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Server «CowCraft» does not have a description yet. You can offer your own description for the server in your account. Perhaps, it will be the best and will decorate the page of this Minecraft server!

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In this section, only server CowCraft is discussed with all its pluses and minuses. Advertising, swearing and insults are forbidden.

Sours: https://mclike.com/minecraft-server
Here is the Full list of servers I have played on or am currently playing on.
Cowcraft is a good sized server containing PVP, Hunger Games, Sky Block, Creative, Minez, Various Minigames, Prophunt, Skywars, Red Vs Blue, Kit PVP, as well as the Elementcraft Survival Server.

ROUTE 2: DEADLOX/MINEFRENZY  IP: mc.minefrenzy.com
Server used to be deadlox and merged with minefrenzy. server currently offers deadlox's creative, minefrenzy pvp/factions, prison Super heroes PVP and skywars and has an sg portal but  it is not open. I am however DISSATISFIED with lack of admins on prison as well as scamers, hackers in PVP AND prison and the fact if you want perks on multiple areas (example: creative and prison) you have to donate MUTIPLE TIMES. additionally I am dissatisfied with the few admins on prison being possibly discriminative towards me as well as un needed plugins like item blocker, combat log and bed kick in the prison section.

Sky has a MONSTER server network that contains Pink Men Slap, Butterslap (possible cookieslap knockoff) Ghostbusters, Survival Games, Run from the beast, Assassins Creed, Draw that block, TNTRUN, Blockhunt, and Levels PVP as well as 4 lobbies.
Server is whitelisted or down.

Server is on , PVP server

MCTA: One bus is running the line, Large bus thats running the line is being replaced with a medium bus, large bus will be shifted to a major route. Bus runs every 30 minutes


Fate is a smaller server that is nearing its current capicity of It offers Hunger Games, Sky Wars, Factions, Creative, and Prison.

MCTA: Rider ship is up 50% and a 3rd bus was added. Busses run every 15 min.


Anthrocraft is a small server focusing on factions. The players there can get competive with one enother.

MCTA: Ridership has decreased by 19%. the lagre busses serving this server will be moved to other lines and 2 medium busses will take its place. Busses run every 20 minutes


Cookie slap has merged with blockrealms in an effort to keep its self alive. Server now offers Cookieslap, Hunger games, Factions, Kit PVP, Prison, Towney, Survival, Creative, and an Arcade (coming soon)

MCTA: THe merger has increased ridership to more sufficient levels and has warded off the idea of cutting servace. Busses run every 15 minutes


Server is either out of date or died in

MCTA: large bus serving the line was shifted to another line, a small bus will be taking its place, if server is not up by the the end of febuaray then the bus line will be disscontinued.


HALO has merged with meep craft in an effort similar to cookieslap did with blockrealms. Server offers HALO, BOOMO (a tnt game), CTF, Hungergames, Sky Block, TNTRUN, Towns, WIlderness, Mob arena, Centrum and Parkour.

MCTA: The merger has overwhealmed the lone bus running the line, 3 more busses were added, busses run every 10 minutes.


Hypixel's server offers epic adventures, as well as paintball, Blitz survival games, the walls, quakecraft, tnt games, vampire z, Gields, and mega walls.

MCTA: Ridership has been steady. Busses run every 15 minutes.


Uberminecraft is anothe MONSTER server network, offering Minekart, Vampirecraft, blocks vs zombies, cops and robbers, sky wars, dwarves vs zombies, minestrike, bombcraft, MDOTA, Super craft bros, Pirate craft, SKy Block, Hungergames, Factions, Dayz, The walls, CTF, Zombiecraft, Mine FOrtress, Zonecraft, Build Server, Towercraft, Quakecraft, Mienscape.

MCTA: RIdership is up %, 7 busses were added for a total of Busses run every 3 min or less.


