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Aaron Jones’ necklace containing father’s ashes found early Tuesday morning, fans react

GREEN BAY, Wis.(WFRV)- “I went out there and played at a high level,” said Aaron Jones, Packers running back with the Green Bay Packers. Jones telling reporters his father would be proud of him. Alvin Jones Sr. died in April of this year due to complications from COVID-19. Jones made history at Monday night’s game against the Detroit Lions scoring four touchdowns.

During the game, Jones lost a necklace containing some of his father’s ashes. “It was I think the second passing one, where I ran out the back field in the end zone opposite of the tunnel,” said Jones. Hours after it was lost, staff members were searching the field for it. On Tuesday morning, it was found by Packers Trainer Bryan “Flea” Engel. Engel was not available for an interview.

Fans who flocked to Lambeau Tuesday were still excited about the game. They told Local 5’s Eric Richards they know how important the game was for Jones, who took to the field for the first home opener since his father died. “Aaron Jones is one of my favorite players. I know his father was a retired Sergeant Major in the Army and I’m active Army,” said Brian Northup. Northup visiting Green Bay with his own father and brother said they were there to make memories in the stands at the game. ” It was a great game,” said Northup.

Melanie Garvey also in attendance of the game with friend Kim Freund. She recalls Jones’ history-making TDs. “He did an excellent job and I didn’t read about him losing the chain with his father’s ashes until we got home last night. I know it has to be an emotional game,: said Garvey. “He did such a great job,” said Freund, after attending her first Packers Game.

The Packers are now preparing for their next game, which is this Sunday against the 49ers. For the latest Packers news, click here.

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Press conferences are usually boring, except when it’s Aaron Rodgers returning to the Green Bay Packers. Radio & TV interviews are softball-filled & useless unless the host has actually put in the work to make it interesting. (As a former sport talk show host, I can tell you that I’ve had successes and failures in this particular area).

I’m not here to promote anyone’s radio show or podcast (yet – stay tuned) but I will say that if you haven’t checked out Pat McAfee’s radio/youtube/streaming show, you’re missing out on maybe the best weekly segment in sports media: “Aaron Rodgers Tuesday’s”. I’m not what you would call a “loyal listener” to McAfee’s show but he did draw me in each week during the NFL season last year and will presumably do so again this year when Green Bay Packers Quarterback, Aaron Rodgers joins McAfee & his cohost, former Packers Linebacker, AJ Hawk.

It’s candid. It’s real. It’s not full of lame questions or “gotcha journalism”. It’s how I imagine the 3 football players (McAfee punted for the Indianapolis Colts from 2009-2016) would act around each other even if there weren’t cameras & microphones. The weekly feature has returned including this week’s episode (on a Wednesday for some reason).

Topics hit this week include – 

The glasses Rodgers wore when he returned to Green Bay:

“Shi**y opinions about Wide Receiver, Randall Cobb:

The Clay Matthews Instagram posts:

Early camp throws: 

There’s obviously much, much more. The weekly interview is at least 20 minutes long & sometimes goes an entire hour. The weekly appearance humanizes Rodgers. I totally recommend you check it out.

You can follow & watch Pat McAfee’s show here.

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Sours: https://wisportsheroics.com/aaron-rodgers-tuesdays-are-must-listen/
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Aaron (アーロン, Āron) is an IT whiz kid.


Aaron full view.png

Full view.

Aaron is a tall man with short red hair and glasses. He is usually seen wearing a green striped vest.


According to Tao, he's just a third rate programmer who's good at sucking up to people.


Dahlia Carpenter introduced him to Angela Carpenter, since then, they met a couple of times and rumors started that they may be seeing each other with Angela. That all ended when Angela's stalker Black Knight ran him over with a car and send him in a hospital. Since that moment, he didn't want to do anything with Angela.


Sours: https://caroleandtuesday.fandom.com/wiki/Aaron

Packers' Aaron Rodgers sounds off on people questioning work ethic: 'It's absolute horse s—'



Aaron Rodgers has no time for B.S., H.S., C.S. or any other kind of S.

Rodgers took a fair amount of unnecessary flak and plenty of of-base speculation following the Packers' Week 1 loss to the Saints, with some going as far to claim that the Packers quarterback threw the game to get back at the Packers for his offseason drama.

Rodgers rightfully took absolute exception to this. After an MVP-like, four-TD performance that showed him restore balance to the Pack with a 35-17 win over the Lions on Monday night, Rodgers took to the airwaves on Tuesday's "Pat McAfee Show" to air out some dirty laundry with people who may have doubted and questioned his want-to.

(Editor's note: Tweet and video contain NSFW language.)

It's absolute horse s— to give a platform to people that have no idea what they're talking about as far as my mental state, my focus, my work habits — people that have not been around me, have not been in my life, I have no communication with them, they're not in the locker room — that's just chicken s—. It's so ridiculous that people can get a platform to do this, and it's the same type of people.

In this day in media, it's all about hits, and clicks, and views, and one second counts as a view, so the actual opinions that are garnering the most attention are the most outlandish. So it's not even Overreaction Monday or Tuesday anymore, it's overreaction every time a microphone's in your face, every time you have a single shot at the camera, and you can talk to a camera. Every time you're on a panel, it's, "Who can say the most outlandish things?" Because that's gonna give you the most hits. That's the media we live in, and that's fine. 

MORE: Rodgers-Packers drama — Full timeline of reported issues between QB, team

Rodgers would go on to say he doesn't feel the need to defend himself and that you should always consider the source — something that's a basic lesson from Journalism 101.

It seems like Rodgers' comments were aimed specifically at former Packers tight end Jermichael Finley, who suggested that Rodgers' love for the game has vanished and that the Packers should suggest moving on from the "tired" quarterback sooner rather than later.

While his overarching blame of the media at large and its goals is a bit off-kilter, Rodgers has a point in that hot-take artists drive far too much of the discussion in today's sports media landscape. 

And if those hot takes add fuel to Rodgers' fire, then the league should be on high alert the rest of the way.


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Sours: https://www.sportingnews.com/us/nfl/news/aaron-rodgers-packers-work-ethic/wksj3c7sx9ml1sd5t65zp6bm8

Aaron tuesday with

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