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A complete guide to 3D flooring installation

A complete guide to 3D flooring installation

3D flooring is a wonderful revival of conventional interior, harmonious combination of new technology and comfort. Dreaming of this type of flooring? now we will help you to apply your 3D floor designs yourself in your home.

Decorative flooring – it’s not just a picture, a large-scale art object , which fundamentally changes the idea of ​​what might look like flooring . On the one hand – it’s surface, and the other – a whole image, with all shades and textures. Strong and durable coating on which man walks in the room can be a beautiful, creative and unique with the help of epoxy flooring.


3D flooring prices and 3D floor installation

Why should you install your 3D floor designs yourself as 3D  floor? because the 3D coverage which is purchased from a company will cost you at least 5 times more expensive than ceramic tiles and 10 times than laminate flooring. Yes, installing the 3D flooring and filling the 3D floors is really complicated process, but the price is so high.



You will be very surprised to learn that most of the 3D  flooring prices accounted for the manufacture of the image! Yes, it’s true – these 3D floor murals are available on the internet and you can get yours from any online shop, but it’s difficult to find a detailed description of the 3D flooring technology itself. So, to take – and ready. How to make the base layer and how to pour that epoxy paint – this is not difficult to understand, but how to make the dolphin in the 3D floor looks alive – that’s where the secret. that’s you will learn in this article

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3D  floor installation stages

Thus, conventional methods of making the 3D floors are three: photo-realistic images are installed the floor, small items on the similarity of shells or coins, or an optical illusion. In all three 3D flooring ideas, you will perceive flooring volume. Let’s take a closer look at how to implement these ideas.

Stage I- Select a 3D floor mural image

At first, select a 3D floor mural image that has the 3D floor design you want. It can be a photo or painting which make a 3D effect.  And now you need Photoshop. 3D flooring pictures must have a high resolution – at least 300 dpi.

We highly recommend you not to use a 3D floor image for the with an illusion of motion. For example, something falls or wave covers.It’s really funny when near the pool in the bath guests suddenly notice absolutely natural toothy fish. But the monsters that really scare it is better not to use – it will affect negatively on the subconscious mind.


Stage II. Changing perspective of 3D floor art images

Step 1. So, the picture is selected, and the process is getting started. First of all take a photo of the room where you want to install 3D flooring – of course, with the “right” angle. But remember that many of the camera like a little distorted perspective – try to pick up the distance so that the photograph was exactly what you see with your own eyes at the threshold.

Step 2. Now in Photoshop or a similar graphics program, apply your favorite 3D floor design image on the floor photo – just the way you want it in reality. So you have created the illusion of 3D flooring. Now fasten the two images into one – now, you should see the image of the room as volumetric 3D  floor design.



Step 3. Now cut the everything in the photo except the floor with a picture. To complete the 3D flooring effect you can do it like a trapezoid: the bottom (front) extended at the top (behind) the restriction – because that is how we see the room.

Step 4. Using the tool “Perspective” to make a correct the trapezoid. If you do not have coped with such a function – just drag it in the usual editor to make narrowest part. now the 3D floor murals are ready, save it.

how to apply 3D images on 3D bathroom floor with photoshop
                 how to apply 3D images on 3D floor with Photoshop


If you experience difficulties in preparing the 3D flooring design picture, or do not know how to use graphics software – refer to any designer friend, or find a freelance designer.

Stage 3- Printing the 3D flooring design image

So, as soon as the required file of the 3D floor mural is already on your flash drive, contact any agency of printing. Why there? Firstly, they have experience with similar graphics, and secondly, you need to fill material under the floor, which does not lose its properties and color when applying a varnish or a transparent epoxy resin flooring coating.


Tip: be sure to print at first the same image of the 3D flooring design, but on plain paper, black and white – to put on the floor and assess whether the correct angle distortion, and indeed seems the same volume and the dolphin alive. If needed, adjust the perspective. And only then – you will pay for the main image of the 3D flooring murals you will use in your floor.


Stage IV. preparing the base layer

Most importantly, what you should not miss in any way -it should not to be any stain of oil, grease, detergent or bitumen on the old concrete base . Clean oil stains from its full depth with milling, grinding or cutting.


Stage V. Finishing coat

Which material to use in the coverage of the 3D flooring designs for the room? We recommend the most suitable coating for this is polyurethane varnish PUR Aqua Top (M or SG), which is the most stable of all known, and therefore your 3D floor designs will never fade. you should make two layers under the 3D floor mural, each layer take around 4 hours to dry.

Use a special glue to paste the photo on the floor to make a 3D flooring and then use a abrasion-resistant coating layer.


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3D technology developers hardly imagine how varied and interesting their ideas are for the future. Today 3D floors do in shopping malls, large halls, office buildings, apartments; many people event trying to do it with their own hands but its only can be don by specialists and quality materials. This is explained not only external beauty of the floor, but also its performance.3d-floors-10Environmentally friendly. Its structure resembles a decorative stone floor.  You can try flooring estimatorsto get quote for your flooring


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Sours: http://ghar360.com/blogs/home-decor/a-complete-guide-to-3d-flooring-installation


Are you looking to redecorate or want to create something special in your new home or business? When it comes to floors, consider the amazing 3D flooring. The beautiful 3D flooring designs will add a unique touch to your living or workspace. Following is a guide on how to make 3D floor art yourself and discover how to properly install 3D epoxy flooring.




