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General Tax Sale Information

  1. Bidding Procedure & Location

    Find information about the bidding procedure and when and where the sale occurs.

  2. Property Listing & Advertising

    Real estate properties will be advertised for three consecutive weeks and Mobile Homes will be advertised the last two weeks before the sale.

  3. Redemption of Property Sold

    The defaulting taxpayer, any grantee from the owner, or any mortgage or judgment creditor has one year from the date of the sale in which to redeem the property.

  4. Conveying Title & Voiding of a Sale

    Upon failure of the defaulting taxpayer, grantee, mortgagee, judgment creditor or lessee of the property to redeem within the time period allowed for redemption, the Tax Collector shall as soon as possible, issue a tax deed to the successful bidder or their grantee.

  5. Disclaimer & Key Points

    Read the tax sale purchaser disclaimer and other important points to remember.


Property Taxes

Property Tax Payment

Notice: This is for City of Orangeburg tax payments only. Please do not pay County of Orangeburg taxes using this payment portal.

Property Tax Payment

Property Tax Inquiry

Unpaid Tax Notice Listing as of 7/14/2021

At this time the property tax inquiry is unavailable, please call the Finance Department to check taxes at 803-539-3750.  You can pay property taxes online but must have the tax map # or notice number.

The 2020 property taxes for the City of Orangeburg will be collected by Orangeburg County.  All delinquent City property taxes can be checked with the Finance Department at 803-539-3750.  The delinquent tax sale will be held on December 7th in conjunction with the County of Orangeburg at Stevenson Auditorium at 979 Middleton Street at approximately 10 am.  For more information on the Delinquent Tax Sale or to bid on properties, call 803-533-1000.

Delinquent Tax Sale Listing

Delinquent Property Tax Sale Listing as of 11/09/2020. Please inquire above for current status.

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Orangeburg County Property Records Search (South Carolina)

City of Orangeburg Tax Records City of Orangeburg delinquent tax records by tax payer name, location, or tax map number.

Orangeburg County Assessment Rolls Orangeburg County property assessments by tax roll, parcel number, property owner, address, and taxable value.

Orangeburg County Assessor Property Records Orangeburg County Assessor property records by owner, parcel ID, address, map number, or legal description.

Orangeburg County Assessor Property Records (South Carolina) Orangeburg County Assessor property records by owner name, parcel ID, address, map number, or legal description.

Orangeburg County Assessor Website Orangeburg County Assessor web page, including contact information and office hours.

Orangeburg County Assessor's Office GIS Maps Orangeburg County Assessor's Office GIS maps by address, owner name or parcel number.

Orangeburg County Building Inspections Orangeburg County, South Carolina building inspections, including safety reports, code violations, and liens.

Orangeburg County Delinquent Tax Office Tax Records Orangeburg County Delinquent Tax Office delinquent tax sale records by bill name or tax map number,

Orangeburg County Master In Equity Property Records Orangeburg County Master in Equity foreclosure sales lists by date, case name and number, attorney, judgment and address.

Orangeburg County Online Payments Orangeburg County online bill pay to settle real estate taxes and vehicle taxes.

Orangeburg County Property Tax Exemptions Orangeburg County, South Carolina property tax exemption information, including homestead exemptions, low income assistance, senior and veteran exemptions, applications, and program details.

Orangeburg County Recorder of Deeds County Records Orangeburg County Recorder of Deeds public documents database by document type, name and instrument number.

Orangeburg County Register of Deeds County Records Orangeburg County Register Of Deeds public records database by deed, mortgage, plat, ordinance and resolution.

Orangeburg County Tax Records Orangeburg County vehicle tax payment records by name, VIN number, address or tax receipt number.

Orangeburg County Tax Records (South Carolina) Orangeburg County property tax records by owner name, mailing address, or tax map number.

Orangeburg County Treasurer's Office Property Records Orangeburg County Treasurer's Office property records by tax map number.

Find Orangeburg County Property Records

Orangeburg County Property Records are real estate documents that contain information related to real property in Orangeburg County, South Carolina. Public Property Records provide information on homes, land, or commercial properties, including titles, mortgages, property deeds, and a range of other documents. They are maintained by various government offices in Orangeburg County, South Carolina State, and at the Federal level. They are a valuable tool for the real estate industry, offering both buyers and sellers detailed information about properties, parcels and their owners.

Learn about Property Records, including:
  • Where to get free Orangeburg County Property Records online
  • How to search for property titles and deeds
  • What property information is available for Orangeburg County, SC records searches
  • Where to find Orangeburg County Clerk, Tax Assessor & Recorder of Deeds records


Orangeburg County, South Carolina sales tax rate

The minimum combined 2021 sales tax rate for Orangeburg County, South Carolina is . This is the total of state and county sales tax rates. The South Carolina state sales tax rate is currently %. The Orangeburg County sales tax rate is %.

The 2018 United States Supreme Court decision in South Dakota v. Wayfair, Inc. has impacted many state nexus laws and sales tax collection requirements. To review the rules in South Carolina, visit our state-by-state guide.

Automating sales tax compliance can help your business keep compliant with changing sales tax laws. AvaTax delivers real-time sales tax rates and uses advanced technology to map rates to exact address locations, based on the latest jurisdiction requirements.

NOTE: The outbreak of COVID-19 (caused by the coronavirus) may have impacted sales tax filing due dates in Orangeburg County. Please consult your local tax authority for specific details. For more information, visit our ongoing coverage of the virus and its impact on sales tax compliance.


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