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Holland Lops

The Holland Lop is considered by most to be America’s favorite breed. A man from the Netherlands named Adrian DeCock developed the breed by crossing a Netherland Dwarf buck to a French Lop doe, and developed the breed from there.  The breed first appeared in America in 1975 and developed instant fame. It was quickly recognized by the ARBA and has been one of the most popular breeds for both pets and show.

The original color was a dark tortoise called Madagascar, and tortoise remains the most common variety of Hollands today. Though most Hollands you see are tort or broken tort, other fairly common colors include black, blue tort, sable point, orange, chestnut, chinchilla, frosty, and the broken versions of those varieties.  Rabbits that are blue-eyed white, tricolored, and any other of the lesser-known varieties are considered “colored Hollands.” Ellie’s Rabbitry carries both tri-colored, blue eyed whites and broken orange Holland Lops, all three are considered “Colored Hollands.”

The Holland Lop is supposed to have a massive look, but be an overall small sized rabbit. The standard says the ideal weight is in the 3-pound range, but breeders find their rabbits pushing the 4-pound limit as they select for thicker bone and more solid, 

heavyset bodies. The head should be large and bold.  The ears should be short, thick, and round in shape. The body should be short and muscular, with shoulders of nearly equal depth and width as the hindquarters. The coat isn’t worth many points in the Holland standard compared to type, but it should have a gentle rollback. Properly typed Holland Lops have heads that are set high on the shoulders.  A Holland’s head should never be pushed down to the table when judging, but the rabbit should be allowed to show off its natural head mount.

Personality wise, Holland Lops are winners! Much like their Mini Plush Lop relatives, Holland lops are docile, sweet and mellow tempered, especially when socialized at a young age with their people family. Unlike a Mini Plush Lop, Hollands do shed, about the same amount as a very small cat.

Care & Grooming

Holland Lops do not require any special grooming like English Angoras and Lionheads! The only thing that needs to be done to a Holland is an occasional nail trim. You can learn more about nail trimming under the “Rabbit Care” page. They are a very low maintenance bunny, perfect for kids and older folks. 

Purchasing a Holland Lop

If interested in purchasing a Holland Lop from Ellie’s Rabbitry, please read through the sales agreement under the “Sales Agreement” tab. I usually have available babies every couple of months and use a waiting list system. The sooner you’re on the waiting list, the sooner you can come pick up your bunny and the more color choices you will have! Pricing information can also be seen on the sales agreement page.

All Holland Lops come with a birth certificate or full pedigree upon request. Ellie’s Rabbitry enjoys producing unique colors and Holland Lop varieties. All stock come from impressive show lines, but keep in mind not all of the colors produced at Ellie’s Rabbitry are showable. If you’re looking for a show prospect, let me know and together we will find the perfect show bunny for you.

If interested in purchasing a Holland Lop from Ellie’s Rabbitry, please read through the sales agreement under the “Sales Agreement” tab. I usually have available babies every couple of months and use a waiting list system. The sooner you’re on the waiting list, the sooner you can come pick up your bunny and the more color choices you will have! Pricing information can also be seen on the sales agreement page.

Meet Some of My Holland Lop's

Snow White - BEW Doe

Holly - Black Tort Doe

Brady - Tri Buck

Clinton - Broken Sable Point Buck

Butterscotch - Broken Black Tort Buck

Millie - Broken Orange

Babies from Past Litters

Sours: https://www.elliesrabbitry.com/holland-lop-s

Holland Lops

G.C. PWF CrackerJack

Sire: PWF Mannington

Dam: PWF Sunshine

BOV - HCRBOT-A - Crosby, TX - 2/22/20

BOV - HCRBOT-B - Crosby, TX - 2/22/20

BOSV - ETRBA-A - Mesquite, TX - 11/6/20

BOSV - ETRBA-B - Mesquite, TX - 11/7/20

BOSV - ETRBA-C - Mesquite, TX - 11/7/20

BOSV - ETRBA-HL Spec - Mesquite, TX - 11/7/20

BOSV - TRBA Fall-A - Killeen, TX - 12/4/20

1/3 - Mid-Tex-A - Killeen, TX - 1/15/21

BOS - ETRBA HL Special - Longview, TX - 5/14/21

BOS - ETRBA-A - Longview, TX - 5/14/21

BOS - ETRBA-B - Longview, TX - 5/15/21

BOB - ETRBA-C - Longview, TX - 5/15/21

1/6 - LRBA-B - Alexandria, LA - 5/29/21

1/6 - LRBA-C - Alexandria, LA - 5/29/21

Sours: https://pwfarmtexas.com/holland_lops.php
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Having a gentle temperament and being easier to handle than many other rabbit breeds, the Holland Lops are great pets. But, trying to find Holland Lop bunnies for sale can be very difficult.

It’s ironic, I know. Because Holland Lops have become more and more popular over the years. Thanks in part to social media, but probably all credit goes to their impossibly adorable lop eared look!

This is why we created this article – to help you buy or adopt a Holland Lop bunny only from the best breeders in US.


Where to Buy Holland Lop Bunnies

When most people consider finding Holland Lop bunnies for sale, especially if they’re first-time pet owners – they will head to their local pet store.

Try to avoid buying Holland Lop from a pet store. This is the first thing that we want to give you as a piece of advice.

