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Best Prepper and Survivalist Youtube Channels

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 Best Prepper and Survivalist Youtube Channels

Lately I spend more time watching Youtube than regular television. There wasn’t much quality content on Youtube at first, but over the past few years some very experienced preppers have started some fantastic channels.

Since a lot of people I talk to aren’t aware of this, I decided to compile a list of the best prepper and survivalist Youtube channels (in my opinion). It would take days, maybe even weeks to check all these out, so I encourage you to bookmark this page.

I could have included over , but I decided to exclude channels that haven’t been adding new videos lately (as of this writing). That means I had to leave out great channels such as Analytical Survival, P.A.W. Productions, and The Survival Doctor, to name a few. But if I had included every good survival channel the list would have been ridiculously long.

If you’re a prepper and there’s nothing on TV, subscribe to these channels and your Youtube feed will fill up with hours of great content everyday!

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Now on to best channels (in alphabetical order):

1.Armoured Cockroach – A former soldier and paramedic who makes videos about wilderness and urban survival.

2.Babee Blue on the Town – One of my favorites. Guns, knives, hunting, fishing, and shooting by a very attractive woman.

3.Bexar Prepper – A homesteader with videos on canning, cooking, and general food storage.

4.Big Family Homestead – Brad has a large homestead where he lives with his wife and 7 kids. He shares tips on all aspects of homesteading and is a very charismatic guy.

5.Black Scout Survival – Another favorite of mine. This guy makes some high-quality tutorials on all sorts of survival skills along with some helpful reviews of survival gear.

6.Bland County Survivorman – Videos on hunting, fishing, fire making, and other bushcraft skills.

7.Bohemian Hunting Club – Tips on hunting, shooting, scopes, knives, gun maintenance, and more.

8.Bright Agrotech – This is a businesses that focuses on vertical farming and gardening. If you’re interested in aquaponics, you could learn a lot here.

9.Budget Bugout – If you plan on bugging out after a disaster, this is the channel for you. It has gear reviews and tips on how to make the ultimate bug out bag.

Bushcraft Bartons – An associate pastor teaching bushcraft skills in the Canadian wilderness.

Camping Survival – The official channel of which sells all types of camping gear. Videos on survival food, wild edibles, water purification, and more.

Canadian Prepper – This one updates frequently and has a lot of general survival videos, often with an emphasis on health.

City Prepping – Preparedness and survival for people living in the city. High quality videos on a number of different topics.

Commsprepper – Probably the best channel for emergency communications. He’s also working on a rainwater collection system.

Cr0cket20 – Another personal favorite. Learn about backpacking, climbing, guns, knives, and even a little MMA.

Cutlery Lover – If you’re into knives, you’ll love this guy. He reviews all sorts of knives and also likes to talk about beer.

DEMCAD – DEMCAD is a libertarian who adds several videos a week on everything from survivalism to politics.

Demolition Ranch – As he says, this is “not your average gun channel.” Bullets, body armor, and all sorts of badass contraptions.

DrBones NurseAmy – Survival medicine and gardening from a medical doctor and a registered nurse. Great advice from people who know what they’re talking about.

EconoChallenge – How to hike and camp in the wilderness without leaving a trace. This man reveres nature and it shows.

Equip 2 Endure – Survival gear reviews and podcasts covering a wide range of topics, and the occasional giveaway.

Everyday Tactical Vids – Mostly videos on plants and knives, but he also talks about health and survival psychology.

Far North Bushcraft and Survival – The name of the channel says it all. Lonnie lives in Alaska and builds shelters, eats wild edibles, and more.

Fun in the Woods – Videos on how to building your own shelter, making your own survival tools, cooking food in the wilderness, etc.

Funky Prepper – Bugging out, food storage, bushcraft, and more. This guy is quite a character.

Growing Your Greens – The most watched gardening channel on Youtube. Learn how to grow food in your front or backyard.

Hickok45 – Excellent channel on guns and gun safety. There are new videos several times a week.

Idaho Hillbilly – A homesteader who is an expert at finding hidden treasures at flea markets and other places. Watch as he turns his property into a self-sufficient permaculture farm.

Im Still Workin – A lot of videos on gardening, canning, cooking, and baking.

InnerBark Outdoors – Not only does Andy have years of experience in outdoor living, he is also a cinematographer so his videos are very high quality.

IraqVeteran – One of the best gun channels on Youtube. Learn about shooting, gunsmithing, handloading, and more.

ITS Tactical – Imminent Threat Solutions covers a wide range of topics, some of which I’d never even considered.

Jack Spirko – The official channel for Jack Spirko of The Survival Podcast. Learn all about his homestead.

James Yeager – Discussion about guns and shooting from the guy behind

Jas. Townsend and Son, Inc. – James loves to talk about life in the 18th century and he dresses the part. Lots of educational videos here, mostly about cooking.