What is 3D Flooring?

3-d floors provide amazing images, all of which are 3-dimensional. The pictures are then coated in epoxy resin. When choosing your image, make sure it is high resolution, you do not want it to be blurred and ruin the effect. Choosing the correct size image is also important, once the 3D epoxy flooring is complete, it should provide a realistic final image.

The 3D flooring designs are completely up to you, almost any image should work on the floor. The main thing to consider and have correct is the angle as well as the resolution of the image. If you do get a professional in, you can choose the images they provide. Some companies only do their own images, while others also allow you to choose your own. Of course, when doing DIY epoxy floors, you get to choose your own designs and images.


ebook epoxy resin



Advantages and Disadvantages of 3-D Floors

3D floors, when completed, can create an almost immersive setting. Besides the atmosphere, 3D graphics flooring has quite a few more advantages. Below are a few benefits and disadvantages to 3D floors.


  • The final 3D epoxy flooring is easy to care for and is extremely durable
  • You can choose to have a matt or gloss finish
  • 3D floors provide a non-slip surface, which is great for safety reasons, especially if you have kids running around
  • 3D flooring designs are covered with epoxy resin, making the floor resistant to scratches, impacts and even bears up under chemical spills
  • Your design can extend further than the 3-d floors, match the wall paint, or wallpaper, pictures, pillows etc. Make the room your own
  • Create your own 3D  flooring designs, print out photographs or any other image you choose. Since you can use almost any image, your imagination is not limited
  • Once your 3D graphics flooring is complete, you will have a unique impressive space for your family and friends to enjoy


  • The 3D flooring is not as comfortable as other flooring types like wood, it feels colder and harder
  • If you want to change or remove the 3D epoxy flooring, it is extremely difficult
  • Setup and installation can be expensive
  • Installing your 3D floors can take up a lot of time to complete
  • When doing DIY epoxy floors, it is better if an experienced crafter can do it or have somebody assist you

As you can see, there are more pros to 3D flooring, as it does create a unique and durable floor that everyone will admire. However, installing the 3D floors should be well-thought-out before attempting. Also, if you are not sure about the 3D flooring designs, and creating your own images, you do get ready-made 3D floor stickers. The stickers are easy to use and less expensive.

If you do have some practice with epoxy resin and enjoy doing other crafts, then you might find 3D floors challenging but doable. Below are a few important steps for installing your 3D epoxy flooring.



3D Flooring Materials

To make your own diy epoxy floors, you will need the following supplies:


  • Your flooring design or image
  • Plastic Roller to evenly apply the resin
  • Squeegee to flatten the 3D flooring designs
  • Self-leveling primer
  • Cleaning tools to get rid of any dirt on the floor

If you generate your own image, you will also need the proper image program. Using a program like photoshop should provide the best design. There are two options for your floor designs:


Option 1: Printing your own Image

You can have your individual image printed in a print shop which is specialized in large formats. But printing and creating your own image can be costly.


Option 2: Buying ready-made Floor Stickers

Fortunately there is the cheaper option to buy already made 3D stickers. There are many options available, such as these:




Sealing 3D Flooring with Polyurethane Resin

Sealing your 3D flooring designs can be done in one of two ways, with PU Resin or Epoxy Resin. They both consist of a two-part system, which must be blended using precise measurements. These two options offer the same in durability and can be used on multiple surfaces. Both the above resins can also be enhanced by adding certain filling substances. For example, an inhibitor can be included to prolong the pot life. You can also include color pigments or even glitter to create more of an effect. Although, for 3D floors, you will want more of a clear resin coating. The PU resin option does provide UV resistance, while the epoxy resin is not an appropriate choice for using outside. You should also be aware of any direct sunlight when using epoxy resin inside, as it will yellow over time. PU, on the other hand, does not have this problem and it will maintain the color brightness of the 3D flooring designs.



Tutorial to 3D and DIY Epoxy Floors

To create the perfect 3d floors, you will need to make sure you have all the proper tools, enough time and, of course, patience to finish the job correctly. Next, you can read through a few steps needed for creating your very own 3D graphics flooring


Choosing an Image

The 3D flooring designs can either make your floor or ruin it. So, be prudent and ensure it is high resolution. When deciding on a floor design, make sure to consider the entire room and how you want it to look. Everything should be planned and work together, from the floor image to the walls, furniture, curtains, and any other items in the room.


3D Flooring Designs and Perspective

When creating your own image, it is important to have an editing program like photoshop. Take some photos of the space going to be used for the 3D flooring. Once you have chosen your image or photo, you can then use the photo editing tools to superimpose your image onto the photos of the room. You might have to change the size a little to fit the room properly. In photoshop, the perspective distortion function will help with this.

