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GooDee 2021 upgrade HD video projector review – how to do troubleshooting?

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What is the upgrade in GooDee video projector? GooDee 2021 upgrade HD video projector improved the brightness, added 80% brighter than other ordinary projectors. 3000: 1 contrast ratio provides a brighter image and wider viewing even in slight light or outdoor place such as Backyard, Garage and Camping. Get ,pre om GooDee 2021 upgrade HD video projector review.

In the box

  • 1 x GooDee Home Video Projector
  • 1 x HDMI Cable
  • 1 x AV 3 in 1 Cable
  • 1 x Remote Control
  • 1 x Projector Lens Cap
  • 1 x User Manual

Pros & Cons – GooDee 2021 upgrade HD video projector


  • Works at a wide range of sizes and distances.
  • Bright, clear display.
  • Industry-leading warranty and satisfaction guarantee.
  • Compatible with almost any device.
  • Built in dual audio speakers offer clear and well balanced sound
  • Built in fan ensures less noise


Compare GooDee 2021 upgrade HD video projector (review)

Movie Projector YG600Mini Projector YG200Wifi Projector W181080P Projector BL98
Native Resolution1280*768480*272800*4801920*1080
Max Screen Size230″60″200″300″
HDMI2 Ports1 Port1 Port2 Ports
Built-in Speaker
MHL Function
Vertical KeystoneManualManualManualManual
Support Wifi
Included100” Projector Screen

GooDee 2021 upgrade HD video projector review


The case is constructed from a satin black plastic, which is both easy to clean and resists fingerprints. The top of the unit is smooth and arched, with a grey GooDee logo towards the back.


The GooDee YG600 LED Projector is a mid-sized unit. It measures 12 inches wide, 9.36 inches deep, and 4.68 inches thick. This makes it well sized for home use, while still small enough to put in a bag for transport. 


On the back of the projector, you’ll find all the video inputs. From left to right, there’s a VGA input and a pair of HDMI inputs. There’s a pair of USB ports, an AV port, a headphone jack, and even an SD card slot. Underneath, you’ll find the YG600’s power input, as well as an on/off switch.


So if you want to take it to your friend’s house for movie night, you’re ready to go. At five pounds, it’s fairly lightweight for the size. Again, transport is a non-issue.


At the front left, you’ll find the control panel, as well as the keystone adjustment dials for the lens. The control panel has a power button, a rewind button, a button to select sources, and a menu button. Four additional buttons allow you to navigate through the menu. There’s no remote, so you’ll want to familiarize yourself with the control panel as soon as you can.


The projector can be as close as 4.9 feet, or as far as 18 feet from the screen or wall. At 4.9 feet, the image will measure 44 inches on the diagonal. At 18 feet, it will be a massive 230 inches, or more than 19 feet on the diagonal. GooDee recommends a distance of 10 feet in order to get optimal focus. 


it has a native resolution of 1280 x 768 pixels. This is slightly better than 720p, and much better than your typical 480p projector. That said, GooDee does produce a true 1080p projector. The GooDee BL98 Native 1080P HD Video Projector has one of the highest-resolution outputs on the market. However, it won’t support Mac inputs without a little tinkering.

Contrast ratio

The contrast ratio is 3000:1, which is very good. Contrast ratio is a measure of the difference between the brightest and darkest tones on the display. The higher the ratio, the larger the difference. At 3000:1, you’re at the limit of human perception. Dark scenes will be very well distinguishable.


The bulb has a brightness of 4,000 lumens, which is about average for a home projector. It’s good enough for a fully-lit room, or even for outdoor use. The only time you’ll see a problem with brightness is if you’re working in broad daylight. In that case, the sun will overpower the brightness of the YG600’s bulb.

Lamp life

The powerful projector lamp is rated for 50,000 hours of use. This is about average for a home projector, and works out to nearly six years of continuous use. 


For sound, you get a pair of built-in 3-watt speakers. The quality is quite good, with plenty of response across the spectrum. That said, three watts isn’t very much power for a speaker set. 

Setup or mounting

On the bottom of the unit, there are four threaded M3 holes for mounting screws. By default, they’re covered by screw caps, which can be adjusted to level the projector on a table. However, if you remove the caps, you can easily flip the YG601 over and install it on a ceiling mount. By mounting it upside-down, you’ll be able to access the controls with ease. Just use the menu to invert the image, and you won’t have any issues.

Best GooDee 2021 upgrade HD video projector

GooDee YG620 projector – Best portable outdoor projector

The Goodee portable outdoor movie projector is amazing in its own way, offering a 46 to 300-inch screen size, and an amazing projection distance range between 5.6 feet and 30.2 feet. Since it also features a max size of 300-inch image display, it is preferred for conference presentations and family and home entertainment systems. This is also one of the ideal options for the best projector for outdoor movies.

