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So you’re getting ready to send some holiday cards (we hope!). And of course pets are family. And of course you want to include the cutest possible photos of them in your holiday cards. And of course they stop being adorable the second you point a camera at their furry little faces. But hey! It turns out Hallmark has photographers who spend entire days (weeks, even) taking pictures of puppies, kittens, bunnies—these folks can make a fully grown chicken look snuggly. We asked, and they came through with inspiration and some holiday pet photo ideas as sweet as your furry friends. Get their very best pro-tips, below.

holiday pet photo ideas: kittens in a basket

A few pet photography hints from our photo stylists (and even more here):

  • Avoid surprises. Let your pets get comfortable with camera equipment, props, and festive outfits before you take the pictures.
  • There is no shame in bribery. Equip yourself with treats, squeaky things, feathers on strings—whatever it takes to get your pets to look at you and the camera. Offer rewards for good behavior. (We’ve got a great puppy treat recipe.)
  • There is no shame, period. Also be ready to make goofy noises that get your pet to do that “barrroooo?” thing with its head.
  • Settle in. Know that you may have to take approximately a gazillion and six photos to get the perfect one.

holiday pet photo ideas: puppies with presents

holiday pet photo ideas: dogs with presents


Put a wrapped gift in front of your best pal and see what happens.

holiday pet photo ideas: cats in a wreath


Do cats really like to sit in circles? Time to add a holiday twist to this important scientific experiment.

holiday pet photo ideas: pets with strings of lights

holiday pet photo ideas: pets with strings of things


Add a garland or light string for a little visual interest.

holiday pet photo ideas: pets in bed


If you can get this to happen, there is nothing cuter. Works best with sleepy puppies and kittens.

holiday pet photo ideas: pets with milk and cookies


Let your pets get a whiff of the cookies and milk for Santa. (No drinking, though—unless you’re ready for the shoot to take a decidedly un-photogenic turn.)

holiday pet photo ideas: cats staring at trees


Put your pet on the floor and wiggle some off-camera branches or bells.

holiday pet photo ideas: dogs in a basket

holiday pet photo ideas: kittens in a basket


Fill baskets and boxes with puppies and kittens. Or dogs and cats. And don’t feel like they have to fit perfectly: Who doesn’t love a big dog in a tiny basket or a giant cat in an itty-bitty box?

holiday pet photo ideas: pets in hats

holiday pet photo ideas: pets in clothes


If you can get your pet to wear an outfit, you owe it to the planet to take a picture.

Of course, please feel free to mix and match these holiday pet photo ideas. See Dog with Hat in Basket and Accessorized Cat with Gift, above. 

Want to add a DIY touch to your pet photos? Try the felt mistletoe or garland from this post.

Photography by Hallmark’s Union Hill Photo Studio.

If you don’t share your pet photos with us, we’re not sure we can still be friends. Show us on Facebook or tag us on Instagram!

— Tobe R.

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8This Jingle Ball Cutie

9The Puppy Who Can't Wait Any Longer to Open Her Presents

10Santa's Furry Little Helper

11This Sleepy Pup Who is Barely Bigger Than an Ornament

12The Most Adorable Christmas Reindeer

13A Little Pup Who Stole ALL The Presents

14Beagle Claus

15A Sweet Dog Mesmerized By Twinkling Lights

16The Sleepiest Santa We Ever Did See

17Two New Friends All Decked Out in Their Christmas Best

18A Lab With A Jolly Message

19The Best Present Anyone Could Ask For

20This Cozy Puppy Who Has Been Wearing His Reindeer Costume Since Halloween

21Santa Paws

22A Sweet Chihuahua Who is Experiencing Christmas For The Very First Time

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Mastering the ins and outs of Christmas pet photography can mean the difference between snapping a frame-worthy masterpiece and one that's gone to the dogs.

