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The three made the purchase because of “all the future potential with the Hamilton downtown area and Spooky Nook opening up, and the revitalization that’s going on in the Hamilton area,” Beckman said.

ExploreMarcum developer now planning apartments on Main Street in Hamilton

The apartments are among dozens that either recently have become available in Hamilton’s downtown and Main Street areas in recent months, or that are planned. Among the others that have opened are apartments at The Marcum complex of apartments and shops; 12 above the Village Parlor Ice Cream Shop at Main St.; six above the soon-to-open Billy Yanks bar and restaurant; and planned for the block of Main St.

Also, at the Third + Dayton building, once occupied by Ohio Casualty, other higher-end apartments are available.

Many of the investments in apartments in apartments and businesses are happening in anticipation of the opening of Spooky Nook Sports Champion Mill, scheduled for the end of this year.

“When it’s all said and done, we’ll probably have about $ million in the whole project,” Beckman said.

At Main, they are receiving a matching grant of $20, for each of four units. At Main, the grant is $18, for each of another four.

ExploreFrom Davis apartments filling up along Hamilton’s Main Street as another new downtown option

“It’s definitely going to be an entertainment area,” Beckman said of Main. “It seems to me that it’s going to be a place that somebody’s going to want to live.”

He hopes to paint the buildings with eye-catching colors, but thinks he may face resistance because they are in a historic district.

“If we can get the color changes that we want, people are going to see significant changes on the outside, and surely notice something’s taking place,” he said.

ExploreMore Hamilton apartments now available on Main Street above coming-soon bar

The Beckmans have been in business about 25 years, and among their various companies own more than housing units. The apartments to be upgraded now are empty.

“Some of the tenants that were there, we’ve moved into other homes as the came available that we have, so as not to displace anyone,” Beckman said.

“People are just chomping at the bit to see what’s next, and a lot of people are excited about the direction of Hamilton right now.”

Eight upscale apartments are planned for Main Street, including at Main St., the building with the Preferred Puppies shop. NICK GRAHAM/STAFF

Eight upscale apartments are planned for Main Street, including at Main St., the building with the Preferred Puppies shop. NICK GRAHAM/STAFF


For centuries, Hamilton, Ohio has been a historic town.

The history continues this spring when construction begins on The Marcum Apartments, a brand-new luxury development located centrally in downtown Hamilton.

The Marcum will hold over new apartments, with an array of floor plans ranging from one to three bedrooms. The first floor of The Marcum will hold a variety of retailers and office space, prolonging the success local businesses have experienced in Hamilton for the past six years. Set to open in Spring , The Marcum will feature a spacious rooftop deck open to all tenants including grills, an outdoor bar, and firepits. Every unit will have their own balcony or patio for enjoying their outdoor space. With views of the Great Miami River and Marcum Park, its units offer the perfect chance to get to know the city of Hamilton.

More about The Marcum

The Marcum will be walking distance from some of Hamilton’s best shops, restaurants, and bars. Just across the street sits Municipal Brew Works, Hamilton’s first brewery and supplier of local beer. Outdoor seating and a view of the Great Miami River make it the perfect place to hang out after work or on the weekend.

The Marcum is also directly across from the brand new construction of Marcum Park. Soon to be open, the park will feature plenty of green space and a refreshing sprayground. It will perfectly compliment the outdoor attractions of the Great Miami River, where people can canoe and enjoy its scenic bike path. There will be no shortage of things to do around The Marcum!

If you do need to catch your breath, relax while watching a concert at the RiversEdge Amphitheater. Directly next to Marcum Park, the amphitheater hosts a variety of concerts and local food trucks every summer. With plenty of green space and views of the river at sunset, RiversEdge is the perfect place to celebrate warm weather, good food, and better friends.

Downtown Hamilton Ohio is a happening place to be.

Regardless of where you are in downtown Hamilton, you’re home. Grab a Pot of Gold milkshake from True West Coffee, or a Death By Chocolate cookie at Almond Sisters. Get a haircut at Ivy Salon or a rejuvenating bath bomb from Lah V Dah. Anyway you go, you can’t go wrong. Life at The Marcum apartments, and in Hamilton, offers the small town charm you’ve always loved and the urban ambiance you’ve never before seen. More details about The Marcum Apartments can be found at and by calling ()

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Apartments for rent in Hamilton, OH

And the award for best use of an exclamation point goes to…

Hamilton, Ohio is the most exuberant city in the United States, as evidenced by the city council’s decision to legally place an exclamation point at the end of its name. It’s ‘Hamilton!’ now, and doesn’t that make you feel great about relocating to this small Ohio town of 60,? The city is admittedly very industrial but is making great strides in the revitalization department, even declaring themselves the City of Sculpture and funding many new arts projects over the last few years. Located in the Cincinnati metro area, Hamilton! may not win any beauty contests, but it sure is trying, and you’ve got to love that.