Jnull0 – Day to day life on a large homestead. Learn about butchering animals, cooking, canning, and more.

KGB Survivalist – This guy covers all areas of prepping and reviews guns, knives, and survival gear.

Kirsten Dirksen – Videos about self sufficiency, simple living, backyard gardening, and craftsmanship.

L.D.S. Prepper – One of the older channels on this list. He’s a very experience survivalist, especially when it comes to gardening.

Linda’s Pantry – Linda makes high-quality videos that teach you about gardening, canning, and survival cooking.

Living Survival – All things survival. Ben talks about bushcraft, camping, fishing, and hunting, and he regularly reviews survival gear.

MD Prepper – This channel is mostly short reviews of survival food, gear, and guns.

Michigan Snow Pony – Farming, gardening, simple living, and discussion videos about life on a homestead.

Miller’s Guns and Gear – Lots of videos about bullets, guns, safety, maintenance, and proper shooting techniques.

Mind Wise Man – This guy covers all aspects of outdoor living and he loves to go canoeing.

Moscow Prepper – Bushcraft, preparedness, and self-reliance videos by a Dane living in Russia.

North Carolina Prepper – Lots of miscellaneous videos on emergency preparedness.

Nutnfancy – A very popular survival channel about backpacks, flashlights, guns, knives, multi-tools, tactical gear, and more.

Off the Grid News – Weekly videos about all sorts of disaster preps and important survival skills.

One Woman And Two Acres – This woman is fun to watch. She teaches all sorts of homesteading skills from her land in Northeast Georgia.

Our Half Acre Homestead – Back to basics living with some experienced homesteaders. Gardening, cooking, food storage, recipes, and more.

Patriot 36 – Survivalism, outdoor living, and reviews of firearms, flashlights, and survival tools.

Prepared Mind – Another one of my favorite channels. He covers all the major areas–bushcraft, urban survival, wilderness survival–and he does a lot of reviews.

Reality Survival – Excellent channel that covers a wide rage of topics including bushcraft and urban survival along with reviews of gear, kits, knives, and tools.

Safe Arms Review – Some awesome videos on guns, prepping, survival gear, tactics, and more.

School of Self Reliance – This channel will teach you everything you need to know to be self reliant in the wilderness.

Sensible Prepper – Here you’ll learn all sorts of creative prepping ideas using common household items.

Sigma 3 Survival School – Huge collection of instructional videos on all aspects of survivalism, especially bushcraft.

Skinny Medic – The official channel of Medical Gear Outfitters. Here you’ll find a mix of medical and general prepping videos.

Snare Man – High quality reviews of guns, knives, backpacks, and other types of survival gear.

Solar Cabin – If you’ve ever dreamed of building a cabin and becoming completely self-sufficient, this guy will teach you how.

Sootch00 – A very popular channel with fun and detailed reviews of guns and accessories.

Soul Survivor X2 – This is also one of my favorites. Really cool videos about prepping, shooting, backpacking, guns, motorcycles, etc.

Southern Prepper 1 – These videos are short, to-the-point, and very educational. He’s been on Youtube for a while so he has a huge backlog of videos.

Stacy Lyn Harris – On this channel Stacy teaches gardening, cooking, canning, and more.

Supergokue1 – This guy makes a lot of short instructional videos about generating power, making hiding places, and building your own gear.

Survival Know How – Survival hacks, tips, tricks, and more. Lots of great info, much of which is organized into top 10 lists.

Survival Life – The official Youtube channel of the most popular survival site on the Internet. They have dozens of videos with survival tips, gear reviews, and other prepper-related topics.

Survival Lily – A woman and her dog who spend time in the woods hunting, fire making, building shelters, and reviewing survival gear.

Survival Mike – Mike is a certified trainer who knows all about surviving in the wilderness.

Survival Skills – This covers a lot of common survival skills, but unlike most similar channels he also talks about personal self defense.

Survivalist Boards – Lots of random homesteading videos from the owner of

Survivalist Gardener – Videos based on the book, “Secret Garden of Survival.” Learn how to grow a secret survival garden in your backyard.

Survivalist Prepper – The official video channel of one of my favorite sites. Lots of great tips and advice, especially for beginners.

Texas Prepper 2 – If you’re into homesteading, this is the channel for you. It covers gardening, raising chickens, fish, livestock, bees, food storage, and so much more.

The Daily Prep – Watch Dan as he goes from total noob to experienced prepper.

The Modern Survivalist – One of my very favorites. Fernando lived through the hyperinflationary collapse in Argentina. He’s smart, experienced, and has a lot of wisdom to share.

The Patriot Nurse – Another one of my very favorites. I have learned a lot about first aid and medical survival from her.

The Peaceful Prepper – A single gal prepping to survive in an urban environment. She only has a few hundred subscribers so far but I expect this channel to become much more popular.

The Sgt Fruitcake – Awesome prepper videos with an emphasis on camping and outdoor living.