Christmas Pet Photography Tips

If man's best friend is your BFF, then you'll want to feature him prominently on your holiday greeting card. Unfortunately, pets aren't always the perfect photo subjects. In order to capture a fetching holiday-themed picture of your four-legged friend, consider the following tips:

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Preparation is Key

Whether you are shooting dogs, cats or parakeets, you'll want to prepare for the unexpected. Make sure you have extra batteries, a tripod and plenty of pet treats. Also, do not underestimate the power of perfect timing. Don't plan a Christmas pet photography session when your furry pal is tired or hungry. Rather, choose a time when your pet is relaxed and well-fed.

Know Your Subject

Before you volunteer to photograph your cousin's pet snake, do some research on the animal. Don't go into the shoot thinking that a slithering snake is going to react to a camera the same way a playful puppy would. Regardless of the type of pet, maintain a laid-back attitude. You do not want to upset or scare it, especially if you are wielding a large DSLR camera.

Use Props

Get into the Christmas spirit by dressing up your pet for his Christmas photo shoot. Pet stores and costume shops have dozens of holiday-themed getups to choose from, including:

  • Santa
  • Mrs. Claus
  • Reindeer
  • Devil
  • Angel
  • Elf
  • Snowman

If your pet is anti-costume, then select a cute holiday-themed collar or a silly Christmas hat for him to wear. If you plan to photograph a caged pet, such as a fish, bird or reptile, then decorate his home with candy canes, wreaths, tinsel, garland or simple Christmas tree ornaments. After all, even if your pet hamster can't don a Santa hat, there's no reason his cage can't get decked out for the holiday photo shoot.

Pay Attention to Background

If Fido is sporting a new Christmas sweater and a jingle bell necklace for his holiday photo, keep the background as basic as possible so as to not distract from the star subject. An uncluttered background, such as a solid colored quilt or a blanket of snow, is more visually appealing than a busy one. Plus, it keeps the photo recipient's eyes on your pretty pet.


When shooting Christmas photos of your pet, be sure to flood the scene with natural light. You want to resist using your camera's flash, so as to avoid pet photo flash eye. Rather, consider taking the Christmas photos of your pet outdoors. If you are limited to an indoor area, open doors and windows to allow in as much natural light as possible. If the area is still too dark, then turn on lamps and overhead lights to supplement.

Christmas Pet Photography Ideas

The ideas for cute and funny Christmas pet pictures are virtually endless. Once you master the aforementioned tips, and then apply them to these holiday photo ideas:

  • Mistletoe: Set up your camera on a tripod and enable the self-timer, then jump under the mistletoe with your furry friend and smooch for the camera.
  • Gifts: Take shots of your cat unwrapping gifts and playing with colorful ribbon.
  • Snowman: Build a headless snowman, and then place your dog behind it, so that his head sits on top of the snowman's shoulders.
  • Nativity: Dress your pet as one of the animals found in the Nativity scene.
  • Holiday lights: Dress your pet in a Santa costume and wrap him in holiday lights.
  • Cat Christmas: Place your cat in front of a decorated Christmas tree in an elf costume and snap away. Then, feature the photo on your holiday greeting card with the caption: "Have a Meowy Christmas!"

Get Creative

If you have an especially uncooperative pet, don't give up on the photo shoot. Instead, employ photo editing software to make hilarious pet Christmas cards. You can easily Photoshop a holiday hat on a stubborn dog or place a mock letter to Santa in your furbaby's mouth. Photo editing software programs will also allow you to enhance mediocre shots of your pet. All it takes is a few mouse clicks to add funny Christmas-related captions, titles and borders that will make a holiday photo to remember.

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8 Tips for Taking the Cutest Pet Christmas Photos

The holiday season is all about spending time with your loved ones, so you might want to take some cute pet Christmas photos! Everyone who owns an animal can agree that our pets are members of our family. Capturing the best moments with the entire crew means we can treasure them forever.

