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Sours: https://titanquestfans.net/index.php?board=155.0
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Due to the original titanquest forum website being strangely blocked by everyone's anti-virus software, the guide has been changed to use very well made videos on class builds. Each video is around 5-7 minutes long and the masteries, items and abilities are explained in each one.

All videos were made by YouTuber Matthew Ashworth, and all the credit for the videos goes to him. The class builds however are still from the titanquest forums back in 2006. Again, these builds are all still viable despite the changes and updates made to the anniversary edition.

Thank you for being patient and hopefully these videos help you with your builds, All 36 class builds are now available in this guide, with Runemaster builds being added and updated as they can.


Edit 18 November 2017: With the release of the expansion Ragnarok brings with it a new mastery; the Runemaster. This will increase the number of builds for the game, and I will update this guide as the information becomes available :)

Edit 19 November 2017: added in various links to the guides in case video guides aren't up your alley. I will try to add as many more as I can find to help make it easier to create the character you want.

Edit 23 February 2018: Have added as much info on all the various Runemaster builds as I could find, they are limited at the moment but hopefully it all helps.

Edit 10 March 2018: Linked a new players guide with good builds for the Warden and Haruspex.
*********New Players start here*********
So if you are a brand new player to TQ, then I have linked a very well-written and comprehensive guide for starting the game using one of two builds: The Warden and The Haruspex. Both are fun, powerful and versatile builds that new players can use to familiarise themselves with the game mechanics whilst enjoying themselves. You can still go to the Warden and Haruspex parts of this guide for further information, but the skill-tree explanations and step-by-step progression displayed in the guide linked below are very helpful for someone just starting out.

That about covers it for the guide, that's all the builds from the forum back in 2006.
Ten years on and still an incredible game.

Obviously big shout-outs to all of those skilled vets who took the time to post their builds back in the day, still use them now :)
Hopefully for new players the builds seen in the forum posts will help you on your playthroughs, but remember nothing's wrong with experimenting with new and interesting builds, some new ones may pop up later.

Happy Telkine farming!
Sours: https://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=757889284
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So I've cleared legendary difficulty with multiple characters and written guides about them. I figured it would make sense to make a single appendix listing the build and a general synopsis and linking to the individual steam guide to make it easier for people to find a style they prefer.

All listed builds have completed legendary Ragnarok.

The older builds were completed before I got Atlantis and are built with pre-Atlantis mastery levels and skills. Newer builds have Atlantis mastery levels and skills but can be modified to run without Atlantis.

Pure melee:
  • Conqueror (Warfare / Defence) - The stereotypical one hander and shield warrior
  • Berserker (Warfare / Rune) - Physical damage dual wielding maniac (has tips for Greece Lightning as well) (Ragnarok required)
  • Warrior (Warfare) - Dual Wield Sword - single mastery challenge build
  • Brigand (Hunting / Rogue) - High single target DPS spear piercing build

Hybrid melee:
  • Avenger (Hunting / Earth) - Physical / Pierce / Fire spear hybrid
  • Templar (Defence / Dream) - High survivability, 0 death, reflection

  • Haruspex (Hunting / Dream) - Physical / Pierce archer (can be changed to be throwing)
  • Stonepeaker (Earth / Rune) - Int / Dex Chakram of the Sun dual wield throwing elemental / fire (Ragnarok required)
  • Shaman (Rune / Spirit) - Int / Dex Elemental damage dual wield throwing (Ragnarok required)

Pure Caster:
  • Druid (Nature / Storm) - Ice Sharder (pets optional)
  • Paladin (Defence / Storm) - 'Tanky' Armoured Ice Sharder
  • Magician (Rogue / Earth) - 'Unlimited Knife Works' xMax (x3) Knifethrower caster

  • Champion (Warfare / Nature) - One hander + shield offensive melee / pet hybrid
  • Guardian (Defence / Nature) - One hander + shield defensive melee / pet hybrid
  • Soothsayer (Nature / Spirit) - Pure pet / support caster build for the 'I have minions for that' achievement
  • Dreamkiller (Rogue / Dream) - Melee / Trapper Ninja (0 death, xMax x3)
  • Illusionist (Rogue / Nature) - Trapper / Summoner / Poison Caster (can be tweaked to be more melee, archer, etc. based instead of poison caster)
Quick synopsis of masteries and general builds. Masteries tend to be slanted towards melee or caster in general, pairing both types can create a 'hybrid' character that can do a little of both. Hybrids are not recommended for new players through as they are trickier to setup and gear properly.

Pure casters and hybrids aren't friendly for new players. Summoners, Throwers, Bows and melee in general are easier / less gear dependent from my experience.

Warfare: Oriented around offensive melee builds. A very strong overall mastery with few dud trees, excellent stats and good mix of skills (CC, pet, damage, avoidance, etc.) One of only two trees which allow for dual wielding. A good mastery for new players.

General Builds: Dual Wielding Melee (Swords preferred), One hand + Shield

Standout skills:
  • Onslaught (one of, if not the best, LMB attacks in the game)
  • Dual Wield
  • Battle Standard

Defence: Oriented around defensive melee builds. Has multiple abilities related to the shield (both for offence and defence purposes), heals and defensive buffs. Strong but can be slow in the early going.

General Builds: One hand + shield (club / axe)

Standout skills:
  • Shield Procs (Shield Smash, Disable, Pulverize)
  • Colossus Form
  • Shield Charge or Battle Awareness (with synergies)

Hunting: Oriented around bow and throwing weapon (Ragnarok) ranged, spear melee, throwing weapon ranged. Excellent passives, best debuff in game and by far the best mastery for bow users. Good mastery for new players.

General Builds: Bow, Spear and Shield, throwing weapon

Standout skills:
  • Markmanship (best LMB for bows)
  • Art of the Hunt (excellent passives)
  • Study Prey (best debuff in game)

Nature: Oriented around Support / Summon builds. Can be comboed with pretty much every other mastery. Group buffs, heals, debuff, CC, multiple pets, etc.

General Builds: Summons, Support for other mastery trees

Standout skills:
  • Call of the Wild
  • Heart of Oak
  • Refresh
  • Plague

Rogue Mastery: The most complex mastery in the game. Specialises in Pierce, Poison and Bleeding damage. Depending on the second mastery and build, rogues can potentially be ANYTHING. Dual Wield Melee, Tank and Spank, Bow, Throwing, Summoner, Pure Caster, etc.

General Builds: Basically anything

Standout skills:
  • Envenom Weapon
  • Lay Trap
  • Throwing Knife
  • Lethal Strike
  • Poison Gas Bomb

Earth Mastery: Caster oriented around Fire damage, physical hybrid and tank summon. To be honest, I personally think it's the weakest mastery. More gear dependent than melee characters imo.

General Builds: Pure Caster, Hybrid Melee/Ranged, Summoner (mixed with other pet oriented mastery)

Standout skills:
  • Earth Enchantment
  • Summon Core Dweller
  • Volativity
  • Eruption

Storm Mastery: Caster oriented around Lightning and Cold damage. Has a nice pet with god mode damage avoidance with provides a great buff. Good spammable spell with decent range and a longer range spell on short cooldown and a way to strip resistances and avoid projectiles via Squall. More gear dependent than melee characters imo.

General Builds: Pure Caster, Hybrid Melee/Ranged

Standout skills:
  • Storm Nimbus
  • Ice Shard
  • Squall
  • Lightning Bolt
  • Summon Wisp

Spirit Mastery: Caster oriented around life drain, vitality damage, staff attacks and summons. Has one of the best auras in Deathchill, one of the best pets in Liche King, one of the best staff attacks in Ternion, etc. Pretty good overall.

General Builds: Staff Caster, Summoners, Pure Caster, Hybrid

Standout skills:
  • Deathchill Aura
  • Ternion Attack
  • Summon Liche King
  • Dark Convenant

Dream Mastery: Excellent all-around mastery that is slightly oriented to melee but can be played as caster as well. Good for new players.

General Builds: Melee/Ranged, Summoner, Pure Caster, Staff Caster, Hybrid

Standout skills:
  • Auras (Empathy, Convalescence, Wrath)
  • Phantom Strike
  • Lucid Dream
  • Nightmare
  • Distort Reality
  • Distortion Wave

Runes Mastery: Ragnarok only mastery that is uniquely oriented around 'mage knights' type builds. Specialises in elemental damage, walls and basic dual wielding. Rune Weapon LMB scales your Int and changes your damage to elemental damage (with synergy) but it can't be used by staffs so it's intended for hybrids.