The Survival Channel – This man’s goal is to be prepared for absolutely anything. He talks a lot about the latest survival gear.

The Urban Prepper – My favorite channel, probably because he reminds me of me (no, he’s not actually me). If you live in a city, you should definitely subscribe to this channel.

The Yankee Marshal – David is the kind of guy I would love to have a beer with. He’s smart, funny, and he’ll tell you everything there is to know about guns.

TheALOWens – Videos about guns, knives, EDC gear, bug out bags, bug out vehicles, and even a little politics.

TheHossUSMC – Guns, gear, ammunition, home defense, and a little bit of politics.

Tiborasaurus Rex – Ballistics, shooting, weapons, self defense, and a little bit of religion.

Tin Hat Ranch – This channel covers all types of prepping and has some great reviews and cool survival hacks.

Ultimate Survival Tips – Very high quality how-to videos and reviews of survival gear, especially knives.

Ultimate Survivalist – Mostly backpack and camping videos along with a lot of knife reviews.

Utah Prepper 1 – Food storage, general survival tips, and several videos about gardening and taking care of chickens.

Van Prepper – Short, awesome videos about freedom and preparedness. Very entertaining guy.

We All Juggle Knives – Reviews of knives, flashlights, survival kits, and all sorts of gear.

Wessex Blades & Bushcraft – A blend of Bushcraft camping, gear reviews, knives, survival tips, and even some rock music.

Wilderness Outfitters – The Pathfinder School has created some high-quality videos that will teach you ever aspect of wilderness survival

William Myers MantisOutdoors – One of the best channels for bushcraft and wilderness self reliance skills. If you love the outdoors, don’t skip this one.

Wiltshire Man – Follow Sandy on his journey into the world of bushcraft. He also likes model copters.

Wingman – Detailed reviews of guns, knives, flashlights, and all sorts of survival gear.

Wranglerstar– Yet another favorite of mine. The Wranglerstar family makes excellent videos on modern homesteading.

Yankee Self-Sufficiency – Lots of miscellaneous survival tips along with some Christian commentary.

Zombie Tactics – Reviews of weapons and gear, discussion about guns and prepping, and general zombie preparedness.

And there you have it. If I forgot any good channels I apologize. Let me know about them in the comment section below and at some point I’ll come back and update this list.

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Best YouTube Bushcraft & Survival Videos.

A little while ago I wrote an article about the Best YouTube Survival Videos, which was based on short term survival videos. More of a wilderness emergency and survive until a rescue type scenario. In this article, it is my pick of the best YouTube bushcraft and survival videos. Which has some YouTubers with a mix of bushcraft, woodsman, wilderness living and primitive skills channels blended in.

In no particular order here is my selection:

Far North Bushcraft And Survival

Lonnie from Far North Bushcraft And Survival and his wife Connie, have some good practical videos. Presented in a laid back manner, the fire lighting videos in the Alaskan cold climates are just some great information he shares.

The Grey Bearded Green Beret.

Joshua Enyart presents some quality videos. From bushcraft to survival, with some tactical videos mixed in, The Grey Bearded Green Beret is well worth watching.

Karamat Wilderness Ways.

Mors Kochanski from has some thoughtful serious knowledge to share with his long time love of bushcraft and wilderness skills. He is the author of the best-selling book like Bushcraft. Every time you watch Mor’s videos you pick up something knew.

MCQ Bushcraft & Wilderness Life

MCQ Bushcraft is very easy to watch and informative. Michael McQuilton creates very professional outdoor videos and comes across on the screen as a friend.

Blackie Thomas

Another good YouTuber who is entertaining to watch. Blackie has lots of bushcraft tips and tricks for the wilderness.

Black Hat Bushcraft.

Matt Mercer has a friendly on screen presence with some good down to earth information on bushcraft. Check out Matt at

Primitive Technology.

John Plant from Primitive Technology has a huge following. He makes some great primitive tools and long term shelters. I can’t wait for John’s new book, also called, “Primitive Technology, A Survivalist’s Guide To Building Tools, Shelters And More In The Wild.”

Update – See my book review of Primitive Technology.

Bob Hansler.

Wilderness skills and bushcraft in the wilds of Texas. Be sure to watch Bob’s video; Survival Fishing Catch & Cook, Primitive Gorge Hook.

Bushcraft Survival Australia.

Gordon Dedman from Buschcraft Survival Australia, has some great videos. While Gordon doesn’t post often, his videos have quality education and are good down to earth.

Paul Kirtley.

Paul has a wealth of knowledge and produces some good no nonsense videos. (Paul’s podcast is well worth listening to as well.)

Corporals Corner.

Shawn Kelly from Corporals Corner shares some good bushcraft gear reviews and knowledge. Since watching a few of Shawn’s videos, I can’t help but saying “Good to go”.