You may be tempted by the availability and the price, but you do not have any background information for the bunny. They are often bred solely for monetary gain. But this is quite different from dedicated rabbit breeders who run their own rabbitry or homestead.

In order to find the right one for you, you need to be cautious and do your research before you find the Holland Lop bunny for sale.

That is why we are here to help you find the best reputable breeders, rabbitry, rescues and adoption centers, where you can surely find the most beautiful and healthiest Holland Lop bunnies for sale or adoption.

Holland Lop Bunnies for Sale

Before you get a Holland Lop, make sure you do your research and find a reputable Holland Lop rabbitry or breeder. You may also consider searching for rabbit rescues in your area before buying from a breeder (more about this later).

Are you in a hurry?

Since you are trying to find Holland Lop Rabbits for sale, you might be looking into rabbit hutches? Well, we have looked into the best rabbit hutches in the market today for 2021. We can recommend which is best suited for your rabbits.

We encourage you to get your rabbit from a breeder, as we said earlier, you will have a better idea of ​​the temperament and any health problems that may arise. Look for a breeder that is breeding for show stock and your pet will be wonderful.

If you are lucky enough to live near a local rabbit breeder where you can find Holland Lop rabbits for sale, that is great. If, however, you are among the unfortunates that are unable to do so, consider the following sites as good options where you can surely find Holland Lop bunnies for sale:

How Much Do Holland Lop Bunnies Cost

If you want to buy a Holland Lop rabbit and keep it as a pet, the price of a Holland Lop can range from anywhere between $35 to $120.

However, if you are planning to breed it or show it, a show-quality Holland Lops for sale can sell from anywhere between $100 to $450, depending on the pedigree and quality.

One of the benefits of this breed is the cost. Their yearly upkeep scores are lower than other rabbits, and even cats and dogs.

Holland Lop Adoption

Finding Holland Lop rabbits for sale is not easy, but what if we tell you that rabbit rescue and adoption may be a good idea as well?

It isn’t just cats and dogs that are put up for adoption. Rabbits are some of the most common because they breed like crazy.

It is often a lot cheaper to go for Holland Lop adoption too.

In fact, many adoption centers will allow you to adopt a Holland lop rabbit for a small donation, or even for free (obviously, you are always encouraged to give the small donation!).

Scroll down thru the lists to find Holland Lop bunnies for adoption near you:

Things to Consider Before You Find Holland Lop for Sale

Holland Lops are known for being gentle and active. However, just because of this, it doesn’t mean they don’t require work.

They need a lot of attention because they don’t like being left alone and they do need to be able to come out of their hutch to explore and burn energy.

Holland Lops are social animals and require companionship. This means that they need time and space.

If you aren’t around enough, it would be wise to consider getting a different breed.

If you are able to give them what they need, then they make great, low-maintenance pets.

The Holland Lop bunnies are very clean pets, even cleaner than cats. They spend most of the time in cleaning their fur, hence Holland Lops bathing is not recommended, bathe your rabbit only if it is very dirty or has soiled itself.

A grooming session once every week or two should be enough to keep them in top condition, though during shedding season you might have to brush your rabbit up to a few times a day.

Sours: https://lionheadrabbitcare.com/holland-lop-bunnies-for-sale/

Holland Lop Rabbit Breeders with Bunnies for Sale

The Holland Lop is an endearing rabbit and very popular both as pets and show animals. The smallest lop-eared breed, Holland Lops come in many colors. You can find some nice show quality and pet quality bunnies for sale from the following breeders.

I strive to keep this directory current. Many of the sites listed here aren’t updated frequently but the breeders are often still in business. This directory is a courtesy service. I do not know all of these breeders and cannot personally endorse them.

American Holland Lop Breeders

Below we’ve highlighted some very passionate and credible Holland lop breeders based in the United States. Some states don’t have many, while others have a wide selection of breeders.


Magnolia Place Farms
Terry & Chase Herman
Tanner-Williams SW Alabama
Youth Breeder


Flutterby Bunnies
Nesa Hileman
San Tan Valey, Arizona

Soft Paws Haven
Leah C. Morales
Prescott, Arizona, about 90 miles north of Phoenix.
Holland Lops; BEW, torts, blues, blacks and oranges – Brokens and Solids
Mini Rex; Tri colors, reds and Smoke Pearl, on occasion we’ll have
other colors pop up! – Brokens and solids
Standard Rex; Castor, Opal, Black, Blue, Chocolate, lilac, Otters,
Martens, Chinchilla, Amber and Tri color, occasionally lynx – Brokens and Solids
Flemish Giant; Fawn only – Solid only
www.softpawsrabbits.weebly.com and www.softpawshaven.weebly.com
We also breed Abyssinian Cats, Turkish Van Cats, (Both are CFA, TCA
and TICA registered) and Nigerian Dwarf Dairy Goats, triple registered


Ricky’s Rabbitry
Ricky Wyles
Morrilton, Arkansas
Holland Lops
Our rabbitry is located in Central Arkansas, we specialize in breeding
100% healthy and happy Pedigree Holland Lops as a pet or for show. We
can’t wait to hear from you!
[email protected]

Petit Jean Bunnies
JessiKa Peterson
Holland Lops in Central Arkansas
[email protected]
We are a smaller rabbitry in Central AR that focuses on quality and color, as well as raising perfect family pets for people wanting to adopt a lasting pet.


Floppy Lop Bunnies
Tracy, CA
Holland Lop bunnies are sweet and socialized
Visit our website for photos of our babies!

