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What You Need to Know About The Crazy &#;Last Christmas&#; Twist Ending, Explained

(Major spoilers ahead, obviously, for the ending of &#;Last Christmas&#;)

&#;Last Christmas&#; kinda looks like a pretty standard romantic comedy, but I assure you it isn&#;t. And you should have known better anyway &#; it&#;s not as though director Paul Feig (&#;Bridesmaids,&#; &#;Spy&#;) is known for making standard romantic comedies. He&#;s not. At all.

But best of all, it&#;s a movie that I&#;ve discovered I enjoy during any season, not just around the holidays. I&#;ve found it weirdly comforting to watch during quarantine.

Obviously, I really enjoyed &#;Last Christmas.&#; So I&#;m not writing this as a way of mocking this movie. The twist we&#;re about to discuss is really wild mostly just because it defies your expectations about what a romantic comedy is and because most folks aren&#;t going to be coming into this thing expecting any kind of major twist. But, to me, &#;Last Christmas&#; isn&#;t just different from romantic comedy standards &#; it&#;s more than just a romantic comedy as well.

So let&#;s get into it. I&#;m gonna kinda talk through the plot of the movie now The story here focuses on Kate (Emilia Clarke), whose family moved to London in the late &#;90s as refugees from Yugoslavia. As a result, they&#;re all kinda messed up and have a lot of emotional baggage. As Kate&#;s mom (Emma Thompson, who also co-wrote the film) notes early on, she has no social life because &#;all my friends were murdered.&#; Mom is also worried that they&#;re gonna get kicked out of the country because of Brexit, and Dad (Boris Isakovic) drives a cab all the time because just being around his family brings up a lot of trauma.

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In addition to all that stuff, Kate has some extra baggage she&#;s dealing with. As we learn midway through &#;Last Christmas,&#; she had a heart defect of some kind that put her in the hospital on the brink of death, until she received a new heart from someone who had died. Ever since, she says, something has just felt wrong. So she drinks a lot, eats unhealthy food, hooks up with a lot of random guys, and is just generally incapable of having a roommate without doing stupid things that get her kicked out. Kate also avoids hanging out with her family, though she eventually has to sleep at her parents&#; house because otherwise she&#;d be homeless.

Kate also works at a Christmas store, run by a woman who goes by Santa (Michelle Yeoh). Santa notes that ever since Kate returned to work after her illness that she hasn&#;t been the same &#; she sucks at her job and forgets to lock up the store one night, which of course has disastrous consequences.

Enter Tom (Henry Golding), a random dude who catches Kate&#;s eye when he&#;s standing outside the store one day. The two start talking and they quickly become tight. Tom shows her around to various London spots she never knew about, and talks her through her emotional struggles. We only know about the whole thing with her heart because she told Tom about it.

After they hang out a few times &#; and after the store gets ransacked because she forgot to lockup &#; Kate realizes she needs to be proactive about getting her life together. Before, she was upset and vaguely suicidal in a &#;I&#;m on a quest to drink myself into an early grave&#; kind of way. Now, thanks to her therapeutic hangout sessions with Tom, which brought out an awareness of the growing frequency of her major screwups, she is no longer overly enthusiastic about the inevitable sweet embrace of death.

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Kate&#;s relationship with Tom is certainly emotionally intimate, but not really physically, though they do kiss a couple times. They never end up hooking up, though.

Let&#;s talk about the big twist now.

So it turns out that Tom is a ghost. A year before the events of the film, he was riding his bike in the street and got hit by a truck. And it&#;s his heart that is currently inside Kate&#;s chest. Yes, it&#;s that line from the song the movie is named after &#; &#;Last Christmas I gave you my heart.&#;

It&#;s not totally clear what the mechanics of the situation are, but the only way to interpret these events that feels internally consistent is that Tom really was a Christmas ghost who knows he&#;s dead and is trying to help Kate out as she struggles through everyday life. One night, for example, he brings her back to the apartment he lived in before he died, and earlier he made a comment about how he didn&#;t have a phone because he&#;d locked his in a cupboard &#; and that phone was still there a year later. A simple hallucination wouldn&#;t tell Kate where he lived or that his phone was in the cabinet.

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There&#;s also nothing that indicates that Kate had looked Tom up after she got out of the hospital and went on a tour of places he frequented.

I recently spoke with director Paul Feig about this twist, and here&#;s what he had to say specifically about what&#;s up with Tom: &#;You can interpret Tom however you want. I mean, sometimes you can say he&#;s like, he&#;s a ghost. Other times, you think he&#;s just a part of her. To me, I just think he&#;s just a part of her and so they&#;re all wrapped in each other because there is no separation between the two of them and so, you know, he&#;s in there, his spirit is in her.&#;

So I think we have to take this story at face value, which I&#;m totally okay with &#; it&#;s a romantic comedy twist on &#;A Christmas Carol,&#; with Tom basically functioning as a Christmas Spirit who is here to help Kate better herself. Which works, I think.

If you want to read more from my conversation with Feig about that twist, you can do so here.

George Michael: 9 Classic Music Videos, From &#;Faith&#; to &#;Last Christmas&#; (Videos)

  • "Wake Me Up Before You Go-Go" () Wham!'s first No. 1 hit featured a bouncy video with Michael and Andrew Ridgeley performing in front of teens at London's Brixton Academy.

  • "Freedom" () Wham!'s second big hit featured another eye-catching video.

  • "Careless Whisper" () Michael's first solo single -- though it appeared on Wham!'s "Make It Big" album -- helped to launch him, boosted by this Miami-set video.

  • "Last Christmas" () A clean-shaven Michael appears in the video for the holiday hit -- which has been covered many times since and provides a spooky memorial to the songwriter-singer who died on Christmas Day

  • "Do They Know It's Christmas?" () Bob Geldof co-wrote and organized an all-star lineup of '80s stars -- including Michael -- to raise money for famine relief in Ethiopia.

  • "Faith" () The title song from Michael's debut solo album, a No. 1 hit, had a video that launched him as a male sex symbol complete with sunglasses, stubble, and a pair of Levi's blue jeans with cowboy boots.

  • "I Want Your Sex" () Michael co-starred with then-girlfriend Kathy Jeung for this video -- in which he tried to play up the stability of his relationship by writing "monogamy" on her back in lipstick.

  • "Father Figure" () Michael and Andy Morahan shared the MTV Video Music Award for Best Direction of a Video for this clip from the "Faith" album.

