most part, the X3 Pro earbuds offer good audio quality for the price. Like the HolyHigh buds, they have a wide soundstage with good separation between the instruments. They also have a flat EQ with good frequency response across the spectrum. That said, they have one major downside: at higher volumes, the bass starts to rattle. This is only an issue when you’re above about 80 to 85 percent volume. But if you like super-punchy bass, it’s going to be an issue.

On the upside, at moderate volumes, the X3 Pro buds are ideal for gaming or watching movies. They boast an internal Qualcomm aptX Low Latency chipset. This chipset reduces latency to near zero, so audio and video are in perfect sync for games or videos.

Treblab X3 Pro

For hands-free calling, the X3 Pro earbuds also have a set of CVC 8.0 mics. These mics are designed to filter out background noise while you’re on the phone. Specifically, they’re designed to make it easier for the other person to hear you. You’ll be able to have conversations even on a windy day or in a crowded airport terminal. Of course, how well you hear the other person will depend entirely on their microphone.

Final Verdict

Which of these earbuds is the best? As is often the case, it depends on what you’re looking for. In terms of fit and comfort, we’ll call it a draw. There are a few cosmetic differences, such as the HolyHigh buds’ three color options. But for the most part, they fit the same, and there are no major differences in the design.

That said, they’re better suited for different purposes. The HolyHigh Wireless Earbuds are the best choice for everyday music listening. The flat EQ provides good quality for most genres, and even at very high volumes. The IPX7 water-resistance is also a nice touch for anyone who wants to listen in the shower.

The Treblab X3 Pro Wireless Earbuds, on the other hand, tend to rattle a bit at max volume. But even at about 80 percent, they sound great. If that’s loud enough for you, you can take advantage of extra low latency for gaming or watching movies. You can also enjoy exceptional battery life, with up to 45 hours of performance on a single charge.

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Review holyhigh wireless earbuds

Another day, another Bluetooth wireless headphone to review. Once limited to only a couple brands and models, “true wireless” headphones or earbuds as they are called are all but commonplace today. An Amazon search for “true wireless headphones” yields over 2,000 results.

With so many models and price ranges to choose from, how does the HolyHigh ET1 compare to others? Or better question, how can it stand out from the crowd?

In the Box

As far as unboxings go, opening the HolyHigh ET1 is about one notch above using a box cutter to slice through the razor sharp clear plastic that you’ll find encasing merchandise on peg board racks at your local discount store. In fact, you’ll find exactly that plastic inside the packaging once you slide the outer sleeve off the box.  Fortunately, no tools are required to open this packaging.

Under that plastic window you’ll find the charging case containing the left and right earbuds. The earbuds ship with stickers covering their respective charging contacts.

Pulling the case out of the package, you’ll also find a short micro-USB charging cable, 2 additional pairs (large and small) of silicone eartips, multi-language user guide, multi-language “tips” card, and “thank you” card.


The HolyHigh ET1 true wireless earphones feature a behind the ear hook design. For active users, this ensures you won’t be losing them during strenuous activity. However, for eyeglass or sunglass wearers; this design may be uncomfortable as it adds bulk behind your ears. The ear hooks are made of rubber and are integrated into the earbuds.

The left and right earbuds are made of lightweight, matte black plastic. Each side features a single multi-purpose button, LED light and microphone. A grayish stripe spruces up and otherwise “plain-Jane” design.

No branding is present on the earbuds themselves which I’m guessing is either for OEM purposes or to appease brand-conscious buyers who might otherwise not buy a product that doesn’t overtly advertise “Beats.”

The charging case is made of similar matte plastic and features HolyHigh branding across the top. It is surprisingly lightweight for its size, about the size of a bar of soap. On the front of the clamshell case is a single LED light and on the rear a micro-USB charging port.

The case contains a 600mAh battery. Opening the case, I was befuddled to find the left earbud seated on the right side of the case and vice versa. Obviously not a deal breaker but an odd design decision.


The HolyHigh ET1 earphones can be used in both stereo or monaural modes. Pairing the earphones is a relatively simple process; remove the earphones from the charging case and press and hold the multi-function buttons on both earbuds for two seconds to turn on. Open your phone’s Bluetooth setting and select ET1. From here forward, you can use the left and right earbuds independently if desired.


Before we jump into sound quality, let’s talk about fit. Without swapping the eartips, I found that the left earbud sealed with no issue. The right earbud on the other hand was more fickle. I found that it would only remain seated in my ear canal if I rotated the earbud so that the attached end of the hook was placed against the top of my earlobe. Once placed in that position, it was time to crank some tunes.

To test the ET1 earbuds, I turned to my personal “I Hear Dead People” playlist. It offers a wide variety of genres and I’ve listened to them through all sorts of speakers, earphones, headphones, etc. to know the nuances of each song.

First up;  Nirvana’s “You Know You’re Right.” I noticed immediately that the HolyHigh ET1’s were capable of delivering on bass response. But the song sounded distorted at mid-range and above. It’s not often I listen to earphones that struggle on higher frequencies. I was honestly prepared to be disappointed.