Also the only other mastery other than Warfare to allow for dual wielding but it's more basic. It's the best mastery for dual wielding throwing by far through. Menhir Wall is an amazing CC.

General Builds: Dual Wield Throwing, Dual Wield Melee, Hybrid

Standout skills:
  • Rune Weapon (scale your int and turn into elemental damage with synergy)
  • Runeword: Feather (lower str requirement for weapons)
  • Thunderstrike (especially for dual throwing weapons, fires 10x projectiles)
  • Reckless Offense
  • Seal of Fate
  • Menhir Wall
Conqueror (Warfare / Defence)
Beowulf, Bane of Grendel

Build: The stereotypical one hander and shield warrior

Synopsis: The Conqueror combines the Defence and Warfare masteries. Defence provide shield buffs, defensive abilities and shield attacks while Warfare provides your primary offensive abilities and some additional damage avoidance.


  • The two masteries synergize well together, giving you a good supply of strength, dexterity and health
  • Good, spammable LMB attack
  • Good overall balance between offence and defence
  • Decent AOEs (Batter and Shield Charge)
  • Good anti-boss trinity in Colossus Form + Ancestral Horn + Battle Standard


  • AOEs (Batter and Shield Charge) have limited targets and hit box
  • Multiple ranged enemies can be annoying
  • Can be somewhat gear dependent but not extremely so

Champion (Warfare / Nature)
Remus, Sire of the Capitoline Wolf

Build: One hander + shield offensive melee / pet hybrid

Synopsis: Skills in both of these masteries synergize together excellently. Battle Standard will buff pet and your own damage and while it's synergy skill Triumph and Plague will apply nasty debuffs. Your wolves will also buff you and your other pets with Strength of the Pack. Ancestral Horn will give you a massive army for boss fights. Excellent damage output and survivability in one package.

Dual wield is skipped for a shield to get extra resists from the shield as you'll likely be using accessories to boost pet damage instead. Plus skill items are great in this build because there are a lot of skills taken. Wolves, Onslaught, Battle Standard, Heart of the Oak, Plague, Refresh are all core to the build. If you're interested in getting dual wield or leveling up Atlantis masteries you'll need to free up points somewhere else, maybe war horn or nymph.

  • Synergize well with pets
  • Good, spammable LMB in Onslaught
  • Strong buffs and debuffs
  • Excellent survivability with big potential health pool and damage mitigation

  • Nothing honestly major. Some bosses (ex. Typhon) have cone aoes that can shred minions really fast but with max ancestral horn you will have a lot of minions making it harder for them to all die.
  • No big upfront damage aoe, wrath can sometimes be a little clunky to target (but has terrific debuff)

Berserker (Warfare / Rune) - Ragnarok Required
Minsc (and Boo)

Build: Physical damage dual wielding maniac (Ragnarok required)

Synopsis: The Berserker combines the melee speciality Warfare mastery with the more caster oriented Rune Mastery. The caster oriented skills in the Rune Mastery are ignored in favour of damage buffs for melee attacks.

Now a berserker wouldn't be attacking with a bow or using a shield. A true berserker needs to be swinging two weapons in a blood frenzy! Weapons have life leech / attack damage converted to health for sustain. The build is also inspired by Minsc, one of my favourite companions from the Baldur's Gate series. Good through not the best available companion but damn is he fun to have in the party. He was always the dual wielding warrior in my neutral / good parties.

I did my 'Greece Lightning' achievement with this character and I listed some comments and suggestions for the achievement in it.


  • Good, spammable LMB in Onslaught
  • Charge in Lightning Strike provides your RMB
  • Good DPS via dual wielding
  • Battle Standard provides big buffs and debuffs
  • Decent amount of health


  • Aoes options are melee ranged only (Lightning Strike will charge you to them through)
  • Lack of shield means you're prone to taking bigger damage spikes and are a bit of a glass cannon
  • Shields are also a good way to boost resistances; weapons are primary used to boost damage, getting enough resists in legendary can be a hassle
  • Undead are annoying to fight due to leech resistances
  • Multiple ranged enemies can be annoying

Warrior (Warfare) - Atlantis Recommended
Kirito, the dark spectre of death itself

Build: Dual Wield Sword Melee

Synopsis: Dual wield build using swords and pure melee skills. Inspired by Kirito (the sociopathic Abridged version, not the Mary Sue OG)

Single mastery build is a handicap due to loss of stats from loss of mastery levels and less build variety. Only recommended for experienced players.

Atlantis is recommended for the 8 extra mastery points for more stats and the two extra 40 skills. At level 32 mastery you'll get +64 str / dex and +1280 health, at level 40 you'll get +80 str / dex and +1600 health for a total difference of 16 str / dex and 320 health. It's not a huge difference honestly through if you don't have Atlantis, however, you can expect to have a lot of unused skill points at the end.


  • Additional challenge
  • Warfare gives you a good pool of health and stats while having few dud skills
  • Excellent DPS

  • You can be a bit of a glass cannon
  • Less stats than other builds
  • Lack of build variety

Guardian (Defence / Nature)
Ajax, the Iron Wall

Build: One hander + shield defensive melee / pet hybrid

Synopsis: Tanky type melee warrior with pets acting more as support than a focal point. Hit things with his shield a lot, uses wolves as support and uses Rally to keep him and his pack alive.

This build is pretty niche honestly compared to other listed builds. Heart of Oak, all Shield procs, Plague, Rally, Batter and Shield Charge are all pretty much mandatory for the build. Otherwise you can tweak the build quite liberally if you want.

  • Good survivability with high health via Heart of Oak, Rally for quick heal, good armour
  • Pets provide extra support and help with aggro
  • Easy to heal pets via Rally
  • Strong debuff in Plague
  • Colossus Form for anti-boss and Refresh to help cut its cooldown
  • Decent AOEs (Batter and Shield Charge)

  • No spammable LMB
  • AOEs (Batter and Shield Charge) have limited targets and hit box
  • Multiple ranged enemies can be annoying
  • Lack of ranged options besides Shield Charge and Plague
  • Your pets won't be as good as a pure pet build and your damage won't be as good as a more offensive build

Paladin (Defence / Storm)
Arthas, Frostmourne Hungers

Build: Armoured Ice Shard caster

Synopsis: This a build for a playing an armoured Ice Shard caster. Ice Shards in the Storm mastery is a pretty powerful option for a pure caster type character, however, it does have the drawback of requiring you to stand still and spam the skill and does its best DPS when enemies are closer to you.

Paladin tackles the issue by making the caster a walking tank who can take a hit while spamming spells. Defence's Armor Handling talent helps you get around some of the Strength requirement on armour and shields and with some more from your gear you can get a caster clad in heavy armour.

My Paladin was built with Atlantis masteries and skills but the expansion should not be required.

  • Powerful anti-group attacks
  • Fairly tanky
  • Anti-resistance debuffs in Squall for legendary difficulty

  • Ice Shard is a very stationary attack, you don't hit and run, you stand still and spam
  • Very mana consuming
  • Not as good for single targets or far off targets
  • Can be a little gear dependent

Templar (Defence / Dream) - Ragnarok Required
Zeal, Full of Righteous Fury

Build: High survivability, 0 death, reflection build using Icescale monster infrequents from Ragnarok (Ragnarok required)

Synopsis: Templars get excellent damage mitigation and reflection abilities from each of their respective masteries. My Templar is built around using the Icescale monster infrequents from the Ragnarok expansion for the chance to reflect massive amounts of damage back while also being nearly unkillable.

Reflection is vastly superior to the retaliation mechanic. Retaliation only works against melee attackers while reflection works against any source of damage. Melee, ranged, spell; it all gets applied. Also, it's important to note that the damage reflected is NOT the damage that you actually took. The full damage before any mitigation is applied. So dodged damage will be reflected. Enemies that resist the damage that inflict themselves will be more time consuming unless you have a way to reduce their resistances.

The Icescale monster infrequents grants projectile avoidance and gives a 15% chance to reflect a huge amount of damage (500% in legendary). Projectile avoidance seems to also affect enemy staff attacks. You'll want to have these pre-farmed, preferably with resists and / or health buffs.

My Templar was built with Atlantis masteries and skills but this expansion should not be required.

  • Exceptional damage mitigation from skills and gear
  • Good CC
  • Barely ever needs to use either type of potion

  • Damage outside of reflection can be so-so
  • So unkillable at times that it can be a little ZZZ
  • Dependent on particular gear

Avenger (Hunting / Earth)
Build: Physical / Pierce / Fire spear hybrid

Synopsis: Stab things with a cool, fiery spear while you drop an eruption at your feet. Hybrid build concentrating mostly on Str / Dex with some Int thrown in.


