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Chaos Fantasy Sword Review

The Chaos Fantasy Sword by Generation 2 is a functional fantasy sword classic.

It's an old school beast of a thing, and the reviewer fell in love with it at first sight.

While it has a few flaws, it's about as solid as any beater sword every was.. It is, the beater sword that set the standard.

Legacy Arms Chaos Fantasy Sword Review

Review by Firehand10k, USA



Point of Balance 

Price Range

Spring Steel

3lbs 13oz



I had previously reviewed the old model back on the SBG sword forums, and while I love that sword I couldn't resist getting it as made now.

I had to do it! Since I had the old one and had heard so much about how Gen2 upgraded their tempering process, a while ago, and redesigned several of their swords to improve the balance and functionality I had to see for myself.

It came wrapped in plastic and thickly coated in packing grease. I got the new scabbard out and found it a great improvement over the plain leather old one. I will confess that at first sight of the blade I thought, “Man this seems frail compared to the old one.” I was wrong but more to come on that later. Even while just cleaning off the grease it felt like it was going to be a much more maneuverable blade, at nearly a pound lighter than the old design. Once I could see it all I was very impressed with the overall new look, although I still thought it looked too light.

(At the time) Kult of Athena offered free shipping on this and was super fast at getting it to me. It arrived Monday after being ordered just Friday afternoon and shipped the same day (I’m sure it would have arrived sooner if UPS delivered on weekends).

Blade Length: 33 7/8”
Blade Width: 1 3/4” at guard 1 1/8” at tip
Blade Thickness: 5/16” at guard 1/8” at tip
Hilt Length: 8 1/8"
Overall: 45 1/2"

Guard Height: 7/8" at center
Guard Width: 8 3/16”
POB (point of balance): 4 3/4” from guard
COP (center of percussion): 22" from guard
Weight: 3 lbs. 13 oz.

Fit and Finish

Blade- The blade is polished to nearly a mirror finish (much shinier than the old version). The tool marks from the shaping are visible only near the middle of the blade.

The blade is thinner and lighter than I expected after handling the original. A small curve has been added above the fantasy cutouts near the hand guard to make a more graceful look and an overall narrower blade.

The fuller has also been narrowed and keeps an aesthetic balance to the resized blade. While less of a beast than its predecessor this version is just as solidly assembled. The improved finish has made it nearly (but not quite) impossible to see where the hand-guard and pommel claws are pinned into place.

Handle- The handle of this sword is much smaller around than the older one (4” circumference Vs. 5”).

The handle is completely circular under the wrap so when the wrap was applied in a twist it actually makes the handle thicker than it is wide (opposite a usual oval handle). The wrap is leather applied very tight with even twists. The red under-wrap looks like a nylon cloth and has a bit of metallic sparkle to it.

The handle is still very solid and secure held on by a peened on pommel.

Hand Guard and Pommel- The hand guard and pommel are both polished steel. They each consist of more than one piece with the pieces pinned and peened together.

The claws are ¼” thick. The polish has been improved so that the pins holding the claw pieces in place are barely visible.

The peened end of the tang is more prominent than the older version making it look as if the whole attachment has actually been upgraded.

The whole assembly is still very tight after putting it through much more demanding tests than any other sword I have too date.

Sheath- A vast improvement over the plain leather sheath of the previous version. It is wood wrapped in thin leather with steel end-cap and throat. It is so tight that when inserted the cutouts on the blade dug out some of the wood. I also found, when I went to cut up some water bottles, that the dye on the outside is more like ink and runs badly when wet (at the time of writing this I have washed my hands 3 times already and still have black stains one them).

Cutting- With the improved polish this edition also came with an improved edge. It was very ready to cut straight out of the box. I cut several thicknesses of plastic bottles, some cardboard boxes, and a pool noodle, then proceeded to hack up a pine 1x6. This is the first sword with which I have successfully cut the thick PowerAid bottles.

I thought the first might be luck but I succeeded with two more after that. This version is much faster and more maneuverable than the older one. The blade sustained only superficial scuffing and the entire sword remained solid and straight even after more (half of a 30 gallon trash bag worth of bottles in one session) and harder (intentionally attacking the pine board) cutting than I have used any sword for before


Sharper, smaller and faster but just as durable. This sword finally brings a fantasy weapon to life in an affordable and entirely usable form. Its early design was very good for giving fantasy fans a passable beater.

