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6 Cylinder

Engines in the range also form a common platform with our Series Stage IV/Tier 4 Final engines. This allows for a more cost-effective transition when you need to upgrade to the next emissions level.

Electronic or mechanical engine?

There’s also a choice of mechanically or electronically controlled engines depending on the power output required and your application. Choosing a robust, electronically controlled common rail engine provides the opportunity to increase power and low speed torque, while maintaining displacement volume, and still achieving the emissions standards. Learn more about electronic engine control versus mechanical.

High quality oil and fuel filtration used across our Series produces an engine that is reliable and durable. Ecoplus fuel filtration is also available to boost its clean running qualities.

Fuel tolerance

Our engines can cope with variations in fuel quality that occur in different parts of the world. They are also capable of running on a wide range of global fuels, including biodiesel.

Electric power

The 6 cylinder, litre range of ElectropaK engines gives you all the power you need for electric power generation. The engines give kVA generator output and are designed for life, engineered without compromise and built for instant response with thousands of hours of dependable running, regardless of the environment or location.

There are variants in the range that feature mechanical and common rail fuel system technologies. Their trusted performance is borne out of thousands of hours of validation in the real world, working with electric power providers who value the reputation and expertise of an engine manufacturer that is focused on delivering the right technology solutions to meet your requirements.

The EP range features exceptional performance criteria in fuel economy for prime power applications and high load acceptance for standby installations. This is backed up by the capability to perform in high ambient temperatures with low noise output, making packaging easy for all environments.


List of Perkins engines

Family type CodeEngine Ref no.Production DatesNotes AA&#;cc, x &#;mm bore and stroke. Also sold as the Phaser 90, it has 90&#;hp (67&#;kW; 91&#;PS). Also known as ABTTurbocharged version of the AA, sold as the Phaser T (&#;hp). Also known as T ACTADTWWith intercooler, sold as the Phaser Ti. Also known as C AEFCCFederal emissions AFSGasoline engine. AGAHTAJAKTALCCAAMCCWAPNNarrow front end. AQTNARSold to HYSTER corp. for use in small to medium lift trucks. ASHATCCANBAProduced as a Joint venture between Perkins, UK government and the Austin Rover Group. Based on the Austin Rover O series engine this engine had major parts produced at Longbridge by Austin Rover with final assembly by Perkins. It was entirely designed by Perkins who also sold it to external customers. It was used by Austin Rover in the Austin Maestro and by LDV Group in their tonne van. BBTAs with the but turbocharged with an intercooler. Used by Austin Rover in the Montego and later the Maestro.| CAP3–11 to Three-cylinder diesel engine. Engine serial is a seven digit number beginning with 67, engines were produced. Uses a timing chain. noneF3–08 to Three-cylinder diesel engine. Built for Ford, with Simms injector pump. (Ford supplied all the block and head castings). CBCCP–03 to Three-cylinder, cu. in. ( L) diesel engine. Family type is CC. United Kingdom-built engines and France-built engines were produced for Massey Ferguson; 30, were produced for other customers. CDused in many Lincoln brand mobile welders. noneF–02 to Three-cylinder, cu. in. ( L) diesel engine. No family type. Built for Ford (Ford supplied the block & head castings) 64, made. Fitted to the Super Dexta CEDDirect-injection versions of earlier engine types. Produced for Massey Ferguson and other customers including Volvo (tractors) CFGG denotes "gas" or " gasolene" version. Spark-ignition variant of D produced for common installation in Fork lift truck where D engine was specified. CGPCJDevelopment of D using Perkins "squish lip" piston to give improved driveability of engine in emissions sensitive applications such as Fork Lift. CMUprated D engine. Board decision named this engine .4 despite no .3 ever existing due to recent launch of and its success. CNTTurbocharged version of Initially used by Lindner, later by Massey Ferguson. CPCRTCSCTSDCCDDCTDECTADFBDGBTDJADKATEAFour-cylinder, 99 cu. in. ( L) diesel engine. Wet sleeves, used in London Taxis, optional fit in Ford Thames vans, early Ford Transits, Bedford CA vans. EBFour-cylinder, cu. in. ( L) diesel engine. Wet sleeves. Commonly used in marine applications. ECTFour-cylinder, cu. in. ( L) turbocharged diesel engine. Wet sleeves. Very rare (perhaps never produced). EDFour-cylinder, cu. in. (1,&#;cc) diesel engine. Dry sleeves. An evolution of the and Almost , engines produced between the , and Used extensively in vans and light trucks, Ford Transit, Hyundai HD Truck and Van (), Bedford CA, some cars Opel Blitz, Alfa Romeo F12/A12, Alfa Romeo Giulia, SEAT [2] Also used extensively in marine applications, farm equipment and Mustang/OMC skid-steer loaders. GAFour-cylinder, cu. in. diesel engine. Designed with sister engine both produced in England. Later produced by licensee Toyo Kogyo (Mazda) under model # series same as Mazda XA series. Later developed into / family. was also an optional fit in Bedford CF vans GBBased on Produced only by Toyo Kogyo. (Mazda) Variant used in ''84 B trucks and in ''84 Ford Ranger Diesels. Pushrod, dry sleeves and gear drive GCBased on Produced only by Toyo Kogyo (Mazda) GDGEGGD2-cylinder litre / Bhp Industrial Engine GJ

