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Sours: https://datawav.club/galleries/flowey-x-reader-lemon/?s=Flowey%20X%20Reader%20Lemon

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Time: Young Human


Originally posted by chaoticdoodler

You were a strange human to the little flower. You chose a neutral route and even though you left, you came back freely. You were strange to return each day and it bugged him. You always talked to the flower then ran to play with the skelebros.

The flower felt angry that you didn’t spend all that time with him but who could blame you, either a flower whose evil or skeletons who make you laugh? But he still felt anger. If he could just kill those skelebros. Then you would spend all time with him.

But for some reason, you stopped showing up. It went years. It was so long and the monsters missed you. They would try to call and Flowey wasn’t happy. You abandoned them! How could you?! The years turned Flowey’s heart even darker as he was furious that you left him.

Teenager Human

You were walking back to that same spot you fell down. Your parents died in a fire and nobody here really were your friends. You ran and found that spot. You jumped down and noticed the little flower was drooped over.

“Flowey?” You questioned. He looked pissed.

“You. The one who abandoned us. The one who abandoned me!” He growled. You flinched.

“I didn’t me-” You were cut off.

“I don’t care! You abandoned me! Just leave! Before I kill you.” He snapped as you flinched again.

“But-” You were cut off again.

“LEAVE!” He said darkly as you ran to Tori to explain your circumstances. You felt tears pour down your cheeks. He almost shot you with his pellets.

Flowey was shocked you returned but he couldn’t help but feel hurt that you left and didn’t return. You had gotten older and taller. Your h/c had gotten longer and you no longer wore that ratty blue and purple sweater. You wore a blue t shirt and jeans instead. He growled thinking about you but he felt like he could cry too. He shouldn’t feel these emotions.

“There you are stupid.” Said Toriel as Flowey looked up. “I know you like Y/n.”

“Don’t push it. Y/n abandoned me.” He snapped. “She shouldn’t have left in the first place!”

“Yes and now her parents died in a fire so she’s living in the Underground.” Said Toriel as Flowey looked up.

“What-” Toriel cut him off.

“You heard me. She’s going to stay with me so she has comfort and food. Whether or not you still want to be mad, she doesn’t want you to be mad. She loves you.” Said Toriel as she began to walk away. “Make your mind up.”

“Wait!” Toriel stopped. “How can she love a flower?”

“She gave you a second chance even if you’re manipulative and vile.” She said as she ran to Y/n.

Flowey was looking at the dirt that he was planted in and his petals drooped. He felt wet substances fall on his cheek. He was crying.

Flowey grumbled and went underground.

Now you were watching some TV with Toriel and she told you to go out and check on Papyrus and Sans. You smiled and ran to their house to see them.

As you began to walk out of the Ruins, a vine tripped you and you spun around.

Need to talk to you. Meet in flower field. Please. Soon~ Flowey.

Your eyes widened and you continued your journey. You met up with Sans and Papyrus to explain what happened.

After a couple of hours, you returned to the flower field where the buttercups bloomed. You smiled and sniffed them before something cleared its throat.

“Hey.” You heard a ruff voice say.

“I thought you didn’t want to see me.” You muttered as a vine was placed on your shoulder. You wouldn’t look at him.

“Sorry.” He whispered. “I thought you were going to leave me again.”

“Flowey, what had gotten in you?” You questioned before turning around and seeing a crying flower.

“You gave me emotions. I love you stupid.” He cried as you blushed. “When you left, I thought you hated me!”

You bent down and kissed his forehead and his eyes widened.

“How about I talk to Alphys about getting you a body?” You questioned as he blushed.

“As long as it’s not as flimsy as you.” He growled as you chuckled and placed a pot with fertilizer in it. Flowey hopped right in and leaned to you.

“Thanks.” He whispered as you smiled and kissed a petal.

“Anything for you Flowey.” You whispered before taking him to your room.

While Alphys didn’t think about giving Flowey a body but she agreed to help you because she was good friends with you. She worked endlessly to find something and to give Flowey a body for you and one day, Flowey got a body and you two were close. He could actually hold you and kiss you. Sure, he still had his manipulative side but you kept that under control.