Johnny Cash’s cover of Nine Inch Nail’s “Hurt” was up next. I love this song. You can hear the finality of life in the timbre of Johnny’s voice. The vocals and acoustic guitar notes sounded fantastic. I went from disappointment to surprised satisfaction immediately. One of these songs is a fluke, but which one?

I allowed the playlist to continue. One deceased singer after another for the next 1.5 hours or so. Amy Winehouse, INXS, Joy Division, Notorious B.I.G., Prince, Soundgarden, Tom Petty, Sublime, Alice In Chains, etc. They all sounded good to great.

Battery check at the end of the playing session was at 60%. I predict that the claimed five hours of play time is not far off. The case claims 6X full recharges for 35+ hours of play.


My first call test happened spontaneously when I was testing music. I answered an incoming call using the multi-function button and while the call picked up, I could not hear the caller and they couldn’t hear me.

The second test was an outgoing call using only the right earbud and the caller heard me perfectly.  We’ll mark the initial test a fluke.


The good news is there are lots of controls available on the earbuds using the multi-function button. The bad news is you’re probably going to have to carry the instruction manual for a while to figure them all out.

  • Turn on – Remove from case and hold button for 2 sec. (Mine turned on as soon as I removed from case)
  • Turn off – Place in case and hold button for 5 sec.
  • Play/Pause – Press L/R button
  • Previous/Next – In stereo mode double-click L/R buttons respectively. Mono mode – double click L/R will only skip to the next track.
  • Volume Down/Up – Press and hold the left or right button respectively for 2 seconds and continue hold until desired volume is reached.
  • Answer/hang-up call – Press L/R button
  • Reject a call – Press button for 2 sec
  • Answer call waiting – Press L/R button
  • Reject call waiting – Press and hold L/R button
  • Switch between calls – Press L/R button
  • Answer incoming call and hang up first call – Double-click L/R
  • Hang up 2nd call and return to first call – Double-click L/R
  • Turn on voice assistant – Triple-click L/R
  • Turn off voice assistant – Press L/R

In my experience, double-clicking and triple-clicking were extremely clumsy. Especially when using my non-dominant hand. On more than one occasion, I launched Siri rather than navigating to the previous song.


At MSRP of $49.99 on Amazon I would personally have a hard time going with the HolyHigh ET1 True Wireless headphones. At the time of this review, a 15% off coupon was available bringing the price to a slightly more reasonable $42.49.

If you are in the market for behind the ear hook style earbuds, the HolyHigh ET1 should be on your list of considerations based on sound quality and a generous 24-month warranty.

The description on Amazon states the earbuds are “made of IPX7 waterproof material.” That doesn’t give me confidence that the earbuds themselves could withstand 30 minutes submerged in 3.3 feet of water. In fairness, I didn’t test the waterproof claim in my test either.

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Since 2007 we have offered news and opinion around Android, the mobile space, and connected homes. We aim to help users get more from their smartphones and hope to be a valuable resource for future purchases.

Sours: https://www.androidguys.com/reviews/accessory-reviews/holyhigh-et1-true-wireless-earphones/
HolyHigh ET1 True Wireless Sports Earbuds Review

HolyHigh Wireless Earbuds

The HolyHigh Wireless Earbuds are light, comfortable and impressively waterproof – this, plus long battery times and a solid Bluetooth connection, makes them ideal for cyclists. Their in-ear design inevitably blocks ambient sound, which won't suit everyone, though they do support mono should you choose to just run one.

At first glance the HolyHigh earbuds seem like a premium set, and I'm genuinely surprised at the features given the price. They come fitted with black earhooks, plus a pair of fluorescent yellow spares. You also get three sizes of rubber grommet to match to the holes in your head, and the buds live inside a clever charging case.

2020 HolyHigh Wireless Earbuds - accessories.jpg

The earbuds' waterproof rating of IPX7 means they can survive being submerged in a metre of water for 30 min, which is impressive. They easily stand up to sweaty turbo sessions and even hot showers afterwards.

2020 HolyHigh Wireless Earbuds - charging case.jpg

Open the charging case and the HolyHighs switch on automatically, then pair with the last known device – it's incredibly quick and easy. The case itself has the latest USB-C connection, a magnetic lid, and a row of small white LEDs to indicate battery level.

2020 HolyHigh Wireless Earbuds - in case charging.jpg

The case is capable of replenishing the earbuds five or six times on a single charge, so as well as acting as convenient storage, it means they're always topped up and ready.

The distance they stay connected is impressive. It's a good twenty metres – I can even leave the phone in the house and stay connected in the garage on the turbo with no dropout.

2020 HolyHigh Wireless Earbuds - single earbud.jpg

Curiously, the black ear hooks are slightly more flexible than the florescent ones, and I prefer them as they feel a bit more snug around the ear. Like the case, the earbuds have LEDs to show charge – blue when good, red when low.