3 Cyl Tier 3 EPA rated Engine replaced the in the Caterpillar Arr# like in mini ex

HA– Four-cylinder, cu. in. diesel engine. Based on Assembled by Perkins in Hannover for VW LT van (engine code CG), and by Enasa in Spain for various vehicles including the Nissan Patrol (as the MD27) JAP4–06 to Four-cylinder diesel engine. 97, engines were produced. JB–05 to Four-cylinder, cu. in. ( L) indirect-injection diesel engine. Used in the MF 65 mk.1 tractor. JCPno informationJDFour-cylinder, cu. in. diesel engine. noneL4–10 to Four-cylinder indirect-injection diesel engine. Commonly used in agricultural applications. No family type. Regarded as grandfather to later JEDFour-cylinder, cu. in. direct-injection diesel engine. Used in the MF 65 mk.2 and MF mk.1 tractors. JFGGasoline version. JGLAFour-cylinder, cu. in. ( L) diesel engine. Essentially, a with a smaller stroke. Used in the MF mk.2 and International Harvester tractors. LCnoneThis family type was reserved for a cu. in. version of the , but never entered production. LDFour-cylinder, cu. in. ( L) diesel engine. LEGFour-cylinder, cu. in. ( L) gasoline (or propane) engine. LFFour-cylinder, cu. in. ( L) diesel engine. Essentially, a with a larger bore. LGThis development of the series was designed to use the Perkins "squish lip" piston which gave emissions benefits although had lower specific output compared to conventional direct-injection engines. It was used in fork lift applications as an alternative to the smaller swept volume LHCFour-cylinder, cu. in. ( L) "compensated" (lightly turbocharged) diesel engine. LJTFour-cylinder, cu. in. ( L) turbocharged diesel engine. LMNAFour-cylinder, cu. in. ( L) diesel engine, produced from –12 to – NBFour-cylinder, cu. in. ( L) diesel engine. NCFour-cylinder, cu. in. ( L) diesel engine. Used in MF , NDImproved version. Used in MF RAStraight 6-cylinder, normally aspirated diesel, only ever fitted to Dodge 50 range in the UK also known as the 'Black' Perkins engine. Most engines made under license by Mazda and used in their light trucks during the late 70s and 80s. REPerkins Straight 4-Cylinder Nat asp or Turbo, OEM power unit Fitted to JCB loadall or Thwaites Dumpers PAP6–01 to Six-cylinder, cu. in. ( L) diesel engine, rated at 86&#;bhp at 2, rpm. The highly successful P-series of engines established Perkins' reputation as one of the world's major builders of diesel engines.[3]PB–04 to Six-cylinder, cu. in. ( L) diesel engine, . PC–03 to Six-cylinder, cu. in. ( L) diesel engine. Enlarged version of P6 using CAV DPA injection pump. noneC–06 to –Horizontal version of , developed in conjunction with Commer Cars Ltd.[4]none–12 to –Six-cylinder, cu. in. ( L) diesel engine. Short-stroke , stroke same as Possibly only used in Australian Chamberlain tractor. Not to be confused with the unknownR6 to Six-cylinder, cu. in. ( L) diesel engine, rated at &#;bhp at 2, rpm and &#;lb ft at 1,/1, rpm. Rushed development led to major problems with this engine, with consequent damage to both Perkins' reputation and finances. Although, the problems were solved quite quickly and the engine was relaunched as the R6 Mk2, with a reduced rating of &#;bhp at 2, rpm. Sales never recovered after the early problems and only 33, engines were built before production ended in [5]noneS6–05 to Six-cylinder, cu. in. ( L) diesel engine. Very similar to the highly successful P6, the S6 was rated at &#;bhp at 2, rpm for passenger vehicles and &#;bhp at 1, rpm for goods vehicles.[6]TC to Six-cylinder, cu. in. ( L) diesel engine, initially rated at &#;bhp at 2, rpm and later at &#;bhp. Highly successful engine which restored Perkins' reputation after the problematic R6. Developments of the engine, including turbocharged versions remained in production until , by which time over a million had been built at Peterborough plus substantial numbers in other countries.