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Jabra Engage Wireless Headsets

Industry-leading professional wireless performance. Better customer connections.
Provides superior wireless connectivity to a range of up to 150m/490ft, enabling 3x more users to operate in the same office space – with no loss in connection quality.

Crystal-clear calls. Enhance the customer experience.
Advanced noise-cancelling microphone and enhanced speakers deliver crystal-clear calls even in noisy offices. Meets Skype for Business Open Office requirements

More talk time, less interruption. Increase productivity.
Up to 13 hours talk time and a busylight that acts as a do-not disturb sign for colleagues.

Any call, from any device. Increase availability for calls.
Connect to up to five devices simultaneously, increasing your team’s availability for customer calls. Can connect to 2 USB devices (softphone and/or desk phone), 2 Bluetooth® devices and 1 analog desk phone.

Choice of wearing styles. Support different workstyles.
With stereo, mono and lightest-in-category convertible models, there’s a Jabra Engage for everyone.

Sours: https://www.headsetexperts.com/jabra-engage-wireless-headsets_s/364.htm
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Enjoy superior sounding calls, even in busy offices with many wireless devices.

Hear the difference compared to other wireless headsets facing density issues.

Sound demo is for illustration only. Actual experience may vary.

Up to 150 meters / 490 feet DECT wireless range
Up to 3 times more users in the same office space

Use as a corded headset

Enjoy the best of both worlds, with the option to work wirelessly or corded. Use a regular micro USB cable or choose a recommended Jabra USB cable accessory to work corded.*

* When used as a corded device, the headset does not support headset call controls or busylight functionality.

Meets Skype for Business Open Office requirements.

Jabra Engage 65 Stereo

Constant sound levels throughout the day.

Keep the sound level at a comfortable and consistent level throughout the day. Simply set the volume on your headset to your preferred level, and every call will be initiated at the desired sound level for all day comfort

Incoming call sound level User preferred sound level

Takes security in wireless calls to the next level.

Patented pairing. 256-bit AES encryption. 128-bit authentification. DECT Security Level C.

Unique pairing security through Jabra-patented technology.

Authentication between headset and base is established with 128-bit level technology compared to the category standard 64-bit.

The wireless connection is secured using 256-bit AES encryption – giving a line of defense that goes beyond that of DECT Security Level C.

Download Security Whitepaper

Busylight off

Busylight on

All day battery life.

Up to 13 hours' talk time - and when you do need to charge, the fast charge feature powers the headset to 40% in just 30 mins.

Charge time40% after 30 min100% after 90 min

Talk timeUp to 13 hours


Modern base, small footprint.

Easy to use with one-touch buttons for answer, end and mute call functionality. With battery life and connectivity indicators.

Simple to set up

The voice-guided menu will help you connect the headset to your computer or desk phone.

Effortless docking, every time

The micro-USB charger in the base makes it easier to dock the headset correctly in one simple action and ensure it is charging.

Easy hot-desking

Pair your headset to a different Engage 75 or 65 Mono/Stereo base when using a different desk.

Headband (Stereo)Play video

Headband (Mono)Play video

Neckband (Mono)Play video

The neckband is available as an optional accessory for Engage 65 Mono.

Answer/End Call button

Mute/Unmute button

Volume controls

Easy to use base with one-touch buttons

Rich call analytics

The Jabra Engage wireless headsets leverage Jabra software* to enable IT managers to drive customer satisfaction with data driven decisions.

* Jabra Xpress and Jabra SDK


Call Analytics on a computer

Use Jabra SDK for:

  • Background noise levels
  • Audio exposure
  • Speech analytics
  • Busylight customization
  • Headset interaction logging
Jabra SDK
Call Analytics on a computer

Use Jabra Xpress for:

  • Background noise levels
  • Audio exposure
Jabra Xpress

Hearing Protection

Jabra Engage Wireless features high levels of hearing protection which is key for heavy users. This includes PeakStop™ which eliminates potentially harmful sudden sound spikes; Intelligent Acoustic Shock protection which removes potentially harmful sounds; and IntelliTone™ 2.0 which maintains average sound levels below predefined thresholds through the day. For more information on these and more innovations to safeguard intensive headset use, download our Hearing Protection white paper.

Download Hearing Protection Whitepaper

Engineered to deliver more power for your conversations.

40 engineers spent more than 115,000 hours in Research and Development to create the world's most powerful professional wireless headset, registering 4 unique patents to Jabra in the process.