Sours: https://cheekyredwillow.tumblr.com/post/190608151889/flowey-i-love-you-stupid
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Babysitting a Demon Flower|Flowey x Reader

Literature Text

"Somebody just..kill meeee-"

"Awh Flowey! Don't be like that!" Papyrus comforted, patting the grumpy yellow flower on the head. "Yeah," you sighed, holding onto the flower pot with one arm as you opened the door to your bedroom.

"It's really not that bad Asriel-"

"FLOWEY," he corrected you in a snarky manner. 

"Fine...Flowey.." You grunted.

It didn't surprise you that Flowey was the polar opposite of his former self. The Monster you fought and befriended was merely a sweetheart with a tragic backstory. As much as you wanted to help him, there wasn't much you could do. Without a soul, Asriel reverted back to the cynical flower that has tormented you since you fell into the Underground.
But you refused to leave him alone, and so you brought him home. You told the others about his true form, and since then Toriel has kept a close eye on her beloved son.

Today she and Frisk had to run some errands, and asked you and Papyrus to keep 'Asriel' entertained while she was away. "Like I said..it's really not that bad," you repeated, setting Flowey down on your desk. "It's just for one day. I can't be THAT annoying can I?"

"Well.." Flowey began, tapping his chin in thought. "You refused to follow my advice...but since you were nice enough to bring me with you to the Surface, I'll let you off easy. But this lean, mean bonehead over here-"

"Nyeheheh~!" Papyrus chuckled, sitting down on your bed. "I take that as a compliment. I understand that we ought to treat you better, but Toriel expects us to treat you like the sweet little fuzzball you truly are~!"

Flowey only groaned loudly at the word "fuzzball".

"And besides...what could be better than being babysat by [y/n] and the Great Papyrus?" The skeleton asked, grinning.

".....being dead...or anything ELSE.." Flowey replied with a deadpanned expression. "Oh..." Papyrus slumped over, slightly disappointed (and offended) at his response.  "Don't take it to heart, Paps," you said, patting his shoulder. "Remember..he can't really...feel anymore. But that doesn't mean we still can't have fun~!"

The skeleton immediately perked up. "You're absolutely right!" He rubbed his hands together with excitement. "So what should we do? Eat spaghetti? Make puzzles?"

"Hmmm..." You tapped your chin, wondering, before you got an idea. "I think I know just what to do..."

Whipping out your cell phone, you began to dial a certain number. After a few rings, you got an answer.


"Heyyyy Frisk, my fam!"

"Oh hey [y/n]! What's up?" Frisk chuckled. "How's the babysitting business going?"

"It's um..." Glancing over, you saw Papyrus and Flowey making eye contact, staring at each other intensely. Papyrus' eye sockets reflected joy in their pupils, whereas Flowey's screamed "murder".

"...going well. But I need to ask you something....how exactly do you keep a Monster incapable of feeling entertained?"
"Well..." Frisk started, pausing for a moment. "Maybe you should try introducing him and Papyrus to some of the things you like."
"Frisk..this is why we're besties." A wide grin stretched across your face. "Thank you so much. When will you and Mom be back?"
"Umm....probably around 4. Hopefully Flowey doesn't kill you or Papyrus by then."
"Nah we're on good terms now, thanks again Frisk. I'll talk to you later."
"No problem, [y/n]," they chuckled. "See ya."

You hung up, putting your phone into your front pocket, before turning around. "Okay. I think I know what we can do.."

First, you decided to show Flowey and Papyrus some fanart of themselves. 

"Wowie! I am LOVING all this realistic art of me!" Papyrus commented in awe as he sat at your desk, scrolling through deviantART. "There's gotta some sort of magic they're using..."

You giggled. "Nope. The only magic we have is our imagination!"

"This is actually kinda neat...but now it's MY turn!" Flowey grunted, trying to push the skeleton's hand off the mouse. You just raised an eyebrow. "You know you could ask."