[7]TDHSix-cylinder, cu. in. ( L) horizontal diesel engine. A slant engine, used in marine applications. Very rare. TETSix-cylinder, cu. in. ( L) turbocharged diesel engine. TFHTSix-cylinder, cu. in. ( L) horizontal turbocharged diesel engine. Very rare. TGTHTTJTKCTPTTRLarger bore version of Same size bore as Only used in MF combine. TTTCTUTTVTLarger bore version of Same size bore as Only used in MF combine. TWHorizontal version used in some British Raildiesel multiple units, e.g. classes , , TXCTYHTZHTXAVV-8, cu. in. ( L) diesel engine. XBTVV-8, cu. in. ( L) turbocharged diesel engine. XCVV-8, cu. in. ( L) diesel engine. XETVV-8, cu. in. ( L) turbocharged diesel engine. XGD-E33Electronic Governing XHD-E33TElectronic Governing / Turbocharged XJD-E33TAElectronic Governing / Turbocharged / Air to air charge cooled XKDXLDTTurbocharged XMDTATurbocharged / Air to air charge cooled YA&#;cc, x &#;mm bore and stroke (as per "AA" four-cylinder). Also known as the Phaser, continued Perkins "one litre per cylinder" design. No longer in production. YBTUnknown - Turbocharged version of the above, also known as the Phaser T for its &#;hp (&#;kW) max power. No longer in production. YCTNo longer in production. YDe-6TWUnknown - Intercooled model with &#;hp (&#;kW) max power, marketed as the Phaser Ti. No longer in production. YFSNo longer in production. YGNo longer in production. YHTNo longer in production. YJTANo longer in production. YKTWNo longer in production. ZAVV-8, cu. in. ( L) diesel engine. ZBTVV-8, cu. in. ( L) turbocharged diesel engine. noneT12Twelve-cylinder diesel engine, two banks of six cylinders arranged in a V . Produced for marine use during the war, Perkins used one on a standby generator at the factory which is now in preservation. none/ Series Mechanical (Shrewsbury)Closed in and production of these engines ceased.[8]TA Diesel, Six-Cylinder, 7L, Made in Peterborough, UK. TA Diesel, Six-Cylinder, L, Made in Seguin, USA Caterpillar factory. TA - Diesel, Six-Cylinder, L, Made in Seguin, USA Caterpillar factory. TA Diesel, Six-Cylinder, L, Originally made in Stafford, UK, now all made in Seguin, USA Caterpillar factory. TA Diesel, Six-Cylinder, 15L, Originally made in Stafford, UK, now all made in Seguin, USA Caterpillar factory. TA Diesel, Six-Cylinder, 18L, Originally made in Stafford, UK, now all made in Seguin, USA Caterpillar factory. TTA Six-Cylinder, 18L, Originally made in Stafford, UK, now all made in Seguin, USA Caterpillar factory. DGDF,[9] DGBF[10] Series DieselSix-cylinder, 23L turbocharged air-to-air charge-cooled diesel engine. DGAH,[11] DGBH[12] Series DieselEight-cylinder, L turbocharged air-to-air charge-cooled diesel engine. DGDM,[13] DGBM,[14] DGNM,[15] DGKM[16] Series DieselTwelve-cylinder, 46L turbocharged, Diesel, available in Air-to-Air (TAG) and Air-to-Water (TWG) charge-cooled models. DGWR,[17] DGPR,[18] DGXR[19] Series DieselSixteen-cylinder, 61L turbocharged charge-cooled, Diesel, available in Air-to-Air (TAG) and Air-to-Water (TRG) charge-cooled. none Series GasSix-cylinder, 23L turbocharged charge-cooled spark-ignition gas engine. none Series GasEight-cylinder, L turbocharged charge-cooled spark-ignition gas engine. none Series GasTwelve-cylinder, 46L turbocharged charge-cooled spark-ignition gas engine. The gas product has been discontinued and is no longer available.[20]none Series GasSixteen-cylinder, 61L turbocharged charge-cooled spark-ignition gas engine.
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Dictionary English-Spanish