  • "Fastlove" () Michael's video plays with an early version of virtual reality -- and also tweaks the singer's contract dispute with Sony by featuring headphones with "FONY" in a very familiar looking font.

The British pop star who helped innovate the music video in the s died on Christmas Day at age 53

"Wake Me Up Before You Go-Go" () Wham!'s first No. 1 hit featured a bouncy video with Michael and Andrew Ridgeley performing in front of teens at London's Brixton Academy.

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Last Christmas

song by Wham!

For other uses, see Last Christmas (disambiguation).

"Last Christmas" is a song by British pop duo Wham!, originally released in December on CBS Records internationally and as a double A-side on Epic Records with "Everything She Wants" in the UK. Described as a "high watermark of mids British synthpop songcraft",[4] it was written and produced by George Michael, and has been covered by many artists since its original release.

Upon its initial release in , "Last Christmas" spent five consecutive weeks at number two in the UK Singles Chart, held off the top spot by Band Aid's "Do They Know It's Christmas?". After many chart runs in subsequent years, which included three more weeks at number two, and which has seen the recording become part of RCA Records' catalogue, the song finally reached number-one in the UK Singles Chart on New Year's Day (chart week ending date 7 January ), more than 36 years after its initial release.[5] In doing so, it became the fifth UK number one single for the duo and surpassed Tony Christie's almost 16 year-long record for the longest time a single has taken to top the UK Singles Chart after its initial release with "(Is This The Way To) Amarillo?" in March , which had itself taken 33 years 4 months to top the chart (with Peter Kay, though credited, only actually appearing in the video). Prior to it reaching number one, "Last Christmas" had for many years held the record as the highest-selling single never to top the charts by the Official Charts Company (OCC) with million copies sold (not including streams). This record is now held by "Moves Like Jagger" by Maroon 5 featuring Christina Aguilera.[6][7] The tune reached number one in the UK after it was streamed million times in the last week of and sold 1, downloads, meaning it got a total of 40, combined sales.[8]

Outside the United Kingdom, the song topped the charts in Denmark, Slovenia, and Sweden and peaked within the top ten of the charts in several countries including Australia, Germany, Ireland, and the United States. Wham! donated all of their royalties to relief efforts for the Ethiopian famine.[9] In a UK-wide poll in December , it was voted eighth on the ITV television special The Nation's Favourite Christmas Song[10] and was voted most popular song of the s in Channel 5's Christmas countdown Britain's Favourite 80's Songs.[11][12] It was the most-played Christmas song of the 21st century in the UK until it was overtaken by "Fairytale of New York" in [13]


"Last Christmas" had its beginnings in , while George Michael and Andrew Ridgeley were visiting Michael's parents. It was written by Michael in his childhood bedroom.[3] Michael played Ridgeley the introduction and chorus melody to "Last Christmas", which Ridgeley later called "a moment of wonder".[14][7]


The song was recorded in August , at Advision Studios, London, England. George Michael wrote, performed, produced and played every single instrument on the track. With a LinnDrum drum machine, a Roland Juno synth and sleigh bells, they began recording the song in the summer, Michael having "plastered [the studio] in Christmas decorations to set the mood".[7] The only other people in the studio were engineer Chris Porter and two assistants. According to Porter, lyrically "you've got the happiness of the rhythm track, but against that you've got the sadness of the unrequited love".[3]

Chart performance[edit]

United Kingdom[edit]

Wham! already had two number one singles on the UK Singles Chart during , and news that they were planning a Christmas single meant that a battle for the coveted Christmas number one spot in Britain seemed set to be between Wham! and the year's other big act, Frankie Goes to Hollywood, who had achieved a third No. 1 in early December with "The Power of Love". However, the Band Aid single written by Bob Geldof and Midge Ure, produced the No. 1 single "Do They Know It's Christmas?", while Wham!'s offering peaked at No. 2 for much of the period. Wham! donated all "Last Christmas/Everything She Wants" royalties to the Ethiopian famine.[9]

In subsequent years, the song entered the UK top 40 on 15 occasions, reaching the top 10 no less than 6 times (including a run of 5 consecutive years between and ). In and it equalled its best ever chart position of number two, before finally topping the charts on 1 January , 36 years after its original release. In the process, "Last Christmas" achieved the chart record for the longest time taken for a single to peak at the top of the UK Singles Chart after its first release, a feat that had previously been held by "(Is This The Way To) Amarillo? by Tony Christie, which topped the chart in March , 33 years and 4 months after its initial release in November [7] On January 8, , "Last Christmas" became the very first record to disappear completely from number one spot, exiting the Official Charts Company Top chart with no placing on the chart (week ending 14 January ).[15][16] As "Last Christmas" replaced "Don't Stop Me Eatin'" by LadBaby, which had dropped down the singles chart to number 78 on January 1, it was the first time in chart history that two back-to-back number ones had disappeared not only from the BBC Radio 1 Top 40, but the Top 75 as well[17]

UK Singles Chart
Year Peak pos. Chart run
213 weeks (15 Dec - 9 March )[18]
2 / 67 wks (14 Dec - 25 January )[19]
14[20]/ 455 wks (13 Dec - 10 January )[21]
145 wks (8 Dec - 5 January )[22]
265 wks (6 Dec - 3 January )[23]
344 wks (12 Dec - 2 January )[24]
534 wks (11 Dec - 1 January )[25]
264 wks (10 Dec - 31 December )[26]
345 wks (8 Dec - 5 January )
365 wks (7 Dec - 4 January )
285 wks (6 Dec - 3 January )[27]
185 wks (10 Dec - 7 January )[28]
75 wks (8 Dec - 5 January )[29]
26 wks (30 Nov - 4 January )[30]
35 wks (6 Dec - 3 January )[31]
36 wks (28 Nov - 2 January )[32]
18 wks (13 Nov - 1 January )[33]

By February [update] "Last Christmas" had sold over million copies, being at that time the biggest-selling single in UK chart history not to reach number one, and the 10th best-selling UK single overall.[3][34] It was certified three times platinum in November [35]

In December , it peaked at No. 1 on both the UK Official Vinyl Singles Chart[36] and on the Official Video Streaming Chart.[37] The following week, the song set a new UK chart record and was streamed million times, the most number of plays in a week.[38] It became the UK's best-selling vinyl single release in [39]

Other territories[edit]

In Germany, the song is the most successful Christmas single of all time, having spent weeks on the German Singles Chart and attained a peak position of No. 2 on 27 December [40] It has charted every year since [41] In January , the song fell from No. 4 to No. 64 there, also making it the biggest fall out of the top 10 on the singles chart.[42]

