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21 Creative Aesthetic Bedrooms for a fun Bedroom Makeover

Add Aesthetic Fairy Lights

You can hang Fairy string lights anywhere to your bedroom design. This idea looks great when you outline the windows, loosely hang them from the ceiling, string them around your floor-length mirror, or line your headboard with them!

string them around your floor-length mirror 20+ Aesthetic Bedrooms

Hang Up Vines

Greenery is an absolute must-have decoration in your bedroom design! A jungle of greenery is a very common style in an aesthetic bedroom. But if you’re like me, you might not have a green thumb. That’s alright! A good route to take to liven up your bedroom with greenery is by hanging decorative vines (this idea won’t require any maintenance on your part!).

Bedroom with hanging decorative vines 20+ Aesthetic Bedrooms

Lean a Full-Length Mirror

Aesthetic bedrooms typically have a bohemian decor style, making the most of the natural white light flowing through the windows. Plus, sunlight is needed once you’ve filled your room with plenty of greenery which is a great side-effect! With this idea, adding a full-length mirror to the room’s design can help to brighten up your bedroom by enhancing the natural light.

Hang Bohemian Tapestries

Tired of looking at plain walls in your bedroom? Spruce up your home decor by incorporating a tapestry—or two! Your tapestry can help tie all your aesthetic decor and design together, bringing color into the room. It can also be a standout decoration that is an attention grabber all on its own. It’s a good idea to add some decorative throw pillows with the same colors and design as in the tapestry.

Add Dalmatian Wallpaper

Wallpaper used to be a word that made me cringe. I immediately picture my grandmother’s house full of dated colors and patterns. Never fear—create your aesthetic bedroom design with some fun black and white dalmatian wallpaper to really make your bedroom pop!

Stick LED Lights Along the Ceiling

Lighting plays a huge part in creating the aesthetic decor vibe you’re hoping to achieve in your bedroom. No need for a lamp. Add a mix of LED string lights, where the wall and ceiling meet. Change the colors based on your mood.

Hang Plants

Plants, plants, and more plants, please! You can never have too many plants in your bedroom! They purify your air, can boost your mood, and make you feel great. They add visual interest and beauty too. Plants are a great idea will spice up your bedroom decor.

Plants will give your bedroom an effortless natural vibe 20+ Aesthetic Bedrooms

plants in your bedroom 20+ Aesthetic Bedrooms

Bedroom with plants 20+ Aesthetic Bedrooms

Add Planters

Head straight to Funkytown by adding in gorgeous planters into your room decor! You already know you can’t have an aesthetic bedroom with less than at least three plants in your room. The more plants you add, the more fun you get to have choosing different planters!

Bedroom with Rattan Standing Planter 20+ Aesthetic Bedrooms

plants add visual interest and beauty 20+ Aesthetic Bedrooms

aesthetic bedroom plants 20+ Aesthetic Bedrooms

Bedroom with more plants 20+ Aesthetic Bedrooms

Add a Bed Canopy

Is there anything dreamier than sheer white curtains lining your bed? Transform your bedroom into an oasis by adding a canopy over your bed! Once you make a canopy in your bedroom, add luscious ultra-lightweight curtains around your bed. You’ll create the perfect dream area. You’ll never want to wake up in the morning!

Hang up Handwoven Macrame

You won’t find an aesthetic bedroom without a beautiful macrame hanging. These unique, handwoven decorations are the new and improved dreamcatcher that you need to include in your room decor. Trendy? Yes. A must-have? Absolutely. Dream safely.

Bedroom with macrame hanging 20+ Aesthetic Bedrooms

Make a Pallet Bed

One thing you’ve probably noticed during your decorating research is that most (if not all!) aesthetic bedrooms have low platform beds. It’s easy and cheap to throw a bed together with wooden pallets!

Bedroom with low bed 20+ Aesthetic Bedrooms

Buy Grid-Pattern Bedding

Make a one-of-a-kind eclectic design for your bedroom. Aesthetic decor ideas mix different styles, designs, colors, patterns, and materials. You won’t know how it will all blend until you try. Mixing and matching will create a cohesive aesthetic room!

Bedroom with grid bedding 20+ Aesthetic Bedrooms

Bedroom with mix patterns 20+ Aesthetic Bedrooms

Hang the Moon Phases

You can never hang too many things on the walls. It’s true—and there’s truly nothing more charming than a moon phase garland! Not only is it trendy, but it’s a dainty enough of an idea to add beauty to any room in your home.

Bedroom with Hammered Extra-Long Metal Moon Cycle Banner 20+ Aesthetic Bedrooms

Bedroom with LED Lighted Backdrop 20+ Aesthetic Bedrooms

Create a Record Album Display

A striking record album gallery on your walls can pull together your entire aesthetic room design. Post up album covers, records, and artwork that you own or that you’ve acquired from your favorite local thrift stores for a vintage style!

pinterest 20+ Aesthetic BedroomsBedroom with record art with vines 20+ Aesthetic Bedrooms

Stick Up Your Polaroids

Don’t skip out on one of our favorite trends—polaroids on the wall! It’s easy to create a collage of your friends, family, and adventures by pinning up pictures for the world to see. Here are some great ideas to look through.