Pet photography is tricky. Animals are much harder to control than human models. Their spontaneity can cause unexpected problems even at the most carefully planned photo shoots. But, it’s also one of the best photography niches for experimenting and creativity.

In this article, we’re sharing our best tips for taking Christmas pet photos. You’ll learn how to use props, backgrounds, perspectives, and more to create the perfect portraits and action shots!

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1. Use Props To Enhance the Christmas Atmosphere

Who doesn’t love experimenting with various props and accessories for Christmas family photos with your pets? Santa hats, reindeer antlers, or wrapping paper reminds us of the season’s magic. They keep your pet photos feeling festive and enhance the image’s atmosphere.

It’s helpful if the pet is patient enough to wear a Santa hat for those few seconds while you take the photo. But, not all pets tolerate this! If your furry friend is putting up a fight, get a little creative. You can still take amazing Christmas pet pictures by placing them into wintry surroundings, as I did in the image below.

Cute holiday pet photo of a dog resting on a santa hat

2. Avoid Distracting Backgrounds & Get Creative with Bokeh

A distracting background can take away your photograph’s essence. The more unnecessary details visible, the less the viewer can focus on your pet. So I recommend a location that’s as simple as possible.

You can take photos in front of an empty wall for studio-like simplicity. But for Christmas pet photography, try using some decor. Have your pet pose in front of the Christmas tree and blur the background. You’ll get gorgeous bokeh from the Christmas lights.

Creating bokeh and background blur is a good way to separate your subject from the backdrop. The shallower the depth of field, the smoother the setting will appear. This technique is an excellent tool for outdoor pet portraits, too.

To achieve this look, you need a wide aperture lens (around f/1.8) and a long focal length (over 85mm). This pose makes excellent pet photo Christmas holiday cards!

Cute holiday pet photo of a dog sitting in a christmas present box

3. Include Other Family Members in Pet Christmas Photos

There’s nothing cuter than pets interacting with their owners. To create an authentic holiday atmosphere, you need love and compassion. Include other family members in your Christmas pet photos for all the warm and fuzzy feelings.

Candid shots in front of the tree create a cozy and warm atmosphere. But you can also try other poses, like kissing the pet, hugging them, or just sitting together for a portrait. Christmas family photos with pets show the love that we all feel toward our four-legged friends.

A family christmas portrait with dogs

4. Use Pet Handling Techniques to Keep Them Relaxed

For pet photography, it’s crucial to have your subjects relaxed. Stress is often visible in photos. It’s best to avoid strong flashes so you don’t scare your pet. If they’re afraid of loud noises, such as the camera’s shutter, use silent mode.

You can also use common pet handling techniques to help create the holiday pet photos you want. Take pictures in a familiar environment where your pets feel safe. Practice poses beforehand or use treats and toys as incentives and rewards.

Use a Christmas blanket or pillow to make them as comfortable as possible. Not only will it benefit your pet’s comfort, but it will also add to the festive mood of the photo.

A cute cat holiday photo by the christmas tree

5. Enhance Your Composition with Different Perspectives

Generally, I recommend getting down to the pet’s level when taking a picture. This will make the viewer feel more like a part of the photo. It also creates a foreground and a more distinct background.

But for holiday pet photos, changing perspectives can also enhance the photo composition. Try taking a shot from above. If the pet is sitting and looking upwards, you’ll capture your every-day view. If your pet is bigger, stand on a chair to capture the full effect.

Wide-angle lenses also create a different point of view in your pet photography. They allow you to capture your pets from much closer while still including their entire body in the image. Capturing movement with a wide-angle will have outstanding composition results. I also use dynamic tension for more dramatic and interesting photos.

For pet photography, I recommend a wide-angle focal length between 20 and 35mm. This length won’t distort your subject too much, but it will create the effects mentioned above.

Combining perspective, lenses, and a well-chosen background will spice up your photos. It also helps make your Christmas pet photography unique.