Top Hops Rabbitry
Desiray Immoos
Placer County, California
Lionheads, Holland Lops and Netherland Dwarfs

Two Sisters Rabbitry
San Joaquin County, California
Holland Lop, Lionhead, Dutch and Netherland Dwarf

LOV Bunnies Rabbitry
Nationally known lines
Ardis Hartwig and Tim Waddell

Critter Co*op Hollands
Judge Chris Zemny

The Rabbit Hill
Christina Topf
The Rabbit Hill
Benicia, CA

Holland Lop Top Hat Rabbitry
Claudette Tapocik
Phone 951-351-4333.
Address 2941 McAllister Riverside, CA. 92503
We have all varieties, specializing in Blue eyed whites.

Joey’s Friends Rabbitry
Savannah DeGarmo
Holland Lop, Lionheads

Whispering Breeze Rabbitry
Norco, CA
Holland Lops, Netherland Dwarfs, Beveren


Ari’s Rabbitry
Deborah Mitchell
Pueblo, Colorado
I raise Fuzzies, Hollands, Lionheads and Polish
I am new to the rabbit raising. I help out 4h with the polish
and hollands.

Bloink’s Blessed Bunnies
Sarah Bloink
Colorado, Near Greeley
Holland lops, specializing in Agouti.
Netherland Dwarfs, specializing in blue, black, broken and champagne
Breeding Holland Lops and Netherland Dwarfs since 1999.

Broken Road Rabbitry
Michael & Linda Montgomery
Located in Elizabeth, about 12 miles Southeast of Parker.
Holland Lops & Netherland Dwarfs
[email protected]
Focusing on show quality rabbits. Lots of daily handling and love.

Bonzai Bunny Rabbitry
Terri Kluppel
Highlands Ranch, just south of Denver, Colorado
Main Breed: Netherland Dwarf. Also have Hollands and Velveteen lops
[email protected]
I have a very small rabbitry and strive for ARBA standards.
The colors I focus on are Himi, Siamese Sable and Smoke Pearls. I
occasionally have chocolates.

Hoppy Hollands
Katie Carpenter
Arvada, Colorado, Near Denver
Holland Lop
[email protected]

Hunter’s Holland Lops
Shelly Rowland
Colorado, located in Beautiful Castle Rock!
Holland Lops
Netherland Dwarfs
We raise quality show and pet bunnies. We also have a website for
breeder and pet supplies: allthingsbunnies.com

Ivy Crescent Hollands
Holland Lops in Loveland, CO
ARBA judge Scott Rodriguez
Also raising Netherland Dwarfs

Lap Lop Rabbitry
Gabrielle A Hibbert
Loveland, Colorado
Holland Lops, American Fuzzy Lops,
and Netherland Dwarfs
[email protected]

Meadowbrook Rabbitry
Evelyn Bonham
Holland and Fuzzy Lops in Lafayette, Colorado
Also breeding Netherland Dwarfs

Morning Star Rabbitry
Kaylee Loewen
Located in northern Colorado, about 45 min. north of Denver.
Holland Lops in self and shaded colors; both solid and broken
varieties. Specifically working with chocolate and dilute coloring.
Morning Star Rabbitry is a small rabbitry with an emphasis on
temperament and color as well as quality.

Praying Paws Rabbitry
Carissa Lembke
Colorado, Located east of Parker
Striving to raise quality tort, black, broken tort, & pointed white Holland Lops
Bloodlines include DTL, Miller’s, and Critter Co*op
Member of ARBA and HLRSC
[email protected]

Superior Bunnies
Meleise Shrader
Located in Superior, Colorado, between Denver and Boulder.
Raising Holland Lops and Netherland Dwarfs in the chocolate, otter, and agouti varieties
[email protected]
We have a very small (25 hole) rabbitry where each and every bunny
gets individual attention daily. We strive to produce bunnies with
excellent type and sweet, calm temperaments.

S and S Rabbitry
Shelby Stiles
LaSalle which is near Greeley which is near Denver
Holland Lop and Lionhead bunnies. Many different colors!
[email protected]
We raise beautiful show, brood, & pet Holland lop & Lionhead bunny
rabbits in Greeley CO. We stay small to insure that each bunny gets
the love and care he or she deserves.

Warm Cozzy Lions
Xaziea Brighton
Lionheads, Holland Lops, Lionlops
My rabbitry is generally small. We raise lionheads mainly specializing in blue eyed whites, Harlequins, magpie, and tort.
We only do purebred pet quality.


B’s Heavenly Holland Lops & English Angoras
Woodbury, CT
Susan Wargo
Also English Angoras

Cross Creek Rabbitry
Located in Central Connecticut
Holland Lops in Steel and Tri colors

Salem Ridge Rabbitry
Holland Lops in Connecticut


Lazy Livin’ Farms
High Standards in Holland Lops
Citrus County, Florida
*Website designed by The Nature Trail. I can definitely recommend these bunnies!*

Birds and BUNNIES off Broadway
Jay Mikosch
West Palm Beach, Florida
Holland Lops in a variety of colors. Carrie Campo of WA lines.
Pets and breeding stock available.

