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Part 1

The first block of the Mystery Quilt &#;Bathwick&#; has been revealed in the Quiltmania magazine (January-February issue).










Let&#;s watch the video of the block #1

Part 2

The part 2 of the Mystery Quilt by Karen Styles has been revealed in the Quiltmania magazine #


Block #2 video

In Karen Styles’ second Quilt Mystery video, there has been an error with regard to the measurements of the squares.

“It will measure 2 ½” and I like to pop it on just to make sure that I still have the right size measurement. With a ruler you could check that it’s a 2 ½” square.”


Part 3

The part 3 of the Mystery Quilt by Karen Styles has been revealed in the Quiltmania magazine #

Here is the video of the part 3


Regarding the 3rd video tutorial for Karen Styles’ Mystery Quilt – You need to cut 88 squares from fabric #1 and 88 squares from fabric #2 NOT of each.


Part 4

The part 4 of the Mystery Quilt by Karen Styles has been revealed in the Quiltmania magazine #


Video part #4


Part 5



Video part #5


Part 6


Block #6 video


Where to buy the Mystery Quilt kits for «BATHWICK» by Karen Styles?

Contact shops from the list below to learn more about the fabrics.


La Fée Pirouette
30 Rue de Souprosse
[email protected]

Bouts de Tissus Rueil
22 Boulevard du Maréchal Joffre
+33(0)1 47 08 38 07
[email protected]

Le Patchwork d&#;Emma
32 Rue Georges Herbin
+33(0)7 83 50 81 43
[email protected]


La Maison du Patchwork
4 Rue du Chenêt
[email protected]



De Quilt Ster

Ring 8
+31 (0)6 36 59 47 48
[email protected]

Petra Prins
Patchwork & Quilting
Vaaltstraat 20a
[email protected]

Den Haan & Wagenmakers
Nieuwezijds Voorburgwal 95
RE Amsterdam
+31 (0)20
[email protected]


Kathrines Quilte Stue
Frederik Stangsgate 41 B
Frogner Oslo
+(47) 23 27 09 40
[email protected]
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Cowslip Workshops
Newhouse Farm St.Stephens
Launceston, Cornwall,
PL15 8JX
[email protected]

The Quilt Room
High Street
Dorking RH4 1AR
[email protected]



Sewn and Quilted
92 Whitehorse Road,
Blackburn, Vic
+61 3
[email protected]

Somerset Patchwork
PO Box ,
Rangeview, Vic,
+61 (0)3
[email protected]


Mary Koval
Mary&#;s Quilt Shop
West Pitt Street
Bedford, PA
[email protected]

Homestead Hearth
N. Coal,
Mexico, MO
[email protected]

Calico Gals
New Court Ave,
Syracuse, NY
[email protected]

Vintage & Vogue
P.O. Box
Hollis, NH
[email protected]

Sours: https://www.quiltmania.com/mystery-quilts-en/mystery-quilt-en/quilt-mysterekaren-styles/?lang=en
Karen&#;s Wonderful Workshop

Hello ya&#;ll, so glad to be back with you today. I have had a wonderful few weeks hosting awesome aussie Karen Styles and her paper piecing workshop. Above is my first finished block using paper pieces and hand appliqué. It was quite simple, especially with a great teacher like Karen.

Above are the wonderful creations of the workshop participants. Most made the Queen&#;s Folly block for the Saint Quentin quilt, but some worked on clamshells, stretched hexes, or six pointed stars. All are beautiful!

Here are the talented artists that came to the workshop. Some to the silly ladies held their creations in front of their faces! If you want this pattern and the Queen&#;s Folly paper pieces, they are available through Paper Pieces. Saint Quentin is not up on the site yet, so scroll to the bottom of the home page, call the contact number and ask for the pattern, Saint Quentin, and the paper pieces, Queen&#;s Folly.

Circle of Sisters was the project for last year&#;s workshop. We all learned hand piecing and I was able to complete one block, above. I machine pieced the outside of the block, but all the inside of the block is hand pieced. Pretty amazing, right? Click here to get this pattern.

Okehampton was the project for the first workshop I took with Karen several years ago. In that class, we hand pieced 8 pointed stars, paper pieced very small flowers and paper pieced and appliquéd clamshells. I don&#;t have much of the project finished, I guess I need to work bit harder on this. Click here to get Okehampton.

Karen stayed a few days with me and my family. She was a wonderful houseguest and she can stay with us any time! Little fun fact &#; Did you know that Karen always wears red shoes? She started this when her daughter was a teenager and now it is her distinctive fashion style. Her husband Paul had her phone engraved with the saying &#;when in doubt, wear red shoes.&#; Check it out the next time you see her!