The MF 65 was also the first MF tractor to be

[] fitted withaPerkins engine(a 4-cylinder Perkins4.192). At hp []

this put Massey-Ferguson


firmly into the high horsepower bracket of the time.

Con sus 50,5 cv, consolidó a Massey-Ferguson dentro de la gama de []

tractores de alta potencia de la época.

MF and MF are now equipped

[] with the latestPerkinscommon rail,4-cylinder,Tier3engine,provinding more []

power and greater economy.

El MF y el MF

[] disponen ahora del último motor Tier3 de 4 cilindros y sistema common rail de []

Perkins que proporciona una mayor potencia y ahorro.

All models in this PANORAMIC family are

[] fitted with a4-cylinder Perkinslow emission (Euro 2)engine.

El motor que

[] equipa los PANORAMIC es un 4 cilindros Perkins de emisiones reducidas []

(Euro 2).

MF and MF

[] are equipped withPerkins1104D 44TA Fourcylinder engineswithturbocharger and []


El MF y el MF

[] están equipados con motores Perkins 1D 44TA de cuatro cilindros con turbocompresor []e Intercooler.

Perkins4-cylinder,mechanical injectionenginesensure highly []

efficient power and fuel economy in various applications.

Los motor Perkins de 4 cilindros de inyección mecánica garantizan []

un increíble ahorro de combustible y potencia en numerosas aplicaciones.

The main feature of the new Powermondial


model is its electronically

[] controlled4-cylinder PerkinsTurbo aftercoolerenginethatprovides []

a particularly high performance.

La característica principal del nuevo modelo

[] Powermondial es el motor Perkins de 4 cilindros Turbo aftercooler con []

control electrónico y


con prestaciones particularmente elevadas.

F.PerkinsLimited, a dieselenginemanufacturer, was purchased in April, followed by the Standard Motor Company Limited in August.

F. Perkins Limited, fabricante de motores diésel, se adquirió en abril y, en agosto, la compañía Standard Motor Company Limited.

Three-cylinder Perkins enginesbegan to be assembled at the Polish URSUS tractor []

plant and MF regained leadership in the


South African tractor market, as well as maintaining leadership in the combine market.

Se comenzaron a ensamblar los motores Perkins de tres cilindros en la planta detractores []

URSUS de Polonia y MF recuperó


el liderazgo en el mercado de tractores sudafricano; también consiguió retener el liderazgo en el mercado de cosechadoras.

Combining powerful four-cylinder Perkins engineswith16 speeds, four-speed powershift []

and excellent power-to-weight ratio,


the new MF offers the benefits of outstanding efficiency with advanced productivity - ideal for livestock, diary, mixed and specialist farmers as well as for use on sloping and difficult terrain, or in small yards and tight spaces.

