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Casting call! HBO Max television pilot casting extras in Tucson

TUCSON, Ariz. (KGUN) — Do you want the chance to be on a series as a background extra? You're in luck! An HBO Max television pilot is coming to Tucson.

The television pilot will be filming early October through mid November in Tucson. Many of the scenes will be a one to three day commitment for the extras with daytime and nighttime scenes, according to Maryellen Aviano, HBO Max Extra's Casting Coordinator.

The series is looking to cast anywhere from , paid extras in small increments while filming in Tucson.

Aviano says they are looking to cast lots of college age students between ages , local residents and a few minors

It's not been said what the name of the pilot is yet. But those interested in becoming an extra, here is some general information:

  • Nonunion extras are paid $ for 8 hours with opportunity for overtime pay
  • Must be vaccinated to be on set and be able to provide proof of vaccination
  • COVID testing will be required prior to being hired, a stipend will be provided
  • Must be legal to work in the US and complete an I-9
  • Minors must have an Arizona work permit and will need to fill out an I-9

Those who plan to submit an entry will need to provide the following:

  • Your full name
  • Cell phone number
  • Email address
  • Two selfies, including one close up (shoulders and up), and a full length. All photos must be taken in natural lighting, no head shots
  • You'll need to provide your current clothing size for wardrobe
  • Include any tattoo(s) and location of the tattoo(s)
  • Provide any scheduling issues you may have

Once you've included all the required information above, email [email protected] to submit.



Hylton Casting

Hylton Casting is currently casting extras to work on the HBO Max Limited Series Staircase in Rave scenes filming on Tuesday, 9/21/21 in Atlanta, GA.

COVID testing will be required on Friday, 9/17/21 AND Monday, 9/20/ The extras rate is $/8 hours + 2 x $80 COVID testing bumps.

Interior / Exterior Rave Scenes
&#; Rave-Goer Extras
&#; 4 Security Guard Extras
&#; 12 Extras with Fursuits (Must own your own fursuit. You would receive a $50 Costume Bump.)
-All genders and ethnicities, ages s.
-All extras must be prepared to dance.
-Looking for diverse, alternative looks &#; tattoos, piercings, fun-colored hair welcome.
Please visit the following link for more information and to submit:

Thank you,

Hylton Casting


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EUPHORIA (HBO) TV SHOW - Open Call Submission Form

We are an NYC based casting company:

We are currently casting SEASON 2 of the HBO television show EUPHORIA.

We are seeking talent for the following roles. No prior acting experience necessary. If you think you fit the description of one of those below, please submit yourself for consideration! Please fill out the form below and instructions on how to submit your audition/interview video.


DARIAN: Male. 18+ to play Any ethnicity. An outsider. Sensitive. Vulnerable. Mischievous. Could struggle with addiction. Definitely not the cool kid at school but one of the more interesting kids. 18+ ONLY. ROLE MAY INCLUDE SEXUAL CONTENT AND/OR NUDITY.

RAY: Male. 18+ to play Any ethnicity. Attractive in a real and accessible way. Working-class. Pure heart. Might be going nowhere in life but has a smile so genuine it's not depressing. Scrappy but a fighter. Not verbose or educated - has all the words he needs. 18+ ONLY. ROLE MAY INCLUDE SEXUAL CONTENT AND/OR NUDITY.

AMI: Female. 's. Drug addict. Stripper. Hates her boyfriend. Talks shit. Can't read a room. It can make a bad situation worse. 18+ ONLY. ROLE MAY INCLUDE SEXUAL CONTENT AND/OR NUDITY.

SERENA: Female. 50's+, Caucasian. Sassy and tough. A real character. The kind of woman who partied her whole life and attended every White Snake concert and now she has several different hustles just to make a living.


Please fill out the following form and submit videos + photos if you would like to be considered for this project! If there is interest, we will reach out with the next steps!

Depending on the role, please tape yourself answering the following questions honestly as yourself:


- Tell me your name.
- Where do you live?
- How tall are you?
- What do you do?
- How would you describe (identify) yourself?
- Tell me about your last memorable dream.
- If you could change something about yourself, what would it be?
- Have you ever been in love or heartbroken? Can you describe the moment when you knew it?
- Describe the last perfect day you had, what happened?


- Tell me your name.
- Where do you live?
- How tall are you?
- What do you do?
- Describe what a perfect day would be like for you? What would happen?
- Tell me about your last memorable dream.
- Describe the last wild night you had. What happened? Describe in detail.
- When was the last time you got really pissed off or got in a fight what happened? Describe in detail.


-Please keep the video minutes or under.
-If you use your phone to record your interview, please make sure to shoot it HORIZONTALLY (not vertically).
-Please make sure to set up the camera so it is facing you (frame from the chest up) and speak directly into it to tell your story.
-Submit a full body and a close up photo

If you have issues uploading or accessing the form below, simply email your videos, photos and contact info to [email&#;protected]



- Feel free to use your phone. Shoot horizontally. Do not look at the camera. Make sure you have someone to read the other character's lines off-camera. You should be looking at your scene partner.

- Do not read the stage direction as part of your audition.

- Try to learn the lines as well as you can -- we don't want you reading off the page.


EUPHORIA is a TV series produced by HBO. The show follows a group of high school students as they attempt to cope through the complications of being young in America today and make sense of an uncertain future.

The show shoots in LA from March to the end of the year (# of workdays is pending role). Must be okay with traveling to LA. If cast in the project, it is a paid opportunity. Travel and housing included. Talent can come from anywhere in the U.S.
The name and photo associated with your Google account will be recorded when you upload files and submit this form.