Christmas pet photo of a cute dog holding a santa hat in his mouth

6. Engage Pets with Fun Wrapping Paper Tricks

Pets — especially cats — love boxes and wrapping paper. Pets like to have fun, so using boxes and wrapping paper will engage them. And if they see that their owner is also playing, it will make them feel safe.

Try wrapping a large box and put your pets into it. This works with dog photography the best, as they are the most patient to stay in one position. Cats also love boxes, but you may need a smaller one. You can even add some lights in the background to create bokeh and enhance your cute Chritsmas pet photography.

Christmas pet portrait of a cute dog in a santa hat

If you don’t have a box, use wrapping paper and a bow to put on or around your pet. Crumple the paper or watch your cat attack the bow! Remember, the goal is to have fun. If you see your pet showing any discomfort, take the bow off or put away the paper.

Christmas pet portrait of a cute dog with a gift ribbon on her head

7. Get Candid Shots Outside Playing in the Snow

Just like kids, your festive Christmas pets will find snow amusing. Their first encounter with snow is the best. Since they’ve never seen it before, they try to understand what it is! These moments are adorable to photograph.

Dogs sniffing, sneezing, or rolling in the snow make for unique, candid photo ideas. Take some props mentioned above to add a festive atmosphere. Snow always enhances Christmas pet photography.

First, let your dog run around in the snow (if the environment is safe). You can capture some exciting action shots, like when the dog is in the air. Try catching the snow flying around him as he jumps off the ground.

One problem with snow is that it’s too highlighted. It often gets blown out in the pictures. To avoid this, use manual mode or exposure compensation. It also helps to shoot in RAW, so that you can fix the strong whites in post-processing.

Holiday pet portrait of a cute dog running in the snow

8. Set the Christmas Mood with Fairy Lights

Fairy lights are one of the most prominent symbols of Christmas. You see them everywhere before and during holidays. They’re on shops, streets, and your own home!

So why not incorporate lights into your Christmas pet photos to create a magical atmosphere?

Use a dark background with as little ambient light as possible. This will make the lights pop out from the backdrop. Have your pet stand in front of these lights. Use a wide aperture to blur the bright dots and create beautiful bokeh.

For this pose, the light will come from the background. You’ll need a gentle flash or softbox to illuminate your pet’s face. Add a stocking or fake snow for perfect pet Christmas holiday cards!

Holiday pet photos of a fluffy dog in front of the christmas tree

You can also put these lights into a jar and use them to illuminate your pet. This will create side lighting. When combined with a dark background, you’ll get dramatic, contrasty images. Plus, they create a magical atmosphere for your Christmas pet photos!

Holiday pet photos of a collie dog posed by Christmas lights


Even though pets are not the easiest models to photograph, working with them is rewarding. During the festive holiday season, there are so many opportunities for Christmas pet pictures. In the end, take holiday pet photos that you can use as pet photo Christmas cards or treasure forever.

We hope that these pet photography tips and tricks help you advance your holiday pet photos! Don’t be shy about getting creative, and use fun props for better images. Always consider perspective and composition, and try different camera settings for bokeh and action shots.

Sours: https://expertphotography.com/pet-christmas-photos/

Picture puppy ideas christmas

Keep the Background Simple

You might be tempted to overthink this part of the process, but don’t stress over it! Look around your home or your backyard for a photogenic spot that will accommodate your family. That might be in front of the fireplace, on the couch, next to the Christmas tree or in the backyard.

Samuels suggests keeping it simple—your family is the star of the show, after all. “Nice solid color walls are always the best backdrops,” says Samuels. “Also consider shooting in front of a brick wall if your house has it. I've seen people use bed sheets too, however they [should be] nicely pressed without wrinkles.”

Be Careful With the Lighting

When choosing the perfect backdrop for your family Christmas pictures, be sure to take the lighting into account. Generally speaking, pets tend to not like flashes so avoid using one if you can.

