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Get or Use a Course, Class, or Section ID

Note: If your instructor is using a non-Pearson learning management system such as Blackboard, Canvas or Brightspace along with a Pearson MyLab do not use a Course ID. Instead, sign into your instructor's course from your campus website site and click on a link within that course to register for a Pearson MyLab. Only a Pearson account (email and password) and an access code are needed.

Note: If your Pearson MyLab & Mastering course is being delivered via MyLabsPlus you do not need to register or have a Course ID. Please contact your instructor for course access information. 

Many websites allow you to link your account to your instructor's online gradebook using a unique identifier called a Course ID, Class ID, or Section ID. This ID can have several formats, and must be obtained from your instructor for you to enroll in the correct course. If you do not know the ID for your class or the ID you were given wasn't accepted, please obtain the correct ID from your instructor.

If you do not have an instructor you may be able to use the site to study independently. To find out whether the site you are using can be used for self-study, please review the introductory information at the home page of that website. You may also find helpful information by searching this site for "[website name] self-study" using the Search for support content field at the top of this page.

Get Started with MyLab Troubleshooting Wizard at the bottom of this article

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Yellowdig Knowledge Base

When students purchase Yellowdig from their school’s bookstore or receive it in their course pack, they get a unique access code which gives access to a single Yellowdig course community. 

Note: Students will need to retrieve additional access codes if they’re in additional courses that are using Yellowdig. 

Getting Yellowdig from a Follett or Barnes & Noble bookstore?

Please see the FAQ at the end of this article for help in finding the correct access code.

  1. Click the link to your Yellowdig community. This is typically located in your course page (Canvas, Blackboard, D2l, Moodle, etc.), in the Assignments area, or in the course navigation.
    Note: please use Chrome or Firefox for your browser.
  2. Create your user profile & follow the email verification step.
    Note: If you already have a Yellowdig account do not create a new one. 
  3. Access your course community again, view & accept the terms & conditions, and enter your unique 16-digit access code to unlock your community. That’s it!

See our Student Orientation Guide HERE 


If you have questions about purchasing codes or receiving codes you should contact your school bookstore or possibly your instructor. If you have any questions about entering a code once you have it or about Yellowdig in general, our Support Team is here to help! 

Explore our help website here ( to find answers to commonly asked questions or contact us directly with the "Contact Support" button in the upper right of the webpage.


Follett Bookstore? Having trouble finding a working access code?

Purchasing Yellowdig from the bookstore? Follow this article to get your Yellowdig access code from the Follett BryteWave website.

Getting Yellowdig through Follett Access (inclusive access)? Follow these guides to get your Yellowdig access code.

Barnes & Noble Bookstore? Having trouble finding a working access code?

When a student makes a purchase, a Yuzu account is created and they get an email saying to log in to see their content (ebooks or courseware). Once they log into their Yuzu account, they can reveal their code, and the email they get should give them the link as well. See detailed instructions here.

I have a student that is enrolled in two classes with me. Does the student need two access codes?

Yes. Each access code provides access to a single course community, so the student will need a separate unique code for each class that is using Yellowdig. They should follow the same process to get their 2nd code that they used for their first.

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How do I access my eBook that includes courseware and/or eResources access code?
Please follow the Steps below:

1. Purchase the product at the bookstore, your book should appear automatically on your VitalSource Bookshelf.

2. Log in to your CWC Bookstore Account.

3. Access your bookshelf by clicking the link in the "My Account" menu

4. Log in to your VitalSource account.  If you do not have you, you must create one with the email you provided at checkout.

To View Book
5. Once the product presents on the bookshelf, tap on the book cover to read it.

To Access Courseware
6. Once the product presents on the bookshelf, click “Reveal Access Code”. Once you click “Reveal Access Code”, the product is no longer returnable in the bookstore.

7. Click “Continue” and then “Reveal Access Code” on popup. Once you click “Reveal Access Code”, the product is no longer returnable in the bookstore.

8. Copy the new Access Code that has just been revealed (different from the VitalSource access code) and click “Visit Website” to navigate to the publisher's website

9. Access via standard publisher website procedures

To Access eResources
10. Once the product presents on the bookshelf, click account settings on the menu bar along the top of the page and select Resources.

11. Once you click Resources, your Vitalsource Account Center will open. Here you will be able to view and redeem any eResources. If you're redeeming an access code, the product is no longer returnable in the bookstore once you click “Reveal Access Code."


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