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27th Circuit Court

The Circuit Court is referred to as the “trial court of general jurisdiction” in Michigan because of its very broad powers. Circuit Court has jurisdiction over all actions except those given by state law to another court. Generally speaking, Circuit Court has original jurisdiction in all civil cases involving more than $25,000; in all criminal cases where the offense involves a felony or certain serious misdemeanors; and in all family cases and domestic relations cases such as divorce, paternity actions, juvenile proceedings, and adoptions.

The State of Michigan is divided into judicial circuits along county lines. The number of judges in a circuit reflects the volume of business in the court.  If there is more than one county in a circuit, such as ours, judges travel from one county seat to another to hold court sessions. Our judges conduct court in both Newaygo County as well as Oceana County.

The Circuit Court also hears cases appealed from lower courts and from some administrative agencies of state government. In addition, the Circuit Court has superintending control over other courts within the circuit, subject to final superintending powers of the Supreme Court.


Circuit Judges

Circuit judges are elected for six-year terms on non-partisan ballots. A candidate must be a resident of the circuit in which the candidate is running, a qualified elector, licensed to practice law in Michigan, and at the time of election less than 70 years of age. The legislature sets salaries for circuit judges.

Family Division

The Family Division, a division of Circuit Court, has exclusive jurisdiction over all family matters such as divorce, custody, parenting time, support, paternity, adoptions, name changes, juvenile proceedings, the emancipation of minors, parental consent, and personal protection proceedings. They also have ancillary jurisdiction over cases involving guardianships and conservatorships and proceedings involving the mentally ill or developmentally disabled.

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Sours: https://oceana.mi.us/government/courts/circuit-court/

New Jersey Court Records Search

New Jersey - Statewide Court Search Records

Court Case Record Guidelines

View New Jersey policies and procedures for obtaining court case records, including a sample records request form.

Superior Court Civil Case Records

Search Superior Court civil case records online.

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Camden County - Court Search Records Resources

Camden County Surrogate Records

Search Camden County Surrogate's Court records by case type, name, and docket number.

Middlesex County - Court Search Records Resources

Middlesex County Estate Records

Search Middlesex County estate index by name, docket number, city, and date of death.

Monmouth County - Court Search Records Resources

Monmouth County Estate Records

Search Monmouth County estate index by name. Search results include name, town, case type, date of death, and docket number.

Morris County - Court Search Records Resources

Morris County Surrogate Court Records

Search Morris County Surrogate Court probated estate records by name, date of death, or date of issue.

Ocean County - Court Search Records Resources

Ocean County Surrogate's Court Records

Search Ocean County Surrogate's Court docket index by name, docket class, town, docket number, form type, and date of birth or death; or view the full docket index.

Passaic County - Court Search Records Resources

Passaic County Surrogate Records

Search Passaic County Surrogate index by case type, name, and docket number.

Sussex County - Court Search Records Resources

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Lots of government agencies offer public documents on their websites.


When Bamboozled writes about a business, we include all kinds of public data.

Complaints reported to Consumer Affairs and the Better Business Bureau. Lawsuits filed against the company or proprietor, and how many resulted in judgments or were dismissed. Arrest records. Bankruptcies. And more.

There were plenty of public records in the recent Bamboozled column about a deck contractor.

And in comments on that story on NJ.com, readers da5050guy and phiremin had a suggestion: to spotlight the public records anyone can search.

We thought it was a great idea, and we had the perfect expert: Vinessa Erminio, New Jersey Advance Media's crack researcher, and a personal hero of Bamboozled's.

Before we get to those public databases, note that there are plenty of pay options offered by private companies. Some are affordable, but others are prohibitively expensive for the average consumer. We're going to stick to the free or low-cost public databases.

Erminio was happy to share some of her research skills, and some of what she called "the most accessible and reliable" resources for everyday consumers.

"There are always, always exceptions to every public records rule," she said. "None of these sites are 100 percent accurate or complete, and they all have disclaimers saying so."

Let's get started, courtesy of Erminio.


New Jersey Superior Court lawsuit filings and judgments are searchable for free. On the site menu, go to Online Resources and select Civil Case Public Access. Then search by party name or case number.

"You cannot retrieve case documents online, but you can find the names of the parties and the outcome of each case," she said. "For judgments, you can find the amount of the judgment and whether it has been paid."

To get case documents, such as the complaint or the judge's orders, you have to head to the courthouse, Erminio said.

But there are some items you won't be able to get your hands on.

Confidential records, such as child abuse cases, are not available in the database, she said.

New Jersey municipal court cases are not available online, but you can contact the municipal court directly.

Bankruptcies are another story. These are filed in federal courts, not the superior courts.