Boxwood Acres
Angie & Sarah Bush
NW Florida Panhandle
Holland Lops in tort, otter and shaded.
Jersey Woolies in Agouti, tan, shaded & self.
Silver Fox
[email protected]

Cotton Pickin Rabbitry
Tara Keener
Outside Pensacola, Florida
[email protected]
We raise for meat and show. We’re a small rabbitry of 175 holes and growing.
Breeds: Champagne D’Argent,Silver Fox,Rhinelander, Flemish Giant,New Zealand White,Californian, Altex, Standard Rex,Holland Lop and Mini Rex Cane Cutters

Cottontail Hollow Rabbitry
Michelle Storts
Holland Lops for show and brood purposes in shaded, self, and broken
colors. Mini rex for show and brood in Chinchilla, Otter, Self,
Broken, and REW.

Dunn Farms
Northern Florida just miles away from Georgia, along I-75 near Jennings.
Also Lionheads, Netherland Dwarfs, and Flemish Giants
aed1152 @yahoo.com

Happy Farm Bunnies
“Where every bunny is somebunny”
Polish in Daytona Beach, Florida
Owned by Grace Everitt and Ellen Benz
Also Netherland Dwarfs and Polish
Member: ARBA, ANDRC, and APRC
e-mail: [email protected]

Ivy Patch Rabbitry
Holland Lops in Florida
Cindy Pail
Also raising Lionheads

North Florida Rabbitry
Wade Glisson
Marianna, Florida
-Holland lops: Chocolate, shaded, Tri-color, and Tort
-Velveteen Lops
-French Lops
-Mini Rex
-Flemish Giants
-Champagne D’Argent

Styles Rabbitry
Holland Lops, Mini Lops, and Netherland Dwarfs
Gene Styles

White House Rabbitry
Nathan & Susan White
North East Florida, in Orange Park near Jacksonville
Mini Lop, Holland Lop, Mini Rex, Netherland Dwarf, Californian.
[email protected]


Bachhopper’s Bunny Farm
Waycross, Georgia – Southeast GA
Holland Lops, Lionheads, Mini Rex
[email protected]
All our babies are handled daily with love and care.

Thomasville, GA (30 miles north of Tallahassee, FL)
Marianne Horchler & JingLei Horchler
[email protected]

Southern Treasures Rabbitry
Holland Lops in Georgia and Alabama
Also Netherland Dwarfs, Jersey Woolies
Mike and Tiffany Harris; Lisa Reynolds

Wiley Farm
Pet and Show Holland Lop bunnies for sale


Bentley Creek Rabbitry
Lorri Stewart
Northern Idaho near Coeur d’Alene
Holland Lops

BunnyTrek Rabbitry
Bonners Ferry, Idaho (about 20 miles from the Canadian bordor)
Holland Lops in all varieties of tort, self, and otter.

Kadarihati Animal Acres
Holland Lops in Idaho
Also Netherland Dwarfs
David Ovard

Linda’s Lovable Lops & Lion Heads
Linda Reynolds
Sandpoint, Bonners ferry, Sagle, Priest River, and Coeur D’Alene
Holland Lops and Lionhead
[email protected]

Thornhollow Rabbitry
Tammy Brown
Lewiston, Idaho
near Moscow ID, 2 hours south of Spokane WA.
[email protected]


Country Bunnies Rabbitry
Located in Southern Illinois
Johnston City, IL
Holland Lops in REW and Tricolor
Netherland Dwarfs in REW, black, blue, chocolate, tort, and broken of all varieties mentioned above.

Lucky B Rabbitry

Nathen and Kim Barto
Springfield, Illinois
Holland Lop, Mini Rex, Californian
[email protected]

Stafford Pedigree Rabbits
Carla & Greg Stafford
Taylorville, Illinois
Nestled in beautiful Central Illinois.
Holland Lops, Lion Heads, Netherland Dwarfs,
Dutch, and Jersey Woolies
Our rabbitry is cooled in the summer and
heated in the winter.
[email protected]


Corky’s Cave
Holland Lops in Iowa

Kristins Kritters
Kristin Peterson
Iowa, 20 miles noth of Ames
Holland Lops, Mini Lops, and French Lops
[email protected]


Amity Patch Rabbits
Andrea Childress
[email protected]
Also Havana, Florida White, and Tan

Gordon Rabbitry
ARBA Registered Rabbitry #D985
Located in Franklin, Indiana
Raising Holland Lops, Netherland Dwarf, English Spot, Standard Rex New Zealand.
Cages and supplies.

Hochstetler’s Hoppers
Jeff Hochstetler
Holland Lops
[email protected]

Ernest and Connie Morgan
Raising Holland Lops in Northeast Indiana
[email protected]
Holland Lops make the BEST in home pets

Rebekah’s Rabbitry
Lisa Creech
We are on the Indiana/Ohio border on the Eastern side of the state.
We specialize in lines of Mini Lop, Holland Lop and Mini Rex. We also have English Spot, Harlequin and Netherland Dwarf.
[email protected]
My daughter has shown rabbits for 4-H for the past 8 years. We began breeding 3 years ago and are enjoying the time spent together in this project.

The Wabbit Patch
Holland Lops in Seymour, Indiana


Bunnies ‘R Us Rabbitry
Anna Tomka
Kansas City, Kansas
Holland Lops and Dutch
We make it our priority to breed show quality and pet quality animals.
Our rabbits thrive on being loved, cared for, and handled daily.
Living in a happy and healthy enviorment.


The Country Sisters’ Rabbitry
Heather and Rachel Crews
Central Massachusetts
We raise Lionheads, Holland Lops, Angoras, and Netherland Dwarfs.
We occasionally also have Lion Dwarfs & Lion Lops available.