  • Good mix of damage types
  • Good single target with Study Prey
  • Decent aoe in Eruption
  • A number of buffs and auras
  • Oh ♥♥♥♥ option in Stone Form to let you pop a potion


  • Lack of a good spammable LMB
  • Extreme mana issues, especially combined with energy reservation from your auras
  • Tricky to get all the stats you need

Haruspex (Hunting / Dream)

Build: Physical / Pierce Archer (easily swapped to Throwing Weapon + Shield)

Synopsis: Haruspex provides a good mix of passives, debuffs, DPS and can be built in different ways. Ranged / Spear are popular options and you probably make a good caster out of it too if you know what you're doing.

This is one of my earlier characters, got into mid-Legendary and I used her for farming relics, infrequents and the like and never got around to actually finishing Legendary. Finally decided to finish clearing and swapped out her current set of gear as my resistances were pretty bad overall.

I went with a bow to play a ranged option as I already was playing other characters for other playstyles and wanted to try out a ranged build. Throwing weapon can be used instead of bow and has certain advantages and disadvantages (shorter range but faster attack and you can use shield for blocking and stats). My character was made pre-Ragnarok so throwing weapons did not exist at the time and I decided to finish the run with my existing bow.

Atlantis is not required for this build. None of the level 40 skills have any real impact and is only really useful if you want the extra stats from the additional mastery levels. If you want to go throwing weapon over bow you'll need Ragnarok through. If you want to go spear, you'll need to dump all points in Markmanship and swap into Phantom Strike and Psionic Touch.

  • Lots of Defensive Ability and projectile avoidance
  • Excellent debuff in Study Prey
  • Excellent passives in general
  • Good spammable LMB

  • Can't crit with bows
  • Mediocre AOE

Sage (Hunting / Storm) - Ragnarok Required
Jupiter, Best and Greatest

Build: Lightning themed elemental archer

Synopsis: This a build for a lightning themed elemental archer. Throw down bolts of deadly lightning and convert your bow's damage to elemental. Basically a caster that uses bow to deal its elemental damage while Lightning Bolt is on cooldown. I suppose a throwing weapon could be used instead of a bow but you'll have minimal Strength so will have limited options with shield. Ragnarok is required for this build; items with the 'Weapon Base Damage becomes Elemental' stat introduced in the expansion are used to convert your base weapon damage to elemental damage instead.

Atlantis should not be required for this build. I used the extra mastery levels for extra stats but none of the additional skills are required for the build.

  • Good spammable LMB
  • Diverse damage
  • Decent single target / AOE
  • Decent amount of CC options

  • Somewhat fragile
  • Gear dependent
  • Bow / elemental conversion cannot crit
  • CC abilities can be a bit clunky to use outside of Squall

Brigand (Hunting / Rogue)
Vlad, The Impaler

Build: Single target spear piercing build

Synopsis: This is a build for a spear melee build that specializes in single target DPS. The general idea is to stack CDR to get Lethal Strike's cooldown considerably down and use it to mercilessly massacre bosses and clear single target enemies with extreme piercing damage. Spears are the clear weapon of choice for the Brigand. They work with Hunting skills, have excellent pierce ratio and, as they have the highest possible hit damage, synergize best with Lethal Strike.

While Atlantis is not required it does offer extra AOE options which is something the Brigand lacks otherwise.

  • Extremely high potential single target DPS
  • Fast boss killer
  • Don't need to worry about enemy pierce resistances thanks to Study Prey debuff
  • Excellent DA, OA buffs for easy crits
  • Good auras in Envenom Weapon and Art of the Hunt
  • Optional pet support with traps

  • Lacking good AOE options outside of Atlantis skills
  • CC abilities can be a little inconsistent
  • Requires max CDR to shine
  • No energy bonus from either mastery means base energy supply is extremely limited
  • Auras eat up limited energy supply
  • Need to be careful with enemies with reflection as you can easily 1-shot yourself with Lethal Strike otherwise

Soothsayer (Nature / Spirit)
Luna, the natural necromancer

Build: Pure pet / support caster build for the 'I have minions for that' achievement

Synopsis: Basically summon lots of pets for you and have them kill everything. End game you'll have 5 permanent pets (3 wolves, nymph and liche king) and one pet for boss (outlander). Sit far back and provide support with heals, circle of power, etc. Heart of oak gives you a big boost to health along with your pets.

After normal is completed you can switch over to more of an active role if you wish. Plague to debuff enemies to boost pet damage or ternion if you want to go pew pew with your staff.

  • Not very gear dependent; you can get away with terrible resists if you don't get hit nor do you require anything exotic or specific gear
  • Fairly easy to play
  • Can farm certain difficult bosses fairly easily
  • Large health pool
  • Lots of pets

  • You're wearing caster gear so even with the health pool you're still kind of squishy
  • Reactionary play style; you're often just standing there casting heals every now and then, it can be a little dull sometimes and the pets sometimes can't hold aggro
  • You're entirely dependent on your pets for damage so bosses that can do big damage to multi-targets can challenging

Elsa, the Ice Queen Cometh

Build: Ice Shard pure caster, optionally with pets

Synopsis: Summon Briar Ward and stand in the middle of it spamming Ice Shard. Buff health with Heart of Oak. Debuff enemies with Squall and / or Plague. Wolves can be optionally used a distraction / support and you can optionally diversify your damage using Lightning Bolt or use Spell Breaker for disruption.


  • Powerful anti-group attacks
  • Anti-resistance debuffs in Squall and Plague for legendary difficulty
  • Good health pool and damage avoidance from Nature mastery


  • Ice Shard is a very stationary attack, you don't hit and run, you stand still and spam
  • Very mana consuming (but lessened by Nature skill)
  • Not as good for single targets or far off targets
  • Can be a little gear dependent

Illusionist (Rogue / Nature)
Circe, Enchantress of Aeaea

Build: Trapper / Summoner / Poison Caster (can be tweaked to be more melee, archer, etc. based instead of poison caster)

Synopsis: Summoner with 4 permanent pets (3 wolves + nymph) and lays down up to 3 traps while moving. Stay in back and uses CC (Flash Powder, Earthbind, Briar Ward) to avoid damage while attacking with Poison Gas Bomb or bow / throwing. Alternatively can be more built around melee or ranged instead of Poison Gas Bomb using Envenom Weapon or Throwing Knife.


  • Excellent survivability and CC
  • Lots of pets
  • Trap cheese


  • Lacks burst DPS
  • Heavily dependent on skill+ and CDR

Emiya, Steel Body and Glass Heart

Build: 'Unlimited Knife Works' Knifethrower caster --- xMax (x3)

Synopsis: General gist of this build is to spam Rogue's throwing knife ability. Earth enchantment and Envenom Weapon used to boost damage and CC. Very effective at dealing with crowds.

The build is extremely energy intensive through. Without energy reduction you will find yourself chugging potions like crazy and having to go on farming runs to raise funds to afford your energy addiction.

As well, +4 skill to rogue is mandatory for the build and the build doesn't really come into its own until level 25 when equip gear with the +4 skill you need and max both the base Throwing Knife and Flurry of Knives synergy skill. Before that the skill shoots a single dagger with long cooldown. I am expecting you to have pre-farmed epic Stonebinder's Cuffs and a +2 rogue skill amulet before attempting this build. If you have Ragnarok then I'd suggest starting an Accomplish character so you can skip the tedious part and jump straight to the knife throwing.

  • Really good at dealing with crowds
  • Wide variety of damage types (fire, poison, bleeding, piercing)
  • Can be tweaked to be a hybrid or more of a caster as one wishes

  • You will be addicted to the blue stuff without energy reduction
  • Gear dependent
  • Takes a bit to get going

Dreamkiller (Rogue / Dream)
Shinobi, Believe It!

Build: Melee / Trapper Ninja

Synopsis: Unleash your inner ninja! The Dreamkiller has all the ninja tools; throwing knives, traps, poison, smoke screens, critical strikes, shadow movements, clone, an eldritch abomination from your nightmares, etc

For my Dreamkiller I went with a melee / trapper build. Melee because I love Phantom Strike, trapper to combo with Nightmare's Master Mind buff. As such I went with a strong Str / Dex focus. With tweaks it's also possible to go with a ranged / caster approach. Master Mind combos well with traps but I'd say Dreamkiller is not quite as good of a trapper for damage as Assassin (Battle Standard + traps is great) while being less of a glass cannon and having better CC.

