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Quantum Energy PT Baitcasting Reels

Quantum Energy Baitcasting Reels have earned the reputation as "go-to" reels under the most demanding fishing conditions. These Performance Tuned, low-profile baitcast reels feature precision, PT stainless steel/polymer hybrid bearings that make the Energy one of the smoothest reels available today. The Micro ACS II magnetic cast control employs nine individual brakes that can be fine tuned to match whatever casting style and baits you are using. The Energy also features Quantum's PT drag system, combining ceramics and composites to put the brakes on even the hardest charging fish. Professional and weekend anglers alike have made the Energy one of the most fished reels in the world.

Quantum Energy Baitcasting Reels are available with both High Speed (HPT) 7.0:1 and Standard (SPT) 6.3:1 gear ratios. The Energy is also available with Right- and Left-hand retrieves.

All Quantum Energy Baitcasting Reels have the following features: Quantum Energy Baitcasting Reels

  • 9 PT stainless steel/polymer hybrid bearing system (8 ball bearings plus clutch)
  • Continuous anti-reverse
  • Lightweight and rigid aluminum frame
  • Micro ACS II magnetic cast control
  • Quick release aluminum side cover
  • Maxcast anodized aluminum spool
  • Vacuum disposition titanium spool coating
  • Ceramic levelwind
  • Quantum PT drag system
  • Phosphor bronze gearing
  • Machined anodized aluminum handle
  • Comfortable, rubber handle grips
  • Right- and Left-hand retrieves available
  • High Speed (HPT) and Standard (SPT) models available
  • Quantum Hot Sauce lubrication

Additional specifications for these reels are provided in the table below.

Energy Specifications
Line Retrieve/
Crank (in.)
Gear RatioMax. Drag
(Right Hand)
(Left Hand)
(Right Hand)
(Left Hand)

Sours: https://www.fishingcastle.com/products/Quantum-Energy-PT-Baitcasting-Reels-.html

Brandishing an array of Quantum’s advanced Performance Tuned technologies, the Quantum Energy Casting Reels provide versatile, tour-grade performance that caters to competitive anglers. Housed in a tough, yet incredibly light one-piece aluminum frame, the Quantum Energy Casting Reels optimize performance throughout a range of tasks thanks to Quantum’s innovative Flippin’ Switch and an advanced Micro Adjust 3.0 cast control system.

Packed with Performance Tuned features, the Quantum Energy Casting Reels combine PT Bearings, PT Gear Design, and PT Speed Bearings to achieve outstanding performance cast after cast. Prepared with Quantum’s proprietary Hot Sauce Lubricant for tour-grade performance right out of the package, the Quantum Energy Casting Reels embody Quantum’s Performance Tuned concept through the utilization of advanced technologies and high-quality components.


-Flippin' Switch
-One piece aluminum frame
-Smooth ceramic drag
-Continuous anti-reverse
-Bayonet side cover
-Hot sauce lubrication
-Micro-adjust 3.0
-PT bearings
-PT gear design
-PT speed bearings
-Saltguard protection
-Zero friction design
-PT 3-year protection plan

Sours: https://www.tacklewarehouse.com/Quantum_Energy_Casting_Reels/descpage-QEN.html
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Quality/Construction: I tended to shy away from Quantum baitcasters in the past because the design and style of many models just didn't quite �click� with me. For the most part, I find many of the latest creations have much more appeal in both their form and cosmetics.Fortunately for this review, the Energy E100 SPTA is one of those reels!

The Energy utilizes an aluminum frame and gear-side cover.

The reel sports a sleek silver and gunmetal color scheme with some orange accents. Not only does it catch the eye, but up close the craftsmanship is quite clean. Edges and seams are mostly smooth and tight, and even the corners with more complex angles appear refined. Likewise, the handle and knobs feel equally tight and solid. The only handle play that's discernible is when the drag star is backed way off; otherwise it stops solidly for positive hook sets. This is indeed a satisfying reel for the price.

Quality Ratings for Quantum E100 SPTA Casting Reel


Construction Tolerances

Handle Tolerance

Knob Tolerance



Rating(=Tot/Poss * 10)








Performance: After Zander and Cal handed the Quantum off to me while on a California visit, I immediately took it out on the Delta and local reservoirs. Spooled with 20-pound Sufix braid, it mainly found a home aboard medium and medium-heavy rods for casting and a bit of light-duty flipping/pitching. Once I returned home to Florida it was put to use on local waters.

The reel has tasteful cosmetics and matches well on tons of rods.

Drag: The drag used in this reel works decently enough, but with one quirk. First off, back in the lab my test reel maxed out at 12.4 pounds of pressure�not entirely impressive these days, but plenty of grunt for most anyone. There is, however, light to moderate initial hesitation when the drag first starts up. Once it breaks free, line feeds out smoothly and consistently throughout the useable range. The little quirk I experienced was when pulling line off the spool; if I suddenly pulled the line off faster I could both hear and feel a modest click from within the reel during this speed change. Funny thing is, it wouldn't do it every single time.

The drag washer and drag key washer.

Sweet Drag Performance for Quantum Energy E100 SPTA (2.25 Turns to Lockdown)


Lock - 8

 Lock - 6

 Lock - 4

Lock - 2



Avg % Change













Lowest Value






Change in Start-up vs. Sustained













Biggest Drop From Sustained













Drag on this reel was tested with the drag star fully tightened. Then, with each successive test the drag was backed off with two short pushes of the drag star using a thumb.

The Sweet Drag performance chart above shows the consistency in drag performance of our Quantum Energy E100 SPTA casting reel.

Power: I'm quite happy with the smooth operation this reel exhibits. Upon retrieve, it feels refined and lacks any unpleasant noises from within. The 6.3:1 ratio is a great all-around gearing for a variety of techniques. Although no low-geared models are currently available, this reel felt fine with high-resistance lures like medium-diving cranks and larger spinnerbaits. These reels also come in a 7.0:1 configuration, and left-hand reels are also available in both ratios.

Note the aluminum main gear and shaft, and the bright flipping switch.

Casting Range: This reel should satisfy most bass fishing needs as it's versatile enough to cast a nice range of offerings. Casting weightless senkos, weightless flukes, and three-eighths ounce jigs was never a problem. At 16 grams, the spool performs great and has a nice �free� feeling at lighter brake settings. It can launch baits a long distance if you so desire.

Here's a look at the drilled spool and cast control dial.

Next Section: A dual braking system

Sours: http://www.tackletour.com/reviewquantumenergyptbaitcaster.html

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