A&M’s Bunny Hutch
Holland Lops
[email protected]
Breeding Holland Lops. Will be handled and sweet tempered, but are
also show quality.

A&M’s Rabbitry
Holland Lops in Maryland
Also Netherland Dwarfs

Beautiful Babies Rabbitry
Brenda Bevan
Hagerstown, Maryland
Holland Lop in broken and solids and Lionheads in pointed white, seal and sable point.
Small in home rabbitry raising adorable, quality Lionhead and Holland lops in correct color groups, good bites, and temperaments. Written guarantee and care sheet.

Bundles of Bunnies Rabbitry
Brandy, Sean and James
Eastern Shore
Holland Lops and Mini Lops
[email protected]


F-n-K’s Rabbitry
Near Howell, Michigan
Raising Flemish Giants, Holland Lops in tri and harley, and Lionheads in lots of colors.
[email protected]
Call 517-546-6831 for more info.  Thank you and God bless

Schoolhouse Rabbitry
Holland Lops and Fuzzy Lops
[email protected]

Willow Rabbitry
Jodi Avery
Michigan, just over the border of northern Ohio – near Pioneer – Hillsdale, MI
[email protected]

Leprechaun Lops
Quality Hollands in northern Michigan
Pat and Jim Shooks


Lops on the Lake
Nicola Wendt-Creeley, CVT
Raising High Quality Holland Lops for show and pets.
Lake City, near Rochester, Minnesota
*Website designed by the Nature Trail. I can definitely recommend this breeder!*

Betty Johnson
Wabasso, MN
Holland lops, Mini Lops, English lops, and lions.
Hi I am Betty Johnson I sell pet bunnies and 4h buns in MN.
I live in Wabasso MN but travel to Mankato MN for 4 bunny
delivery at $7.00 per bun (for gas money) 4 dift. customers.
My bunny prices are 45.00 and 60.00
I breed rabbits because I love to. A little piece of my
heart goes with every bunny I rehome.
507-828-2447 [email protected]
please head to www.bunniesetc.weebly.com I update daily.

Bunny Haven Farms
Michelle Ferguson
Oakdale, near Twin Cities.
Flemish Giant, Satin, Mini Lops, Holland Lops, Tri Color,Lion Head,
Netherland Dwarf, Dutch, Siamese, American Fuzzy Lop, Chinchilla.
Dwarf+Dutch, satin+giant, giant+lop+satin, giant+lop, dwarf+lop
[email protected]
We started saving bunnies from neglected homes,loss of attention,being
sold as meat, or to help out another rabbit friend to make space at
their farm.

Jerzak Rabbitry
LeAnn Jerzak
Arco, Minnesota
French Lop and Holland Lops
[email protected]

LovBunnies Rabbitry
Hutchinson, MN off hwy 7
Also Mini Rex, Dwarf Hotot, Californian, and Dutch
[email protected]
Website in the working!
Also raising chinchillas. Rescue all critters, too.

Howard’s Hopes and Dreams
Holland Lops in northwest Minnesota
Also Bernese Mountain dogs


Penn’s Rabbitry
Linda Pennington
Purvis, Mississippi, just below Hattiesburg Ms. near Gulfport Ms.
Holland Lops in some of the rare colors and Jersey Woolies
[email protected]


The Kids Rabbitry
North Central Missouri
Holland Lop, Flemish Giant, Mini Lop, English Lop, Mini Rex, Satin

Ozark Mollys Rabbits
Debra Cardin
Dora, Missouri
Holland Lop
New Zealand
Amercian Blue

Ricardo Isaza
St Charles, Missouri
Holland Lop, French Lop, Mini Lop

Work of Art Rabbitry
Nikki Henderson
Springfield, Missouri, near the southwestern corner.
Holland lops, offering a variety of solid and broken variaties.
[email protected]
All rabbits are handled extensively from birth as to insure the best temperament
and handleability for showing and for pets to be friendlier.


Diegel Rabbitry
Tommy Diegel
Holland Lops in Kalispell, Montana
[email protected]

FrostBlossom Rabbitry
Jolene Collins
Near Bozeman
Marten and Chestnut Netherland Dwarfs, Broken Holland Lops, Siamese
Sable, Sable Point, Pointed White and Red Lionheads
Transportation available to and from shows I am attending in Montana.
[email protected]

K & B Rabbitry
Kalispell, Montana
Raising Holland Lop and Jersey Wooly breeds
[email protected]

Luv Lops Rabbitry
Debbie & Rachel Selhost
NW Montana – Missoula/Kalispell area
[email protected]
Breeding and showing top quality Holland Lops. Foundation bloodlines include L & R, Camelot, THF Saynora.

