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Step 1: Getting an interview.

I have taken the Apple interview twice, once for an internship (and I got the offer), and once for full-time (I got ghosted after the first round, oops). Having experienced the different internship rounds, I have tried to sum up Apple’s internship interview process and tips to crack it.

The Apple experience was quite different compared to the rest of the Big N. A huge advantage of getting an internship at Apple is, they have the highest intern retention rate as far as I know compared to the rest. There is always a possibility that you’ll not convert to full-time if you intern at Amazon, Google, etc. but with Apple, an internship offer pretty much guarantees a full-time offer unless you really mess up. The reason being: Apple is very secretive about their work culture, they take their privacy very seriously. They want to retain their employees, including interns. Hence the bar for hiring interns is very high, almost as high as hiring full-timers directly.

Another difference was how fast the entire process was. I had 4 rounds in 2 days, and by the evening of the second day, I had the offer letter in my hand. It was my first offer from a tech giant and I was shaking with excitement and disbelief if I’m very honest.

The hardest step again, like for any other Big N. They get thousands of applications, and only a handful of them are chosen for an interview. Your best bet would be to get a referral somehow, meet with a recruiter in-person at a career fair, or cold email a recruiter.

  • Message people who work at Apple on Linkedin, requesting them for a referral. If you are respectful and not pushy, there is a chance someone will refer you, even if he/she is a complete stranger. This is what worked for me full time, I cold messaged a girl on my Linkedin, and she reverted back saying she loved my blogs(!) and would love to refer me. Yay!
  • Career fairs are another option, this is how I got the internship interview. While in-person career fairs and conferences are not an option right now because of covid, you can always try virtual conferences/career fairs. While the chances of getting an interview lower virtually, you still have a fair shot.
  • Cold email recruiters. Always have an elevator pitch ready, where you sell yourself in very few words when you get a chance to meet/ cold email a recruiter. It should be short and concise, you can talk about your biggest achievement or your best/most impactful project. Here’s a short guide for writing one of those.

There can be anywhere between 4 to 6 rounds, most of them being technical. The questions can be standard data structure and algorithm questions, as well as random brain teasers, high-level system design questions, or behavioral questions. I created a database of Apple questions, I will publish them soon and publish them here once they are out.

Here’s my story, I was at a career fair, and chatted with an Apple recruiter, selling myself using my elevator pitch. She seemed impressed, and she just took my resume and put it in a pile of resumes. I was bummed because I knew that meant I had a low chance of hearing back. The career fair was two days long though, so on the second day, I noticed a different recruiter at the Apple booth, so I shamelessly went and tried selling myself again (Yep, that’s the secret, keep shamelessly trying).

The second recruiter, who was probably more impressed, said wow, this is great, here’s the number of Apple’s interview booth. Go there and schedule a slot for today. So I did, and that’s how I got the first round. My interview was 2 hours later, and the first round was 2 technical questions. The questions were not super long or hard, but they were tricky with a lot of edge cases. And whether or not you cleared the interview only seemed to depend on whether you got every edge case right. After the interview, I got feedback instantaneously. My interviewer said I did a great job, I was eligible for round two, and asked if I wanted to attempt it immediately. I said yes, and I had the second round 5 minutes after finishing my first. The feedback was immediate again, and they asked me to schedule the third round for the next day.

The same procedure followed the day after for the third and fourth rounds, and then they said “Congratulations, we would love to have you as an intern, you’ll get the offer letter in a few hours(!)”. This is the fastest I have ever received an offer.

As far as the content goes, the second and third rounds were still data structure and algorithm mediums and hards from leetcode/hackerrank with lots of edge cases. There was one high-level system design question, and one of the rounds started with an interesting brain teaser. I cannot disclose the questions because of privacy, but looking at Glassdoor for past questions should give you a hint on what to expect.

The final round was mostly behavioral and the recruiter was asking me about what teams/work I’d prefer. The pay was good but completely non-negotiable unlike my experience with other companies, but for an internship, I don’t think the pay matters as much.

For Apple’s interview prep, I would focus on data structure and algorithm questions that are tricky instead of long, with lots of edge cases, and speed of solving is what matters a lot here.

That’s all I have for Apple, I hope this was helpful. Thanks for reading, message me if you have any questions!

Anjali Viramgama

LinkedIn | Instagram

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Apple Interview Experience

It was on Campus in an IIT.
Tips :
Don’t just jump into the solution. They judge your thought process. Start with the simplest solution and build up on that, optimize that.
Know your resume. They asked a lot of questions about projects and internships that I mentioned in my resume. Make sure that you are able to describe whatever you have written on your resume.
Think out loud. Make sure you handle all corner cases while answering coding questions.
There were a total of three rounds. Each round was of 50 minutes. First, there was a coding round, followed by system design round and finally a HR round.
Each round started with interviewer giving his/her introduction and what he/she is working on followed by detailed technical or HR interview and then 5-10 minutes for questions from the interviewee.