This will help to create the correct perspective and you can also adjust everything until you are happy with it. You can then see if the image will fit and if it goes with all the other design ideas you have for the room. Choosing and creating a proper 3D image is important because if once everything is done, it is extremely difficult to remove or change. The image you choose should be one you are happy with and that you do not mind looking at for the next few years.

Also, try and select an image that is appealing to most adults and children. For example, maybe rethink something like a scary image of a shark with its mouth open baring its sharp teeth.


Print your 3D Flooring Designs

Save your prepared image onto a USB drive and head off to a printing shop that offers large format printing. Ask their advice and first print out a smaller image as a sample. Next, print out a larger image XXL format. Make sure the ink used is of excellent quality and has UV-resistant qualities. The alternative to printing an image, as we have mentioned, is purchasing special floor stickers.


Priming the Substrate

Before you begin with your 3-d floors, the surface of the floor must be thoroughly clean and free from dirt, dust, and any grease marks. Another important factor when doing 3-d floors is that the floor must be flat. If it is uneven, the final result of the 3D image will be affected. If there are any floor fractures, these need be sealed with putty. Allow this to dry thoroughly and then clean the surface, preferably using a vacuum cleaner. The edges of the floor should be sealed, making it waterproof. To seal, you can use insulation strips. Sometimes, the surface has to be roughened to provide better adhesion for the primer, but this will depend on the type of floor or substrate. Again, the substrate must be completely dry so the adhesive can adhere correctly when applied. Once you have cleaned and allowed the surface to dry, you can then apply the self-leveling epoxy primer. This will create an ideal even surface. Allow this to dry completely.


Apply 3D Flooring Designs or Images

When sticking your image onto the floor, you either use a two-part epoxy resin adhesive or an excellent quality glue. Apply the adhesive onto the floor surface using a toothed spatula. Then you can take your printed image and lay it out onto the floor using a rubber pressure roller. To do everything, should take more or less 45 minutes to an hour. If you have used a resin adhesive, make sure you take note of the pot life or working time. Once the print is down, remove any bubbles or wrinkles using the squeegee. Use even strokes with the squeegee beginning in the center of the image and move outwards.


Sealing the 3D Graphics Flooring with PU Resin

Once the image is down and the surface is even without any wrinkles, you can begin to blend the resin. Combine your resin and hardener in equal proportions or as specified by the manufacturer. Follow the instructions precisely, as the resin will not cure properly if you do not adhere to the correct ratios. Too much hardener and the floor becomes porous, too little and the resin might not harden properly. Make sure to blend the two components thoroughly. Once you begin, the pot life is around 30 minutes to 45 minutes. The resin will begin to harden after this time, so be aware of your processing time. Using a roller, apply the resin mixture to the floor evenly. Go over the resin with the roller several times to help prevent any bubbles. Once the whole floor is covered, the resin should be left to cure. Curing time is about 24 hours but can vary according to the product, temperature, and airflow. After the 24 hours apply another resin coat, this will help to improve the surface durability. Leave another 24 hours to harden.

When working with resin you need to take safety precautions into account. Make sure to use protective eyewear, gloves, clothes and a respiratory mask. The space you are working in should also be well ventilated.  You can add a second and final sealant coat, which will improve scratch resistance. Leave the floor to fully cure for about one week, after which, you can move furniture onto the surface.



Metallic 3D Floors

We have just discussed the application of printed 3D images onto the floor, but there are also other effects you can create. Metallic 3D floors are just as eye-catching, the colors can be customized to fit your needs. You will have a beautifully smooth and glossy floor, providing a unique and innovative look. The metallic 3D floors also provide durability and can resist both chemical and heavy loads. The finished floor will have no joints and is continuous, so cleaning is easy.



Maintaining your 3D Floors

The 3D flooring is simple to maintain and keep clean, any messes can easily be cleaned up. Preferably use specialized PU cleaning products, which will give you a more thorough clean especially with tough dirt. But you can also use other cleaners. When cleaning use a scratch-free pad and a lint-free cloth. When more evident scratches appear, you can then reseal the surface with another PU resin layer. Before you do this, the surface should be clean and completely dry.





Questions and Answers


Where can I Get 3D Flooring Designs?

Today, the digital world is easy to access and 3D images should be quite simple to find or even make yourself. First, you can create your own images from photos you have taken, or you can choose an image online. If you do select an online image, make sure to check licensing and usage agreements. Online image sites do have free options, but other images require a once-off fee, or you might need to subscribe to get access. Some companies specialize in 3D floors and can provide you with print outs for your floor.


What Depth can go to for 3D Floors?

The minimum depth of 3D floors is 1.5 mm. This includes the thickness of your printout and the layer of resin.


How long does 3D Graphics Flooring Last?

If the 3D floor is properly maintained, which is easy to do, it could last for years. Generally, you can expect the 3D epoxy flooring to last for 10 to 15 years. The time mainly depends on how much foot traffic there is.


Is it expensive to lay 3D Floors?