  • Tons of CC
  • Trap cheese
  • Excellent survivability (my first 0 deaths xMax (x3) clear)

  • Traps are stationary
  • DPS can be a little slow in final act
  • Somewhat gear dependent

Stonepeaker (Earth / Rune) - Ragnarok required
Sol Invictus, The Unconquered Sun

Build: Elemental / Fire dual wield throwing weapon

Synopsis: This build is primarily designed around using Rune to dual wield throwing weapons and convert the damage to elemental via Rune Weapon and shotgunning packs with Thunderstrike. Earth acts as a secondary mastery, providing fire / physical damage buffs, tank pet, utility spells, etc.

There's a perfect throwing weapon for the build as well. Chakram of the Sun is a terrific throwing weapons, tons of great stats on it (https://tq-db.net/en/equipment/chakram-of-the-sun). Dual wielding with net you +4 Earth, +20% Str, -30% CDR, +60% recharge, 10% ADCtH, +30% fire / burn, +600 health, +40% attack speed and some other bonuses (stats will vary depending on rolls of course). As a further bonus, you also get the set bonus of +40% total damage!

There's other good throwing weapons available of course. Drop rate of throwing weapons is pretty high through so it shouldn't be too difficult to get your two Chakrams. Outside of Chakram, maybe Winds of Asphodel can be useful for it's resistance reduction to combo with your elemental damage. You can try keeping Asphodel as swap weapon when needed if you want some RR.

  • Excellent AOE in Thunderstrike and Eruption
  • Resistance Reduction from Seal of Fates' synergy Aftershock
  • Core Dweller for tank, Menhir Wall for CC
  • Rune Weapon int scaling and weapon elemental conversion

  • Can be a bit of a glass cannon
  • Lack of shield means less survivability and, likely, resistances
  • Throwing weapon range is only mid-range
  • Seal of Fate slow and low radius makes it harder to apply resistance reduction

Shaman (Rune / Spirit) - Ragnarok Required
Rampage, the axepocalypse begins!

Build: Int / Dex Elemental damage dual wield throwing (Ragnarok required)

Synopsis: Runeword: Feather is used to equip throwing weapons without investing points into strength. Rune Weapon boosts your intellect to huge numbers to buff your elemental damage and Thunderstrike provides conal AOE with CC. Menhir Wall distracts enemies while you go pew-pew behind it. Energy Shield provides you some extra padding. Spirit provides aura and pets.

This build is extremely 'primary' focused. That is, the 'core' gameplay of the build is in the Rune tree and should be able to use any other mastery you want within reason instead of Spirit if you so desire.

Please note that this build is reliant on higher difficulties on you wearing +4 rune skill to push Transmutation to the maximum ultimate level to convert 99% of all your damage to elemental.


  • Extremely fast attack speed and Thunderstrike does 10x attack with dual wield letting you put out damage fast and trigger procs
  • Excellent CC
  • Rune weapon allows for excellent damage scaling
  • Diverse damage
  • Pets


  • Can be a little squishy if you're wearing caster gear even with energy shield
  • Lack of shield means less survivability and, likely, resistances
  • Throwing weapon range is only mid-range

If you have any queries, leave a comment and I will respond when I have time.
Sours: https://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=1883817533

Titan Quest is one of the old ARPG classics that have probably had a great influence on the future of the genre. The anniversary edition that came out in 2016, with the subsequent expansions in 2017 and 2019 have breathed fresh air into the life of an old classic.

If you, like others, have decided to fire up your remastered version of Titan Quest and are looking to enjoy a fresh boost of nostalgia, you probably might need some inspiration. This guide aims to quickly outline a couple of builds as starter-ideas for your newest Titan Quest adventure.

Mind that these builds are in no way ordered around viability. All the builds are viable and can become very strong. These builds are also designed around not being too gear dependent in order to work.

The Dual Wield Harbinger

This build is one of the bread and butter builds in Titan Quest. It is a melee dual-based build with excellent scalability and the ability to clear the complete content of the game. The focus of the build is offensive stats, favoring kill speed over defenses.

How to skill your Harbinger

I have added pictures of each skill tree for quick reference, saving you some time when swapping around tabs. But if you want to experiment around yourself, I have also added the TitanCalc link to each build.

Titan Calc Link for the Harbinger

The Warfare Tree

The most important aspect of the Warfare-Tree is the middle section of the tree around Onslaught. The passives are excellent boosters, while the skill itself is going to be your Default-Attack-Skill of choice.

The first row of the skill tree centered around the dual wielding aspects are fairly important as well, but I would not consider them the highest priority.

Grab Battle Standard early if you are having trouble with Boss fights or unique monsters.

If you want to focus on killing bosses and doing boss-runs, I recommend for you to fully max out Ancestral Horn. There is no point in only grabbing one or two points as the pets are way too weak. You will want to max it completely, but it definitely is worth it.

All the other abilities are simple value points or not entirely necessary.

The Dream Tree

The most important ability of the Dream Tree is Phantom Strike, followed by Distort Reality. Phantom Strike is one of the most important abilities you get and will make your build more versatile and mobile.

Grab Lucid Dream and the other passives, when you have the spare points (low priority), as the passive stat increase is a nice boost.

You can pick some of the other abilities with a couple of value-points as you go, if you think you might enjoy using them. They are not a must but if you have the spare points it is fine to do so.

The Trance Skill of your choice is more a question of preference. However, since this build focuses on dealing out damage before dying, we go for Trance of Wrath

This is the most well-rounded way to build around the character.


You shouldn’t need much health or energy. Only invest in those if you feel the need to have some extra energy or want to add tankiness. We don’t put anything into Intelligence and invest most of our points in Strength. Also, invest a couple of points in Dexterity. There is no golden rule here, but I would advise you to go with 3 to 1.


The Caster Elementalist

The Elementalist is one of the classic caster builds in Titan Quest. It’s a mix of Storm and Earth and you could theoretically play it as a melee too. We however are going to focus on ranged spells. Mind, that it doesn’t matter which mastery you begin with, but we will start with Earth.

Titan Calc Link for the Caster Elementalist

The Earth Tree

Your first important skill is going to be Earth Enchantment, which you should max out. Theoretically, you could go for the Storm Enchantment as well (see below) or use both. Keep in mind, that it depends on what kind of staff you want to use. Definitely focus on one type of damage and one enchantment if you want to save up skill points in the beginning. No need to get the other passives of the first row as they’re useless for a caster. You can get one value point in Volativity

Grab one value point in Heat Shield and Stone Form as well. Both abilities have excellent defensive utility and Stone Form essentially serves a panic button. It can be very useful for situations where you feel overwhelmed or are waiting for a crucial cooldown to come off.

Theoretically, you have lots of freedom when choosing the offensive spells you want to use and you can certainly pick out others from the ones that have been recommended here. However, Eruption is one of the strongest offensive spells you can choose and should be maxed.

Also, pick Core Dweller and max it out. A pet like that will help you greatly, as your character build leaves you vulnerable and rather squishy. Core Dwelleler can tank enemies and serve as a meat shield. Also pick up some of the passives for Core Dweller, particularly Metamorphosis to make it tankier.

Small tip: You can cast Heat Shield on your Core Dweller in crucial situations.

The Storm Tree

As mentioned above, Storm Nimbus is the enchantment of the Storm Tree and can be either picked together with the Earth Enchantment, or played alone depending on the kind of weapons you want to use. Mind that Storm Nimbus has a couple of synergy skills making it extra useful and if you opt-out of it, you will save out more skill points.

Grab Lightning Bolt and also max Chain Lightning while you are at it. Those are very solid offensive skills and are going to be especially useful when fighting large quantities of mobs.

Get a value point for Thunderball and Concussive Blast. While these skills are not essential, they offer quite the utility, as the Thunderball stun can come in quite handy at times.

Pick Summon Wisp for one point and max out the synergy skill Eye of the Storm. Eye of the Storm offers solid elemental resistances and will improve your defensive capabilities.

Squall and Obscured Visibility is another great utility spell that should prove very useful in difficult fights.

Lastly, get a value point in Storm Surge. The chance of activating is 15% from level 1 on and it stuns enemies. In fights with lots of monsters, it will trigger quite often and can sometimes even save you.


Health and Energy should not be needed, although sometimes and depending on your gear, you might need to add in some points into energy.

Completely ignore Strength and grab a few points in Dexterity depending on whether you would need it for any armor. Invest the rest in Intelligence.

Dexterity0 (whatever is needed for gear)

The Assassin

The Assassin is the class combination of Warfare and Rogue and is one of the most offensive melee classes out there. It severely lacks in terms of defense but yields a very high damage output in return. Additionally, it is one of the more complicated classes that can be too squishy in the later parts of the game if not planned well.