Round 1 :

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  1. Josephus problem.
  2. Interviewer wanted analytical solution.
  3. A simple problem based on DFS.
  4. Interviewer wanted proper code with all corner cases with proper function names etc.
  5. Finally, there was a discussion on various projects and internships that I mentioned in my resume.

Round 2 :

  1. Design a game leaderboard displaying top rankers from different regions.
  2. Take reliability, availability and latency into account for system design questions.
  3. Discussion on choice of databases : SQL based vs NoSQL.
  4. Discussion on latency, availability and reliability (CAP theorem).
  5. Database design for the system.
  6. API design.
  7. What happens when you type an address on a web browser and hit enter. Followed by questions related to DNS like what it is and how it works etc. This was followed by a question about how would I design DNS.
  8. This was followed by discussion on projects that I mentioned in my resume.

Round 3 :

  1. Discussion on various projects and internships that I mentioned in my resume.
  2. Discussion on scalability of work done during my internship.
  3. Discussion on some of the open source development I have been involved in.
  4. General HR questions.
  5. Discussion on work culture in Apple.



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  2. Metal panel gate
  3. Costco food platters menu
  4. Persian iptv box

Top 30 Apple Coding Interview Questions (with solutions)

In this solution, we sort the array. Then, fix one element and find a pair (a, b) in the remaining array so that is .

Start with first element in the array and try to find such a pair (a, b) in the remaining array (i.e to ) that satisfies the condition: . If we find the pair, we have found the solution: , and . Now we can stop the iteration.

Otherwise, we repeat the above steps for all elements at to until we find a pair that meets the condition.

Runtime Complexity: Quadratic, O(n​2​​)

Memory Complexity: Constant, O(1)

Merge overlapping intervals

The goal of this exercise is to merge all the overlapping intervals of a given list to produce a list that has only mutually exclusive intervals.

Problem statement: You have an array (list) of interval pairs as input where each interval has a start and end timestamp, sorted by starting timestamps. Merge the overlapping intervals and return a new output array.

Consider an input array below. Intervals , , , are overlapping so they should be merged to one interval . Similarly, intervals and are also overlapping and should be merged to .


THE apple coding INTERVIEW


Take a deep dive through the Apple interview process and learn all about what to expect in this comprehensive insider guide to the Apple interview process.





Explore some of the most commonly asked Apple questions and get detailed solutions. Get a leg up on your competition in the interview!



what are people saying about working at apple?

  • People treat each other with respect. Software Engineers are highly valued here. Work life balance is great. There are a lot of growth opportunities for smart people and it’s easy to get promoted if you do a great job. There is little competition between peers.

  • Take ownership and deliver. 

  • Decide the tools for your game, have some flexibility there.​

  • Switching teams seems to be easy and supported.

  • Long hours, demanding schedule, usually under staffed for the schedule demands

  • Must create your own work/life balance

  • Constant reorganization & personnel shuffling impacts productivity

  • DIY engineering culture, little to no mentoring

  • It's a real challenge to stay a motivated engineer in a culture where the majority of new projects are killed off, resulting in constant outflow of engineering talent.​

"The hiring manager is looking to see how you process information, how logical you are, how you analyze a problem."


"Share your thought process and how you would solve it. Don’t just jump to the answer—it doesn’t matter. We want to see if people can think on their feet, if they’re all right with being thrown a curve ball, because that’s the kind of fun, innovative atmosphere we want to generate."


*All quotes obtained from external site


what apple employees say about interviewing

*All quotes obtained from Glassdoor


“The on-site was a full day of about 5-6 technical interviews, with a few behavioral questions here and there. The technical questions related directly to the team's work and were not the typical general CS questions.“


“The on-site consisted of one hour interviews every hour (11-5), and we're all very technical. I was asked to solve various problems (your typical algorithm and data structure subjects), as well as explain the various projects I worked on in my most recent position. All in all, I'd say it was too bad as I had prepared by practicing algorithms (searching, sorting, etc), and brushing up on some objective-c.”


“There is a lot of coding on a laptop with the screen projected and also a lot of white board coding and system design. The questions were not extremely tough but makes you think in terms of DS and Algorithms. The lunch turned out to be a very technical interview in itself but now the entire team is shooting questions at you.”


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Questions apple internship interview

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Why Apple Interview Question Answer - (4 Answer Examples)

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