For jungle survival and tips on YouTube, it is hard to go past JungleCrafty. I don’t think Paul from JungleCrafty doesn’t post any videos now though. The machete / parang reviews are worth viewing for the finer points on the parang design.

Rune Malte Bertram-Nielsen.

Traditional bushcraft and beautiful scenery from Denmark. The videos are very relaxing to watch and you sometimes feel like you are sitting beside the camp fire there. Like Primitive technology video’s, there is no talking.

David Canterbury.

David Canterbury from the Pathfinder School, produces a heap of quality videos. He has a huge amount of bushcraft, product reviews and survival videos on his channel.  With well over 1, videos on YouTube.

Tom McElroy – Wild Survival.

While he doesn’t post a lot on YouTube, the content is informative. Make sure you check out Tom’s video on, Solo Survival- How to Survive Alone in the Desert (Sonoran Desert).

Other good bushcraft channels.

Other bushcraft and survival videos that are worth checking out are; Coalcracker Bushcraft, Justin from GreirWolf and SnowWalker13, to name a few.  Zachary Fowler the winner of History Channels, “Alone” season 3 is entertaining to watch, with some humor mixed in as well.


I’m sure in the future I will change or ad to the best YouTube bushcraft and survival videos. As more bushcraft and woodsman channels come along. I hope you enjoyed my choice of the top bushcraft and survival channels out there.

Affiliate Links – This article may contain some affiliate product and Amazon affiliate links. This comes at no additional cost to the reader, and helps to support the website. Thank you.
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Disclaimer – This information is for educational purposes only. The author/s and website disclaim liability for any damage, mishap, or injury that may occur from engaging in any activities or ideas from this site.

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Enjoy survival shows? Here are 34 YouTube survival shows to binge watch.

I can easily say that I watch more YouTube than I do normal television, especially when it comes to YouTube survival shows, prepper methods, and homesteading hacks.

Being able to see a lot of the projects, methods, and tips that content creators upload every single day is a great way to learn things that I might not have mastered, or to find new ideas for weekend projects and ways to innovate my own self-sufficient journey.

If you search for survival or prepping content on YouTube, you will have countless of hours of outdoor, or in-the-home hacks at your disposal. And the best thing is, it&#;s free, it doesn&#;t cost a subscription, and you can pause it and save it for a later day. With each description, I have also included a link to their channels in the headline, so you can easily head on over and check out their best stuff to see what their YouTube survival channel is all about.

Because I am always watching this type of content on YouTube, I made this extensive list of top survival-related YouTube channels that are worth checking out. I have ranked them in order of subscribers, which in the YouTube world, is a good measure of popularity and excellent survival hacks. There are a lot of channels in this list, so you might want to bookmark this page, and come back later on for some survival weekend viewing.

So let&#;s dig in, and take a look at the best YouTube channels that create great survival tips.

#1 Primitive Technology (m subscribers)

Chances are if you have been around Youtube, you would have seen this guy. He&#;s an Australian YouTuber that spends his videos in complete silence, with nothing but the sounds of the tropical North Queensland Australian rainforest to hear and the sounds of him working on progressing through history&#;s greatest technological breakthroughs. What&#;s best is that never once has he used a tool from the real world, it&#;s all mud, sticks, clay, and things that he finds on the jungle floor around him to build his empire.

Even if you are never thinking about survival in the wild, this guy is just perfect for the entertainment of seeing the amazing things he creates. Because he is one of my favorite YouTube survival shows, I made a selection of his greatest how-to videos over in my post on bushcraft skills.

#2 Wranglerstar (k subscribers)

The Wranglerstar family ditched their city life in to take up the back-to-roots lifestyle of homesteading. They run projects on self-sufficiency, the outdoors lifestyle, and survival as a self-reliant homesteading family.

wranglestar, best homesteader

#3 Survival Lilly (k subscribers)

If you have ever searched on Youtube for anything related to survival or wilderness survival tips you might have come across Austrian survivalist Survival Lilly. She runs a channel with content based on wilderness survival (primitive and modern), long-term survival, and urban survival. It is also quite refreshing to see her popularity as a female survivalist, as survival and prepper channels are primarily males. Survival Lilly&#;s channel gives a great refreshing insight into survivalism and prepping.

Survival Lilly

#4 Joe Robinet (k subscribers)

This channel has a strong focus on Canadian bushcraft style camping trips with Joe and his dog Scout. He constructs well-made natural shelters, or sometimes sleeps in a tent, under a tarp, or in the snow. A lot of his videos aim to show the realities of being out in the bush, whether it be an overnighter in the woods, or an extended, day fly-in canoe/fishing trip. He leaves in a lot of his failures in the videos as a way to provide more educational and informative content. While he says he is &#;just a regular Canadian guy who enjoys spending time outdoors&#; his skills and knowledge of the outdoors show in the way he constructs shelters, cooks, and survives.