The single was originally released in two different formats in Japan with different cover art, a 7-inch and inch vinyl (Long version) both with "Credit Card Baby" as their B-side. The former entered the top 20 of the Oricon Singles Chart peaking at No. 15, while the latter reached No. [43] The single was released in on CD single in the country and peaked at No. 17, selling nearly 40, copies that week.[44] It was reissued in November and as a 2-track CD with the single edit and the "Pudding Mix".[45][46] As a result of the success, "Last Christmas" is the eighth best-selling single of all time in Japan released by a non-Japanese act, with total physical sales of , units.[47]

In the Netherlands, the song never reached No. 1, peaking at No. 2 in January (behind Band Aid's "Do They Know It's Christmas?"). In the Dutch Singles Top (one of three charts in the Netherlands that claims to be the "official" chart, but it is the only one that is not broadcast and remains unpublished except on its own official web page), the song has now entered on 16 different occasions, including every year since Its highest position after was No. 4 (during the and Christmas season).[48][49] In the Dutch Mega Top 50 (which was first published in ), the song re-appeared in , , , , and

"Last Christmas" was not released commercially as a single in the United States until November , when it was made available on 12" vinyl as a Record Store Day exclusive.[50] Since then, the song has re-entered the Billboard Holiday Songs Chart on a regular basis, peaking at No. 3 on 7 December [51][52]

As of 25 November , total US sales of the digital track stand at , downloads according to Nielsen SoundScan, placing it 10th on the list of all-time best-selling Christmas/holiday digital singles in US SoundScan history.[53] The song debuted at number 50 on the Billboard Hot in the chart dated 7 January , after George Michael died.[54] In December , the song re-entered the Hot , reaching No. 25 in January ,[55] and then a new peak of No. 11 in the first issue of On the issue dated 2 January , "Last Christmas" reached number nine on the Hot , its first foray into the top 10 and returning Wham! to the top 10 after a year break.[56][57] According to the Recording Industry Association of America (RIAA), it was certified double platinum in December and has sold 2 million digital units.[58]

In December , 28 December and December "Last Christmas" reached No. 1 in the Swedish singles chart.[59]

Music video[edit]

The video to "Last Christmas" directed by Andrew Morahan, shows Wham! members George Michael and Andrew Ridgeley accompanying girlfriends to see friends at an unspecified ski resort cottage: the cable-car that can be seen in two shots is from Saas-Fee, Switzerland, where the video was filmed.[3] It becomes clear early on that the character of Ridgeley's girlfriend (played by model Kathy Hill)[3] was previously in a relationship with Michael and that the song is aimed at her. She can be spotted throughout the video by the fact that she is usually wearing red, but everyone else is wearing more muted colors.

There is a brief flashback to a prior Christmas, showing Michael's character presenting Kathy Hill's character with a jewelled brooch. In the present time, Ridgeley is wearing the brooch, suggesting that Hill gave the same gift (perhaps by regifting it) to her new love after she and Michael parted ways. When Hill wears the brooch after receiving it from Michael's character, it is "right side up", and when Ridgeley's character wears it, he wears it "upside down". On numerous occasions, Michael presents a thoughtful expression, suggesting his conflicting emotions. As Michael is decorating the Christmas tree some decoration falls to the floor where Michael's ex-girlfriend is sitting and the ex-couple shares a few seconds of a knowing look at each other.

Her seeming indifference to Ridgeley's open displays of affection makes the viewer wonder if Ridgeley's heart is the next to be broken. At the end of the video, everyone leaves the cottage and when the group get out of the cable-car, they are all properly "paired off" with Michael and his new girlfriend looking happy.

The video also featured the duo's erstwhile backing singers Pepsi and Shirlie[3] and Spandau Ballet bassist Martin Kemp.

It has since been rescanned in 4K definition from the original 35mm film. The music video, originally shot on movie film, was released on 13 December in 4K Ultra HD resolution. The music video's original film director Andy Morahan found the original 35mm rushes and worked closely with teams at Cinelab London and VFX artist Russ Shaw at Nice Biscuits post production to recreate the video using the higher-resolution film.


Weekly charts[edit]

Year-end charts[edit]

All-time charts[edit]


Release history[edit]

Note: When released in "Last Christmas" and "Everything She Wants" were a double A-side. In some countries, the longer edit () of "Last Christmas" from was used on side two of the second inch. The only difference between the and reissues is the text (Christmas '88" and Christmas '89") on the back of the record.

In other media[edit]

In the movie Last Christmas (), the film prominently features the music of the late singer George Michael, including this song and a previously unreleased track.[]

The song is featured in the video game Just Dance as a duet between two dancers, one of whom is dressed as Santa Claus.[]

Plagiarism allegations[edit]

On behalf of the writers of the song "Can't Smile Without You", made popular by Barry Manilow, publishing company Dick James Music sued Michael for plagiarism in the mids, claiming that "Last Christmas" lifted its melody from the former. The case was dismissed when a musicologist presented odd songs from the past century that had a comparable chord sequence and melody.[3][]

Whigfield version[edit]

In the UK, the following single planned after "Close to You" was "Big Time"; however, it was suggested that Whigfield should record a version of "Last Christmas" to go with the release of "Big Time", as a double A-side single. The single was also released as a double A-side single in Germany with "Close to You". In other countries, "Last Christmas" was released on its own with various remixes. The single reached number 21 in the UK, which was Whigfield's final release on Systematic Records. It also features on various Special Edition versions of her debut album Whigfield and also on Whigfield II. The EP was released on 10 November in Australia. A UK single was released on 3 December

Chart performance[edit]

Whigfield's cover of "Last Christmas" was a moderate success in Europe. It managed to climb into the Top 10 in both Denmark and Spain, peaking at number 6 and 5. Additionally, it was a Top 20 hit in Finland and a Top 30 hit in Ireland, Scotland and the United Kingdom. In the latter, the single was released as a double single with "Big Time". It peaked at number 21 in its first week at the UK Singles Chart, on 10 December [] It was also a Top 40 hit in Belgium, as well as on the European Hot Singles, where the song reached number

Music video[edit]

A music video was made for "Last Christmas". It was directed by Italian director Giacomo De Simone. It features Whigfield performing the song in a winter landscape.