To be clear, I don't normally ride with headphones as they block out external sounds, and these are no different – I find myself constantly checking over my shoulder for cars. You can ride with just one as they work in mono mode, too.


Each earbud has a multifunction button to control features such as on/off, volume, call answering, next track, or Siri and Google Search. Unfortunately, it's rubberised and rather stiff, and leads to you just jamming the bud into your ear... I ended up using my phone controls instead, or taking a bud out to press it.

Both buds feature mics for calls, too – again you lose nothing by running just one, which is a neat bit of design.

2020 HolyHigh Wireless Earbuds - box.jpg

Sound quality is perfectly acceptable for both music and calls, and the more snug the fit, the bassier they get. I used these during sweaty Zwift races to communicate with team members, and found them excellent... although I'm not sure the others appreciated my heavy breathing.


Despite this niggle, the performance, features and quality are impressive, especially for the price. There's not much out there that's really competing.

Dave tested the Kitsound District True Wireless Earbuds last year, which have a similar charging case, but had to 'hack' the eartips with Sugru and the Bluetooth connectivity wasn't great. And they're £70.

> 13 of the best indoor cycling apps - get the right turbo training experience for you

The Aftershokz Aeropex would be a good alternative if you are looking to do more riding with music, as they're bone conducting and don't block external sounds – however, they're £150. Aftershokz' new OpenMove model (review to come) is cheaper at £70, but showerproof rather than properly waterproof.


The HolyHigh Wireless Earbuds are comfortable for hours, last ages on a charge, connect extremely well and offer an impressive, waterproof build. The price is extremely competitive too – really only the stiff button lets them down, and even that can be worked around.

Assuming you're okay with riding without ambient sound, or just wanting something for the turbo trainer and online chat, they're easy to recommend and a very strong option.


Good sound, impressive waterproofing and generally great design – only the button disappoints

If you're thinking of buying this product using a cashback deal why not use the road.cc Top Cashback page and get some top cashback while helping to support your favourite independent cycling website

Make and model: HolyHigh Wireless Earbuds

Tell us what the product is for and who it's aimed at. What do the manufacturers say about it? How does that compare to your own feelings about it?

HolyHigh says these are an: "Optimized design for sport."

Tell us some more about the technical aspects of the product?

Rated at waterproof rating IPX7, able to be submerged up to 1m in water for 30 min.

Auto Paring & Auto Connection - Open the charging case, then left and right wireless headphones will turn on and pair with each other automatically. They auto connect with the last known connected device.

6 hours earbud + 30 hours extended playtime via the case - A single in-ear earphone can work up to 6 hours on a single charge. The portable charging case can charge the earphones 5-6 times to extend total playtime to 30 hours.

Bluetooth Connection & Wide Compatibility - Adopting the latest Bluetooth 5.0 chip - enabling a more stable connection with clearer and smoother calls.

Button activated function. Each of the earbuds has a multi function button to control features such as volume up/down, on/off, answer calls, next track, or to enable Siri or Google Search.

Stereo or mono-connectivity - you can wear just one earbud in mono-mode. Each earbud has a separate microphone.

The case has the latest USB-C connection, a magnetic lid, and includes small white LEDs across the front to indicate battery level of the case.

Rate the product for quality of construction:


Well made from good materials.

Rate the product for performance:


The Bluetooth connects within a second, coverage is a good and they're waterproof enough to swim in.

Rate the product for durability:


Rate the product for weight (if applicable)


Rate the product for comfort (if applicable)


Very good, except when using the stiff button.

Rate the product for value:


Really great value for money.

Tell us how the product performed overall when used for its designed purpose

Very good.

Tell us what you particularly liked about the product

Everything but the stiff button.

Tell us what you particularly disliked about the product

Pushing the button shoves the bud into your ear.

How does the price compare to that of similar products in the market, including ones recently tested on road.cc?

There is not much competition at this money. Dave tested the Kitsound District True Wireless Earbuds last year, which have a similar charging case, but had to 'hack' the eartips with Sugru and the Bluetooth connectivity wasn't great. And they're £70.

The Aftershokz Aeropex would be a good alternative if you are looking to do more riding with music, as they're bone conducting and don't block external sounds – however, they're £150. The new Aftershokz OpenMove (review to come) is cheaper at £70, but showerproof rather than properly waterproof.

Did you enjoy using the product? Yes

Would you consider buying the product? Yes

Would you recommend the product to a friend? Yes

Use this box to explain your overall score

These are impressively well made and well specced for the price, and do a great job. If using the button didn't shove the earbud into your ear, they could be a nine, but as is they're still a strong eight.

Age: 41  

I usually ride: GT Grade  My best bike is: Boardman ASR 8.9

I've been riding for: Over 20 years  I ride: Most days  I would class myself as: Experienced

I regularly do the following types of riding: commuting, club rides, sportives, general fitness riding, mtb,

Sours: https://road.cc/content/review/holyhigh-wireless-earbuds-278477

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