#5 David Canterbury (k subscribers)

David Canterbury is a household survival celebrity. His channel includes all things related to self-sustainability and outdoor self-reliance. A lot of his content is very practical survival advice that is well-explained, detailed, and for the most part, very interesting as it is shown in an easy to understand way.

Canterbury is also the creator of what is known as the 10 C&#;s of survival, which has become the standard for the survival gear you need outdoors. Check out our post on Canterbury&#;s 10 C&#;s of Survival.

david canterbury survival shows

#6 My Self Reliance (k subscribers)

Shawn James is nothing short of a survival artist. His survival channel and entertaining survival show My Self-Reliance takes you into the heart of what it means to be an off-grid outdoorsman in the woods in a log cabin. I&#;ll be honest, when I watch his videos I turn them up loud as I feel as though I am there with him and his golden retriever dog Cali. There&#;s a very rustic sense of nature that comes with this guy&#;s videos that make you feel like you&#;ve experienced a slice of his relaxing, no technology escape. Ironic isn&#;t it, that we can get that through technology from videomakers.

If you enjoyed Primitive Technology&#;s survival show, I think you will enjoy the more comfortable methods of My Self-Reliance.

#7 TA Outdoors (k subscribers)

Building stuff outdoors is what survivalists and bushcrafters love, am I right? I&#;ll confess, I didn&#;t know about TA Outdoors at first, until one of you pointed him out to me saying &#;you&#;ve got to check him out&#;. So I did. Mike is one of the most genuine YouTubers I have seen so far. Of course, his projects are serious natural architecture designs that are well thought out and made with precision, whether it be a house made out of the surrounding trees, or the pallet wood house. What I really liked about this guy was his project that he did with his father, where in one video he made an off-grid cabin out of free pallet wood with his father. This type of family work goes to the roots of homesteading and family survival and was great to see on a camera. That&#;s not to mention his cool dog Jaxx as well. I&#;ll leave it for you to decide about TA Outdoors.

#8 Sensible Prepper (k subscribers) AKA Sootch

Sensible Prepper&#;s Youtube survival channel has a strong focus on the practical side of SHTF survival and prepping. The channel covers a wide variety of subjects from DIY cooking items, EDC, bugging out, SHTF items, everyday household items used in various ways and home defense.

preppers on youtube

#9 Royal Nonesuch (k subscribers)

This guy&#;s channel is unique as it is entertaining and informative. There&#;s nothing else to say about it other than he makes homemade weapons, and he&#;s very good at it.

preppers and survivalists on youtube

#10 Black Scout Survival (k subscribers)

Black Scout Survival is an informative channel based on the subject of survival tactics in the wilderness, urban environment, and in SHTF situations. A lot of the content produced on Black Scout Survival isn&#;t just camping or outdoors stuff, it&#;s survival in the sense that your life counted on it, and they (like we all should) take their survival pretty serious.

youtube survival shows

#11 MCQBushcraft (k subscribers)

Michael McQuilton, AKA MCQBushcraft, is a UK-based outdoorsman who started hunting and fishing with his friends and family as a little boy. His passion is learning and teaching core survival skills to sustain yourself in the wilderness, which says is a lost art in the UK and one that he thinks is important in any type of education. He loves being outdoors and practices old skills, as well as trials new ones that give him a connection to the land and his surrounding environment and shows that passion in his videos.

#12 Engineer (k subscribers)

If you are a technical prepper and enjoy homestead and self-sufficiency projects, this channel is from you. Engineer runs a very effective educational and project-based channel on living off-grid, covering a variety of topics from Homesteading to Renewable Energy, from Water pumping to Hydronics, from Gasification to Air Conditioning. His ultimate goal is to be completely self-sufficient through the wise use of the resources that exist on any small farm.

youtube preppers

#13 The Patriot Nurse (k subscribers)

The Patriot Nurse runs a survival Youtube survival channel devoted to medical prepping for SHTF, what will happen when the SHTF, and American-related civil issues.

youtube survivalist

#14 Prepared Mind (k subscribers)

The Prepared Mind is a channel that provides reviews on prepper gear and EDC items, as well as preparedness tips. His reviews on new survival gear and EDC equipment is in-depth and practical.

youtube prepper

#15 Alfie Aesthetics (k subscribers)

While sporting an outright entertaining British humour in his videos, Alfie Aesthetics doesn&#;t upload much in the way of content, having only really one post per month, but when does upload a video, you can be sure as hell these things are packed with pieces of survival information you will ever get your hands on.

I watch Alfie&#;s videos for two reasons:

  1. They are entertaining as anything
  2. They are more informative than an year-old librarian.

#16 Far North Bushcraft And Survival (k subscribers)

Far North Bushcraft And Survival is a Youtube survival channel that delivers informative survival videos on long-forgotten tricks and tips of the old-time woodsmen.