Gameslab is a good sized server filled w fun mini games including minescape, Soccercraft, Infested, Ghostrun, Stamp out, Spleeg, touch down, jukecraft, TNT run, Whac-a-note, Super minekart, Bit trip, tnt kamakaze, menvsblind, sumotori, OITC, Man Hunt, Kit PVP, Survival games, SKy Block, Factions, Creative

MCTA: Ridership is up 60%, 2 more busses were added but more may be needed in the future if ridership keeps increasing. busses run every 10 min


Hive is another good sized server with lots of minigames including Hide-n-seek, survival games, cranked, one in the chamber, cowboys and indians, the herobrine, spleeg, trouble in mineville, parkour, forstbite (coming soon), scavenger (coming soon)

MCTA: Ridership is up 50% and 2 more busses waere added. busses run every 5 minutes


This server only runs CTF, there are other servers with MC in their names that offer other items

MCTA: Ridership has dropped slightly however its is not enought to switch to a medium bus at this time. Bus runs every 30 min.


This server has creative, PVP survival, Spleef, survival games, quake craft, mob arena, and parkour (down)

MCTA: Ridership has been low from the start, in an effort to get more players interested MCTA is swapping the lone bus running the line for 2 small busses. busses run every 15 min.


This server has Kit Pvp, Factions, survival, sky block, creative, skywars, survival games, Pizza SPleef and Blocks Vs Zomnies.

MCTA: Ridership has grown 25% and a 4th bus was added. busses run every 10 min.


This line is currently out of servace

MCTA: Large bus was swapped for a small one.


This line is currently out of servace

MCTA: Large bus was swapped for a small one.


This line is currently out of servace

MCTA: Large bus was swapped for a small one.


This server offers blitz, Ghost Squadren, and Project areas.

MCTA: ridership has dropped 33%, Busses run every 20 min.


This server offers The Feast, Vampire Sacrifice, Death Sequence, Runners up, Factions.

MCTA: Ridership has been steady, Busses run every 20 min.


this server offers, Factions, Sky Block, Creative, TNT run, Sky wars, Cops N robbers, Kit pvp

MCTA: ridership has increased 50%, 2 more busses were added, busses run every 10 min.


This server has factions and prison

MCTA: RIdership has been steady but it is monotored for the possibility of adding more busses, Busses run every 20 min


This server offers, Hunger games, skywars, skywars evolved, kit pvp, factios, MCMMO, SKy Block, Creative (down)

MCTA: Ridership has increased slightly and a 4th bus was added. busses run every 10 min

ROUTE Red Warfare

This server has Search and destroy, Sabatoge, Infection, Wizard Battles, Survival games, hunger games,

MCTA: RIdership is up and a 2nd bus was added a 3rd bus may be needed, busses run every 20 minutes


This server has merged with Deadlox and has not gone over well with some players.
HAYDZED: factions, prison, creative, OP KIT PVP, survival (towny,build) Sky Block, Call of zombies, Survival Games, Spleeg, Build it, one in the chamber
DEADlox: Creative, Prison, PVP/FACTIONS, SURVIVAL games,

MCTA: HAydzed had 3 busses before the merger and 3 of the busses from Deadlox's line will be added here, the other 2 will be sent to other lines. busses run rvery 3 min

NOTE: Busses alternate between the 2 servers so check the destination boards!


This server has Factions, Sky block, parkour, hunger games, sky wars, creative and a city.

MCTA: ridership has been steady, busses run every 10 min.


A New Prison Server

MCTA: Small bus runs every 30 min.


Server is a greif free survival server and may contain creative.

MCTA: Large Bus was swapped for a medium bus. bus runs every 30 minutes


Server is a simple survival server, NO PVP OR GREIFING ALLOWED!

MCTA: Medium Bus runs every 30 min.


Server is still in developement, offers pvp minigames.