Installing 3D floors yourself is cheaper than having it professionally done. Expect to pay around 10$ to 20$ per square foot. Costs involved will depend on numerous factors like 3D flooring materials used, the type of floor, design, and more. Getting a quote is the best option. Doing your own 3D floor is difficult and time-consuming, but possible. If you do follow this route, we hope that the information in this article will help you achieve your goals.

Sours: https://acrylgiessen.com/en/3d-epoxy-flooring/
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3D Epoxy Flooring Painting Art Murals Prices

Main Markets:

North America, South America, Eastern Europe, Southeast Asia, Africa, Oceania, Mid East, ...

Average Lead Time:

Peak season lead time: more than 12 months
Off season lead time: one month

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Floor price 3d art

Best catalog of 3d floor art and 3d Flooring murals

The best catalog for 3d floor art murals 2018, self-leveling 3d flooring for modern interior decor, what are 3d epoxy floors and Types of 3D flooring ideas the UK or self-leveling floor, how to choose pattern for 3d floor art to decorative new self-leveling floor,

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3d floor art, 3d epoxy floor, 3d flooring
Full catalog of 3d floor art and self-leveling floor, flooring ideas for children

3d flooring, 3d epoxy floor, 3d photo printing flooring
3d flooring, 3d epoxy floor, 3d photo printing flooring
3d floor art, 3d flooring for bathroom, 3d undersea floor mural
3d floor art, 3d flooring for a bathroom, 3d undersea floor mural

3d floor art, 3d Flooring murals, 3d epoxy floors
3d floor art and 3d Flooring murals
3d floor art, 3d flooring for cofe, 3d cafe floor mural
3d floor art, 3d flooring for coffee, 3d cafe floor mural
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3D flooring options and How to install Penny floor, It is stunning flooring ideas and covering and 3d wall Paneling ideas

Features of 3D Floor, 3D Flooring Technology:

Self-leveling 3d floors- a new technology for manufacturing of flooring. Incredibly huge selection of colors and materials to create them suggests that this method is a promising device gender and popular lately.

Self-leveling floor laying techniquebecame known recently. 10 years ago it was not used at all, but today it is one of the most promising directions in the construction industry. Such hype associated with a greater capacity self-leveling floor, because apart from a large scope of application, there are important and specifications, and performance. In addition, not everyone knows that fill the floor with their hands really, although it requires certain skills and knowledge.

3d flooring, 3d epoxy floor
3d floor art murals and self-leveling floor, bedroom flooring ideas 2018
3d floor art murals, 3d epoxy floor, 3d flooring
3d floor art murals and self-leveling floor, cat mural flooring ideas 2018

What are 3D flooring & 3D floor art:

Decorative Flooring- it's not just a picture, a large-scale art object, which radically changes the idea might look like floor coverings. On the one hand - this surface, and the other - the full picture, with all shades and textures. A strong and durable surface on which a person walks in the room can be beautiful, creative and unique.

Decorative 3d flooring - this is one of the most modern variants of interior decoration of any room, whether it is a flat or a house, office or entertainment center.
Decorative self-leveling floor, 3d floor art are primarily image-element, in this case, do not lose their functionality and durability. Thanks to modern technology, the use of new, proven and high-quality materials and equipment, skill and professionalism of the performers we can implement both simple and complex design 3d floor at prices that will suit any owner of residential or non-residential premises.

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3d floors, 3d epoxy flooring
3d floor art and self-leveling floor, black flooring ideas
3d floor abstract art and self-leveling floor, yellow 3d flooring ideas
3d floor abstract art and self-leveling floor, yellow flooring ideas

Decorative self-leveling 3D floor technology :

At the decoration of their owners have to solve a lot of questions about the design features elements of the interior and the materials used. A person not familiar with innovations for finishing works may surprise an abundance of options due to the presence in the arsenal of the builders of many modern technologies.

One of the main structural elements of any room is the floor and the top layer - flooring. Traditional materials for the manufacture of the component - Flooring, parquet, laminate, linoleum. Recently, this series was supplemented with another type of coverage - self-leveling floors. It should be noted that this technology is well proven, and as a base for all types of flooring, and as an independent floor, especially with decorative trim - drawing of patterns, drawings, and finishing with special polymer compositions. It was the latter is the highest class of contemporary gender.

The apparent complexity of the decorative self-leveling floor can only confound those who do not know about such properties of viscous materials such as fluidity and mobility. This physical characteristic of specific products, distributed on the floor surface, determines the evenness and mechanical design parameters. Visual appeal is achieved by applying the figure, including the technology 3D floor, or a sticker on the finished image is one of the intermediate layers. Careful adherence to building codes and regulations at all stages of the work makes it possible to obtain a unique appearance, perfectly smooth, durable, in keeping with the rest of the interior flooring.

