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Detachable Double Bladed Bo Staff

We know you love Star Wars. And you love weapons. This double love has brought you here, to see the Detachable Double Bladed Bo Staff. The design of this novelty item is similar to the Double Blade Ninja Staff Sword. The 25" batonoffers a clue to what's in store, as it has a futuristic design (with a solid grip, by the way). It splits in twain when you slide the push button locking mechanism in and becomes two separate swords. Now you're dual wielding like Asajj Ventress! Astute wielders will note the screwing mechanism on the end of each sword. If you join these two swords end to end and screw them together, you create a double weaponmuch like that of Darth Maul.

The Detachable Double Bladed Bo Staffis great for infiltration and fits with a number of styles. The staff is great for short staff fighting. The two surprise swords are a perfect for anyone proficient in Niten Ichi-ryu. The double blade form is particularly useful for battling two foes at once.

Product highlights:
  • 25.5" staff separates into two swords.
  • 10" and 10.5" blades, each with with 13" handles (approx).
  • Separated swords screw together to form a double bladed 46" staff.
  • 440 Stainless steel blades (sharp, but not razor sharp).
  • Weighs 2 pounds.

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Ninja Gear Equipment

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The Bo-Staff is a traditional ninja weapon for use in battle. It is six feet long, and is usually made of white wax wood, but some are made of such materials as oak or bamboo. Donatello (Or Donnie) uses the Bo-Staff as his main weapon in TMNT. It has a hidden switch along its length that triggers the release of a single edged blade from one end of the staff turning it into a Naginata, which is a traditional Japanese spear. The weapon has grip tape wrapped around the middle. Donatello has attempted to improve upon the design. His laser-guided missile launching staff was less than successful. The Bo is a versatile weapon, able to defend as well as attack. Its length allows the user to keep enemies at a distance and twirling the staff quickly can block attacks. Unfortunately, it easily breaks when used against Kraang robots.

This matches Donnie well, as he is more along the lines of defense and strategies more than offense. There's a running gag where his bo-staff is easily destroyed by an enemy.

The Pulverizer (Timothy) once used the Bo-Staff to practice ninja moves, which he stunk at, until Donnie showed him some basics (he nearly killed himself when he triggered the blade)

Mikey used the Bo-Staff when he was forced to poke Master Splinter with it while he was resting in "I, Monster" and managed to push the hidden button, sending the blade within inches of Splinters face.

In the episode "Pulverizer Returns" Leonardo was forced to used the Bo-staff by Splinter to teach the turtles how to fight outside their elements. Leo would often trip over it though (he tried to use it in the style of him wielding his ninjato).

In the TMNT Adventure comic, Raphael used the Bo-Staff so he could learn how to fight outside his element.

Official Description

Donnie's tricked-out bo staff smacks, spears and jabs like no other. Donnie swings his bo, hitting a foe.


Sours: https://tmnt2012series.fandom.com/wiki/Bo-Staff

Hidden Blades Baton

You don't see the blades at first. That's because this is the Hidden Blades Baton. What seems to be a 26" black and silver baton opens up into two 25" long swords. Just slide the push button locking mechanism and pull the swords apart. The stainless steel blades will gleam in the light. The black handles, which are an inch in diameter, will fit easily in your hands. Your party guests will gasp in amazement.

This pair of surprise swords is good for infiltration, especially to locations where batons are an expected accessory. The baton is lightweight (weighing a little less than a pound and a half) and easy to store if a security guard says you have to put it in your car.

Get your own Hidden Blades Baton and get the fancy weapon that allows you to dual wield.

Hidden Blades Baton highlights:
  • 26" staff separates into two swords.
  • 11.5" and 12" blades, each with with 13" handles (approx).
  • Stainless steel blades (sharp, but not razor sharp).
  • Each sword weighs 10 ounces.

  • We Ship Fast! Most orders ship within the same day (excluding weekends & holidays).
  • Free Shipping on Orders Over $25
  • $6.95 Flat-Rate Shipping on Orders Under $25
  • Questions? Email [email protected]
Sours: https://www.karatemart.com/hidden-blades-baton

Bo hidden staff blade

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Double-Bladed Staff Demo...wit annoying dog

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