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I currently have a working Sennheiser Flex 5000 (TV ears type) connected to one of the rca type audio outputs on my 10 yr old Panasonic Plasma TV. The Sennheiser transmitter also has a digital optical input (PCM only) for the audio. Would I get better audio using the digital input?
I do not have digital optical port on the old Plasma TV but have it connected by HDMI to a Yamaha RX-V677 AV Receiver. My problem is that I cannot figure out how to get the digital audio signal to the Flex 5000 unit??
I am using HDMI cables to connect everything...starting with the Set Top Box to the AVR to the Blu-Ray to the Plasma TV but even though I get the optical red signal in the Toslink cable, I get no sound on the headset. Even tried the optical out from the STB directly to the Flex 5000, but still no audio!
I am hoping that someone may be able to give me another way to fix this or maybe it is too much trouble for so little a gain in the audio response?
Thanks for reading all this.


Sours: https://forums.tomsguide.com/threads/yamaha-rx-v677-digital-optical-output.182031/

RX-V373 TV Digitial Audio Out Hookup for Optical or Coaxial cables

TV Digital Audio Out Hookups

This is a common hookup used when you have an over the Air Antenna or Smart TV with applications for movies or audio sources.

The recommended/common connection on the Yamaha receiver is the AV4 Optical (TV) input. (AV1 can also be used.)

There are no special settings on the receiver needed, just make sure the input is on AV4 or AV1 depending on what connection you chose to use.

Your TV may or may not have settings that need to be changed.You may need to enable digital audio out and possibly turn off the TV internal speakers.Please consult the owner’s manual of the TV for details on that setup.As well as any limitations on audio output formats.Some TV’s will only support 2 channel PCM digital output.

Note:If the TV does not have Optical out for digital and utilizes the Coaxial digital out, you would have your choice of using AV2 or AV3 for inputs.

Sours: https://usa.yamaha.com/support/faq/audio_visual/7140.html
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Yamaha RX-V2065 - digital optical output

Paradise1629 said:

I should have asked a more elementary question to start. Is it worth it, i.e. is the difference in audio quality between analog and digital that great since I have hearing loss and tinnitus from Vietnam?

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There is a difference between the audio you can expect to get via analogue and the greater fidelity associated with digital audio. Whether you'd perceive such a difference is something only you can determine.

Why is analogue audio even being mentioned? Your headphones would need to convert the digital signal to analogue at some point in order to drive the speakers within them. If simply wanting to use headphone then invest in a good pair of conventional headphones and use the receiver's own headphone output. The RXV2065 will output all sources via its headphone socket and even includes something Yamaha call "Silent Cinema". Silent Cinema makes it possible to hear large-scale surround sound through ordinary headphones! Yamaha engineers used small microphones inside people's ears to record sounds from different points and basically created a map of how people hear. They used that map to determine how to direct sound from headphones to reproduce speaker sounds from various directions. The result is getting surround sound from a standard pair of headphones.


Sours: https://www.avforums.com/threads/yamaha-rx-v2065-digital-optical-output.1821825/

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Output yamaha receiver optical

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