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Keep the Rain Out with These RV Vent Covers

In a sticks-and-bricks house, opening the windows for a nice breeze is a comfort. Things are slightly different in an RV, underscoring the importance of having good RV vent covers. A lack of airflow and temperature changes can create costly repairs to your RV and affect your health! 

Opening your windows is a great option when the weather is nice, but you may want to invest in an RV vent cover when the weather isn’t cooperating. Let’s chat about why.

What Are They? 

RV vent covers fit over the factory-installed vents on the roof of your RV. You can place them over standard RV vents as well as aftermarket vents and fans. 

They make it so you can use exhaust fans with the vents open regardless of the weather. These vent covers prevent rain from entering the RV if you accidentally leave the vent open when an unexpected rain shower begins.

An RV vent doesn't have a cover which could pose a problem when it rains and water gets in the RV!

Run Your Vent Fans in the Rain

There are many circumstances when opening your RV vent and turning on the fan is necessary. For example, if you burn something or someone stinks up the bathroom, you’ll be dying for fresh air! Venting your RV is also essential for maintaining fresh, healthy air to breathe, and it can reduce your AC use! 

Unfortunately, it’s difficult to allow your vent to remain open in the rain–a real bummer on hot, muggy days. Without the vent cover, you’d get wet pretty quickly! While the water might cool you down, it’s certainly not ideal and could have long-term consequences like mold.

A good cover will allow you to open your vents without rain penetrating the RV. Usually, this has to do with the vent slats facing downward so that air can escape and enter, but water stays out!  

Best RV Vent Covers

Not all vent covers will keep the rain out, but many high-quality options will. Let’s take a look at a few vent covers that allow you to have your vent open and yet keep the elements out.  

1. MaxxAir Original White Vent Cover

The MaxxAir Original White Vent Cover fits all standard 14”x14” RV vents. Choosing the original white version of this popular vent cover lets more light show, which is ideal for campers who like natural light. 

This vent cover allows constant airflow, releasing musty air, smoke, and other air contaminants without letting things back inside. There’s also a removable bug screen. 

Best of all, you won’t need to drill holes in the roof of your RV for installation. It uses a unique Zero-Leak Mounting System for an air-tight cover. 

2. MaxxAir Black RV Vent Cover

The MaxxAir Black RV Vent Cover fits standard RV vents and provides two times the vent area over the original model listed above. The black vent is great for bedrooms in your RV because it’s room-darkening during the day and shuts out light pollution at night. 

Like the original, it uses the Zero-Leak Mounting System for a drill-free installation. It also features a removable bug screen and is easy to clean! 

3. Camco RV Vent Cover

The Camco RV Vent Cover is a popular budget-friendly choice for RVers. It comes in various colors to fit many campers’ needs. Best of all, it has a universal fit and will easily install on standard 14”x14” vents. 

You’ll mount this cover directly to the existing vent, and the package includes mounting hardware. Overall, campers will appreciate the UV-stabilized construction, allowing for a longer product lifetime. 

4. Fan-Tastic RV Vent Cover

The Fan-Tastic RV Vent Cover will fit all standard-sized vent covers as well as high-powered fans. Often high-powered fans will auto-close when they detect rain, which is a great feature until you burn dinner during a rainstorm! 

If you want, you can disengage the auto-close feature, so you can still vent your RV with exterior elements. And, it boasts 75 percent more airflow than the competition! 

Is Upgrading Your RV Vent Cover Worth It?

If your vent cover isn’t cutting it, an upgraded unit is worth the investment! Lack of airflow increases your risk of mold, which is a cost far higher than buying a vent cover to avoid it.  

Not to mention, it’s simply uncomfortable to be stuck in an RV during inclement weather when the air is polluted somehow! It’s just better for your health and happiness to install an updated RV vent cover. 

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Installing Maxx Vent

While many RVs these days come equipped from the factory, or the previous owner, with Maxx Air vent covers installed, it is not always the case. Vent covers are handy to have, as they allow you to have your vents open while travelling or when it’s raining. This allows you to have fresh air circulating through your rig without necessarily having your windows open or air conditioner running.