3d floor abstract art and self-leveling floor, latest 3d flooring ideas
3d floor abstract art and self-leveling floor, latest flooring ideas
3d floor art and self-leveling floor, 3d epoxy flooring ideas 2018
3d floor art and self-leveling floor, living room flooring ideas 2018

Types of 3D flooring or 3d floor :

  • 3D drawing,
  • a graphic image,
  • Photocopying,
  • decorative flooring with inclusions (all that is hidden within the floor - varying in size inclusions, tinsel, coins, etc.)
  • plain floors without pictures
  • imitation (textural images of different kinds of wood, stone, natural materials ( River white granite )
  • Hand-painted

Every year the number of design options for 3d floors and self-leveling floor increases, so it makes no sense to try to list them all. Every designer comes up with its own floor, which is unparalleled anywhere else. And each new technique or method of the root, upgraded, improved day by day.

3d floor art mural and self-leveling floor,3d flooring ideas 2018
3d floor art mural and self-leveling floor, living room flooring ideas 2018
3d floor art mural and self-leveling floor, 3d epoxy flooring ideas 2018
3d floor art mural and self-leveling floor, new flooring ideas

Self-leveling floor and 3d floor murals advantages:

This kind of coverage is not accidental deserved popularity. Screed than comparable rates to other materials, a number of other advantages. The most characteristic and attractive feature is it's so-called seamless - design has a perfectly flat and smooth surface without a single seam. Among other advantages of the material is worth noting simplicity and ease of maintenance - buying floors, you can forget about tedious and time-consuming cleaning. Coating of polymeric materials has stain-resistant and extremely high anti-static properties, and no seams leave bacteria and fungi breeding ground. This self-leveling floor hygiene is especially important in families where there are small children - buying and 3D-bay floor, you can not worry about the baby's health. In addition, due to the special structure of the coating is resistant to mechanical damage, which ensures its durability.

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However, special attention should be the aesthetic side of the issue - modern 3d floor systems can become a real decoration of any interior, regardless of the chosen design for the space style. I especially notice the modern technology of creating three-dimensional images.

Due to the dynamic development of the art production appeared a number of interesting proposals that deserve close attention. Today you can buy self-leveling floor with different effects and images - your imagination is really nothing limits. Some types of seamless coatings with a pattern represent a true work of art that can easily turn a typical apartment in a real dream home.

3d floor art and self-leveling floor, 3d epoxy flooring ideas 2018
3d floor art and self-leveling floor, new flooring ideas 2018

3D flooring murals and Photos :

The most popular variety of liquid coatings is a 3D floor. Increasingly, it is mounted not only in offices and shopping centers but also in ordinary apartments. And the area of the room is of no importance, because the size of the picture or three-dimensional image completely cover the entire floor surface, be it a classic for bathroom, toilet or gym.

Many people who are planning to install 3D house floor (especially yourself), interest is usually 5 things :

  • Is it possible to install the 3D image to the right?
  • What is the picture on the floor?
  • Where to find the final image?
  • Can I somewhere to order the graphics that like?
  • What is the cost of the finished graphics for the self-leveling floor?

And if the first question is more or less clear, the others often remain unresolved. This leads many to apply to the construction companies, which themselves provide pictures to choose from, as well as fully carried out all the work on installing a 3D floor.

3d floor art murals and self-leveling floor, 3d epoxy flooring
3d floor art murals and self-leveling floor, modern flooring ideas 2018
3d floor art murals and self-leveling floor,modern flooring ideas 2018
3d floor art murals and self-leveling floor, modern flooring ideas 2018

Choosing a 3d flooring pattern & 3D floor art murals:

In choosing a pattern or style of the self-leveling floorcan help a professional designer. He finds the optimal solution for each room separately, given its specificity and function. But you can try to determine the image of its own since today is possible to manufacture and installation of absolutely any pattern. There are also templates, which are designed for different areas. For example, seascapes bathroom, bathroom sand dunes, interesting textures and three-dimensional images of living.

But if the bathroom or toilet is easy to design templates, the bedroom or child's room does not always find the necessary images. Still, there is more intimate, personal zone. And it should be comfortable and rather spectacular. Of course, everyone has their own ideas about comfort, but still, there are a number of bell-bottoms, which will help determine the choice of the design of the inlet floor.

In the bedroom, it is best to look calm, pastel colors. Flashy colors or bold patterns are unnecessary, sometimes a vulgar bedroom.
The children's room allowed the bright colors on the floor, but in the smooth lines. Strict geometric angles and lines are more suitable for the office.
When the image is best guided by calm, relaxing scenes: beach, aqua, green grass, sky.

3d floor art pattern and self-leveling floor,colorful striped flooring ideas
3d floor art pattern and self-leveling floor, colorfully striped flooring ideas
3d floor art pattern and self-leveling floor,3d flooring ideas
3d floor art pattern and self-leveling floor, flooring ideas

How to Take Care of 3d  Epoxy Flooring?

Dry cleaning liquid screed as wet, do not pose any difficulty. Polyurethane coating repels dust, so wash it quickly and easily. After wet cleaning is recommended to additionally wipe the floor with a dry cloth, do not necessarily dryness. Also good clean self-leveling floors wet vacuum and steam mop. A coating can be disinfected, diluted detergent with water in the proportions indicated on the package.

