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News Release:Pioneer Introduces Revolutionary New Home Theater Solution

TOKYO, Japan, September 29, 1998 ----- Pioneer Electronic Corporation announced its introduction of a full line-up of Home Theater related products, to the Japanese domestic market.

ProductModel No.S.R.P.Launch DateMonthly
DVD Surround SystemHTZ-7¥228,000Beg. of Nov. '981,000 sets
TV Surround SystemHTV-1¥62,000End of Oct. '985,000 sets
AV AmplifierVSA-D5¥65,000End of Oct. '981,000 pcs
RF Demodulator for LDRFD-1¥25,000End of Oct. '98-
Surround Speaker SystemS-HS-101¥60,000Mid. Nov. '981,000 sets
MD Recorder
(option for HTZ-7)
HTZ-MD7¥54,800End of Dec. '98500 pcs

< Planning Concept >

With the appearance of various audio/video related hardware, such as Large sized 16:9 Wide-Screen Television Sets and DVD Players, the household environment to watch a various type of media sources has certainly been prepared. Also with the appearance of CATV and CS Digital Broadcasting, which supply such programs as Sports and Movies, people now wish to view these programs in a "better picture quality", "better sound quality", and "better surround- sound system".

Pioneer has created a new category of Home Theater products for any type of consumer to enjoy movies or any kind of program contents the way they were intended. Whether beginner or enthusiastic, living in a large house or small apartment with limited space, Pioneer can fulfill anyone's needs.

Today, Pioneer introduces its Revolutionary New Home Theater Solution, dabbed "Pioneer Dynamic Theater Concept", to present a full line-up of Home Theater related products --- "HTZ-7" All-In-One DVD Surround System, "HTV-1" Television Surround System and other related products.

< HTZ-7 All-in-One Surround System >

The "HTZ-7" All-In-One DVD Surround System is fully equipped with a Control Amplifier, DVD/CD Player and FM/AM Tuner, which are all built in one 32cm wide component, to allow consumers to enjoy DVD title viewing as well as listening to CD or FM/AM radio broadcasting.

With the 6-Speaker System (five small-sized satellite and one 20cm powered subwoofer), built-in 5.1 Dolby Digital Decoder, and Equal High Powered Five Channels, movies can be seen at home with the same powerful surround sound experienced at movie theaters. The 4-Mode Digital Signal Processor (DSP) (Movie/Music/Game/Sport) will provide digitally simulated sound fields to result in truly realistic sound that will impress even the most discerning of listeners. The outside finish has a high-quality 'aluminum touch" to match any room or space.

Although capable of generating a high-powered power output of a total of 200W (max.), the system has been designed with an energy-saving power consumption of 3W at standby.The LCD Touch Panel Heads-Up Smart Remote Controller can be set anywhere to allow full and easy system operation, and condition viewing at a glance. Being a 'SMART' learning remote, any kind of audio/video related hardware that has a wireless remote controller can be memorized and controlled with a simple operation. With its easy to see LCD display, the current system condition (what source is being played, what kind of surround effect is chosen, etc.) can be recognized at a glance. System conditions can also be easily memorized to be pre- set and recalled with a simple 'touch' on the LCD panel.

An optional "HTZ-MD7" MD Recorder can be connected, to enjoy MD recording/playback, and can be fully controlled with the LCD Touch Panel Heads-Up Smart Remote Controller.

< HTV-1 Television Surround System >

The "HTV-1" Television Surround System will allow consumers with limited space, but yet want to enjoy movies the way they were intended. The HTV-1 is designed to sit atop a television and provide the home theater experience through the use of Virtual Dolby Surround. Virtual Dolby Surround enables specific sounds to appear to come from any point surrounding a listener. With the Powered Subwoofer, movie viewing can be made with a dynamic and powerful bass sound.

The HTV-1 set a new definition for "ease of hookup". Installation is as easy as connecting one set of stereo RCA jacks from the television or VCR to the HTV-1, then connecting the subwoofer and you're done --- instant home theater.

This new technology allows the user who may not have either the budget or space to add four or five speakers and a subwoofer to their systems.
The HTV-1 comes with a high-power amplifier (a total of 100W max. power output) built into the subwoofer to power two full range speakers and the subwoofer itself. On the control center, a fluorescent (FL) display gives all pertinent information and has a dimmer function. Designed to provide control over various brands of source and display products, the HTV-1 comes with a user-friendly wireless remote control.
The HTV-1 features Auto Power On/Off circuit, stereo 'wide' mode, loudness mode, 2 sets of audio inputs/outputs, Balance/Subwoofer level controls, magnetically shielded for video use, and energy-saving design (power consumption of only 3W at standby).

< VSA-D5 AV Amplifier >

The VSA-D5 AV Amplifier has a built-in Dolby Digital decoder and equal high power for all five channels (front-LR, rear-LR, center) to allow movie viewing through the same powerful Dolby Digital Surround experienced at movie theaters. The VSA-D5 has a number of input/output terminals for future expansion --- 5.1 channel input for DTS (Digital Theater Surround) and Multi-channel Audio, four S-video inputs/two outputs, three optical digital inputs/two outputs for DVD and MD, one S-video and audio input on front panel, and one S2 function ready S-video input.

The VSA-D5 feature 6-Mode DSP (Theater 1/Theater 2/Hall 1/Hall 2/Hall 3/Jazz/Dance), 3-step FL display dimmer, 'Midnight Listening Mode' for a powerful sound even when a source is played at a small volume, user-friendly 5-key remote having a light button, and energy-saving design (power consumption of under 2W at standby).

< RFD-1 Outboard RF Modulator >

The RFD-1 provides an easy connection of up to three digital devices. Now, both a DVD player and a Laser Disc player can be hooked up readily to any Dolby Digital receiver or pre- amplifier.

The RFD-1 features one RF input and both an optical and coaxial PCM/Dolby Digital input. A single coaxial PCM/Dolby Digital output is also provided. While switching between the coaxial and optical inputs is done via a manual switch, switching between the RF and Digital inputs is done automatically.

< S-HS101 Home Theater Speaker System >

The S-HS101 Home Theater Speaker System contains five 'S-ST01' Satellite Speakers and a 'S-W3(S)' Powered Subwoofer.

Having the width of only 19cm, the slim S-W3(S) can be placed anywhere. The built-in combination of a high-powered amplifier and Passive Radiator type speaker will produce an unbelievable powerful bass sound, although having a slim and compact body. The S-ST01, also having a compact and slim design, can reproduce an unbelievable realistic sound to enjoy not only movie viewing, but also pure audio with its closed type wooden cabinet.

< Main Specifications >


  • DVD Center Part
    • Playback Discs: DVD-Video/CD/Video CD
  • Powered Subwoofer
    • Decoder:
      Dolby Digital Decoder
      96kHz/24bitDA Converter (front L/R)
    • Power Amplifier:
      Equal High-Power for 5 channels: 30W (EIAJ)
      Subwoofer: 50W
    • Subwoofer:
      20cm cone/bass-reflex type (magnetically shield)
    • Satellite Speakers:
      7cm cone, closed type (magnetically shield)
      comes with compact stand with adjustable angle
  • LCD Touch Panel Remote Controller
    LCD Touch Panel with automatic lights-off function
    Pre-set and SMART learning function
  • "HTZ-MD7" MD Recorder
    Terminals: Digital Optical Input x 1
    Analog Input x 1
    • Power Consumption
      DVD Center Unit:34W (under 3W at standby)
      Powered Subwoofer: 120W (under 3W at standby)
      14W (under 3W at standby)
  • Dimensions/Weight: (W x H x D mm)
    DVD Center Unit: 320 x 89 x 274, 4.0kg
    Powered Subwoofer: 240 x 482 x 459, 13.7kg
    Satellite Speaker: 150 x 107 83, 0.5kg (one piece)
    MD Recorder: 320 x 89 x 274, 3.1kg


  • Speaker Type: speaker system with built-in amplifier
  • Speakers:
    Center Speaker: 8.7cm cone-type Subwoofer: 16cm cone-type
  • Maximum Power Output: 100W (EIAJ)
  • Dimensions/Weight: (W x H x D mm)
    Control Center: 610 x 110 x 166, 3.8kg
    Subwoofer: 204 x 553 x 394, 15.5kg
  • Others:
    comes with Remote Controller, 1 RCA cable, attachment parts for control center


  • Maximum Power Output: stereo mode: 100W/ch
    surround mode: 100W/ch (EIAJ, 6Ω)
  • Frequency Response: 5Hz to 100KHz (±3dB)
  • Total Harmonic Distortion: 0.09% (20Hz to 20KHz, 65W, 6Ω)
  • Signal-to-Noise Ratio: (IHF-A): 99dB
  • Terminals:
    Inputs Digital: Coax x 1, Optical x 2
    Audio: 4 (CD, Tuner, MD/Tape, Aux)
    Video: 4 (VCR, DVD/LD, TV/SAT, Video)
    S-Video: 4; S2 ready (VCR, DVD/LD, TV/SAT, Video) Outputs
    Front Panel: L/R x 2
    Center: 1 (for pre-amp)
    Rear: SL, SR (one each)
    Subwoofer: 1 (pre-out)
    Digital: 1 (Optical)
    Audio: 1 (MD/Tape)
    Video: 2 (VCR, Monitor)
    S-Video: 2 (VCR, Monitor; S2 ready)
    Other Terminals
    SR In/Out: 1 each
  • Dimensions: 420 (W) x 401 (D) x 158 (H) mm
  • Weight: 9.8kg


  • Terminals:Dolby Digital RF Input
    Coaxial PCM/Dolby Digital Input/Output
    Digital Optical Input/Output
  • Dimensions: 202(W) x 194(D) x 50(H) mm
  • Weight: 1.1kg
  • Power Consumption: 6W


  • "S-W3 (S)" Subwoofer
    • Speaker Type: Passive Radiator Floor Type
    • Speakers: 16cm cone-type x 1
      16cm x 29cm Oval Shaped Passive Radiator Type x 1
    • Frequency Response: 35 - 200Hz
    • Maximum Power Output: 100W(EIAJ)
    • Input Terminal: 2 (speaker cable input, RCA pin-jack)
    • Dimensions: 190 (W) x 430 (H) x 430 (D) mm
    • Weight: 10.0kg
    • Others: comes with speaker cable and 3m long cord attached with pin-plug
  • S-ST01-F" Front Speaker
    • Speaker Type: 2-Way Closed Type
    • Speakers: 10cm cone-type woofer x 1
      5cm cone-type tweeter x 1
    • Impedance: 6Ω
    • Frequency Response: 100 to 20kHz
    • Sensitivity(1m): 84dB/W
    • Maximum Power Handling Capacity: 100W(EIAJ)
    • Dimensions: 165 (W) x 245 (H) x 124 (D) mm
    • Weight: 1.9kg
    • Others: Magnetic Shield Structure, comes with 5m long speaker cable
  • S-ST01-C" Center Speaker
    • Speaker Type: 2-Way Closed Type
    • Speakers: 10cm cone-type woofer x 1
      5cm cone-type tweeter x 1
    • Impedance: 6Ω
    • Frequency Response: 100 to 20kHz
    • Sensitivity(1m): 84dB/W
    • Maximum Power Handling Capacity: 100W(EIAJ)
    • Dimensions: 335(W) x 150(H) x 126(D) mm
    • Weight: 2.1kg
    • Others: Magnetic Shield Structure, comes with 2m long speaker cable
  • S-ST01-R" Rear Speaker
    • Speaker Type: 1-Way Closed Type
    • Speakers: 10cm cone-type woofer x 1
    • Impedance: 6Ω
    • Frequency Response: 100 to 20kHz
    • Sensitivity(1m): 81dB/W
    • Maximum Power Handling Capacity: 100W(EIAJ)
    • Dimensions: 150(W) x 200(H) x 116(D) mm
    • Weight: 1.1kg
    • Others: comes with 6m long speaker cable

Pioneer Home Entertainment Guide 2002-2003 - Pioneer Europe


DJ Products


Step into the world of Pioneer and experience images and

sounds like you’ve never imagined possible. Pioneer

provides innovative products for all your high-tech

entertainment needs – home, car audio, multimedia as well

as DJ equipment. By combining cutting-edge technology with

sophisticated design, our products can transport your senses

to a world of fun and pure passion. This year, we’ve given new

meaning to the phrase “home cinema”. With our new digital

home cinema packages and systems, home entertainment

has become extremely attractive and wholly practical. You’ll

be more than immediately addicted to the superb-sounding

Digital Home Cinema


surround sound zooming around your ears and sharper-thansharp

images and intense colours springing from your

plasma TV. If it’s state-of-the art DVD you’re searching for,

then look no further. Pioneer DVD-Video players brought the

DVD revolution to the market. With our new additions to the

line-up, you’re certain to find just your definition: from the

latest in DVD-Audio/Video/SACD players to portable DVD

players. Craving pure sound? Then choose from one of

Pioneer’s extensive line-up of technology-driven A/V

amplifiers and receivers. For a true reference standard

designed by experts, we offer the award-winning VSA-AX10

In-Car Multimedia Systems


Multi-channel Stereophonic Amplifier. Your home cinema

experience deserves no less than the sensational sound

effects of Pioneer’s A/V speakers.