“When taking family photos, it's always better if the light source is in front of you,” explains Samuels. “If you’re outside, then shoot under some shade so your family can open their eyes.” You don’t want anyone—person or pooch—squinting. “Opt for nice morning light when the sun is not too harsh or in the evening when the sun is going down,” Samuels adds.

If you’re shooting your pics inside, avoid posing in front of a window since this cause a silhouette effect and make the focus of the photo (your beautiful fam) too dark. Instead, prioritize a location where light is directly in front of you, and open up the windows in the room to let in as much natural light as possible. If you really want to snap a pic like a pro, you can score a flattering ring light for under $10. Just turn it on and clip it onto your phone to fully illuminate your subjects.

Look the Festive Part—Pets Included!

Sours: https://be.chewy.com/how-to-take-christmas-pictures-with-your-pet/
Magic Puppy at Christmas

Cute photo ideas for your dog this Christmas!

This post may contain affiliate links, which means that if you click on a product link, I may receive compensation. This compensation comes at no additional cost to you, and I only link to products I absolutely love (and think you would, too) and companies I trust!

Nothing quite says home like your four legged friend nestled in front of a Christmas tree, frolicking in the snow, dreaming of a white Christmas or dressed up with a little Christmas accent! Granted, some of these photos were taken by professional photographers but can you spot the ones taken be amateurs? With the incredible quality of the cameras in today’s phones, you too can create a Christmas photo masterpiece featuring your dog (or dogs)!

Focusing on your dog’s eyes is a great way to capture their spirit

First up, pups in front of a Christmas tree with the soft and warm bokeh lighted effect. If you wait long enough, you’re sure to get a great photo of your little guy napping under the tree. I love how the photographer got low to the ground and focused on the pup’s sleeping eyes to get the perfect closeup. Just be quiet while you’re snapping so as not to wake him up!

Look at this sweet face on this little puppy in front of the decorated tree. The photographer was able to get at the pup’s eye level to frame the shot. A cute little face – with the perfect background – makes for an excellent Christmas photo!

puppy in front of Christmas tree

An adorable Beagle looks so peaceful on his plaid blanket with the bokeh effect softly in the background. Look how the photographer focuses intently on the eyes – the window to the soul.

beagle at Christmas

Treats are always a great distraction

Another great angle from the photographer as she gets a great pose of the dog looking intently at something (or maybe someone with treats 🙂 ) Our experience has been that you have to take lots and LOTS of photos during the photo shoot to find the one that captures the spirit of both your dog and the season!

This Christmas dog photo features another adorable Beagle – they are so photogenic!

A dashing dacshund

It’s best to start taking photos when your dog is relaxed and comfortable – and there’s no place like home! This photographer was able to capture this sweet pose from the adorable multi colored Dachshund. What’s more, you can see that she’s pretty calm – maybe waiting for a treat – Good Girl!

daschund at Christmas

Look at the mug on this pug!

While he does look a bit worried (who wouldn’t with all of those wrinkles), we do love the focus on his big brown eyes! This Christmas dog photo is even more festive with his cute patterned patterned sweater.

Add a backdrop for a bokeh effect

If you’re not a professional photographer, you may find it daunting to get the focus correct to get this soft bokeh effect in the background. However, there are a lot of great tutorials about how to get this effect with your camera or even your iphone. But if you’re not happy with your own results, you can always get a pre-made background! Here are a few samples: these warm Christmas backdrops are perfect – for your entire family – including your pups!

Once you have your favorite shot, you can upload your image to a wide variety of templates – such as this Santa paws card – a perfect way to showcase your pet!

santa paws christmas card

Add a simple prop for your Christmas dog photo

A big red bow, an angel or gift wrapped packages make a great addition to bring the holiday spirit into your photo. Hopefully, your pup will be able to sit still long enough to give you one or two great shots with a Christmas prop (just make sure you have plenty of patience AND treats!)

