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quality product : Rubber-Cal 2 Cat Doormats & 1 Coir Boot Scraper : Garden & Outdoor save up to 70% discount

This special package of cat doormats is among the best cat gifts you can give to the cat lovers in your life! When you get this wonderful kit, you receive two cat door mats, the "Meow Cat Welcome Mat" and the "Heart Shaped Paws Welcome Mat", along with the "Herringbone" boot and shoe scraper mat. These three products are made of eco-safe coir material. Coir, also known as coco, is a fibrous material that is extracted from the outer husks of coconuts. It has a rough texture that makes it ideal for a front doormat. Thanks to the use of coco coir on these decorative accessories, any cat lover's home entryway can be cleaner. When footwear scrapes along the rough surface of these entry mats, the coco coir fibers will flush out the various types of outdoor debris stuck onto them. This means that these cat door mats can help prevent outdoor contaminants from ruining the interior harmony of any cat lover's home! The accompanying boot and shoe scraper is specifically designed for this helpful purpose, and it is included along with the cat doormats so that it can be conveniently placed next to the cat stuff for more intensive shoe scraping. Coco Coir products like these cat lover gifts are also all-weather products that are great for the outdoors regardless if it is rainy or sunny. Each cat mat is sized at 18" x 0", making them the ideal outdoor decor for any cat lover's doorway. The boot and shoe scraper mat is sized at 2.5" x " x 1", which makes this home decor large enough to accommodate most shoe sizes. Act now to get these cat gifts for cat lovers you know as this economical package of cat doormats is available at about a 40% discount of retail value, shipping included!


Boot and shoe scraper mats are the perfect tool for removing dust, mud and dirt from your boots and shoes. They are made out of an all-natural material that is abrasive and effectively does the job. The coir fibers used to make a boot scraper brush are eco-friendly and helpful to the environment. This type of a mud scraper mat is available in many different designs to suit a variety of tastes in designs. There are whimsical scrapers, cute scrapers, as well as plain ones. There are many reasons why Boot and shoe scraper mats are both functional as well as decorative.

During the rainy season, many people end up with very muddy shoes. Of course, snowy weather makes a soppy mess of the ground you walk on as well, and you can track the mud indoors, causing a great mess on your floors. Boot and shoe scraper mats are an excellent way to help keep your indoors clean. They are full of bristles that are spiny projections with a very coarse texture. A mud scraper will remove mud and dirt easily when you wipe your shoe or boot on it. For extra muddy shoes, just give the boot scraper brush a few extra passes to effectively clean off your footwear. Rainy weather can also wash up a lot of bacteria that we in turn track onto our shoes as we walk. Boot and shoe scraper mats can also help upkeep hygienic conditions of your home by not only scraping away germ-carrying mud, but by being anti-microbial themselves. A mud scraper will not allow for the growth of bacteria or mold, which can be harmful to one’s health. Medicine Net states in their article, Mold Exposure, that sensitive people can experience an allergic reaction to mold. Symptoms can include wheezing, runny nose, irritation of the skin, and respiratory issues. This is why it is important to have products like a boot scraper brush in the home that do not allow for the growth of harmful organic matter. Not only are Boot and shoe scraper mats helpful to people, they are helpful to the environment.

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Boot and Shoe Scraper Mats

With the growing concern for the state of our planet’s health, people are searching for products of all types to purchase that will not harm our environment. Boot and shoe scraper mats are made from an all-natural material called coir. Coir is a type of fiber that is made from the husks of coconuts. These husks are a byproduct of the coconut industry, and instead of throwing them out they are turned into a very strong type of fiber that has been used for centuries. Nowadays, coir is still used in many of the same types of products, but it is also used to make our type of mud scraper. Since coir is all-natural, it is safe for the environment and creates almost no waste. Customers can feel good about purchasing a boot scraper brush because they are helping the environment. These products are not just helpful and functional, but decorative, as well.

Boot and shoe scraper mats come in many different styles to suit a lot of tastes. Some are plain in nature, made simply to function as a scraper. Others come in whimsical, or cute designs. One type of mud scraper mat might be a 3-D animal that is sure to bring endearment to anyone who uses it, or even looks at it. Another type of boot scraper brush might look like an item, such as a shoe. Whatever your style, there are plenty of decorative, functional Boot and shoe scraper mats to choose from.

Keeping your indoors free of mud and dirt can be a chore in the rainy or snowy season. Boot and shoe scraper mats are excellent at removing dirt because they have a very coarse, abrasive texture. They do not allow for the growth of mold or bacteria, either. A boot scraper brush can be helpful to the environment because it is made of an all-natural material called coir. Coir comes from the husks of coconuts. A mud scraper also is available in many different designs and shapes. They can bring a smile to anyone’s face that looks upon them. Whatever the season, Boot and shoe scraper mats are perfect for removing dirt and mud from your shoes or boots.

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Boot Scrapers - Unboxing \u0026 Review - Boot Scraper Cast Iron Welly Boot Brush Ideal for Indoor/Outdoor

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