You can purchase copies of bankruptcy case documents for 10 cents a page online from PACER, the federal court public access service, Erminio said. Anyone can register and search for cases. PACER also includes civil and criminal cases filed in any U.S. district or appellate court, she said.

If you want out-of-state information, what you can find will depend on the state. Erminio recommends you start with the state's court website to see what's offered.

"Some states have a unified search for all county courts like New Jersey," she said. "In others, you must search each county court individually, and some don't provide any online records at all."

For links to all the U.S. state court sites, go to the National Center for State Courts. 


To check if a business is required to be licensed or registered, check the Division of Consumer Affairs License Verification System. Some are issued in the business name, individual owner or employee, Erminio said, so check for all.

You can also get the lowdown on what kind of profession requires a license or registration.

Then call Consumer Affairs at (973) 504-6200 and visit the Better Business Bureau to learn if a company has any complaints.

To learn who owns a New Jersey corporation, try the state's Business Records Service website.

"This service is not free - fees range from 10 cents per page for document copies, to $6.25 for a business entity status report," Erminio said.

Then use a search engine such as Google to see if a business or proprietor is listed on a complaint chat board or was the subject of a newspaper article.


Criminal history records compiled by the New Jersey State Police are only available to authorized agencies and not the general public, Erminio said.

But some criminal information is available from the state courts and county police.

About half of the counties in New Jersey offer searchable inmate databases, so check your county's police website, Erminio said.

The state's Sex Offender Registry is searchable at the New Jersey State Police website.

The New Jersey Courts website has a criminal conviction database. On the site menu, go to Online Resources and select Criminal Conviction Information.

"This database only contains records on defendants who were convicted of a crime in Superior Court," Erminio said. "If the case was dismissed, is not yet completed, or was held in another type of court, such as municipal court, it will not appear in the database."

The Department of Corrections offers a free offender search. Offenders are removed from the database one year after they are released, Erminio said.


State property records, including ownership, tax assessments and sales, are searchable online. The New Jersey Association of County Tax Boards has a free statewide database.

Most counties also maintain property databases. Some have deeds, mortgage records and other documents, Erminio said, so check your county clerk's website.

Landline phone numbers, unless the number is unlisted, are usually available on free databases such as YellowPages.com or Switchboard.com. You can also try reverse phone searches, or entering the person's name in a search engine, and you could find a listing with a number.

Cell phone numbers are tougher to find, Erminio said.

"Depending on the carrier, they may or may not be listed in publicly available databases," she said.


You can access many other kinds of documents from government agencies with an Open Public Records Act (OPRA) request.

What you'll be able to get will depend on the details and scope of your request, Erminio said.

The OPRA website has guidelines for submitting requests and offers tips for determining which state agency holds the records you seek.

If you want data on public employee salaries, pensions and government spending, try data.nj.gov, which is a searchable site.

And you can check the New Jersey Law Enforcement Commission website for searchable campaign finance data.


Income tax records are generally unavailable on both the state and federal level.

"The one exception is IRS Form 990s, which are tax forms filed by many nonprofit corporations," Erminio said. "Several websites, such as GuideStar.org and FoundationCenter.org, offer free access to Form 990s."

You can also learn whether or not an entity has filed with the IRS as a nonprofit.

You can't get another person's driving record in New Jersey, but you can order your own for a fee. You can often order online, but certain requests must be made by mail. Learn more at the Motor Vehicle Commission website.

Also for a fee, you can get accident reports for non-toll road crashes in New Jersey, Erminio said. Details on how to order a toll road's report are available on the same site.

Credit information is also not public record. You may obtain your own credit reports annually for free from annualcreditreport.com.

Also online, you can't find handgun permits, medical records, and vital records such as birth, marriage and death certificates, Erminio said.


Whenever you do a search, pay special attention to the instructions.

That's because some sites allow you to search for partial names, while others do not, Erminio said.

"Even if you know the exact spelling of a person's name, try searching variations of it," she said, such as Vinessa/Vanessa or Steve/Steven/Stephen.

For names with apostrophes or multiple words, she said you should try all possible variations, such as O'Brien/OBrien/O Brien or DeMarco/De Marco.

Erminio also said there are many people and corporations with similar names, so having an address or date of birth can help ensure you have the correct one.

"Also, keep in mind that most online records from the courts and other government sites are considered unofficial and are provided for informational purposes only," she said. "All of the websites I've mentioned could possibly have incorrect or incomplete data. It's best to contact the courthouse or agency that maintains the database if you have any questions about the records you find."

Staff researcher Vinessa Erminio contributed heavily and with gusto to this report.