In particular care liquid, fine floors do not need. They do not need to rub mastic once a month to shine, as required by the parquet. They are not afraid of a large amount of moisture as a laminate. Despite a brilliant gloss floors do not require the use of special tools and do not require special handling.

Rub them to a shine will not even after prolonged contact with water (flood, special disinfecting treatment). Sand and mud to cover not stick and eats, which is especially important in autumn and winter, when the roads are sprinkled with salt on the streets, abrasives.

3D bathroom floor ideas and murals:

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3d floor art and self-leveling floor,3d bathroom floor ideas, 3d epoxy floor
3d floor art and self-leveling floor,3d bathroom floor ideas
3d bathroom floor murals designs, 3d epoxy floor, 3d dolphin floor
3d floor art and self-leveling floor, 3d bathroom floor ideas for kids

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3d floor art and self-leveling floor, flooring ideas flower pattern
3d floor art murals and 3d self-leveling floor, flooring ideas 2018
3d floor art murals and 3d self-leveling floor, flooring ideas 2018
3d floor art and 3d self-leveling floor, green flooring ideas 2018
3d floor art and 3d self-leveling floor, green flooring ideas 2018
3d floor abstract art and 3d self-leveling floor, public space flooring ideas
3d floor abstract art and 3d self-leveling floor, public space flooring ideas
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3D tiles/ 3D flooring and Epoxy flooring ,Price, Uses and Life of 3D tiles

Epoxy 3D Floors- Everything You Need to Know

Epoxy 3D flooring has skyrocketed in popularity the last year. Driving this trend is the fact that Epoxy 3D floors are being used more and more in restaurants, homes, children's rooms, man caves ( and She sheds) shopping malls, halls, offices, and apartments.

We understand why, I mean they look awesome, right! Since this is the latest fad in the fancy floor world, let's break down everything you need to know about epoxy 3D floors.

What Are Epoxy 3D Floors?

The epoxy 3D floor installation process involves laying down a layer of self-leveling primer which will even out the surface and fill in any low spots. Then you carefully put the desired 3D image over it.

This image is then treated with a clear two-component epoxy or polyurethane by pouring it and spreading it evenly with a tool that looks like a big window wiper. This gives the image that immersive 3D look. Finally, A layer of protective varnish is poured over the top and evenly spread out to protect your floor from dents and scratches. 

Epoxy 3D Floors – Pros and Cons

Like all flooring, epoxy 3D floors have both advantages and disadvantages.
Let’s go through all of the great things about epoxy floors.

They Look Awesome – The greatest thing about epoxy 3D floors is the stunning visual effect. You can literally make your home come to life with a huge selection of images and designs. For a kids room, you could bring their favorite Disney character to life or for a business to make your logo pop in the middle of your floor.

Epoxy floors are extremely durable – Epoxy is highly resistant to dents, scratches, chlorine and other materials such as bleaches and daily cleaners. For the very same reason, these floors are considered the best option for industrial sectors as well as for home. when properly installed and with quality epoxy, epoxy 3D floors last at least 15 years without its glossy finish dimming.

Easy maintenance – Epoxy 3D floors have a smooth surface and have no seams, joints, cracks, pores, and gaps which makes them very easy to clean and immune to any damage from dirt, dust, water, and chemicals. Not even my 4 kids have been able to so much as put a dent in my epoxy floor and trust me, they could sink the Titanic!

Safe and Clean – Epoxy 3D floors do not gather dust and a variety of pathogens/bacteria seem not to find epoxy floors a good place to grow, which is why it used so much in hospitals. All of the materials used in Epoxy floors are certified 100% safe by the manufacturer and don’t have any adverse effects.

Fire resistance – Epoxy/polymers do not burn, it is one of the reasons that the coating is used in businesses, manufacturing, warehouses, hospitals, child care centers and other places where increased control of fire safety are needed.

They look amazing - Let's be honest... the main reason you want a 3D epoxy floor is because of how cool they look and it's also a nice feeling to have your friends jaw hit the floor when they come over to see what you've done with the place. With an unlimited amount of styles and images you can choose the one that fits your personality.

Epoxy floors are antimicrobial- Epoxy floors prevent harmful bacteria like fungi, yeast, ecoli, salmonella, and black mold from growing because of its natural anti-microbial properties and it doesn't have any cracks or seams for bacteria to accumulate.

The Drawbacks of epoxy 3D floors:

Hard to install – While you can get the 3D images fairly easy, actually installing them takes a lot of skill and experience so professional contractors and equipment are usually needed to properly install epoxy 3D floors.

They can be pricey – Due to the high demand and the relatively low amount of trained professionals available in the market makes epoxy 3D floors more expensive than a regular epoxy floor but the cost is about the same as say a wood or tile floor. While popularity has increased the cost, the materials themselves are not cheap either.