I wanted to show you all a few more of the great quilts at the Houston Quilt Festival. Mary Koval had an exhibit of some of her beautiful antique quilts. The majority of the quilts had unknown makers, so check out the photos below for major inspiration.

Wonderful red, green, and cheddar appliqué.

More red and green piecing and appliqué displayed.

I love Lone Star quilts! Just look at that quilting!

A great pieced medallion quilt.

This scrappy Uneven 9 Patch block looks wonderful set with a blue zigzag sash.

So what makes the quilt special? The sailboats are black! According to Mary, black blocks are rare. Thanks, Mary for sharing your wonderful antique quilts! Check out Mary&#;s quilt shop here.

Another quilt from the show was this pyramid quilt! I love the cheddar setting triangles and the scrappy pyramids. Look below for the maker&#;s information.

This log cabin quilt was one of several quilts in an exhibition by Amy Pabst. She challenged herself to make enough quilts to use , fabric pieces. See below for the quilt information and the piece count of this creation.

One more of Amy Pabst&#;s quilts. This quilt used pieces toward the , pieces. She successfully reached her goal and her log cabin quilts were fabulous!

I couldn&#;t resist showing you this one last quilt. I don&#;t have any info on this indigo basket quilt, I don&#;t know if it was part of the blue exhibit and I think it is an antique quilt. Even though I collected no info on the quilt, I loved the design and wanted to share it with you.

Fall is busting out all over North Central Texas. I snapped a shot of these glowing trees on my morning run this week. The morning sun made the leaves look like they were on fire! I hope you are experiencing fall where you are. Can you believe it is Thanksgiving in a few weeks? This year is going by too fast so hold on, it will be Christmas soon and if not far behind!

We&#;ll talk soon, Annette

The Slow Sewing Movement

Happy Friday to All! If you live in the Midwest, I am so sorry for the Polar Vortex you all have been experiencing. We will be up in the 70&#;s by the weekend, come on down to Texas- you are all welcome! This week&#;s blog is dedicated to the Slow Sewing Movement. As quilters we have all gone through the &#;make it simple, make it fast&#; phase. That work well for a while, but now we want to be challenged. Slow sewing is a way to do something old that is new again. The term includes hand piecing, English paper piecing, hand appliqué and hand quilting. Are you ready to flex your quilting muscles?

I just finished the hand piecing part of the Circle of Sisters block center. The six pointed stars and the diamond border were all hand pieced. I still need to add the corner pieces to make the block a square, which is machine pieced. This beautiful pattern is Circle of Sisters by Somerset Patchwork, designed by Aussie Karen Styles. Click here to order your own pattern with templates. The pattern features 6 blocks but I am not sure that I will make them all. This may be a center medallion for another quilt.

Another hand piecing project I am involved in is these little Lemoyne Stars. This is another Karen Styles pattern called Star A Day by Somerset Patchwork. I have seven finished stars with another in progress. I won&#;t be piecing a star every day, but I always have one cut out and ready to piece for those road trips to Waco. Click here to order this pattern.

My newest hand piecing project is the Quiltmania Mystery Quilt , Marshal by Jen Kingwell. The Jan/Feb issue has the first installment of the quilt and it is a large, hand pieced block. I will be teaching Hand Piecing featuring this block at Happiness is Quilting in McKinney, TX, Friday, February 15th. If the students want to continue, we will tackle the next blocks in April. Click here for all the details. Since this is a mystery quilt, I don&#;t know what the next blocks will be, maybe more hand piecing!

Above is my Scrappy Tumbling Blocks Quilt. This quilt was hand pieced using English paper piecing and it is hand quilted. I worked on this quilt for years. This travel, stitch group project that was my companion for a long time. English paper piecing can take a while, but the results are well worth the wait. You can get the diamond shaped paper pieces in many sizes at Paper Pieces. Click here to see all the variety. I took me a lot less time to quilt it that to piece it!

Before hand piecing came along, my favorite slow sewing technique was hand appliqué. I still love it and usually have an appliqué project always going. Depending on the size of the project, appliqué can be very portable, a great travel carry along.

The first slow sewing technique I learned was hand quilting. I love to hand quilt and always have a quilting project in progress. This quilt has been in my sewing basket for several years. It has been set aside for other projects and it is a large quilt so it is not very portable (takes up a lot of room in the car). I will finish it this year! You heard it here first.