Have you been Bamboozled? Reach Karin Price Mueller at [email protected] Follow her on Twitter @KPMueller. Find Bamboozled on Facebook. Mueller is also the founder of NJMoneyHelp.com.

Sours: https://www.nj.com/business/2015/09/bamboozled_how_you_can_search_for_public_records.html

United States District Court


Click here regarding Telephone Scam Involving the U.S. District Court’s Identification

Modified Filing Procedures for Highly Sensitive Documents

     The Administrative Office of the U.S. Courts provided notice on 1/6/21 of a national breach of judiciary systems and called upon courts to implement new security procedures to protect highly sensitive documents (HSDs). We do not know if the breach impacted DNJ specifically. Do not upload HSD to ECF. Review Standing Order 21-01 for the Court's procedures and the types of documents that meet the definition of HSDs. Most HSDs are filed under seal as preliminary documents in criminal cases. For other information, visit https://www.uscourts.gov/about-federal-courts/federal-courts-public/court-website-links/highly-sensitive-document-procedures.

Sours: https://www.njd.uscourts.gov/

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Governor Cooper Appoints District Court Judge for Forsyth County

Frederick Adams will serve in Judicial District 21.

By North Carolina Judicial Branch

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Jonathan Harris Named as General Counsel for the North Carolina Court of Appeals

The North Carolina Court of Appeals has named Jonathan Harris as its general counsel effective October 7.

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All Things Judicial Features Roundtable with Innocence Inquiry Commission Staff Members

Staff investigations uncovered evidence that exonerated and confirmed guilt of individuals during the post-conviction process.

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Chief Justice Paul Newby Continues 100 County Tour with Visit to Southeastern North Carolina

The 100 county courthouse tour visits Carteret, Cumberland, Duplin, Jones, Onslow, Pamlico, and Sampson counties.

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26th Judicial District (Mecklenburg County) Modified Court Operations effective October 1, 2021 through October 31, 2021

The new modifications to court operations are effective October 1-31. See the attached quick reference chart for full details.

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Pre-Trial/Plea Docket #303


Court Website & Information About Court Procedure 

The Montesano Office:  Criminal & City of McCleary Cases

County Courthouse
Grays Harbor District Court #1
102 W. Broadway Ave., Room 202A
Montesano, WA 98563
Telephone: (360) 249-3441   Fax: (360) 249-6382

The Aberdeen Office:  Traffic Infractions & Civil Cases
Pearsall Building
Grays Harbor District Court #2
2109 Sumner Ave., Room 201
Aberdeen, WA 98520
Telephone: (360) 532-7061   Fax: (360) 532-7704

District Court Adult Probation:
County Courthouse
Grays Harbor District Court Probation
102 W. Broadway, Room 105
Montesano, WA 98563
Telephone: (360) 249-6868   Fax: (360) 249-6871

Office Hours: 8 AM to 4:30 PM
(Both offices close from 12 - 1 PM for lunch)
District Court #1
Open Monday through Friday 8 AM to 4:30 PM
(Except legal holidays)
District Court #2
Open Monday through Friday 8 AM to 4:30 PM
(Except legal holidays)


Grays Harbor County District Court is open to the public during the COVID-19 Public Health Emergency.
see attached Court House Restrictions while in the courthouse.

District Court staff are working normal business hours Monday – Friday, we are closed during the noon hour.

 Please see the attached Administrative Administrative Order 2020-7D   Order No 2020-6D   Order No. 2020-4D for the current restrictions on our court hearings. 

 If you are scheduled for a hearing and do not have access to Zoom from a personal device,  a Zoom station has been set up in the Large Commissioner’s Meeting Room in Montesano.

 All hearings can be accessed live for public viewing on YouTube using the links below:





 If you are scheduled for an infraction hearing, you have the option of doing your hearing in person, by mail or by Zoom.  If you are interested in a “hearing by mail”, please click on the tab on the left hand side of this page and follow the instructions.

 If you need to make a payment, click the link on the left hand side of this page labeled 'Make a Payment'


Warrant Recalls  Please contact District Court 1 at 360-249-3441, to schedule a time.  

Financial Affidavit 2021

Please contact the court if you have any questions or if your address or telephone number has changed.

Fee Schedule 7-26-2021

Your district court judges and staff have available at court offices and on-line pamphlets providing case information on the following topics:

Overview of the Court System in Grays Harbor County

The District Court of Grays Harbor County consists of two full-time judges, an administrative support staff of eight, and an adult probation department of two. The judges serve four-year terms after election by county voters. There are two courtrooms and court offices, one in Montesano at the courthouse, and one in Aberdeen at the Pearsall building. The probation department has a separate office in Montesano.