Vent covers are very simple to install and make for a great beginner DIY project. In this article I will walk through the installation of the Maxx Air vent cover, including a slight departure from the installation instructions that make it even easier!

Note that roof vents that incorporate large exhaust fans, such as Fantastic Fans® require different models of vent cover that allow higher air flow. Be sure to consult your RV parts dealer or the Maxx Air (or equivalent) website for specific application information. However, the installation process will be similar to that shown here.

Once you have your Maxx Air cover (or any other brand), unpack the contents of the packaging and separate the hardware from the cover. You should have a set of angle brackets, carriage bolts, washers, nuts, and some machine screws. If you want to make the job slightly easier, acquire four #8 x 5/8 (or similar length) self-tapping screws, which don’t come with the kit. These will replace the machine screws and nuts.

Any 14” roof vent can be covered by a vent cover. The following steps will illustrate how the installation is performed:

Air Vent

  1. The first step is to place the cover over the vent for proper positioning. Ensure the open, vented side of the cover is facing the rear of the coach. Center the cover side-to-side but leave more clearance at the back of the cover to allow the non-hinged edge of the vent to swing open and closed without binding.
  2. Once you have the cover positioned, go inside the RV and wind the vent up and down to make sure it has clearance across the full range of motion.
  3. When you have verified proper positioning and clearances, make a mark on the RV roof at each of the four corners where the bolt holes appear on the cover. Use either the inside or outside holes, but not both.
  4. Remove the vent cover and place a bracket at each marked location as shown. Be sure to insert the carriage bolt through the bracket before placing the bracket against the vent frame. Make sure the slot for the carriage bolt is located inline with the mark made in the previous step.
  5. Here, the manufacturer instructions may call for drilling a hole through the vent frame to install the machine screws. A much easier option is to simply screw a self-tapping sheet metal screw through the frame as shown here. As indicated above, a #8 screw approximately 5/8” in length will suffice. A battery powered screwdriver or drill is required here, but make sure you don’t over-torque the screws. Repeat this process for all four brackets.
  6. Once all four brackets have been secured to the vent frame, place the cover over the vent, making sure all four carriage bolts go through the cover slots. Slide the bolts in the bracket to achieve proper alignment. Go inside the RV and check for clearances again, as the vent cover can still be shifted in the slots.
  7. Once final clearance has been confirmed, place the star washers, flat washers, lock washers, and nuts on the carriage bolts and tighten the nuts using a socket or wrench.
  8. Since no holes were drilled in the RV roof, no sealant is required.

With this do-it-yourself task accomplished, you can feel satisfied that you have saved money, and it may give you the confidence to attempt other basic, or even more advanced projects.

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MaxxAir Roof Vent Cover Mounting Kit - Bolt-On with Bracket 00-225000

MAXXAIR'S line of HIGH POWERED CELING FANS are easy to operate with convenient controls at the ceiling. When the lid is closed, the MAXXFAN will still operate to circulate air inside your RV. This Roof Vent Cover Mounting Kit is built to the highest standards of the RV industry and will last a long time. Each Mounting Kit produced is tested for quality to ensure that it will serve you well. So you can buy this high quality product with confidence knowing that it will work well with your RV or Motorhomes.

MPN: 00-225000

Compatibility: Standard Maxxair Vent Cover


Mounting Type: Bolt-On
With Mounting Hardware: Yes
Use With Standard Maxxair Vent Cover
Exclusive ZERO-LEAK™ Mounting System Lets In Fresh Air Anytime
Eliminates The Need To Drill Any Holes In Your RV's Roof Surface


Limited 90 Day manufacturers warranty. 
Specifications of MaxxAir Roof Vent Cover Mounting Kit - Bolt-On with Bracket 00-225000
CompatibilityStandard Maxxair Vent Cover
Mounting TypeBolt-On
With Mounting HardwareYes

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Installation of the MaxxAir Fanmate Cover with Ez Clip Hardware

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