#17 Native Survival (k subscribers)

Native Survival is a YouTube survival channel produced by Mitch Mitchell, the finalist on the 1st season of History Channel&#;s ALONE. Since being on ALONE he has been running The Native Survival School, providing woodland living classes since This comes through in a lot of the content he creates which is very informative and educational. Primarily he is an outdoors craftsman and designs gear that is durable and useful for outdoor survival scenarios.

#18 Sigma 3 Survival School (k subscribers)

The Sigma 3 Survival School is a great channel to follow on YouTube as it is essentially a survival encyclopedia covering the areas of tactical, survival medical and preparedness skills you can use in the wild.

#19 The Hoss USMC (k subscribers)

The Hoss USMC is a YouTube survival channel that caters to the defensive side of survival. Most of his content comes from gun reviews, gun accessories, and other content related to the big wide world of weapons, firearms and SHTF defenses. This guy is definitely great if you are a gun owner and are looking at accessories or must-haves as a prepper for when the SHTF.

#20 Stephanie Margeth (k subscribers)

Stephanie Margeth&#;s channel isn&#;t all about survival, I will be the first to admit that. But she definitely does do a lot of practical bushcraft and survivalist trips such as the famous overnighters that many YouTube survival shows are based on. Margeth&#;s content also covers a lot of things she likes to keep in her survival kit, her thoughts on bugging out and a lot of other bushcraft and survival knowledge that differs from modern survivalist thinking.;t=47s

#21 Canadian Prepper (k subscribers)

The Canadian Prepper has featured in a number of survival and prepping blogs for his innovations in must-have gear for when the SHTF. Further to that, he also covers a lot of the concepts of basic survival, touching on areas such as urban survival and survival in the wilderness.

#22 SouthernPrepper1 (k subscribers)

Southern Prepper 1 provides various content on practical prepping with his country property as the backdrop to most of his videos. This is definitely the type of guy you want over if you are ever working on a DIY weekend project as he has made it his living to create various DIY projects to make himself more prepared for when the SHTF.

#23 The Urban Prepper (k subscribers)

The Urban Prepper covers a niche audience of urban and city-based preppers who might not have a huge property to carry out self-sufficient projects on, and instead focusses on the market by providing educational and review-based content on everyday carry, gear and urban preparedness methods.

This channel is a great resource for anyone interested in practical EDC and bug out bag contents.

#24 Survival On Purpose (k subscribers)

Bryan Stevens is a survivalist that joined the boy scouts at such a young age and, for the most part, it seems he never left. He loves the outdoors and he loves his survival gear. So much so that he uploads almost every days with either in-depth gear reviews or survival skills. He is definitely a family man too and delivers his videos in a scout master-type way.

Survival On Purpose, survival show

#25 Equip 2 Endure (k subscribers)

Equip 2 Endure&#;s survival Youtube channel is the fusion of varying topics including Wilderness Survival, the Outdoors, Camping, Hiking, K9 Training and Emergency & Survival Preparedness.

#26 Reallybigmonkey1 (95k subscribers)

David Pearson&#;s YouTube survival shows are as entertaining as they are informative. He loves to have a laugh whenever he is doing a show and talking about survival in the outdoors. But unlike a lot of other survivalists that do gear reviews on bought gear, he enjoys making his own homemade survival gear and testing it outdoors. If you are into hiking, backpacking or hammock camping, you might enjoy this guy for the wealth of budget knowledge and information he churns out in each video.

Reallybigmonkey1 survival show

#27 Survival Russia (91k subscribers)

The Survival Russia Channel focuses on the reality of survival. He doesn&#;t use fancy gadgets and when he does, they are reviewed over the course of a number of videos as it is kit that he would use again and again. Instead, this guy uses everyday items that you might find around the house or in the garage, and shows the multiple applications that they can have in the wilderness, whether it be to build a lookout post, a shelter, or to build other tools that you might need to survive in the wild.

#28 Tom McElroy &#; Wild Survival (90k subscribers)

Tom McElroy doesn&#;t upload too much, but when he does, it&#;s a whopping big &#;how to survive a&#;&#; survival video. Each video is jam packed with scenario-based information, such as in this video I have attached on &#;How to survive on a desert island&#; which goes through the exact process experienced survivalists would take to ensure their survival in one of these worst-case scenarios. If you enjoy thinking about how you would survive in these specific situations, check this channel out.

#29 Stay Primitive My Friend (65k subscribers)

If there is a channel that I can say has any similarity to Primitive Technology, it is this one. Stay Primitive My Friend is a YouTube survival shows where a lot of primitive technology is remade using only natural resources and no knives, axes or any other survival gear. Of course, there&#;s a mix though, with some of the content showing various ways to use traditional camping gear and equipment.


#30 Eat The Weeds (53k subscribers)

Eat The Weeds is the strongest running and most watched foraging channel on Youtube. Its videos are on the types of plants might find in the wilderness and what you can and can&#;t eat.