So go ahead. Flip the page. Be sure to check out the new-look

Pioneer website at

Computer Hardware




Digital Home Cinema 6

Home Cinema Systems & Combinations 8

DVD Recorder 18

DVD Players 20

A/V Amplifiers & Receivers 28

A/V Speakers 34

Plasma TVs 40


Audio Components 44

Audio Systems 54

Technology 60

Features & Specifications 62


Enter the exciting world of home entertainment and be amazed.

Pioneer’s high-performance products are guaranteed to deliver razor-sharp images and

clear vivid sounds that take your breath away. Choose from our wide selection of home

cinema systems or combinations, which deliver all the delights of the movie-going

experience in the comfort of your own living space. Pioneer’s attractive slimline design

means that many of the components will easily fit into your interior without taking over

your living space. Ultra-high resolution, used in the innovative designs of our

Plasma TVs, will astonish you with brilliant, crystal clear pictures.

For the next step in the DVD revolution, we have introduced DVD-

Audio/Video players that can also handle SACD. You will be

astounded by the ultra-sharp images and dynamic digital sound.

For a total surround sound experience, select from the stylish

line of multi-channel A/V amplifiers and receivers. Your

home cinema experience deserves nothing less than the

sensational sound effects of Pioneer A/V speakers –

you simply won’t believe your ears.

If you want good solid Hi-Fi components, look no

further. And with our Audio Systems we have

something to suit all tastes. Choose a sleek stylish

design or go for the trendy, young look. All in all,

our home entertainment products just keep

getting better. They give you a glimpse of the

future. Dare look ahead…





Pioneer brings you digital home cinema at its very best, pairing crystal

clear images with dynamic surround sound for a total movie

experience. Choose a complete system or match components to design

your own home cinema combination. Whatever your desire, we have

the product that’s just right for your taste, and living space.

After all, Pioneer is the leading player in the field of DVD

technology and home entertainment. Select from our

wide array of highly regarded products, such as

our stylish slimline components that will fit

sleekly into your home. The sensational

DV-757Ai DVD-Audio/Video/SACD player

combines state-of-the-art technology with

user friendliness. If you have always

dreamed of having a professional-level

home studio, then experience the awardwinning

VSA-AX10 A/V multi-channel

stereophonic amplifier. Pioneer is

constantly working to bring you new

technologies. A stellar example – the

DVR-7000 DVD Recorder – embodies

decades of forward-looking

technology and the Pioneer

tradition of excellence. And watch

your images spellbound on one of

our stunning Plasma TVs. Their

bright lucid images will astonish

your senses.

The freedom of choice is

entirely yours.





Who other than the creators of DVD could come up with even more new and exciting

options in digital home cinema? Pioneer DVD systems take you beyond what you’ve

seen and heard so far for a personal cinematic experience that compares to no other.

Our new systems offer wide versatility, reading many types of DVD formats. You’ll

also want to check out our new HC-41 home cinema combination, featuring the new

DV-454 DVD-Video player and VSX-C100 A/V receiver. And the HC-51 combination

comes with the new S-V40 speakers that you’ll definitely want to hear for yourself.

Right here. Right now. The experience of digital home cinema only gets better.

NS-DV88 Digital Home Cinema System 40 W x 5 + 65 W RMS

®WPq ONyb/a

Functional yet contemporary, this all-in-one, super-sleek-designed digital home cinema system includes finishing touches like a separate ice blue display that

you can place where you prefer. You won’t believe such amazing sound and image quality that flies out of the sleek central unit housing the DVD/VideoCD/

CD tuner. It can even playback your CD-R and CD-RW discs. Plus it’s packed with Dolby Digital, DTS and MP3 decoders as well as a plethora of connections

for components like your TV, VCR, CD recorder or even a set-top box with digital audio output. Completing this package are the wooden centre and satellite

speakers and a subwoofer that carries the 5.1-channel surround amplifier. Count on 265 watts of astounding surround sound power and lots of stylish


For full product features and specifications, please see pages 62 and 63.


NS-DV77 Digital Home Cinema System 40 W x 5 + 65 W RMS

You like your digital home cinema sophisticated and stylish. Then, this all-in-one silver design

package has your name on it. With its silver tones, this superb home cinema surround sound

set is a work of art. The package includes: a centre speaker and 4 silver satellite speakers, a

subwoofer power-packed with 5.1-channel surround amplifier, a central unit housing the hightech

DVD/VideoCD/CD tuner with Dolby Digital, DTS and MP3 decoders and CD-R/RW

playback capability. The finishing detail: a separate ice blue display that can be placed where

it suits you best... Don’t hesitate to try out its wide range of connections to integrate all kinds

of components to your system, such as your TV, VCR, CD recorder or even a set-top box with

digital audio output.

* For NS-DV88, NS-DV77, NS-11-Q and NS-11-S

A match made in heaven, this slim model is a perfect way to record and

edit MiniDiscs. Create your own compilations right in your entertainment

centre so that you can take your personalised collection everywhere you

go. With its special MD LP* (Long Play) feature, you’ll have four times the

recording time!

* For NS-DV88, NS-DV77, NS-11-Q and NS-11-S

Add the optional 5 metre extension cord – in case you decide to move the

separate display further from the main unit.

®WPq ONyb/a

MJ-L11 Optional MiniDisc Recorder* ø

CT-L11 Optional Cassette Deck*

* For NS-DV88, NS-DV77, NS-11-Q and NS-11-S

Can’t part with your favourite tapes? Not to worry. They’ll still be stylish in

the matching cassette deck. Just slide them into the chic slot-in deck and


JC-L11 Optional Extension Cord* CP-F50A Optional Speaker Stand

Pioneer’s CP-F50A speaker stand adds a new

stylish touch to your living space. This metal

finished speaker stand will surely raise your

sound experience to new heights and is a

perfect companion for most new and older

Pioneer satellite speakers – at least those

which feature a vertical fixing structure at the

rear of the cabinet (a hole, nut or wall bracket)

– including S-V70-II, S-V50A, S-V59-II, S-V40,

S-V32-QL, S-V32-W, NS-DV77, NS-DV88 and

the satellite speakers of the HTD-50.

For full product features and specifications, please see pages 62, 63, 72 and 78.





A digital home cinema set-up may seem like a huge change, but it is not. Take a look at the simple steps below, and discover how easy

it is to create your very own home cinema system.


Step 1: Add a DVD Player

Start out with what you have: your TV/VCR combination, stereo hi-fi speakers, CD player and amplifier. Then add a

DVD-Video player to your TV/VCR combination. In addition to outstanding image quality and superb sound, DVD-

Video allows you to view films in various languages, with a selection of soundtracks and subtitles. You can also

enjoy other features like viewing per chapter and, on some DVDs, camera angle selection.

Step 2: Add an A/V Receiver or Amplifier + Centre/Rear Speakers

Step 3: Add an Active Subwoofer

Add a Pioneer A/V surround amplifier or receiver as well as centre and rear speakers to experience

supreme surround sound. Choose carefully because the A/V amplifier or receiver is the central

component in any home cinema system, connecting all the units and amplifying sound from your TV, DVD,

CD, or MiniDisc. A Pioneer A/V amplifier or receiver not only provides powerful sound, but can accept a

variety of image sources, like a video camera or game console. This is especially easy if your A/V unit has

input terminals on its front panel.

The final touch. Add a quality subwoofer to create perfect 5.1-channel surround sound. With

6 speakers in total — 2 front, 2 rear, 1 centre and 1 subwoofer, you’ll be able to enjoy Dolby

Digital or DTS surround sound to its full extent. The front left and right, centre, rear left and

right speakers span a wide range of frequencies and there is a dedicated low frequency

speaker for extra sound impact. The subwoofer guarantees sonorous bass reproduction, just

like in the cinema. Pioneer’s A/V amplifiers and receivers offer built-in support for decoding

compressed 5.1-channel surround sound sources, which wraps you in sound. If your existing

speakers seem a bit tired, treat yourself to a completely new 5.1-channel A/V speaker set!




Step 4: Add Surround Back Speaker(s) for 6.1/7.1 Surround Sound


Be future proof. With THX Surround EX/Dolby Digital EX and DTS-ES, surround sound has gone one step further by

adding an additional “Surround Back” channel. So adding one or two satellite speakers behind the listener means

an even more impressive soundscape.

One-stop Solution – buying a Digital Home Cinema System



Let Pioneer do the work for you. There’s no need to go through the steps of building your own system from different

components. Simply buy a complete Digital Home Cinema System with an all-in main unit plus speaker package.

Or go for one of our digital home cinema combinations, including a DVD-Video player and A/V amplifier/receiver,

with or without A/V speaker set. For stylish and space-saving home cinema choose from our slimline range.


DV-550 + VSX-C550-S + S-V50A Digital Home Cinema Combination

Amplifier 40 W x 5 RMS

Satellite 100 W Max Subwoofer 110 W RMS ®P O yb/a

This fine digital home cinema combination includes the DV-550 – a DVD-Video Player –, the VSX-C550-S – a

matching A/V receiver– and the S-V50A, a powerful A/V speaker set. Both the DVD player and A/V receiver

come with a stunning half-mirror finish, half-silver design. The combination integrates slimline elegance with

cutting-edge technology to provide CD-R/RW and MP3 compatibility, Coaxial/Optical digital output and a

DVD-Video zoom with scroll function. The DVD-Video Player has a JPEG PhotoViewer*, so go find your CD-R to

see those precious digital stills in their full magnificence on your TV. You can use the multiple connection

terminals to connect source units, and the automatic speaker configuration and room set-up will assist you in

the set-up. The five, streamlined satellite speakers perfectly complement the high-quality 110 W RMS

subwoofer with built-in amplifier to create pure precision sound. Sleek and elegant, this smart combo will

bring supreme style to your living space.


is a trademark of FUJI PHOTO FILM Co. Ltd.

For full product features and specifications, please see pages 64 to 69.


This combination is also available with the stylish

S-V40 A/V speaker set.

* JPEG file compatibility: this player is compatible with FUJICOLOR CD and Kodak Picture CD formats, as well as CD-R/RW/ROMs containing JPEG files (up to 999 files). Baseline JPEG and EXIF files up to

8 megapixels are supported (maximum vertical and horizontal resolution is 5120 pixels). The CD-R/RW/ROM containing the JPEG files must be ISO 9660 Level 2 compliant. CD physical format: Mode1, Mode2

AX Form 1.

HC-51S Digital Home Cinema Combination

Satellite 80 W Max Subwoofer 50 W RMS

Satellite 80 W Max Subwoofer 50 W RMS


NEW Amplifier 40 W x 5 RMS

®P O yb/a

Here is a brilliant slimline digital home cinema package composed of a DVD-Video Player, an A/V receiver and a matching A/V speaker set, stylish with its

silver finish and slim enough to fit almost anywhere. Expect more than stylish looks: this combination also offers Dolby Digital, DTS and Pro Logic II for sound

that makes your heart beat faster, it can even be adjusted for different listening modes. Thanks to the room set-up function, it calibrates automatically to

best match the size of your room, while with the automatic speaker configuration the amplifier makes sure the surround sound is correctly divided among

the number of connected speakers. An FL indicator on the receiver’s display immediately shows which speakers are active. And how about an ergonomic

remote control with concentrated function keys and appealing DVD operation buttons? New improved DVD GUI (Graphical User Interface) means more userfriendliness,

better graphics and improved resolution of the visuals and text. The new Zoom function allows you to get a closer look at your favourite scenes.