APQ UFO January &#; Confetti 9 Patch Quilt &#; This project went to retreat with the intention of making all the Double Nine patch blocks needed to put the top together. I thought I knew how many 9 Patch blocks I needed, but as Career Barbie said, Math is Hard! I did not figure correct. I still need three more yellow blocks and three more pink blocks, which equals out to 27 more nine patches. Just a little more of the quick, fast sewing!

THANK YOU ALL! Thank you for all the wonderful comments left at the end of last week&#;s blog &#; to be exact! You all left such nice words, I hate that I had to choose only one winner to get the prizes above (actually, I didn&#;t choose, it was randomly chosen). So drum roll please, the winner is Joyce (jrcarter) . I will be sending you an email so I can get your mailing address. So, congrats Joyce! I hope you enjoy.

I hope this week&#;s blog has encouraged you to start a slow sewing project. Winter is the perfect time to get started. Check out the above sources and let me know what you decide. Whatever you choose, take a class at your local quilt shop. They are great places to get instruction, meet like minded friends and be inspired. So stay warm and get stitching!

We&#;ll talk soon! Annette

Lisa&#;s One Block Challenges Ends Today!

Hello Everyone!  It is Friday and the last day of November.  Tomorrow starts the very busy month of December and I have lots of decorating to do over the weekend.  November 30th is the last day to enter Lisa&#;s One Block Challenge.  PLEASE make sure that your quilt entry is posted up on Instagram using the hashtag #lisaobc because it is the only way Lisa will be able to see your entry.  You must have an Instagram account (very easy to open one), take a picture of your quilt, post it up under your account, write a little description then add at the end of the post &#; #lisaobc so it can be seen.

I got my table runner finished last week and I got it quilted this week.  Remember, I cannot win!  I only wanted to give you an idea of how beautiful this block is.  I chose red and light Primitive Gatherings fabrics so I would have a table runner for the Holidays.  You don&#;t need to have your top quilted to enter.

I have prizes donated by Moda for 3 lucky winners.  I just looked on Instagram at the #lisaobc and I saw very few entries- PLEASE don&#;t forget to enter!  You have until midnight on Friday, November 30th to enter.  Good luck to all!  Winners will be announced in December.

My sewing this week was devoted to making blocks for a block exchange next week.  I need to make 28 Washington Sidewalk blocks, 2 different blocks for each of the 14 participants.  Right now, I have 25 blocks completed so I think I will make my deadline (fingers crossed!).  

Don&#;t feel too sorry for me, I have had a whole year to complete these blocks.  I got off to a good start, but lost steam as the year went on.  I will exchange the blocks next Saturday, December 10th.  The picture of the yellow quilt, above, was our inspiration.  It was an antique quilt hanging in a booth at Quilt Market several years ago.  Many of us saw it and we just had to reproduce it!

One of the cutest books I picked at Houston Quilt Market a month ago was PinPals by Carrie Nelson, published by Martingale.  It features 40 different little pin cushions and they are all wonderful!  If you are looking for a sweet book for a fellow quilter, this is a winner!  Click here to purchase.

You might remember that a group of us quilters hosted Karen Styles a few weeks ago.  She instructed us in the art of hand piecing.  I have gotten the stars in my first Circle of Sisters block done and still need a row of diamonds to finish the block.  I really enjoy hand piecing but it does require marking and cutting out the pieces before I can sew.  I like the sewing, I tolerate the other.  This pattern and template set can be found atQuilt Exchange, which is owned by Paper Pieces.

If you want to dip your little toe into the world of hand piecing, why not try a Star A Day!  Karen has a great pattern and template set that will have you piecing daily.  These little 3&#; stars are so much fun, they will have you hooked in no time.  Click Star-A-Day to order the pattern from Quilt Exchange and I will show you some general hand piecing instructions in next week&#;s blog.  Get your pattern now and be ready to start piecing January 1st.

You meet the nicest people at Quilt Market and Festival and I met new friend Christine K. of Needle Thimble and Thread.  She was hand piecing at our sewing day on Tuesday and she gave me a cute, little pin cushion!  I started following her on instagram, www.instagram.com/needlethimbleandthread and saw that she was hosting a Penny Candy reproduction fabric swap for the first 24 people who signed up.  How could I say no!  I received my box of 6&#; x 11&#; Penny Candy fabrics, above, from my assigned swapper, Peg, over the weekend.  They are so yummy- I can&#;t wait to make something wonderful with them.

I reused Peg&#;s box and got my swap fabrics in the mail to my swap partner, Jan in California, in the mail on Monday.  She should receive them on Friday, November 30th.  I sure hope she likes them.  They look so pretty in their box!