Here’s a low to the ground shot that captures the cuteness of this little Jack Russell Terrier with a giant bow! As an extra precaution, you may need to put a little extra double stick tape to make it through the photo shoot without the bow flying everywhere.

Christmas dog photo with bow

Guilty or not guilty?

Hard to know unless you saw her paw through the paper. This is another cute photo shoot idea to have with your pup. Just put out the package and start shooting. After a bit of trial and effort, you might just find an adorable “not guilty” pose like this one.

no peeking cute dog photo at Christmas

This Golden Retriever looks a bit protective of the angel, doesn’t he? While any Christmas angel can make for a fun photo shoot, we love the angelic look and focus on both of them!

dog with Christmas angel

Yes, the elf on the shelf is down! We think this adorable Shiba Inu is interested in keeping the elf for herself. Once again – a simple prop plus a lot of patience equals a super cute Christmas dog photo.

Shiba Inu with elf on the shelf

Natural light is always best when possible

The timing on this one was absolutely perfect! Who knows how long it took to get this cute photo of the two of them watching for Santa. Best of all, the large window adds lots of natural light (yes!) and the lighted Christmas wreath in the window adds such warmth to the scene. Love it!

This one must have been a challenge. Maybe the photographer bribed him with some treats. At any rate, this candy cane prop is perfect for this wonderfully white fluffy dog. Again, the natural light works wonders with this photo.

Christmas dog photo with candy cane

Not quite asleep but fading fast. If you have a cute wicker basket, you can line it with fabric or toss in a Christmas pillow and blanket and create your own special holiday photo op.

Christmas dog photo in basket with pillow

Unbelievably adorable. The paw and the face of this cute little dog claiming the package as her own. While this may have taken a lot of shots to get the perfect one, it doesn’t get better than this!

Dog wanting to open a present

Deck the halls with your favorite furry friend

If you find a great photo, you can upload it to an ornament template and personalize with your pup’s name for a keepsake for years to come!

Christmas dog photo on ornament

Add a cute hat, bow tie or sweater

Of course you can add a little extra to your pup’s photo shoot by adding some cute Holiday attire such as a Christmas dog collar, hat, bow tie or sweater.

This red and green pet collar is adorable – love the little red balls accent too. This guy looks like he just heard a squeaker toy – his ears slightly perched to catch this cute pose. It’s a good idea to have a helper with some small noise makers to get your pup’s attention while you get the shot.

Cute dog with red and green Christmas collar

A red and white candy cane flavored small dog sweater is a perfect fit for this little Pomeranian. Once again, the photographer captured those beautiful brown eyes perfectly.

Adorable dog with Christmas sweater

Another adorable Christmas collar and the perfect focus in on her bright eyes and cute smile!

Cute dog with Christmas collar

Dress him up with a bow tie!

Oh my goodness – does he look dapper with his lemon yellow bow tie? Again – great shot from the photographer getting down to the dog’s eye level and capturing the cuteness perfectly.

Poodle dressed up with yellow bow tie

Ahhhh – you just want to go up and give him a big hug. What a sweet face! And we love the Christmas plaid bow tie too.

Pupply with plaid Christmas bow tie.

Look at this shot! The photographer was able to get down low and capture this wonderful photo with this little guy with a cute red and white Santa hat.

Cute dog with Santa Claus hat

The elf hat is perfect. The angle of shot is aweseome. And once again the eyes steal the photo.

Cute Christmas dog photo with elf hat

Stickers are a fun way to decorate your Christmas card envelopes

Your favorite pup’s photo in her Christmas outfit will look adorable on a Christmas sticker too! (This photo may be one you can only do when your dog is sleeping – it’s unlikely she would keep the antlers on too long if awake.)