The HC-51S digital home cinema combination consists of the DV-454-S DVD-Video player, the VSX-C100-S A/V receiver and the S-V40 A/V speaker set.

HC-51K Digital Home Cinema Combination

NEW Amplifier 40 W x 5 RMS

®P O yb/a

If your interior demands that stylish and sleek touch in something other than silver. Here is the same Slimline Digital Home Cinema Combination as the

HC-51S but with a black finish.

For full product features and specifications, please see pages 64 to 69.


DV-550 + VSX-C550-S Digital Home Cinema Combination

Amplifier 40 W x 5 RMS


®P O yb/a

Looking for that perfect DVD-Video Player and A/V receiver combination? It’s right here! With Pioneer you always expect inventive modern design but this

delivers more. The DVD-Video player’s half-mirror design, with flap-type door, complements the half-mirror finish, half-silver pattern of the A/V receiver. The

stylish pair won’t take up much room but it will produce spectacular images and sounds. CD-R/RW and MP3 compatibility, Coaxial/Optical digital output and

DVD-Video zoom with scroll functions are offered by the DVD-Video Player. The player’s JPEG PhotoViewer* turns digital stills from CD-R into fine vivid images

on the TV. The receiver’s features such as automatic speaker configuration and room set-up make installation a breeze; its display will show which input

signal and speakers are active. There are various surround sound modes – ranging from mono to 5.1 surround – and listening modes. All this in a neat slimline


is a trademark of FUJI PHOTO FILM Co. Ltd.

* JPEG file compatibility: this player is compatible with FUJICOLOR CD and Kodak Picture CD formats, as well as CD-R/RW/ROMs containing JPEG files (up to 999 files). Baseline JPEG and EXIF files up to

8 megapixels are supported (maximum vertical and horizontal resolution is 5120 pixels). The CD-R/RW/ROM containing the JPEG files must be ISO 9660 Level 2 compliant. CD physical format: Mode1, Mode2

AX Form 1.


For full product features and specifications, please see pages 64 to 68.


HC-41S Digital Home Cinema Combination Amplifier 40 W x 5 RMS


®P O yb/a

If you are looking for a DVD-Video player and A/V Receiver combination, look no further. The HC-41S is a handsome unit with a silver finish that, because of

its stylish, slim design, meets your needs easily, regardless of space limitations. You have the advantage of flexible playback, combined with DTS, Dolby

Digital, Dolby Pro Logic II and Virtual Dolby Digital output for great sound, so you can enjoy high-quality DVD-Video pictures. The new and improved DVD GUI

(Graphical User Interface) has a larger font size with improved resolution and enhanced graphical treatments, and the operation is easier to use than ever

before, thanks to the simplified remote and the GUI’s streamlined menu structure.

The HC-41S digital home cinema combination consists of the DV-454-S DVD-Video player and the VSX-C100-S A/V receiver.

HC-41K Digital Home Cinema Combination Amplifier 40 W x 5 RMS


®P O yb/a

Do you want the same stunning combination of style and technology as the HC-41S, but silver is not your colour? Here is the HC-41K. A slimline combination

of a DVD-Video player and A/V receiver with a stylish black finish.

The HC-41K digital home cinema combination consists of the DV-454-K DVD-Video player and the VSX-C100-K A/V receiver.

For full product features and specifications, please see pages 64 to 68.



H = 95 cm

DCS-505 Digital Home Cinema System 450 W (75 W x 6) RMS



DCS-505 in setting with TV

Side view front speakers DCS-505 adjustable in height

For full product features and specifications, please see pages 62 and 63.

H = 125 cm

®P O yb/a

Here’s a slim, stylish single DVD-Video player combined with a speaker set which includes two

slender front speakers with speaker stand, adjustable in height to better fit with your TV. Good

looks are a given, thanks to the aluminum half mirror effect on the front panel. Its super-slim

subwoofer is compact enough for flexible installation — either horizontally or vertically — and

this system offers flexible playback, including MP3. The DCS-505 headunit has a 5.1-channel

amplifier with a total of 450 W (75 W x 6) RMS, plus an RDS Tuner and a DTS Decoder built right

in. Dolby Digital and Pro Logic II offer you great surround sound possibilities. Pioneer even

added Virtual Surround Back, giving this combination a broad variety of advanced surround

sound modes.


DCS-303 Digital Home Cinema System 450 W (75 W x 6) RMS


Dolby Pro Logic II

Dolby Pro Logic II reproduces multi-channel surround sound

from a variety of sound sources such as videos and CDs. Pro

Logic II uses matrix decoding to put the surround rear channels

in stereo and covers the full frequency range during playback,

which are drastic improvements over Pro Logic. Thanks to Pro Logic II you can now

approach the thrill of 5.1-channel surround sound, even from 2-channel sound

sources such as TV sound and video tapes.

®P O yb/a

This slimline DVD-Video player, with a handsome aluminum and half mirror front panel mix, comes with a surround sound satellite speaker set. The superslim

subwoofer has been completely redesigned to fit into tight spots, but don’t let the slim size of this unit fool you. The system still packs a wallop

— 450 W (75 W x 6) RMS of power — complete with surround sound technologies, such as Dolby Digital, a DTS decoder and Pro Logic II. It also offers MP3

playback and comes with a TV pre-set remote.

HTD-50 Digital Home Cinema System 360 W (87 W x 3 + 33 W x 3) RMS

NEW ®WqPONyb/a

This full-featured home cinema system has everything you need: a 5-disc

DVD/CD/VideoCD carousel with a built-in amplification for the 5 speakers

and passive subwoofer for great sound and both Dolby Digital and DTS

decoders. The big front satellite speakers provide excellent 2-channel audio

reproduction. It sounds great. Looks good too, with a slanted front panel

giving the unit a slimmer appearance. The 5-disc carousel allows you to keep

5 discs (DVD, CD or DVD and CD) in one “drawer”, so that you can enjoy

many hours of uninterrupted audio and/or DVD-Video entertainment.

Centralised function keys on top make this system handy to use when

placed in your rack. There is also the added benefit of easy installation

thanks to the colour-coded speaker terminals.

Room Set-up Technology (DCS-505/DCS-303)

With one easy operation you can select the size of your room (small, medium, or

large) and the sound will be processed accordingly. It’s as easy as pushing the

ROOM SET-UP key on your remote. A few keystrokes later and the output to your

speakers will be adjusted perfectly.

For full product features and specifications, please see pages 62 and 63.




DVR-7000 DVD Recorder

This is the moment to take the leap to recordable DVD. Pioneer hands it to you with our home DVD Recorder. Now you can have everything

you love about DVD — crystal clear images, high-quality digital sound, convenient size — in your own recordings. Record, re-record, edit and

customise: nothing else gives you the ultimate control and versatility in home video recording. With a video resolution twice that of

conventional VHS or S-VHS tapes, and no rewinding, you’re sure to be convinced. It’s the next logical step in the DVD revolution!

Note: Showview is a registered trademark of Gemstar Development Corporation.


Pioneer DVD-R/RW discs

One-touch Recording

Just press the REC button to start recording for thirty minutes. For each time you

push, an additional thirty minutes will be recorded. That means for a full two hours’

recording, you simply push four times. It’s that straightforward.

Two Convenient Recording Modes.

Both the “Video Mode” and “Video Recording (VR) Mode” are based on MPEG compression technology

for real time recording of high-quality images.

“Video Mode”

With “Video Mode” recording, you can record 1 or 2 hours on one DVD-R or DVD-RW. You can playback

the discs recorded by DVR-7000 on many existing DVD-Video playback systems.

“Video Recording (VR) Mode”

Using DVD-RW discs, you can record 1-6 hours depending on desired picture quality. Pioneer offers no

less than 32 steps, combining variable bit rate recording with the best matching resolution. Advanced

editing is possible. Playback is on “RW-Compatible” players.

On top of that, the Pioneer DVD Recorder brings you easy recording features from a variety of sources.

You can easily record from a digital (external) or analogue (built-in) TV tuner. Via the i.LINK* you can

record from a digital DV camcorder (digital A/V input). But you are also able to record from analogue

A/V sources, like a regular VCR or an analogue camcorder.



* Also available in a 5 disc package.

18 For full product features and specifications, please see page 77.



For recording with

advanced editing

For recording as it is

VR mode Video mode Video mode

DVD-RW disc DVD-R disc

For repeated recording


Types of discs

For one-time recording

* The i.LINK interface is also known as IEEE1394. Firewire is a

trademark. “i.LINK” and the “i.LINK” logo are trademarks of

Sony Corporation. Note: in case when the DV tape contains

post-recorded audio signals, either original audio signals

(Stereo 1) or post-recorded audio signals (Stereo 2) will only be

recorded on a DVD.

Recording Formats and Playback Compatibility

‘DVD-Video format’ recording: The use of the DVD-Video format for recording on DVD-R and DVD-RW discs is referred to as

recording in “Video Mode” on Pioneer’s DVD Recorders. Supporting playback of DVD-R/DVD-RW discs is optional for

manufacturers of DVD playback equipment, and there is DVD-Video playback equipment that does not play DVD-R or

DVD-RW discs recorded in the DVD-Video format.

Note: ‘finalisation’ is required.

‘Video Recording (VR) format’ recording: The use of the VR format for recording on DVD-RW discs is referred to as recording

in “VR Mode” on Pioneer’s DVD Recorders. DVD-RW discs recorded in the VR format can be played back on Pioneer’s and

other companies’ players that feature the “RW Compatible” indication.


All the features of a Pioneer DVD-Video player.

With this gifted Pioneer performer, you enjoy full-fledged home

cinema. Connect the DVR-7000 to a Dolby Digital/DTS compatible

amplifier/receiver and a multi-channel A/V surround speaker

system. Now you’re ready to immerse yourself in the incredible

surround sound* and special effects of all the latest films. To raise

your pleasure quotient to the max, it plays CDs, CD-R and CD-RW

discs, and VideoCDs, too.

* Dolby Digital/DTS/MPEG DVD-Video discs.


CD-R/RW DVD-R/RW Playback: Discs may not be played back because of the following reasons: recording

characteristics of recorder/characteristics of disc/scratch and dust on disc/dust and condensation on pickup

lens or others.

CD-R/RW Playback: CD-R/RW discs for Audio recorded in CD Audio, Video CD or MP3 audio format can be played

back. Unfinalised discs except those in CD Audio formatting cannot be played back. Time display may not be

shown because the TOC (table-of-contents) information is lacking. You can play back the unfinalised discs in CD

audio format with limited function.


When playing DTS-encoded (CDs, LDs, DVDs), excessive noise will be exhibited from the analogue stereo

outputs. To avoid possible damage to the audio system, the consumer should take proper precautions when the

analogue stereo outputs of the DVD player is connected to an amplification system. To enjoy DTS Digital

Surround TM

playback, an external 5.1-channel DTS Digital Surround TM

decoder system must be connected to the

digital output (S/PDIF, AES/EBU or TosLink) of the DVD player.

For full product features and specifications, please see page 77.


Numerous editing functions in “Video Recording (VR) Mode”.

Forget multiple video decks. Turn your movie into a masterpiece using your remote control. Pioneer’s GUI (Graphical User Interface) helps

you each step of the way. Call up the DiscNavi and here’s every advanced editing function – add, erase, move, copy, combine two chapters,

undo last edit, and more, in the playlists. DiscNavi is where you access your original content. It’s also where you build a playlist based on

the original content. You can erase all or part of the original and free up extra recording time. Or leave it as it is and play around with the

playlists. You can watch where your edits start and end on-screen. Preview final results. Even make multiple playlists based on the same

content – one for the family, another for friends. The DVR-7000 plays back whatever is on your playlist, keeping your original content


Finally, frame accurate editing.