This week I have been a little under the weather, just a cold, nothing special.  I pushed through and got enough done to call the week a success.  I got the Christmas tree out, but not decorated, the outside decorations are out courtesy of granddaughter Lucy and Mr. Plog, and I got my Christmas dishes out, but not all in the hutch.  It should all come together this weekend.  I hope you have gotten a good start to your decorating and I hope you will enjoy the first weekend in December.  There is something magical about this time of the year.  I hope you take time to enjoy the special sights and sounds of the season with a child-like excitement.  It is easy to get caught up in the &#;humbug&#; &#; don&#;t let the little things spoil your fun!

Have a great week and We&#;ll talk soon!


A Workshop with Karen Styles

It&#;s finally Friday!  It has been a wonderful week here at Maison Plog because I had the best house guest ever- awesome Aussie Karen Styles.  A group of us local quilters invited Karen to come to town after the Houston Quilt Festival to teach a Two Day Hand Piecing Workshop.  We were not disappointed.We chose her pattern Circle of Sisters by Somerset Patchwork as our project.  Her version of the pattern, above, was a reproduction of an antique quilt that was set with a wonderful chrome fabric.

Here is a picture of Karen with her husband, Paul and Betsy Chutchian in her booth at Houston Quilt Market this year.

Karen was so instructive and so patient with her VERY beginner students.  She showed the entire group each step of hand piecing this pattern, then helped as each one of us worked at our own pace.

First, we pieced the inside star.  This was my first star.

Then we pieced the ring of 6 outer stars.  Finally, we pieced the star ring to the center star.  There is a ring of diamonds that surrounds the stars but I have not gotten that far.  There is lots of pinning and NO PRESSING until the entire star section is finished.  It is very hard not to press!

Here is some of the progress we made at the beginning of the second day.  At this table was Betsy, new friend Michelle from Idaho and Renita.

Here are (l to r) Ann, Stacey, Deb, Sonja and Julia showing their stars.

Seated here were Joyce, Randy and Pat with their creations.

At this table was Joan, Deby, Karen Carol and Marilyn.  Marilyn won the prize of having the most of her block pieced at the end of the workshop, although there was no prize and there was no competition.  Everyone worked at their own speed, no pressure (except the pressure you can&#;t help but put on yourself ).

Here are some of the fabulous quilt tops that Karen brought with her. Karen&#;s patterns can be purchased here in the states at the Quilt Exchange.  We even had some patterns and templates overnighted by FedEx from Jess at Quilt Exchange.  See something you like? (How could you not!)  Click here for her patterns.

This beautiful quilt center was the inspiration for the panel offered by Karen in her new line, Meridian.  The Star Medallion and the fabric from Marcus will be available April

Since this blog is all things Karen, I wanted to show you her quilt that was hanging at the Houston Quilt Festival.  This quilt, Ruby Jubilee, was part of a Red and White exhibition featuring quilts from the new Martingale book Red andWhite Quilts

The book, available now, features 14 red and white quilts from different quilters.  Click here to get your own copy of this inspiring book.  Here are a few more of the beautiful quilts.

Above is Walk This Way by Carrie Nelson.

This is Tracking Tradition by Debbie Roberts of The Quilted Moose.

This beauty is Memory of a Masterpiece by (you guessed it) Lisa Bongean.  There are other wonderful quilts in the book by other quilters.  You will love the book and be inspired by the quilts!

Speaking of Lisa Bongean, don&#;t forget about the One Block Challenge.  The contest ends November 30th.   I only  have the above blocks finished right now, but I will be getting busy this weekend.  If you want to join in, it&#;s not too late.  Click Diamond Plaid Block for the pattern and click Lisa&#;s One BLock Challenge for the rules.   Lisa and Moda have graciously donated super prizes for the 3 winners that will be chosen in December.  Remember, must post your finished entry to Instagram using the hashtag #lisaobc.  So, pick out your fabrics and get sewing!

Next Friday is Black Friday!  I don&#;t even venture out of the house, do you?  I plan on taking advantage of online sales dressed in my PJs and sewing all day- now that&#;s my idea of Black Friday!  I hope you and your family have a wonderful Thanksgiving and if you are not located in the States and do not celebrate this holiday, you have my permission to over indulge in turkey, potatoes and lots of pie!  Everyone should feel as uncomfortably stuffed as I will!

We&#;ll talk soon!


Fall Quilt Market Houston Strong!