Track listing[edit]

12" single, Italy ()
  1. "Last Christmas" (MBRG Version) —
  2. "Last Christmas" (Major Version) —
  3. "Big Time" (Album Version) —
  4. "Last Christmas" (David Version) —
  5. "Last Christmas" (Minor Version) —
CD single, Italy ()
  1. "Last Christmas" (Major Version)
  2. "Last Christmas" (MBRG Version)
  3. "Last Christmas" (David Version)
  4. "Last Christmas" (Minor Version)
  5. "Close To You" (Down Town Remix)
CD single, UK ()
  1. "Last Christmas (Major Cut) —
  2. "Big Time (Dancing Divas Club Mix) —
  3. "Saturday Night (Spike Vocal) —
  4. "Saturday Night (Afternoon Mix) (Fishbone Beat's Remix)
CD maxi, Scandinavia ()
  1. "Last Christmas" (MBRG Version) —
  2. "Last Christmas" (Major Version) —
  3. "Last Christmas" (Minor Version) —
  4. "Last Christmas" (Major Mild Eq. Version) —
  5. "Last Christmas" (K. David Version) —


Ashley Tisdale version[edit]

"Last Christmas" was recorded in for Warner Bros. Records by Ashley Tisdale. The song was released to US radios on 11 November and as a digital download on 21 November This song was the first single released by Ashley Tisdale in her deal with Warner Bros. Records and became her official first holiday single. Tisdale performed the single in on Macy's Thanksgiving Day Parade and Christmas in Rockefeller Center, and in in the Citadel Outlets of Los Angeles, California. The song was one of the B-sides on the European CD singles of Tisdale's first single "Be Good to Me" and Tisdale's second single "He Said She Said", from the album Headstrong.[] The song has been included on several compilation albums, including Disney Channel Holiday and A Very Special Christmas 7.


Crazy Frog version[edit]

"Last Christmas" was covered in by Crazy Frog and released as a Christmas single. In Belgium, the Netherlands, Australia, New Zealand, Sweden and France, "Last Christmas" was released 12 months before in other countries.[citation needed][clarification needed]


Cascada version[edit]

"Last Christmas" was recorded in by Cascada. It was released on iTunes in November The single had only a digital release but six days later, it was released on the single "What Hurts the Most" which was the first single from their second album.

In the UK, despite it being a B-side track, the song is regularly played throughout music channels during the festive season.

It was released as part of their Christmas album, It's Christmas Time.


* Based on downloads alone, but did chart at number 10, as it was the B-side to "What Hurts the Most".

Glee cast version[edit]

"Last Christmas"
Released23 November
16 November (re-release)
Songwriter(s)George Michael

The song was covered by the cast of Glee, led by Lea Michele, Cory Monteith with Amber Riley, and was released in exclusively on iTunes as a charity single, then in on Glee: The Music, The Christmas Album. The song entered the Billboard Hot , becoming the first time a cover version of the song appeared on the chart.


Joe McElderry version[edit]

British singer Joe McElderry covered the song in This version was released as a single on 19 December ,[] an EP was also released digitally in Ireland on 4 November , and in the UK on 7 November Joe McElderry's version is taken from his third studio album, Classic Christmas, released 28 November 7th Heaven Remix & Production have done a remix for the song.

A short music video was made using footage which was filmed for the Classic Christmas's album advertising, it features McElderry outside in the snow, collecting logs and taking them to a large house preparing for a Christmas party, a similar video was made for McElderry's version of "O Come All Ye Faithful". The advert and both videos were directed by Steve Lucker.[]

Ariana Grande version[edit]

"Last Christmas" is a song by American singer Ariana Grande. The song serves as the lead single from Grande's Christmas Kisses. It was released on 19 November in the iTunes Store.[]


Grande's cover draws primarily from pop music, contemporary R&B and soul and also includes newly written lyrics in place of some of the originals.[][] The verses have been described as "bouncier" than the original melody.[]


Carly Rae Jepsen version[edit]

"Last Christmas" was covered by Canadian singer Carly Rae Jepsen in and was released to digital retailers on 20 November through Records (in Canada) and Interscope Records and School Boy Records (internationally).[] Jepsen's rendition was praised by critics for combining stylistic elements similar to the original with modern production.[] She performed the song live at the annual NBC television special Christmas in Rockefeller Center airing on 2 December ,[] and on the episode of The Late Late Show with James Corden airing on 16 December []


Bianca Gracie of Idolator described the song as "quintessential Carly" for highlighting Jepsen's unique vocals and synth production and wrote that her cover will "charm your socks off".[] Nolan Feeney of Time echoed those sentiments, noting that "Last Christmas" is "the kind of brokenhearted yet warm and sweet song [Jepsen] excels at".[] Jackson McHenry of Vulture applauded Jepsen for her straightforward approach to the song and avoiding the "vocal gymnastics" that bog down some Christmas covers.[]

A more critical review came from music blog Popcrush, who deemed the cover overproduced, saying "The slick production is a disservice to both Carly's vocals and the original's emotional heft.".[]


Other cover versions[edit]

  • Alien Voices featuring The Three Degrees released a dance version of the song as a single in the United Kingdom in
  • Billie Piper originally recorded a cover of the song as a B-side of her single "She Wants You". It was released as CD single in limited areas of Europe, charting at #47 in Sweden.[] The single was also released as a promotional vinyl single in the UK, limited to copies and therefore could not chart there.
  • Darren Hayes of the duo Savage Garden released a cover of the song as a track on the holiday album A Rosie Christmas, which was also released as a standalone single in Denmark that same year.
  • Jimmy Eat World covered the song in , following the band's breakthrough hit album Bleed American. The B-side was a cover of "Firestarter", originally by The Prodigy.
  • Taylor Swift, on her EP The Taylor Swift Holiday Collection (peaked at number 28 on the US BillboardHot Country Songs chart in January ).[]
  • JLS, on the final of The X Factor on 13 December []
  • The song was covered by Alcazar from Sweden as the sixth single to be released from their third studio album Disco Defenders, released in The single was only released digitally in Germany and contained "One Two Three Four" as the second track.[] It was included as a bonus track on the Swedish special edition version of Disco Defenders, released on 18 November [] A music video for the version was released.
  • The Puppini Sisters, on their album Christmas with The Puppini Sisters.[]
  • Hilary Duff covered the song for her debut album, Santa Claus Lane. The version peaked number in [] and then number 68 in the South Korean Gaon Chart.[]
  • Electric Six, produced by Fall On Your Sword in []
  • Postmodern Jukebox, as a single featuring Sara Niemietz, Christina Gatti and Ariana Savalas singing Andrews Sisters style harmonies and Melinda Sullivan performing a tap dance solo.[]
  • Rita Ora, in the BBC Radio 1Live Lounge on 11 December It was later included on the album The Sound of Christmas: Live & Exclusive at the BBC, released on 30 November [][]
  • Former Fifth Harmony member Ally Brooke, on 16 November []
  • Allie X on 14 December under the name "Last Xmas".[]
  • James TW's version peaked number 38 on Sverigetopplistan, the official Swedish Singles Chart.[]

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Last christmas wikipedia


Frequently Asked Questions

Who was the director of the last Christmas?