"Fiiine..may I please see what these humans have turned me into?" Papyrus took his hand off the mouse, smiling. "Why of course, friend!"

With a smirk, Flowey began typing...though he was struggling to press down the keys. "Here, lemme help you," you offered, reaching over to type in 'flowey fanart'.

"H-Hey!" He protested. "If you wanna help someone, help yoursel-...ooooooohh...." His eyes widened at the rather creepy fanart of himself, though he did cringe at some of the 'cute' ones.

"So this is how you humans interpret me? Interesting.."

"Pssh, just wait till you see the Omega Flowey fanart," you replied, shivering slightly, "that stuff gave me nightmares for days...."

Next, you decided to teach the two Monsters how to play Pokemon. You had a deck of [favorite type] and decided to let Papyrus borrow your Fire/Electric-based deck and gave Flowey a Grass/Psychic-based one.
Once you taught them the basics the 3-way battle commenced.

"Imma use [favorite basic Pokemon]'s [attack] on Papyrus' Torchic and he's done for."

"Whaaaat?! Noooooooo!! Anything but my little Torchic!" The tall skeleton whimpered, clutching the card to his chest.
"It's just a game, Papyrus," you giggled, "I didn't actually kill him. It just means he was defeated and you're out of the game."

"...oh....b-but I NEVER LOSE!" He whined, sulking. "THE GREAT PAPYRUS NEVER LOSES!"

Sighing, you ignored him and turned back to Flowey, grinning like a mad man. "Your move." The flower looked at you, sweating nervously as he looked at his hand, realizing that there was nothing he could do.
"Y-You know what? I quit, too!" He threw his cards to the floor in defeat, crossing his arm-I mean leaves across his chest.
"Jeez..aren't you two just a couple of party poopers?" You frowned, gathering up your cards. "You know..maybe I should teach you about having Benched Pokemon.."

Papyrus and Flowey looked at you, confused.


You nodded as you handed them the decks. "Shuffle your cards, boys...it's high time I tell you how you can survive a Pokemon battle longer..."


Then you decided to teach Flowey a little bit of history. You needed a study-buddy for your upcoming quiz on the Great Depression in your American history class anyways.

"....at his inauguration, Franklin Roosevelt decreed that "the only thing we have left to fear...is fear itself"."

"Neato! But....why is this book so heavy?" Papyrus grunted, struggling to raise the textbook. "It contains centuries of the U.S.A's history, from it's founding up to the Cold War," you explained, taking the book and setting it in your lap. "It's actually kinda cool-"

"Really? Fear itself is what they needed to be afraid of?" The flower scoffed, shaking his head. "Do tell, [y/n]...how is any of this suppose to help you get a job? All of this crap has looonnnnnngggg passed; all these people mentioned are DEAD...so what's the point in reading about them?"

"I have to agree with Flowey," Papyrus added, "I mean..do human schools even teach you how to get a job?"

You shook your head. "Nope. They just like to give us test after test after test. And then you're expected to be social, sleep for 8 hours a night, and have a plan for getting your life together after high school....or you can just go homeless and pickpocket till you die."

"..that sound stupid-"

"YOU'RE stupid!!" Flowey sneered, chuckling as he pointed at Papyrus. His grin vanished, though, when he saw tears forming in the skeleton's eye sockets. "Hey lighten up, I'm only-"

"[Y/nnnnnnnn]..h-h-he called me s-stupid!!" Papyrus began to sob, hugging you tightly. 

"Hey, shhh..it's okay," you hushed, wrapping your arms around him. You rubbed his skull, trying to calm the sniveling skeleton down. "I'm sure he didn't mean it-"

"O-Of course he d-d-did!!" He hiccuped. "He's a-a-a big b-bully!!" As he continued to cry, you sighed, glancing over at Flowey, who was snickering away before he immediately stopped upon seeing your expression. The color on his face drained as he saw a sweet, little smile on your lips.


"..y-yes-AH!!" He barely missed the textbook that was chucked at his head, before it hit the floor with a loud thud.

