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  • nicki minaj claimed she was in "twitter jail" after tweeting about the coronavirus vaccines.
  • minaj shared a story about her cousin's friend in trinidad who claims he had a bad reaction to the vaccine.
  • the rapper also says she was invited to the white house; however, the white house claims she was only offered a phone call.

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rapper nicki minaj, who has been criticized recently for her claims on social media about the coronavirus vaccine, says she was in "twitter jail" because of a recent post.

minaj on wednesday posted to her 157 million instagram followers claiming that she was unable to tweet after the social media company "didn't like" what she was saying.

the rapper, who originally took to twitter to explain she did not attend monday's met gala because she was hesitant about getting vaccinated against covid-19, a requirement for the fundraiser, started tweeting misinformation related to the vaccine after saying that a friend of her cousin in trinidad became impotent after getting vaccinated and was left with swollen testicles and a ruined marriage.

minaj claimed on instagram she was in "twitter jail" over the post -- but the tech giant denies that. 

because minaj's tweet was a personal anecdote, it didn't violate the company's rules, a spokesperson told insider.

twitter's policy states that "for content related to covid-19 to be considered violative under this policy, it must advance a claim of fact, expressed in definitive terms" and "personal anecdotes or first-person accounts" are not a violation.

minaj also tweeted that she was invited to the white house to speak to officials about the coronavirus vaccine. a white house official told a bloomberg reporter minaj was only offered a phone call.

—jennifer epstein (@jeneps) september 15, 2021


minaj later went live on her instagram on wednesday to defend her position, saying "do y'all think i would go on the internet and lie about being invited to the f---  white house?" 

minaj and her team did not respond to insider's request to comment about her claims she was asked to the white house.

celebrities like minaj often wield a lot of power on the internet because of their large fanbase. minaj's dedicated fanbase, also known as "barbz," often comes to her defense when she is openly criticized by the public. in 2018, a critic who posted a tweet about minaj's artistic direction received harassment from barbz online. when the critic later posted about the harassment, it only made minaj's fans more upset and further incited hateful messages, insider reported.

dr. anthony fauci, the country's top infectious disease expert, responded to minaj's claims on cnbc, warning the artist that she needs to "think twice" about what she posts about covid-19 because of her large platform even if her tweets were "innocent."


Door Gym Tower 200 Body By Jake Home Gym Workout Equipment

Door Gym Tower 200 Body By Jake Home Gym Workout Equipment is a door gym that fits on any door in the house, office, or dorm. The unique double bar track design of this workout machine that fits on doors provides stability and allows the plate loaded carriage system to glide smoothly along the tracks, supplying the perfect amount of resistance. The home gym has a maximum weights load capacity. This home gym equipment has a fully functional cable machine! With Tower 200, you get 200 lbs. of explosive resistance delivered through our multi-tension power cords, and over 200 exercises that push your muscles to the max.

Door Gym Tower 200 Body By Jake Home Gym Workout Equipment is a home gym pulley system that has an adjustable machine that features sturdy construction with an extra wide and tall mainframe. Enjoy an endless and unlimited selection of high and low pulley exercises. This home workout equipment offers a wide variety of balance improving, coordination enhancing workouts for your home gym. Improve resistance and target your abs, biceps, triceps, and pectorals with this versatile machine.

Door Gym Tower 200 Body By Jake Home Gym Workout Equipment is constructed of high-quality steel for a strong and durable best at-home workout gym! The rubber base caps of this home gym encase each foot that provides further safety, stability, and protection to your gym floor. You also have the option to mount this home gym equipment to the ground for further stability. This home workout equipment features a high pulley and a low pulley, as well as plate storage pegs for a clean and organized home gym!


  • Tower 200 has a comprehensive body training system that is designed to connect to any easy-to-install standard door.
  • Our home gym equipment has a unique design with progressive resistance in excess of 220 pounds for strength and muscle mass.
  • Easy disassembly/assembly, small size and easy to carry, can be used at home on business trips.
  • Three gear points display, you can change the weight according to your needs to achieve fitness purposes
  • Workout chart with more than 50 body sculpting exercises; three fitness DVDs and an eight-week nutrition guide are included.
  • This back workout equipment is easy to install and can be installed on any door of a house, office or door.
  • This door gym eliminates the need for bulky gym equipment.