TitanCalc Link for the Assassin

Warfare Skill Tree

The first row of the Warfare Skill tree is almost always very strong and should be maxed. For the Assassin it is no different as you will be dual-wielding, making the Dual Wield passive and all the synergies extremely useful and maxing them a must. Maxing Weapon Training is also recommended as the stat boost is significant enough, but it is not the highest priority.

One value point in Battle Rage is always useful, as the +50% offensive abilitiy are quite strong and the trigger chance already starts out at 8%.

Definitely grab and max the Dodge Attack passive, particularly when you are starting to feel squishy. We do not have a lot of defensive resources, making a passive like that extremely valuable.

Same goes for Battle Standard (around 4 levels) and one value point in Triumph. Battle Standard is more useful for boss encounters, but you might have trouble with those particularly in the beginning.

Whirlwind is one of the most valuable skills we have and should be maxed quickly. The charge offers great mobility and clearing speed, and the fact that it hits up to 4 enemies gives us valuable area of effect and synergy with Rogue skills.

Invest at least some (minimum one) points into War Horn and Doom Horn as a utility skill. Sometimes the stun can save your live, particularly if you are being overwhelmed by too many enemies.

The Ancestral Horn is optional and particularly useful for boss fights, but should only be used if you are planning to max it out, as it is rather useless in lower levels.

Rogue Skill Tree

Lethal Strike is very valuable and should be picked in the Rogue Tree. It has an insane amount of damage and is probably one of the strongest Rogue skills. The synergies are not particularly good though, so just get a value point.

Blade Honing is a buff that provides a solid boost and is worth all the points. Envenom Weapon on the other hand should stay on level one, while the synergies, Nightshade and Mandrake should be leveled. Mandrake is very useful and is going to drastically raise your survivability.

You could consider leveling all the poison skills, but you should only do so if you actually plan to revolve your build around poison. For us, just getting the extra utility and the damage boost.

Lastly, get a value point in Throwing Knife and Flurry of Knives which are optional. The combination here means that you can quickly spread your poison around multiple enemies with Flurry of Knives. Flash Powder is another optional utility skill that can be picked if necessary.

In general, we don’t pick many skills from the Rogue tree, only what is really necessary. A lot of skills like bleeding or poison skills are only useful if you really commit to that kind of damage. The same goes for traps, but those would be considered a preferential pick as well. The utility and buff skills however are very good and highly valuable.


Health and Energy should definitely not be an issue here unless you need some extra Energy to cast all your skills. Completely ignore Intelligence and spread your points around Strength and Dexterity. A recommended ratio would be 2:1 Strength/Dexterity.


Weapon choice for Assassin

When playing or planning for an Assassin, you should consider the limited weapons that are available for your build. In order to get the best of both masteries, you are forced to pick the sword.

The reason for it being is that Rogue Mastery relies on Piercing Damage, like swords, spears, and bows. Warfare on the other hand favors axes, clubs, and swords. With swords being the only common denominator, the pick is fairly obvious. Mind Dual Wielding will be necessary for maximum efficiency, as Assassin mostly revolves around Dual Wielding.

The Ranger

The Ranger is the classic ranged type hunter build consisting of the Hunting and Nature Masteries. It is possible to play as a melee ranger if you pick the spear as your main weapon, but for this build, we will go for the bow as a weapon.

Hunter Skill Tree

The Hunter skill tree is clearly the favored one for us, giving us the best skills and greatest damage boosts for our bow. As you can see, we are going to pick many skills from this tree, as many of them are extremely useful and valuable. Naturally, it is advised to go for this tree first.

The most important skills particularly in the beginning are the skills around Marksmanship. Pick Marksmanship and all the synergies and max them. Particularly Scatter Shot Arrow is going to be an insane boost in terms of clear speed and dealing with multiple enemies.

Call of the Hunt and its synergy Exploit Weakness are superb temporary buffs. Art of the Hunt has a similar role and should be maxed out completely, except for Trail Blazing where one value point should be enough.

Volley and Wood Lore are powerful passives that you should get as quickly as possible and also max them out.

Lastly, pick Study Prey as an additional short term debuff and Herbal Remedy as a defensive resource whenever you feel that it is necessary.

Nature Skill Tree

The Nature skill tree is going to help us in terms of defenses and utility, as well as add some pets that can always help as meat shields.

Heart of Oak and its synergies is an excellent defensive ability and should be skilled as soon as you start feeling squishy.

The other main part of the Nature Skill tree is the wolves and all the synergies around that. Call of the Wild allows you to summon up to two wolves that are going to help you out and be useful in terms of pulling aggro from mobs. Grab one value point of Maul for the 6% reduction of enemy health and also to be able to skill Survival Instinct and Strength of the Pack. Both of these synergies are going to boost your wolves’ strength and make them tanky enough to actually fulfill their purpose as meat shields.

As you can see, we don’t pick many other skills from the Nature tree, mostly because we have already invested many skill points into the Hunter skill tree. If you want to play more around with pets and get more Nature skills, you will have to cut some of the Hunter skills in return.


As always, ignore Health and Energy unless you feel the necessity to get some more points into Energy. Ignore Intelligence and add your points equally into Strength and Dexterity.


The Soothsayer

The Soothsayer is a Spirit and Nature build. Both of these trees are rather focused on providing support and buffs, which gives the Soothsayer the right tools to play some sort of Beastmaster or a character that heavily relies on pets. Your trees give you the choice of multiple pets, but you will not be able to get them all in your tree.

The main choice will be between the Liche King and the Wolves. You can pick whatever you want and you could theoretically try to go for both (although this is going to cost you many more skill points). Since our Ranger build already features wolves, we will focus on the Liche King in this build.

Soothsayer TitanCalc Link

Spirit Tree

Ternion Attack is one of the first spells that are available to you and since as a Soothsayer, you will probably rely on staves, it is advisable to max this one out. In general, there is no point in using Ternion Attack and its synergy unless you want to max it out. It is however not absolutely mandatory for this build and you could opt-out of it if you want to.

The Deathchill Aura, along with Ravages of Time and Necrosis is a debuff that has a rather low range but very powerful effects and should definitely be maxed.

You could potentially pick up Life Drain and Enslave Spirit temporarily (meaing you should spec out of it later) as bridge skills to use until you reach your Liche King ability. They are quite good, but just don’t scale that well into the lategame.

Summon Outsider and Vision of Death are both excellent value point candidates.

Dark Covenant and its synergy Unearthly Power should be maxed for its excellent utility value. You gain extra damage as well as mobility in form of movement speed, along with a little bit of energy regeneration. Just mind that these skills drain your life, so use them at the right time.

Most importantly, the Liche King himself should definitely be maxed along with all synergies except for Arcane Blasts. Death Nova is an extremely strong skill that the Liche will gain, while Wraith Shell will make him much tankier. Arcane Blasts however is not very useful as it does not do that much damage and the Liche King tends to cast it much more than Death Nova essentially hurting your effective DPS.

As you can see, all these skills take up lots of skill points, but they also are the main skills of this build.

Lastly, one point in Spirit Ward and Spirit Bane will boost your strength against Undead enemies, which is useful as you meet quite a few Undead enemies in the game.

Nature Tree

The Nature tree will pretty much exclusively aid us with buffs, heals, and debuffs. Nature is particularly useful as it will grant you abilities to target your pets with and the buffs all work as auras, boosting your pets along with you. It should be obvious that many abilities of this tree are fairly useless if you don’t have any damage abilities or your Liche King pet. So take your time leveling them and focus on the Spirit tree first.

Heart of Oak is an excellent buff/aura and will boost your pet’s stats as well. One value point in Tranquility of Water for the initial 8% should help out with Energy problems if you face those, while Permanence of Stone is going to add an extra layer of defense with its Elemental Resistance.

Regrowth is super helpful both to heal yourself and to keep your pet on high HP. You don’t need the synergies as you will mostly play with one pet, namely your Liche King. If you had wolves, the synergies would come in handy, so keep that in mind.

Lastly Plague with Fatigue and Susceptibility is an extremely strong debuff with very powerful effects. Plague will be a very useful resource in dealing with groups of enemies and your pet will profit from the debuffs as well.


Attributes are fairly simple for the Soothsayer. Ignore Health and Energy completely, unless you feel running out of Energy quickly or you want to give you some extra survivability with more Health. There is basically no need for Strength or Dexterity, which leaves all the points for Intelligence. Since you are going to play a caster-type mage, the Intelligence will come in handy.