Nevertheless, Last Christmas (which was directed by Paul Feig and co-written by Emma Thompson as well as playwright Bryony Kimmings) attempts to subvert standard holiday movie tropes with a story and third act reveal that reframes Kate and Tom's romance as a tale of self-love and acceptance.

What was the real meaning of Last Christmas?

At its core, Last Christmas is a film about confronting fear, accepting and moving past trauma and tragedy. This is most apparent in Kate's journey from choir girl to deadbeat drunkard to selfless servant throughout the film. However, she isn't the only character that overcomes past trauma and embraces life in the moment.

Who is the girl in the last Christmas video?

The stunning model with her dark, curly haired bob hairstyle and charming smile really stands out throughout the Wham!’s Last Christmas music video. In the Last Christmas music video, Kathy Hill wears brightly colored yellow sweater underneath the red coats as seen in the pictures above.

When did George Michael's Last Christmas come out?

The George Michael’s Last Christmas, Wham’s Last Christmas was released in , so it’s been over 31 years since then. The George Michael’s Last Christmas has charted in the UK Music Charts 11 times in the decades since it was released. Back then, Kathy Hill was brunette and a model, but what is Kathy doing now and what does she look like now?


Release date:

November 8,

Running time:

1 hour, 42 minutes


12a (U.K.)
PG (U.S. [Language; Sexual Content])

Available on:

Apple TV
Google Play
Amazon Video

It's a life

— Tagline

Last Christmas is a British Christmas rom-com movie, from Paul Feig, director of Bridesmaids, and writer Emma Thompson, that was released in theaters on November 8, It was inspired by the Christmas song of the same name, written and composed by George Michael. It was originally scheduled to be released on November 15, , but pushed forward a week early to the new scheduled date to compete with Roland Emmerich's WW2 drama Midway and Stephen King's Doctor Sleep. It is presented by Universal Pictures International, with Perfect World Pictures and Dentsu, and co-produced by Calamity Films and Feigco Entertainment, developed with the BFI and BBC Films.


This article or section is incomplete. Please help the Christmas Special Wiki by providing the missing information.

In Yugoslavia, the Andrich family is having a Christmas service where little Katarina is singing in the choir. Her parents Petra and Ivan, plus Katarina's older sister Maria watch and admire her singing, while Marta is admiring one of the other choir girls.

We flash forward to London, whern Katarina now goes by Kate. She has become distant from her family, but especially Petra and Marta. She hooks up with a guy at a bar and sleeps at his place. When she uses his shower in the morning, she is greeted by the man's wife, who kicks Kate out onto the street and leaving her to lament about why her life is bad.

Kate works at a Christmas shop as an elf, working for a woman who goes by "Santa", who sees potential in Kate but is annoyed at her constant screw-ups. While at work, Marta visits Kate and forces her to step outside and talk to their mom, even though Kate doesn't want to. Later on, Kate meets a man named Tom Webster. Kate finds him charming, if not a bit odd. Their moment is then ruined by a bird pooping on Kate's face.

Outside of work, Kate tries to crash with her friend Jenna and her husband Rufus, the latter not being too fond of Kate after she accidentally burned his model ship. Kate tries to make an audition for a theater production, but she arrives late and is forced to sing a-capella, and the judges dismiss her.

At the shop, a Danish man enters. He and Santa appear to share a connection, which Kate notices. She later leaves work after accepting an invite to go out with Tom. They go out on the town, which proves to be fun for Kate. She learns that Tom volunteers at a homeless shelter in his spare time. The night ends with them entering an ice skating rink. They have a good time until a security guard kicks them out.

In the morning, Kate goes to the shop to find that it was broken into. Kate realizes she forgot to properly lock up before going out with Tom. Santa already knew this and says she broke a window to make it look like a break-in just for the insurance. She scolds Kate and says she is going to give her another chance even though she shouldn't. To make matters more complicated, Jenna and Rufus kick Kate out after one too many screw-ups.

On another outing with Tom, the two end up going back to his place. Kate tells him about an illness she had in which she required a heart transplant and it made her feel bad about herself, in that she was "half-dead" due to needing help. Kate then asks Tom to kiss her goodnight, which he does. However, when she tries to see him again, Tom tells her that she cannot keep being dependent on him, which just makes her upset.

Kate joins her family for dinner. Marta makes things tense by suggesting that Kate always acts helpless after the illness, while Kate outs Marta by saying that she has a girlfriend named Alba. Petra and Ivan are also called out for, respectively, being smothering and also barely being home since Ivan works as a cab driver, but Kate thinks he takes the hours that he does to get away from his family.

Kate goes to the homeless shelter to look for Tom. One of the men working there doesn't appear to know who Kate is talking about. She ends up getting roped into volunteering and helping out, and later even sets up a bucket outside while dressed as an elf to sing Christmas carols.

Kate starts to try and do right by other people, starting with her family. She apologizes to Marta and finally meets Alba, albeit under tense circumstances. Marta forgives her sister. Later on the bus, Kate sees a Yugoslavian couple get harassed by a racist guy. Kate sits by them and speaks to them in their native tongue, telling them that they are welcome there, and she introduces herself as Katarina. She even does better at work and bonds with Santa, who tells her that she only uses that nickname for whatever job she has, as nobody else is going to know how to pronounce her name. Additionally, she tells Kate that she is seeing the Danish man, but since she can't pronounce his name either, she simply refers to him as "Boy".

Kate later goes by Tom's apartment to visit him. She meets a Realtor who is putting the place up on the market. Kate thinks Tom is selling the place, but the Realtor informs her that the previous owner has been dead for months. He mentions that his name was "Webster," and that he passed away a year ago. We see a flashback in which Tom rode his bike through the streets and was hit by a truck. As he was a donor, his heart was transplanted to Kate. In other words, LAST CHRISTMAS, Tom gave Kate his heart. Kate is devastated and sits by the bench that she frequented with Tom, which turns out to be a memorial for him. Tom's spirit visits Kate one last time to give her reassurance that she will be fine.