The improved weight and balance make the Gen2 Chaos a real sword that fantasy fans can afford and train with instead of settling for unusable decorations and trying to tell ourselves we won’t swing them around. In just 2 days this sword has risen from something I looked at in skepticism to the pinnacle of my collection.

An elegant yet capable weapon for the more discerning barbarian.


  • Extremely durable construction
  • Natural and surprisingly good handling for a sword of this weight
  • Original and creative design


  • Dye on leather can tend to run if exposed to water
  • Finish is quite rough in many places - will not appeal to everyone

I hope this review of the Chaos fantasy sword has been helpful. To return to Decorative and Functional Fantasy Swords from Chaos Fantasy Sword Review , click here

Sours: https://www.sword-buyers-guide.com/chaos.html

Sword of Chaos is advertised as “one of the most cutting-edge” MMORPGs ever produced for the mobile space, and it’s now available for Android and iOS devices. According to the game’s maker All Star Games, Sword of Chaos combines the elements of fatal attraction and chaotic violence into a unique and astonishing visual feast. The game’s features include 20 “challenging” floors, the ability to learn magic skills to defeat the enemy, a wide range of monsters and other enemies, such as centurions, goatmen, werewolves, and more, and of course, as is the case with many MMORPGs, the option to form or join a guild. Customization is another key feature of the game, as it comes with 68 sets of outfits that you can mix and match.

Just like any other MMORPG, this is a game that requires a lot of patience when learning how to play and learning how to make your way through the ranks. But we hope to make this all easier for you with these Sword of Chaos tips and tricks. Let’s get to them.

1. Follow The Game’s Quests

When trying to gain experience points, your first option should always be taking on the quests and completing them. These are arguably better for XP than battles are, and if you go to the quest menu and tap on your chosen quest, you’ll be taken to wherever you need to go.

2. Use The Auto Battle Feature Smartly

Normally, we’re cautious about auto battle features, but for what it’s worth, you can unlock it once you reach Level You can actually use this to farm for gold, experience points, and equipment; with Auto Battle on, you can sit back and relax instead of micro-managing your troops to ensure the win.

On the other hand, you should not use Auto Battle when you’re facing a boss or gearing up for any other tough battle in the game. The game’s AI isn’t sophisticated enough to handle these harder battles, so what you’ll want to do is toggle back to manual mode and use the hit-and-run strategy to minimize the damage that you take.

3. Talk To The NPCs

Although, it sounds tempting to simply let quests auto-populate, it’s also good practice to talk to the game’s non-playing characters, or NPCs. A lot of them have their own quests for you to complete, and these quests come with new equipment and other freebies you might not be able to get from the standard quests.

4. Take Part In The Special Events

Aside from quests and battles, Sword of Chaos also has special events, as well as multiplayer raids and other collaborative options. Typically, these will give you much more attractive rewards than what you can expect from single-player quests.

As a bit of a disclaimer for this tip, Sword of Chaos is a fairly new game, and is still in the Open Beta stage. But as the weeks pass, you can expect more events to become available, thus giving you more chances for some nice rewards.


Sours: https://www.levelwinner.com/sword-of-chaos-tips-cheats-strategy-guide-to-defeat-your-enemies/
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Sword of Chaos is a new MMO action RPG for the iOS and Android platforms that combines a rather deep and nuanced fighting method with female characters that have some of the most cartoonishly ridiculous breasts in the history of videogames. You can pick from one of three characters, each of whom can equip a multitude of weapons and armor and play not only in instance battles, but in raids and in special events as well. Read on for some tips and tricks for Sword of Chaos!

In battle you have not only regular attacks and dodge moves at your disposal, but multiple skills &#; and multiple levels of each skill, meaning that if you use a skill more than one time in a row, a different attack happens. This is usually two attack levels, but there can be more levels than that depending on the skill. You might have a skill that you can use three or four times in a row before having to finally let it charge.