MCTA: Route was shutdown untill server is completed, medium bus runs every 30 min/


Server offers Creative, Factions, Kit pvp, mine, infected, SPleef, Hunger games

MCTA: Busses run every 15 minutes


This large server network offers supersmashmobs, supper spleef, runner, dragons, one in the quiver, dragon escape, milk the cow, super paintball, turg forts, death tag, bacon brawl, squid sauce, survival games, the bridges, block hunt, minekart, champions, draw my thing, snake

MCTA: Busses run every 3 minutes (7 busses)


Server is nothing but KIT PVP

MCTA: Bus runs every 30 minutes


Server is nothing but Hunger games

MCTA: Bus runs every 30 Minutes


Server is not responding

MCTA: Medium bus runs every 30 minutes.


Server nothing but Sabotauge

MCTA: Medium Bus runs every 30 minutes


Server is creative only

MCTA: Small bus runs every 30 minutes


Server is white listed

MCTA: Medium Bus runs every 30 minutes


Server is a custom PVP server

MCTA: Medium Bus runs every 30 minutes

ROUTE Assassin Craft

Server is not open yet

MCTA: Medium Bus runs every 30 minutes


Server is CRACKED, offers Hunger games, Paintball, SKy Wars, TNT run, SPleeg, Bombercraft, COD ZOmbies, Prophunt, Survival, Creative, parkour

MCTA: this server is the only one gauranteed to work if multi os offline, Busses run every 10 minutes

Route SHotBOW

Server offers Ghost craft, gun game, wasted, annihilation, Hardcore factions, Last man standing, Crafty Bomber, Smash, Minez, CVI Craft, Light Bikes, SHOTBOWGAMES

MCTA: Busses run every 15 minutes

ROUTE Acadamycraft

Server is OP PRISON

MCTA: Busses run every 20 minutes


Server offers Kit pvp, creative, prison, factions, sky wars, thevillagespy, Death cart. survivalgames, copsandrobbers

MCTA: Busses run every 15 minutes


Server offers Battle dome, CTF, Survival Games, Capture the WOol, Time Bomb,

MCTA: Busses run every 20 min

Route Bananarine

Server if only factions

MCTA: Small bus runs every 30 min.

Sours: https://sites.google.com/site/tapecitymchalo/home/minecraft/servers
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IP address and port:

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Country:UA Ukraine
Server type:PC Edition
Game type:SMP
Last online:
Last offline:
Server software:Paper

How to connect and play on this server?

  1. You must have the game version installed.
    How to check? At startup, the game version will be displayed on the right, at the bottom. If it is a different version, you should change the current profile (left, bottom) and select version
  2. Click the PLAY button, wait for the Minecraft game to load.
  3. Choose: Multiplayer
  4. Click the button "Direct connect", or if you want to keep the server in its list, press the button "Add server"
  5. In the field "Server address" write: (click to copy)
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    Minecraft StatisticWelcome to the server page! There are no comments on this server yet. Write a comment on the server! Do you like to play on it? What's interesting on the server? What's wrong while playing on the server? Write about your adventures, game events, buildings, and add your screenshots.

Sours: https://minecraft-statistic.net/en/server/_html

The old website is back! Every thread, post, attachment and account has been restored. Updating and restoring everything wasn’t an easy task, it took plenty of hours to simply restore the extremely outdated forums. Took even longer to migrate the data to the latest version of the forum software we’re using. On top of that I went ahead and made the website look more modern, after all CowCraft has been up since ! One of the oldest minecraft communities to be up and running!

All of the basic functionality should be working, but there are still quite a few things to be fixed. If you notice anything weird or straight up not working, please let us know in our discord. If you already have an account, your old password should still be working! In case you don’t remember your password, let me know and I’ll reset it. In case you don’t have an account, we’re no longer using in-game registering. Instead you’re able to register with an email. More registration options will be added later

Sours: https://cowcraft.net/

Ip minecraft server cowcraft

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Minecraft Server Review Cowcraft Ep 1 Parkour + Hunger Games

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