Sometime later, Kate has helped put on a Christmas show with the help of the patrons of the homeless shelter. She wears a festive dress as her family comes to see her, and they all perform "Last Christmas."


The original score was composed by Theodore Shapiro and conducted/orchestrated by Mark Graham. The film includes the unreleased music of the late musician George Michael of Wham!


Christmas film wiki last

Is Emilia Clarke about to fall in love with a ghost in Last Christmas?

In this age of TV spots, teasers and teaser announcements, the thought of dedicating three entire minutes to an old-fashioned movie trailer is unheard of. And yet that’s exactly what we got from Emma Thompson and Paul Feig’s new rom-com Last Christmas this week.

The Last Christmas trailer told us every single thing we needed to know about the film. It introduced us to the walking disaster zone that is Emilia Clarke’s lead character, who works in a year-round Christmas shop. We see her meet-cute with Henry Golding when a bird defecates into one of her eyes. We hear how she had recently become very ill and almost died. We watch as Henry Golding’s influence begins to rub off on Emilia Clarke, opening her up to the magic of Christmas. We see them break in, and get chased out of, some sort of vintage hipster ice rink. We see it all; everything that Last Christmas has to offer.

Except for the fact that Henry Golding is a ghost.

Because, come on, he’s definitely a ghost. Or maybe an angel. Definitely. One of those two things is definitely true.

I’m not the only one who thinks so. Dozens and dozens of people saw the Last Christmas trailer this week, and they saw how completely generic it was, and they couldn’t quite square the sheer blandness of the film with the big names involved. And so they realised that the trailer must have been hiding some sort of super unspoken twist in plain sight, and as one they all decided that Henry Golding was a ghost.

“If Henry Golding is actually a sexy festive ghost, we will be DECEASED” tweeted Hellogiggles. “So Henry Golding was a ghost all along, yes? Or perhaps it is a dream Kate has while still in the hospital?” tweeted Rebecca Lewis. ‘So Is Henry Golding a Ghost in Emilia Clarke’s First Post-Game of Thrones Movie, or What?’ shouted Gizmodo.

The theory has caught on like wildfire, to the point that if Henry Golding actually plays a nice, normal, real-life character in Last Christmas, I genuinely fear that there will be riots.

Still, it makes sense. Throughout the duration of the trailer, Henry Golding wears exactly the same outfit and never interacts with anyone but Emilia Clarke. He sneaks up on her (like a ghost would) and is prone to saying irrefutably ghost-like things, like when he tells her that their meeting wasn’t accidental, and when he says “It was always going to be you”. There’s also a clip of him saying “Being a human is hard”, which I’m taking to mean that he thinks humans are literally hard, like corporeal, like hard compared to a ghost, because humans can’t walk through the walls that he definitely can because he’s a ghost.

But wait! The theory thickens. Last Christmas features the music of George Michael, remember? It’s named Last Christmas after the Wham! song Last Christmas. And how does the song go? That’s right: “Last Christmas, I gave you my heart”.

Do you know what this means? It means that Henry Golding plays a man who died in a terrible accident, and he was a registered organ donor, and when Emilia Clarke was ill last Christmas she became the recipient of his heart. He literally gave her his heart, and now his spirit has become her moral guide. This is a rom-com where a woman falls in love with the ghost of a man who was mangled to death in some sort of horrific industrial accident. That has to be it, right?

BUT WAIT! What if that isn’t it either? Because how does the rest of Last Christmas’ chorus go? That’s right: “This year, to save me from tears, I’ll give it to someone special”. This leads me to believe that, so far, all the Last Christmas theorists have only seen half the picture.

Because what if that’s the plot of the film? What if Henry Golding really did die, and his heart really was implanted into the body of Emilia Clarke, but he’s become dissatisfied with her attitude towards life, and so is lulling her into a false sense of security so that he can snatch his heart back right out of her body, and give it to a more deserving participant? What if that’s the film? If it’s a horror movie about a bloodthirsty and vengeful ghost attempting to tear the beating heart out of a woman from beyond the grave? I’ve nailed it, haven’t I? This is exactly what Last Christmas is.

Or, you know, it’s just a rubbishy-looking rom-com. One or the other.

Last Christmas 2019 Heal the Pain (Choir)

Let's Talk About That Last Christmas Twist

Warning: This story contains spoilers for the movie Last Christmas.

When the first trailer for Last Christmas dropped in August, many Twitter users speculated that there would be a twist. And those internet sleuths were right.

The holiday movie stars Emilia Clarke as Kate, a something Londoner for whom nothing seems to go right. But everything changes when she meets Tom (Henry Golding), a dreamy but mysterious guy who pressures her to go on a date. Tom works nights, volunteers at a homeless shelter and doesn&#;t have a cell phone (or at least, he&#;s locked it in his cupboard).

Emma Thompson, who co-wrote the screenplay with Bryony Kimmings and the story with husband Greg Wise, plays Kate&#;s immigrant mother. Rounding out the cast is Michelle Yeoh, Golding&#;s Crazy Rich Asiansco-star, as Kate&#;s boss, who is called Santa, at a Christmas shop. (Kate must wear an elf uniform while Yeoh&#;s character wears whatever she wants.)

LastChristmas, which is directed by Bridesmaids&#; Paul Feig and features a soundtrack of George Michael music, premieres Nov. 8. For those who have not seen the movie and wish to avoid learning the fates of Kate and Tom, please bookmark this story, head to the theater and come back later. But for those ready to talk about what just happened, read on for a thorough accounting of all the clues that led up to that final Last Christmas twist.

Explaining the Last Christmas twist

(from left) Tom (Henry Golding) and Kate (Emilia Clarke) in "Last Christmas," directed by Paul Feig.

Many of the guesses on Twitter were right, after all. Tom died in a biking accident last Christmas, shortly after which Kate, who needed a heart transplant, received his heart. In their final scene together, after Kate learns the truth, Tom says that she was &#;always going to have my heart,&#; one way or another. Reader, I cried!

So, yes, throughout the movie, Kate was actually traipsing around London alone, talking to herself and even ice skating by herself. (And breaking into an abandoned apartment by herself, but more on that later.)

If this was your guess from the start, congratulations!

However, it remains unclear whether Tom is a ghost or just a figment of Kate&#;s imagination. TIME has compiled the details that paved the way for the film&#;s twist, as well as the plot holes and moments of misdirection that seem to muddle it.

Here were all the hints to the huge twist in Last Christmas.