At level 10 you can unlock the auto battling mode, which makes it a lot easier to grind for experience points, gold and items &#; you can just put your phone down instead of having to control every move. However, when you are fighting in an extra tough battle, such as an area boss, switch back to manual mode and start using hit and run attacks to make sure that you take as little damage as possible. This especially applies with the mage, since she is a long distance attacker.

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Quests, of course, are possibly a stronger source of experience points than battles are, even, and the game automatically sends you where you need to go if you go to the quest menu and tap on the quest you want to take on. Combine the auto-populate mode in quests and the auto-battling mode and you can level your characters all day long if you choose.

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Don&#;t get stuck doing just the quest auto populate, though. Talk to everyone that you see in the town that you&#;re able to talk to. Many of them will have new quests that you otherwise wouldn&#;t find, and with new quests come new rewards, rare weapons and armor, and more good stuff.

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Keep an eye out for special events, and for multiplayer events such as raids. These will often provide much better rewards than just the single-player quests. Right now the game is in Open Beta, but the older the game gets, the more of these will start to pop up.

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Sours: https://www.writerparty.com/party/sword-of-chaos-tips-tricks-cheats-how-to-beat-and-strategy-guide/


Sword of Chaos may seem like a daunting game at first with as many ways as there are to increase your power, activities to do, and mechanics to learn. This guide is a quick handbook to how to best use the many things you have at your disposal. This may not include all details about a subject, but will give the general idea of how to use everything.

Picking Your Class[]

Picking your class is very important up front, as the game is not very friendly towards running multiple characters. The best and easiest way to get better and stronger at the game is to play the same character consistently.

Sword Master[]

A well rounded class with both offensive and defensive capabilities. Their movement skills are rather fast allowing them to close in on targets quickly, however, their attacks once they get close are a bit on the slow side, making them feel sluggish in close range. This class excels at diving back line characters such as Enchantress and Sharpshooter.


-Fast (Fastest once "Matrix" is unlocked)

-Slow melee attacks

-Moderate crowd control

Blood Hunter[]

The Blood Hunter is the easiest class to learn with the heaviest armor, fast acting attack skills, and large area crowd control. He will dominate any character in close range, but his animations are slow for his many dashes, giving more experienced players room to dodge and avoid him. He does best at countering the Sword Master with superior close range ability, and running objectives in PvP maps.


-Fast, but not agile

-Fast melee attacks

-High crowd control


The Enchantress is a long range class with large AOE skills and the highest damage and crowd control. She has huge potential to put out damage in fights, but suffers the weakness of long animations. Every one of her major spells has a long cast time, making her very vulnerable when she attacks. She is weak to any class that can get up in her face and dodge her spells. She is also the only class with many skills with multiple sources of damage, allowing her to "Limit Break" and hit enemies with multiple sources at once, dealing up to 5x damage in base "Thunder Rage", which will commonly 1 shot players at lower levels if landed perfectly.

-Long range

-Large AOE damage

-High crowd control

-Very slow attacks

-Super squishy

Sharp Shooter[]

The Sharp Shooter has the longest range in the game, able to pick off enemies from far out of sight. He also has incredibly quick animations, allowing him to dip in and out of combat with ease. He has the potential to outmaneuver almost any class in the game, but comes with 2 major weaknesses aside from his low durability. He lacks any form of movement skill, and does not have access to crowd control until he can unlock Insignias.

-Longest range

-Fast attacks

-Super squishy

-No crowd control




Power is a term referring to a single number that represents the cumulative stats of a player and it is generally a good way to gauge how strong someone is. It is important to keep in mind that just having high raw power may not increase your damage or durability, it is making sure the power investments you are making are in your core stats that will have an effect in combat. A good example of this is with the "Treeman Clan" (Bonus: + Poison Atk, + Poison Def), a magic card set every player is given very early on. While it may seem like a good idea to invest card fragments into it for the power boost it can provide, it won't actually do anything unless you are a Blood Hunter running the skill "Demon Strike", the only poison skill in the game. The set only provides damage to only one skill, and protects players from that one skill.


Your skills are the main determining factor in your play-style, as every class has access to 6 base ones, but can only carry 4. Skills can be leveled up in order to increase their damage and will increase your power as a result, but will quickly increase in gold cost as they get higher level. It is highly recommended you pick your 4 favorite skills early on and leave the last 2 at low level in order to easily complete the daily quests to level a skill.


