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[Guide] Streaming Genshin Impact with OBS/Streamlabs (Black screen fix)

Hi fellow Travelers!

This is a short guide for all of you that wanted to stream Genshin Impact through OBS or Streamlabs but had a hard time getting it to work properly.

Due to the way Genshin Impact behaves, it can sometimes be difficult to get it to work through regular means (game capture, window capture etc.) as it will often display just a black screen instead of the game.

I've spent some time tweaking things and testing them out and found a way to make it work relatively consistently. Keep in mind though that what worked for me might not necessary work for you as well, but I've had people try this approach and it worked for them. So you don't have much to loose if you're already struggling with it and might try my approach as well.

Keep in mind that once you make it work the first time, it's very likely it will continue to work and you will not need to repeat the whole procedure each time you want to stream. So let's get down to it.

Follow these steps:

1. Start Genshin Impact first, go into Settings and put the game to Windowed mode at a resolution lower than your native screen resolution.

Paimon Menu > Settings > Graphics > Display mode

You want to have any Windowed resolution selected, and NOT the Fullscreen one.

2. Start OBS/Streamlabs and add to your scene a Window Capture source

3. Define GenshinImpact.exe as the window you want to capture from the drop down menu. The game image should display now. Press Done.

The OBS/Streamlabs should have game displayed properly instead of black screen. Stretch it and adjust in your scenes as desired.

If you don't mind playing in Windowed mode than you're done! GG!

4. If you want play in Fullscreen, go back to Genshin Impact Settings and switch back to your Fullscreen native resolution.

Once you set it up like this for the first time it should display properly in OBS/Streamlabs next time as well without the need to go through all the steps again.

The issue is likely due to game not being recognized by Window Capture option when the game is in Fullscreen mode (OBS/Streamlabs does not "hook" the window properly). Once you switch to Windowed mode it will "hook" properly and stay "hooked" next time you play, even if you switch back to Fullscreen.

Also, as far as I know, game capture option in sources will NOT work with Genshin Impact. The only 2 ways I found that work are above listed Window capture option or plain Desktop capture option.

I don't really like using Desktop capture since it shows browsers and everything else and prefer only the game is streamed.

I hope this helped you out a bit!

Happy streaming!


Genshin Impact Paimon Extension on Twitch: Redeem codes, free Primogems, more

miHoYo has recently announced a collaborative event with Twitch called Paimon Extension on Twitch in which players can support their favourite Genshin Impact streamers to get redeem codescontaining free Primogems.

The Twitch called Paimon Extension event will go on for over a month till 31st August, and each player will get his own unique code that can be redeemed only once. Here are the complete details of the event.

Genshin Impact - Paimon Extension on Twitch event

Genshin Impact Paimon Extension on Twitch Redeem Codes Free 60 Primogems

Genshin Impact - Paimon Extension on Twitch event is available for a few servers including America, Europe, Asia, TW, HK, MO, and in order to participate in it, Travelers should be over 18 years of age and have Adventure Rank 10 or above. 

During the event, Paimon Extension will be active on selected Genshin Impact streamers’ channels, and players with a Twitch account need to go to their favourite streamer and hit the "Like" button. It is worth noting that each Traveler can only hit the "Like" button once.

After the total number of likes reaches 2,,, each player will get a redemption code that they can redeem on the official Genshin Impact code redemption website to get 60 Primogems for free.

In order to obtain a redemption code, Travelers must click on the "Obtain Code" button on the extension to display the redemption code, and in addition to this, each code must be redeemed by 31st August, (UTC +8).

Don’t forget to follow our Genshin Impact dedicated section packed with guides, updates, news, and more.

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Genshin Impact promotion gives out free Primogems – here's how to get yours

A Genshin Impact Twitch promotion recently hit its peak, giving all players the chance to claim some free Primogems just by collecting and redeeming a code. 

The Twitch event has been running for several weeks – you may have noticed a few Twitch chats full of "HungryPaimon" emotes as a result – and has finally hit its goal. The grand prize is a 60 Primogem giveaway for all players, regardless of whether they actually participated in the event by spamming the Paimon emote. 

To claim it, just head to a live Twitch stream that has the Paimon extension enabled – one of the biggest Genshin Impact streamers, Enviosity, is an easy pick – and click the treasure chest at the bottom of the overlay. This will generate a unique code that you can redeem via the Genshin Impact website, just as you would redeem the codes given out during reveal streams. You can get a closer look at the event UI in this tweet from Enviosity: 

See more

Note that this Twitch promotion is totally separate from the Genshin Impact Twitch Prime rewards, which is tied to Amazon Prime. You don't need any sort of subscription to collect the free 60 Primogems from this event. Granted, I don't think anybody is going to lose sleep over 60 Primogems, but hey, gems are gems. With Inazuma serving tons of stylish new characters, more Wishes are always welcome. 

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