“Last Christmas” is Kate’s favorite song

In hindsight, the movie’s title is a dead giveaway. While viewers are led to guess that the movie is called Last Christmas because Kate repeatedly says it’s her favorite song (and it plays at least three times from different toys in the Christmas shop), the twist reveals the title&#;s true meaning — and the significance of the song being Kate&#;s favorite. &#;Last Christmas, I gave you my heart,&#; is literally the exact plot.

Tom really avoids running into people

Early on in the movie, once Kate agrees to go out with Tom following his relentless pressure (including showing up at her work after she&#;s already rejected him, which feels more than a bit aggressive), she marvels at something strange about him: He does a goofy, loopy dance maneuver as they walk down the street. Why, she asks (and so do we), is he so weird? It&#;s only once the truth comes out that this finally makes sense — he is doing everything he can to avoid running into people, since he is not actually physically present. Had he accidentally bumped into someone, would they have walked right through him? We never get an answer, as he manages to successfully avoid contact.

Kate is the only person who ever speaks to or interacts with Tom

While other characters like Santa and Kate&#;s friends know that Tom exists, none of them ever meet him in person. While that&#;s not particularly striking at first because he &#;works nights&#; and shows up unannounced, he does enter the Christmas shop — it just only happens in the scenes when Santa is not there. It&#;s only when she&#;s alone that he finds her.

Nobody at the homeless shelter recognizes Tom’s name

When Kate goes to find Tom at the homeless shelter, nobody has heard of him. While it&#;s believable that the volunteers during the evenings wouldn&#;t know the overnight workers, it is extremely unlikely that none of the patrons — who are pretty much always around, as Kate comes to know them well as she continues volunteering — would have met him. (Unless he has been dead for a year, of course. In that case, it&#;s quite plausible that they wouldn&#;t know him.)

Kate always finds him when he’s on his bike

Tom is almost always on his bike when Kate finds him. Not every single time, but quite frequently. After learning the twist, this makes perfect sense. He was on his bike when he died a year ago, making it reasonable that her conjuring of him often places him in the last position he assumed when he was alive.

Tom doesn&#;t wear a helmet

Tom never wears a helmet while riding his bike. This isn&#;t remarkable at first — a suave something in London might forego protective gear — but in the flashback to his bike accident, he is wearing one. He isn&#;t wearing a helmet now, with Kate, because he&#;s already dead. He doesn&#;t need to stay safe on the road.

Tom&#;s &#;look up&#; quote

Tom always tells Kate to &#;look up&#; and see the wonders that London has to offer. While teaching Kate to pay attention to the beauty that surrounds her (and focus less on the negatives), he also may be subtly teaching her to look up to the sky to find him in heaven.

We never find out anything about Tom’s life

Kate tells Tom pretty much everything about her own life, but he never reveals anything about his family, his job or where he lives. When he brings Kate home to his apartment one night, it is freakishly neat, and looks as though nobody currently lives in it. He doesn&#;t explain why it&#;s so clean. (Kate later learns that&#;s because it&#;s currently on the market, as its owner, Tom, has died.)

Tom is the only character we see Kate talk to about her heart transplant

At &#;his&#; apartment, Kate tells Tom (and the viewer) about her mysterious illness. Last Christmas, she had a heart transplant, and she hasn&#;t felt like herself since. Tom touches the scar on her chest, and she tells him that being with him makes her feel whole again. He doesn&#;t want to be intimate with her — the reason for which is never really explained — but they do end up kissing.

Tom doesn&#;t eat or sleep

When Kate wakes up in Tom&#;s apartment, she is happier than ever after making out with Tom. But he is nowhere to be found. In fact, when she fell asleep the night before, he didn&#;t lay in bed with her, but put her to sleep alone, in a small bed. So it seems as though he didn&#;t sleep that night, and disappeared right as she felt &#;whole&#; again. Additionally, Tom never eats during the movie, though other characters are seen eating quite frequently. Before their romantic ice skating scene, Kate is eating street food on a bench, while Tom eats nothing.

But what about those plot holes?

Jonathan Prime—Universal Pictures

While most of the strange aspects of Tom&#;s personality are easily explained once the twist is revealed, a few things never quite add up.

Tom had never heard of Frozen

When Kate says she&#;s auditioning for a role in Frozen on Ice, he says he&#;s never heard of the now iconic Disney animated musical. That might make sense, if the movie hadn&#;t come out in He had nearly two full years to see the movie (or at least hear that it existed) before he died. Perhaps he was merely not keeping up with the Mouse House, but &#;Let It Go&#; was pretty much unavoidable for quite some time after that movie&#;s release.

How do they kiss?

Nobody is complaining about a Henry Golding-Emilia Clarke smooching scene, but it does beg the question: If Tom can&#;t be intimate with Kate, and he can&#;t even run into people on the street, why can he make out with her? A good holiday rom-com may have felt incomplete without it, but we&#;re still scratching our heads.

More Must-Read Stories From TIME

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Last Christmas (film)

film by Paul Feig

Last Christmas is a romantic comedy film directed by Paul Feig and written by Bryony Kimmings and Emma Thompson, who co-wrote the story with her husband, Greg Wise. Based on the song of the same name, and inspired by the music of George Michael, the film stars Emilia Clarke as a disillusioned Christmas store worker who forms a relationship with a mysterious man (Henry Golding) and begins to fall for him; Thompson and Michelle Yeoh also star.

Last Christmas was theatrically released in the United States on 8 November and in the United Kingdom on 15 November by Universal Pictures. It received mixed reviews from critics, who praised the performances and chemistry of Clarke and Golding but criticised the screenplay, and grossed $ million worldwide.


Katarina "Kate" Andrich, a young aspiring singer, works a dead-end job as an elf at a year-round Christmas shop in Central London, whose strict but good-hearted owner calls herself "Santa". Kate is homeless after being forced out by her new lover's partner. While at work, she notices a man outside staring upwards and talks to him, learning that his name is Tom Webster.

After an unsuccessful singing audition, Kate sees Tom again and they go for a walk, where he charms her with his unusual observations of London. Upon isolating herself from her oldest friend, Kate is forced to return to live with her parents, both Yugoslav immigrants. Her mother Petra suffers from depression, and her father Ivan, a former lawyer, works as a minicab driver as he cannot afford to retrain to practise law in the United Kingdom. Kate feels suffocated by her mother, who dotes on her while ignoring Kate's sister, Marta, a successful lawyer who is closeted to their parents.