El nuevo MF

[] combina los potentes motores Perkins de cuatro cilindros y 16 velocidades con []

una caja de cambios "Powershift"


de cuatro velocidades y una excelente relación peso/potencia para ofrecer una eficiencia excepcional y el máximo nivel de productividad, lo que lo convierte en el tractor ideal para productores de leche, ganaderos y agricultores especializados así como para el uso en terrenos en pendiente o accidentados así como en pequeños jardines o espacios reducidos.

Bad Boys Toy is based on an MF and also hasaPerkinsV8engine.

La máquina del equipo Bad Boys Toy tiene la base de un MF y también cuenta con un motor Perkins V8.

The new Atlas Copco QLT

[] is powered byaPerkinswater cooled dieselengineand has 85 hours []

of fuel autonomy provided by a liter fuel tank.

La nueva torre QLT de Atlas Copco

[] se alimenta con un motor diésel Perkins refrigerado por agua y cuenta []

con un depósito de combustible


de litros que permite 85 horas de autonomía.

MF 65 - the first tractor to carry the new Massey-Ferguson badge and the first MF

[] to be fitted withaPerkins engine.

MF 65 - el primer tractor en portar el nuevo distintivo de Massey-Ferguson y el primero de

[] MF en incorporar un motor Perkins.

Direct injection,

[] water cooled,4cylinder PerkinsEuro2 dieselengineproducing 64kWHP []

(naturally aspirated) and kWHP


(turbo) at rpm (97/68/CE).

4 cilindros diesel Perkins de emisiones reducidas (Euro 2), con inyección []

directa, refrigeración por agua y potencia de


64 kW (86CV) el atmosférico y 74,5 kW ( CV) el turbo, a rpm (97/68/CE).

Sturdy and plainly built,

[] this new tractor is equipped with a 68 HP3-cylinder PerkinsTurbo aftercoolerengine.

De concepción robusta y esencial, el nuevo

[] tractor está equipado con motor Perkins Turbo aftercooler de 3 cilindros y potencia de68 HP.

Model X is equipped with the 54 HP 4-cylinder Kiotiengine,while models X and X featurePerkins74.4and 91 HP4-cylinder engines.

El modelo X

[] está equipado con un motor Kioti 4 cilindros de 54HP, mientras que los modelos X y X están equipados con motores Perkins 4 cilindros de 74,4y 91HP.

After the recent restyling process to which the orchard range was subjected, the Rex F series will be presented for the first time at an


international venue with the

[] pioneering3-cylinder79 HP Tier3Perkins enginethatprovides []

a good performance and complies with all the new standards.

Después del reciente restyling de la gama frutero, la serie Rex F se presenta por


primera vez en una exposición

[] internacional con el innovador motor Perkins Tier3 de 79 HP, potente []

y alineado con las nuevas normativas.

This new McCormick tractor is equipped with the pioneering,

[] high-performance 68 HP3-cylinder PerkinsTurbo Aftercoolerengine.

El nuevo McCormick monta el

[] innovador y potente motor Perkins de 3 cilindros Turbo Aftercooler []

con potencia de 68 HP.

Tier 2 compliantPerkins6L 6cylinderdieselengine

Motor diesel Perkins 6L de 6 cilindros cumple Las normas []

sobre emisiones de etapa 2

Dieselengineprovided by TianjingPerkinsmeets ISOA1,ISOG2 standardl. 4 strokes,water cooling,direct combustion chamber,turbo-charging internal cooling,integrated high intensitycylindercastironengineblock.

Motor diesel Perkins proporcionada por Tianjing-A1 cumple ISO, ISOG2 standardl. 4 tiempos, refrigeración líquida, la cámara de combustión directa, turbo-carga de refrigeración interno integrado de alta intensidad castiron cilindro bloque motor.

A good work horse of a

[] tractor no electronicsPerkinsturbo chargedengine,simple and reliable with []

many years of life

Un caballo buen

[] trabajo de un tractor sin motor Perkins turboelectrónica, simple y confiable con []

muchos años de vida

The MF was superseded in the early

[] s by the MF where engine horsepower had risen to a massive (for the time) bhp driven byaPerkinsV8engine.

