96 inch window box

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A Variety of Styles and Designs To Please

With such a wide variety of styles and designs to choose from in our planter boxes online sized up to 72", your biggest dilemma will be narrowing down your choices. From lovely Pasadena or Banded Redwood to Mariposa or English Garden Coconut Coir window boxes, the selection is unsurpassed in the industry. We also carry wrought iron cage window boxes such as the slimline Santiago Tapered cage, the 72" French Window Box cage, the Lattice and European style cages and more. Many styles are compatible with numerous home designs, too, from Colonial, neoclassical, and Georgian to Queen Anne and French Provincial.

Measuring For Your Oversized Window Box Planter

A common misconception when ordering window boxes is they don't have to be as long as the window's width. The best and most optimal size to order is to measure the exact length of your window and order at least that width. For improved visual performance and a vibrant floral display, we recommend you extend the window box length beyond the window's width, but to no more that 4" on either side. What's more, if you already have shutters on your home’s exterior, we suggest your window box planter extend not greater than a 1/3 of the width of the shutters. Of course, if you have very large windows we also have custom window boxes for sale. And with customization being a hallmark of our company, we delight in helping you make your home’s curb appeal as beautiful as possible.

Window Box Cages with Liners

When choosing a window planter box out of our wide selection of styles and designs, you may decide to fill them with lovely terra cotta pots or an array of ceramic pots. It's easy to switch out pots and flowers when using this technique. Alternatively, liners can make an elegant statement placed against wrought iron scroll work or geographically rendered aluminum window planter cages. Choose from white liners, bronze tone, silver tone, copper tone, or 100% real copper that patinas over time to a stunning burnished green-gray color. What’s more, plant liners are also easy to change from season to season, while also convenient. Just lift out the liner, replant, and place back into the planter cage.

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Window Boxes 72" and Up
Sours: https://www.windowbox.com/window-boxes-planters/72-window-boxes.html

96"W x 12"D x 10"H Yorkshire Window Box


Weather Resistant, Long Lasting and Maintenance Free!

The Yorkshire window box helps you bring home the charm of the East Coast while offering a low maintenance solution. Compliment the appearance of your home with a product that cleans up with the simple rinse of a garden hose. Mayne window boxes provide the detail of a beautiful wood planter box but without any painting or staining and are priced lower than comparable wood, fiberglass, or composite planters.

Long lasting low maintenance planters. Sub-irrigation water reservoir design promotes healthy plant growth. Mayne products are a great fit for home owners, home associations, and builders. Great curb appeal product!

Yorkshire Window Box Features:

• Beautiful New England styling
• 15 Year Warranty
• Molded from a paintable vinyl
• Self watering tray promotes strong roots
• 25 Gallon soil capacity
• Inside dimensions: 90"L x 8"H x 8.25"D
• Build in UV Fade Protection
• Can be custom cut in the field to fit your windows
• Easy do-it-yourself project
• Kit includes front panel, back panel, bottom panel, left end cap, right end cap, vinyl glue, 2 wall mount brackets with screws.
• Maintenance free

Zero Hassle Returns
***IMPORTANT: Potting mix and flowers are not included.***
Product requires minor assembly, parts glue together easily to create a beautiful finished product (about 15 min to assemble).
*Display colors may vary from actual.

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Sours: https://exteriorsolutions.com/p-994-96w-x-12d-x-10h-yorkshire-window-box
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How to Build a Window Box

Step 1: Cut List

Cut 3/4"-thick cypress or cedar boards to following dimensions:
(3) 8" wide x window length
(2) 1-1/4" wide x window length
(3) 1-1/4" wide x 5-3/4" long
(2) 8" wide x 11" long

Cut 2" x 4" pressure-treated lumber into three (3) 8"-long pieces.

Step 2: Secure the Cleats

When it's full of plants and soil, a window box can be very heavy. The best way to mount it is to properly secure it to the exterior wall using cleats. To create cleats, cut three 8" pieces of pressure-treated 2x4. Hold the 2x4 tightly against the exterior wall and drill two pilot holes where you'd like screws (Image 2). Drive two 3/4" concrete screws through pilot holes to secure cleat to wall (Image 3). Repeat process on other cleats.

Step 3: Assemble Front and Back

Continue Drilling Window Box

Use drill to attach parts of window box together with screws along length of box.

Attach Window Box Sides

After gluing one part of window box to the other, hold with a clamp, and then use drill to screw pieces together for added strength and durability.