Say goodbye to fumbling with tapes. To look good, you need precision. That’s what you get with DVD-RW discs in “Video Recording (VR) Mode”. DiscNavi

lets you define exactly where you want to add – or delete – a part. You pick the very frame where editing starts and the one where it ends. Then select OK

and it’s done. Now that’s what you call super control.

Choose where to insert the new part at

exactly the frame you wish.


Define the start point of the part by

selecting exact frame.

Define the end point of the part by

selecting exact frame.

When you’re done,

select OK to add the part.

Find what you want to watch quickly and easily.

You’ll appreciate how the DVR-7000 shows you what’s recorded at a glance. Using DiscNavi in “Video Recording (VR) Mode”, you call up on-screen

thumbnails of still-frames from each title and even chapters within titles. Just select the thumbnail you want and push Playback – that’s it. So much faster

and more agreeable than winding or rewinding tapes.




Want to check out the latest and the greatest in DVD-Video players? Pioneer

definitely has something with you in mind. This time round it’s our new

DV-757Ai component DVD-Audio/Video/SACD player. Its good looks and

aluminum front panel are just the starting point. You’ll be even more impressed

by its i.LINK digital interface and high-quality DVD-Audio features such as

Speaker Management, DVD-Audio Bass Management and Virtual Dolby

Digital. And if you think size matters, look no further than our new

DV-U7 DVD-Video player. It’s an ingenious little gem, giving you quality DVD in

a truly compact package. Its ease of use and space-saving design can’t be

beaten. All this great news for Pioneer DVD technology — no wonder the world

is watching.


DV-939A DVD-Audio/Video Player WJP b/ad

If you are looking for a true reference source, look no further than this DVD-Audio/Video player for pure crystal-clear audio from DVD-Audio discs and highend

image quality from DVD-Video discs. Its 192 kHz/24-bit twin D/A converter flawlessly reproduces DVD-Audio pure stereo music through the left and right

front channel. Another two 2 channel 96 kHz/24-bit D/A converters guarantee the utmost multi-channel sound quality. The triple-layered chassis and acoustic

damper tray keep the unit and loading tray respectively stable for exceptional sound performance. And there’s more. For hyper-realistic video images count

on the Dual Stage Video Quality Enhancer to bring out the finest colours and sharpest picture possible. Its progressive scan circuit for NTSC produces smooth

and detailed images, just like on the big screen. Of course, the DV-939A handles all the basic formats: DVD-Audio, DVD-Video, CD, VideoCD, CD-R, CD-RW and

DVD-R/DVD-RW in “Video Mode”. And no, you’re not dreaming!

DVD-Audio: a new format is born (DV-939A, DV-757Ai, DV-656A-S, DV-656A-K)

Multi-channel Surround Sound

For true music lovers, nothing equals a

live concert experience. Until now. As

well as the best-ever 2 channel stereo,

DVD-Audio delivers total-immersion

6-channel surround sound using a

significantly higher resolution linear

PCM (Pulse Code Modulation), far

exceeding the frequency range of CDs.

This fuller, more expressive

performance makes every sound come


Multi-channel sources play beautifully

also in 2 channel stereo.

Advanced Information and

Interactive Capability

Just like DVD-Video, DVD-Audio discs

feature more than the performance. In

fact, your DVD-Audio disc can be

crammed full of artist bios,

background information, lyrics, liner

notes and more. If you want, you can

even highlight different sections of the

music – that’s just one of several

options, all easily accessed via the

interactive menus. Some discs even

come with videos, still photos, and

connections to related websites.

Staggering Sound Realism

With CDs, it’s not unusual to lose

definition in fast-paced passages or

with high-pitched instruments.

DVD-Audio solves that problem. With

a sampling frequency 4.3 times higher

and a resolution 256 times finer than

CDs, DVD-Audio captures the highest

frequency range and separates

individual notes for richer, cleaner and

astoundingly true-to-life sound.

DVD-Audio’s ultra-high resolution and

dynamic range (up to 144 dB

compared to CD’s 96 dB) is a result of

up to 24-bit quantisation and 192 kHz

sampling, a significant advance over

the 16-bit and 44.1 kHz of CDs.

Ultra-high Volume Storage

Imagine an audio disc that

can play continuously 400 minutes of

2-channel stereo sound at

44.1 kHz/16-bit (audio CD resolution).

Or more than 1 hour of 6-channel

96 kHz/24-bit or 2 channel

192 kHz/24-bit audio. A DVD-Audio

disc can. Because discs can hold so

much data – 4.7 Gbytes or almost

seven times a CD when using the

single side/single layer format.

For full product features and specifications, please see pages 64 and 65.



If you’re looking for a stunning high-quality DVD-Audio/Video/SACD player, Pioneer has what you want. The DV-757Ai DVD-Audio/Video/SACD player is

unique on the market. It looks sharp and it supports all existing disc formats (DVD-Audio, SACD, SACD Multi-Channel, DVD-Video, DVD-R, DVD-RW*, CD-R,

CD-RW, CD, VideoCD and MP3 on CD-R) so you have the largest possible choice of playback options. You can even enjoy Synchronous Play with a compliant

A/V receiver — a Pioneer original, while the i.LINK Digital Interface allows for the transfer of digital audio information. There’s of course also a coaxial/optical

Digital Out and, thanks to the DVD-Audio Bass Management feature, you’ll be sure to get the most from your multi-channel system. This

DVD-Audio/Video/SACD player combines irresistably realistic images with sense-engulfing sound. Home cinema and multi-channel audio has never looked

and sounded so good!


DV-757Ai DVD-Audio/Video/SACD Player

NEW WJP b/a d

* Note: in “Video Mode” and “Video Recording Mode”.

NSV (Noise Shaped Video)* Technology by


The Noise Shaped Video system uses sigma-delta

and bit-shuffling to shape the video or converter

noise to a higher frequency. This can then be moved

to an area of the spectrum where it can be easily

removed by an analogue filter. This results in higher

linearity and low noise, or in other words: an

extremely accurate signal representation and

improved picture quality.

* Note: ‘NSV’, (Noise Shaped Video) is a registered trademark of


Playback Compatibility (DV-757Ai)

108 MHz/12-bit video D/A converter and VQE7


You rightly demand best picture quality and realistic

images as true as possible to the DVD source. The

built-in 108 MHz/12-bit D/A converter responds to

those demands. At the same time, Pioneer’s

Progressive Scan converter, the VQE7 microchip,

means that the DV-757Ai DVD-Audio/Video player

offers stunning moving images. This chip is so clever

that it chooses the appropriate circuitry to provide

the best picture for the home cinephile.

The DV-757Ai DVD-Audio/Video/SACD player allows you to access almost every 12 cm optical disc on the

market. Of course it plays CD, VideoCD, CD-R and CD-RW and DVD-Video discs, DVD-RW and DVD-R discs

recorded in either “Video” or “Video Recording” mode. But did you know that this multi-skilled player

also plays DVD-Audio and Super Audio CD (or SACD for short), revolutionary audio formats which deliver

high-quality audio far beyond regular audio CD? So enjoy. Your eyes and ears will know the difference.

This is the most format-friendly player around!

Note: DVD players that have this indication can play DVD-RW discs recorded in DVD “Video Recording Mode”, and

of course DVD-R and DVD-RW discs recorded in “Video Mode”.

Note: CD-R/RW DVD-R/RW Playback: Discs may not be played back because of the following reasons: recording characteristics

of recorder/characteristics of disc/scratch and dust on disc/dust and condensation on pickup lens or others.

CD-R/RW Playback: CD-R/RW discs for Audio recorded in CD Audio, Video CD or MP3 audio formatting can be played back.

Unfinalised discs except CD Audio formatting cannot be played back. (however because the TOC (table-of-contents) information

is lacking, time display may not be shown). You can play back the unfinalised discs in audio formatting with a limited function.

DVD-R/RW Playback: DVD-R/RW discs for video, recorded in video recording mode cannot be played back. However it can be

played back with DV-757Ai and DV-656A. Unfinalised discs cannot be played back.

For full product features and specifications, please see pages 64 to 65.

i.LINK Advanced Resolution Digital Audio

Interface* (DV-757Ai)

The i.LINK interface is also known as

IEEE1394 or FireWire. Thanks to the

support for high throughput and the

existence of industry standard content

protection technology, it is the ideal

interface for new, demanding digital environments.

This player equipped with i.LINK Advanced

Resolution Digital Audio Interface can directly and

securely pass the digital content of an audio disc to

a compliant amplifier or receiver. Signals passed

through the interface include uncompressed formats

(e.g. LPCM or DSD), as well as compressed audio

formats (e.g. Dolby Digital, DTS, MPEG). Pioneer’s

engineers developed the i.LINK Advanced

Resolution Digital Audio Interface that delivers this

output** free of jitter.

The i.LINK interface even goes further, integrating

support for device-to-device communication, which

enables operation commands to be transferred via

the i.LINK connection. Real Digital Networking at our


* The i.LINK interface is also known as IEEE1394. Firewire is a

trademark. “i.LINK” and the “i.LINK” logo are trademarks of

Sony Corporation.

** Except DVD-Video and VideoCD.

DV-656A-S/DV-656A-K DVD-Audio/Video/SACD Player


For full product features and specifications, please see pages 64 and 65.


This slim DVD-Audio/Video/SACD player is a real space saver. It’s loaded with high tech benefits like playback compatibility supporting all common disc

formats: DVD-Audio, SACD, SACD Multi-channel together with DVD-Video, DVD-R, DVD-RW*, CD-R, CD-RW, CD, VideoCD and MP3 on CD-R. DVD-Audio

playback guarantees great multi-channel sound or powerful stereo. This player features built-in DTS and Dolby Digital decoders to bring you an

overwhelming sound experience. It’s easy to use thanks to its new, improved GUI (Graphical User Interface) and Zoom with Scroll functions**. Finally, this

unit has a coaxial/optical Digital Out and it’s fully integrateable, with numerous connection possibilities. This DVD-Video player is available in silver

(DV-656A-S) or black (DV-656A-K).

* Note: in Video mode and Video Recording mode.

** Available with Still Play only.

Speaker Management including DVD-Audio Bass Management


With first generation DVD-Audio players, users risked losing bass when they

played DVD-Audio discs over a typical home theatre system with five smaller

satellite speakers and a separate subwoofer. Now Pioneer’s DV-757Ai

DVD-Audio/Video/SACD player offers Bass Management Processing to overcome

bass difficulties. This processing technology includes high-pass filtering of the

main speakers, redirection of the bass from the main channels to the subwoofer

output – all of which are essential for proper low-frequency performance with any

satellite/subwoofer speaker system. Bass Management means the system can

low-pass any speaker to the sub and then send the remaining frequencies to the

speaker. It is just a matter of telling the DVD-Audio player how many speakers are

in use, and what size they are. It is like setting up a Dolby Digital receiver, with

the added benefit of an on-screen GUI.

The DV-656A-S/DV-656A-K features a similar speaker Bass Managament, with as

main difference that bass redirection from satellite to the subwoofer is limited to

the front speaker, only when playing certain types of multi-channel source


Initial Settings

Digital Audio Out

Video Output





i.LINK Setup














DVD-Audio Bass Management GUI

Initial Settings

Digital Audio Out

Video Output





i.LINK Setup







3.0 m

3.0 m

3.0 m

3.0 m

3.0 m

3.0 m

WJP b/ad


SACD (Super Audio CD)

SACD uses Direct Stream Digital (DSD) for recording and

playback, featuring a frequency response of over 100 kHz

and a dynamic range over 120 dB across the audible

frequency range. DSD increases the resolution of music

by more closely following the original waveform of the

music, which results in music reproduction that is

remarkably pure and faithful to the original.