It also features a high dynamic contrast ratio at 7000:1, along with an impressive high-refraction 5-layer glass lens which can easily meet all your video and audio requirements, making it perfect for office needs and home theater entertainment systems.

This GooDee video projector also comes with a native 1920 x 1080p resolution minus image compression or image downscaling, offering an extremely vivid and accurate video quality. This level of quality is about 50% brighter compared with other projectors.

Another interesting feature of this video projector is the addition of built-in 5W dual stereo speakers that comes with SRS sound system support Dolby, thus giving you that real auditory pleasure, allowing you to enjoy the amazing sound and watch movies without the need for an external speaker to be connected to your system. 

GooDee BL98 Native 1080P HD Video Projector

If you are looking for a Goodee 1080p projector that is ideal for outdoor use, the GooDee BL98 projector is definitely a good choice. It offers the capability of enjoying a home theater experience, thanks to its 1080p picture quality. This projector is also equipped with built-in speakers which means that you do not need to connect it to a separate sound system just to enjoy your favorite movies.

Another good thing about the Goodee led projector is that it is easily compatible with almost all types of media input. The control button panel is situated above the projector, along with its power button, navigation buttons, and a number of other buttons. They are easy to use and understand.

This GooDee video projector offers 1920 x 1090p resolution for high definition videos. It projects a video that is bright enough, allowing it to be used in different lighting conditions. The projection is also adjustable, and easy to prepare. In terms of connectivity, this GooDee projector comes with two HDMI ports, a VGA port, and two USB ports. It also has a TF card slot which allows you to watch videos directly from the storage of your camera.

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What's package: 1 x GooDee Home Video Projector 1 x HDMI Cable 1 x AV 3 in 1 Cable 1 x Remote Control 1 x Projector Lens Cap 1 x User Manual Questions & Answers Q: Will this projector work with android phones/Iphone? A: For Iphone/Ipad: A Lightning to HDMI adapter cable or a HDMI WiFi display adapter is needed. For Android Device: Please prepare a MHL cable (Notice: Your device should support MHL function.) Q: Does it have built in rechargeable battery? A: This projector have not battery inside, you will need to plug it to a outlet. Q: Is the lens adjustable or do I have to move the whole projector to change the picture size? A: For now, you will need to move the projector to adjust the picture size. Q: Is it wifi and bluetooth capable? A: No, this is not a wifi or bluetooth projector, you can use this projector by connecting HDMI/VGA/USB DISK or Micro SD and so on. Q: Can this projector play Dolby sound? A: This video projector does not support Dolby related decode.


  • EXCELLENT IN BRIGHTNESS: Compared to other small projectors on the market, we have an absolute advantage in both brightness and clarity. Adding 80% better brightness than other projectors (2200 lux), which can provide a brighter & wider viewing even in slight light especially in the outdoor place such as backyard, garage.
  • HIGH RESOLUTIONE & 1080P SUPPORTED: Experiencing the home cinematic theater with GooDee new upgraded YG600 projector 1280*768P (normally projector is 480P), which could offer a ultra accurate & vivid video quality. Ideal for projecting movie, games, presentations and graphics.
  • ENJOY BIG SCREEN with LCD TECHNOLOGY LIGHT SOURCE -Projection size: 44-200 inches with distance 4.9-18 feet, the shortest distance to focus is 4.9 feet, and the best viewing distance is 10 feet with 98 inch; GooDee home projector utilizes LED light source and LCD display technology, this ensures lower energy than conventional bulbs and also longer life.
  • LOW FAN SOUND & UPDATED HIFI LEVEL STEREO AUDIO -GooDee video projector comes with a powerful cooling system that provides AWESOME HEAT DISPERSION and LOWER NOISE due to an improved fan design and the application of innovative materials. Complete your home entertainment experience with 2 powerful built-in 3W speaker. This speaker provides powerful, crystal clear sound quality without the need for costly external speakers.
  • FACTORY LEADING WARRANTY -GooDee provides 3 year warranty for the projector. If you're not completely satisfied with the order, please let us know and you'll be offered a refund or replacement alternatively within the first 2 months. Absolutely RISK -FREE purchase for you.

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Projector Goodee 2021 Upgrade Hd Video Projector 6, is it available on Amazon?

Yes! But at Pricepulse we inform you when is the lowest price to buy the Projector Goodee 2021 Upgrade Hd Video Projector 6

Should I buy the Projector Goodee 2021 Upgrade Hd Video Projector 6 now?

It's unlikely to find significant changes in price, we expect this product to remain within its Average price. Our advice is Buy now.

What is the current price of Projector Goodee 2021 Upgrade Hd Video Projector 6?

Its current price is $169.99

What was the lowest price for the Projector Goodee 2021 Upgrade Hd Video Projector 6?

The lowest historical price was $119.84

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Projector, GooDee 2021 Upgrade HD Video Projector 6800L Outdoor

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Projector, GooDee 2021 Upgrade HD Video Projector 6800L Outdoor


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