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Charlyne Brazeau, Feb 13,

Moving to a Foreign country was easy thanks to the PIM Team. Without their gold-star customer service: the move would have been way more difficult on our own. Pamela's expertise was able to bridge us to a temporarily rental house. She had a Suburban Taxi catering to us at the airport to accommodate our dog. Manuel was accompanying us in Spanish & English for all of our personal needs such as Immigration, Banks, Groceries & so on Conrad had followed up with us for months before our arrival & was planning our construction with attention to details. They are a great team & would like to highlight that is was a very positive customer experience. Their business goes an extra mile to make customers happy. The PIM Team is the brand-distinguishing way to come & live your dreams in Mexico.

OIKOS kanal, Feb 1,

We are deeply grateful that we came across PIM to guide us through our first investment in Mexico and we are delighted about their personal approach and making us feel so welcome. We had a great day scounting and they prepared structured visit and exciting experience. Looking forward to cooperate with Manuel and Conrad in the future.

Diana Gómez, Sep 12,

Enrique Navarro was very helpful in finding a place perfect for our needs. He was polite, quick and resourceful. We highly recommend him.

Colin Cooke, Sep 5,

I was very pleased with my experience with PIM from the moment I contacted them. I was connected with Manuel who I instantly felt comfortable with. He listened to our needs very well when it came to finding a new home and didn’t try to sell me something I wouldn’t want. I found his level of communication and friendliness superior to other people I contacted. Plus his English is fantastic. Don’t hesitate to contact him.

Roger Knox, Jul 31,

Conrad listened to all my concerns, wants and requirements. His knowledge of the area and ability to keep presenting different options was amazing. He is also very responsivenot always the case in an area with as much development as the Riviera Maya. I count Conrad as a solid partner in finding suitable buying options for anyone.

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The Riviera Maya's focal point, the area that stretches from Cancun to Tulum, is the fastest growing resort community renowned among tourists seeking luxury holidaying experience and buyers looking for real estate investment in México. Riviera Maya, being the hottest Mexican tourist corridor, draws millions of visitors every year. From resort-laden strips to high-end boutique accommodations, and from opulent beach-front vacation rentals Riviera Maya to beguiling beaches, México’s Rivera Maya has it all to offer each guest a delightful and memorable vacationing experience.

What entices most visitors to Rivera Maya is the diversity of attractions and an unrivaled mix of activities that the entire Yucatán Peninsula has to offer. For guest accommodation, there are sophisticated inns, luxury apartments, and exquisite beach-front villas that offer an upscale setting for guests to unwind, indulge in various activities and embark on exhilarating adventures. The region offers a heady mix of destinations for visitors of all kinds. Tulum, Playa del Carmen, and Merida satisfy most history aficionados, whereas Cancun, Mahahual, Cozumel and Puerto Morelos are for people who love nature, beach and outstanding resort lodging.

For beach lovers, Tulum’s has a scenic and laidback coastal setting. On the other hand, Cancun has a more exhilarating and vibrant beach scene with many luxurious all-inclusive and pulsating nightlife venues to cater to the needs of all guests. Historic tour options are endless with multiple ruins and archeological sites dating back to the ancient Maya era. A local ruin tour and a community excursion is a great way to explore México lifestyle and local culture. Adventure seekers may find various beach activities, swimming at picture-perfect cenotes, kayaking and scuba diving very appropriate for a day full of fun and excitement. On the whole, Riviera’s unique coastal stretch is perfect for an amazing vacation with endless activities and sightseeing opportunities for all kinds of visitors.

With the fastest growing tourism scene in Rivera Maya, the present México real estate scenario here looks flourishing. While many investors and avid home buyers assume the area’s scenic beauty and tourism scene to be the major reasons for the real estate growth, the truth is that coastal Mexico is well backed up by both political and economic forces. Many people explore options for buying real estate México, especially in coastal Maya and Mayan Riviera because of many thriving and upcoming luxury residential communities and opulent beachfront properties ideal for desire living México. With proximity to the region’s most-sought-after tourist cities and exciting attractions, investing in real estate at Mayan Riviera can be a great choice.

While Cancun’s real estate scene is ritzy with a dazzling resort corridor in the neighborhood, Tulum has a more tranquil scene with a quaint vibe. The real estate growth in Tulum has a focus on eco-chic properties because of the neighboring Sian Ka’an Biosphere Reserve. However, there are enough properties, including posh ocean-front villas, single-family homes and beautiful beachfront lots, available for investors, retirees and home buyers alike.

Taking assistance of a good agent or an experienced realtor makes the entire task of home investment easier and hassle-free. Rivera Maya is on the Sotheby’s destinations México list, which is why Sotheby’s Realty offers a personalized real estate service for home buyers and international investors in this region.

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Riviera Maya Real Estate with Judi Shaw: Investor Info Sessions (Part 1)

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