In addition to exceptional sound quality through the DSD system, the SACD

format can accommodate more than four times the information of the current CD

format. With this extra capacity, a SACD disc provides space for 2-channel stereo

data, as well as an area for up to 6-track multi-channel data, and even for text and


Some SACD titles are hybrid discs, i.e. discs containing one high-density layer

and in addition a CD layer; this type of SACD can be played on current CD and DVD


Initial Settings

Digital Audio Out

Video Output





i.LINK Setup
















Come and take a look at a slimline DVD-Video player that really stands out in a crowd. State-of-the-art audio and video signal processing ensure superb,

high-quality images combined with the added convenience of Zoom with Scroll functions, and the excellence of surround sound. It’s also CD-R/RW and MP3

compatible and offers Coaxial/Optical output. What’s more, the DV-550 is equipped with a JPEG PhotoViewer*. Just insert the CD-R to enjoy digital stills on

your TV. The half mirror design, with a flap-type door, blends visually with the latest generation of designer TV sets, so you get the feel of a custom interior

combined with incredible sound and images. And the DV-550 DVD-Video player is the perfect match for the VSX-C550-S A/V Receiver. What are you waiting



DV-550 DVD-Video Player

is a trademark of FUJI PHOTO FILM Co. Ltd.

For full product features and specifications, please see pages 64 and 65.


Advanced Playback Compatibility

f˙PL ®


* JPEG file compatibility: this player is compatible with FUJICOLOR CD and Kodak Picture CD formats, as well as CD-R/RW/ROMs containing JPEG files (up to 999 files). Baseline JPEG and EXIF files up to

8 megapixels are supported (maximum vertical and horizontal resolution is 5120 pixels). The CD-R/RW/ROM containing the JPEG files must be ISO 9660 Level 2 compliant. CD physical format: Mode1,

Mode2 AX Form 1.

Note: To enjoy 5.1-channel surround sound you need an A/V amplifier or receiver equipped with Dolby Digital/DTS decoders.

Expand your home entertainment experience with the new Home Cinema

packages! Advanced playback compatibility means that you can play the full

range of common digital discs: DVD-Video, DVD-RW, DVD-R, CD, VideoCD, CD-R

and CD-RW. You will be in awe of material recorded on DVD-RW discs — these

packages can play discs recorded in “Video mode”. You can even play MP3 files

that have been recorded on CD-R and CD-RW discs. All these options, plus

amazing sound and supreme image quality, are yours thanks to the advanced

playback compatibility these packages have.

Note: DVD players which have this indication can play DVD-RW discs recorded in “DVD

Video Recording” mode, and of course DVD-R and DVD-RW discs recorded in “Video



CD-R/RW DVD-R/RW Playback: Discs may not be played back because of the following reasons:

recording characteristics of recorder/characteristics of disc/scratch and dust on disc/dust and

condensation on pickup lens or others.

CD-R/RW Playback: CD-R/RW discs for Audio recorded in CD Audio, Video CD or MP3 audio

formatting can be played back. Unfinalised discs except CD Audio formatting cannot be played back.

(however because the TOC (table-of-contents) information is lacking, time display may not be

shown). You can play back the unfinalised discs in audio formatting with a limited function.

DVD-R/RW Playback: DVD-R/RW discs for video, recorded in video mode can be played back.

Unfinalised discs cannot be played back.

DV-454-S/DV-454-K DVD-Video Player


Make a statement. Here is a slimline DVD-Video player with a high silk finish to complement its modern design. Because it is only 5.5 cm high it fits almost

anywhere and serves as an ideal match for the VSX-C100 A/V receiver and the S-V40 A/V speakers set. Offering full playback of DVD-Video discs and MP3

files, this sleek DVD-Video unit is leading the way to the future. Even better, it is easy to use thanks to its new, advanced GUI (Graphical User Interface), while

the Disc Navigator handles all types of discs (DVD/VideoCD/CD/CD-R/CD-RW/MP3 on CD-R/DVD-R & DVD-RW in Video mode). The handy Zoom with Scroll

function lets you zoom in on those favourite movie moments. Your DVD-Video home cinema experience has never been as tantalising with the powerhouse

sound supporting Dolby Digital and DTS digital output and a new ergonomic remote control. This DVD-Video player is available in stylish silver and classic


DV-350-S/DV-350-K DVD-Video Player


Pioneer has it all. This slimline DVD-Video player offers superb high-quality images and great sound. With 5.1-channel digital streaming audio output from

Dolby Digital/DTS sources, you are sure to experience new levels of extensive surround sound. More high-tech goodies include a coaxial digital output and

the new Zoom with Scroll function that allows you to zoom in on the images 2 x or 4 x. All that with no fuss about complicated settings thanks to an easy

set-up menu. The Disc Navigator is an easy tool to navigate through many different types of discs — DVD, VideoCD, CD and MP3 on CD-R. What are you

waiting for? This DVD-Video player is available in stylish silver and classic black.

Note: To enjoy 5.1-channel surround sound you need an A/V amplifier or receiver equipped with Dolby Digital/DTS decoders.


For full product features and specifications, please see pages 64 and 65.


®WJ b/a


®WJ b/a



For the minimalist, this brilliant silver highly compact design DVD-Video player is only 21 cm

wide. The stylish clean-looking front panel has a minimum of buttons. This environmentally

friendly compact DVD-Video player has been designed to have a lower power consumption in

both ‘on’ and ‘standby’ mode. Stringent environmental production requirements were taken into

consideration and we have wrapped your DV-U7 in 100 % recycled packaging. Easy installation

means you can plug it into your TV and play instantly. An easy-to-use ergonomic remote control

allows you to easily make your way through the menu. Zoom in on those classic movie scenes.

Bring the DV-U7 DVD-Video player into your living space and see how environmentally

friendliness and technology can go hand in hand.


DV-U7* DVD-Video Player

* Not available in France and Germany.

New and improved GUI (Graphical User interface)

Pioneer’s new GUI (Graphical User Interface) has a resolution of 720 x 576 dots.

This provides for high-quality menus and allows for a large yet super-sharp font

size so you get better legibility and easier use. An easy Disc Navigator with

convenient portal structure simplifies complicated operations by way of an

interactive interface presentation and supports all types of discs in Video mode,

DVD/DVD-R/DVD-RW/VideoCD/CD/CD-R/CD-RW/MP3 on CD-R. The Set-up

Navigator will guide you through all the necessary steps to operate by asking

simple questions.


Compact and environmentally-friendly designed DV-U7

For full product features and specifications, please see pages xx 64 to and xx. 65.

®WJ b/a

Pioneer is committed to sustainable development and the protection of our global environment.

Therefore we bring you technology created in harmony with the health of our planet. This commitment

takes many forms. In the case of the DV-U7 DVD-Video player, Pioneer facilitates recycling efforts by using

foam-free packaging and lead-free soldering. When in use and as well as on standby, the DV-U7 saves on

energy because of reduced power consumption.

New and Improved Remote Controls

Pioneer has made all remote controls more user-friendly in order to enhance the

pleasure of your home cinema experience. We have concentrated and reduced

the number of functions to make operation more convenient. The buttons are

grouped by functionality and the colours and materials of the remotes have been

designed to complement Pioneer’s DVD and A/V receivers.


142 mm

190 mm

PDV-20 front view

190 mm

Count on technology like DTS and Dolby Digital to make this stylish,

space-saving DVD-Video unit really sing. Extremely thin (15.9 mm) and

light (300 g), it guarantees years packed with home cinema

entertainment. Simply plug it into any TV and A/V amplifier or receiver for

pure DVD pleasure.

15.9 mm

190 mm

PDV-LC20 side view with battery

144.5 mm

For full product features and specifications, please see pages 64 and 65.


You want flexibility. What you get is the best of Pioneer DVD technology in a streamlined player you can take with you anywhere. That’s

right: the high-resolution images and superior sound you’ve come to expect are yours wherever you go. You can never be too thin or too

light. And Pioneer’s portable DVD-Video players know it. Their super-slim design and thin, long-lasting lithium battery mean you never

have to trade off endurance for portability. Pioneer portable DVD is designed to cover the distance. That’s one more reason to get moving.

PDV-20 ®WJb/a PDV-LC20


Plug and play

With its easy connection, just plug your Pioneer

portable DVD-Video player into a TV or AV monitor in

any room to watch your favourite films. Why put up

with a big, bulky home entertainment system, when

you can have something more your style in a sleek,

compact and subtle package? This system offers you

second-to-none picture quality and sound including

S-video output and state-of-the-art digital audio


The slim choice

Pioneer DVD portables are certainly the slim choice

with their new feather-light design. Both the PDV-20

and PDV-LC20 are super streamlined, and to top it

off, there’s a new 8.5 mm thin and 260 g light lithium

battery. These are the thinnest and lightest players

(and battery) around! Slip it into your bag and take

your Pioneer DVD wherever you go. It’s made to fit

your lifestyle.

In-Car DVD!

Portable DVD takes on a whole new meaning – with sleek 870 g and

35.4 mm measurements (player + battery) – thanks to the new ultra-thin

lithium battery and streamlined player design. With a 7.0-inch wide LCD

display, built-in speaker and up to 3 hours playback time, the PDV-LC20

offers fantastic DVD-Video on the road or at home… anywhere you might


Form meets function

Pioneer DVD portables redefine the idea of style. A

perfect match with any ensemble, their sleek profile

and elegant silhouette will definitely get you

noticed. And more than a pretty face, Pioneer

portable DVD-Video players are extremely easy to

use with a simple graphical user interface (GUI) as

well as separate operating keys.

Pioneer has a wide selection of DVD entertainment components including single DVD players and a multi-

DVD changer. Try a full in-car A/V system that includes a multi-DVD player for movies in your car, plus easyto-mount

wide-screens and complete 5.1-channel surround sound. Now you can have your own in-car drivein

movie theatre.

wide-screen in-dash colour display with built-in DVD player AVX-P7300DVD and headrest-mounted widescreen

LCD colour displays AVD-W6000.

For more information about Pioneer in-car DVD entertainment, please check out “” or ask your local Pioneer

car audio dealer.

DVD-Video Cyber Navi System AVIC-9DVD-II, wide-screen in-dash colour display AVX-7300 and headrest-mounted wide-screen LCD colour displays AVD-W6000.

35.4 mm




DTS 96/24 Decoding

True Visionaries: Sir George Martin and AIR Studios


For the finest surround sound experience you

need high-quality amplifiers and receivers.

Pioneer leads the way in applying the latest

technology, so our products are among the best

in the world, like the award-winning VSA-AX10

multi-channel stereophonic amplifier. We

incorporated Surround EX, DTS-ES Discrete and

recently DTS 96/24 technologies to create sound

that soars around your ears for a spectacular

three-dimensional cinematic ambience. Pioneer

was the first to introduce a full-fledged Acoustic

Calibration technology (MCACC), in close

collaboration with AIR Studios. The new A/V

receivers VSX-D2011-S and VSX-D1011-S/K both

feature MCACC. We believe in getting the best

out of everything. To provide you with excellent

surround sound even from non-surround sound

sources, all new A/V receivers are equipped with

Pro Logic II. Models with 6/7-channel

amplification now come with DTS-NEO:6

technology. The DTS 96/24 technology ensures

that even with your regular DTS DVD-Video

discs, you’ll get the superb sound quality

approaching that of DVD-Audio. Sound design

has reached new arenas of excellence with these

Pioneer A/V amplifiers and receivers.

Equipped with a 96 kHz/24-bit decoder, Pioneer’s amplifier/receivers reproduce high-quality sound, exactly as recorded on 96 kHz, 24-bit master

tapes in the studio. The latest audio format by DTS – the multi-platform DTS 96/24 – is the first compressed surround format technology to support

96 kHz and 24-bit sound resolution and multi-channel capabilities. Backwards compatible with existing DTS decoders, you’ll also be able to enjoy

DTS 96/24 discs with receivers incorporating a standard DTS decoder.

The best sound engineers at one of the best recording studios in the world contributed an unquestionable amount of expertise

to Pioneer’s latest revolutionary multi-channel stereophonic amplifier/receivers. AIR Studios founder is Sir George Martin,

legendary Beatles producer and Academy Award-nominated composer – one of music’s most versatile and imaginative talents.