Bedroom with moon wall 20+ Aesthetic Bedrooms

Show off your world with Polaroids 20+ Aesthetic Bedrooms

Create Collages

Tired of bare walls? You should be! Plain and Bare are no-nos in an aesthetic bedroom! Collages, records, string lights – add one (or all!) of these ideas to your bedroom decor to create an eclectic vibe like no other.

Bedroom with unique shapes collage wall 20+ Aesthetic Bedrooms

Add LOTS of Stuff

Open wood shelving adds a chunky, natural look where you can house all your little knickknacks. You won’t find an aesthetic bedroom without some natural wood. Line those shelves with candles, live flowers, string lights, or even your library of books!

Add Hanging Flowers

Decorate your bedroom with flowers and roses! There are many ways to incorporate beautiful flowers into your room decor.

Bedroom with flowers on walls 20+ Aesthetic Bedrooms

Bedroom with roses on walls 20+ Aesthetic Bedrooms

Bedroom with flower walls 20+ Aesthetic Bedrooms

Lay down Layered rugs

Rugs are the cornerstone of any aesthetic look. From their eclectic patterns to fuzzy rugs, they can emphasize the beauty in your bedroom. But you don’t have to stick to just one rug—that’s the beauty of the aesthetic style!

Add as many textures and shapes as you can!

One of the most prominent features in an aesthetic bedroom is the use of textures! Add some! Love chunky throw blankets? Awesome! What about layering rugs? You know it. An extra idea is to buy some throw pillows with pom-poms. The more the better!

Expose your wardrobe

Closets are so last year. The idea now is to pick up a trendy clothing rack to take your style to the next level! You can choose from a variety of colors and materials for your rack, allowing you to blend it into the look of your bedroom.

(Source: pinterest)

(Source: pinterest)


35 Gorgeous Green Bedrooms You'll Go Wild Over

If you're looking to give your bedroom a bit of a refresh, why not opt for a makeover involving the color green? There are so many ways to incorporate the hue into your space—in the form of paint, wallpaper, textiles (or all three!). What's wonderful about green is that there are truly so many shades to choose from—olive, emerald, sage, you name it—so you can easily find a hue that matches your aesthetic. Plus, green is a favorite of both children and adults—you don't have to worry about it appearing too "young" or too "grown up" in any space that you're designing; it shines in primary bedrooms and nurseries alike.

Whether you crave a soothing sanctuary or a space that's romantic and bold, you can achieve the look with green. Green is also a favorite among traditionalists and modernists alike, so no matter if you gravitate toward grandmillennial style rooms or prefer that your space looks ultra contemporary, you can't go wrong.

Before committing to a color, it's important to get a sense of the many ways in which you can incorporate it into your space and understand the other hues with which it pairs best. But don't worry, we've done the research for you! Below, we've rounded up 35 of our favorite green bedrooms that will inspire you to work the color into your own home today.

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51 Green Bedrooms With Tips And Accessories To Help You Design Yours

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Revitalised, energised, in touch with nature, these are all things we might feel from surrounding ourselves with greenery - even if that greenery comes in the form of interior decoration. With these wonderful benefits, it seems even more fitting that we should put this palette into our bedrooms, so that we can feel the positive effects as soon as we open our eyes first thing in the morning. Let us guide you through a collection of green bedrooms, ranging from light hues of mint and bright lime green, to darker shades of sage, emerald, and hunter green. We’ll provide tips on how to create your own individual aesthetic, and look at accessories to perfect your new green scheme.

Update a classic shade. Dark green bedroom walls build a look of deep sophistication. Team dark green decor with a grey bedstead and a modern floor lamp to keep the look current.

You can modernise a hunter green bedroom with an attention grabbing monochrome rug and a sputnik chandelier.

Raring to go rustic. A green and brown bedroom scheme evokes a rustic charm. Add a pop of solid yellow in some scatter cushions or a bed throw to brighten up the combo, and match with yellow gold accents in bedroom pendant lights or lamps.

A sleeker take on a green, brown and yellow theme.

Light and refreshing. The freshness of green and white bedroom decor is like biting into a crisp green apple. Sprinkle seeds of dark wood or black accessories in to complete the fruit of your creation.

Do you find it difficult to get up in the mornings? A zesty lime green bedroom might just do the trick to pull you out of your early slump! Go all out with matching accessories to really ramp up a positive get up and go outlook.

Team shades of green with colours from the same side of the spectrum. Cool blue accessories work smoothly against a green canvas to make a calm and tranquil sleep space. The green background in this bedroom is textured by exposed brickwork, which brings added depth to the room design. The warm glow of LED perimeter lights accentuates the rugged surface.

Accessorise with indoor plants. You don’t have to go out shopping around home decor outlets to accessorise your green bedroom design, just take a wander around your own home and gather up a flourishing array of houseplants to boost your new space.