  • Material: Steel Pipe, Iron Piece, Latex Drawstring, Plastic (ABS)
  • Product Weight: 6kg/13.2lb
  • Shipping Weight: 14.3 pounds
  • Packing size: 24 inch X 14.2 inch X 6.3 inch

Package Includes:

  • 1X Door Gym Tower 200 Body By Jake Home Gym Workout Equipment

Most orders are delivered within 10-15 business days to the United States, although you may receive your order much sooner. All orders are shipped USPS with tracking sou you can track it every step of the way!


We maintain the highest standards for product quality and delivery methods. If you have any issues with the delivery of your order or if it did not meet your expectation, we will replace your order or refund you! You can return any unused product 30 days after arrival for a full refund.


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Body by Jake Tower 200 Reviews

A Must Have Item For Your Home Gym!

Body by Jake Tower 200 reviews by H. Jaffe and Cindy M.

I recently bought the Tower 200 and thought I should give it a solid review.

What Is It?

The Tower 200 by Body by Jake is resistance band training equipment that you install onto any standard door. It offers 200lbs resistance and 200 different types of workouts, hence the 200 in the name. But this is more of a marketing thing than anything. I'm not sure where the 200lbs resistance comes from because they actually have a maximum 40lbs resistance on each hand. Also the 200 exercises are only 200 because they count 2 exercises for changing sides/hands/feet etc. So in actuality it's only like 100-120. But that's still more than enough for a good workout.


While the printed guide illustrates many exercises, the included DVD is well-done and easier to follow. It includes an 11 min. total body workout, a 3 min. MMA total body workout by Randy Couture, and three quick (3 min.) routines to target the abs, triceps/biceps, or chest/shoulders. They include some moves not shown in the printed guide.

rogue power rack

The routines are fast, comprehensive, well thought-out, and ordered to minimize the time wasted switching the handles between the top and bottom. It would have been nice if the Tower 200 came with a second pair of handles, as shown on the DVD. Additional handles can be purchased separately, but I borrowed a pair from some other resistance bands I have. You could also grip the included pair of ankle straps, but it's not overly comfortable.

The resistance is adjusted by hooking the handle's carabineers to one or any combination of the three resistance bands on each side. This is fast and simple, and offers a fairly fine range of adjustment. As with any resistance band system, resistance increases as the bands are stretched. This means that minute resistance changes can be made by moving closer to, or further away from, the door.

The three pairs of bands are rated at 25, 35, and 40 lbs. (approx. 11, 16, and 18 kg.) of resistance. This provides a useful range, although 25 lbs. (11 kg.) may not be low enough for some difficult exercises, such as the lateral raise. You can overcome this in some instances by cramming two hands onto a single handle.


After unpacking the box, the setup was straightforward and required no tools. The setup instructions were adequate, but I would have liked to see more, and larger, pictures. Line drawings would have been clearer. It installs by simply hooking the top part on the top of the door and hooking the bottom part under the bottom of the door. Yes it's THAT EASY. So it's perfectly easy to install for anyone. There's no assembly required since everything is already put together for you.

BUT, the instructions don't mention that you should install the Tower 200 on the side of the door opposite of the way it opens (e.g. if the door swings out, install it on the inside). If you don't, all the stress from pulling on the gym will transfer to the door's latch and hinges, which is probably a bad idea. Maybe that's obvious, but I didn't realize it until I was almost done installing the gym on the wrong side.



It is surprisingly good construction and feels VERY solid and sturdy. I feel perfectly safe to use it as hard as I can with as much power as I can. I've read on other sites that other products made by "Body by Jake" aren't very high quality, but I must say that the Tower 200 is has VERY good construction. It's also quiet too, so you can listen to your music while working out without having any noises from it.