"If you EVER make Papyrus cry again," you warned. "I, personally, will plant you in my backyard and leave you there till you either freeze over in the winter or the caterpillars eat your petals bit by bit in the spring, capiche?"

Whimpering, Flowey nodded hastily. "Okay okay, I-I won't do it again, I promise. I'm..sorry, Papyrus."

"Oh not to worry, Flowey!" Said skeleton immediately stopped crying, turning to the flower. "I..I just got a little carried away there.." He wiped a tear away. "But not to worry, the Great Papyrus will always forgive you!"

"And I'm sorry for throwing my textbook at you," you apologized. Flowey raised an eyebrow, surprised. "Really?"

"Yeah......but as punishment you gotta pick it up now."

"....this is why I hate humans like you..." Flowey groaned, using a vine to reach over and retrieve the textbook, which was incredibly heavy for someone his size.

After running out of things to do, Papyrus decided that he would go make some spaghetti. He's been to your house before and knows where you keep the things in your kitchen, so you trust him not to burn anything.

While waiting, you decided to draw at your desk. Flowey was looking out the window, quietly observing the outside world. He forgot how..serene and vibrant the Surface was.

The tune you were humming averted his attention from the window to you. "Will you stop that humming?" Flowey hissed. "It's getting annoying."

You only looked up at him briefly, before going right back to drawing and humming, earning the plant's ire. He sighed irritably, before leaning over towards you. "So what have you been drawing for the past half hour?"
Shaking your head, you shielded your paper from his view. "It's not done yet.."

"Lemme guess...it's some stupid cartoon thing for Alphys?"

"A-Actually..." You started, a small blush forming across your cheeks. "It's actually you as a..a happy person.." The sunflower looked at you, baffled, before he started to laugh out loud.

"Hah!! Are you still an idiot?" He chuckled. "You know I can't feel happiness, or j-!"

Flowey was silenced when you revealed your drawing to him: it was himself as Asriel, smiling and holding a bouquet of buttercups in his hands. Toriel and Asgore were behind him, their gentle hands patting their son on the head and shoulder.

"G..Golly [y/n]..." He stuttered, his eyes wide with awe. "This was me before..I.....I didn't.."

"Didn't wha...?" You began, until you saw the plant starting to cry, his face taking the form of a certain Monster..

"I-I'm sorry [y/n]..I'm sorry I've been so m-mean to you and Papyrus," he whimpered, tears dripping onto your paper. "Y-You took me home when you should have left me a-alone and all I've been w-was ungrateful--"

"Asriel..." The flower perked up at his name, looking into your eyes. Sighing, you smiled lightly, gently patting his head. "I'm willing to help you feel some sort of emotion anyway I can. I think I can take a few insults...even if Papyrus can't.."

"Asriel" sniffled, and you handed him a tissue. "W-Well..I guess so. To be honest I..I really enjoyed spending time with you today, [y/n]," he gave you a true, happy smile. "Just know that I'll always be grateful-"


"Tch...is rolling the 'R' really necessary?" Flowey muttered, his face shifting back to his normal, stoic form. He tossed the tissue into your trash can before looking up at you. "Y'wanna get going or what?"

You smiled. "I thought you'd never ask." Closing your sketchbook, you grabbed Flowey and headed out of your room and to your kitchen.

Perhaps, babysitting a demon flower isn't so bad after all...

Sours: https://www.deviantart.com/clanwarrior/art/Babysitting-a-Demon-Flower-Flowey-x-Reader-597263957

Emma fell with a crash, immediately starting to get up on all fours. I went in her direction, taking out the handcuffs prepared before the meeting from my pocket. Snapping one of the bracelets on her wrist, I again grabbed her by the hopelessly disheveled hair and pulled her closer to.

X reader flowey

Well, that is a given. True, - answered Samuel, smiling. - Oh, look, - Ksyusha blushed. - I can show, - Samuel got up and began to unbutton the fly of his trousers and his belt. The reddened girls giggled in embarrassment.

Frisk reacts to Flowey x sans

It will be the easiest. - Lick the eggs. - Tongue over the head. I moan from overwhelming sensations.

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