Established in 1969 in London, AIR Studios is now a state-of-the-art recording complex with matchless facilities for film scoring,

rock, pop, classical and orchestral work, postproduction and live events. Many of the world’s most popular and renowned musical

talents have worked in this unique and inspirational recording environment.

THX Ultra2 Processing And Certification (VSA-AX10)

What THX Ultra2 means for you is that you’ll enjoy exciting eight channel playback performances from any multi-channel programme over the widest possible seating

area. Whereas original THX Ultra was intended for Dolby Pro Logic sources, THX Ultra2 is entirely adapted to recent high-quality digital formats such as DTS and Dolby

Digital. A true breakthrough in home entertainment technology, THX Ultra2 ensures optimal multi-channel music and film pleasure. In addition to THX Cinema and THX

Surround EX, THX Ultra2 technology includes two new modes featuring THX ASA (Advanced Speaker Array). THX Ultra2 Cinema allows non-Surround EX-encoded, Dolby

Digital 5.1 and DTS 5.1 material to be played on a seven speaker configuration. For music playback, THX MusicMode can handle all types of music formats, whether it

is 5.1 encoded music or high-resolution DVD-Audio and SACD multi-channel music recordings.

For the modern age of improving standards in recording and replay technology, Pioneer has developed a new reference standard amplifier for high fidelity

sound reproduction in the home: VSA-AX10. Designed for connoisseurs who desire the very best in stereo and multi-channel music replay together with

reference-class decoding of both today’s and tomorrow’s movie soundtrack formats, the VSA-AX10 has been designed from the ground up to be a true

‘reference standard’ for all audio and audio/video system applications. Pioneer’s most experienced audio amplifier designers teamed up with engineering

experts in sound recording at London’s famous AIR Studios to design an amplifier that was worthy of the task of studio reference monitoring. With sufficient

power delivery and transparency to preserve the enormous dynamic range and pure clarity of today’s higher-resolution digital recordings on DVD-Audio and

SACD, the VSA-AX10 includes 7.1-channel line inputs and outputs for all requirements. Under the bonnet are 7 channels of power amplification (170 watts

per channel) for THX Surround EX and DTS Extended Surround AV systems. And for high-end 5.1-channel systems the VSA-AX10’s seven power amplifiers can

be configured for bi-amping a system’s main front left and right channels. State-of-the-art digital signal processors have been employed for decoding

96/24 DTS soundtracks and the VSA-AX10 was the first amplifier in the world to receive THX Ultra2 certification. At Pioneer we describe it as a ‘multi-channel

stereophonic’ amplifier. At AIR Studios they call it their ‘monitor reference’. In your home you’ll hear your favourite stereo and multi-channel recordings as

the professionals heard it at the mixing desk. The VSA-AX10 amplifier will be your monitor reference standard.

Easy and Precise Set-up with Multi-channel Acoustic Calibration System

Imagine what it would be like to have a professional sound stage in your own

home. With MCACC (Multi-Channel Acoustic Calibration System) the dream

comes true. It’s a highly advanced yet user-friendly sound field adjustment

system, created by Pioneer in collaboration with AIR Studios. Implemented in our

latest A/V amplifier and receivers, the MCACC comes with automatic and manual

adjustment capability.

For calibrating the frequency response of each channel, the VSA-AX10 features a

9-band equaliser, whereas the VSX-D2011-S and VSX-D1011-S/

VSX-D1011-K work with 5 bands.

The speakers’ distance and tone are not uniform before the

adjustment. The microphone then determines size and

number of speakers, distance from the listener to the

speakers, and timbre and tone of speakers. After the

adjustment the system is automatically equalised.


VSA-AX10 Multi-channel Stereophonic A/V Amplifier 170 W x 7 DIN


P Od

VSA-AX10 front panel open

LCD touch panel remote control

Automatic MCACC

The beauty of this system is that you can automatically adjust your home system

just like professionals. The MCACC system uses a microphone to monitor the

sound environment in the room from the listener’s perspective. It determines the

size and number of speakers, distance between the listener and speakers, and

the timbre and tone of the speakers. The system then adjusts various sound

parameters in each channel, giving the acoustics the perfect tonal nuances for

your environment. This result is professional level customised surround sound.

Manual MCACC

The Manual MCACC does not have a microphone to act as a sensor. So, is it back

to an all-manual set-up? Not quite. To help you fine-tune the “channel level” and

“channel delay”, we’ve given special test tones to each connected speaker, using

the front left speaker as the reference. You’ll be delighted with the extremely

precise settings achieved. We’ve used a similar approach for the “acoustic

calibration”. Using the front speakers as reference, special test tones are

employed to adjust the other speakers’ tonality within a range of frequency


For full product features and specifications, please see pages 66 to 68.



VSX-D2011-S A/V Receiver 100 W x 7 DIN


For an all-round, breathtaking sound experience that will take you into the future choose the VSX-D2011-S. At the heart of the high-quality sound production

lies the Advanced Direct Energy MOS FET 7-channel equal power amplification (100 W x 7 DIN). The sound is enhanced by the receiver’s design, which

features a double layered chassis and 3-D Space Frame Construction, as well as 192 kHz/24-bit DACs for top quality reproduction. Clear precision sounds

are part of Pioneer’s Advanced Multi-channel Stereophonic Philosophy. The Multi-Channel Acoustic Calibration (MCACC) system with microphone monitors

your sound environment and automatically adjusts your system to reach the perfect tonal level. To bring the fullest expression to the sound, the

VSX-D2011-S also features THX Select, AIR Studios fine-tuning, and an Audio Scaler, which enhances the signals from any digital source to create a smoother,

more natural sound. Last but not least: this versatile receiver can handle 96/24 DTS, THX Surround EX/Dolby Digital EX, DTS-ES Discrete 6.1, DTS-NEO:6 and

Pro Logic II formats. On top, the Surround modes include Virtual Surround Back. It comes with multiple connectivity options and the 7.1 multi-channel input

means that it’s ready for future surround sound formats. And with the learning remote control unit with large LCD, the receiver is easy handled. For ‘regular’

5.1-channel set-up, VSX-D2011-S can be configured to bi-amp the front left and right speakers, making it the perfect choice for audiophiles and cinephiles


The VSX-D2011-S has one USB terminal for connection with PC audio sources.


Advanced Multi-Channel Stereophonic Philosophy

VSX-D2011-S front panel open

In the days when we just had stereo, Pioneer went one step further and created “stereophonic”. Now Pioneer is applying the same approach to multichannel

environments, with the focus on recreating both the sound and the passion of the original performance. To achieve this it has introduced an

Advanced Multi-Channel Stereophonic Philosophy, based on three principles. First, to produce high-quality sounds you need top-level equipment. Next,

you can only recreate perfectly precise sounds by calibrating and matching all the equipment in the listening environment. To help you do this we have

developed smart tools like MCACC. And last but not least, we want to reproduce the art in the sound. So we have fine-tuned our equipment using the

expertise of professionals. Thanks to our collaboration with AIR Studios and THX the artistic qualities of the original sound shine through.

For full product features and specifications, please see pages 66 to 68.


VSX-D1011-S/VSX-D1011-K A/V Receiver


VSX-D811S-S/VSX-D811S-K A/V Receiver



Get ready for the sounds of the future with this masterful A/V receiver, built according to Pioneer’s Advanced Multi-channel Stereophonic Philosophy. The

VSX-D1011 makes sounds come alive. It features an Advanced Direct Energy MOS FET exclusive to Pioneer for all 7-channel amplifiers with a power output

of 100 W. The advanced 3-D Space frame construction, designed to enhance high-fidelity audio, includes an isolated chamber construction. With the

192 kHz/24-bit digital-to-audio converter, you will experience an exceptionally pure top sound quality. You’ll hear every tiny nuance, thanks to the newly

developed ‘manual’ Multi-Channel Acoustic Calibration (MCACC) system. The A/V receivers are compatible with the latest surround sound format,

96/24 DTS, as well as THX Surround EX/Dolby Digital EX, DTS-ES Discrete, DTS-NEO:6 and Pro Logic II. This time we’ve included the Virtual Surround Back

surround mode to give you an even more impressive sound experience without having to add more speakers.

The newly designed remote control unit is ergonomical and easy-to-use. The 7.1 multi-channel input means you are set for future surround sound formats.

Sit back and delight in the performance.

VSX-D811S-S front panel open


100 W x 6 DIN

Interested in an overwhelming home cinema experience that will take you into the future? This A/V receiver can take on all surround formats with its

7.1-channel input and its included decoding support for DTS-ES Discrete, Dolby Digital EX, Pro Logic II and DTS-NEO:6. Its 6-channel equal power amplifiers

are designed to provide output to a set-up of up to 7 speakers. Dual surround back speakers generate more natural and smooth sound stage and put you

right in the middle of the action with sound flying straight over your head. The Quick Set-up makes surround set-up simple. Ease of use continues with a

front optical digital input for handy connection of a portable DVD, MiniDisc, CD player or Game Console. The VSX-D811S-S A/V receiver is also available in

black finish to complement any style of room.

Audio Scaler (VSX-D2011-S/VSX-D1011-S/VSX-D1011-K)

VSX-D1011-K front panel open


Pioneer developed a new technology called ‘Audio Scaler’ which can be found in the VSX-D2011-S and VSX-D1011-S/VSX-D1011-K A/V receiver. The ‘Audio Scaler’ is a

4-layer circuit board that improves the sound quality of stereo input sources (such as CDs or MDs) close to the level of DVD-Audio. Thanks to the built-in 192kHz/

24-bit DA Converter, the signal can be converted to an analogue signal without losing any of the original recording quality. Hi-Bit conversion first enhances the lowlevel

linear PCM signal quality to 24-bits, which results in less deterioration. At the same time, high-sampling enlarges the frequency bandwith, resulting in a very wide

sound stage which stays as close as possible to the original sound source. The final result is greatly improved sound quality, not only from stereo sources, but also from

multi-channel source material such as Dolby Digital or DTS encoded discs.

For full product features and specifications, please see pages 66 to 68.

100 W x 7 DIN


l O yd



VSX-D711-S/VSX-D711-K A/V Receiver


Introducing an A/V receiver that offers a virtual surround back channel for newly introduced 6.1 formats for overwhelming surround sound. This receiver also

has a Pro Logic II decoder so you can experience the enveloping surround sound even with stereo sources, like CD, tape, VideoCD and even TV programs.

Thanks to the 96kHz/24-bit DAC you can now appreciate a rich, subtle, more sophisticated sound. The set-up operation is done quickly and easily and all is

controlled by a new pre-programmed large remote control. Furthermore, there is an extra A/V input behind the sophisticated front door panel — convenient

for connecting camcorder, game console, etc.

VSX-D511-S/VSX-D511-K A/V Receiver



100 W x 5 DIN


VSX-D711-S front panel open



Prepare yourself for the future of sound with this A/V receiver. Pro Logic II has the ability to adequately create a surround listening experience from twochannel

stereo music recordings, making them sound more like a discrete Dolby Digital 5.1-channel version than ever before. This A/V receiver creates an

additional virtual channel for surround back so you can better enjoy the latest 6.1 formats. Other benefits include a streamlined easy-to-use remote control

to be used with Pioneer DVD players, a Quick Set-up, and an S-video terminal. The VSX-D511 A/V receiver is the perfect companion for any DVD-Video player

and is looking smart in either a black or silver finish. Its quality design, with PHA*, wide range amplifier design and direct construction, improved looks and

highly visible semi dot-matrix FL display make it into a versatile receiver fit for any environment.

* Pioneer Hybrid Amplification

Virtual Surround Back

Surround sound becomes even more impressive.

With Virtual Surround Back the left and right rear

satellite speakers create a phantom sound source

behind the listener, as if there were a speaker.

Experience 6.1 surround sound with a 5.1 speaker



Virtual Surround for Headphones

We all want to hear amazing sound quality when

listening to our favourite music. Well now you can

experience surround sound on your headphones.

Dolby Digital and DTS bring you the ultimate sound

experience through your regular headphones thanks

to Pioneer’s original processing. They’ll make you

think you are at the concert.

For full product features and specifications, please see pages 66 to 68.