Insignias are alternate versions of skills unlocked via "Taurus Secret Realm". They will modify or even replace skills with completely new ones for new effects. They are an incredible heavy investment, requiring fragments to make. Fragments are bought in packs of 5 and cannot be bought within 10 hours of each other. Their new effects may give more damage, crowd control, or other, but may open up a new weakness as a result. While they do not increase your power at all numerically, the combat effectiveness they bring is estimated as a 10% bonus per insignia equipped.


Gear is your base equipment and will provide the majority of bonuses for the stats they give. They will also have random stats attached to them. Gear will make up a very large portion of your combat strength so it is important to keep it up to date. For levels , it does not really matter what gear you use as long as you continue to get upgrades, past that, you will want to get the Red gear, buyable with the PvP currency in the Honor Store located in Royal Arena . This lv 30 gear will be significantly stronger than gear including orange pieces 10 levels higher. You can also combine these pieces to create lv 40 and lv 50 versions. If you cannot log in for PvP events, you should do trial stages and go for Orange Blueprints instead to craft. You will need to do this for weapon and rings as red versions are not freely available.

-Head gives Health

-Chest and Feet give Physical Defense

-Talisman and Artifact give Magic Defense

-Ring and Weapon give Physical Attack or Magic Attack (depending on class)


Gems are high power stones you place into your different pieces of gear to grant different bonuses based on the type of gear and the color of the gem. For gem strategies, use your biggest gems in your weapon to increase your damage. Red and Yellow are very important for defensive stats as they give Physical, Magical, Fire, and Thunder defense (both of the main types and the 2 most common elements). Check the elements of the attacks you are using and use the corresponding color gem in your ring and artifact.

-Weapon gives primary offensive stats

-Head and Chest give primary defensive stats

-Ring and Artifact give element based attack

-Feet and Talisman give element based defense

Holy Wings[]

Permanent bonuses that you will constantly level up as you get holy stones. They will give massive amounts of power over time as you continue to nurture them. They have predetermined stats they give.

Star Map[]

Permanent bonuses that you will constantly level up as you get star souls. They will give massive amounts of power over time as you continue to unlock stars. They have predetermined stats they give.

Magic Card[]

Permanent bonuses you that you can pick and choose how to level. They will greatly increase your chosen stats over time. You will receive cards for different activities, each has their own stats. There are also set bonuses that give significantly increased rewards or special abilities based on the lowest level card in the set. It is recommended you do not spend your card fragments to level up cards until you have unlocked a full set with strong bonuses or bonuses that apply to you. That way, once you get the full set, you can dump all your card fragments at once to get both a huge power boost, and meaningful stats in the process.





Permanent bonuses that are given to you when your prestige level increases. You gain prestige from Eternal Fantasy, after completing floors. You get 5 prestige for every attempt you do (because one attempt is 5 floors). Don't use your prestige until you have enough to level up, because amount of prestige will decrease a (Does not affect the prestige that is not used). After leveling up your prestige, you are given three random options, in which you may choose the attributes you prefer.


Daily Activities[]





