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2008 Honda Civic - AT Fluid - Vehicle Specific

Transmission fluid is the lubricant for all the moving parts that make up your vehicle's transmission. Due to the  heat generated in the transmission, the fluid can break down over time. What type of transmission fluid you need depends on your vehicle. Your car's manual provides transmission fluid service requirements. Regular transmission service is necessary to keep your car on the road. That's why O’Reilly Auto Parts has the transmission fluid your vehicle needs. Check out our complete line of products.

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Honda 2008 Civic transmission fluid question

I do need to clarify my comment on the Honda specific fluid vs Castrol fluid etc.

I have heard many here advocate only Honda fluids for Honda’s and maybe they are on to something.

I once used a “Auto parts store brand” fluid in the rear end of my Dakota but needed to add a tube of modifier and this was supposed to be equal to the Dodge Dextron IV that was called for in the manual.

For the next few months I could hear a faint rubbing sound from the rear end. It sounded much like a brake pad as it hits the high spot on a warped rotor…a swish…swish , sound as the driveshaft turned. I only heard it when slowly moving forward or backward and turning hard either way.
I almost always back into parking spaces for a better line of sight when I leave, so I heard this sound a lot.

I finally bought a higher quality Dextron IV and replaced the fluid. I have never heard the sound again.
It just so happens that it was Castrol Dextron IV.

I then bought a case of Castrol Dextron IV and pumped as much of the store brand out of my tranny and replaced it. If it wasn’t right for my rear end it wasn’t right for the tranny I figured.

I’m not trying to sell Castrol as the best fluid…it could have been Quaker state or Mobil or any other brand.
My point is that if you get the cheap stuff, it may be missing something. Having to add a modifier seems to be fixing what they left out…and on my dime.
I would rather pay the little extra for a better brand of fluid/oil and get it right the first time.
Because of this I stick with the brand names and stay away from the re branded stuff that the store sells.
Yet on the other hand I cannot see paying twice the price for the fluid at the dealer. The dealer wanted just over $10 a quart for the Dodge Dextron IV and buying a case of Castrol it was about $5 a quart. The store brand stuff was about $4 a quart.


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Civic fluid 2008 transmission

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Automatic Transmission Oil Change Honda Civic 2006 - 2011

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