Wolves Version

If you want to play with wolves instead of the Liche King, the tree essentially stays the same. The only difference is that you pick the Wolf passives and its synergies instead of the Liche King.


There are dozens of other Titan Quest Builds for you to explore, and if you feel like choosing another character or a different skill tree, you should definitely do so and explore the game yourself. Even though Titan Quest is such an old game, it is a classic with lots of replayability and many playstyles to explore.

These Titan Quest Builds are simply suggestions and can be safely used if you are unsure on which way to go with your characters. If you have any criticism, suggestions or additional advise, feel free to comment below!

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Sours: https://gamerofpassion.com/titan-quest-builds/

Ae builds quest titan

Titan Quest Wiki > Character Classes > Class Guides

This page serves as a hub to class guides, both external and internal. With the loss of the titanquest.net forums, this is an attempt to recreate a centralized resource for class guides.

General Class Guides



Any combination where have Defense, Nature, Warfare, Hunting, Rogue, Dream, Rune.


The combinations Spirit and Dream with Earth, Storm, Nature.


For the archer suitable combination Hunting and Nature

For the thrower suitable combinations Hunting or Rogue, Rune


The combinations


The combinations

Class Types

HarbingerWarfareDreamMeleeDual Wield
AssassinWarfareRogueMeleeDual Wield
Bone CharmerHuntingSpiritRangedMelee
Dragon HunterRunesHuntingMelee
BerserkerRunesWarfareMeleeDual Wield
Seidr WorkerRunesDreamHybrid

Build Showcase Video:

- Icefrzzy's Youtube Build Showcase video" https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=QmZQopvAJCg&list=PLIXD3F8NHKGFHy7Uq2iFU0JBFZoueF7VC

Sours: https://titanquest.fandom.com/wiki/Class_Guides
Titan Quest Ragnarok 10 Builds VS Typhon Legendary

Hello all,

As we are still getting a lot of requests about sample TitanCalc builds, I thought I’d post a basic compendium containing each class. As builds are subjective and dependent on factors like personal preference, experimentation and perhaps even oddball unique items or other gear finds, this is not intended to be a definitive “this is the best way to make class X” guide. Instead, it serves only as a pointer to new players as to what builds are generally recommended and favoured by mainstream players. Think of it as a translation of Poinas’ Guide to Skills in TitanCalc form.

The builds featured here are not necessarily the most effective or “best”. They are not eye-poppingly innovative. However, they will give you an idea of what mastery synergies to exploit and how to construct a basic build that will get the class through the game. So sorry if your Poison Gas Bomb Assassin isn’t featured, but we have to limit the builds to just the mainstream basics.

As a side note, I am not pulling any of these builds out of other people’s experience or posts. I have played all of them at least well into Epic, and almost all of them to level 60+ in Legendary. So these are my views based on experience, not copy & paste jobs on other people’s toons.

Where there is more than one popular approach to a particular class, I have given alternative builds tailored to each approach.

I’ve also ranked the builds in approximate order of popularity, with the most played builds up the top of the list and the least popular builds down the bottom. Right, let’s get down to it:

Club and shield Conqueror

Dual wield Harbinger

Bow Haruspex

Spear Haruspex

Templar. You can drop Shield Charge as you have Phantom Strike which does the same thing. But I like to have both, in case the first one misses.

Basic Elementalist. To this build, add either Shards and Heart of Frost (all maxed) or Lightning Bolt/Chain Lightning or Thunderball tree (all maxed). You can also choose Volcanic Orb tree (VO and Fragmentation maxed, nothing or one point in Conflagration) instead of Eruption. Or you could go Fire-biased with VO and Eruption both maxed, at the expense of LB/CL, Shards or Thunderball trees.

Bow Brigand

Spear Brigand

Caster Diviner

Melee Diviner. Add maxed Psionic Immolation if you go Int-based melee Diviner rather than Str-based.

Melee Spellbreaker

Lightning/staff Oracle

Ice Shards Oracle. You can max Ternion here but I only use it for energy leech and debuffing, thus there is no need to have the extra damage from increased Ternion. Shards is the damage attack skill.

Club wielding Guardian. Subtract Concussive Blow if using a spear. If you have more than +4 to skills, you could also add the Regrowth tree for healing, or increase investment in Rally base skill. Subtract Batter as well if you don’t like it or don’t have enough points.


Ranger. Again, more than +4 to skills will allow you to invest in the Regrowth tree.

Caster Evoker

Auramancer Evoker

Melee Evoker

Warden. Add Batter if you like it.

Soothsayer. This is for a Soothie who stays well out of the action and uses his staff and Ternion only to do AoE debuffing/slowing of monsters to make it easier for the pets. If you prefer to do more damage, you could boost Ternion. If you prefer to be right in the frontlines, max Necrosis and perhaps add more points into the Wolves’ Maul skill. Extra points from more than +4 to skills could go into the pets’ synergy skills to help them survive and do more damage.

Dual wield Assassin

Trapper Assassin

Physical dual wield Battlemage

Ice Shards Druid

Lightning Bolt Druid

Dual wield Champion. As you can see, this is a very tough build to attain without at least +5 to all skills.

Hybrid Bone Charmer. Drop Take Down if you only want to use a bow.

Petmaster Ritualist. Briar Ward and Trance of Empathy are in there for bosses like Yaoguai. Killing them with reflect damage (Briar Ward reflects several times) is easier.

Melee Ritualist. The one point ToW on most Dream builds is just to turn off monster Onslaught or Deathchill aura.

Bow Slayer. Alternate between Marksmanship (LMB) and Onslaught (RMB) attacks, using Onslaught primarily when you want to cripple melee monsters that can rush you.

Hybrid bow/spear Slayer

Dual wield Slayer

Spellbinder. Add Batter if you like it, drop Concussive Blow if you’re not wielding a club.


Physical dual wielding Thane. Substitute Thunderball with War Horn if you prefer.

Elemental dual wielding Thane. More points in Storm Surge will be handy if you can afford them. Onslaught and War Wind can be kept at low levels, as increasing your physical damage isn’t a priority.

Physical Paladin

Elemental Paladin. You want a sword for this, not a club. Hence no Concussive Blow.


Physical bow Sage

Elemental bow Sage. I feel that I can afford to drop Find Cover to just one point, as Squall takes care of most ranged enemies. Marksmanship is also reduced to accommodate the elemental skills.

Trapper/petmaster Illusionist. I use a bow with this build, to debuff/slow/confuse monsters. You’re just helping the pets and Traps, not aiming to do mega damage. Knives are also useful to spread debuffing effects.

Trapper/Knifer/melee Warlock. Toss down Traps, hurl Knives to confuse and slow enemies, finish off what’s left with a spear and Lethal Strike. Insane fun.

Trapper/caster Warlock. Ternion and Envenom Weapon ftw.

Bow Avenger

Spear Dreamkiller

Juggernaut. As with all Earth physical damage builds, only max out Earth Enchantment if you use VO or Eruption quite a bit and feel that you want the extra Fire damage. You can leave EE at 1 if you’re not using spells a lot.

Lightning caster Prophet

Ice Shards caster Prophet

Physical melee Prophet

Elemental melee Prophet

Trapper/elemental Magician

Trapper/Knifer/elemental Sorcerer

Yeah, I know, I know – “wah, why don’t you max skill X?” Because I don’t. If you do, please post your TitanCalc so that we can broaden the range of choices available to readers.

Also, if you have any builds that aren’t listed, like a funky melee Magician or spear Ranger or whatever, please add the TitanCalc to the list.

Check the Complete Guide and Mod List:
Titan Quest Guides, Patches, Mods and Utilities List

Sours: https://www.kirmiziperfect.com/titan-quest-mainstream-titancalc-class-compendium-by-irma2/

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"Titan Quest": The Best Character Class Build Guide for Beginners

Arc is a self-help author/speaker and AI thinker currently working as IT Manager in a tech company. He also make apps as a side hustle.

I was really surprised when I heard last November 2017 that this amazing decade year old game gets another full expansion. For new players, this is also overwhelming since the game itself is also quite challenging compare to other hack and slash ARPG. So if you are new to Titan Quest and don’t know what character build to choose, you are definitely in the right place. This article contains plenty of easy to play but effective builds that lets you adjust to the game’s environment.

By the way, old players especially the returning ones can also use this article as reference for newer ideas.

1. Rune Mastery Build Guide for Beginners

Runemaster is the new and 10th mastery of Titan Quest Ragnarok expansion. In general, the mastery specialize in enchanting weapons with elemental damage. It’s like Warrior that deals magical damage instead of physical.