The metal brackets that contact the door have insufficient padding, and may scuff up your door. I added some stick-on rubber bumpers to avoid this. The brackets are wide enough to accommodate a thick door, up to approx. 2 in. (5 cm). The downside is that if your door is thinner, like my interior door, there will be some forward and back play in the brackets, which will scrape up the doorway as the door is repeatedly opened and closed. This was easily remedied by fashioning some spacers to take up the extra width.

Does It Work?

Well, this greatly depends on you. If you're a beginner or haven't worked out in a long time, then this could be GREAT for you. But if you're a seasoned bodybuilder, then I would definitely give this a pass. As for my personal experience, I used to be a seasoned veteran but my fitness has dramatically changed over the last 2 years because I "let myself go" and didn't work out. So I would consider myself as a beginner now with little fitness ability. This is why the 11 minute workout is so good for beginners like me who are trying to get back in shape.


This is a little misleading, just like any other fitness equipment on TV. It says try now for $14.95 free shipping and handling, which you can try for 30 days before sending it back. But then they charge you $39.95 for 4 months after each month. Then add sales tax on top of that which means you're actually paying a total of $191.79! So it's a lot more expensive than you may think. But they do have these details on their web site, so they still inform you of the total costs. Best price:Body by Jake Tower 200


So now that you've read my review would I honestly recommend it? ONLY if you are a beginner. I'll be honest I really DO like the Tower 200 and I don't regret paying for it, but for most people reading this website, you'd want to save your money and buy a new set a dumbbells or barbells or something.

Dumbbells are cheap and probably give you a BETTER workout too. The only reason why I don't like dumbbells anymore is because I can't push myself harder at higher weights because my fitness has gone down a lot. With the Tower 200 you can definitely push yourself hard because of its solid construction and you can't drop it through the floor.

Despite the minor issues mentioned above, the Tower 200 is overall a highly versatile and compact system that offers a lot of bang for your buck.

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Body By Jake

Rated with 1 star
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Juliana of Terrace, BC Verified Reviewer
Original review: Aug. 14, 2018

It broke while using it, there is NO WAY TO CONTACT them. I have tried every which way to get them to fix or replace the part, but they are unreachable. They sell the product with a guarantee and back it with a person's word. Both are worth nothing. Don't go there. Find something somewhere else that can be serviced.

Rated with 1 star
Donald of Jacksonville, FL Verified Reviewer
Original review: Aug. 15, 2017

I was very very very disappointed with this apparatus. I envisioned myself getting a great workout at an inexpensive price. I found out that the old cliches still hold true, you get what you pay for. The bands snapped two months after me purchasing the (junk) machine. To add insult to injury, customer service was a recorded message that NEVER produced a human being. I guess that's how Jake became a millionaire from suckers like me.

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Rated with 3 stars
Original review: Dec. 7, 2016

Tower 200 - I bought this a few years ago as a quick, easy way to get some exercise (as I got lazy sitting at a computer for so long), and it was working great for a while. My fitness level has improved a lot over the past few months, however I started to use it more and more for strength training (I guess you could call it). Unfortunately it seems the cords (bands) have uneven tension. I tested each band (orange capped ones), have 3kg tension difference at 1 meter pulled tension on the bands. The grey capped ones are 1.4kg difference at 1 meter pulled tension. The DVD with the kit always goes on about doing the same amount of reps etc with each side so each side of your body (arms and legs etc) get a unilateral & even workout, however with the bands being uneven tension I don't see how that is possible.

I didn't find they were uneven until I realised the strength and muscle definition was uneven on both sides, and quite honestly I'm disappointed in the quality of the product. I would suggest if you buy one of these you use the same band to workout on both sides, that way you will get an even workout. The reason for my review: I don't like buying dodgy products, nor do I like recommending them to others, and would rather warn people about products that are not of decent quality, to try and save people money and the aggravation finding out the hard way.

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Rated with 4 stars
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Sharwyn of Aurora, CO Verified Reviewer
Original review: Oct. 25, 2014

My kid pulled the wrong strap and the strap connection separated. I can't find my manual on how to reconnect the strap and of course no customer service. I would like to use the gym but I can't get the strap to tighten. Help.