NOW CASTING SEASON TWO OF HBO’S “WE’RE HERE” The unscripted HBO series premiered in and is now casting for season 2. We’re Here, brings small-town residents into the world of drag as they are recruited and trained to participate in a one-night only drag performance. Each episode features former RuPaul’s Drag Race contestants Bob […]

Tags: HBO, Nationwide, Reality TV Castings, We're Here
HBO Divorce casting info

Extras wanted for HBO TV show, Get cast on &#;Divorce&#; Sarah Jessica Parker and her show &#;Divorce&#; are coming back for another season of the HBO series Divorce.  The Sex & the City star is filming the show in the New York City area and casting directors at GWC in NYC are looking to cast some extras […]

Tags: Divorce show, Extras, HBO, Kids, new york
James Franco stars in HBO The Deuce

NYC area casting directors are holding an open call for the upcoming HBO TV show &#;The Deuce&#; The HBO project is filming in the NYC area and is in need of lots of people who can rock a 70s look. NYC&#;s GWC is looking for locals who would like to work as paid background talent. The […]

Tags: Extras, HBO, new york, Open Calls, The Deuce
New HBO comedy series "Ballers" casting actors in Miami

There is a casting call out in Miami for Dwayne Johnson&#;s HBO comedy &#;Ballers&#; The show is in production in the Miami area and is casting actors for small roles as well as extras. Dwayne &#;The Rock&#; Johnson is starring and producing the new show with &#;Pain and Gain&#; co-star Mark Wahlberg.   The casting call […]

Tags: Ballers, Extras, featured extras, HBO, Miami
HBO "Divorce" with Parker cast

HBO&#;s new comedy series &#;Divorce&#; is filming season 1 in NYC and casting paid TV extras. Sarah Jessica Parker is coming back to TV in the new HBO comedy titled &#;Divorce&#;.  The Sex & the City star is filming her newest show in the New York City area and the show&#;s CDs are looking for  girls […]

Tags: Divorce show, Extras, HBO, Kids, new york
New HBO show holding auditions for kids and teens

A new HBO series is coming to the Monterey area and looking to cast paid TV extras. The show&#;s name has not been released but casting directors at Rich King Casting in Los Angeles are now accepting submissions from adults of all types in the Monterey area. The casting team needs adults who are available […]

Tags: Extras, HBO, Monterey
Casting extras in Miami for Ballers

HBO&#;s &#;Ballers&#; is now filming season 2 and there is a casting call out in the Miami area for talent who would like small roles in the show. Miami area casting directors at Miami Talent are now casting lots of small non-speaking roles to work as paid background actors and featured extras on HBO&#;s hit […]

Tags: Ballers, Extras, HBO, Miami
casting call for new HBO series "Vice Principals"

Teens and Adults Wanted for HBO Comedy &#;Vice Principals&#; The series is about to wrap for the season but there are still a few scenes left to go. The HBO show is looking for talent to play high school kids in a scene filming over the weekend. The comedy series is looking for talent to play […]

Tags: Charleston, Extras, HBO, South Carolina, Vice Principals
Casting call for new HBO series "Vinyl"

Paid extras wanted in NYC for HBO&#;s new show &#;Vinyl&#; Martin Scorsese and Mick Jagger are producing a new music oriented TV show for HBO. The show will consist of 10 episodes for the first season and those episodes are now filming in the New York City area. The show&#;s extras casting directors at GWC in […]

Tags: Extras, HBO, new york, Vinyl
Casting call for new HBO series "Vinyl"

Terence Winter&#;s (The Sopranos, Boardwalk Empire) &#;Vinyl&#; is now filming in the New York area and has a call out for talent. Can you pull off a funky 70s look? If you can and live in the NYC area, casting directors for the new HBO Rock and Roll drama &#;Vinyl&#;  may be interested in hiring […]

Tags: Extras, HBO, new york, Vinyl
HBO Martin Scorsese Mick Jagger Rock and Roll series

A new  70s set Rock & Roll series is coming to HBO and they are casting extras. The hour long drama dives into the 70?s music scene in New York City and is seeking background actors / extras with a rocker look to fill small roles in the show. GWC has a casting call out […]

Tags: Extras, HBO, new york
HBO Martin Scorsese Mick Jagger Rock and Roll series

Mick Jagger and Martin Scorsese have teamed up to produce a Rock & Roll oriented TV show for HBO. The  70s set show is looking for extras to play VIP guests at a private concert next week. GWC of New York City is looking to cast paid extras in their 20s to 40s that can […]

Tags: Extras, HBO, new york
Kerry Washington to star in HBO&#;s "Confirmation"

The HBO movie is beginning production in Atlanta and is looking to cast a few African American background actors for scenes filming mid month. The Anita Hill / Clarence Thomas scandal rocked the Supreme Court confirmation hearings back in the early 90?s and now HBO is making a movie about the scandal. Kerry Washington will […]

Tags: atlanta, Confirmation Movie, Extras, HBO
casting call for new HBO series "Vice Principals"

Do your teens need a cool job this summer? How about being paid TV show extras&#;&#; Danny McBride&#;s new HBO comedy &#;Vice Principals&#;  is now filming in Charleston and casting extras who look like high school teens The show is set in a high school and the series obviously needs a good amount of teens […]

Tags: Charleston, Extras, HBO, teens
HBO Videosyncrasy casting call

An open casting call for paid extras is coming to San Bernardino during the first week of June. David Fincher (Se7en, Gone Girl, and The Social Network) will be directing the music video oriented show which is set in the 80s&#;  the years when MTV actually broadcast music videos. David Fincher spent the 80s directing music videos for top […]

Tags: Extras, HBO, Los Angeles, San Bernardino, Videosyncrasy

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