Cases Heard in District Court

The District Court caseload includes:

  • Criminal misdemeanor violations (includes Driving Under the Influence and Domestic Violence) involving up to a $5,000 fine and/or up to one year in jail.
  • Traffic, non-traffic and parking infractions.
  • Preliminary hearings in felony cases.
  • Small claims cases up to $5,000.
  • Civil actions involving $100,000 or less (concurrent with Superior Court)
  • Protection against unlawful harassment cases.
  • Name changes.
  • Domestic violence protection orders (concurrent with superior court).


Court Funding and Revenue from Operations:
Grays Harbor County is required to fund the entire cost of District Court & Adult Probation through its general fund.  All fees, fines, penalties & other assessments in civil, infraction and criminal cases are divided according to law between the state and the county (deposited in the county general fund).

Overview of Fine Enforcement Process
Criminal fines, costs and restitution amounts, and probation fees are enforced by judicial process, to hold all offenders accountable for their actions. Payments are allowed. Probation monitors and collects its fees separately.  Persons who are not able to pay due to no fault of their own are given an option to perform community restitution work. Failure to comply in a traffic infraction case may result in driver’s license suspension and referral to a state licensed collection agency. Community restitution work is also available for those unable to pay traffic fines.

The courts of limited jurisdiction in the county other than Grays Harbor County District Court are the Municipal Courts of each city:

Ocean ShoresWestport

Each municipal court has a judge appointed by the mayor and/or council to a four-year term. The judges hold court on a part-time basis. A municipal court's jurisdiction extends to criminal misdemeanor and gross misdemeanor violations of city ordinances (includes Driving Under the Influence and Domestic Violence cases) with a maximum fine of $5,000 or less and/or a jail sentence of 364 days or less in a city or county jail; and traffic, non-traffic and parking infractions. Municipal courts do not handle civil or small claims cases, name changes, or protection from harassment cases.

How can I find out more information about my case, including my next court date? What do I do if I lost my traffic ticket or citation?

Start by reading the entire ticket, both front and back. The court’s name, address and telephone number should be printed on your copy. Instructions explaining how to respond are also included. If you have lost your copy of the citation or infraction (“ticket”), your correct name (as it is printed on your drivers license) and date of birth will help locate your records. Some information about your case, including your next court date, may be located on-line. Go to the Washington Courts website (http://www.courts.wa.gov/) and click on “Find Your Court Date.”

Most courts have computer access to an index of cases filed in limited jurisdiction courts in the state. Even if you go to the wrong court office, in most cases court staff should be able to direct you to the correct court location. 

Links to other Courts

Information to those whom it applies:

  • The court does not accept online community service and original forms must be turned in for completed hours to be considered.
  • The alcohol and drug information school must be completed in person or via Zoom if it is a live class. No online courses will be accepted. 
Sours: https://www.co.grays-harbor.wa.us/index.php

Similar news:

Court Records Search

Our Online Court Records System can be accessed through an online portal compliant with Florida Supreme Court Administrative Orders AOSC14-19, AOSC15-18, AOSC16-14, AOSC19-20, and AOSC20-108.

All Users may access this portal. Please read the following information and acknowledge and proceed to view online records.

Standards for Access to Electronic Court Records

The Florida Supreme Court established specific guidelines and authorized the Martin County Clerk of the Circuit Court and Comptroller to provide the public with electronic viewing of court records, indexes and dockets, as well as non-confidential document images through a pilot project as authorized by Florida Supreme Court Administrative Orders AOSC14-19, AOSC15-18 and AOSC16-14. As of July 1, 2015, anonymous electronic viewing of court records, indexes and dockets, as well as non-confidential document images is authorized through this website. In April 2019, AOSC19-20 was issued, adopting revisions to the standards and matrix. The Court issued AOSC20-108, on November 20, 2020, adopting the amended Standards for Access to Electronic Records and the amended Access Security Matrix.

Florida law restricts access to some cases, documents, and information based on the record and the user. For example, Florida law prohibits public access to juvenile records.

Other documents may contain information that has been deemed confidential and may not be readily accessible online. You may request to view these images; however, they will not be made available until after they have been reviewed and any necessary redaction of confidential information has been completed. Review and redaction will be completed during normal business hours within a reasonable timeframe. Requestors who provide an email address will be contacted via email when the image is available to view. Anonymous requests for document images that are eligible for online viewing will be granted, if permissible, although the requested image may only be available for viewing for 30 days after the initial request.

Information presented on this system should be independently verified. The information is provided as a public service and not as an official court record. Attorneys and pro-se parties have increased access to their cases of record through the e-filing portal.

Sours: https://www.martinclerk.com/221/Court-Records-Search

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