Front Optical Input

80 W x 5 DIN

P O yd

The optical input terminal featured on the front panel

enables easy connection of a portable DVD, MiniDisc

or CD player, for the utmost convenience. This

terminal accepts all mainstream digital formats,

including Dolby Digital, DTS and PCM. So you can

enjoy the total digital home cinema from your

portable players or game console.

VSX-C550-S A/V Receiver




40 W x 5 RMS

What would you say to digital home cinema sound from a trendy, slimline receiver? The eye-catching VSX-C550-S A/V receiver has a half-mirror,

half silver design that will add sophisticated style to any interior. It’s the perfect match for the DV-550 DVD-Video Player. For the sheer joy of highquality

surround sound, combine it with either the S-V50A or the S-V40 A/V speaker set. You will have a number of surround modes, ranging from mono to

5.1 surround. Also included are our latest listening modes Natural and Bright, which bring you superb surround sound. Plugging in a game console or

portable DVD-Video player is easy – just use the front optical digital audio input. Source units can be connected to the multiple connection terminals and

installation is simple with features such as room set-up and automatic speaker configuration. The display also indicates which of the different modes is

active. So if it’s inspirational sounds combined with stunning good looks you want, you’ve come to the right place.

VSX-C100-S/VSX-C100-K A/V Receiver


40 W x 5 RMS


This super-slim A/V receiver is designed to match the slimline DV-454 DVD-Video player and S-V40 speaker set. It brings you a variety of listening modes

including Natural Mode which creates the best quality surround sound, especially in the combination of the VSX-C100 A/V receiver and the S-V40 speaker

set. It supports a variety of surround modes – from mono to 5.1 surround. However elegant and streamlined it looks, this receiver is fully featured and

extremely flexible! The front optical digital audio input allows you to easily plug in a game console or a portable DVD-Video player at a moment’s notice. The

multiple connection terminals allows you to connect a variety of source units. Installation is very easy thanks to features such as automatic speaker

configuration, room set-up and visual confirmation of active speakers. The different modes will be shown on the display as well. In short, this A/V receiver

— which measures only 65 mm in height — is a solid A/V performer that brings exceptional sound and stylish slim looks to your living space.

Assignable Digital Input

(VSX-C550-S, VSX-C100-S, VSX-C100-K)

These receiver models have one optical input on the

front panel and three inputs on the rear panel:

2 optical (one each for the TV/SAT and DVR/VCR) and

1 coaxial digital (for the DVD). But you might find that

the DVD-Video player only has an optical output and

no coaxial output. The answer is to assign one

optical input (the one originally assigned to the TV)

to the DVD-Video player instead. The DVD-Video

player can then be connected via the optical input.

Pioneer Original Surround Modes

(VSX-C550-S, VSX-C100-S, VSX-C100-K)

Pioneer has a wide selection of Original Surround


These Advanced Surround modes include TV

Surround, which produces surround sound even for

mono or stereo TV sources; Game mode for playing

video games; and Phones Surround which

reproduces the overall surround sound for

headphone listening.

Auto Speaker Configuration


P O yd

Speaker setting is performed automatically in the

VSX-C100-S/VSX-C100-K and VSX-C550-S A/V

Receiver. It automatically detects if a centre speaker,

rear speakers and a subwoofer are connected. When

a subwoofer is detected, the front speakers are set to

“small”, and the low frequency signals are sent to the

subwoofer. When no subwoofer is connected then

the front speakers are set to “large” and they will

handle all low frequencies. The connected speakers

are indicated on the receiver’s display.

For full product features and specifications, please see pages 66 to 68.




Wrap-Around Sound

Wrap yourself in the most overwhelming surround sound reproduction and be amazed

how sound can colour your home cinema experience. So pure and realistic, it makes

you feel like part of the action. Dolby Digital and DTS – they paint your walls and

ceilings with wrap-around sound.


You don’t have to be an audiophile to understand

the importance of quality A/V speakers in

enhancing DVD surround sound. So open your ears

to the most sensational audio experience you can

imagine. Pioneer has a line of speakers built on

the latest audio technology that deliver the

absolute best in sound quality. Front, centre and

rear speakers and powerful subwoofers immerse

you in pure precision sound from all sides for an

effect that is truly dynamic. Available either in sets

or individually, according to your needs. You’ll be

amazed at what your ears can see.

To match European interiors and appeal to

European taste, our speakers have been designed

in Paris. So you get stunning sound packed in

great European style.

S-V70-II A/V Speaker Set

Thinking about a futuristic looking home cinema system? Then this

hyper-modern speaker set is a superior choice – and a perfect

match. This trendy system does double duty in the realm of spacesaving

and powerful cinema sound, with five 130 watt Max satellite

speakers and a 150 watt RMS light wood-tone active subwoofer. The

S-V70-II consists of S-ST70-F (front satellite speakers), S-ST70-CR

(centre and rear satellite speakers) and the S-W150S (powered

subwoofer), and comes with 3 coloured grilles (black, white and

burgundy) for central and satellite speakers.

S-V50A A/V Speaker Set

Boosts power and still keep the good looks. These five, stylish,

compact satellite speakers are an excellent choice for any room,

and the ideal match for the high performance 110 watt RMS

subwoofer with built-in amplifier. Choose a stylish and slim design

with the option of two colour variations — black or burgundy — for

the grille on the satellite speakers. You’ll get up to 100 W Max of

pure power, stylishly packed and all magnetically shielded to

prevent any interference to your TV set.

The S-V50A consists of S-F50A (front satellite speakers), S-CR50A

(centre and rear satellite speakers) and S-W110S-K (active




Satellite 130 W Max Subwoofer 150 W RMS

Side view satellite speaker

Satellite 100 W Max Subwoofer 110 W RMS

For full product features and specifications, please see page 69.



Make a splash with this speaker set: five 100 watt Max metallic-look

satellite speakers and an option between a light wood-tone or black

110 watt RMS active subwoofer. This home cinema speaker set is the

perfect complement to any modern interior. The S-V50-II-QL is

ideally suited to Pioneer’s new slimline A/V receivers and consists of

S-F50 (front satellite speakers), S-CR50 (centre and rear satellite

speakers) and the S-W110S-QL (powered subwoofer). A version with

a black subwoofer is also available as S-V50-II-K.

An excellent choice for any room, these five stylishly compact

satellite speakers with 100 watt Max power are the ideal match for

the new high performance 110 watt RMS subwoofer with built-in

amplifier. The S-V59-II combines the S-F59 (front satellite speakers)

and S-CR59 (centre and rear satellite speakers) with the new

S-W110S-K (active subwoofer).


S-V50-II-QL/S-V50-II-K A/V Speaker Set

S-V59-II A/V Speaker Set

For full product features and specifications, please see page 69.

Satellite 100 W Max Subwoofer 110 W RMS

Satellite 100 W Max Subwoofer 110 W RMS

S-V40 A/V Speaker Set

Pioneer pays attention to detail. This speaker combination

boasts a real aluminum finish as part of an innovative and

modern design that, combined with the slimline DV-454-S or

DV-454-K DVD-Video player and VSX-C100-S or VSX-C100-K A/V

receiver, creates a perfect home cinema package. It is a winning

combination of a 50 W RMS subwoofer and 5 satellite speakers

of 80 watt Max power. All satellites are magnetically shielded to

minimise interference to TV sets.

The S-V40 A/V speaker set is made up of the S-SP40 satellite

speakers and the S-W40S active subwoofer, both of which are

available separately.

S-V32-QL/S-V32-W A/V Speaker Set

Brighten up any interior with the timeless, light-wooden design of this slim,

magnetically shielded speaker combo. It’s a stunning mixture of modern

design with up to 80 watt Max Power of sound for the satellite speakers and

110 watt RMS subwoofer.

You can also buy the different components in this set individually; both the

S-F32-QL (front satellite speakers) and S-CR32-QL (centre and rear satellite

speakers) speaker packages as well as the S-W110S-K active subwoofer.



Satellite 80 W Max Subwoofer 50 W RMS

Satellite 80 W Max Subwoofer 110 W RMS


If you prefer the classic feel of darker wood, look no further. The

S-V32-W offers the same stunning combination of design and power

as the S-V32-QL, but with the warmth of a deeper wood tone.

For full product features and specifications, please see page 69.




S-V510 A/V Speaker Set

Let the sound swirl around you from three powerful cone woofers in these stylish new floor-standing front

speakers. And cinematic surround sound sweeps in from the centre and rear satellite speakers. The complete

100 watt Max S-V510 speaker system consists of S-H510V (floor-standing front speakers) combined with the

S-CR59 (centre and rear satellite speakers).

S-V230-QL/S-V230-W A/V Speakers

S-V310-QL A/V Speaker Set

Looking for something a little lighter and brighter? The subtle

light wood-tone finish on this slim style 3-way speaker

system blends right into modern spaces and handles up to

80 W Max of input power. The floor-standing front speakers

(S-H230V-QL/S-H230V-W) work with the centre and rear

satellite speakers (S-CR32-QL/S-CR32-W) — all magnetically

shielded — to bring you a high performance, design-style

sound system.

Feeling mellow? If traditional, deep rich tones are more your

style, opt for the warm wood-tone finish. This glossy 3-way

speaker set was designed to deliver quality sound to every

corner of the room.


100 W Max


80 W Max

Front 100 W Max Rear & Centre 80 W Max

Sit back and relax as sound from the two powerful cone woofers of the new, front floor-speakers engulfs you in a

whirlwind. Wait for the cinematic surround sound that will sweep in from the centre and rear satellite speakers. This

complete speaker system with its satiny, natural, light oak wood design consists of floor-standing front speakers

(S-H310V-QL) in combination with the centre and rear satellite speakers (S-CR32-QL). A maximum input power of 100

watt Max and magnetic shielding to prevent interference guarantee you a captivating sound sensation.

For full product features and specifications, please see page 69.

S-W150S Active Subwoofer

The perfect addition to any home cinema system, this modern light wood-tone 150 watt

RMS active subwoofer produces the deepest-of deep bass possible for thrilling DVD


S-W40S Active Subwoofer


CP-F100 Speaker Stand NEW CP-F50A Speaker Stand

Pioneer design goes beyond just the

speakers. This innovative aluminium

design speaker stand is adjustable to

match the height of the Pioneer’s

Plasma TV floor stand. Easy fixing.

CP-F100 speaker stand matches most

of Pioneer’s satellite speakers and is a

perfect companion for S-ST70,

S-SP40, S-CR50A, S-F50A.

150 W RMS

S-W110S-K/S-W110S-QL Active Subwoofer

Pioneer’s CP-F50A speaker stand adds

a new stylish touch to your living

space. This metal finished speaker

stand will surely raise your sound

experience to new heights and is a

perfect companion for most new and

older Pioneer satellite speakers – at

least those which feature a vertical

fixing structure at the rear of the

cabinet ( a hole, nut or wall bracket) –

including S-V70-II, S-V50A, S-V59-II,

S-V40, S-V32-QL, S-V32-W, NS-DV77,

NS-DV88 and the satellite speakers of

the HTD-50.


Add a bit of style – and power – to your living room. This black subwoofer adds the finishing touch to your home

cinema experience with 110 watt RMS of intense sound.

Also available with light wood-tone finish as S-W110S-QL.

No more distortion with this active subwoofer. You have the advantage of 50 W RMS of

power in an innovative and modern design. The S-W40S can serve as part of a perfect

home cinema solution, and it blends nicely into any décor.

50 W RMS

For full product features and specifications, please see page 69.

110 W RMS




The ultimate in advanced picture quality is here. Once you’ve seen Pioneer’s state-of-the-art

plasma TV you’ll know what a difference its outstanding brightness and image clarity can make.

With a 50-inch (127 cm) or 43-inch (109 cm) screen, we give you brilliant big screen viewing in

your home. Yet it’s so amazingly light and slim, you can hang it on the wall. Its 160° viewing

angle lets you watch it from practically anywhere, too. Whether you’re into movies, games or

surfing the net, your eyes won’t get enough of it.