See how Jabra Engage can help improve customer satisfaction

Technical specifications

Jabra Engage 65


Technical specificationsData sheet

  • Audio

    • Speaker frequency range


    • Microphone frequency range

      100 Hz to 7.3 KHz

    • Speaker bandwidth - Music mode

      40 Hz to 16k Hz

    • Certifications

      CE, CB, FCC, IC, NOM, NTC, EAC, PSB, ICASA, TELEC, SIRIM, ACMA, NZ Telepermit, UL. Zoom-certified.

  • Fit & Comfort

    • Headset form factor

      Head band, Neck band as accessory (Mono)

  • Ease of Use

    • Intuitive audio control

      Answer/end call - reject call - volume control

    • Voice / Mute


    • Busy Light

      Integrated red light on the microphone tip and the headset, activated when on a call or manually by the user when busy, to act as a “do not disturb” signal

  • Battery

    • Talk time

      Up to 13 hours

    • Charging time

      30 min for 40% charge
      90 min for 100% charge

  • Connectivity

    • Connectivity

      Desk phone & softphone (PC)

    • Connection (mini jack, USB, etc)

      Micro USB, RJ-9 for handset, RJ-9 for desk phone audio, RJ-45 for AUX

    • DECT device


    • NFC


    • Bluetooth device


    • Operating range (up to)

      Up to 150m/490ft

    • Headset bandwidth

      Narrowband and wideband.
      Optimized for music (when not in call)

  • General

    • Box content

      Headset, base, power supply, USB cable, desk phone cable, documentation, Quick start guide

    • Main unit dimensions (W x D x H)

      Base: 93 x 90 x 106mm
      Headset: 141 x 32 x 169mm (Duo), 147 x 32 x 169mm(Mono)

    • Headset weight

      83g(Duo) 57g(Mono)

    • Security

      DECT Security Step C & using FIPS approved algorithms for key generation, payload encryption and authentication

    • Warranty

      North America: 1 year limited warranty
      Europe/APAC: 2 year limited warranty

    • Jabra Direct


    • Operating Temperature:

      -10° to + 55° C

Frequently asked questions

What devices can it connect to?

Jabra Engage 65 provides simultaneously connection to up to two devices. It can connect to 1 USB device (desk phone or softphone) and 1 analog phone.

How long does its battery last?

Offers up to 13 hours talk time, depending on usage, and a fast charge option delivering 40% battery in just 30 minutes.

What is the wireless range from the base?

Jabra Engage 65 delivers superior wireless connectivity to a range up to 150 m/490 ft, enabling 3x more users in the same office space – with no loss in connection quality.

How can I use the Engage 75/65 as a corded headset?


If you have installed firmware version 2.0.5 or later (Jabra Direct version 4.x or later is required to install the firmware update), you can use your Jabra Engage 65/75 wireless headset as a wired USB audio device. 

To use your headset as a wired USB audio device, use one of the following options:

  • Option 1
    1. Insert the USB cable into a USB port on the computer.
    2. Press and hold the volume up (+), volume down (-), or Mute button.
    3. Insert the USB cable into the headset.
    4. The headset LED will flash green. When it stops flashing, release the button. You can now select the Jabra Engage 65/75 as an audio device on the computer.

  • Option 2
    1. Insert the USB cable into the headset.
    2. Put the headset on.
    3. Press and hold the volume up (+), volume down (-), or Mute button.
    4. Insert the USB cable into a USB port on the computer.
    5. When you hear the power-on tone in the headset, release the button. You can now select the Jabra Engage 65/75 as an audio device on the computer.

The headset will return to DECT mode after 5 seconds if the USB wired mode is not established.

To change your headset back to a wireless connection, disconnect the USB cable from the headset. The headset will automatically reconnect to the base when it is within range.

When your headset is connected as a wired USB audio device, call controls and the busylight feature on the headset are not supported.

Does it work with Skype for Business?

Yes. Besides, Jabra Engage 65 mono and stereo meet Skype for Business Open Office requirements, a Microsoft standard for customers requiring the best headsets for voice transmission.

Does it work with Mac and PC?

Yes, it works with both PC and Mac.

DECT standard security protects against wireless intrusion. Jabra Engage 65 has features going beyond DECT secure Level C, which provides the highest protection.

Can it be used in a hot–desking environment?

Yes. Hot-desking, where multiple users share one base, is easy because Jabra Engage 65 mono and stereo can use the same base unit.

For more frequently asked questions, please visit the Jabra Engage 65 support page.

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Jabra Engage 65 Stereo Wireless Headset




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