Christmas dog photo with rudolph nose and antlers

Get a photo op with Santa if you can

Since Santa may be “socially distancing” from the kiddos this year, he may still be entertaining the idea of photos with your dog. Check out your pet store to see if they may have the big guy there for a cute Christmas dog photo op with Buster. (You can always invest in your own Santa suit if you have a willing family member to dress up!)

Cute Christmas photo with dog and Santa Claus

You can tell Santa is a true pet lover in this photo. I love how he’s looking directly into the pup’s eyes while giving him a gentle neck massage. This is a keeper for sure!

Golden retriever with Santa Claus

That was probably not an easy feat. Santa and pup both with big smiles! The question is – How to you get your dog to smile? Answer – You don’t! Sometimes it just happens and kudos to the photographer for nailing it!

Cute dog on Santa's lap

Santa’s holly and peppermint vest really make this photo shine with this friendly Poodle. The stockings in the background against the stone fireplace look amazing. Hard to tell if it’s a backdroop or not but it does look great! If so, this might be the Christmas photography backdrop they used!

Christmas dog photo with Santa

Add your favorite Santa photo a a postcard and let friends and family in on the fun!

Cute Christmas dog photo on Santa's lap.

If you’re in snow country, take a fun winter photo!

For those of you lucky enough to get a winter snow, be sure to take a photo or two of your four legged friend enjoying the season. This angle from behind is really a fun shot. Plus the jingle bell collar and falling snow make this a wonderfully homey holiday photo.

Christmas dog photo in snow

The first snow of the season brings a bit of skepticism to my very own four legged family member, Zoey. You can see she’s looking at me with a bit of angst as she sees all the “white stuff!”

We think this lab may have stolen the red scarf from his mom but it does look great on her! If you have an old sled (or a new one!) and a bit of patience you can get this cute “ready to ride” photo.

dog with red scarf on old fashioned sled

Look for unusual backgrounds

I love the angles of this photo too. If you find an unusual spot during the winter such as a brick courtyard, alleyway, or lighted driveway, you can get some interesting backgrounds for your photo. This Siberian Huskey certainly looks attentive during this photo shoot.

This festive and simple bandana dresses up the snowy action photo. Too cute!

Yes, Santa’s helper is on the way! This wonderful tobaggon makes an excellent photo op – not only for your furry friends but kids too! I love how the photographer was able to capture both the sweetness and cuddliness of this little guy!

Christmas photo with dog on toboggan with gifts

Styling – and he knows it! This guy looks super dapper in his grey knit sweater and white “stockings”.

Christmas dog photo with gray sweater

This guy has it all!

Santa Hat – check!
Jingle bell collar – check!
Bokeh lights – check!

Christmas dog photo with santa hat

Once you’ve captured your favorite shot, you can add your photo to a template for holiday card giving. Below is an action figure dog “dashing through the snow”. There are tons available – check out our Christmas dog blog for more Holiday Dog Card ideas.

Cute dog dashing through the snow

Santa Paws is coming to town!

If you have a wonderful photo of your dog (but without the holiday flavor) you can easily add it to a festive card for instant holiday gratification. This excellent closeup of a Shiba Inu is perfect for the “Santa Paws” theme card.

Cute Naughty or Nice Dog Christmas Photo Holiday Card

Bringing it home!

This adorable photos of lab puppies in a red truck is a fun way to bring smiles this Christmas. Add the wall decoration canvas to your home this Christmas! If you have six lab pups, an old chevy truck and a snowy afternoon – good luck! We’d love to see your masterpiece!

lab puppies in truck at Christmas

Looking for a pet to add to your family? Don’t forget the shelters!

Petfinder is a great resource to find a new four legged friend in a shelter near you These cuties are from the Midwest but you can enter your own zip to find shelters and available pets in your area.

adopt a dog with petfinder

Need more Christmas inspiration?

If you need more Christmas inspiration for your four legged friend, check out our “Showcase your dog this Holiday season” for cute ideas, treats, gifts and cards featuring your pup this year!

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