They aren’t for everyone– While I think everyone agrees that these 3D floors look amazing, not everyone can pull it off in their home. Some of the most common places to find them are in children’s rooms, gaming area’s, bathrooms, garages, spare rooms, man caves, she sheds, restaurants or any other business that wants their logo in their floor. I will add that there is an almost endless amount of images you can use for 3d floors so I guess it’s just a matter of what you prefer.

Who Are Epoxy 3D Floors for?

Nowadays people are getting epoxy 3D floors and wallpaper in all kinds of spaces but here is a quick list of the more popular uses:

Decorating your kid's room with their favorite comic character, superhero or video game character. Also Epoxy floors are highly anti-bacterial so if you have kids there is no better floor.

She sheds and Man caves are the perfect space for a 3D floor!

Bathrooms- One of the most popular designs has been the ocean view type 3d floors that have been appearing in bathrooms recently. There is nothing like having a dolphin staring up at you while your sitting on the toilet, LOL!
Places of business are getting logo’s put in an epoxy floor for branding and because it looks so cool to see your logo in your floor!

Sports fans are showing support with their favorite team's logo in their floor.
Garages- people have been getting epoxy floors in their garages for a long time but now they can get all of the benefits of an epoxy floor while also having a cool 3D image in their garage floor.

Showrooms are another popular place for epoxy floors.
People are coming up with cool concepts and places to put 3D floors every day, so get creative!

How Much Do Epoxy 3D Floors Cost?

Like everything in life, the cost to get a 3D epoxy floor can vary depending on the quality of materials and  the experience level of the person who installs it. 

The cost, which includes the materials is between $20- $35 a square foot on average. That would mean that an average sized bedroom would cost about $2,500- $3,000 on the square footage.

Now, I have seen companies in other states offering prices lower then this but when I dug a little deeper I found out its because they use super cheap material that won't look right and  wont be able to handle even the lowest amount of foot traffic.  

The image itself is pretty cheap. Depending on the size it can cost between $15-$150 on average, but be careful… a lot of these images look bigger online then they are in real life, so make sure you check the measurements.

Something You Should Know Before You Get an Epoxy 3D Floor…

If you do a search right now you can find these “3D” images for sale on all of the popular sites like Amazon, wish, etc… a lot of them will claim in the description that you can just stick the image on the ground and you’ll have an amazing 3D floor but that is NOT TRUE.

In order to get that come to life 3D effect, you have to have it installed properly with multiple  levels of epoxy. Also without the epoxy, the foot traffic will quickly rip the image apart piece by piece leaving you with a damaged floor and a big mess.

 If you find an image that you want to be installed save yourself the headache and let the pros handle it.

One more thing, make sure to check the sizes because they look a lot bigger online than they actually are. It's best to let the experts handle it for you so you know for sure that it will fit your space the way you want. 

My Epoxy 3D Floor Story...

If you are anything like me, then you think these epoxy 3D floors are one of the coolest things you've ever seen. When I found out about them, I couldn't wait to get one for my kid's room, but there was just one problem...

I couldn't find anyone that knew how to install them!

I Googled and searched and I found a few epoxy floor companies but they had never done a 3D floor before. So I ended up calling my childhood friend Jon Williams because I knew he worked for an epoxy floor company.

 Something you should know about Jon, He is certified out the hooha in epoxy flooring installations and is even certified from ELITE CRETE, a top-notch epoxy manufacturing company, but even he had never done these floors before.

That's when Jon and I decided to do something crazy...

We ordered the image online and decided to figure it out by testing on both his and my floors. The risk was pretty big, I mean if we destroyed our floors we would lose a lot of money, sure, but that's nothing compared to what our wives would do to us if we ruined my kid's rooms...

  With his epoxy expertise and my construction background, we figured we could get it done. After doing his spare bedroom, 2 of my kid's rooms, his kitchen floor, and bathroom, we finally had a solid understanding of how to get that immersive 3D effect and we had even developed a unique way of pouring the epoxy that gave it a high gloss and some real depth to the images.

We had a blast doing it and everyone who came to our house was blown away by our 3D floors. I mean they would literally whip out there phones and take pictures! Everyone started asking us if we could do an epoxy 3D floor in their homes. So we decided to start a company together called Ocean Mural 3D Art Flooring.

(Above) This is the first 3D floor we did in Jon's home years ago. Not bad for the first time!

Since then we have done over 50+ epoxy 3D floors and countless other epoxy reflector enhancer floors. We use nothing but the absolute best materials and offer the strongest guarantees in the industry.

How you can get 20% off a 3D Epoxy Floor...

If you want a 3D epoxy floor and you live in the west Florida area, then the time has never been better.

Last month my epoxy supplier sent me almost double the epoxy we normally buy by mistake. When I called him about it, he told me to keep it and pay him next month. The problem is I have nowhere to put it!

So, to solve my problem and spread the gospel of epoxy 3D floors, we are giving 20% off on all of our epoxy floor installations for the next few weeks or until I'm rid of our surplus. So if you've ever wanted a 3D epoxy floor, then now is the time to get it! 

Click the button above to lock in your 20% off discount on any 3D epoxy floor installation. A pop up box will appear, then just enter your name, email & phone number so we know who to give the discount to.

