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163 Photos That Prove Harry Styles Hasn’t Always Worn Lilac Feather Boas

If boy-band style is all about co-ordinating colours and matching outfits, Harry Styles has never really paid attention. As his career hit the big time, the former One Direction member traded teen-friendly Jack Wills tracksuits for an enviable (and expansive) selection of Saint Laurent, Burberry and, most notably, Gucci.

Long the most directional dresser of the fivesome, it was in early 2013, at the age of 19, that Harry began to break the mould. A printed Burberry shirt here, a skinny-jean-and-boots combination there, all enhanced by his scrapbook-esque collection of tattoos. His peers might have continued to sport boyish trainers, hoodies and leather jackets, but Harry honed his sartorial focus. As the year ended, Harry had collected a British Fashion Award for his personal style.

By the time One Direction took to the road in 2014 for the Where We Are tour, Harry was rarely seen without a piece of Hedi Slimane’s Saint Laurent. Tuxedo jackets, printed shirts, the Wyatt boots and silk scarves all became regular features of his wardrobe, both on and off stage.

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2017 marked the arrival of a Gucci-heavy aesthetic for the now 27-year-old. Having cut his famous curls off for his Dunkirk role, Harry set off on the promo trail for his debut solo album with a confident approach to style that saw him introduce what is now his signature aesthetic. Think: candy floss-pink suits, printed satin flares, stacked heels and fistfuls of rings.

Harry was praised by fans for his willingness to blur gender boundaries. Few high-profile stars rival him in his taste for adventurous fashion. His fashion icon status was cemented in 2018, when Gucci announced that he would become the face of its tailoring campaign (there have since been three, plus a fragrance campaign for the house). A role co-hosting the Met Gala soon followed.

There was much anticipation surrounding Harry’s next wardrobe evolution as he prepared for another world tour to promote his well-received sophomore album. “It’s time to try something new and hopefully shock and inspire in a different way,” Harry’s long-time stylist, Harry Lambert, told Miss Vogue. “I know the fans love his outfits, so hopefully they will love what’s to come.” Alas, Harry, like all his peers, had to postpone the tour owing to the coronavirus pandemic. Instead, he delivered his most colourful music video to date, the joyful “Watermelon Sugar”, and followed it up with the transportive “Golden” – introducing the world to Liverpool designer Steven Stokey-Daley and a particularly fabulous pair of printed trousers. 

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2021 has already started on a sartorial high for Harry. He wore bedazzling Gucci to dance alongside Phoebe Waller-Bridge in his music video for the toe-tapping anthem “Treat People With Kindness,” released on 1 January. Then, come 14 March, he was back to his pre-pandemic ways of stealing headlines through his sartorial choices and winning over new fans with his rousing on-stage performance of “Watermelon Sugar” at the Grammy’s. Harry collected his first ever statue from the Academy wearing a triptych of Gucci looks, each resplendent with its own faux-fur boa draped over his tattooed décolletage. 

Next up, we predict that his upcoming film, Don’t Worry, Darling, could usher in a new era in style for Styles — not only with his retro suiting owing to the period setting, but also when the inevitable promo kicks off later this year. Finally, something to look forward to. 

Chart Harry Styles’s life in style here…

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