Sacred Earth Rabbitry
Lakeside, Montana
Holland Lops, Mini Lops, Jersey Woolies, Polish
[email protected]
members of ARBA


Ally Baca Farms
Omaha, NE
Holland Lops, Netherland Dwarfs and Lionheads.
Showing in ARBA youth and 4H

Deb’s Cuddly Critters
Deb Bodfield
Lincoln, Nebraska
I raise Mini-rex, lionheads, holland lops, Netherland Dwarfs, and
flemish giants. I also raise guinea pigs, American smooth coat,
Abysinian, and Coronets.
[email protected]

Hoppy Loppies Rabbitry
Tecumseh, Nebraska
Holland Lops for sale in Nebraska
[email protected]
We raise family friendly rabbits


Bunny Trails Rabbitry
Sara Byers
Email- [email protected]
Raising Holland Lops in Reno, Nevada

New Jersey

Idyllwilde Farm
We raise rare and beautiful blue eyed Holland Lops in southern NJ.  All our bunnies are raised with lots of love and attention inside our home; they are friendly, litter trained and pedigreed.
[email protected]

Murphy’s Lops -n- Spots
Ashley Murphy
New Jersey
I am located in Salem County, near the
Delaware Memorial Bridge.
mini rex
Holland lop
Flemish giant
silver fox
Netherland dwarf
English spot
[email protected]

New Mexico

Kinnenfinity Rabbitry
Roswell, New Mexico
I raise Holland Lops and Netherland Dwarfs.

New York

Bello Coniglio Rabbitry
Yokairis Montes
Yonkers, New York
Holland lops, Lion head, Fuzzies, Lion lops*
I would love to start breeding lion heads with holland lops to create
the lion lops and with the time improve their perfections. If you
would be interested in adopting my lionlops let me know. :)

Max-D Hollands
Holland Lops in New York State

Mill Pond Rabbitry
New York
On Long Island (Suffolk County)
Holland Lops and Lionheads
Our specialty colors: chocolate and
blue eyed whites.
We are a family friendly rabbitry. We also sell supplies

Fox’s Rabbitry
Melinda Fox
Eden, NY
Lionheads and Holland Lops
[email protected]

Secret Garden Rabbits
Holland Lops in the Finger Lakes region of NY
Sherri and Nicosha Welser
Also American Fuzzy Lops and Flemish Giants

The Looking Glass Rabbitry
Jennifer Brusca
New york
Pearl River NY, in Rockland County.
Holland Lops, Fuzzy Lops, Lionheads. BEW Hollands and Lioneads
Show, Brood and Pet quality available. ARBA Member.

Beautiful Variety Rabbitry – Farms
Holland Lops in New York State
Also Fuzzy Lops and Collies

North Carolina

American Fuzzy Lops
Janet’s Hop & Lop Rabbitry
ARBA Registered Breeder
Catawba NC 28609
[email protected]

Apple Tree Rabbitry
Allen & Grace
Near Charlotte, North Carolina
Holland Lops

Becca’s Bunny
Rebecca Jackson
North Carolina, near Raleigh
Holland Lops, Netherland Dwarfs, Lionheads, & English Lops
Raising baby rabbits indoors with focus on interaction & socialization
to make great quality pets, not only for the show table.
[email protected]

Bunnies Galore
Holland Lops in Gastonia, NC
Also English Lops
Christa Barbee

Bentwillow Bunnies
Holland Lops in North Carolina
Also Netherland Dwarfs

Burnette’s Loveable Lops
Specializing in Chocolate Holland Lops
Western North Carolina, near Asheville.

Hamlinton’s Hoppin Lops
Hollands in Leicester, NC
Also Netherland Dwarfs
Malena Hamilton

Lile’s Lops
Christopher Lile
Near Asheville, North Carolina
Holland Lops (sable points, pointed whites, blues, & torts)
[email protected]

LUV Some Bunny Special
Donna Cayton in Durham, NC and Debbie Perrigo in Timberlake, NC
Specializing in Holland Lops, American Fuzzy Lops and Lionheads, Mini Lop, Mini Rex. Show quality with pedigree.
We started our rabbitry for the children. We love to work with children getting started in 4-H Clubs.

Narrow Gate Farm
Quality Holland Lops in North Carolina
Breeder of two youth HL BOB winners at the ARBA convention

Painted Dream Acres
Christy Dellinger
North Carolina
Catawba, in between Hickory and Statesville.
Holland Lops

Shambhala Rabbitry
Connie Barnette
North Carolina, 16 miles North of Statesville
Holland Lops, Mini Rex

The Bunny Girl
Ingrid Griffin
Denver, North Carolina
(outside Lake Norman area)
Pedigreed Holland Lops
Breed/show quality beautiful Holland Lops.
Emphasis on quality, care and temperment
in our small open rabbitry.

Tink-Tink Rabbitry
Carly James
Charlotte, NC
Holland Lop and Netherland Dwarfs of show quality


Buckeye Holland Hoppers
Jacob and Jo Hawkes
Mount Sterling, Ohio
[email protected]

Hollificent Lops
Natalie and Allyson K.
Southwest Ohio
Holland Lops
[email protected]

Sugarhill Hollands
Cathee Arthur
Medina, Ohio
Raising Holland Lops in Tort
[email protected]

Daisy Patch Rabbits
Lana McCormick
West Virginia close to southern Ohio
Specializing in Top Quality Sable Points. Breed Tort and Black varieties, too.
Stirving to produce internationally competitive Hollands.
[email protected]

Barred R Rabbitry
Northeastern Ohio
Standard Rex Rabbits in black, blue, castor, chinchilla, opal, and broken.
Holland Lops in smoke pearl, siamese sable, tort, and broken


Kristdala Kritters (KK Rabbitry)
Central Oklahoma
[email protected]
Show quality rabbits with great dispositions
English Angora, Jersey Wooly, Mini Lop, Holland Lop, Mini Rex.