Sours: https://sword-of-chaos.fandom.com/wiki/A_Beginner%27s_Guide_to_SoC

Chaos guide of sword

Swords of Chaos/Walkthrough

******************* * 1. Introduction * ******************* Swords of Chaos is a Multi-User Dungeon (MUD) game played on a BBS. From the documentation of the game&#;: SoC is a multi-player adventure game. The goal (aside from socializing and having fun) is to hack and slash your way to power. You do this by exploring the realm, amassing treasure and killing monsters. For another introduction and more informations, see the Wikipedia page&#;: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Swords_of_chaos There's also a complete map of the game at&#;: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/File:Swordsofchaos-mapjpg *********************** * 2. Hints and tricks * *********************** For continuous diplay, type =sl instead of always seeing that line&#;: (N)onstop, (Q)uit, or (C)ontinue? When entering the game for the first time, some options have to be tweaked (type options or help options for a list), option 2, 4 and 8 should be ON and option 4 should be OFF for an optimal play. The most powerful character to play is by no doubt the Elf Sorcerer, a level 10 Sorcerer could kill a level monster, with a lot of patience tough! You just need to sleep the monster, mesmerize it and kill it with some powerful magic items. Also, we could say there is two school of sorceror, one who is only training Psychic and another one who is using the option 12 at ON, meaning he is training every statistics. The first one is, of course, the most overkill, but takes longer to level up. While the second choice level up faster, you will have more trouble killing morph monsters, all in all, the choice is yours. The second most powerful character is the Human Duelist, they need half experience for Intelligence, which counts double for the Fighting Bonus which, in turn, is use to calculate if you hit a monster or not and to calculate the damage dealing to the monsters. They must only train Edged, Blunt or Pole since they need half experience to train them. If your character is using weapons, it's always best to train only one weapon type at all time (Edged, Blunt, Pole or Unarmed) to make sure you're using the maximum bonus out of it. Also, using two weapons for the Two Weapons skill is a good idea to raise the damage, but you'll have less Armor Class since you're not using a Shield and the Shield bonus. Always use macros, like g for greatblow or c for cast, i for inventory and so on, type help macro to learn all about it. A single period (".") will repeat your last command line and the Esc key will cancel whatever you've typed on a line. After the game macros and the period to repeat commands, you can also use the BBS macros for an optimal game, for example '=m1 n;n;n;e;e;e;' will bind 6 commands by only typing =m1, you will go north 3 times and east 3 times, use your imagination to make good use of BBS macros. To clear them you use '=m1=', and to list them you use '=m'. But this only works on some BBS's software, other uses ;macros1 List of Chants used in the game&#;: friend, Maspianor, hurm, mercy, guard!, feathers, jaguar, lashan, Worthy. For players using weapons, the greatblow commands is always the best one to choose from the available choices (hit, parry, greatblow, bash), but only until you need more than 2 hits to kill the monsters because it uses a lot of fatigue points and when you're low level, it do makes a difference. The bounty command can show some events happening&#;: The Wail of The Banshee&#;: Monsters move slower (actions take twice as long, just like the langour spell) Solar Eclipse&#;: Monsters have fewer body points (about 33% less) Golden Halo&#;: Monsters give more experiences points (about 16% more) By robbing monsters, you earn thief skills which are, in order&#;: - Auto-track&#;: Thief level 3&#;: Always find tracks when looking for them. - Footpad&#;: Thief level 6&#;: Follow other players without them knowing it. - Auto-hide&#;: Thief level 9&#;: If there is cover in a room, you will always find a hiding space on your first hide attempt (and at no action time cost). Also, an actual member of the thief class will automatically find a hiding space when entering a room with more than 25% cover. - Super footpad&#;: Thief level 12&#;: Players cannot "lose" you when you follow them. - Auto-stealth&#;: Thief level 15&#;: Can remain unseen to monsters even while attacking them. - Lockpicker&#;: Thief level 18&#;: Can "go" through regular locked doors without first unlocking them. Thief class members can also go through locked magic doors. This does not work for special locked doors or chant operated doors. If you're going to use the send command to message everyone that is playing, be sure to not include a number after the send command, else the game will try to send the message to only one person. For example, if someone is asking how many items you have, and you reply with "send 6", the game will send the message to the player using port #6, to know the port of players, use the where command, it's the first column. It's the same thing with the player name, don't use their name right after the send command or it will send your message to that player only. At all times, you should always have some spells on you casted, if you're a sorcerer, cast these spells numbers in this order&#;: 34, 6, 16, 22, 23, 25, 29, 32, It's a little bit faster than typing their text. You can kill a monster in only 1 hit, just instill Curse on a weapon and