Hamilton!’s History is Totally Bonkers

It’s truly a wonder that Hamilton! hasn’t been mined for an HBO television series yet, and we’ll tell you why: originally established as Fort Hamilton on the Great Miami River, Hamilton! quickly transitioned from an agricultural outpost to a major industrial city during the late 19th and early 20th centuries as manufacturers produced agricultural machinery to aid the remaining local farmers. The large flood of destroyed much of Hamilton!’s infrastructure and put a brief kibosh on the city’s economic boom. Boring so far. But wait–

Now here’s where things get really tawdry: unless you are approximately years old or a local historian, you probably didn’t know that Hamilton! used to be nicknamed “Little Chicago.” Why? Well, it certainly wasn’t because of the wind. After the flood of when everything was in shambles and ostensibly pretty depressing, it’s alleged that several notorious Chicago gangsters invested in a district of ill repute in the city–we’re sure as part of some kind of economic revitalization project. As a result, gambling establishments and brothels abounded until well after World War II, when the city and its pleasures were actually declared off-limits to American servicemen. Really. This is all true. The script practically writes itself!

Hamilton Today? Not So Bonkers.

Despite the fact that you live in the only city with an exclamation point in its name, Hamilton! today is not exactly the wild, gambling, whoring town where gangsters run amok. Located just outside Cincinnati’s outer belt, the city is caught somewhere between nice, rural, historical town and suburban sprawl. The major monkey wrench in contemporary Hamilton!’s population is Miami University, located about 15 miles northwest in the town of Oxford, and Miami’s satellite campus located in southern part of the city. Thankfully, the constant influx of students in the nearby town has provided Hamilton! with some much-needed diversity.

Because Hamilton has gotten kind of sleepy in its old age, you’ll have to venture to nearby Oxford for the region’s restaurants and nightlife. However, the university town tends to skew a bit young and extremely sloppy when it comes to bars, so for a more refined time, do yourself and favor and drive the 45 minutes into Cincinnati.

Far too fancy for house parties.

The west side of Hamilton is generally considered the most desirable area in town. Proximity to Miami University means that a lot of faculty, staff and graduate students not interested in Oxford’s raucous house party scene and cheap beers have settled in this region for comfortable living and a quick commute. The Timber Hill area of the west side has a wide variety of newer apartment developments and a good reputation throughout the county. Additionally, Highland Park is another great neighborhood with older, established homes and the occasional rental. Two bedroom apartments on the north side generally range from $

Debatable presence of sauerkraut, but lots of history

Germantown Historical Village’s name does not lie—this part of Hamilton!, located close to downtown, is replete with beautiful old architecture from Hamilton!’s wild past. Part of the National Register of Historical Places, you’ll find over Gothic Revival style residences, storefronts and generally cool old stuff, including the Lane Library—the oldest library west of the Alleghenies. Occasionally, some of these homes and adjacent residences have been divided into duplexes for renters, which make for seriously cool, possibly-haunted, homes. One bedrooms in this area generally go for $

Young punks and future scholars

Next, and probably last for many people, on Hamilton’s desirable communities list is the city’s south side. This area surrounds Hamilton!’s Miami University campus and has a number of desirable rentals at an affordable rate for those whose priorities center on avoiding class and looking for trouble. Keep in mind, you’ll be living close to a college campus, so there is some petty crime and noise disturbance that comes along with the youthful idealism. Try to avoid the west side of the Great Miami River. Two bedrooms in this area generally go for $

Et Cetera

The rest of Hamilton!, unfortunately, is generally considered less-than-desirable. Much of the east side is not well regarded amongst natives, though there is also plenty of suburban development in this region that is safe and affordable. If you’re moving to the eastern portion of Hamilton, examine the neighborhoods and scope your neighbors closely before committing.

Whip out your glasses for the Fine Print

While there may not be as many rental options in Hamilton as in Cincinnati or even Oxford, you can generally find an apartment in town without the aid of a realtor, in days. Application fees are cheap (under $30) and deposits are frequently waived or reduced given a satisfactory credit rating or perhaps a dashing smile. Additionally, the high student population means that you won’t have any trouble finding a flexible lease that suits your needs.

We have a highway now!

Well, the good news is that Hamilton! (can’t forget the exclamation point) now has quick and easy access to I via the Butler County Veterans Highway. Many Hamilton! residents also commute to Cincinnati, so the roads can be a bit congested during rush hour. However, traffic doesn’t get truly spotty till you hit the outer belt: allow at least an hour for your commute into Cincinnati. The Southwest Ohio Regional Transit Authority, also called SORTA, provides the city itself with bus service. So, bus lines through downtown Hamilton! will sorta (Ha! I kill me!) get you into Cincinnati, but buses are infrequent and make many stops into the city.

Punctuation is exciting!

So there you have it. Hamilton! has one hell of a history, and though it has perhaps seen better (and more tawdry) days, this place is really making changes and you can’t fault that. Apartments are cheap, the city is growing and Cincinnati is just around the corner. Plus there’s just something about that exclamation point. So get going! Hamilton! awaits.


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Hamilton ohio downtown apartments

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House For Rent in Hamilton,ON

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