Sierra’s Sweeties
Sierra Smith
About 30 minutes north of Tulsa, Oklahoma

Tiny Paws Charm
Oklahoma, Near Guthrie
Holland Lops
We breed a small family of Holland Lops. We treat our animals with
love and care. Our pets are our family, and we want to provide the
perfect pet for you! God bless.


Be A Jemz Rabbitry
Jefferson, OR

CT Rabbitry
Tia Baker
Southern Oregon
Netherland Dwarf, Mini Lop, Mini Rex & Holland Lop

Drowsy Waters Farm
Holland Lops in Northwest Oregon
Also raising Katahdin Hair sheep and dairy goats


Angel Bunnies Rabbitry
Jennifer Gerber
Lebanon PA / Lancaster county
American Fuzzy Lops, Holland Lops, and French Lops
[email protected]
Check us out on FB under Angel Bunnies Rabbitry

All The Rage Rabbitry
Morgan Shenk
Lebanon, PA 17042
Mini Rex, Holland Lops, Champagne d’Argents

Carrot Bait Rabbitry
Eunice Flauta
Forks Township, Easton, PA near the New Jersey Border
Lionheads, Holland Lops, Chocolate Dutch, English Angora, Lionlops
[email protected]

Mountainside Rabbitry
Near Wilkes-Barre/Scranton and Trucksville, PA
Holland Lops in a variety of colors
BEWS, VMS, Chocolates, Brokens and much more

Oak Ridge Rabbitry
Julie Cahill
Holland Lops and Jersey Woolies
Central Pennsylvania

Kim’s Hopping Lops
Holland Lops in PA
Also raising Lionheads
Kim Callahan

Bunny Hill Rabbitry
Holland Lops in southwestern PA
Also Netherland Dwarfs
Susan Davidson

thf Saynora Holland Lops
Holland Lops in Pennsylvania and Virginia
Jenna Buchenauer and Tracy Lukeman

Lyndale Farm
Tioga County, PA
Linda Swan
Also raising Lionheads

Spring Lake Lops
Krys Kolivras
Holland Lop rabbits in PA

Rhode Island

Hippity Hop Rabbits
Tracy Sivo
Exeter, Rhode Island
Holland Lop & Lionhead
We are a mother & daughter team operating a small rabbitry. Looking to enjoy the hobby of rabbit breeding along with improving breed quality for the show circuit.


Brock’s Holland Lops
Robin Duvall
Clarksville, Tennessee
Holland Lops
[email protected]

Cooper’s Rabbitry
Cleveland, Tennessee
Holland Lops
Solid and broken black tortes and blue tortes.
Our children raise and show a small herd both for 4-H and ARBA.
[email protected]

Rebecca Gromley
Munford, Tennessee, Near Memphis.
Holland lops
Netherland dwarfs

Treehouse Rabbitry
McCall Flory
Harrison Tennessee, near Chattanooga
Holland Lops in Black Tort, Blue Tort, Black
Youth Rabbitry


Clover Lops Rabbitry
Mollie Ford
Near Buna, TX and Jasper, TX
Pedigreed Holland Lops
Pedigreed Californian meat rabbits
[email protected]

Kali’s Holland Lops Rabbitry
Kali Kamody
Located in North Texas
Specialize is Rare Colors
(Pedigreed Tri’s, Harlie’s, and BEWs)
Quality show, breeding, and pet bunnies available
[email protected]

Quietcreek Farm
Registered Rabbitry in Texas
Also Polish Rabbits
Brian & Cindi Hinton

Double S Rabbitry
Holland Lops in Winnie, TX
Mary Stock

Family Treasures Rabbitry
Holland Lops near Huston, TX

Sanstar Rabbitry
Deb Cartwright
East TX near Lufkin, monthly transport available to east Dallas area.
Harlequin (magpie and japanese), Mini Rex (tort, tri, reds, chins,
blue, otter, sable point,castor), Holland Lop, English Spot, New
Zealand, Californain, Lionheads
[email protected]
Quality Show, Breeding and Pet Rabbits available throughout the year.
No Shipping but will try and help arrange ground transport.

Texas Hoppin Hares
Stephanie Wright
Smyer, Texas
We are between Lubbock, TX & Levelland, TX.
Californians, Mini Rex, and Holland Lops


Douglas’ Top Lops
Canyon Douglas
Richfield Utah (Central Utah)
Holland Lops

Hazel’s Rabbitry
Utah, in Utah County
Holland Lops
Varieties: Broken Tort, Broken Black Tort, Black Tort and Tort
ARBA member
[email protected]

Heavens Rabbitry
Emily Hampton
Near Orem and Provo, Utah.
Holland lops & Mini rex.

Honeyville Hollands
Kristen Hewlett
Northern Utah
We specialize in raising beautiful, rare, pedigreed Hollands! We have sable points, Siamese sables, chocolates, BEW, frosties, and so on! We hold our rabbits and post pictures of them daily so you can follow their progress until you bring them home!