Going back to beginners guide, this build focuses on wielding dual throwing weapons that mainly deals fire and elemental damage. So the required equipment is throwing weapons on both hands. Then for attributes, Intelligence will be the priority, but don’t forget to put few points on strength and dexterity until weapon requirements is met.

Rune Mastery Skills

  • Mastery Bar (32 points)
  • Rune Weapon (10 points) -> Magical Charge(16 points) -> Energy Drain (10 points) -> Transmutation (6 points)
  • Runeword: Explode (10 points) -> Runeword: Burn (10 points)
  • Runeword: Feather (6 points)
  • Sacred Rage (10 points) -> Frightening Power (6 points)
  • Reckless Offense (12 points)
  • Rune of Life (6 points)
  • Energy Armor (8 points)

Recommended Cross Class Mastery

Earth: Stonespeaker Build Guide

Stonespeaker will greatly boost the fire damage capability of this build.

Earth Mastery Skills

  • Earth Enchantment (12 points) -> Brimstone (8 points) -> Stone Skin (10 points)
  • Volatility (12 points)
  • Heat Shield (12 points)
  • Eruption (12 points)
  • Stone Form (12 points)

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2. Nature Mastery Build Guide for Beginners

Wanderer is the easiest character to level up during early game due to Call of the Wild that is already available at first level up. Thisskill allows you to summon wolf companions that can quickly run and kill enemies. You also have a Sylvan Nymph that shoots down enemies at long range.

Quick Tip: You can summon 3 wolves when Call of the Wild reaches level 18. This can only be done by equipping items that increases skill level.

Nature Mastery Skills

  • Mastery Bar (32 points)
  • Call of the Wild (16 points) -> Maul (12 points) -> Survival Instinct (16 points) -> Strength of the Pack (12 points)
  • Sylvan Nymph (16 points) -> Overgrowth (12 points) -> Nature’s Wrath (12 points)
  • Regrowth (16 points) -> Accelerated Growth (8 points) -> Dissemination (12 points)
  • Heart of Oak (12 points) -> Tranquility of Water (1 point) -> Permanence of Stone (6 points)

Recommended Cross Class Mastery

Defense: Guardian Build Guide

Guardian is one of the best tanks in the game due to the combine survivability skills of both Nature and Defense mastery. The primary role of this build’s Guardian, is to ensure the survivability of its pets by tanking enemies damage and healing injured companions.

Recommended attributes for this build is Strength to wear the toughest armor, dexterity for defensive ability, and health.

Defense Mastery Skills

  • Mastery Bar (24 points)
  • Armor Handling (6 points)
  • Battle Awareness (12 points) -> Focus (1 point) -> Iron Will (6 points)
  • Quick Recovery (8 points)

It is up to you on where to put the remaining skill points.

Earth: Summoner Build Guide

Summoner let’s you call another companion called Core Dweller that is capable of tanking multiple enemies.

Recommended equipment are items that can increase the damage type of your pets.

Earth Mastery Skills

  • Mastery Bar (32 points)
  • Summon Core Dweller (16 points) -> Inner Fire (8 points) -> Wildfire (5 points) -> Metamorphosis (8 points)

Dream: Ritualist Build Guide

Ritualist has Trance of Empathy that is effective on this build’s pets. The damage reflect are fatal to some enemies and life leech increases your pet’s survivability. Dream mastery also grants you another pet called Nightmare.

Recommended equipment are items that can increase the damage type of your pets.

Dream Mastery Skills

  • Mastery Bar (32 points)
  • Trance of Empathy (12 points)
  • Summon Nightmare (16 points) -> Hypnotic Gaze (1 point) -> Master Mind (8 points)

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3. Hunting Mastery Build Guide for Beginners

Hunter is the most favored choice if planning to play bow wielding character. The mastery has wide sets of active, passive, and toggled skills that suits well for a long range build.

Main attributes for this build is Dexterity, followed by Strength.

Before we continue, let me remind you that builds listed in this section will only work on bow weapons.

Hunting Mastery Skills

  • Mastery Bar (32 points)
  • Marksmanship (12 points) -> Puncture Shot Arrows (12 points) -> Scatter Shot Arrows (12 points)
  • Volley (6 points)
  • Wood Lore (6 points)
  • Herbal Remedy (6 points)
  • Art of the Hunt (12 points) -> Find Cover (8 points) -> Trail Blazing (6 points)
  • Study Prey (8 points) -> Flush Out (6 points)
  • Gouge (6 points)

Recommended Cross Class Mastery

Dream: Haruspex Build Guide

Haruspex balances the offensive and defensive capability of this build, eliminating your worry in surviving battles.

Dream Mastery Skills

  • Mastery Bar (24 points)
  • Trance of Convalescence (12 points)
  • Lucid Dream (8 points) -> Premonition (6 points) -> Temporal Flux (6 points)
  • It is up to you on where to put the remaining skill points

Rogue: Brigand Build Guide

Brigand can make your enemies bleed a lot. This cross class build is all about dealing lots of damage and DOT (damage over time).

Rogue Mastery Skills

  • Mastery Bar (32 points)
  • Lethal Strike (12 points) -> Mortal Wound (8 points)
  • Open Wound (12 points)
  • Anatomy (12 points)
  • Envenom Weapon (12 points) -> Nightshade (8 points) -> Toxin Distillation (12 points) -> Mandrake (8 points)
  • Flash Powder (8 points)

It is up to you on where to put the remaining skill points

Nature: Ranger Build Guide

Ranger allows you to summon wolves to protect you from melee and sylvan nymph to join you in attacking with bows.

Nature Mastery Skills

  • Mastery Bar (24 points)
  • Call of the Wild (16 points) -> Maul (12 points) -> Survival Instinct (9 points) -> Strength of the Pact (12 points)
  • Heart of the Oak (12 points) -> Tranquility of Water (1 point) -> Permanence of Stone (6 points)
  • Sylvan Nymph (16 points) -> Overgrowth (12 points)

4. Rogue Mastery Build Guide for Beginners

Rogue are excellent killers due to its different types of dexterity based damage (pierce, bleeding, poison) and wide variety of deadly skills.

Primary attributes for this build is Dexterity, then some Strength for weapon requirements.

Rogue Mastery Skills

  • Mastery Bar (32 points)
  • Calculated Strike (8 points) -> Lucky Strike (6 points)
  • Lethal Strike (12 points) -> Mortal Wound (8 points)
  • Lay Trap (16 points) -> Rapid Construction (8 points) -> Improved Firing Mechanism (8 points)
  • Anatomy (8 points)
  • Open Wound (12 points)
  • Blade of Honing (6 points)
  • Flash Powder (8 points)
  • Envenom Weapon (12 points) -> Nightshade (8 points) -> Toxin Distillation (12 points) -> Mandrake (8 points)

Recommended Cross Class Mastery

Warfare: Assassin Build Guide

Assassin makes your Rogue deadlier by granting it ability to dual wield weapons while attacking faster.

Warfare Mastery Skills

  • Mastery Bar (32 points)
  • Weapon Training (6 points)
  • Dual Wield (6 points) -> Hew (6 points) -> Cross Cut (6 points) -> Tumult (6 points)
  • Dodge Attack (8 points)

It is up to you on where to put the remaining skill points

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5. Warfare Mastery Build Guide for Beginners

Warrior is the major physical damage dealer of Titan Quest. Most skills of this mastery is in the form of basic attacks and passives, that is why warfare mastery is another default choice for beginners.

Warfare Mastery Skills

  • Mastery Bar (32 points)
  • Onslaught (8 points) -> Ignore Pain (6 points) -> Hamstring (6 points) -> Ardor (6 points)
  • War Wing (8 points) -> Lacerate (8 points)
  • Weapon Training (6 points)
  • Dual Wield (6 points) -> Hew (6 points) -> Cross Cut (6 points) -> Tumult (6 points)
  • Battle Rage (12 points) -> Crushing Blow (12 points) -> Counter Attack (12 points)
  • Dodge Attack (8 points)
  • Battle Standard (10 points) -> Triumph (6 points)

Recommended Cross Class Mastery

Rune: Berserker Build Guide

Berserker is an unstoppable force of the battlefield. The nearer it gets to the brink of death, the more furious it becomes.

Note: Energy Armor consumes a lot of energy on higher levels. Don’t max it unless your maximum energy can afford it.