kill monsters, if you hit the monster for his full body points and the curse spell works and it gets a constitution point, then the monster will die in only 1 hit. A few monster should never ever be hit. If attacked, they will call the guards and you will be thrown in prison, minus some equipments, here's the list&#;: Monster Level Location maiden 1 Elfhelm city, from Newstand&#;: w s w s w w s w w s handmaiden 5 In the dock, in the pier (Rowin city) serving girl 10 In the dock, in the pier (Rowin city) Rorx 50 In the city gate, in the small crevice (Mine) Kaldar 50 In the city gate, in the small crevice (Mine) If monster can hit you for points each time, you will never die. To know if they can hit that much, cast elicitation on them and check their Hit number. But they could parry you or have a spell instilled on their weapons, which means they won't hit for and you will die. On some BBS's software, you can use the ' command to send message to everyone on the board, for example 'Hi there! There's also actions that goes with it which can be fun, to get the list type the 'alist command. ************* * 3. Limits * ************* Strength&#;: , over this number, you will keep dying over and over again (overcome by wounds!), you will have to exit the game and commit suicide. Dexterity&#;: , over this number you will trip, fall down, stumble and drop your weapon quite often. Constitution&#;: minimum of 2, maximum of , below or or over you will die. Intelligence&#;: , then and it will lower your fighting bonus, which is quite bad. Psychic ability&#;: for sorcerer, for other races, else your magic points will go into the minus and you won't be able to cast any spell. Evil points&#;: , then you'll be in the minus and you will not show up in the villains, also lawful monster will not bother to attack you. Note that above evil points, lawful monster will attack you. Body&#;: , then it will stay that way and you will be immortal. Fatigue&#;: , then it will stay that way and you will be immortal. Magic&#;: , then your magic points will go in the minus and you won't be able to cast anything. Level&#;: (with in each stats) Thief&#;: , then the gold you need to raise it goes over 2,,, so you can't train it anymore but actually you only need 18 of thief to get the maximum out of the bonuses, it's better to kill the monster to get his items than it is to rob him anyway. Bank&#;: 2,,, Current Armor Class&#;: , will go to 0 if over. Current Fighting Bonus&#;: , then and you won't be able to fight anything if you're in the minus. Armor&#;: Weapons&#;: Shield&#;: Hit by weapons&#;: body points maximum (plus a spell if instilled) Weapon's uses&#;: over 3,, (probably 2,,,) Hit points for monsters&#;: , so if you hit with a weapon for each time, it will take 5 hits to kill only one monster. Items&#;: differents items in the game, but by editing with the gameop commands, you can create up to differents items. Monsters&#;: differents monsters in the game, but by editing with the gameop commands, you can create up to differents monsters. Rooms&#;: differents rooms, but by editing with the gameop commands, you can create up to different rooms. ********************************* * 4. List of item filter's room * ********************************* These rooms can only be entered if you have the item on you. Room Area Item From iron doorway Giant rope blue key See Puzzle section temple door Aztec Village eagle key eagle knight dimension gate Aztec Village quetzal feather Ehecatl dark entryway Aztec Village jaguar key jaguar knight stone stairway Aztec Village soul Talisman departed soul Black hallway Floating Island jewelled Trident Poseidon round Chamber Floating Island Sword of Darkness Wormlord gilded Ladder Floating Island grey Sword Sentinal glass door Clanhouse glass key See Puzzle section trap door City Gate a platinum key thug ****************************** * 5. List of stats per level * ****************************** Levels which needs 10 stats are not shown. Level Stats 4 35 5 15 6 15 7 15 8 25 11 60 16 65 21 70 31 60 41 51 61 71 76 81 91 After level , each level takes only 10 stats. ****************************** * 6. List of morph monsters * ****************************** You must be higher than the monster if you want it to morph. Monster Level Morph chaos crawler 10 clone 13 departed soul 2 duplicant 14 exotic plant 11 fomor 20 hobo 1 M Sentinel 2 nasty bug 1 simulacrum 15 trader 81 aciddragon 2 animated toy giant nasty 1 meganasty 35 tasloid 31 chameleon 30 stormlord 41 super nasty 1 ultra nasty 1 ************************************ * Bugs * ***************** Instill a scroll with a spell (for example Key) and sell it at the Alchemy, it will give a lot of gold. You can also instill a scroll many times, it will sell for even more gold but the more times you instill a scroll the more chances you have to make it poof. This trick doesn't work on scroll that comes from low level monster. A player who cannot see invisible can follow an invisible player. A lot of bounties go against nobodies, these are monsters you cannot find, thus cannot kill. There shouldn't be any bounties on nobodies, it is some left-over from the creator of the game.
Sours: https://strategywiki.org/wiki/Swords_of_Chaos/Walkthrough
Sword of chaos-Guide for new players

I began to calm her down and took her into the room. She said that all this time she sat near the door of the apartment and heard everything. It was pointless for me to deny, and I told her everything.

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