Call us @ 941-702-0909

 Talk to a real person to lock in your discount and answer any questions you may have.

We stand by our work and offer a 5 year warranty with any epoxy floor we do. Also, we hate spam so you don't have to worry about high pressure sales men or your privacy ... when you call, I'm the one that answers the phone.

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3D Flooring – Handcrafted Masterpiece

What is 3D flooring?

Certainly, 3D flooring Epoxy is a unique combination of ultra-modern epoxy resin technology with a fabulous revival of decorative solutions and artistic traditions. Moreover, this is a build-up multi-layer coating with special acrylic-cementitious compounds, 3D mural, epoxy resins, and transparent polymers topcoats.

In fact, the core of 3D Epoxy technology is a high-quality decorative Mural – Vinyl Decal Wallpaper. Are you dreaming of such flooring? Let’s go deeper into how to install the best multi-dimensional floor of your dream.

Good to know that traditional methods of applying 3D floors are using the following techniques to perceive unique flooring volume:

  • Installation of photorealistic images on the floor
  • Microscopic items on the similarity of coins, shells, etc.
  • Optical illusion.

What are the advantages of 3D Floor epoxy?

Well know facts, that self-levelling epoxy 3D floor art has numerous advantages over other floor coverings:

  • versatility (can be used in different rooms: living rooms, bedrooms, bathrooms, dining rooms, corridors, offices);
  • seamless flooring means easy cleaning and maintenance
  • environmentally friendly and ecological
  • resistance to water and chemicals
  • variety of designs and decorative elements.
How to make 3D flooringHow to make 3D flooring

How to install 3D Flooring?

  1. Choose a Canvas. You need to choose a painting or photo that has a 3D effect or with a motion illusion. This will be your 3D floor murals or vinyl decal wallpaper in the future.
  2. Define a Perspective. You will need to define the direction and location of the future 3D floor mural on the floor.
  3. Decal Printing. Now when you have an exact idea of what will be on your floor and a Vinyl Decal is ready, it’s time to start the installation.
  4. Subfloor Preparation. The floor’s surface should be mechanically treated, primed, and repaired/patched before the next step.
  5. Coatings Application. Most Contractors should level every surface before base coat application. The installer should properly glue the decal to the leveled floor.
  6. Protection with a topcoat. As soon as the abrasion-resistant epoxy coating layer is installed over the canvas, resinous material should cover it with a wear-resistant polyurethane topcoat.

How much does 3D Flooring cost?

Firstly, the application of 3D images in epoxy is a complex and extended process and normally takes 5-7 days. The epoxy 3D flooring cost range depends on many aspects, such as the size of the project, subfloor condition, location, and design complexity.

Lastly, the standard price of 3D flooring installation is $15-$25 per square foot. So, a smaller project or a bit complicated design will be more labor-intensive, and installation costs will be higher. Thus, this cost includes all materials, use patterns (3D epoxy design, subfloor, base, and topcoats), surface preparation, and installation work.

3D Flooring Epoxy

What are the disadvantages of 3D image Coatings?

In fact, 3D epoxy flooring looks fairly fabulous. It’s easy to maintain, as well as durable and highly attractive. Moreover, it gives you the freedom to have one-of-a-kind designs throughout your home, from your bathroom and kitchen to your living room, bedroom, and beyond.

But before you make your final choice to install this type of decorative flooring, there are some disadvantages to consider:

  • Firstly, 3D epoxy floor coatings are expensive. Most likely, you will need the pros who have the necessary tools and experience and know what they’re doing.
  • Secondly, the quality of the materials is essential, also necessary prep to your floors and flawless image application so that the final coating will be spotless and seamless.
  • Thirdly, always a problem to find professionals. Despite the growing demand on the market, many flooring companies offer 3D epoxies but do not install them, at least not yet.
  • That means to you, in addition to the cost of supplies and labor, you might end up paying a premium just because this type of decorative floor is so hard to get.

3D Epoxy Design Cons

As a matter of fact, once the coating is set on the floor, it needs to cure before you can step on it. Usually, it takes 2-3 days. Also, make sure that other contractors avoid the room while installing 3d murals in the process.

Another thing is 3D epoxy floor art might be something you like, but it could not charming to other people. Think about the property’s long-term value, counting how easy it will be to sell if you decide to move. Keep in mind that your 3D floor might be a push away to potential buyers.

Lastly, 3D floors, much like tiles or concrete, might be cold for your feet. They might not be applicable for certain rooms where you’d prefer to feel comfy, in the bedroom, for example.

Above all, 3D Epoxy coating is a new technology, provides an outstanding color variety, images, and materials to create a real decorative masterpiece. Also, the floor design system is highly wearing resistant, very hygienical, and protects moist rooms from mold.

Finally, 3D floor installation is technically hard work that demands a lot of experience and specialist knowledge. Decorative flooring is your leveled, seamless smooth finish. We are looking forward to seeing your incredible flooring ideas and implement them into beautiful 3D floor art.

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