Place bottom of window box flat on work surface. Stand front of box on end and press tightly against side of box bottom. Clamp or hold in place, then drill pilot holes every eight inches using 1/8" drill bit (Image 1). Insert 1-1/4" screws into pilot holes (Image 2). Remove clamps (if used) and repeat on back side of box.

Step 4: Assemble Sides

When measuring dimensions of side panels, allow an extra 1-1/2" overhang on back side to cover up exposed cleat on house. Attach sides to planter using 1-1/4" wood screws.

Step 5: Attach Trim

Cut two 1-1/4"-wide trim pieces to exact length of front panel of window box. Make sure that each trim piece is flush with top and bottom of front panel, then tap into place with nails. Position three 1-1/4"-wide x 5-2/4"-long pieces on left and right side of box and one centered. Tack into place with nails.

Step 6: Prime and Paint

Using a sash brush, apply primer to window box. If using a dark color like red or black, start with a tinted primer coat for better coverage. Allow primer to dry, then apply one to two coats of exterior semi-gloss paint.

Pro Tip: For a smooth finish on the window box, fill nail and screw holes with wood filler before painting. Allow to dry, then sand entire box with medium-grit sandpaper. As this is an exterior project, this finishing step is optional.

Step 7: Hang the Window Box

Holding window box in place against cleats, drive four screws through back panel into each 2" x 4" block.

Pro Tip: If you wish, decorative brackets can be added under the window box for additional support and architectural detail.

Step 8: Create Drainage

Using a 3/8" drill bit, drill holes straight through bottom panel to allow for drainage. Drill one hole roughly every six square inches.

Step 9: Fill Window Box

Add a 1" to 2" layer of gravel in the bottom of window box, to allow excess water to drain. Cover gravel with potting soil, filling box to about an inch from top. Add plants and thoroughly water.

Sours: https://www.hgtv.com/outdoors/landscaping-and-hardscaping/how-to-build-a-window-box

Project details


1 out of 5EasyYou must work quickly with PVC cement, but assembly is a cinch.

A window box bursting with blossoms will brighten any window, from inside or out. If you buy a stock one, you'll have your choice of designs, but you'll also be limited to standard lengths—typically 2 to 6 feet, in 6-inch increments.

Building the paneled box shown here offers you the chance to tailor your planter to the width of your window and select molding to match your home's style. PVC boards come in white but can be painted any color. Either way, they mimic the look of painted wood without being a target for rot and mold. They're available at home centers in the same dimensions as traditional lumber. If you prefer to work in wood, choose a water-resistant species, like teak or cedar.

Step 1


Illustration by Gregory Nemec

Download and print the cut list for building a PVC windowbox.

PVC windowbox cut list

We built a 30-inch-wide window box designed to sit beneath a 32-inch-wide window. For boxes longer than 48 inches, add a third bracket at the center of the box.

1x10 PVC front and back pieces: two @ 30 inches

1x10 PVC end pieces: two @ 7¾ inches

1x10 PVC bottom piece: one @ 30 inches

1⅛-by-1 ⅛-inch PVC outside-corner molding. Cut to fit.

PVC cap molding. Cut to fit.

Step 2

Make the frame.

Illustration by Gregory Nemec

Use a sliding compound miter saw or a circular saw to size the pieces according to the cut list. Sandwich the box's end pieces between the front and back pieces, applying PVC cement to the captured edges. Clamp the assembly together. Tack the corners with 1½-inch brads. Use a ½-inch spade bit to drill drainage holes every 6 inches along the centerline of the bottom piece, and adhere and tack the piece to the box.

Step 3

Attach the molding.

Illustration by Gregory Nemec

Measure the built box, and cut the molding to fit, making 45-degree miter cuts at the corners. Apply cement and tack the molding in place with ¾-inch brads, covering the seam at the bottom.

Step 4

Install the brackets.

Illustration by Gregory Nemec

Position a support bracket on the wall just below the window, to catch the sill framing, 3 to 6 inches in from the window's sides. Drill ¼-inch pilot holes through the bracket and into the house, squeeze caulk into the pilot holes, and fasten the bracket with ⅜-by-3-inch lag screws. For brick or stone, use a masonry bit and masonry anchors. Use a 4-foot level to position the second bracket before installing it.

Step 5

Hang the box.

Photo by David Prince

Center the box on the brackets and fasten it with 1¼-inch wood screws, installed up through each bracket and into the box.

Sours: https://www.thisoldhouse.com/windows/21016538/how-to-build-a-pvc-window-box

Window 96 box inch

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No-Drill Window Box

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