Rated with 2 stars
Original review: Aug. 29, 2014

I rarely use my Tower 200 but it was a gift from my wife a year or two ago. On occasion I use it to stay in some modicum of shape. I was attempting the military press just as shown on the workout guide and the red cord's plastic piece broke. The cord snapped and left a nice welt on my arm, it hurt pretty bad but I'll live. Being that the red cord is the greatest amount of resistance, this apparatus isn't much use to me if I can't use the full weight available. I'd love a replacement cord but can't seem to find a customer service email or telephone number. It's great to sell these products then make yourself unavailable should anything go wrong with them... I'd love for anyone out there that can help to get in contact with me through this site if possible. Thank you.

Rated with 2 stars
Ernestp of Whittier, CA Verified Reviewer
Original review: Jan. 10, 2014

I bought the tower 200 summer of 2013. I didn't use hardly until November of 2013. First week in January 2014, the plastic pulley from the black band which is claimed to be 35lbs broke and hit my left calve as I was doing front leg raises. I did get hurt. I called the 888 # on the website. But it was always busy, always the same thing. I then emailed the email on the site but it said email not valid. I tried 7 times on different days but no luck. I bought this so I could use for some type of exercise as I am on dialysis. I just wanted exercise. Now the item is basically useless and I got nothing from their customer service info from their site.

Rated with 1 star
Patricia of Cape Coral, FL Verified Reviewer
Original review: Aug. 23, 2013

I have been waiting for a new Cardiac Cruiser for over 3 months. Been told back order too many times. Now I call them back and the phone is a busy signal constantly for over 2 weeks now. I think it is going to be disconnected to a Not in Service number soon. Then how do we get our money back or get the product. I am really fed up with Cardiac Cruiser by Jake customer service.

Original review: Jan. 11, 2011

I called to order the Tower 2000 because it connects to the door, which excited me because I looked into pull up bars but my frame is too ** to support them. After four minutes of gibberish, I still had questions for the operator but she told me that her line was for ordering and I needed to talk to customer service. She spit out the number, repeated it. I said "(her name), please help me," and she hung up.

Rated with 1 star
Sunitha of Bath, PA Verified Reviewer
Original review: Aug. 27, 2010

My husband ordered by an equipment. They had made tall claims and when we called for refund so as to return their product, we were told of 30 days guarantee that was never implemented. We were cheated and my husband felt the same. Now we got cheated by $100+ shipping and handling charges, and they don't care for customer if they get results or not, and waste time over phone and customer service is thumbs down. Either they ** or are evasive of the refund.

Sharon of Winter park, fl
Original review: July 8, 2010

My ab-back equipment broke completely as I was going backwards. Apparently there is plastic inside the weights. I am hurt pretty bad as a result of the machine flipping entirely over.


Gym home tower 200

Body by Jake Tower 200 Full Body Home Gym Randy Couture w/ DVD | Open Box

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Seller:threads_treads_andmore✉️(40)100%, Location:Pompano Beach, Florida, Ships to: US, Item:154045701931Body by Jake Tower 200 Full Body Home Gym Randy Couture w/ DVD | Open Box. Items inside the Box Body By Jake Tower 200 Cosmetic Condition Brand new item in a open box. Original Box has wear and rips. See Photos for more details. Shipping We pack items with care and we ship out fast, most of our handling time to get the purchased orders to the shipping carrier is 1 DAY. Return Policy No Return Your satisfaction is our main goal!! Feel free to contact us at any time!Please give us a chance to resolve any issues before leaving feedback!Don't forget to add us to your favorites!Condition:New other (see details), Condition:Brand new item in a open box. Original Box has wear and rips. See Photos for more details., All returns accepted:ReturnsNotAccepted, Country/Region of Manufacture:China, Activity:Gym & Training, Load Capacity:200 lb resistance, Color:Black, Brand:Body by Jake, Model:Tower 200 Full Body, MPN:556869

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  • 3,101 views, 7.3 views per day, 426 days on eBay. Super high amount of views. 0 sold, 1 available.

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