Take it to the tropics. A tropical wall mural, botanical print scatter cushions, and a ceiling fan (whether you’re feeling the heat all year round or not) will cultivate a vacation flavour. Add wooden elements, louvre wardrobe doors, rattan furniture and a jute rug to enrich the concept.

Illuminate the look. Modern wall sconces and a typographical neon sign burn brightly against deep forest green bedroom paint here. A beige tufted headboard and smaller neutral accents balance out the bold feature wall.

Another take on the green and beige combo. In this bedroom, only the bedclothes and the window drapes offer beige accents, which means this element of the design can quickly, easily, and relatively cheaply be switched out for another colour. Pale pink accents could be fetched in to perk up the look during the summer months, or charcoal grey textiles could give the look a sharper edge.

Oh-so-easy au naturel. Use natural rattan furniture, jute rugs, burlap cushions and terracotta pots to quickly warm up a cool light green bedroom design. These earthy tones also bring a sense of effortless laid-back style–and because they are completely neutral they can easily be repurposed in new colour schemes or other parts of the home, bonus!

Bring marine blue accents and monochrome artwork to a misty blue green bedroom wall. The deeper coloured elements will only accentuate the gentleness of the hero colour. Try creating white borders around different colours to give each its separate moment.

Make breathing space. In this home design, solid olive green bedroom walls and matching green bedroom curtains have been separated by a large expanse of white wall. The break in colour gives the single strong hue plenty of space to breath.

Muted greens act as neutrals. Sage green bedroom walls make a beautiful muted base for pastel pink, sunny yellow, shades of blue and even lilac accents.

Emerald tones can be teamed with rich burgundy hues and golden browns.

Gold and green are a match made in heaven. Don’t just limit yourself to small golden accents either, go big with shimmery golden feature walls. Note how gorgeously these marble slabs vibe with the green and gold look too, resulting in a look of high-end luxe.

Carrying on with the luxe wall treatment trend, check out this wall of emerald quartzite–named for its characteristic bright green shade that resembles the precious stone. An organically inspired Terzani chandelier gives the emerald green bedroom a springtime spirit.

Go half and half, like this vertically split green and black bedroom. Consider masking the divide with a design element like this huge piece of art, or a towering headboard design.

Pull in some purple. A seafoam green bedroom has a sense of glamour; throw in some purple and green bedroom art for vivid contrast.

More high contrast with purple accents in a quirky comfy green kids’ room.

Look for colour opportunities. In this green boy’s bedroom, the niche behind an open fronted closet has been painted to match the green headboard feature wall.

Seek out star pieces to soup up the style factor, like this stunning green and white bed set.

Sometimes one key element is enough to shape the green theme. Focus on larger pieces like a bedstead, or a vanity set.

Pushed on room for plants? Hanging planters hold the solution. The hanging plants in this design are almost camouflaged against a dark green bedroom wall, but this subtle addition provides a successful zoning technique around the home workspace.

If you’re not green fingered, then you can still use plants to colour your green bedroom, in print form…

… Or use a combination of both

If you are blessed with success in the garden, cultivate a courtyard as your green backdrop…

… Or a vertical garden.

Plant an indoor garden feel by laying a grass green rug beneath your bed. Add wooden accessories or side tables to keep the natural theme going.

Draw from Mediterranean design. Propagate lush green climbing plants across the rugged surface of a whitewashed rustic stone wall.

Fake forest views with a realistic wall mural.

Keep it on the down low. If a full wall of green feels a little much, confine colour to the lower half of the room. Include furniture items in the green lower half of your room to make one continuous stripe, like how this green headboard stripe merges smoothly with a matching chest of drawers.

Wall panelling is another great way of applying colour just to the lower half of your bedroom. Paint some half height wainscot or boiserie in your favourite shade.

Create a colour block. Grab a spirit level and a roll of painters tape and you’re good to go.

A diagonal half and half paint effect. Note how the wall shelf is colour coordinated to its allocated section.

A pink and green bedroom scheme has contrast with softness. Be sure to add in areas of white and grey to break up the abundance of colour.

Glossy green finishes build a very modern bedroom aesthetic. Choose gloss panels to clad a headboard feature wall, or go for glossy green closets.

Add depth and pattern to your bedroom with graphic green wallpaper.

This olive green bedroom brings pattern via a geometric upholstered headboard design.

Another stunning green headboard idea, this time teamed with a wooden platform bed.

Deliciously deep green and dripping with gold, this unusual decor effect trickles gold ceiling paint all the way down to the headboard and modern wall sconces below.

Fit for a monarch. A regal green wall of boiserie towers magnificently up to deeply decorative white cornice.

Bold and balanced. This dark gray and green bedroom uses each tone in the same quantity to achieve balance. Gold accents lift the dark palette with a little lustre.

Copper complements a light grey and mint green bedroom.

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  • Visualizer: Anton Karniaichuk & Katherina Rusak
If after you’ve painted a solid accent wall it feels too imposing, knock it back behind some shelving.

Ambient lighting can also reinvent an accent wall, particularly if textured.

Go bright with an orange, blue and green bedroom palette to amp up the energy in your mornings.

Delicate delights. Small green bedside tables and an elegant dressing table add elegant touches.

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