La MF fue reemplazada a principios de los 80 por la MF


, una máquina con

[] una potencia de motor incrementada hasta unos impresionantes (para la época) cv suministrados por un motor Perkins V8.

3 year Manufacturers warranty - 0%

[] finance Air con.Perkins engine,highly manoverable []

and versitile tractor, for further


details and spec, go to our home page and click on the TYM link and ring the office for futher info

3 años de garantía Fabricantes - 0% la

[] financiación de aire en contra. motor Perkins, muy tractor []

manoverable y versátil, para más detalles


y especificaciones, visite nuestra página principal y haga clic en el enlace de TYM y el anillo de la oficina para más información

Equipped with a modifiedPerkinsV8engine,it develops an amazing hp!

Con un motor Perkins V8 modificado, desarrolla la increíble []

potencia de CV.

6-cylinder PERKINSdieselengine,liquid-cooled Type

Accionamiento Motor: motor diesel PERKINS de 6 cilindros, refrigerado por fluido Tipo

The MF 35 was made

[] available withaPerkins3.152enginelater in

Posteriormente, el MF 35 se

[] puso a la venta con un motor Perkins 3.152 en

1. Equipped withPerkins engine(conform to Europe []

III Emission Standard), being energy saving and environmentally friendly.

1. Equipada con motor Perkins (conforme al []

Estándar de Emisión Europe III), es de bajo consumo y ecológico.

The newPerkins1104D (Tier 3)4-cylinderturbochargedenginesdelivering 83, []

and hp (ISO rating) are specially


designed to provide superior performance for farming applications.

Los nuevos motores Perkins 4D (Tier 3) de 4 cilindros turbo con potencias []

de 83,92,5 y 98,5 CV/ISO han sido especialmente


diseñados para el uso agrícola y garantizan prestaciones excelentes.

Perkins4-cylinder engines

Motores Perkins de4 cilindros


6 Cylinder

The Perkins® Series gives electric power customers the perfect balance of low ownership costs, world-class power density and dependable performance. With a proven, validated core, robust fuel system and excellent capability at altitude and in intense heat, these engines provide an ideal solution for customers operating in tough climate conditions.

The Perkins Series is a dependable and cost effective fuel optimised engine solution designed to meet the needs of electric power customers in territories, such as Africa, the Middle East, China, South America and South East Asia. It also provides EU Stage II/U.S. EPA Tier 2 equivalent emissions standards where it’s needed.

The series features an litre, 6 cylinder air-to-air turbocharged diesel engine. It meets the key power nodes from kVA in prime and standby ratings, and is easily switchable from Hz.

The engines in the Series build on a proven, validated core which has been used by Original Equipment Manufacturers (OEMs) for decades, operating for millions of hours. This is important as the engine is ideally suited to supplying back-up power for health facilities and prime power for factory units, although its use extends to many other applications.

Improved performance from the Series delivers more power from a smaller engine. It’s an impressive performer, delivering improved load acceptance, better fuel consumption and improvement when used at altitude.


Cilindros 6 motor perkins

Perkins Engines

Perkins Engines Company Limited, a subsidiary of Caterpillar Inc since , is primarily a diesel engine manufacturer for several markets including agricultural, construction, material handling, power generation and industrial. It was established in Peterborough, England, in Over the years Perkins has expanded its engine ranges and produces thousands of different engine specifications including diesel and petrol engines.


High-speed diesel engines[edit]

A Perkins diesel car engine (Autocar Handbook, 13th ed.)