Rune Mastery Skills

  • Mastery Bar (32 points)
  • Rune of Life (6 points)
  • Reckless Offense (12 points)
  • Sacred Rage (10 points) -> Frightening Power (6 points)
  • Energy Armor (8 points)
  • Runeword: Feather (6 points)

It is up to you on where to put the remaining skill points

6. Earth Mastery Build Guide for Beginners

Pyromancer is proficient in destroying large group of enemies. One of its well rounded skill is Volcanic Orb that has good area of effect and short recharge time. You can also cast the mentioned skill in any visible spot on your screen, letting you kill enemies in a safe distance.

Since this build is a caster type, its primary attribute is Intelligence. Only put points on dexterity when needed for armor requirements.

Earth Mastery Skills

  • Mastery Bar (32 points)
  • Volcanic Orb (12 points) -> Conflagration (8 points) -> Fragmentation (12 points)
  • Flame Surge (12 points) -> Barrage (8 points) -> Flame Arch (12 points)
  • Eruption (12 points)
  • Stone Form (12 points) -> Molten Rock (8 points)
  • Volativity (12 points)
  • Earth Enchantment (12 points) -> Brimstone (1 point) -> Stone Skin (10 points)
  • Heat Shield (12 points)
  • Summon Core Dweller (16 points) -> Inner Fire (8 points) -> Wildfire (12 points) -> Metamorphosis (8 points)

Recommended Cross Class Mastery

Dream: Evoker Build Guide

Evoker can fill up some energy and health regeneration issues of this build’s pyromancer with the help of Trance of Convalescence. The skill can also absorb some damage which contributes well to your character’s survivability.

Dream Mastery Skills

  • Mastery Bar (16 points)
  • Trance of Convalescence (12 points)

It is up to you on where to put the remaining skill points

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7. Spirit Mastery Build Guide for Beginners

Theurgist can call the powerful Liche King that has ability to cast multiple spells including one with life steal.

For dealing with bosses Summon Outsider is your secret weapon here. The only problem with this skill is its insanely lone recharge time. That is why you should save this skill for boss fights.

Since this build is a caster type, its primary attribute is Intelligence. Only put points on dexterity when needed for armor requirements.

Spirit Mastery Skills

  • Mastery Bar (32 points)
  • Ternion Attack (12 points) -> Arcane Lore (6 points)
  • Summon Liche King (16 points) -> Death Nova (12 points) -> Wraith Shell (12 points) -> Arcane Blast (16 points)
  • Life Drain (12 points) -> Cascade (10 points)
  • Death Ward (8 points)
  • Summon Outsider (16 points)
  • Circle of Power (12 points)

Recommended Cross Class Mastery

Dream: Diviner Build Guide

Diviner makes this build darker because Dream complements well with Spirit.

It has passive skills that boost vitality damage.

It lets you call Nightmare companion that has skill to buff all your pets.

Lastly, Trance of Empathy works really well with pets.

Dream Mastery Skills

  • Mastery Bar (32 points)
  • Summon Nightmare (16 points) -> Hypnotic Gaze (1 point) -> Master Mind (8 points)
  • Lucid Dream (8 points) -> Premonition (6 points) -> Temporal Flux (5 points)
  • Trance of Empathy (12 points)

Nature: Soothsayer Build Guide

Soothsayer provides you with more companions to summon (wolves and sylvan nymph) and has a useful utility called Refresh, that greatly reduces recharge time of your currently recharging skills.

Note: Refresh and Summon Outsider complements really well.

Nature Mastery Skills

  • Mastery Bar (32 points)
  • Call of the Wild (16 points)
  • Sylvan Nymph (16 points)
  • Refresh (12 points)
  • Heart of Oak (12 points)

8. Defense Mastery Build Guide for Beginners

Defender is not limited to tanking only, it is also capable of dealing large amount of physical damage in melee combat by using shield as a weapon.

Primary attributes for this build are Strength, Dexterity, and Health.

Defense Mastery Skills

  • Mastery Bar (32 points)
  • Batter (12 points) -> Rend Armor (12 points)
  • Shield Smash (6 points)
  • Pulverize (6 points)
  • Disable (6 points)
  • Shield Charge (1 point)
  • Colossus Form (1 point)
  • Battle Awareness (12 points) -> Focus (6 points) -> Iron Will (6 points)
  • Quick Recovery (8 points)
  • Adrenaline (12 points) -> Resilience (6 points) -> Defensive Reaction (8 points)
  • Rally (6 points) -> Inspiration (1 point) -> Defiance (5 points)
  • Armor Handling (6 points)

Recommended Cross Class Mastery

Warfare: Conqueror Build Guide

Conqueror is the frontline of the battlefield. It combines the capability of high defense and dealing barrage of raw physical damage.

Warfare Mastery Skills

  • Mastery Bar (32 Points)
  • Onslaught (8 points) -> Ignore Pain (6 points) -> Hamstring (6 points) -> Ardor (6 points)
  • Battle Rage (12 points) -> Crushing Blow (12 points) -> Counter Attack (12 points)
  • Weapon Training (6 points)

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9. Dream Mastery Build Guide for Beginners

Seer has the best sets of burst skills in the game from melee Phantom Strike, to range Distortion Wave, or Distort Reality. But it doesn’t stop on burst damage alone, dream mastery can also quickly finish off trash mobs or remaining enemy survivors with Trance of Wrath.

In case you didn’t notice, the main damage type of this build is electrical burn. So Intelligence will be the main attribute for this build. Recommended equipment are melee weapon to be able to use Phantom Strike, then use shield for added defense. This means that you will be needing to put some little points on Strength too.

Dream Mastery Skills

  • Mastery Bar (32 points)
  • Trance of Wrath (12 points)
  • Distortion Wave (12 points) -> Chaotic Resonance (8 points) -> Psionic Immolation (12 points)
  • Phantom Strike (12 points) -> Dream Stealer (8 points)
  • Distort Reality (12 points) -> Temporal Rift (12 points)
  • Lucid Dream (8 points) -> Premonition (6 points) -> Temporal Flux (6 points)
  • Distortion Field (8 points)

Recommended Cross Class Mastery

Storm: Prophet Build Guide

Prophet skills can contribute in increasing your electrical burn damage.

Note: Since the release of Titan Quest Anniversary Edition, electrical burn is also affected by bonus to elemental damage. That is why this build has a max out Eye of the Storm from Summon Wisp.

Storm Mastery Skills

  • Mastery Bar (32 points)
  • Storm Nimbus (1 point) -> Static Charge (12 points)
  • Spell Breaker (1 point) -> Spell Shock (1 point)
  • Summon Wisp (1 point) -> Eye of the Storm (8 points)
  • Squall (1 point) -> Obscured Visibility (6 points)
  • Energy Shield (12 points) -> Reflection (8 points)

It is up to you on where to put the remaining skill points

10. Storm Mastery Build Guide for Beginners

Stormcaller has an extremely powerful Ice Shard with Velocity and Torrent.

A quick tip: Maxing Torrent first before Ice Shard lets you conserve much energy during early levels without sacrificing your offensive capability.

Storm Mastery Skills

  • Mastery Bar (32 points)
  • Ice Shard (12 points) -> Velocity (8 points) -> Torrent (8 points)
  • Summon Wisp (16 points) -> Eye of the Storm (8 points)
  • Storm Nimbus (1 point) -> Heart of Frost (8 points)
  • Squall (1 points) -> Obscured Visibility (6 points)
  • Energy Shield (12 points) -> Reflection (8 points)
  • Storm Surge (12 points)
  • Spell Breaker (1 point) -> Spell Shock (1 point)

Recommended Cross Class Mastery

Defense: Paladin Buid Guide

Paladin is my personal favorite cross class mastery for this indicated build because it can effectively take the role of caster and tank as one.

This build’s ability to face tank complements well with Torrent from Ice Shard, since the skill is more devastating on melee.

Defense Mastery Skills

  • Mastery Bar (32 points)
  • Armor Handling (6 points)
  • Battle Awareness (12 points) -> Focus (1 point) -> Iron Will (6 points)
  • Quick Recovery (8 points)
  • Adrenaline (12 points) -> Resilence (6 points)
  • Rally (12 points) -> Inspiration (6 points) -> Defiance (12 points)
  • Colossus Form (4 points)

Nature: Druid Build Guide

Druid grants you another companion Sylvan Nymph that also deals elemental damage. This will maximize the use of Eye of the Storm buff from Wisp.

Nature Mastery Skill

  • Mastery Bar (32 points)
  • Sylvan Nymph (16 points) -> Overgrowth (12 points) -> Nature’s Wrath (12 points)
  • Heart of the Oak (12 points) -> Tranquility of Water (6 points) -> Permanence of Stone (6 points)

Put your remaining skills points to either Call of the Wild or Regrowth.

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