Hello everyone, I am so glad to be back with you!  I hope you had a great few weeks and a fun Halloween.  Quilt Market in Houston was great, inspiring and exhausting.  I got to see beautiful quilts, wonderful fabrics, visit with friends and make new ones- quilting friends are the best!  With Market being in Houston, it was hard not to get caught up in the excitement of baseball&#;s World Series and the pride Houston has in it&#;s city and it&#;s strength surviving the recent hurricane and flooding.  Downtown was beautiful and buzzing with Houston Astros and LA Dodger fans.  Spoiler Alert- the Houston Astros won the Series!

This post will be heavy with photos from market, so sit back and enjoy!

Several years ago my friend Betsy asked me to come with her to Market and help with her booth for Moda.  Now 6 fabric lines later, Evelyn&#;s Homestead is the latest and greatest.  The colors are pinks, purples, greens, indigos, greys and black- stunning!

This is Minick and Simpson&#;s Farmhouse Reds for Moda- you can never go wrong with RED!  I love On the Plus Side quilt- can you see it in blue!

Another one of my favorite Moda designers is French General by Kaari Meng.  This line is Jardin de Versailles.  Can you see the center panel in the quilt?  It is Marie Antoinette with a ship as a hat- so cool!

Moda&#;s Homespun Gatherings by Lisa Bongean of Primitive Gatherings has wonderful blues, browns, tan, golds and red brushed cotton homespun fabrics.  They are soft and warm- I must have some!

Christopher Wilson-Tate is a new designer for Moda.  His line, Regency Blues, is traditional and BLUE- I can&#;t wait to see what he comes up with next!

Who doesen&#;t love Jen Kingwell&#;s bright and happy fabrics.  Her new line, Beach Road for Moda is being represented well by her husband Richard and good friend Don Roberts, husband of Debbie Roberts of the Quilted Moose in Gretna, Nebraska.  I wonder if these two are so happy because this picture was taken on the last day of market?

Here are two of my favorite designers and friends- Paula and Mary Ellen Of Red Crinoline Quilts for Marcus.  Their new line, Bristle Creek Farmhouse, features a beautiful Block of the Month, the featured quilt behind them.  It will start in January

This is Karen Styles&#; booth for Marcus.  Her creations and patterns are for Somerset Quilts and her beautiful Marcus fabrics will be coming soon!

Oh, Edyta, you have done it again!  Your new line, Sequoia by Marcus Brothers, will work harmoniously with her other fabrics and patterns by Laundry Basket Quilts.  Love it and you!

It&#;s Tula Pink and her All Stars fabric line for Free Spirit.  The fabric is bright and happy.  It is hard not to smile when you are surrounded by her colors!

Tim Holtz has a booth that everyone wants to live in.  I could have spent hours discovering every treasure in his Eclectic Elements display for Free Spirit.  If you need me I will be sitting on the couch, admiring and creating!

Even though this was a Quilt Market, there were quilts and 3 traditional exhibits.  There were some wonderful vendors, too.  In the next blog, I will share my favorite quilts and vendors so stay tuned!

October&#;s APQ UFO is finally finished.  I did the machine applique, a minimal amount of quilting and got it bound on Halloween evening.  It is now ready for Halloween

This is my UFO for November.  All this quilt top needs is to be quilted so it should be simple- I just have to find the time- not so easy!

I hope you enjoyed seeing my favorite new fabric lines from Fall Market.  Most of the lines shown will be available in the Spring   In the next blog I will show some of my favorite quilts.  What do you have planned for the weekend?  I will be sewing, watching Stranger Things on Netflix and enjoying the extra hour of sleep on Saturday- ah, good times!

We&#;ll talk soon!






Sours: https://www.petitequilts.com/tag/karen-styles/
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Karen Styles is an Australian quilt designer who has been fabricating works of art with reproduction fabrics for the past 20 years. Karen loves stars, hexagons and medallion/frame quilts and is a Master at English Paper Piecing (EPP). Her book is a gourmet feast of these passions, including a sublime Sampler, where color, creativity, techniques and gorgeous fabrics abound.

Karen’s quilting journey began as a teenager when she learned the basics of EPP. The quilting bug didn’t gain hold until after the birth of her children when a dear friend convinced her to take some classes at a local Melbourne shop. And as the French say, voilà, she was hooked! Karen began reproducing quilts and eventually purchased the shop that sparked her quilting rebirth! Karen loves to find unique and uncommon works to reinterpret. She adores the precision required in assembling stars (a common motif in her quilts), as well as in circular forms and hexagons. Karen is a renowned, international teacher and her inspirational personality is as bright and warm as her quilts.

Follow Karen Styles @karenatsomerset or visit her Somerset Patchwork & Quilting.

Sours: https://www.quiltmania-inc.us/product-category/quilt-designers/karen-styles/

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