#31 Survivorman &#; Les Stroud (51k subscribers)

Les Stroud isn&#;t one of the most popular YouTube survival channels, but he sure doesn&#;t need an introduction, as he is a name many survivalists revere as a great teacher. He is best known as the Canadian Screen Award-winning producer, creator, and star of the TV series Survivorman. He is is the only producer in the history of television to produce an internationally broadcast series entirely written, videotaped and hosted alone (take that Bear Grylls).

For all of these channels, I have been posting their most popular video. For Les Stroud&#;s channel, his most popular video is an encounter with Bigfoot. Some say it is real, some say it is fake, I will leave that up to you.

#32 Step One Survival (42k subscribers)

Otherwise known as SOS, this channel, ran by &#;Staff Sergeant Badass&#; is a very real but entertaining channel on modern-day survival. A lot of his content focuses on SHTF prepping, military tactics and some great honest gear reviews. This guy produces a lot of content that is not seen on many other survival shows and prepping shows and should definitely be seen.

#33 Bushcraft Bear (33k subscribers)

This Hungarian guy is one to watch. Not only is the Bushcraft Bear loyal to his followers and appreciative of every viewer, he is also a skilled survivalist that has an amazing repertoire of survival skills, some of which I would never have seen if it weren&#;t for stumbling across his channel. In his movies, he rarely talks, but you can see the passion for his outdoorsmanship, mother nature, and enjoying the wilderness just by how he works and survives.

#34 Girl In The Woods (27k subscribers)

Brooke Ripple, aka the Girl In The Woods, is a filmmaker, educator, and speaker for the outdoors. She has recently kicked off her career as a survivalist after surviving 49 days in the wilderness in Vancouver Island with her husband on the History Channel&#;s ALONE. She has a wealth of survivalist knowledge from a background as an adventure and survival book writer and is definitely running a great channel.

Over to you&#;

So there you have it, the top 25 YouTube survival shows and YouTube prepper shows for you to watch, whether you are a prepper, a survivalist, or just a fan of survival shows and wilderness survival. It is great to support these survival vloggers and preppers as they create amazing content every day, week and month for us to watch and learn new ways of outdoors survival.

For me, as a survival and prepper blogger, I write about this subject because it is something I am greatly interested in and do myself, whether it be survival in the wilderness or practical preparedness, but I also enjoy watching these shows because I whenever I am indoors, I think of being out in the snow, or the sand, or the forest, and using the environment as your home.

I recommend you make a bookmark of this page so that you can come back to it and view the rest of these channels and their great videos. If you have any other YouTube survival shows or YouTube prepper channels you follow, please leave their link in the comment section below.

Survival YouTube
Best survival shows on youtube
youtube survivalists

Primitive Survival Tool

Primitive Survival ToolSingapore
Welcome to Primitive Survival Tool. Join the adventure that brings you closer to the most beloved, bizarre and misunderstood creatures known to man. We make videos about Build Things in the wild. Follow
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Survival Lilly

Survival LillyAustria
Hi, my name is Lilly! I am a survivalist from Austria and I like to share my experiences with like minded people. Follow
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Survival Time

Survival TimeUS
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Survival Skills Primitive

Survival Skills Primitive Vietnam
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Primitive Survival

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Living Survival

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Primitive Survival

Primitive Survival US
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Survival Builder

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Full Spectrum Survival

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We are a survival and preparedness channel providing global news alerts and sharing information that you need to know! Let's take back the stigma that the mainstream has placed upon survival and preparedness. Follow
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The Wilderness Survival

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Reality Survival & Prepping

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Kent Survival

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The Survival Outpost

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Instinct Survivalist

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Survival prepping for normal people

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Wilderness Survival Tips and Tricks

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Survival Sullivan

Survival Sullivan The best survival and preparedness content on the Internet. Subscribe to get tips, tricks and tactics to survive any natural or man-made disaster. Prepare and protect yourself and your family. Follow
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Survival Skills

Survival Skills Just a couple of survivors who like to survive in the wild and want to share their knowledge with others. FollowView Latest Videos⋅Get Email Contact


Survival youtube videos wilderness

I Watched Wilderness Survival Videos for a Week

All my friends have been raving over a certain niche category in YouTube for a while, spamming me with links to various videos of this kind. On the surface, they seem like your typical clickbait fodder; the thumbnails claim to show the building of houses and pools in a random forest with astonishing, unbelievable speed. I didn't see the appeal at first, but I gave in to the constant recommendations and chose to watch wilderness survival videos for a week.

Now, I have too many questions for one article, hence I have to compromise and make do with a few.

Why are they made?

Building a home in a jungle seems like what someone would do to go off grid, taking only the bare essentials with them. However, the structures shown in these videos are far from ordinary. The YouTube channels dedicated to wilderness survival show the building process of grand mansions, pools, villas, temples — you name it. With such attention to detail in these structures, you might ask why these are built at all. To show off architectural feats? To leave them behind for future archaeologists to stumble upon? Who knows?