Little Rascal’s Rabbitry
Lanae Lewis
Northern Utah
Holland Lops-Black Tort and Sable Point
Dwarf Hotots-Black and Blue banded
We focus on raising Holland Lops and Dwarf Hotots from
the finest lines and strive for typey animals in our barn.
[email protected]

Bunnyland USA
Holland Lops in Utah Judge Allen and Becky Ormond

Gio’s Holland Lop of Utah
Gio Willits
Bluffdale, Utah, near Camp Williams
Holland lop
We are ARBA and HLRSC members and we accept Paypal

Perry Hills Rabbitry
Tina Hewlett
Northern Utah
Holland Lops

Story Book Corner Farms
Celeste H. Tooele Utah Raising English Angoras and Holland Lops

The Bunny Box
Utah, Located an hour north of Salt Lake City
Holland Lop: Blue Eyed White, Chocolate

South Carolina

Fisher Farms Rabbitry
Holland Lop Rabbits in South Carolina
Also raising Lionheads

Son Rose Rabbitry
The Roach Family
Upstate South Carolina
Netherland Dwarfs and Holland Lops

Twilight Moon Farm
Conway (close to Myrtle Beach) South Carolina
Lionheads, Netherland Dwarfs, Holland Lops
[email protected]

Wilson’s Rabbit Habit
Florence, South Carolina
Netherland Dwarfs, Holland Lops,
and Flemish Giants
Members of ARBA, ANDRC, HLRSC.
Rabbitry registered with ARBA
[email protected]


Bennington Bunnies of Vermont
Victor J. Milani
Holland Lops
Pedigree Holland Lops for pets or show.
[email protected]


Larue’s Wascawwy Wabbits
George Larue, Licensed ARBA Registrar
Located in Lynchburg – Central Virginia
Raising Tans, Holland Lops, Flemish Giant, Mini Rex, Lilac, Mini Satin, Thrianta, Netherland Dwarf, Dutch
[email protected]

Lops and More Rabbitry
Northern Virginia
Holland Lops in shaded colors: sable point, smoke pearl, pointed white, siamese sable, seal
Phone: 540-422-1234

Roseline Bunnies
Holland Lops in South Central VA
Also Netherland Dwarfs

West Virginia

Blue Valley Lops
Mary and Debbie DeWees
Charles Town, West Virginia
Holland Lops
[email protected]

Care Hares Rabbitry
Bruceton Mills, WV
Holland Lop Rabbits
Breeder youth BIS ARBA Convention 2009

Camelot Rabbitry
Holland Lops in West Virginia
Jennifer Poprawski
Winner of top honors at several national shows

PJ’s Rabbit Farm
Pam Arthur
Fayetteville, West Virginia
Flemish Giant (All 7 varieties), Holland Lops (Tri Color) , Mini Rex
[email protected]


4 His Sake Rabbitry
Holland Lops in Tricities area
Specializing in Otters

King’s Bunnies Rabbitry
Holland Lop and New Zealand Red rabbits in Washington State

Dragonfly Hollands
Holland Lops in Snohomish/Woodinville
Also Micro Mini and Teacup Pigs

Ellie’s Lovely Lops
Elisabeth Miller
Colored Holland Lops in Seattle, WA
[email protected]

Harbor Hollands
Near Gig Harbor and Tacoma
Holland Lops and some Netherland Dwarfs
Tortoiseshell, Blue, Blue Tortoise, and all Broken colors.
We are a small rabbitry and breed for great quality and personalities.

Holly’s Hollands Rabbitry
Holly Wisniew
Everett, Washington
Gorgeous Holland Lops in many varieties.
My bunnies are never sold under 8 weeks. They are all friendly,
purebred, cute and so affectionate! They make great indoor or
outdoor pets, show or brood bunnies!
[email protected]


5Carrot Rabbitry
Holland Lops in Wisconsin
Carol Haglund

Love Some Bunny Rabbitry
Michelle Skindzelewski
Sun Prairie, Wisconsin

Little Way Rabbitry
Laura Diamond
Breeder of Quality Show Holland Lops, specializing in Tortoiseshell, Otters, and Shaded Holland Lops!

The Busy Bunch
Reba Langhus
Wisconsin, near Minneapolis and St. Paul
Mini Rex (castors, blacks, browns, and whites) and Holland Lops (Black and Blues and broken blacks and blues.
We are a small rabbitry that started as a 4-H project. We pride ourselves on social bunnies that are proven mothers and produce good show stock. We also sell pet stock occasionally.


Hip Hop Rabbitry
Matasha Hock
[email protected]
Casper, Wyoming
Lion heads, Holland lops, Mini lops, Mini rex, Havana, French angora

Canadian Holland Lop Breeders

If you’re a Holland lop fan in Canada, don’t fear! There are several other Holland lop breeders that may be able to provide you with a perfect bunny.


Sea2Sky Rabbitry
Holland Lops, Netherland Dwarfs, and Lionheads
Vancouver, Canada

AT Home Pets
Near London, Ontario
also Polish in black and chocolate, and Harlequin in the magpie varieties

Ontario, about 45 minutes away from Toronto.
also raising Lionheads (some pedigreed)
[email protected]
Bunnyville on Facebook
Ashley and Caitlyn began this Rabbitry when they were 9 and 7 years old.
2011 B.O.B Doe and Litter
2009 Reserve Champion Pet Rabbit

MugShot Hollands
Halifax, Nova Scotia
Holland Lops in Tort and Agouti
Cody Taylor

ShayD Fields
Asia S
Holland Lops
Eastern Canada

Urban Paws Rabbitry
formerly Sunshine Acres Bunnies
Holland Lop Rabbits

Sours: https://thenaturetrail.com/rabbit-links/holland-lop-breeders/

Near bunnies sale lops holland me for

"holland lops" - Rabbits, For Sale in the UK and Ireland

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Holland Lop Rabbit 101

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