Once in a great while, something truly iconic comes along. Something so ahead of the crowd, so immensely

rewarding, you know it belongs in your world. “PURE VISION” Pioneer Plasma TV. It’s TV as you’ve never seen it.

The digital display you dream of. Your ultimate lifestyle accessory. Try it on and see how beautifully it fits.

PDP-503HDE Plasma TV

* PDP-503HDE with optional side-mounted speakers.


Experience visual entertainment and indulge in Pioneer’s Plasma television experience. A TV that delivers a wide-screen 16:9 aspect ratio, that’s ultra sleek

(a mere 98 mm) and has a 160° viewing angle so no-one will miss out. Above that it’s noise-free and gives a dramatically improved contrast of 900:1 for

PDP-503HDE and 1000:1 for PDP-433HDE. The media receiver is a TV tuner with Teletext and Nicam Stereo. It gives you the opportunity for Dual Screen

Display, allowing you (for example) to not miss out on your favourite movie scenes while gathering information on Teletext. For your convenience it is easy

to set up and has an auto installation function. To top it off there is a smart on-screen display. With so much advanced and easy-to-use technology your

television experience will raise you to new levels of sheer pleasure.

PDP-433HDE Plasma TV

For full product features and specifications, please see page 70.




For full product features and specifications, please see pages xx to xx.

“Pure Vision”

Plasma TV is truly a work of art – the ultimate wall decoration.

It’s thin as a framed canvas. And so light, it’s wall-friendly – it

hangs quickly and easily with Pioneer’s optional wall brackets,

either a fixed flat type or an angled one adjustable up to

25-degrees. You not only use zero floor space, it’s like being at

the cinema.

Plasma Design

Consider these Pioneer design advantages. A flat screen so big

(50-inch/127 cm and 43-inch/109 cm diagonal) yet so thin

(less than 10 cm) and light (38.9 kg/50-inch or

31.5 kg/40-inch) you can hang it, or set it neatly on a stand

– your choice. A media receiver brimming with functions yet

slim and stylish. And optional slim side-mounted speakers

that output sublime sound. You’ll love the lustrous silvery

finish. Its quiet operation (there’s no noisy cooling fan). The

ideal 16:9 aspect. And how guests sitting even off to the side

see spot on, thanks to the 160-degree viewing angle. However

you enjoy the “PURE VISION” Pioneer Plasma TV, it’s a perfect

fit for any home, every décor. How does Pioneer fill this big,

slim screen with such spectacular images? Here’s what you

don’t see. Sandwiched between the screen’s glass panels are

a million pixels – tiny cells of inert gas plus electrodes. Electric

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ELITE VSX-LX104 AV Receiver

Indulge your senses in the 5.2.2-channel surround sound created by Dolby Atmos® or DTS: X and enjoy a superior picture and sound clarity.


Bring out the best from your home theater system and get rich, robust sound.


Immerse yourself in 360° sound with Dolby Atmos® and DTS: X® audio formats. 




Pioneer® Certified Factory Refurbished audio products have been tested, inspected, and approved for sale by an approved Pioneer® quality assurance professional. All Certified Factory Refurbished audio products pass the same strict performance standards as our brand-new products.  




How to Set Up a Pioneer VSXLX102 Home Theater System

Authored by: Tech Pro Team
This Guided Path® was written and reviewed by’s Tech Pro team. With decades of experience, our Tech Pros are passionate about making technology work for you. We love feedback! Let us know what you think about this Guided Path® by rating it at the end.


Setting up your own home theater can be incredibly rewarding, and provide an experience close to, and sometimes better than going to the cinema.

This guide will give you the tools and knowledge you need to create the setup at home you've always wanted, bringing your movie and television experience to the next level.

Your Pioneer VSX-LX102 will provide the center piece of your home theater, acting as the central point, connecting all your audio and video equipment together.

Pioneer VSX-LX102

1 Terminology

Like any hobby or job, there's a lot of very technical terms used to describe various aspects. Because of this, this guide cannot be exhaustive, but we'll be focused on a few, common terms you'll be encountering throughout this process.

  • Source
    • Something that generates video or audio. Your Blu-Ray player is a source of video and audio from movies. Your cable box is a source of audio and video for television, and so on.
      Blu-ray player example
  • Output
    • This is where the device creates signal to go to another device. For example, the HDMI port on the back of your Blu-Ray player is an output.
      Example outputs
  • Input
    • This is where a device takes in the signal from another device. For example, the HDMI ports on the back of your television are inputs.
      Example inputs
  • Tuner or Receiver
    • This is the 'hub', or the central point where everything connects to. Your Tuner will take in inputs from various sources, and route them to various outputs. For example, you connect your game console to your tuner, and your tuner plays the sound on your nice home speakers, and displays the video on your television.
      Front and remote of Pioneer VSX-LX102
  • HDMI
    • Common type of cable used to connect home theater equipment. Stands for "High Definition Multimedia Interface"
      HDMI cableHDMI port
  • RCA or Composite
    • Common type of cable used to connect home theater equipment. Named after the Radio Corporation of America. Used mostly for audio, and older video equipment.
      RCA cablesRCA ports
  • Optical
    • Common type of cable and connection for home theater equipment. Sometimes called TOSLINK. It is a fiber optic cable for audio.
      Optical cableOptical port
  • Coax
    • Common type of cable to connect from your antenna, satellite dish, or cable provider to your decoder box.
      Coax cableCoax port

2 Documentation

At first, setting up a home theater can be daunting, but a little careful planning can go a very long way in making it a fun, easy, and rewarding experience.

Write down what you have

To start, make a list of every device you have that you'd like connected to your home theater system. While this seems silly at first, it keeps you really organized later, making the actual setup a snap.

It's also helpful if you run into problems. If your Smart TV starts having problems, and you need to call for help, moving it to look behind is a hassle. Simply glancing at a single sheet of paper with everything written down makes it a lot easier.

For each device, you'll want the following information:

  • What the device is, its make and model, the type of connections it accepts, and the type of connections it makes. For example:
    DeviceMake / ModelInput ConnectionOutput Connection
    ReceiverPioneer VSX-LX102HDMI, RCA, OpticalHDMI, RCA, Speakers
    Blu-Ray PlayerPanasonic
    Game ConsoleNintendo SwitchnoneHDMI
    Record PlayerAudio-Technica
    Cable BoxArris XG1v3CoaxHDMI

This lets you easy look through, count up the cables you need, decide what is going where when it's time to connect everything, and generally organize your setup.

Draw a diagram

While this, too, can seem silly at first, it is key to understanding how everything connects. The best installers at movie theaters all have a 'map' drawn up simply showing where each part is, and where it goes. When it comes to troubleshooting, adding a new device, or taking one away later, this will be the single most helpful document you have.

It can be as simple or as complex as you feel you need. In most cases, for a home theater, simple pictures of your receiver at the center, and each device around it with colored, labeled lines indicating the type, input and output, and further to your speakers is all you should need.

Example diagram of home theater setup

3 Power Requirements

While you simply need to power every device in your home theater setup, thinking about how to protect your investment from power surges is also something to consider.

This is an area where a little planning goes a very long way:

  • How many devices will you be connecting?
    • If you have six total devices, a small four plug power strip will not suffice.
  • Will you want to expand and add more devices later?
    • Most people will end up adding to and expanding with more devices in the future. You'll want to have extra outlets available to accommodate your future needs.
  • Do you want an easy way to turn on and off your whole setup?
    • Some power delivery devices will have front-facing power switches, or readouts for how power delivery is happening.
  • What shape of plugs do you have?
    • While most devices have moved away from the large, boxy AC to DC adapters that stick out of the wall or hang off the socket, they can still pose a problem. Depending on the type of power delivery accessory you choose, these types of plugs might interfere with neighboring outlets. Some power delivery device manufacturers have taken this into account, and rotated the plugs to make it less of an issue.

All power delivery devices wear out over time. Some may wear out more slowly, but expect to have to replace this part of your system every couple of years to avoid problems.

Different types of Power Protection

There are 3 different types of power distribution and protection devices.

It can be extremely dangerous to connect one power delivery device to another, or 'daisy-chain' them. Always plug these devices directly into a wall outlet, and not into another power delivery device.

Outlet Duplicator / Power StripPower Strip
  • Very low cost.
  • Minimal, if any, protection. Most power surges are just passed through to your equipment which can damage or ultimately destroy them. Some models have a small fuse in them which is destroyed when a particularly strong surge occurs.
Surge ProtectorsSurge Protector
  • Average cost.
  • Provides decent protection to your devices. Some of these types tend to offer some extra protection as well for cable lines or networking lines. Many come with simple warranties that protect against power surge damage should your devices incur any while connected to one of these.
Power ConditionersPower Conditioner
  • Very high cost.
  • Provides not only decent protection, but also 'conditions' the power, so there's little if any noise or power fluctuations introduced to your equipment. While subjective and very dependent on what is coming to your equipment in the first place, some people feel it can help with picture and sound quality.
  • These tend to be aesthetically pleasing, and integrate well with modern home theater and surround sound setups.

4 Networking

Most home theater equipment now has the ability to connect to your home network, and provide content from the Internet.

From your Smart TV showing Netflix, to your game console that can play games with people across the world, to your Blu-ray player retrieving additional content for different movies, or even Internet radio stations on your receiver, it's a good idea to plan ahead for your Internet-enabled home theater system.

  • Many devices can make Wi-Fi connections. This usually works just fine, but just like any other Wi-Fi device, it can end up with interference that can cause stuttering, lower picture quality, or a complete inability to play. If possible, it's always a great idea to consider setting up a hard-wired Ethernet connection for your devices. Also, this tends to be easier; no passwords to remember, just another wire to plug in.
    Ethernet CableEthernet cable
    Ethernet PortEthernet port
  • Look for an Ethernet port on the back of your Internet-enabled devices. If you see one, you don't have to use Wi-Fi to connect it to your home network. You can use that wired connection to provide faster, easier setup.
  • To make things even easier, you can use a network switch to connect everything with one cable back to your router.
    Network switch
    • These are small boxes that basically give you more Ethernet ports for the back of your router. The benefit here would be that you'd connect all of your home theater devices to the switch, then have only one Ethernet cable connecting your switch to your router, giving you the most reliable connection possible for all of your connected home theater devices.

5 Speaker Setup

Most speakers will use very standard, simple 2-wire cables to connect them to your receiver.
Speaker Wire

  • Speaker wire has a polarity. In other words, it matters which side plugs in where. Most speaker wire will already be in a bundle of 2, and one of the cables will be a different color, or have a stripe of color or a label of some sort so you can identify them easily.
  • You will need one 'run' of cable (both wires) for each speaker. Make sure it is long enough to not only reach, but follow the contours of your room, and some extra for slack. This keeps them from being accidentally pulled out.
  • Depending on the model of the receiver you are using, the type of terminal you will plug your speaker wire into may vary.
  • Many receivers and speakers may allow for you to use something called banana plugs, which can be attached to the speaker wires before plugging them in to give a cleaner, easier to use, and more permanent solution for connecting your speakers to your receiver.

6 Display Setup

  1. In most cases, most people prefer to use the simple, excellent HDMI connection between their home theater receiver and their TV. Plug one end into the back of your TV.
    connecting HDMI cable to television

    Many TVs have multiple HDMI ports. Your receiver is going to control all of this, now. Just use the port for HDMI 1.

  2. Connect the other end of the cable to your receivers Monitor port.
    Back of receiver with HDMI out highlighted
  3. Connect the optical cable to the back of your TV, and to your receivers TV Audio Optical.
    Back of receiver with Optical out highlighted

7 Speaker Connection

  1. Connect each speaker to your receiver. Keep in mind that the red and black cables must match your speakers.
    Back of receiver with speaker outputs highlighted
  2. Connect your subwoofer. This tends to be a single RCA cable.
    Back of receiver with subwoofer outputs highlighted

8 Source Connection

  1. Connect each of your sources (Blu-ray, cable box, game console, etc.) to the appropriate connector on the back of your receiver.
    Back of receiver with inputs highlighted

? Will you be using a Wired or Wireless connection?

  1. Wired
  2. Wireless

Home entertainment systems pioneer

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