F. Perkins Limited, established on 7 June , was founded in Queen Street, Peterborough, to design and manufacture high-speed diesel engines[1] by Frank Perkins and Charles Wallace Chapman. Chapman was design engineer (technical director) and company secretary and had a ten percent shareholding. He was to remain with the business for more than a decade[2] before re-joining the Royal Navy Reserve[3] though remaining a consultant to the company. Frank Perkins obtained further initial support from directors Alan J M Richardson and George Dodds Perks.[2]

Before Chapman and Perkins the diesel engine was a heavy and slow revving workhorse, lacking performance. Chapman's concept was the high-speed diesel – an engine that could challenge gasoline as the primary motive power. The company's first high-speed diesel engine was Perkins' four-cylinder Vixen, which made its debut in in October Perkins became the first company to hold six world diesel speed records for a variety of distances set at the Brooklands race track in Surrey. Sales were strong and by the time of World War II the company made two series of engines, P4 and P6. Soon after the war, the company went public,[1] and established a number of licensees for local manufacturing and sale.[4]


F. Perkins Ltd was purchased by its largest customer, Massey Ferguson, in Keeping its separate identity, the business continued under the name of Perkins Engines and in became a subsidiary of LucasVarity. Development continued and Perkins updated its engines to meet stricter emissions rules while developing new series for power generation and forklift trucks. Brands such as Dodge, Ford, Grosspal and Ranquel for all their diesel lines, fitted Perkins engines for more than two decades. Others like GEMA, Araus, Bernardin and Rotania used their impellers for harvesters at length.[5]

Argentina and Perkins Argentina/Pertrak[edit]

Pertrak was created in , as a licensee of Perkins Engines of England, and was dedicated to the manufacture of engines for pick ups, trucks and tractors. The most productive period was in the s when , engines were produced. In , the last engine was made in Ferreyra, Córdoba, when the license was dropped. Throughout this period of almost 40 years, more than , engines were produced. The factory continues to make engine parts for other makes such as Fiat and Scania.


A supplier to Caterpillar Inc since the s, Perkins was bought by Caterpillar in for US$ billion, creating what they claimed was the world's largest diesel engine manufacturer. Perkins now has manufacturing facilities in the United Kingdom, United States, Brazil, China, India and a joint venture with Ishikawajima-Shibaura-Machinery company in Japan.

On 1 June , Steve Ferguson became President of Perkins Engines, replacing Ramin Younessi, after having worked as general manager of Caterpillar's Advanced Component Manufacturing business overseeing operations at 15 global facilities. Ferguson is a vice-president of Caterpillar.[6]

Discontinued products[edit]

Various Perkins diesel engines have been made for industrial, agricultural, construction, material handling, marine and power generation markets, and Perkins gas-based engines (natural gas, landfill gas, digester gas, bio gas and mine gas) are used for continuous power generation.

Perkins' litre (99 cubic inch) and the P4C engine [ cubic inch], producing 45 or 60&#;hp (45&#;kW), were popular in Europe and Israel for taxis and commercially driven cars during the s and early s; many cars, including American imports, were retrofitted with these engines for taxi use, with kits made by Hunter NV of Belgium. Perkins engines were also used as standard factory equipment in Jeeps and Dodge trucks in the United States in the s. They also continued to be popular in European trucks from their original customer, Commer and other companies.[7]

The Perkins medium duty engine was designed to be compact enough to replace petrol/gasoline V8 engines in trucks, despite its in-line six-cylinder design. Producing horsepower (84&#;kW) in early years (later rising to &#;hp), it had a small jackshaft driven by the timing gears for the auxiliary drive, with the oil pump driven by a quill shaft so it could run auxiliary equipment at engine speed with simple couplings.

Until Perkins manufactured engines for JCB,[8] but since then JCB manufactures their own engines.


After acquiring Rolls-Royce Diesels of Shrewsbury in , Perkins continued to supply British Rail with engines for its diesel multiple units. Perkins went on to purchase L Gardner & Sons in the summer of to complement their line of lighter diesel engines.[9][10]

Perkins Powered Equipment[edit]

Perkins engines are found in a wide range of machinery including tractors, generators, industrial tools, and machinery. While Perkins has customers in many sectors, the main consumer of their engines is Caterpillar, who is also their parent company. Caterpillar has several divisions that consume Perkins engines, the main two being Caterpillar Excavators and Caterpillar Diesel Generators through their subsidiary, F G Wilson. Perkins also has a subsidiary named Perkins Marine, which produces small engines for marine propulsion.

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