Kate begins spending more time with Tom, who rides a bike and volunteers at a homeless shelter, which she initially mocks. Looking for Tom, who says he keeps his phone in a cupboard and often disappears for days at a time, she begins helping at the shelter in the hope of running into him, but finds that the staff have never met him.

While celebrating Marta's promotion, Kate spitefully outs Marta to their parents. She then runs into Tom, who takes her back to his apartment. Kate reveals that, a year earlier, she was seriously ill and had to have a heart transplant. Kate says she feels half-dead and questions whether she has the talent to make it as a performer. After opening up to Tom, Kate tries to initiate sex, but he declines.

After spending the night with Tom, Kate begins taking small steps to improve her life; taking care of her body, setting up Santa with a Danish man who loves Christmas as much as she does, apologising to Marta and her girlfriend, and singing Christmas songs to busk for money for the shelter. After a few days she runs into Tom again, who says he has something important to tell her, but she preemptively asserts he is fearful of commitment, and walks away.

Kate continues to try to do good in her daily life. Finally, wanting to make amends with Tom, she returns to his apartment only to meet an estate agent who is holding viewings, who explains that the place has been vacant during the probate process. After some initial confusion about who owns the flat, he reveals that the previous owner was killed in a bicycle accident last Christmas, and Kate realises that Tom was the organ donor whose heart she received, and that all their interactions were either hallucinations or spiritual apparitions. Going to a small garden, which was Tom's favourite place, Kate encounters him again where he says his heart will always belong to her. The bench on which they sat during their first trip to the garden is revealed to be a memorial bench for Tom.

For Christmas, Kate organises a show utilising the talents of the people at the shelter and inviting all of her friends and family, including the newly coupled Santa and Danish man. Kate delicately performs a solo of the Wham! song, "Last Christmas", intertwined with flashbacks of her so-called "encounters" with Tom until revelry ensues when the curtain rises and she is joined by the band of performers. Later, Kate and the family celebrate Christmas together joined by Alba, Marta's girlfriend, for the first time.

The Christmas celebration fades out and a bright light transitions to a summer scene where a visibly healthier Kate is seen writing in her journal in the garden to which Tom introduced her. Smiling and visibly happy, Kate looks up, as Tom always advised.


In addition, Andrew Ridgeley, from the duo Wham!, whose song "Last Christmas" is instrumental to the plot, makes a cameo appearance in the audience at the end of the film.


In September , it was reported that Emilia Clarke and Henry Golding would star in a London-set romantic comedy taking place at Christmas, titled Last Christmas. Paul Feig was set to direct, with Emma Thompson co-writing the screenplay.[6] In October, it was announced that Thompson would star as well, and that the film would feature the music of the late singer George Michael, including "Last Christmas", and previously unreleased tracks.[7] In November , Michelle Yeoh joined the cast of the film.[8]

Last Christmas was filmed from 26 November to February [9][10] Filming locations included Piccadilly Circus, the Strand, Regent Street, the Thames Embankment, Covent Garden (where the Christmas shop is located), West London Film Studios, St Marylebone Parish Church and the Phoenix Garden.[11][12]

On 31 October , Thompson and Wise published a collection of personal essays about the meaning of Christmas in a book also called Last Christmas. Contributors include Andy Serkis, Caitlin Moran, Olivia Colman and Emily Watson. The profits from the book went to two charities, Crisis and The Refugee Council.[13]


The musical score was composed by Theodore Shapiro. Back Lot Music has released the film score.[14]

An official soundtrack album was released by Legacy Recordings on CD, two-disc vinyl, and digital formats on 8 November [15] The album contains 14 Wham! and solo George Michael songs, as well as a previously unreleased song originally completed in titled "This Is How (We Want You to Get High)".[16] The soundtrack album debuted at number one on the UK Official Soundtrack Albums Chart and at number 11 on the UK Albums Chart on 15 November [17][18] It also entered the Australian Albums Chart at number seven,[19] the Irish Albums Chart, where it debuted at number 32, climbing to number 26 the following week, and at number 55 on the US Billboard [20][21]

"Last Christmas (Pudding Mix)"


In the United States, the film was due for release on 15 November , but was moved up a week to 8 November.[22] It was released on 15 November in the United Kingdom.[23]

Home media[edit]

Last Christmas was released on Digital HD from Amazon Video and iTunes on 21 January , and on DVD and Blu-ray on 4 February


Box office[edit]

Last Christmas grossed $ million in the United States and Canada, and $ million in other territories, for a worldwide total of $ million.[2]

In the United States and Canada, Last Christmas was released alongside Doctor Sleep, Midway, and Playing with Fire, and was projected to gross $13–19 million from 3, theatres in its opening weekend.[24] It made $ million on its first day, including $, from Thursday night previews. It went on to debut to $ million, finishing fourth, behind its fellow newcomers.[25] In its second weekend, the film grossed $ million, finishing fifth.[26] The film took in $3 million during its third weekend, finishing ninth and losing 1, theaters.[27]

In the United Kingdom it debuted to £ million, from cinemas, finishing first.[28]

Critical response[edit]

On Rotten Tomatoes, the film holds an approval rating of 46% based on reviews, with an average rating of / The website's critics consensus reads, "Likable leads, terrific behind-the-scenes talent, and an intriguing musical hook aren't enough to save Last Christmas from its poorly conceived story."[29] On Metacritic, the film has a weighted average score of 50 out of , based on 40 critics, indicating "mixed or average reviews."[30] Audiences polled by CinemaScore gave the film an average grade of "B–" on an A+ to F scale, while those at PostTrak gave it an average 3 out of 5 stars.[25]

Owen Gleiberman of Variety gave the film a negative review and wrote, "It's twee, it's precious, it's forced. And it's light on true romance, maybe because the movie itself is a little too in love with itself."[31] John DeFore of The Hollywood Reporter called it a misfire, however adding, "it earns some warm feelings for its determination not to be like anything else currently in circulation."[32]Alonso Duralde of TheWrap compared the film to a Christmas album, and said it was not as good as Paul Feig's best work, though "it fulfills a craving for sticky Christmas pudding."[33]

Charles Bramesco of The A.V. Club called the film "a guilty pleasure" but criticised the plot twist as predictable. He praised Clarke for her performance, saying "she succeeds in the only real meaningful test of rom-com skill, in that she makes us want her to be happy."[34]

David Fear of Rolling Stone described the film as "incredibly, shockingly, monumentally bad. The kind of bad that falls somewhere between finding a lump of coal in your stocking and discovering one painfully lodged in your rectum."[35]


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