Who lives there?

If you're going to build luxurious pools and houses in the middle of nowhere, there has to be a purpose. You're either going to live in the house yourself, or you're building them for someone else. Either way, these houses are meant to be lived in. Yet, it is never clear if these houses, temples, pools, etc. are used by anyone. If all of it is just for show, then refer to the first question.

Do they have permission to use forest land?

In the era of climate emergency, forests are being depleted at a drastic rate. On top of that, wilderness survival videos start with a few people gathering at a clearing and, without exchanging any words, start digging at the earth, from which an elaborate mansion will eventually arise. As someone concerned about the environment, I wonder if wilderness survival channels have permission to use forest land at random for the sake of making content. Our remaining forests are too vital for this, don't you think?

Are the labourers paid fairly?

Building houses and pools from scratch is more hard work than you and I can ever imagine. Yet, this gigantic task is carried out by one or two labourers, unless there are more people at work behind the scenes. The editing makes it seem like these few labourers build the whole structure all by themselves, barely taking any breaks. But, are they getting enough rest? Are they paid fairly? The ad revenue better be put to good use.

How do they build these without consulting a blueprint?

The buildings are way too intricately designed to not have any blueprint behind them. However, there is no indication of any engineers or architects being involved with the projects. One of the videos even began with a person drawing an extremely crude plan of the house he was going to build on a wooden slate, then building the house singlehandedly with utmost precision. Are the labourers themselves the engineers and architects? If so, mad respect.  

Adhora Ahmed tries to make her two cats befriend each other, but in vain. Tell her to give up at [email protected]

Ovens 30 Day Survival Challenge: THE MOVIE (Canadian Rockies)

Tube Unique Wilderness: Southeast Asian Dynamic Duo Becoming YouTube Stars

YouTube. Let&#;s face it. Most of the things we watched aren&#;t even searched up by us. Call us slaves to technology but the algorithm &#;recommendations&#; are always that click-worthy to us. Watch a little every day and you may have noticed amongst these recommendations is a channel that seems to take you back to prehistoric times, living alongside the Neanderthals. Triggering the primal side of us, Tube Unique Wilderness is here to show us how to live like a king in the tropical forests of Southeast Asia.

Tube Unique Wilderness Makes Primal Sounds & Calls that are somehow ASMR

Most of these Southeast Asian caveman videos are really professional. And by professional, we mean that there are no words uttered throughout their videos, only grunts, howls and cries.

Here&#;s a video filled with tons of caveman calls:

Recreating scenes of how the ancient people would live, Tube Unique Wilderness usually features a duo building unbelievably aesthetic looking structures at almost humanly-impossible speeds. They look primitive or even sound primitive, but we believe this is all part of an act… to get your views (possibly money for their village). Obviously.

Before the end of each video, that is, when the amazing architecture is complete, be sure to stay put and hear the duo’s iconic cries of triumph as they flop around their DIY pool aimlessly like fishes taken out of the water (ironic, we know).

Unanswered Questions to the Mysterious Cambodian Youtubers

Just like Mr. Heang Update, Tube Unique Wilderness is one of the many unnamed YouTube channels that started posting such videos out of nowhere starting just a little over a year ago.

No one knows how these videos came about, the authenticity of these videos, and who gets the share of the profits. 

As primal videos start to trend every now and then, these burning questions continue to go unanswered. The amount of speculation by everyone is going off the charts and here are some of the possibilities cooked up by the Internet:

  • The YouTube Ad money either goes to a village or the cameraman who promised them gold and riches. 
  • The cameraman is probably regarded as the “saviour” of the village who gave them another source of revenue (that’s if they actually receive the YouTube Ad money) 

Know the real answer to their mysterious beginnings? Let us know in the comments below or contact us!

Netizens Go Wild with Insane Ideas for these ‘Ancient prehistoric’ Structures

While watching these videos, it is easy to have thoughts like this:

Tube Unique Wilderness Comment 1

“Just imagine walking in the woods and you just find a whole city of just homes and pools etc all made out ta wood mud and bamboo”

Bob the 3rd

Of course, it is very likely that these structures are not permanent and will probably wash off in a couple of months.

Tube Unique Wilderness Comment 2

“Govt should make parks on these projects”

Faheem G

Wow. Just imagine the surge in tourism if this idea actually comes into fruition.

Enjoy watching their wilderness survival videos? Or feeling disturbed by them whacking down termite mounds for the purpose of waterproofing their villa pools? Whatever it is, primitive living videos like Tube Unique Wilderness are attracting millions of hits on YouTube as they continue to awaken the inner primal beasts within all of us.


Jack Ma – The Origin Story of China’s Richest Man

How do you read Barcodes?

This post is also available in: 简体中文 (Chinese (Simplified))Deutsch (German)한국어 (Korean)Melayu (Malay)Español (Spanish)ไทย (Thai)Tiếng Việt (Vietnamese)


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